Happy Tablet Day

Posted by Phil Libin on 27 Jan 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 27 Jan 2010

Evernote loves tablets. We’ve got a long and storied history with tablets of all kinds. Got an old tablet lying around somewhere? Chances are we either developed technology for it, had applications that ran on it, or both. Usually both.

Remember the awesome Apple Newton? Evernote’s current R&D engineers developed the handwriting recognition technology that made it so notable (and ahead of its time). Remember those Doonesbury strips making fun of the Newton? You know who cried when those came out? We did. Well, not me personally, I was in college and the Newton was at the top of my unattainable gadget drool-list, but the guys sitting next to me right now clutching their Newton prototypes while watching the Apple liveblogs did. I’ve got those Donnesbury strips in my Evernote account now.

We’ve also been on just about every other form of tablet known to man. The original version of Evernote was written to run on Tablet PCs and the digital ink technology in the current version of Evernote for Windows is still the best in the industry. I even use an old Hitachi slate as a drink tray at home. Tablets are our roots, man. Our roots.

So naturally, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about our plans for supporting Apple’s hitherto-mythical tablet device, but we’ve avoided answering them just in case it turned out not to be a tablet but, um, a shoe or something. Still, we always hoped it’d be a tablet. You always remember your first love…

Anyway, now that the iPad has officially gone from “imminent!!” to “just announced!!” we can officially spill the beans on our official plans for Evernote on it. Here’s we go:

Evernote is going to support the Apple iPad. Oh Yeah. We’re gonna support the hell out of it. We’re glad to see that the current Evernote iPhone app will run on the iPad without modification, but we’ll be modifying it anyway to optimize the experience on the larger device. Oh how we’ll be modifying it! Expect rapid improvements to our iPhone app which will benefit all of our iPhone, iPod Touch and, now, iPad users in the near future.

Ok, so we’re excited by the iPad itself, and by the HP Slate, and the Sony VAIO L series, and the Nvidia Tegra, and by the added light that these and other devices will shine on touch computing in general. I’m looking at some happy engineers right now.


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  • Sara Lopez

    I am DROOLING right now…
    Over iPad, over Evernote.
    And the combination of the two?
    Someone read my letter to Santa.

  • Ciaran

    I love you guys. Always liked the software, but this brought chuckles.


  • Steven Vance

    I’m glad you’ll be at the head of the tablet software game. I love Evernote. Two years and 1,000+ notes in the running for me!

    Screenshot and my blog entries about Evernote:

  • Metoo

    I hope it’s not like the “improvements” you did to the Windows version…

  • Terri Schurter

    I am happy that you are excited about the iPad. As the owner of a vintage Motion M1400 that just recently turned five years old I am aware of your support for tablet computing. Thanks. I look forward to seeing how Evernote will work with the iPad.

  • C

    I loved my Newton. Kudos to you.

    This tablet thing sucks though.

  • Gary

    Woo-hoo!! Great news guys!!

  • Ryan

    Yes! Evernote is the #1 app I hope to have on my iPad. Ideally, I’d like to suck pdf’s of documents/books/magazines into Evernote and have it manage it. Evernote on the tablet will also become my digital cookbook in the kitchen, my notes in the classroom, etc etc. Thanks!

  • Iain

    Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Evernote has become a great tool …

  • Anthony

    Amazing – I can’t wait to use Evernote on the ‘Pad. The future of note taking, organisation and web design on the road just got a whole lot more awesome.

  • iRock

    Who cares about “other” slates running Windows! iPad and its OS is da way.

  • Cam Page

    I can’t wait! I’ll be the first to get your app for the iPad.

  • Jon Dee

    I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!! Evernote on the iPad will be fantastic – I’m really looking forward to that :O)

  • Alex

    Any e-ink devices on the table? I’m impressed with the iPad, but I’m in the market for an e-reader this year, and the iPad’s features don’t outweigh the advantages of e-ink for me. If I could justify/afford/carry two tablet-type devices…

  • Gary

    For the love of god guys…please develop this with some sort of pen input (Pogopen compat?). I think that is the only shortcoming for my use (I currently use a TC1100, and ready to ditch it for iPad), and many others that take notes. Pen beats keyboard – as you guys well know, having roots in tablets!! Pen/ink input PLEASE!

