Partner month spotlight: Nokia N900

Posted by on 03 Feb 2010

Posted by on 03 Feb 2010

We’re kicking off Partner Month with a bang. Nokia recently released their new Evernote Sharing Plug-in for the N900 smartphone. The plug-in turns Evernote into a completely integrated part of the N900 mobile experience. There’s no need to launch a separate Evernote app. Take a photo and Evernote’s there to accept it. Scribble a note and Evernote’s ready. Nothing to launch, it’s all just beautifully blended together.

The integration

Nokia built the new Evernote Sharing Plug-in using the Evernote API to allow users to easily send photos and other content directly into their Evernote accounts right from their N900 using the phone’s native sharing functionality.

How it works

Once installed, the Evernote Sharing Plug-in adds Evernote as a sharing service to a number of device’s native applications. For example, you can use the amazing camera on the N900 to take a snapshot, then use the Sharing Plug-in to send it into your Evernote account. You can even title your note and add any relevant tags. To browse through all your notes, make a shortcut to our N900-optimized web version at

Get it now

Go to the Nokia Ovi Store to get the plug-in. Please note, the Evernote Sharing Plug-in is designed for the Maemo platform.

The Evernote API

Join Nokia and over a thousand other developers that are using the Evernote API to build powerful new applications. Check out our Developer page »


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  • Matthew Miller

    I LOVE Evernote on my N900 and even have a sticker plastered across my N900 to show my love. I use it for photos, but what note taking application supports this API so I can easily upload notes to my Evernote account?

    Can you list applications that support this sharing plug-in please?

  • Nuno

    For when evernote for other Nokia smartphones?

  • Jeff

    Sweet! This looks great. Can you make a version that will work on my new Nokia E55?

  • Jeff

    I’ll switch to a ‘Premium Account’ as soon as this will works on the Nokia E55.

  • Steph

    Why the hell is there already no app for other nokia symbians? Want it for my E71… and about 100k and more are with me…

  • Mike Yu

    Symbian pls. E71 user here.

  • Raja

    i would pay for evernote if its available for e71

  • vozzy

    symbian I say!!!
    an other E71 user

  • Brad

    I know – why no Symbian Series60!?

    It is still the single biggest smartphone OS – maybe not as “trendy” as the iPhone or Android – but still the biggest market by far.

    Check out the stats:

  • jacobian

    well I think building evernote apps for entire nokia product line is just plain difficult.they need to rewrote the whole source code in evernote to be able to work for other phone.well then again, as you know nokia is a fragmented phone. 🙂

  • darkubec

    I’ll switch to a Premium Account as soon as this will works better than now on the Nokia 5800XM.

  • Ffejery

    @Matthew Miller: I don’t think there is a list, per se, but any application that supports the Sharing Plugin framework will support this. This includes the camera/photos app, and also I believe there is support in the in-development build of Xournal (a port from the desktop version, which is similar to Windows Journal). Other apps can add the feature, but I’m not sure if any other pre-installed apps do. If you think an application would benefit from this integration, you can always ask the developer nicely to do add it for you. 🙂 You can find contact information for most Maemo apps through’s Package and Download views.
    @Everyone asking about Symbian: Yeah, it would be nice, but Maemo is a completely different OS from Symbian, so the fact that they’re both made by Nokia has no bearing on this issue.]

    @Evernote Devs/Nokia: Nice job with the plugin – I haven’t used it much yet, but I’ll take another look at it. Thanks!

  • Priscila

    And what about the other Nokia smartphones????????

    Symbian!!! S60 v3 FP1 and FP2!!!!!!

  • Dee

    Just a reminder to people – Evernote have a WRT version of Evernote for the N97 touchscreen in beta. Head over to the forums to have a look and download. Not sure what that means for other phone models though and it certainly isn’t as integrated as what the Maemo version (it’s actually clunky as a WRT and it would be good if it was a native app). You also have to remember that Nokia/Symbian have very low penetration in the US market.

  • luis

    I have Nokia N95. Are there Possibilities ?

  • karon

    why don’t you write a tiny java version. java wasn’t multi platform anymore ?

    Antoine – France

  • Tesa

    How about for all Symbian 5 phones??? I have the N97 and am at a loss as to why this was looked over in favor of the N900? So, how soon can I expect this to happen? 2012? 2013?

  • Martin

    Have tried N900 integration (good as far as it goes but can we have a proper app please?) and N97 beta app. The N97 app would be hugely more useful if you allowed users to see the tag list they have set up and made it easy to choose tags from it. Thanks.

  • coolfx35

    I have been the proud owner of the N900 for nearly a month now. I also own an HTC Magic and think the N900 is a far superior phone. I am a Linux user (Linux Mint and Sabayon) on my computers and love how open this phone is.

    I am still playing with the phone and learning but am getting to grips with it. I have added the testing repo which has opened up a lot more to play with.

    Look forward to chatting to all the other N900 users at this really does feel like an enthusiasts phone, not just another run of the mill handset.

  • rafafernandez

    We really need a decent app for nokia, i do have the new X6 and I couldn’t make it work. Please, don’t make me get a new phone….

  • user

    Still no Evernote for Nokia/Symbian users 🙁

  • Mick

    Any chance of Evernote for the new Nokia N8?

  • user

    When Evernote for other Nokia’s smartphones?

  • Айдар

    Does it Evernote work on Nokia5800? Do you have mobile app for Symbian?