Evernote Bundled On Sony VAIO Computers

Posted by on 26 Jan 2010

Posted by on 26 Jan 2010

We are incredibly excited to announce that a special version of Evernote for Windows is now bundled on all newly-manufactured Sony VAIO computers currently shipping in a number of regions around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and SE Asia.

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Special features

The VAIO edition of Evernote contains two notable features that are currently unavailable on other Windows machines.

WebCam note

All Sony VAIO computers come with the built in Motion Eye webcam. To take advantage of this, Evernote includes a third note type: the WebCam Note. When clicked, the camera activates, allowing you to take a live snapshot of anything you like.

Quick Web Access Clipper

Certain VAIO models come with a Quick Web Access function, which launches a web browser in seconds without requiring the computer to boot up. This web browser is equipped with the Evernote Web Clipper for easy clipping of interesting web pages.


Sony VAIO computers bundled with Evernote are beginning to show up in stores now. Make sure to confirm with the salesperson before purchasing.


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  • Peter Fisher

    Hopefully this increases user base even more!

  • David Mead

    That is great news for you guys. I’ve a web cam built in to my Acer laptop and would love to see that feature too.

  • jacobian

    I already had vaio there any way for me to get this evernote that’s specifically designed for vaio?

  • Terri

    NOW you tell me! now that it’s too late for me to ask for a Vaio for my birthday!!

  • mangochutney

    Congratulations on striking this deal!
    It’s well deserved.

  • Michael B

    Just got a new Vaio shipped today and no bundled Evernote. Any way to download that version separately?

  • laser21

    Even more bloatware on the VAIOS…

  • Larry Winckles

    I also have a new VAIO. How can I get the customized version?

  • Fred Greco

    Here’s another request for downloading a VAIO version of Evernote. I’ve had my VAIO for 6 months and would like to get the new version.

  • Cyborck

    Have a Vaio since 6 months. Why limiting the app for new buyers and not all Vaio club members?

  • Becki

    another new Vaio owner who would love this version….

  • jacobian

    well I did have vaio,can I get the customized version then?can I download it somewhere? 🙂

  • Rodney

    Yes, I’m another Vaio owner looking to download the custom version. Thanks : )

  • Christa

    I have a Vaio, I had Evernote installed and will now upgrade to the new version. Evernote is really helpful in several aspects.

  • JR

    Another new VAIO owner without the customized Evernote.

  • Joe

    Like the others, I have a Sony Vaio — where can I download the this version?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Joe @JR and others that asked about getting the VAIO version on older VAIOs. We’re looking into it.

      • Bosse Hardeström

        Hello, what has happen with this “looking into it”?

  • Shelley Carpenter

    I’ve had my VAIO for about a month and it came with the new Evernote for VAIO.

  • John

    I just dropped $1300 on a Vaio F11 from Best Buy, and it didnt have evernote on it.

    As others have asked, is there a binary we can download? The Sony site has nothing…

  • Rodney

    Thanks for the update Andrew, please keep us posted.

  • glen wood

    This should be in all version of the windows client – I use my webcam to grab stuff for evernote and I would love to save on copy+pasting.

    I also have a vaio so +1 for making it available even if only to previous vaio owners…

  • uday

    its nice option in sony vaio …. i am very much satisfied with vaio laptop

  • car dolly

    wanna buy dell laptop at first time, reading this post i’ll consider to at least take a look at the product first before deciding to buy one of them…thank for sharing…

  • RDA

    I purchased a VAIO in January and would love to get a downloadable copy of the VAIO-specific version.

  • Ryan McKnight

    Only posting so you will have my email address as I am hoping an Evernote employee would be kind enough to alert me if and when a download-able version of the VAIO-specific Evernote comes out. My VAIO (Model # VPCEB15FM)was purchased in April, though I’m unsure of the manufacture date. If it’s an consolation, in about 10 minutes I will be a premium member (going to sign up after this post).

  • Jack

    I have installed on my VAIO Z56 and it hangs everytime I use it. Are there anyway I can use this product? I have reinstalled many times.

  • konvpalto

    Evernote for VIAO precludes auto-power mode switching on my Z series notebook. Evernote is the only program that does it. Would you think that something designed specifically for VIAO would be compatible with it?

  • Nikki M

    EverNote is my VAIO’s best friend.

  • Dmitriy

    When new Evernote 4 will be branded for Sony Vaio?

  • lmalmos

    I had the evernote on vaio, thought it was pretty cool. Then I did the update “in software” and it said it was going to uninstall and then reinstall after restart to the new version. Now it’s an empty folder and the software is gone!!! Irritating, don’t feel like using restore just to reinstall. Please make something a true update not total reinstall if that is what I think I am doing!! I wouldn’t not had updated at all..

    It’s cool my notebooks are saved online, and will probably redownload but now not the special VAIO version!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team:

  • mkz

    I had the same problem of Imalmos i had evernote on vaio after an update the program is vanished. Now i have istalled the free version but isn’t the special Vaio version.

  • Markus


    I tried the in-software update of the VAIO-Evernote. It is slow and does not support restarting from where the download stopped. I used DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) to download newest Evernote but it does not support the VAIO extras (although the version number is newer).

    Is the VAIO Evernote going to stay in step with the normal version?

    Or should VAIO users rather revert to v4.2.3.2?

  • Rama

    I have VAIO laptop with Evernote for VAIO installed on 32 bit Operating System (OS) by factory default. But i reinstalling the OS to 64 bit version because 32 bit is too slow at performance. Now i cant reinstalling the Evernote fo VAIO again even i try “reinstalling software n driver” option on VAIO care. The only way i can use the Evernote for VAIO is just on 32 bit default OS via recovery to default factory. I looking for the installer but cant find it anywhere else. Is there any chance i can have Evernote for VAIO on my 64 bit OS?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact Evernote support:

  • Utsav Chawla

    Hey guys, I have sony vaio vpceb24en and my evernote software was removed by mistake. Please send me the link to download it.
    I will be thankful to you.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact support:

  • isonomia

    Here’s another request for downloading a VAIO version of Evernote. It’s not on my VPC S11

  • khalidalammar


  • khalidalammar

    i want to download the program how to get the program

  • khalidalammar

    i want the program