  • Charles in Charge

    But the iPad doesn’t multitask, so moving stuff in and out of Evernote is going to be a bit of a bummer, isn’t it?

  • Ben

    I cannot live without Evernote, and really am looking forward to the iPad implementation…however, i would LOVE to have a more agnostic implementation like having the ability to annotate images (like stock charts) with handwriting in Evernote, more like, dare I say it, OneNote…


  • daniel

    Yes please! and quick! 😛

  • Rob

    that is great news, Phil. However, I take exception to the statement about your digital ink technology being superior. In the tablet space, it is well recognized that OneNote and Windows inking leaves Evernote well be behind. Ink is smoother, ink and text notes can be mixed, the ink cursor doesn’t get in the way, etc. I’ve had numerous conversations with your inking folks (RitePen, Leonid, etc), and unfortunately, there have been no plans to improve inking in Evernote.

    I also echo Gary’s statement – add support for inking in your iPhone / iPad / Android apps.

  • liz p

    I love you guys! Well, at least I love the product you created. Thank you for keeping on top of it all!

  • Mr Ed

    Fairly new Evernote user, but trying to learn quickly. I’m a Mac/iPhone dude. Love it that y’all are going to embrace (try not to lick it) the iPad! And I appreciate the openness with your customers, and sharing part of your history and passion. Happy iPad Day, looking forward to the improvements (start with 90 degree rotate!). 🙂

  • Lynne

    Bring it…Can’t Wait! The iPad looks very interesting– not quite the quantum leap that the iPhone was to cell phones, but a device that will still be highly useful in my everyday life– I can easily see it replacing my paper newspapers, books, and magazines. Now if it could also replace my pen and paper notepad for note-taking, and of course being able to store and search for those notes later in Evernote, and I’d be in HEAVEN! So, please Evernote Team, push Apple to give you any SDK things you need to get that done!

  • Bruce

    Please please please develop some sort of pen input! I agree with the guy who asked about this above. This would replace my notebook in meetings in a heartbeat, if you can work something out with a capacitive stylus.

  • PremiumUser

    Before “supporting the hell” out of iPad…

    (which is a questionable and unproven product at the moment)

    … could you please build a real BlackBerry app?

    (You know – one with local note storage & editing)


  • Andy Bevan

    Oh yes, I can’t wait! Great software, by the way, but can you please include a proper English spell checker in the next release? I mean, as in the version spoken by the Queen and William Shakespeare, not just the simplified version! 😉 Cheers!

  • Matt Stoner

    I would love to have the ability to read a PDF in evernote on the iPad and at the same time takes notess, two panes UI. I can’t wait to order my iPad

  • Brad Gross

    You guys are by far my fav app on the iPhone…can’t wait to get an iPad and use evernote on it….You guys are the best! And, love the podcast!

  • Jon

    Bah, yet more Apple love and fanaticism … how about some info on where you’re going with building out the Blackberry app? Ya know, the #1 smartphone in the world? People tend to forget that the iPhone is number TWO.

  • Jon

    Inasmuch as the Ipad doesn’t support inking, I wish you guys could figure out a way to make it work. The beauty of evernote/tablets is that I can take handwritten notes at job sites. Yes, i could buy another Windows Tablet but this would be a nice change- lighter, etc

  • Ann P.

    LOL. Sounds like mostly Apple fans/users on here.

    Even given device limitations, the rest of us COULD use better apps on existing devices *before* you go leaping off into every new gadget announced.

  • Kev

    My wish-list for the iPad version includes: 1. local notes storage and 2. quick user switching. If I bring one of these things into my house, there will be only one of them, and my wife and I will share it, so we’ll want to be able to use our separate Evernote accounts.

    That would be awesome, thanks!

  • Jonathan Korman

    Add me to the chorus of e-ink fans. I very badly want to take copious notes with a stylus and convert them to electronically editable text. OneNote calls out to me in spite of the problems with Windows tablets, but I would vastly prefer to do notetaking on the iPad in Evernote.

  • Paul Brody

    With the type of touch screens that Apple uses, if you use a stylus, do you have to be careful to keep your hand off the page to avoid activating the capacitative screen or can you make software that knows the difference between a resting palm and a stylus like Pogo? It would be quite awkward to have to always keep your hand of the screen.

  • Kyle Cranmer

    I’m new to Evernote and was very hopeful for the iPad. I have some disappointments with both, but if Evernote could produce a nice product for the iPad, I’d buy one and be very happy.

