Emailing Into Evernote Just Got Better

Posted by on 16 Mar 2010

Posted by on 16 Mar 2010

One of the many ways to get stuff into your Evernote account is by sending notes to your personal Evernote email address. Today, we launched a big improvement to this functionality that lets you specify the destination Notebook and assign Tags to your emailed notes.

How it works

First, find your Evernote incoming email address. It’ll look something like [username] The address is located under Account Info in the desktop versions of Evernote, under Settings in Evernote Web, and in the Sync tab of Evernote for iPhone. We recommend adding this email address to your address book or contact list.

Next, try emailing something into Evernote. In the subject line of your email, write the title of the note as you want it to appear in your account. In the same subject line, add one or both of the following:

  • Use @ for notebooks: Use an @ symbol followed by the name of your destination notebook
  • Use # for tags: Use a # symbol followed by the tag or tags you wish to assign. You can have multiple tags just make sure each one starts with an #

For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report

Would create a note titled Trip to Florida in my travel notebook, tagged with expense report.

Notes on this feature

  • This functionality only works for existing notebooks and tags
  • At this time, you cannot create new notebooks or tags with this feature
  • In the subject line, always put the note title first, then add any notebooks or tags
  • This feature will not work for notebook names that contain an ‘@’ or a ‘#’, and it will not work for tags that contain a ‘#’ in their name.

Resetting your email address

Your Evernote email is randomly generated to protect you from spam. If you ever want to change it to another random address, click “Reset incoming email” in the Setting section of Evernote Web. If you do reset it, don’t forget to update your address book.


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  • Wren Keber

    This is the best feature you’ve come out with all year!!

  • Lee


  • Tom

    Awesome — thanks!

  • Ben Smith

    This is a great first step, but can we also get this capability through changing the email address too… I use a number of services that I point at my Evernote account to collect and store data (including my transcribed voicemail) and I simply can’t amend the subject line.

  • Stewart Midwinter

    This saves me a bunch of filing work. Thanks!

  • Fokke Kooistra

    This is a great feature!

    I use Evernote for GTD and some of my notebooks start with the @ sign. If I email with @@Home notes don’t end up in @Home but the default notebook.

    Could this feature be extended to use double @? Otherwise I will rename my notebooks.


  • Olin

    I would like to see this implemented for the clip.action (Send To) feature I’m currently using in Google Reader. Like to setup different sends to specific notebooks, tags, etc.

    I hope that’s part 2!

  • Jim

    Thank you so much for adding this in. Having let my Pro account slip over the past couple weeks, I was debating trying something else because it didn’t have this feature.

    Now that you’ve added this feature, it’s time to start collecting more notes!


  • wentworth3

    That is wicked cool!! I really like the way that Evernote keeps adding killer features to an already amazing product / service / program… Sorta hard to classify you guys these days. Not a bad problem to have!

  • Ann

    ack – you guys are friggin’ geniuses. I love this!

  • Alexander

    Is it necessary for me to type @notebook for my default notebook or can I just type the tag and hit send?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Alexander Notes go into your default notebook unless you specify otherwise.

  • Doug

    Excellent addition! Many kudos to you. God Bless…

  • LogopolisMike

    Freakin’ awesome. When inputting new notes remotely, I almost always email my ideas to myself rather than opening up the app on the iPhone, and I’ve gotten used to “filing” email inputs as being part of my process for using Evernote. Getting rid of that step AND the ability to add tags when I create it (which will probably be even more useful to me) is awesome (as long as I can remember my notebook names – time to stop being cute with them)

    I was just wondering last night at the bar if there was a way to do this that I didn’t know or if I could figure out how to automate it myself. I’m glad I went premium the other day since apparently it means you start reading my mind (and you apparently can read it in the future, since I doubt you guys were able to put together that functionality in the 15 hours that I thought from it)

  • Milos

    Thanks. Life is much easier now 🙂

  • Glenn Farrell

    Thanks team! I’ve been soooo waiting for this feature. Although I expected it to be like the search feature (eg tag:tagname).
    Anyways, thanks heaps!

  • John

    Nice, but I also use @ and # as tags and contexts. Any chance of making these account settings, or @@ and ## as someone else mentioned before?

  • princ3paul

    WOW! GREAT! Thanks a lot. I enjoy 2 work with EVERNOTE!!!


  • rick L. Lambert

    looking forward to using this feature. Im always needing to go to the desktop app and change things around after emailing. this will make it nicer. Thanks

  • Duglow

    The fastest development response to a podcast question tweet I’ve ever seen 😉

    Intended or not, like the consistency with RTM. As always, evernote rocks.

  • Duglow

    …and oh yes, I also appreciate the consistency with my filing system — I’ve replaced notebooks with macrotags (@networks, @baseball, etc).

    evernote more than rocks.

  • Mark

    This is great, but what happens when a notebook has a space in it? For instance, I have a notebook named “Travel Notes” — how do you use the “@” syntax to get into that notebook?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mark Typing @Travel Notes into the subject will send to the Travel Notes notebook.

      • John

        Likewise for tags with spaces?

  • Eric

    Thanks, this is really great.

  • Bryan Aspey

    emailing self now:

    YES!!! @things that rule #evernote

  • RebootIT

    Great addition to the Evernote feature set.

    Review of this functionality and various tests about how it works is at

  • Lucy

    WOW. I literally just emailed support asking about this feature yesterday. They didn’t mention anything about this!

  • Phil

    Hate to seem ungrateful but I also would like to be able to use the email address as a means to direct notes into notebooks. For instance

    Now get to work! And thanks for a great product!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Phil Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Bailey

        Hey, You are the guy from the podcast!!!

  • Alexey

    Awesome! This is useful.

  • philyer

    # for tagging doesn’t work in Windows client.
    I send an email named ‘TEST @MISC #Evernote’ to my account, and get a new note named ‘TEST #Evernote’ in the notebook ‘MISC’ but with no tag.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @philyer This new feature will apply existing tags to your emailed noted. It will not create new tags or new notebooks. It sounds like you don’t have an existing tag called “Evernote” in your account. First create the Evernote tag, then try re-sending that note.

      • philyer

        So that explains it.
        But why not let it be able to create tags and notebooks?

  • Ryan

    What a great and extremely useful enhancement to a great product

  • jacobian

    very nice feature.I have been waititing this.

  • Lauri

    Great feature. One more request though. Could you add functionality to create to-do’s directly via email (syntax could be for example [] characters). This would allow easy setup of categorized to-do’s into Evernote via email.

  • nothingelseis

    Love it. Very natural behaviour. Everything just as it should be. 🙂

  • norifumi

    When I get possible to appoint a notebook and a tag in e-mail address, I am glad.

  • Jason

    Thanks!, been hoping for this for some time.

    BTW does anyone know ofa way to trim signatures, legal notices, etc from e-mails that land in notes.

    Remember the milk has a nece “-end-” feature so that all that junk is not included in the final note. Is there something similar for Evernote?

  • Damien

    Brilliant! Thanks again.
    If only you were on my Nokia E71, I would not need to use email !
    Might have to switch to iphone, Android or Blackberry then.

  • Dave Yuhas

    Another limitation is that the destination notebook must be synced. You can’t send a note to a local notebook.

