Evernote for Windows 3.5 Update

Posted by on 05 Feb 2010

Posted by on 05 Feb 2010

The new Evernote for Windows just got a nice update (version 3.5.1). We’ve addressed a bunch of issues and improved on existing functionality.

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  • Added the ability to hide the note editor and left-hand panel
  • Improved tab key support in note editor window
  • Added multi-touch support
  • Made it easier to edit note creation and modification dates
  • Added ability to enable/disabled spell checking and configure language preference
  • Improved text handling
  • Addressed a number of application stability issues
  • Evernote window no longer visible when application is launched minimized
  • Improved stability during note synchronization
  • Better delete/undelete support
  • Added numerous performance improvements


  • Resolved problem with screen turning blank after hibernation
  • Fixed crashiness during startup on some Windows XP installations
  • Resolved problem with note attachments
  • Resolved problem with tagging notes in the note editor
  • Resolved problem with deleted attachments

Compatibility issues

We have identified a couple compatibility problems. Computers with the NVIDIA Quadro NVS video card are unable to run Evernote 3.5. Also, some users have reported font blurriness, which appears to be caused by an underlying incompatibility between .NET and some older video cards and drivers. In both cases, we are working with the manufacturers to find a resolution. Users affected by these issues should continue using Evernote for Windows 3.1 until they are resolved

Note to Evernote 3.1 users

If you’re using Evernote for Windows 3.1, we encourage you to try 3.5 by downloading it directly. 3.5 and 3.1 can coexist on the same machine, so you can decide if you’re ready to make the switch. There are many changes in 3.5, and more are still coming, so we do not want to auto-upgrade 3.1 users until we’ve worked out an easy migration strategy.

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  • Chris

    I’m liking the way everything works so far guys, keep up the great work!

  • David

    Any idea when the Mac version will receive a major update to go along with 3.5 for Windows?

  • Eric

    Been using 3.5 since the beta versions and that update really makes Evernote working faster on both my computers. Thanks!!

  • Alex

    How do you update the u3 version?

  • Jacob Sevlie

    Love that you finally added tabbing to the editor! The only thing I’m wondering is that if I hit the tab key, why does hitting backspace not remove the tab — it seems as though the tab key is just inserting multiple spaces instead of actually inserting the tab character. This happens in 3.1 too, so I’m used to it — but would LOVE it if it actually used the right special character!

    Otherwise, bravo on the great update!

  • John

    Thanks for the update! The blank screen after hibernation/sleeping was so annoying that i had to exclusively use the Web Interface. I actually didn’t mind because the Web Interface is really great! But now that it’s fixed i’ll give it another go.

  • Brian Barcus

    Wish I could use v3.5 but there is no native Linux version and this new version will not run under Wine. That leaves me a disappointed paying customer.

  • Brisa Queiroz

    I just don’t understand why the only way to access the shared notebooks is through the web interface. It’s really annoying because I’d rather have it all on the program. But I’ve been using Evernote for some time now and I have to admit the upgrades have been huge! It’s better and better and better each update. Thanks a lot!

  • Kris Roxas

    Wait is this version 3.5 of EverNote or of Windows? O.o (I’m a noob -.-)

  • Chris Willis

    I’d like to mention a couple usability enhancements/fixes/ideas which would help a long way so you can finally depricate 3.1…

    1. When you drag a URL or whatever onto the tree of tags, it should add a note, with the tags already set. For example, if you drop onto a grandchild (nested) tag ABC, it should add that ABC tag and its two parent tags automatically. (This wasn’t in 3.1, but I think would be very very nice addition.)
    2. The Title of the web page when you drag a URL should be set as the title of the note automatically (when a new note), as it did in the 3.1 version.
    3. Need to add back ability to copy and paste tags from one note to another. I used that a lot – but if you had feature 1 above, I wouldn’t really need this anymore.
    4. The tag tree should stop closing up by itself. That’s annoying.
    5. Dragging URL’s to make a NEW note used to allow the title of the web page to be seen in the link, but now just uses the URL, which is not as good. Dragging a URL to an EXISTING note does work a bit like 3.1 did (with proper title instead of URL), with the exception that it drops the URL at the cursor position, which is actually bad, as it sticks it to the end of the line (or even worse, the middle of a existing URL) – it needs to add a new line before it appends the link – very annoying as you have to carefully edit the link after a drop.