    I am a physicist, and I need to doodle figures, annotate PDFs (drafts of papers and such). Ideally, I can extract the text identified via OCR from these free form notes to up my productivity. I’d love to do this with a pen (or finger) on the iPad using Evernote.

    * Please support inking of some sort for the iPad.

    * Please support inking on the mac version.

    * Why no voice recognition for audio notes?

    * some local storage on iPhone/iPad, please.

  • YouMadeMyDay

    ROFL loud, folks you just made my day xD – happy Apple fanboy party here ROFL ‘… We’re gonna support the hell out of it… ‘ Muahahaha

  • MyKidsAreSoCute

    I love Evernote! I already have 817 notes and I only have been using it for three months. I use it to keep track of all of my bills, recipes for my kids, medical bills, receipts (scanned from JotNot on the iPhone). I scan everything with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S300m on my MacBook Pro. I am super excited about the iPad and I was imagining how I was going to use it I imagined a beautiful implementation of Evernote!

    A few requests:
    1. Like the previous comment – some sort of inking for the iPad would be awesome!
    2. Make it easier to use/scroll/specify with auto completion tags on the iPhone/iPad.
    3. I would love to have the ability to read a PDF in evernote on the iPad and at the same time takes notess, two panes UI. I can’t wait to order my iPad (copied from a previous poster! – He already said it!)
    4. On the Mac app, please make it possible to scan directly from the ScanSnap – perhaps folder monitoring like on the Windows version. Right now I scan into Adobe Reader and then drag onto the dock icon of Evernote – but I forget to close the Adobe Reader version of the scan sometimes which leaves me not sure if I have processed something into Evernote yet.
    5. Allow a way to tag a note when it is emailed in. I use the email feature all of the time (from my Mac and mostly from my iPhone) but then I have to go back and find those notes and tag them after the fact.
    6. I love reading books on Kindle for iPhone. Currently to take notes on what I am reading I take screen shots of the page and then import them into Evernote. This is slow and cumberson. Any improvement in this sort of screen shot to Evernote process would be great!
    7. Voice recognition for audio notes would be great!

  • Debbie Ohi

    YAY, so glad to hear you’re going to be doing a version for the iPad!


  • Marc Nothrop

    Great news that you guys are so psyched about the iPad, but it’s not that surprising, as you say! 🙂

    FWIW I’ll go along with a lot of comments here about some form of Ink support being quite desirable… and how about that InkWell support on Mac?! 😉

    Presumably this could use the same handwriting recognition as applied to photos, so it seems like we’re ‘only’ asking for the ability to draw/write in Evernote. The ability to draw would also be really handy in annotating images and even text.

    The other main request I’d make would be the ability to both type notes and record audio, preferably with the ability to play back a section of the recording from the notes written at the time.

    A simpler version would simply be the ability to add markers or ‘bookmarks’ while recording, so that you can jump back to interesting sections, when playing back later.

    Finally, it would be nice to see an audio-specific recording feature added to Evernote Mac, to match the iPhone version. It would be especially good to be able to associate due dates and even Push reminders for audio recordings, and really any kind of Evernote content.

    …there, that’s not asking for much, right?! 😉

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • Janet Rae-Dupree

    Glad to hear Evernote will be on the iPad. But — I’ve noticed that Evernote is most useful with the camera on my mobile phone. The iPad doesn’t have a camera of any kind. That takes away a sizable percentage of Evernote’s usefulness, IMHO. It’s one of the many, MANY reasons I’m not planning to buy an iPad.

  • Jason

    Immediately after Apple’s introduction of the iPad, I thought about how Evernote will work with it.

  • Rasmus Lindgren

    Well though I am always excited about a new Apple launch, do you really expect the iPad the such a sucess like the iPod and iPhone that you want to invests in targetting this platform?

  • Sarah

    I am so excited I can’t stand it. Having played with the iPad, I am in lust, and having 5000+ notes in Evernote, well, its just my life. I can’t wait to see what you do. Please please please make it faster to search. Right now it takes 5+ seconds to perform a search from my iPhone (even the downloaded/synced notebooks). That’s just too long! It takes to long to create a new note also. Love the app!

  • Evonne Olson

    But don’t forget the main tablet of all, the ten commandments tablet.

    But its a great thing, really technology evolve fast.

