• Partner month spotlight: Nokia N900

    We’re kicking off Partner Month with a bang. Nokia recently released their new Evernote Sharing Plug-in for the N900 smartphone. The plug-in turns Evernote into a completely integrated part of the N900 mobile experience. There’s no need to launch a separate Evernote app. Take a photo and Evernote’s there to accept it. Scribble a note […] Read more

  • It’s Partner Month!

    Get this, there are over a thousand developers working to build Evernote into their applications right now. That’s pretty wild. From iPhone apps to web services to hardware to…a Linux version (it could happen), third party developers are really making the most of our remember-everything-sync-it-everywhere platform. This month, we’re celebrating their work. Read more

  • More Ways to Go Premium

    Evernote is free. You can use Evernote forever without paying us a cent, and we’re ok with that. To some, this may seem crazy, but thanks to Evernote Premium, it’s actually a business model that works (see: Freemium model). Today, we’re announcing that there are more ways than ever to go Premium. We now accept […] Read more