  • RickK

    You folks keep making a great system greater.

  • Cassandra

    Yayayayayayayay!!!!!! Finally! Thank you!

  • Andrew

    This is the only request I had and you came threw!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Could “to do” be added this way also? That would be a nice future add on

  • benjamin6

    so good! very very good

  • Mac Haley

    Oh, my gosh! The recent improvements to the post to Evernote by email functionality are fantastic! Now, I just have to remember to include the name of the notebook and tags in the subject line of notes that I email into my Evernote account!

    Thanks, keep up the good work, and have a great day!

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Mega sweet!

    This is seriously handy, as e-mailing notes is now my primary method for getting them into Evernote on the iPhone. The methods within the iPhone app itself are really annoying, sorry.

    For one thing, I like that the EXIF data from e-mailed photos now tag the notes with the correct GPS coordinates. This is not the case for Camera Roll notes within the app (they pick up the coordinates from wherever you happen to upload the photo).

    Is there any chance you can change the home screen in the iPhone app to a notes view ( or better yet, a notebooks list) rather than the new note view? Seriously, I think most users now prefer the e-mail method of note creation on iPhone, especially now with this killer functionality. The mail app is built into so many apps now, and it is faster and superior to e-mail a note rather than use the Evernote iPhone app’s note creation UI which is horribly clunky and takes way too many steps.

    I imagine that the Evernote iPad interface will be more about note viewing than note creation, and I wish the iPhone app could follow in that direction. I think a lot of people use the iPhone app to refer to their notes library, rather than actually create new notes. Especially when you’ve made it so easy to tag and assign notebooks via e-mail!

    Bravo! I agree with the poster who said this is the best update of the year!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Sterling Thanks for the iPhone app suggestion. We’re working on some interesting things. Stay tuned.

  • Russ

    This is great, thank you so much! I send lots of emails to my evernote account from my gmail. I find that searching Evernote works much better than trying to find something in gmail. the only problem has always been having to go back to Evernote and put the note in the proper notebook and tagging it. Thanks again!

  • Mornington

    Amazing! I love the iphone app, but when I’m in other applications on the iphone (like Safari) I don’t like to switch so I have been emailing notes from them to Evernote and then dealing with “cleaning up” when I’m done. Now it’s just as good wherever I am. So good…

    BTW, I like emailing notes _from_ Evernote too. It’s handy when I just want to share one idea without notebook sharing setup.

  • Chris

    The notebook feature works great, but I am unable to get the #tag feature to work.

    Subject> title @notebook #tag

    sticks a note with “title #tag” as the title… it seems pretty simple, but somehow I’m messing it up. Any clue?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Chris, my guess is that the tag you’re trying doesn’t exist in your account. This feature does not create new tags. The tag name must match an existing ones, otherwise it will be placed into the title as you’re seeing.

      • Chris

        Ah — quite likely. I did not realize that distinction even existed… the client almost creates new tags too easily (typos -> new tags), but it makes perfect sense.


  • Surcy

    This is not working for me either. Here is an example of an email I sent to my Evernote account. Both the tag and the Notebook already exist in my account.

    Fwd: Your receipt #173007520824 @Action #Daily Personal Tasks

    Any Ideas?

  • Brent

    Creating, editing and saving a document on the desktop causes this error message. Advice?

    Unknown exception ( Failed to parse: b33bdec8-da51-4bb9-9b94-3cf8e90ac812<input onc) during operation (Update note).

  • kevin

    I don’t get it – How is this useful?
    I have the Iphone Evernote app so can send anything from there,
    and if I have the Firefox app so can send anything from the web when I’m on the PC.

    Is this for those without a smartphone? Or, am I missing something here..?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Kevin, Emailing content into Evernote is a very popular way for getting stuff into your account. Many people use this when they’re at work and don’t have access to Evernote. Others simply prefer using their mail client to create notes that they’ll access later. The feature also makes it easy to forward important emails into your account. Say you get a travel confirmation or a receipt via email, now you can send into the Evernote notebook of your choice. This is only scratching the surface. Hope that’s helpful.

      • Kevin

        Thanks Andrew, I’ll try those suggestions out.

  • Mundo Resink

    Awesome, thanks!

    Can you integrate this feature into Twitter as well? E.g.: DM myen new note @notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s an interesting suggestion. My concern is that with only 140 characters, added additional notebook and tag info would make Twitter unusable.

  • Tim S

    I love you for this!!!

  • Kara M

    When you combine this with the evernote integration with Nozbe I’ll be able to clear my inbox in no time flat – what a wonderful new feature!

  • Toby Neal

    Thanks so much for this.

    Is there any chance of having another tag to change the Author from your email address using say %authour ?

  • Kevin Mullet (Photographer, IT Cubicle rat, Parent, Student)

    This is wonderful. I’ve been wanting THIS ONE FEATURE ever since I started using Evernote. I’m about to get an IPhone, and can’t wait to use it there, too. I’ve just become twice the Evernote Zealot that I was yesterday.


  • Ken

    I saw this at the Evernote site, but cannot access that at work (blocked by firewall). Thanks for all the details so I can send e-mails to the right notebooks.
    This is making Evernote even more useful, I hope they add more.

  • Andria Tay

    Fantastic!! This is a feature I’ve been waiting for. Thanks guys!

  • Dallas

    Perfect. Thanks for adding this feature.

  • Jonathan Silverman

    Woohoo! Excellent.

  • Don Campbell

    I’ve been waiting for this feature – thank you!

  • Andreas @ nouvé

    We LOVE this. Perfect. Weiter so…

  • Jim Sewell

    This shows the greatest thing about Evernote – your dedication to making your tool the most useful it can be for us and continual upgrades without being content it’s “good enough”. This a great feature many will use, including me. Thanks!

  • subcorpus

    nice feature …
    have seen it requested in some forums …
    appreciated …

  • Karen Rainey

    what a fantastic feature! Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Yay! I requested this on the support forum a month or two ago and here is is! Thanks.

  • Michael Lynton

    will these new functions (the @ and #) work for notes posting from twitter to @myen also? I know this is talking about email posts, but just thought I’d ask. Looking forward to the new feature!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This feature is only meant for email. We considered Twitter, but if you started adding notebook and tag info to tweets, you wouldn’t have any room left for the message itself.

  • Cecil

    This is great. HOWEVER, it would be infinitely more useful to have an email address dedicated to each notebook. I use evernote to archive a couple mailing lists I run (by adding the evernote emailing address to the list), and currently must manually move them into the right notebooks. I have no way of modifying the subject line in this situation.
    Also, with dedicated emails for each notebook, I can BCC emails to evernote, without people getting weird stuff in the subject line.

    • Steve

      Great idea. I agree that this would be helpful — I hope this feature gets implemented!

  • Jeffrey Herr

    LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much. I used to put keywords in the body of the EMail so at least they were searchable. This takes that a step beyond. Nice… You guys ROCK!

  • Priyank

    Great feature. This will simplify lots of my workflows.

    Can’t resist to suggest a feature: filters in Evernote. Based on certain criteria notes goes into specific notebooks.