    I love Evernote, and would like to use 3.5 for the tag ‘intellesense’, but the points above keep me back in 3.1.

  • Jackson

    Here is the issue that I have been having with Evernote. I have the application installed on my laptop and use it to store and edit various PDFs (ie highlighting and placing notes mostly). Although I am able to access my edits when I log out of the installed application and log back in, my edits do not appear when I access the online version of Evernote through the web. Does anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong or is this something that is not supported by Evernote?As a side note, edits I make to Word documents on my laptop are reflected when I download the file from the online version. 

    Also – any idea if Evernote is ever going to release a marker/highlighter tool? I would love to have one built into the application. 

    Thanks all. 

  • Dave

    Web clipping is now almost instant! Great job!

  • Alexey

    Kris, no, Windows is still version 3.1. Don’t worry about it! ^_~

  • Chris Miller

    When I first read the title, I thought Windows 3.5? What year is this post from? lol

  • Stefan


    Memory footprint 3.1 on Windows: 30MB
    Memory footprint 3.5 on Windows: 110MB
    … and still blurry fonts. 🙁

  • Matt

    Drag and drop of tags (to reorganize them into categores) doesn’t work anymore. 🙁

  • cb

    Speed is a little improved, thank you!

    Big issues for me:

    -It’s still a lot less responsive than 3.1
    -What happened to printing – formatting is off and it imposes really big margins
    -Please please please bring back the subjectdate field

    thank you

  • John

    Please consider bringing back the following functions:

    1. Lost scrolling function with touchpad;
    2. lost search history;

    3.The note title field should be hidable;

  • Scott

    Gotta have a portable version before I upgrade. No Admin rights at work. This is a deal breaker.

  • flashparry

    I was missing the Ctrl-F11 funtionality which gave keyboard access to just list notes with a certain tag… I know you can click the tag, but using the mouse is so much slower!

    Anyway, I found that typing e.g. tag:books in the search box does the trick. So with the Shift-Win-F global key this allows a quick search for a tag from anywhere. Don’t know if this is documented anyway.

  • Chet

    I’m still experiencing the blank screen after hibernating on Windows 7. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a seperate fix for this issue on Windows 7? Do I need to uninstall completely and reinstall as I only did an update install to the latest version?

    Any help from the great folks at Evernote or anyone else would be appreciated.

    Thanks Chet

  • Chris

    A couple of weird things I’ve noticed since I upgraded:

    1.) Using CTRL+B/I/U to bold/italicize/underline text doesn’t seem to work most of the time. Out of the many times I’ve tried it, I’ve only seen it work maybe 3 times.

    2.) When using Enter to go to a new line inside the text editor, it uses double-spacing and skips a line, which is no big deal normally but when I try to use Shift+Enter to try putting it on the actual next line like I could in 3.1, it puts in TWO double-spaces (the opposite of what I was going for!).

    3.) It would be nice if, when I accidentally misspell a tag, I could click inside of that tag and just edit it right there instead of having to click ‘x’ to make it go away and then re-typing the entire thing. When I try to click on the existing yellow tag box, it just thinks I’m trying to add another tag at the end and creates another box for me to type in, which feels unnatural to work around.

    4.) Another nice thing from 3.1 that I’d like to see again would be hitting CTRL+K inside a hyperlink to bring up the box with the URL inside, and having that URL already entirely highlighted. As it stands now, I’ve got to bring up the box and either drag through the whole thing or hit CTRL+A, which adds an extra step to do what I could’ve done in less time in 3.1. Also, clicking the URL bar above the note should do the same thing and highlight the entire URL, but again I have to highlight the whole thing myself.

    **Feature Request**: I’m more than likely in the minority on this one, but I’d love it if I had a “tag search” entry field right above my list of tags. I have an extensive list of tags and it kinda sucks having to scroll through them every time to look for something when I could just start entering the first few letters of the tag in a search box and have them narrow down in real-time (just like what the regular search bar does for notes). I know you can use the ‘tag:’ search operator but I feel a tag-specific search bar would be more intuitive and easy to use.

    Otherwise, I’m still pretty happy overall with 3.5 and I hope you guys continue to do the great work that you do! I’m a very happy customer.

  • Leo

    Just installed the new Evernote on my TC1100 running Windows 7.

