Evernote 3.5 for Windows Update

Posted by on 03 Mar 2010

Posted by on 03 Mar 2010

Evernote 3.5 for Windows gets an handful of nice enhancements in its latest update to version 3.5.2. Here’s the rundown.

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Improved screen clipping

You can now choose whether to send your screen clips into Evernote, onto the desktop or to the clipboard. Here’s how it works. While selecting the area you wish to clip, you have three options:

  • Do nothing, which will send the clip into a new note in Evernote
  • Hold Shift, which will send the clip to your desktop
  • Hold CTRL, which will send the clip to your clipboard

Flexible note views

You can now choose to show or hide any combination of the three view panels: left panel, note list panel, and single note view. Customize your look from the View menu.

And more

  • Made significant improvements to Asian character search and highlighting
  • Added the ability to assign a destination notebook for clips under Tools>Options>General
  • Added the ability to set the created and modified date/time to current time
  • Added the ability to drag and drop tags onto notes
  • Improved text note thumbnails
  • Improved pasting text and images from Evernote into other applications
  • Resolved problem with live-editing PDF documents
  • Resolved issues with new note creation
  • Replaced spell checker with a more memory-efficient version that supports additional languages
  • Improved access to diagnostic information about the Evernote application

Creating on the desktop, editing on your phone

Here’s a simple tip to that will let you edit notes created on your computer from your phone. Both Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac have a “Paste Without Formatting” option in their respective Edit menus. Copy the content that you want to keep editable, create a new note, then Paste Without Formatting. That’s it. In the meantime, we’re working to improve our handling of rich text in our mobile versions, but this is a good temporary solution.

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  • Carl

    Can this be done on the Mac client in a direct fashion as well? Works great in XP on Parallels! Thx.

    ‘Hold CTRL, which will send the clip to your clipboard’

  • Mickey

    The “paste without formatting” is great! I didn’t know about that. Many of my notes have weird formatting in them from previous pastes, and I’d love to clear them up. Is there a “remove formatting from this note” option? I’m doing a lot of re-copy/pasting to clean them up, but a single click would be easier…

  • Peter Fisher

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • Steve Olson

    Does this work with Windows XP now? Can I upgrade from v3.1 finally?

  • cb

    Check for updates is no longer working in 3.5

  • cb

    Are others seeing these problems (Windows XP SP3):

    -Dragging a tag onto a note is unclear – it says “assign tag to this note” and points at a seeming random place. Sometimes tags are added to another note, not the one I meant.

    -Basic text editing: type CTRL-B and it won’t bold!

  • Mark

    Check for updates doesn’t seem to work. Keeps telling me my evernote is up to date yet it’s version 3.1

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mark Evernote 3.5 is not an update from Evernote 3.1, it needs to be downloaded separately. If you are interested in trying Evernote 3.5, please download it from our website.

  • Cate

    Why was “Install Portable” removed from 3.5?

    • David

      Second! Without portable version, Evernote is unusable for me.

  • Peter Lindqvist

    Thanks! The screen clip to clipboard was the one feature that I was missing right now.

    Good job!

  • xbeta 善用佳软

    Support Chinese characters perfect now.
    Search and highlight work well under winXP sp2.

  • Daryl (Premium User)

    Has “subject date” been added?

    Glad to hear dragging tag to note has been implemented but echo both of cb’s comments above (

  • Steve

    Hey great job again guys!

    Quick question – am I able to get a list of my notes which *do not* have a specific tag?

    For instance, I have…


    …tags which *all* my notes should have one of. Sometimes I accidentally detag and therefore I end up missing these notes when I review.

    Appreciate this is maybe not the best place to ask this question but can anyone help!?

    Keep up the good work guys!


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Steve To view un-tagged notes, type -tag:* in the search bar.

  • Brian Schultze

    On a Win 7 64 bit machine. 7000+ notes. Tagging is still really bad in 3.5. I can’t tag multiple notes at the same time which is a real step back, tagging is also painfully slow in this version.
    If I can’t tag quickly and easily it’s a huge problem. Is this being looked into at all?