  • Barbara

    I love this but it would be a bit easier to use on the iPhone if a different key than # was used for tags. That key requires an extra keypress after getting to the number screen. So if we could use either # (since you already chose that) or & (for example), that would be great.

  • Rob Lewis

    Cecil has a good idea in the comments, but you don’t really need separate email addresses for different notebooks: you could just use the address format “”. The “+” and everything between it and the “@” are ignored by the mail router, but can be parsed by the recipient to specify a notebook, tags, or whatever. I’m not sure if spaces are allowed in “someText”, and some other characters may be illegal (the “@” for sure), so the data format would have to be carefully designed.

    You could actually implement this now if you have a Mac and an email address. Just create a rule for incoming mail, have it run an AppleScript that processes and reformats the message and forwards it to Evernote.

  • Anders Dahlberg

    Great up date. But it would have been even better if you could write like this:


    That way I can have multiple entries in my address book and notes will automatically end up in the right notebook.

    Keep up the good work

  • Julio

    I can’t find my Evernote email address.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Julio, It’s located in a few places. If you use a desktop version, it’ll be in Account Info. You can also get there by click on the Monthly Usage meter. On Evernote Web, it’s located in Settings. Your address will be something like: [username]

  • Stanko

    Thanks !

    nothing to add nothing to remove, regarding this feature.

  • Susan M. Baker

    I am trying to use the new e-mail function with hash tags – and the e-mails are going through, but the tags are not automatically registering – I have to go in and register them AFTER the e-mail comes through – I thought they were supposed to automatically show up in my tags list?

    Please let me know.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      This feature will not create new tags. You must already have the tag in your account for the feature to work.

  • Ryan

    This is a WONDERFUL feature addition. It was actually one of the first things I looked for when I first started using en and it is great to see it. Thank you!

    Now, my one request: I have lots of tags that use both the @ and # characters. I wish there were a way to escape these special characters when they are not desired, e.g. #”#sample” would be tagged #sample. (For the record, #@sample, does go to the tag @sample, so it is really just the # characters in tags that can’t be targeted through the current email input, but I imagine that is more a result of computer protocol than intentional, so I include it here.)

    Also, in response to the people who want to be able to create *new* tags when using email input, I very much see the utility in this, but from my perspective, I would rather en not create a new tag (the current behavior), as a typo in a tag creating a new tag would be much worse for me than a note simply going to my inbox (saved search: no tags). So I prefer the current situation.

    Thank you!

  • Rob

    Thanks. Evernote is among the best software in terms of new development and user response. One question: when I send an email from Thunderbird on Mac Airbook, the Evernote appears as a .vcf card in note screen that you have to click on to read. Am I doing something wrong? I was hoping that it would appear as text note that would be easier to see and read at a glance and to insert in other text documents.

  • Devin

    For some reason tags are not working. I tried many different emails with different subjects here’s an example:
    This is what the subject look like
    Trip to Florida @my notebook #expense report

    This is what it shows in evernote
    Trip to Florida #expense report

    It went into right notebook but tags were put into title.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Devin, Do you have a tag called “expense report”? This feature only works for existing tags. New ones won’t be created.

  • Greg Elsey

    Great feature, which will make Evernote that much better.

  • Shepherd Jim

    Re the problem of not being able to create new notebooks or tags: I’m going to set up new catchalls — a notebook titled “pending” and a tag called “pending”. Then, when emailing in new content, if I’m unsure about the existence or spelling of notebooks or tags already set up, I’ll just apply @pending or #pending.

    When I do get into Evernote for real it’ll be simple to check the “pendings” for notes that need re-organizing and final tagging.

  • Uireanta

    Great innovation on a product that is consistently becoming more useful to me in a range of settings. However on my macbook there does not appear to be a hash key? I’m sure I’m missing something can anyone help?

  • tcullen

    Andrew, how can I order the appearance of my notebooks in the notebook list? For example, I’m a GTD’er, and I want my nextactions folder to show up at the top. my notebook is named “2. nextactions” (which works) but i can’t get the new email feature to work – sending stuff from email directly to the notebook…help! thanks – love the Evernote

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That capability is not currently available. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • tcullen

        Thanks, Andrew…looks like it’s the dot in the notebook name that’s the hangup. I changed it to an underscore and now looks like that works. Unfortunately, i still have lots of other notebooks (and tags) using dots that I’ll have to change. BTW, is there a tag management feature on the roadmap? Otherwise, I am a HUGE fan – can’t wait to get the iPad this summer – Evernote looks like the PERFECT app for the new device. You guys keep up the great work!

        • Andrew Sinkov

          We are looking into ways to improve the tagging experience.

          • Marc Zegar

            I’m struggling to get this set up on my MAC desktop. The email account settings are not working. What are they? I understand the IPhone app well enough but the computer part is confusing to me. Your videos don’t help with actual how to issues. Do you have an online manual? I travel a great deal for business and see great possibilities for what I THINK Evernote does. I’m feeling stupid and frustrated.

          • Andrew Sinkov

            Marc, our manuals are available here:

  • lizzy

    I am brand new to evernote, could someone help me understand the uses, I bought on impulse! 🙂 also, help me understand why having an evernote email account with the new note feature is more useful than just emailing yourself through your ‘normal’ email account? I want to learn!! thanks all

    • ciroattardo

      Good point. That’s exactly what I was wondering. I have used EN for brief voice recordings and short reminders on my blackberry and found it helpful. I searched the forum but could not find why evernote’s email feature would be more useful than my gmail or google docs. Perhaps too simple a question? Or maybe I’m missing something too obvious?

      • Cheryll

        My email contains all kinds of stuff – simple correspondences such as “how the heck are you doing?”, newsletters and product info, and SOMETIMES things about meetings, special documents, things I may have to pull up again. Even with using Gmail and it’s powerful search and tag features, there’s no searching within the PDFs or images.

        Evernote, on the other hand, ONLY has stuff I need to pull up again at a later time. And it can search within the file or image. Lately, I’ve been writing notes on my iPad in my own handwriting and sending an email to Evernote then deleting the notes off my iPad because Evernote manages my notes much better than any annotation app could. Plus it searches handwriting 😉

  • James

    Just keeps getting better!

  • antiguajoe

    This is a marvellous program and so glad that I upgraded to the premium version although the other version I could not ever get near to the capacity of it.

  • Pino Gonzati

    Great job, guys!

  • David Lesak

    Hi there, this is a great tool, but I have a request: the addition of tabs to the interface. I feel this would be especially useful to those of us who like me only have a small laptop screen to access the program. This inevitable means that not everything can appear on the screen. So tabs would be a good option to help get around this problem and enable easier note selection and swapping information between notes.
    Thank you,

    Kind regards,


  • Jaames

    Can individual notes be moved from between notebooks ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can move your notes between notebooks from within the desktop of web versions of Evernote

  • ideathinker

    Liking the evernote more and more, been using it of and on for a year or so, as a firefox plugin, now using the windows client all the time. The easy email integration pushes evernote further into my category of daily must have apps.

    Next up Calendar to-do integration (like a plugin for thunderbird/firebird or at least caldav/ics…. What about remember the milk;just thinking out loud.)? 😀 and maybe something with flowdock would be nice.