  • Jim Russell

    “Chances are we either developed technology for it, had applications that ran on it, or both. Usually both.”
    Where were you guys when I had my Z80, my Epson HX-20, or my Newton OMP.  Glad to hear you share my lust for the IPad! Good luck.

  • hamhead

    i apologize in advance for adding to the din here but i felt i had to speak out loud about the existing evernote products:

    * mac and iphone versions, for different reasons it seems, suffer from speed deficiencies especially for people like me with 4000+ notes and counting.
    * the mac version needs to be significantly improved from a usability perspective. it makes me think that there aren’t really experienced mac developers on the evernote team as there are on windows and nothing like some independent mac osx development shops. dont get me wrong: im thankful you support mac but please improve it. how about some focus groups?
    * the iphone app is still buggy although much improved from before. very often syncs timeout silently and the app has to be restarted among other things.

    given the above, i dont think the evernote team should spread themselves so thin before tightening the screws on the existing tools.

    finally, thanks for always communicating and being there for your users!

  • Scott Spiro

    Phil, great blog post. I worked with Apple on the original Newton Messagepad from a marketing standpoint while I was at UCLA. The handwriting recog. worked nicely. It was way ahead of its time indeed! Glad to hear you’ll have an Evernote version for the iPad.

  • Mike

    Wow! What if EverNote and the iPad could seemlessly do web clippings as well! Or picture saves for notes. Maybe a built in web browser for the task since there is no multitasking. Excited!

  • CharlesT

    Oh my! With Evernote working on an Ipad, it makes the tablet that much more usable for my work. Ipad, here I come!!

  • Lukas Stys

    You are by far my fav app on the iPhone… I just can’t wait to get my own iPad and use ievernote on it. You guys are the best! I love you

  • bandsxbands

    Seeing these kind of posts reminds me of just how technology truly is ever-permeating in this day and age, and I am fairly certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside… I just hope that as memory becomes cheaper, the possibility of uploading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s a fantasy that I dream about almost every day.

  • Mike

    Audio recording synced to note-taking, that would for me be killer Evernote/iPad feature.

  • S!ick

    For me, this could make it worth purchasing an iPad: after learning of it’s limitations, that it’s just a larger iPod Touch, I was not planning to invest in one. Evernote on the iPad makes it more than “just” an iPad…

  • Jongoloid

    In my dreams, the iPad version of Evernote supports digital ink notes that I can optionally convert (within the application or using a separate app) to text. With a tablet this size, I’ll want the option of using a stylus for notetaking (as well as paint programs).

  • Kevin Mellott

    Evernote on iPad might just get me to buy one. I was very dissapointed that iPad didn’t run full OS but Evernote might just make it worth it.

  • Brett Patching

    I’m praying that you’ll fully implement annotating by finger in this. I would love to copy something into Evernote and then draw all over it with my finger (and of course have Evernote recognise any text I have hand written).

  • Jim Hanlon

    Great that you will support the iPad but if you don’t do offline editing on it (like you don’t do offline editing on the iPhone), it will be just as far below potential as the iPhone app is.

  • William D

    I’ve just read your newsletter, and come here to thank you for your plans for the iPad.

    Echoing the voices of the previous commentators, the value of Evernote on the iPad would, I am sure, make it so much better an experience. Now, obviously without a camera on the hardware (grrr!), it cant be perfect, but Evernote will, i am sure, do something as atheistically pleasing and useful as I can hope!

    I look forward to it.

  • dmccall

    The iPad will have limited use as a data entry/creativity device, but I’ll bet that in this realm Evernote will be the best app, and one that actually makes this device mostly useful.

  • Bdat

    A really great App for the IPad. Voice recording and hand writing input essential to round up a great experience. I am looking forward to the touch interface.

  • pro2type

    How about a bit of yellow annotations, that can be collected in a seperate document, with reference ?

    Soundrecording which sync with notes ?

  • Bo

    YEAH… you guys rock my world with iPad support. Now if they would just include a camera for “scanning” handwritten notes.

  • Mike O

    Thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane. I splurged in my university days on the Newton 130 and then the 2000, and watched in horror as Apple quashed it. Left Mac and haven’t looked back since … well, i don’t count my iPhone. It’s just been tiding me over until Android could get off the ground and into decent mainstream hardware (go Droid!).