  • AlexB


    Why is it not possible to install a non-localized version of evernote or switch interface to english?

    I’m an early adopter. I assume most early adopters prefer to have their software in original langauge. Why do we have to be stuck with poorly translated and clunky Russian version, with no option to change?

    Before I would just install v3.1. But now firefox no longer supports the bookmarklet for that version.

    You give me no option other than to stop using your product.

  • Bill Wehnert

    I would love to be able to add words to the dictionary. Just to get rid of the squiggles under words I use frequently.

    • Phillip Wilson

      I would second the suggestion to ability to add words to the dictionary.

  • klickreflex

    Hey there,

    I desperatly miss the behaviour that clipped notes are stored inside the currently active/selected notebook of the desktop app. It was so much faster to simply select the notebook I want my clips to be stored in quickly than chaning the default target everytime or moving the clipped notes from the default to its destination notebook 🙁

  • Greg Knapp

    Evernote has been the tool I’ve been searching for to help organize the multitude of data that has to be controlled to run my business and my life. This is a game changer. Check out some of my thoughts at:

  • Heidi

    Nice update, but I really need the ability to highlight text within a note. I tried a work around by using the highlighting function in Gmail and sending it into Evernote, but it lost the highlighting. Hope we can get this in the next version.

  • Zack

    Thanks a lot for listening to the community about changing the way the screen clipper works. Getting it into the clipboard again was huge, updating to 3.5 now. One question, is there any way to set the default action be screen clip to clipboard?


  • Steve

    > Is there a “remove formatting from this note” option?

    Another vote for this feature. I have a few notes that I would like to “de-format” and the only way I’ve found is to basically copy, paste into notepad, create a new note, and then paste without formatting into that note.

  • watch how to make it in america

    Will this work with my windows xp SP3?

    • Mike B

      I had to uninstall 3.5 and go back to 3.1 after Evernote tech support confirmed problems with Evernote 3.5 and Windows XPAnyone know if anything is fixed and it is safe to try again?

  • John Hanson

    Will this work with my windows xp SP3? Thanks 🙂

  • DaveK

    When I “click” on the Evernote icon to bring up the screen clipping window nothing happens. When I “right click”, I get a pop-up, but no “Show Clipping Panel” appears. Is this a bug, or did I miss the exclusion of this feature the same way I missed any mention of a 100 synchronized notebook limit in the 3.1 user guide?

  • DaveK

    OK, sorry, I got the new functionality, “print screen” instead of “show clipping panel”. Only problem is when I clip, it goes to my default notebook as opposed to the notebook I currently have selected. I really liked that work flow.

    How do I get that work flow back?

  • AlexB

    Disappointed, pt. 2

    As I mentioned above, the new version of evernote already crippled my user experience forcing me to use a local language version.

    After a week of struggling with crashes of version 3.1 on windows 7, I decided to cringe my teeth and give a translated 3.5 a go. I wish I hadn’t. The product is just not there from the design and UX standpoint, and it makes me question whether I should be investing all this time in organizing my life with evernote.

    I decided that I will not. Canceling my membership right after I click submit. Here you have one of your first, paying customers, who planned to extensively use evernote for exactly the things you made it for, and who is now leaving due to your failure to live up on the product front.

    Hope you learn something from it and make necessary adjustments for the next version.

  • mike

    A nag screen?
    Yes… I know there is a pay version.
    If I wanted to update to it I would.
    If you wanted to make people use that or not use your product then you could.
    You know what I don’t want… ?
    I don’t want to sit trying to figure out why the note I just made and clicked the pop-up notifier for to add tags to is not present. Just a blank note.
    After a few minutes, under some other windows, I find the little nag screen asking me if I want to upgrade to the pay version.
    What is it, 1999 somwhere?
    Nag screens!?