  • carlijn

    Great, but what if you have more notebooks with the same name? I do have so…

  • Elle

    Will you marry me?

    Oh man I love Evernote, even more so with this fantabulous email feature and you say you are working on the tagging experience? I am giddy with anticipation.

    I have been reading and experimenting for days and will soon indulge in Premium and I am nearly convinced that this will work for my application!!!

    Slightly off topic some I’ve been looking for an asnwer in your manual and Q&A but don’t see it — Here’s my question.

    Can Evenote have an archive feature that can be switched on or off according to the notebook? Say, notes would automatically be archived (or deleted) after a set time periord i.e., 30 days

    You’re the best.


  • Yeong Wan Loy

    what do i do if i want to use more than one tag?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can use as many tags as you like. Your subject can be: [title] #[tag1] #[tag2] #[tag3]

  • BabsBabsBabs

    EN is ESSENTIAL! Growing, Getting better daily. Make it more visual
    …a notebook with tabs so u go to what you need instantly with help
    at that tab… Trying to GTD and get rid of so much paper. Feels
    funny/good to have ALL whereever I am! People think I’m SOOOO
    organized! And Happily, I am! EVERnotedly…..Babs

  • Susan F

    Seems like a great feature! I’m trying to figure out, though, exactly what can be e-mailed in this way. I tried sending some photos that were attached to an e-mail, but I don’t see them in any of my notebooks. Are attached files not included? Or is there a size limitation for e-mailed messages?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Susan, You can email attachments into Evernote. They must be smaller than the maximum note size, which is 25MB for free accounts and 50MB for premium accounts. It seems unlikely that we would have trouble with the image on our end, so I think it may be a limitation of your mail provider. Just to clarify, was a note created in Evernote without a photo, or was no note created at all?

  • Shane Crotty

    Excellent feature. It is missing one attribute: It would be best to be able to enter a partial notebook name, for instances when long notebook names are used. For example:

    Subject: note to email @My Favorite Stuff From Work


    Subject: note to email @My Fav*

  • Asma

    Love this feature! Already used it so many times. One question though, would itbe possible to have all my contacts within Evernote or could I link my Evernote with my Gmail contacts? Recently I am emailing a lot of notes to my friends.

    Another question, the new look of the desktop client is awesome. could we have the same for Web????

    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the contacts suggestion!

  • Nathan L

    Thank you! This is going to be a great help!

    Might you consider using the dynamic “+” notation in email names too?
    For example Gmail redirects mail to to I ask for entirely selfish reasons, since I have incoming mail to dynamic email addresses and I would love to just forward them directly to EN and have the email go to the right notebook.

  • alberto

    When I email a note to my evernote account, I would like to see a Date and time stamp, but it is not there… Can you see that this is included? It would be very useful. Thank you

    • Andrew Sinkov

      All notes in Evernote have both Created and Updated date fields. You may need to view note info in order to see it.

  • dudo

    It’s great, but the email address is too long to write and remember it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We suggest adding it to your address book. That way, you won’t need to remember it.

  • Marcelo Kuramoto

    I would like to have the possibility to add also the ¨create date¨. Sometimes, when I have time, I start to update my Evenote and most ot the sime, with notes that happend sometime ago.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can edit the Created Date and Update Date within the note. Open the note in Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows and view the note details.

      • David

        I agree with Marcelo, it would be so much more useful to be able to add a date stamp to the email subject line. I’m really fed up with emailing stuff into Evernote and then having to individually go into each note and correct the date stamp.

  • Thomas

    I wish I had read the Evernote Update email earlier. This is beautiful. I have used the email to Evernote function but being able to automatically file and tag emails makes Evernote far more useful.

  • Craig

    like this very much… it would also be great to be able to append to already existing notes via email

    • Jims

      I agree. This would be a great way to keep an updated running list of something – like To Do’s, or an item list without having to generate multiple tagged notes for each addition. Maybe there could be a special add character in the subject line that when preceded by an existing note title, instructs Evernote to merge it with the existing note titled the same. eg. “Paris Travel+”

      Have to say also, would still like web-side ability to merge notes. Would go premium for both of these.

      • Mike

        I’m new to Evernote – looks very useful, and I’m planning to use it frequently. When I signed up, this appending of notes by e-mail is the ONE thing I was really hoping it would do. I constantly e-mail myself list items for a variety of projects I’m working on or just a to-do list. I use a Blackberry, and it appears there is no Evernote app for it, so I suspect I’ll use the e-mail function a lot. I’ll add all these list items to different project notebooks, but they’ll all be separate notes, which will probably be cumbersome to merge.

        Seems like managing multiple running to-do lists would be very popular. Need two functions: (1) ability to merge notes in the browser, and (2) ability to append to notes via e-mail.

        I’d guess the issue with appending is that you can have non-unique note names in different notebooks, and it would be very cumbersome to have to specify notebook+name by e-mail just to append a small bit of text to a note.

        Potential solution would be to add a new type of object in Evernote. Right now it looks like there are just two basic object types: Notebooks and notes. Another type could be lists, which would have to be unique. E-mail subject line could be: addto:{listname} or something like that.

        Also, I use the iPad app – would love the ability to add a new notebook via that app – had to fire up my Mac just to create new notebooks.

        That said, Evernote looks like an awesome site, and the character recognition from pictures looks especially impressive – and the price is right, so I don’t mean to complain. I’ll likely upgrade to the premium version if I end up using it a bunch.

      • random1947

        I’m new too. What happens when you send multiple notes with the same name to the same notebook?

      • random1947

        I sent two notes via eMail and got both.
        I then selected both notes and selected Edit/Merge Notes and it worked.

        So you can create a running list.

    • Mark

      I vote for this feature as well (append to existing notes)

    • Len

      It would also be great if we could append photos to existing notes.

      • Kim S.

        +1 for append to existing notes. I would like to see that in the chrome plug in too. As it is now, each link / page is a new note. Bleh.

    • Bretton MacLean

      PLEASE let us annotate to existing notebooks via email!

      Being able to create a new notebook by @name’ing it would be amazing too.

      Just think of the awesome lists you could create on the fly…this’d be huge!

      (app parameters that we could send stuff to directly would be amazing too)

  • P

    Is there a way to see which notes were emailed already and to who they were sent besides having all notes cc’d to myself

    • Ben Crnkovic

      Navigate to ATTRIBUTES/SOURCE/Emailed to Evernote, found in the far left pane of the Evernote desktop app, below the NOTEBOOKS, and TAGS nodes.

  • Norikazu Koike

    Do you schedule it corresponding to the cellular phone of Japan?

  • Hector Barrera

    Also Google Integration would be awesome so it can detect current tags and notebooks already used.

  • Bob

    Also doesn’t seem to work with notebooks containing “~”

    • Alex Julien

      Sad that it doesn’t allow symbols on tags/notebook names, because many of my tags starts with @ or # or ~ or even ^ (I know, my tag structure gets a little weird, but it works for me).

      I wish we could do “SUBJECT @#notebook1 ##tag1 #@tag2” and so on.

      Maybe a different syntax such as “SUBJECT {notebook name} [#tag 1] [tag two]” could do the trick.