    Perhaps I’ll use my iPhone as a cocktail coaster. (Bitter, party of 1!)

  • Tony C

    Will it allow editing of any note at any time and work while not connected? And how about subfolders??

  • Lou

    I think the iPad is going to be bigger than most critics envision. I’ll order 4 (one for me, three for employees) the minute I can; and Evernote will be used on all of them! Glad to hear Evernote will be supported.
    Oh, and I wish I’d kept my Netwon, it was great!

  • Peter Norman

    I understand that the iPad is all about consuming media, but I would like to be able to collect data with it too – as I do already with Evernote and the Clipper extension for all the various web browsers: highlight content on a webpage and click the clipper! (as opposed to clicking the clipper and saving the entire page)

    I hope you are able to provide a slick method for doing so with Evernote for iPad.

    Can’t wait!

  • Rey F

    The thought of an enhanced Evernote for iPad makes me drool! I’ve already been planning to use the iPad with my bluetooth keyboard and Evernote to take notes in class.

    Here are some thoughts:
    -Handwriting would be cool for notetaking on the fly, like when I am at meetings.
    -I’d need a better way to cache the notes on the iPad, so that it doesn’t have to access the internet everytime I pull up notes. If I get the wifi iPad only, I’ll need this version of Evernote to act more like my Mac desktop version of Evernote.
    -And I agree, audio recording + note taking would be hot!

  • Erik

    @Sl!ck @Kevin Come on guys, that is exactly for what the iPad is meant for: great companies like Evernote make great apps for it. The iPad is just hardware with a 9.7 inch glass multitouch plate. It’s the software.

    And it’s not only Evernote, it/s a buch (a lot) of other developers too…

  • Charles H. Leggett

    ++ on Jongoloid’s the idea of using a stylus for notetaking. This plus a Pogo Sketch Stylus (or Evernote Branded one) would make me smile and be more productive.

    P.S. Let me draw boxes that become checkmarkable todos.

  • mayadanteamihan

    Evernote using Pogo Stylus for handwriting and doodling! Wow!

  • Hanzo

    So the obvious would be to allow drawing on the iPad. The capacitive screen will not allow it to be a Wacom, but for simple sketches it would be valuable. I, of course, have a Wacom on my Mac but that is NOT supported, something I see as a severe oversight. And I do not see buying new hardware for the purpose of getting sketching on Evernote…

  • Mike

    “In my dreams, the iPad version of Evernote supports digital ink notes that I can optionally convert (within the application or using a separate app) to text.”

    Me too! I have two Newtons in the drawer, and the iPad could be so much more. I’ve been waiting for years for someone to match the capability of the Newton and as of yet is hasn’t happened. Lets hope the iPad is “the one”.

  • Carlos Caballero

    I knew there had to be a reason why I had decided to buy the iPad!

  • Bart

    Local notes database on Ipad and fully-functional PDF preview (with zoom-in/zoom-out trigered by gestures) would mean a lot for me.

  • Ben

    Agree with most of the above comments. The iPad is as good as the apps running on it, and Evernote is a potential killer app. Overcoming the limitations of the keyboard interface and allowing for truly natural note-taking on a form factor like the iPad would be phenomenally useful. Excited to see what you all bake up!

  • Dustin

    Would Love a highlighting feature where you could highlight in a book you’re reading and they would automatically sync with evernote.

  • John Davis

    it occurs to me that Google wave is more valuable as an integration point or api than an actual piece of “beta” software. what if Evernote could integrate with a Google wave account and allow wave like cooperative communication from across the room or across the world.

    Just and idea.

  • Davosian

    Having an ultimate note taking application on a device like that is actually my main decision factor. Nothing has to be in my way when I am taking notes, be it text, graphing snippets (e.g. math formulas or drawings), auto-links / e-mails and maybe even handwriting recognition or even converting handwritten math formulas into pretty looking computer fonts (alternatively offering specialized keyboards for math and drawings).

    I could see gestures as the fastest way to perform actions like switching key boards or input modes, but I am sure you will figure out the most intuitive user interface.

    Any ways, surprise me with the ultimate note taking application and I will make Apple $700 richer (and on the flipside making myself an Evernote pro user).

  • Matt Rees

    would dearly love a stylus/drawing/doodling option in evernote for the iPad.

    please, please, please, please, please?!!!!