  • darko

    Evernote has been a life saves.. Cleaned up my desktop of all the New text file (12222).txt LoL ..
    🙂 thanks for that!

  • Adam

    Going .NOWHERE with .NET

    It’s really disappointing to see Evernote plowing ahead with 3.5 and .NET. That is not looking toward the future. Even ignoring Linux, you’re hampering yourself by having to develop separately for Mac and Windows. And if you consider Linux–which you should!–it’s even worse, because the only solution is to run Windows in a virtual machine, which defeats the purpose of not using Windows in the first place. (Or I can just use the Evernote Web interface…which is another horrible mess, and another story altogether.)

    I’ve said it before and will say it again, Qt4 is the best solution for your desktop software. One codebase, runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux with little-to-no modification. Just look at KDE4, Amarok 2,…the examples are numerous. Not only that, but Qt4 is very powerful, and continues to improve all the time. It will save your programmers time and effort.

    Come on, Evernote. Bite the bullet, ditch Microsoft and the .NET you have entangled yourself in, and start moving toward the future.

  • dc

    I love evernote and am a huge fan … but since the latest windows update, I’ve regularly (1-2 times per day) get a full black screen (typically after my win 7 PC sleeps) … even though the program seems to be running fine in the background, I can’t see anything. I love the improvements when evernote is running, but am unsure why I see the main content area blacked out completely (only ctrl-alt-del saves me).

  • EvernoteISMyBrain

    OK, you’ve just cracked it to the point where I’ve updated to 3.5 after holding out in 3.1.

    Keep on adding back those removed features – I really need the ability to move a screenshot area around, seeing as my co-ordination skills are 0!

    • Rich

      Ditto that.
      The old behavior where you could move clipping area around or make it larger or smaller before actually clippiny (by clicking the elephant in the clipper panel) needs to come back, please.

      Likewise the ability to tag directly in the little (1 note added)notifier pop up bottom right.

  • Todd Hamilton

    Is there any way to tag multiple notes at one time in the Windows client? Thanks for the help.

  • archiz

    Can’t import previous .enex database.
    It’s acceptable that free account can only import jpg/png/gif/mp3/wav/pdf, but it should not reject importing .enex files.

  • Steve

    I’ve gone on record a gazillion times with a gazillion (or at least a few) people singing the praises of Evernote. Now…on the latest Windows version it’s great that we now have support for tables. But I find the tables virtually unworkable. No easy and intuitive way ON THE WINDOWS CLIENT to add rows or columns, no way to easily format the width of columns when entering in text. They sort of go berserk (admittedly, you guys may not ever be able to fix this one…and I see it happens on the MAC client as well). And as a result, I find myself entering tabular data into Google Docs/Spreadsheet, which is not where I want to go. Why? Cuz I want to store everything forever in Evernote. I want Evernote to be an extension of my memory. So…where on the list is improving the functionality of tables? Thank you!

  • John

    Please, please give us an alternative where the old continuous scroll also gets the new tweaks. Can’t live without the scroll. Thanks.

  • Jaime Chereau

    HI, someone test this new upgrade with NVIDIA QUADRO NVS, last version have problems, and supose you area working in a solution, this new version solution this or use .NET make this definitily don’t have solution???

  • Chris Beaman

    On the Windows client, how do I:

    Record an audio note
    Access my shared notes
    Import bookmarks

    I’ve been searching Google for an hour and can’t find these answers. Could you maybe optimize these keywords for other searchers like me?

  • George Anison

    I like the 3.1 interface much better. It’s much simpler and elegant. Also the tag column is much better cause it grays out the notebook tags. The 3.5 theme is too much in the style of windows XP, boring!. It would be much better a Windows 7 like theme, or let us choice between the old or the new look. Evernote is a wonderful piece of software, make it for the better! not for worse!

  • Kevin Kleinfelter

    Hey Bill Wehnert, You *can* add words to the dictionary. In the “Dic” folder of the folder where you installed Evernote (probably C:Program FilesEvernote3.5), there is a file named en-US.dic. It is a text file. You can edit it to add your favorite words.