      • David Reber

        This would be useful too for GTDers. My top used notebooks are labeled @Waiting For, @InBox, @Project, @Next Action, etc. I tried emailing with @@Waiting For in the subject line but it only goes to my primary in box.

    • Juli

      I began using 100 200 300 to list my GTD file folder for my mail in my email program. Perhaps changing from @ to a number would help the sending and the sorting : D.

  • Patrick Nelson

    This does not seem to be working for me. Does it have to be enabled somewhere? I have tried test emails to very easy notebooks – like “test” and they still don’t get in there.


  • Marc

    It’s great but seems to work randomly ie the note often goes to default notebook even if i indicate an other. (toto@test)test is not default notebook.
    Many thanks for the job

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The @notebook must be a separate word. So, blah@notebook won’t work. It needs to be structured as “blah @notebook”

      • Marc

        Ok Thank you

  • Cam

    Please support retrieving content from received URLs. On the iPad there is no Evernote browser support, but if I could send a URL and the content was received and saved I would have have Evernote support for iPad browsing and saving.


  • Bonnie S

    I have the premium version and this email for notes sounds great.

    Is there a way to have the date that the note was created print when the note is printed? All I get is the actual note printing, and I have to hand-write the date. Not very techy.

  • Yvonne

    Is useful, but it is a pity that it does not work together with the atuomatically message filter en throughsend-service of GoogleMail.
    In GoogleMail you can’t put an extra item in the subject-field.

    • Luca Bertagnolio

      I second Yvonne comment, and add my 2 europennies with a feature request.

      What if the additional tags and notebook name would be part of the email address to forward the email to rather than the email subject?

      Gmail cannot change the email subject when forwarding to an address, but it’s very simple to setup multiple email addresses to forward different email to using the filters in Gmail.

      Here is how I would see it: at the end of our incoming email address, one could add, using a predefined subdivider, a notebook and/or tags, something like:


      or simply


      if we want the email directed to the default notebook.

      This should not be too difficult to implement, really, as the parsing you do today on the Subject: field would simply need to be extended to the To: field.

      Looking forward to some feedback on this feature request!

      Ciao, Luca
      Milan, Italy

      • Jason

        Adding my support for this feature too. Please allow us to identify notebooks & tags by appending them to the email address itself. Gmail is not the only autofilter/autoforward tool that cannot change the subject. This feature would bring much broader support of auto filing when emailing into evernote.

      • Kermit

        I asked for this feature at the Evernote-Forum. I hope Evernote can add this option soon, it will make it a lot easier to make Evernote the hart of my information-collection.

      • errol

        yes you can change the subject in gmail….”edit subject” button

    • Coops

      I agree, this would be a great feature – any news on whether this has / will be happening?

    • Joseph

      I agree! I’d love to be able to setup a forward in Gmail to send some or all of my e-mail to a specific collection in Evernote.

  • Robin Matthews

    What happens if someone replies to an evernote email? Where does it appear?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Robin, I assume you’re referring to an email sent from Evernote. The “from” address in those emails is the address you used when registering for Evernote.

  • Thomas Heimann

    I am trying to use evernote as an archive of sort for my business email account by having any email sent to that account copied/cc’d to my evernote email address.

    It works wonderful except I cannot search the notes for example for the email address of the email’s sender. It seems that the entire email header is stripped off (from and to information).

    Is there any way around this/would like to be able to search the notes for say all emails that were sent by a certain person.



    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thomas, we store that information in the Author field, which means it is searchable. Type the following into the search bar – author:[email], no space. You can also search by partial emails by doing author:[partial email]*

  • Michele

    Today is my first on Evernote. I am not getting the Web Clipper to work. If I am on Safari, how do clip the page and send to my IPhone. I have installed Evernote on my IPhone and MAC. I thought I installed the web clipper as well, but it defaults to Firefox.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Evernote installs a clipper into Safari automatically. You should see the elephant icon in Safari. When you something of interest on the web, highlight it and click the clipper. Then, once Evernote on your Mac syncs you’ll see that clip in Evernote for iPhone.

      • Jade

        where abouts can I find the elephant icon on safari (you say its automatic?) I cant find it to use the clipper function.
        Thanks for your help.

  • Geoffrey

    Is there a way to set the “source URL” when emailing into Evernote? That would be very helpful functionality for an application I am developing.

  • Glen Butterworth

    I’m a little confused on attachments and the email to notebook feature. It seems that images get through fine but not Word documents – and sometimes PDFs get through. I’d really like to be able to receive .docs and docxs through this. Any thoughts?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Glen, in order to send in DOC files you must be an Evernote Premium subscriber.

  • Frank Conforti

    In your Trunk description of sending an email to your Evernote account you reversed the use of the @ and # characters for pushing to a specific notebook and/or a specific tag. The Trunk says “#notebook” whereas “@notebook” works.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the heads up. The description is updated.

  • Josh

    As Cam mentioned earlier, I’d really like the capability for Evernote to capture the content at a URL sent in. I do a lot of browsing/blog reading on my iPhone and I have no way of capturing the useful info I find. Right now I’m forced to somehow flag the material and then insert into Evernote later – that time impact just doesn’t work for me.

    • Terry

      Absolutely agree!

      • Alec

        I have the same problem on the iPad. Is it possible to install a version of the web clipper in the browser of mobile devices? This would be a big help to those of us that do our web surfing away from the computer. (Although the install is cumbersome, Instapaper has a way of installing its clipper onto the bookmark toolbar for Safari on the iPad.)

      • Jason

        Been hoping this function existed. Having the same issue from my iPad, wanting to clip things from within Apps that offer emailing the URL. Seems like such a simple solution.

  • Bernard Farrell

    Please add an append feature. If I’m tracking medical information, I’d like to append to an existing note. It would be really useful if I could choose to add new text to the beginning or end of an existing note.

    For example subject line:
    BG Readings @medical #diabetes +end
    would add to the end of an existing note (or create it if it didn’t already exist). While
    BG Readings @medical #diabetes +start
    would add in front of the existing contents.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Bernard, this is an interesting idea. Evernote allows you to have the same title for different notes. I can imagine that would be a problem for this approach. If a person had 5 notes titled BG Readings, onto which note would the emailed content append?

      • Chad Ray

        Andrew, like the simplicity of Bernard’s idea. To have that functionality would be a simple yet powerful addition. Perhaps one could default to the last updated note which closely matches the combination of context, tag, and title? I speculate that would cover a large portion of the use cases and increase the usefulness of Evernote’s email integration significantly.

      • Bob Perez

        I would like also like the ability to append/merge with an existing note. Looks like this is a popular reguest (see the top of this page for others who have expressed interest).

        I switched to Backpack a while back for this reason but would love to be able to start using my Evernote account again because this feature has been added. In Backpack I have pages set up for projects and/or indiv project components and I can email in content and direct it to those individual pages. In essence, create a running To Do list or information/data sheet. It’s one of my most important research tools.

        IMHO this would be a very popular feature if Evernote were to add it.