  • Jago

    I’d love to see Evernote on the iPad as a more tactile experience, something similar to the Microsoft Courier demo, little touches like being able to move photos around within posts, by touch, and giving the whole app a more “real” feel so that you seemed to be ineteacting with a phyically notebook, would be lovely. Kind of like the iPhone app Momento, but even better…?

  • Ritchie

    How about a tool to prepare notes for reading on e-books (like the fabulous Bookeen device, so light !)


    Anyhow, I’ll get an iPad …

  • jonathan bowden

    like jago mentioned, i would love to see the evernote ipad app do everything the microsoft courier app is demoing, and even more. this would actually make me consider buying an ipad. this app could actually transform the device from a consumer gadget, to a digital (and virtually endless) moleskine. really looking forward to where you guys will take this!

  • Jakob

    Om the iPad we will be able to organize notes by multi touch finger drop, preview notes individually and then share notes to different drop boxes.

  • Erik Hansen

    I’ll probably never be an iPad user, but I’m glad to hear that the iPad developments will result in improvements in the iPhone app.

  • Kevin Mellott

    Evernote has the opportunity to be the premier note taking application for iPad. For many you’ll make the device worth purchasing. I hope you do!!

    Note taking is what’s making the decision for me as to which device to buy, the iPad or the HP Slate with OneNote.

  • Sonia Paquette

    Would love to have a note taking capabilities in digital ink on my iPhone. It would make me rethink about having an iPad because right now, I’m not sure I see the advantage.

  • Nanette Purcigliotti

    I need the iPad. I need EVERNOTE. I am a writer but what more can I say. OH, I’m a Mac Addict.

  • Steven Dukarm

    I understand the corporate need to hop onto the latest fad and get a leg up on the competition in the new markets, but why does Evernote pander to Windows and the iPad and ignore iMac OSX? Do Mac users not deserve access to the same improvements that 98% of everybody else gets? I notice there is no mention of Linux either.

  • coopertino

    Good stuff. iPad does need some killer apps to justify its existence.

    Small rant : could you please, please fix the EDITOR. It constantly messes up all text pasted in a note. I spent hours re-formatting just to come back a few days later and see all my CR’s gone again, and all just a continuous line. I have to use Notebook ( on the side just for text notes.

  • Jim Russell

    I would love to see Shapewriter integrated. Fast and efficient one finger text entry!

  • Lardo

    Handrwritting capabilities would be enough to buy an iPad, something like “Microsoft Courier” thing, highlighting in a “Yellow post it” way it is amazing, and I will be able to pay some sort of pro version of Evernote if I can do the same thing that MS courier shows in that gizmodo video…

  • Joel Hickenbottom

    Anything that will allow the iPad to be more like what I see in the rumored Courier from Microsoft ( in terms of adding text with my finger or a stylus, drawing both sketches, check boxes, bullet points, etc, would be amazing. I’m surprised that the iPhone/iTouches, let alone the iPad, don’t allow for the for handwriting recognition. But should all the weight fall on Evernote to make me purchase an iPad from Apple? More so, it would be totally worth it for an upgrade to Evernote Premium for such technology across the three devices as well as the Macs using a tablet pen. We’ll see—Excited to see what you guys work up.

  • Mr. Reeee

    The iPad will be a game changer and it’s great to see you guys jumping on board. Stylus input (with a Pogo Sketch) will be great.

    With iWork, Evernote, Bento and OmniFocus most of my basic work needs are taken care of. Now all we need is a decent CAD or vector-based drawing application, like Vectorworks.

    I agree with Steven Dukarm about your Mac OS X support. With Apple’s constant rise in marketshare, you guys need to step up and FULLY support Mac OS X.

  • K Zuse

    I’d like to concur with a few people:

    Jongoloid: digital ink notes with optional conversion to text, stylus use – yes please !!

    Brett Patching: being able to edit/draw on existing notes with finger (or better/optionally stylus!) input (look at OneNote…)

    Jim Hanlon: agreed, it definitely must have offline capability, otherwise: no good

    question to William D: why please only the atheists?