    The pen cursor for an ink note is kinda ugly. Is there a way to loose the “ink pen” mouse cursor while taking ink notes? I’m fine with nothing but a dot.


  • Mason

    I like what you have so far.

    I’d love to be able to have notebooks where you can move notes around manually, like papers on a desk. Ideally there’d be a toggle where you can line things up, or, like in real life, arrange them however you want on the surface. And layered on top of each other.

  • Tim

    Is there any chance of adding pdf export functionality or even just jpeg?

  • Jeffrey Schnur

    See all the great, new features? Well, don’t get too used to them. If we’ve learned anything from the last two updates, we know that EN 4.0 will drop several of EN 3.5’s best, most highly touted, enhancements.

  • Timmy Binch

    Wow! Ive been waiting for an update, as evernote was not working previously. it now works fine on windows 7. Thank you

  • Charlie Wallace

    I just upgraded to the 3.5 version and it looks like I can’t scroll thru my notes any more. In the List view I can scroll thru list titles, which are always the first line of my notes, but I don’t see a way to view more than one note at a time – especially since the icons in icon view show unreadable tiny text. I’m really unhappy about this…

  • Yen-Wei Liu

    Though more feature-packed, 3.5 is a memory hog. Even though 1G or 2G main memory is common, but with a 100+MB program staying in the memory it is still a little bit too much.

    I stay with 3.1.

  • Alf99

    I just tried this new version.
    I could not find a way to disable cleartype in all lists. How to do it ?
    For now, back to 3.1, till I got a solution.

  • Lawchick

    I’m having problems downloading this new version – let alone installing it – I’m getting a message saying the source file could not be read………….is it just me???

  • James

    I’m disappointed by my first glance into Evernote 3.5. I’ve been a relatively happy Evernote user for quite some time, but one of the things I loved about early versions of Evernote is that they were just plain unintrusive. A simple text list on the side of my monitor that I could search and sync. (Pics too, if I so desired.)

    Upon installing 3.5, however, Evernote took up my entire screen – and I don’t have a small monitor by any means. Even unchecking most of the options didn’t allow me to get back to a simple note-view list. I could view subjects, but not contents inline.

    I’m sure Evernote 3.5 brings some awesome new features to the fold – but I’m going to stick with 3.1 for now. Maybe consider adding a “minimalist” view, where the view is simply composed of the following:

    a. a plain, one-column list of the text of your notes
    b. viewable or hideable subject lines
    c. default to a “blurb” of your note, with a button to expand to full note contents. (make an option to have the default be either blurbs or full contents, let the note button toggle.)

    That’s what I want.

    I use Evernote because it stays out of my way. I don’t see that I’d use it as much if I had to make it a full-screen full-field construct.

  • Davey

    Yep, I’m very happy with 3.1 too. When you start to force 3.1 users to upgrade I guess I’m gonna have to look elsewhere for a solution – unless you’ve added options to remove the preview icons panel by then. That’s the problem with writing again from scratch, you introduce a lot of bugs and lose a lot of features that were already sorted.

  • Antonio

    First congratulations for the nice job done!

    I am a premium user and I will Request some missed features that were present in 3.1 and were important:

    – Possibility to edit tags selecting several notes. I mean, deselect some tags in all the selected notes (as previous icon)

    – When selecting a notebook and tags, to see how many notes contains the other tags and the total ( 3 of 15)

    – I also agree that the new 3.5 needs more than 2 Gb. If it is not possible to reduce, keep de 3.1 downloadable.


  • Patrick

    The blurry fonts are a real problem… they’re almost painful to look at on my netbook.

  • Adam

    The installer is crashing for me (just like the original 3.5 did) me whenever i try to run it on my Windows 7 x64 machine.

    I love Evernote but this is really discouraging.

  • Antonio

    Please, update the Thunderbird web clipper addon for the v3.0 and makes all the thunderbird users happy 😉

  • Dan

    When will I be able to update the version on my U3 USB Thumb Drive?

  • 天龙

    I’m pretty dissapointed with this release.

    1. No portable version, so i can’t work with ease in different computers, i keep moving from PC to PC in order to do my job as webmaster.
    2. No way to convert it into a simple notes list. Why have you taken out the simplicity that made EN the best?
    3. There’s no way to disable global shortcuts… hey! i don’t want global shortcuts, i use other programs too, and to have too many shortcuts is too bad to our computer interaction.
    4. I guess this one was not designed considering what users really wanted or expected, but just to show new things and see what happens expecting for the best…

    I think i’ll stick at EN 3.1 or look for an alternative…

  • O's Fan

    Portable version please!