  • weigo

    Hi, I use the Email feature daily and I wonder why there is no way to add a hyperlink. Normally I use it to copy text from websites (mainly blogs) and I use the Email functionality via Gmail, because it is really easy to edit and to bring information from several sources together. But I always need to add the source website at the bottom of my Email. In the desktop client, which I cannot use while I’m at work, I can add the website in the attributes. Therefore I bet that it would be easy to add 🙂

  • Eiji

    It’s great, but I wish I could attach WAV files.
    I tried sending a small WAV file(0.35MB) but I couldn’t find it in my notebook.
    To send that, I used HT Professional Recorder(, iPhone app.

  • Matthew

    I would like to see text set up for this. like twitter has. so you can just text your evernotes and it will make a note.

    • Matthew

      for text phones only. for those ppl that cant use apps.

  • Justin Lugbill

    What I would love, is if you could email notes to a specific notebook or tag it with certain items. I realize you can do this through manually adding them to the subject line…however…

    I would like to set up outlook rules to auto forward to their appropriate notebook with the appropriate tags, so they are organized without be having to do anything. Currently, I can’t do this automatically (unless I want to simply have them go in my inbox, which defeats the purpose of what I am trying to do).

    Is this at all possible in the near future, or should I look for another solution?

  • rt

    I would love the ability to create a note “in” a particular tag and notebook in the evernote app — anybody know how to do this?

    • cyberpine

      rt, did you ever get an answer on this? I too would like to know how to insert via email to a particular notebook.

  • Nick

    I have a MacBook bought in early 2009.
    Can anyone tell me how I can add tags when using the direct e mail function as I cannot find a hash key on the keyboard ?

    • Anthony

      shift 3

  • Fábio

    I would like to ask about a feature which great a Notebook or tag if the @Notebook does not exists on my Evernote

  • Chuck

    When sharing your notebook, the “sender” info shows up when uploading via email.
    Can this be made hidden?

  • Duane

    Having the ability to create a pop up or Daily To Do would make this ideal. Creating a rolling Task list would get rid of all the other To Do stuff out there. I really like the way I can create the folders and add relevant information that I can move with.

  • Brendan

    This may already be done or mentioned, but it would be great to be able to assign specific email addresses to specific notebooks…that way we can save those as specific contacts and then more quickly just choose that contact versus typing into the subject line. thanks!

  • David Grossman

    This is my first day using Evernote, and I am beginning to like it a great deal.

    I set up a todo list on Evernote, and I see two things that I would love to add:

    1. An ability to move list items within a note up and down easily without using cut and paste. In order to see what I mean, please create a list in Microsoft Word, place the cursor on any list item, press the Alt-Shift keys, and then click on the up/down arrows. I’d like a similar feature in Evernote.

    2. I’d like an easy way to delete a list item without having to select the entire line first. For example, I would like to place my cursor anywhere on a list item, and then I’d like to click a key combination such as Control-Delete in order to delete that line, together with its check box.

    Is this forum the right place to submit these two requests?

  • Lars

    I can´t seem to get this e-mail thing working. Tried to post many different messages but not one of them appears in Evernote.
    Is there any known problem with this feature at the moment?

    Kind regards


  • Viai Page

    I have a problem with emailing OUT of evernote. That is I scanned and dropped files into evernote, now I want to email copies to someone. I can do this but the file is jpg. very large and cannot be printed. It is just big and ugly and unavailable in the sent- email block. Is there a way to make it accessible to the receiver so they can open it and print it? I am very frustrated. It seems like this should work well in Evernote.

  • Peter Arnell

    I really can´t get this @notebook and #tag to work. I can send an e-mail, but it always ends up in my default notebook, and there is no tag connected. I´ve tried all different ways of writing the subjects line. I´m using a Mac. Anyone got an idea?

    • Justin Freid

      Maybe you haven’t already created the tag or notebook in Evernote – they must exist before using them in the subject of an email.

    • Alex

      I find it helps to have the tags and notebook names last. I have notebooks with spaces in their names, and the notebook feature only works if I add the notebook name last. Thus my email subject will be something like, “Concrete sealant prices #garage @Home Maintenance” will put the email into the “Home Maintenance” notebook with the tag “garage” and subject “Concrete sealant prices”.

      Hope this helps!

  • Evernoter

    I just sent an email with a Subject followed by @xxx #xxx but it didn’t go to the correct notebook nor added any tag. What can I do to correct this?

    • Mike

      It’s definitely working – I’ve been using it for the first time in a while recently.

      Apologies if you have tried all these, but they were the problems that I hit as I tried to remember how it worked:

      1. The tag and the notebook need to already exist in Evernote, you can’t create new ones this way.

      2. You need to leave a space between the subject and the @, then the end of the notebnook and the #. So to put the email “Buy hamburgers” into the Shopping notebook with an Errands tag the subject line needs to be:

      Subject: Buy hamburgers @Shopping #Errands

      and needs to be spaced in that way. NB that in this example the notebook in Evernote is just called Shopping, it’s not called @Shopping, ditto the tag is just called Errands, not #Errands

      3. Isa the email arriving at all – ending up in your default notebook with no tag? If not,

      4.And the most obvious – check that you have spelt it correctly… That was my problem when it didn’t work…

      Just a user – and a fairly new one at tha – but it is definitely working for me. About to upgrade to premium so I can send .doc files in as well.

    • Swapnil Kamthe

      It’s not working on production (sandbox) system…
      Works in development platform(

      • Swapnil Kamthe

        takes long a while to update sandbox notebooks

  • RebateSense

    Automatic notebooking and tagging is a great feature but what if the subject already has a @ or # symbol for whatever valid other reasons? It would be mistakenly interpreted as a notebook/tag, correct? Or does it need to be at the end of the subject line?

    • Greensboro

      It is awesome you get some of what you don’t want but it is easy to to use. I just started with evernote. My host messed my site up and I was glad I had the front page saved in a notebook a plus.

  • Hugh Bradley

    Greetings: I am trying this feature for the first time. However, when I receive the email, the tags are in the title and not in the “click to add tags” area. Please advise –Hugh

  • Gary Schwartz

    Is the Motorola XOOM supported?
    If so, how would I clip part of a web page?
    (I don’t have it yet; it’s scheduled for delivery in five days)

  • patrick

    this isn’t working for me either. sending some test emails and the #tag does not get recognized. any troubleshooting advice?

  • Glenda Scott

    Help! I have a problem with Evernote and iChat. My name keeps appearing as Evernote next to my picture. Evernote (me, in iChat)asks if the other party will accept the call, he does,the window appears, etc.

    What is causing my calls to appear as Evernote? Thank you for your help.

  • Dale

    The one thing that would make this better wou,d be to be able to send directly into specific folders. Adding a folder name to the email address between the user and the URL would be my suggestion.

  • Amber

    I use a free version, but this just doesn’t work. I have tried to replicate the command in the subject, as is, but it has never worked.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team. They should be able to help you:

  • Lorraine

    It’s an amazing function. I can clip magazine articles to evernote when using iPhone. Like it very much.

  • Laurel Kellam

    This doesn’t work for me either. I’m trying to email to an already existing notebook and it just goes to my default notebook. Is this being looking in to?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The notebook name in the email subject must be absolutely identical to the notebook name in your account, otherwise the note will be sent into your default notebook.

