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Posted by Ron Toledo on 08 Mar 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 08 Mar 2010

Partner Month may technically be over, but we still have lots of cool integrations to talk about. Today, we’re focusing on iPhone apps that play nice with Evernote. There are quite a few in the AppStore already, with more on the way.

We’re excited not only by the number of applications, but also the variety of uses they enable. Some of the apps make Evernote more powerful, others rely on your Evernote data to offer more robust functionality. Put another way, using Evernote together with these iPhone apps creates a Voltron-like mega-app.

Here is a quick rundown of some iPhone Apps. For a complete list of integrations, check out the new Works With Us section.

Capture more

The sharper and cleaner the image the better Evernote’s handwriting recognition technology works. These apps all improve the quality of images before they’re sent to Evernote.

Take a picture within the app or add a picture from your camera roll and select the Add to Evernote option to get a scanner quality note in your Evernote account. There is no cropping or rotating required, DocScanner does it for you automatically.

JotNot for iPhone is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and sends them into Evernote. The paid version of JotNot allows you to send your improved images into Evernote (you can even assign titles, tags, and notebooks right from their app).

White – by Qipit

If you are a student who takes pictures instead of writing out the contents of the whiteboard or a professional that snaps a photo at the end of meetings and brainstorms, then Qipit White is a great addition to your work flow. Snap a picture of that whiteboard in the app and select the Post to Evernote option to send the vivid, cleaned up image into Evernote.

Scanner Pro
Snap a picture within the app and drag the edges to frame the image. After you’ve adjusted the contrast and brightness to your liking, Scanner Pro launches the Evernote app directly. From there you can add a title, tags, and select the notebook in Evernote you wish to send it into.

Get your news

These apps allow you to view and save articles from various news sources into Evernote.

AP Mobile
The AP Mobile app brings you worldwide coverage of breaking news, sports, entertainment, politics and business on your iPhone. When you come across an article you want in your Evernote account click the send option and select Evernote.

iNews is a news (RSS ) reader that delivers news to your iPhone from an assortment of sources including CNN, BBC and The New York Times.

mDigger is an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to a variety of web sites including news, entertainment, blogs, pictures and podcasts and view them nicely formatted on your iPhone. This integration allows you to send the content you come across, straight to your Evernote account.

Stay organized

Keep your notes, tasks and ideas organized with these apps in conjunction with Evernote.

Awesome Note
Awesome note is a note taking and to-do organizer app for the iPhone. You can fully customize the note app with different fonts, colors backgrounds, themes and more. Best of all, after you’ve taken your notes you can send them straight into your permanent external brain, Evernote.

reQall – [Integration part of reQall Pro]
The reQall integration makes lists and reminders really useful, here’s how. Just speak or type a reminder into reQall. Then when the reminder pops up, they will automatically search through your Evernote account and display any related notes.

And more

Bible Reader is an iPhone and iPod touch app designed for reading and studying the Bible. The Evernote integration lets you take notes on Bible passages and syncs the notes with your Evernote account.

FastFinga lets you take handwritten notes on the iPhone and send them into your Evernote account.

If you are the type of person that wants to update a number of your social media accounts at once but would also like a copy sent to your Evernote account this is for you.

Is a memo app that lets you use your finger to easily input letter and numbers using your finger right on the iPhone screen. Once you create the memo send it along to your Evernote account.

You can see all of our partners and integrations on our new Works With Evernote page.


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  • braduro

    Might I recommend adding Egretlist. Egretlist is a contender among the ToDo choices on teh iphone that leverages the checkboxes in Evernote. By making a task in Egretlist or alternatively adding any media with a checkbox into Evernote, Egretlist will logically create checklists within the app. The notes you take along with the task on the app syncs exclusively with Evernote.

  • Alison

    Has anyone managed to synchronise their Evernote notes with Awesomenote 4.1 without them being removed after the second synch? I like the app, but can’t get this to work.

  • Evelina

    I recommend ,,Plan” app. It’s time manager and calendar in one. awesome app. quick, useful and simple. I’m writing tasks creating agendas and schedules. Brilliant!!!