  • brianq

    new version problems.
    Printing. Margins a off and image sizes are wrong. I printed on 3.1 and got everything correct, 3.5 imagaes twice as big and missing bottome part of page.
    Opening screen. I have two monitors. I store evernote on the second, but 3.5 opens on the primary, sized and possitioned as it would be on the secondary, but that’s the wrong one.
    Screen clipping. Really like ver 3.1 clipper with annotations rather than drag the crosshair and hope you get everything…
    Just did the edit an image in another program and save back to evernote…Nice…
    Have to stick with 3.1 for now

  • JC

    I’m sticking with 3.1 until the tape view returns – I like simple not gee wizzy. You guys used to help me do my job now your technology is trying to drive me instead of the other way around.

  • Andrea

    Nice 3.5 version. Runs perfectly on my Windows XP. Despite old processor. Like thumbnails showing size of textual notes. Thanx, go on like this.

  • jp

    I use a tablet computer in portrait orientation most of the time. The view that is a continuous tape of notes in 3.1 is awesome in this set-up. The 3.5 views suck. Thumbnail views are too small to be useful and list view gives you no text of the contents.

    3.5 is slower to respond as well. I’m sticking to 3.1. If OneNote lets me sync as easy as Evernote one day then then I’m jumping ship.

  • Solvent

    Still missing “Install portable version” option which was great in 3.1. Also the Windows Mobile version does not display the notes it merely presents a list of them, but cannot open individual notes. As soon as these issues are resolved I might even move to Premium ’cause I like this thing 🙂

  • Maik

    Very nice upgrade… unfortunately I had to uninstall it again. Even after removing version 3.1 the following bugs appeared:

    1) I can’t setup WIN+C as the shortcut for clipping. The input section simply shows .
    2) When clipping using the default shortcut or the context menu, a “can’t clip error” occurs.

    I hope these bugs will be fixed soon!

    Best regards,
    Maik –

  • C2

    when it copies the database do you basically have a duplicate of your data on your machine? I have limited hard drive space on one machine and need to know this before I can upgrade across all of them.

  • Jason Scott

    Why isn’t the HTML editing better?

    The toolbar is ‘fuzzy’ to the eye on my notebook.

    Trying to work with tables is impossible and formatting the notes is basically difficult other than real basis text formats like BOLD.

    I love the concept, but it feels like I’m not in control of my personal notes!

    I am on the free subscription, maybe this is something you don’t give away.

  • Stephen Fletcher

    I’ve just upgraded from Evernote 3.1 and I have to say that I miss the note interface from version 3.1 of the product.

    I suggest keeping the newly revamped interface, as it is good too, but I would like a new view added that provides the notes interface from version 3.1.


  • MS

    Agree, loadup performance is abysmal compared to 3.1. I have three notes loaded into each on Vista and memory (priv):
    3.1 = 15,740K
    3.5 = 83,108K

    This may be an unfair comparison as I haven’t loadtested them.

  • Brian

    so, if 3.5.1 is the latest Windows version, why does my currently installed version tell me there is no update available?

  • bobman

    I haven’t used EverNote in a long time but thought I would try it again. This new 3.5 version is a mess! I was about to delete my Evernote account for good when I read comments here and found out the previous version is still available.

    I do software development for a living; some heads really need to roll for this atrocity that is this latest version. I can’t believe you aren’t listening to user feedback.

  • A very happy Evernote user

    I love Evernote! … but don’t force us to go 3.5! I’m using it on my pc at work and I just can’t install .net 3.5 because of corporate policy. 3.1 runs just fine!

  • Buddhi

    I really miss the ability to select something on-screen, draw on it or whatever, then decide whether to save it or copy it or put it into Evernote. This very awesome feature has disappeared from 3.5 sadly!! 🙁

  • Lynn

    I agree with several of the other comments. I just installed Evernote 3.5 and it’s horrible. I was just getting used to Evernote 3.0 from the older windows edition and still have both of those older editions on my computer. I plan to go back to the oldest version. This new one is horrible!

  • Katja

    If you autoupgrade 3.1 to 3.5, I will most likely stop using Evernote (I use it to organize pretty much everything, but I can’t work with the new interface).