    • Phillip Wilson

      Thanks for the info. I googled and found your comment. However, I would like to see the ability to right click and have the option to add to dictionary. Hope to see it in an update soon.

  • lnxos

    this update makes evernote incompatible with wine in linux. please please add native linux version of evernote! thanks.

  • Chuck

    I frequently have multiple projects being researched concurrently. The screen copy enhancements are great (clip to clipboard esp.), but I need just one thing to greatly simplify my use of EN. Allow selection of a notebook destination, at clip time, say by holding down the (alt?) key to pop-up a list of (recently used) notebooks.

    I use project notebooks, rather than tagging, to facilitate the way I use the notes later. This would save me the task of moving the notes later.

  • Gbirk

    I would also like to see the ability to add columns or rows to tables. Without that functionality they are basically useless.

  • Arnljot

    I don’t get it. I use 3.1 and can drag tags to single or multiple notes. Now this seems to be a big issue in 3.5 Have I missed something

    BTW, I’ve been with Evernote since beta, and I simply love it. I recomment Evernote to everyone. Big fan, and I need to get an Evernote T-shirt. Just got a Snap Scan S300 duplex scanner, and waow what a game changer!!!!. Scanning two sided docs and business cards (including the scribbling on the back) right into evernote.


  • JamWils

    You guys have to add highlighting to this program…it is keeping me from fully moving to your software…everything else is great, just need the highlighter!

  • Phillip Wilson

    Just read all the comments. I have to admit. I have been experimenting with Evernote for a few years. It never had the features I needed. But last month I installed 3.5 and after playing with it for a while I found that it finally met my basic needs. I have since upgraded to premium and love it.
    I have found a workaround for the 500mg monthly limit. I have hit my limit with 15 days to go for limit reset. I simply created a folder “Evernote File Later” I set my Scansnap to scan to this folder. Now everything goes to this file until my reset date. I will transfer all the files after that date.
    There are some features that I would like to see in future updates

    search by tag on mobile

    drawing tools

    calander in sidebar

    ability not only to import a folder but to sync it with files in folder- I have a folder that I have already added the contents of the folder to EN, but if I add the folder back, it is going to reload all the files in it and duplicate them on evernote.

    encryption on the fly or whatever you would call not having to select the text and then encrypt it

    Thank you Evernote team

  • OldTimer

    I’m new to Evernote but very much intrigued by what I am seeing. There are several comments in the above thread about the inability to add rows to a table but no solution offered. It seems to me that such a limitation would make tables pretty much useless in Evernote. Did I miss something?

  • Tom

    Great Job!!!! THX

    For the Whish-List: A way to print Notes/Notebooks or export to PDF with tietle for eych note

  • Simon Dong

    When I close the note list panel,I can’t find anyway to navigate to next note or previous note.

  • inspire

    I want a portable version.

  • Demetri

    I really miss the clipping panel and that’s why I keep using the old version. The new function (screen clipping) only saves images, while I need to use plain editable text. Also, if I get it right, it needs to be opened again and again, while the clipping panel stayed open, helping me easily copy text from various sources (eg in a research).

    The highlighted or not tags (depending on whether the specific tags could or could not be found in the specific notebook) also worked better for me.

    Finally, I find the old version more clean-cut and more beautiful. Too many info and open-by-default options in the new one, while we need to focus on the notes themselves.

    Thanks for the very good product, anyway. I hope my remarks helped.

  • Chris

    I want a portable version too 🙁

  • William

    Request a Portable version, as well.

  • ppip

    Pls give me a portable version~

  • Terry Li

    I desire a portable version too!

  • Oscar

    Very very important, the portable version…

  • Kenneth

    I need a portable version please!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Kenneth, we offer a number of mobile versions of Evernote.

      • Kenneth

        By portable, I mean that it runs on Windows without installing and without an internet connection.