  • Ryan Graves

    You guys continue to kill it. Great post, got it figured out in seconds!

  • Jeff

    For GTDers, just change the tag prefix from @ to something else like a period, which is what I did, and it works great. I also use the Personal Brain mindmapping software and in that program I use the @ prefix. I kept my tags identical in Evernote, just changing the prefix to a period (i.e., @today to .today) to keep them organized. Works just fine.

  • Carolyn

    Grat program! But I’ve upgraded Firefox to v.5 and Evernote Web Clipper doesn’t work in it. Would really appreciate it working again!

  • Carolyn

    Evernote Web Clipper is working with F5! Thanks very much!

  • Michael Binshtock

    Great tool! It would be nice if I could modify automatically or manually the note creation date to be the same as the original email date. As I am new to Evernote, and I forward many old emails to Evernote, they are all tagged with the current note creation date, which is problematic when there is a need to sort by date. Or maybe provide a custom date, that may be set, and be used for sorting notes by custom date.

  • Michael Binshtock

    I found that there is a 50 emails per day limitation. Is it only with the free vesrion?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Michael, there is a a 50 email/day limit for the free version (Premium users can send up 250 emails per day).

  • Steve


    i emailed a note to my account last night, twice, and it still has not shown up in my notebook. i double-checked the email address and it is correct. are there some filters in place that prevent this service from working, or perhaps a lag time that i am not aware of?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Steve, we had a small issue this weekend that caused an email backlog. It’s fixed. Right now we’re processing the backlog and expect everything to be back to normal in the next several hours. If it hasn’t already, your email will show up soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Chao wen

    It’s good.

  • Bill

    I have Evernote installed on my work computer and an android tablet. The company uses a proxy which works fine on the desktop version, however, the android app doesn’t seen to connect to the server to sync. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Miguel

    Every time when i send some note to my evernote e-mail, the message return to gmail with an error:
    “The error that the other server returned was: 550 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist”

    • Tracy

      Mine bounced back the first time I tried it too, the second time I made sure the Subject line was filled out properly and it went through 🙂

      • MIke

        It coud and should be that your company wireless network belongs to another VLAN. The vlan for wireless would have a more strict policy than the VLAN wired LAN. The only good way of dealing with this is talking with you network administrator.

  • Georgia Gibbs

    I just discovered this note. This is a great Feature… Thank you.

  • Rick

    This works great, but unless you have your desktop client up and running, how do you remember all the “tags” you have created? Having a tag called Travel Cost and trying to tag it to Travel Expenses will not sync up. But for now, this is great.

    • Alex

      you just tag it later on your desktop!

      • Bunny

        Sure, you can do that—you could always do that. The question was, if you want to use the new feature, how do you remember all your tags and notebook names?

    • Thomas

      The best option is to use the same naming conventions, e.g. ‘[blank] expenses’ not ‘travel expenses’ & ‘food cost’.

      For that matter you can use ‘expenses’ as a large bucket, and take advantage of the search function to narrow notes to ‘travel’ or ‘food’, or a ‘travel’ bucket with ‘expenses’ and ‘itinerary’ as your search. the important thing is to keep your notebooks and tags to the minimum you need to function.

  • jaileer

    this is BRILLIANT!

  • Courtney

    Love love love this feature. Works great and make storing important items even easier. Love Evernote in general. Can’t live without it.

  • Mitsuhisa SUZUKI

    Thank you.

    I get a mail from system of EN.

    There is LIMIT 250 post per 1DAY. for NOTE vis ENmail

    Clear! 😀 thank you!

  • Christophe DRUET

    It looks like the @ is properly functioning whereas the # isn’t…

  • Paeng

    Wow, cool feature!

  • Martin Liebermann

    Contrary to the post, this feature does not work with multiple tags, but only with one.

    As Evernote has been unable to provide proper import/export with Thunderbird, this is a feature I use quite often – I just forward mails to Evernote.

    So, this is a bug I’d like to see fixed.

    • Uli Kunkel

      I’m having the same problem. It doesn’t recognize multiple tags.

    • Ted

      Ditto. I can’t forward with multiple tags either

  • Diana

    Hi, I´m trying to create an account witn my evernote adress in my phone and I´ve been asked by:

    IMAP or POP3 server?
    mail server?

    Please help! I don´t have any idea.

    • Bob

      You don’t need to set up an email account for this Diana, just set up a new Contact with your Evernote email address as the Contact’s email address. Then when you send or forward an email use that Contact’s name to pull up the Evernote email address. I use “EverNote” as the Contact’s name.

      • John

        Yeah, understand that being the way to get info from the phone to the Evernote notebooks. I am looking for the other way, I want my notes on my phone, read only if no other way.

        I can see my notes using a web browser, but that is not helpfull when I am off-line. A Java (j2me) client would be great, but that one is going nowhere fast.

      • Nigel

        Download the Evernote app to your phone. It has full functionality and syncs with your Evernote account.

  • Brett

    How do I email to a folder inside a stack? Such as email/personal for example?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Brett, you can create a Shared Notebook or make a notebook public and then send the link via email.

      • Brett

        Not quite what I was looking for – I’ve headed down a different avenue. Thanks for the reply.

      • Constance

        How can you send via e-mail? I’m not able to achieve that. Thanks

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Yes, you can find your Evernote email address in your preferences. Add that email address to your contacts. Whenever you want to email something to your Evernote account, just send it to this email.

    • JamesE

      Brett–you figured this out by now–just ignore the stack name, use @ plus the notebook name.

  • Rebekah

    Can you send the note you have made in evernote to someone else?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Yes, you can select to “Share” a note via email.

  • Nigel

    Ammendment to my comment above.
    it appears emailed notes cannot be sent to a note stack, only a notebook within a stack. I can live with that. [:o)
    Would be great if we could create a new notebook from the email subject.
    Really loving Evernote. Thanks

    • czuque

      A work-around I use is a “catch all” notebook where I dump items for future relocation. That helps me to know where to find something that did not go where I thought it should.

      Thanks, Evernote! Good stuff.


      • Mark

        Great idea… Implementing immediately.

  • Daren Thomas

    This feature is *great* but could be *better*: I’d like to have a separate evernote email address that already includes a set of tags and a notebook to send to. That way, anything sent there will automatically be tagged and placed in the proper notebook…

  • Sunjoy Khetani

    Well all i can say is Evernote keeps on getting better and better. Keep it up guys.

  • simple and free

    F*ckin’ awesome things here. I’m very glad to see your article. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

    • Carl-Robert Hall

      Your “F*ckin’ awsome” is quite unnecessary. Please polish your language a little in the future.

      Any kind of swearing, foul language etc., is really not appreciated by the majority of people using Evernote

      • Thomas

        I think the “awesome” part can stay. this system is awesome.

  • Carolyn

    Just downloaded Evernote (free version) on my MAC b/c I miss the OneNote I had on my PC. When I forward an email from my Mail version 4.5 (not using outlook) to my Evernote Account, the email comes through but no sign of an attachment. With Onenote I could access the attachment. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Jay

    Hello, I am new to evernote but like it so far! I just started using the email feature but here is my issue… I get emailed our minutes once a week but it is an attachment and I was wondering how to get it to post the attachment as a new note instead of just the email. infact, I don’t see the attachment at all?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The entire email comes in as a single note. It isn’t possible to have elements broken out into individual notes.