    But: “Remember the awesome Apple Newton?”…surely you are joking?! I do and I still am angry at Apple stealing what little money I had (I was in college then too) from me with a patently non-functional product. “Evernote’s current R&D engineers developed the handwriting recognition technology that made it so notable (and ahead of its time).” Not joking, then? You might want to keep silent about that connection…

  • Jake

    Does that mean you have stuff for the Nokia N-series Internet Tablets? I’d love Evernote on my N800…

  • K Zuse

    I see now that I was really just asking for what dozens of others had already asked too. Oh well…at least I added one more vote…
    But now for something completely different: could you develop something like Canvas for OneNote, for the iPad and for EverNote (at least on the Mac) in general?! Because that would be *awesome*!!!

  • Justin

    For your handwriting engineers: what does handwriting look like from underneath with a capacitive screen? Without the actual ‘stylus’ in your hand, you can still ‘write’…

  • Eric Baird

    With any luck, 2010 should turn out to be Happy Tablet //Year//. 🙂

    I won’t be getting an iPad (lovely screen, lousy peripherals support), but I’ll most likely get an ASUS EeePad if you can put Ubuntu on it. I already have Ubuntu on my netbook. Evernote for Linux?

  • geoff ryan

    I too would love full support for snow leopard.I would like offline access to notes synced on my iPod touch.I love the ability to clip only what I want and not the full page as with delicious.I must say,tho,that saving a note is a lot quicker and smoother with delicious.Is that because Macs are not yet fully supported?Its a pity cos I really like the other aspects of evernote,but it is definitely clunky compared to delicious when used on my iMac.

  • John.

    Excellent Idea for EverNote to integrate with the New iPad.
    But make audio recording please longer than 20 minutes. Many thanks for your fine application!!!!!.

  • Chris Pope

    The iPad should be/could be a paper-killer. I am a commercial real estate agent, and have significant trouble keeping endless client notes organized. EverNote would be the cosmic link to computerized note-taking — a substantial contribution to a paperless society. Please make a stylus part of the design/package. Many thanks. With a robust EverNote product, I become an iPad purchaser.

  • jb

    i sure hope the iPad isn’t a ‘paper-killer’ – print is my bread and butter! however, i love the idea of evernote on an iPad – just one more reason why i’ll be buying one (wi-fi, 64Gb). it’s the perfect app for this device. camera and rubber case please apple…

  • Tom

    I really miss my Newton MP2100. The iPhone can do lots of nice things, but for PDA functionality the user interface of the Newton MP2X00 has yet to be matched. It’s nice to know your staff comprises some MP engineers.

    (K Zuse, the handwriting recognition on the Newton took a huge leap in its second iteration. The first version (MP100) was not very useable.)

  • Simon P

    Looking for recommendations on what styluses might be best to order in advance of the sell-out rush once the iPad is actually released. Pogo Sketch? Wacom Bamboo pens? sticks from the garden? Looking for something with the point size of the Bamboo but without the RF/electronics inside (and hence cost). I remember an old HP PocketPc had just the trick? Are there any particular requirements from Evernote for the stylusus supported?

  • Joe

    Can you spill more beans? It would be really cool to support handwritten notes … I know, I know … no one wants a stylus, but even a finger would do.

  • Peter Ronai, MD, PhD

    How about Evernote for Tiger? I’m stuck with Tiger for the foreseeable future because of some legacy software that requires the Classic environment (Mac OS v. 9.2). I would love to use Evernote, which is compatible only with Leopard and Snow Leopard, neither of which supports the Classic environment.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Peter, we do not plan to support Tiger.

  • Brendan Wenzel

    Love your writing style. This was an entertaining read and quite informative at the same time.

  • Douglife

    I love your site, and I’m excited to view it on my iPad 2!

  • Ocala Eye Doctor

    I use my iPad 2 for a lot of business related uses. I love it so much. I can’t wait until the iPad 3!!

  • Citrus County Homes For Sale

    I’m an older gentleman in the real estate business, and I was very hesitant on going with a gadget like a tablet.

    I’m so HAPPY I did! I can show potential buyers photos, information, anything instantly!

    I use the Motorola Xoom.

  • Electrical Supply Florida

    Tablets are great for conserving energy. Many times you can find or do what you want without turning on your PC!

  • Rich Ganley

    Is there a timer you can set to take pictures, I want to take this family photo and I don’t even know how to use the webcam program. How do you do that? In the simplest terms please computer dummy here.

  • Tattoo Aftercare

    @Rich that’s a good question! I’ve been googling for about an hour, and stumbled on here. I use windows 7’s built in webcam software for video and photos on my PC, dunno about a tablet!