  • Chris

    Love the email to Evernote feature – totally awesome. Would be great to be able to create new tags (and notebooks) through that feature, though. Would make it much more useful. Thanks!

  • Kristin

    How do you email into one of your Linked Notebooks?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can email into your own notebooks only. The only way to email into a notebook shared with you by another user would be to have that user share their Evernote email address with you.

      • Gordon Currie

        In terms of sending the email out, I created an aliased an alias on my server to allow for team members.
        Ex; Created alias “”

        Added 4 team members (example):

        Then when I need to share stuff, I sent to one address and they all get it in their accounts. I can script custom Subject names if required for tagging and folder distribution.

        Love the product, works great!

        Gordon Currie –

  • Sandie Hines

    When I try ti sync, I get a message saying Synchronization failed.
    ” NSInvalidArgumentException” What is happening?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you have any pending notes, try deleting them. If that doesn’t help uninstall and reinstall the app on your iOS device. If you continue to see issues, please contact our support team:

  • Chris

    Hi, I’ve just tried out this feature but it seems like the notes I send via email don’t go into the right NB (they go into the default NB though) if the name of the NB contains a space like in “Read later” while it works fine for NBs with no spacing in their title like “Archive”. Is there some sintax error on my part? Thanks

    • Gordon Currie

      I found that the Folder names are case sensitive. That help?


      @backpack and @Backpack are different

      Cheers, Gordon

      • Robert

        No email is delivered to default Notebook if the Notebook name you are sending the email to has a space in the name

  • Christian

    The @NB feature isn’t working for NB titles that have spaces like @Read later. Tagging works fine. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Manas

    This is a very gr8 feature. I am using Microsoft One since last 3 years and but ever note will beat One note in this feature.
    This very useful.

  • ben

    Is there any way to append a note to existing one by email?

  • Chris

    Would be nice to create tags from email. I understand maybe not creating Notebooks but tags should be allowed to be created from the subject line.

  • Sam

    Is there a way to turn off the auto-generated email of “Emailing to Evernote: Tips and Tricks” that I seem to get every time I email something to Evernote? I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere.


  • Doug

    Can set the source URL when emailing into Evernote?

    … Please?

    • Roman

      +1 (I’d like to have this as well)

    • Daniel

      +1 another vote for this

  • Tom

    I had a tool in Outlook that transferred the email with attachments into Evernote. Upgraded the other day and tool disappeared. How do I get it back.

  • Richard

    I keep having this issue with emailing – the first time that I attempt to email a note it fails, it gets to the default folder but not to the one that I select (Important Note @Important Folder) However, if I go back to my email and resend it (no changes) just go into the sent mail folder, select the email and press send it will work fine.

    Any ideas?

  • sarah

    evernote i love you

  • suhail

    awesome, its cool. i love managing everything through my email, even the social networks, so this one’s a cool feature for guy like me.

  • Tony

    I found a quite handy service on now when we are talking about mailing notes to your Evernote account or subscribing to different lists with your Evernote accounts email address. I started to use the EverandI service a while ago and use it to route and split information (it can do a lot of other stuff as well) between my default email account and my Evernote account and it works like a charm.

    If you use email to get your notes into Evernote then this might be worth looking at. Currently they hand out about 100 free Premium accounts, but I don’t know how many they have left. :/

    Have a good one!

  • Robert

    Just when I think it would be cool if Evernote did….
    I lok online and bam there it is. Thanks for making my life easier Evernote!

  • Lemi

    I love this functionality! I use my five years old Sony-Ericsson phone to simply record audio note and email it as an attachment. Notes are usually not more than 100KB, so couple of €uros per month for basic 600MB operator plan is more than enough! Works with photos and videos as well!

  • park hee myoung

    we happy

  • Dane

    I just tagged a note via email and the tag just showed up in the subject line instead of creating a tag…

    • Chris

      This has also happened to me…any ideas for what I did wrong?

      • Chris

        Same here. What is going on?

  • nico


  • Ja'Nise

    I’m so happy that your happy feel the rainbow .Lol .

  • Thom

    Help, I screwed up when I installed on computer I put in a different user name. Now it threatens to “remove info from computer. Different user name for computer vs phone.

    • Heather

      Not to worry – file a support case here: and our technicians will help you out.

  • Ed

    I have been emailing to my evernote address but can’t find them. How do I find eveything that I have sent over the past year?

    I have it in my contacts so it populates to send sothat’s not the problem but I just don’t see where you find what you sent. I have an Iphone but to set up a new email you need all the technical details Incoming outgoing port numbers etc.


    • Heather

      Sent emails will be saved by the program you’ve sent *from* (for example, your mobile phone’s outbox, or Gmail’s sent mail).

  • Andrew

    Can’t work out where the sync tab is for Evernote iPhone.

  • A M W

    this is not working for me. I have tried many different variations. My latest was this:

    subject line: testing again @Someday

    no extra tags or anything. it didn’t work. 🙁

  • Caro

    I am having the same problem as Ed. I send emails to my Evernote address, yet they never appear. I’ve tried using the @ feature to send emails to specific notebooks and also sending without the @ feature and neither results in me receiving anything…

  • Sara

    How do I send an Evernote to someone.

  • Gary

    Evernote inbox (mail) receive the Meeting invitation (from outlook 2010), only see the mail topic and the other content (time、address…) as , how to display in Evernote inbox ?

  • Gary

    Evernote inbox (mail) receive the Meeting invitation (use outlook 2010), only see the mail topic and the other content (time、address…) as , how to display in Evernote inbox ? pls send me mail.(

  • Jewel

    How do I remove notes off SD card after they have been uploaded? It keeps saying I have insufficient storage on SD card and I can’t create new notes, take pictures or video. I have a premium subscription.

  • Sebastian Brinkenfeldt

    Any plans on adding the possibility to create new tags via email?

  • Betty Habersham


    I was getting email from the president of our association automatically from my outlook mail into Evernote, however,
    I accidentally changed my email address in Evernote by clicking
    where I should not have and now I just get tons of bounce backs.
    I forgot how to set it up in Outlook.
    I should have saved the step by step instructions in EN lol.
    Can you help?

    Thanks, Betty

  • Lingfei

    Hi I am a user and have a question here. I use desktop, web and blackberry versions.

    I am just trying to use rich text formatting as bold, italics fonts.
    If I am using email to post feature, leave the content blank and add a .doc or .docx file as attachment, could you please convert file content to the notebook?
    An alternative would be that you can add that feature to your mobile version. So I would have to use WordPress for various fonts and ordered lists.

    Thank you. Hope that following comments will send a notification to my email, or please email me.

  • EverFan11

    Now, if only we could customize the email address more, and send files from it, also needs calendar and contacts, add those, then Evernote my favorite place on my phone, computer, and tablet

  • CharlyGC

    I tried sending several emails into my Evernote in my iPad2 following the rule , but it does not work. I already sent message to Evernote for help.

  • vivo-ay


  • david brown

    Onthe email into evernote function: I get the anti spam intent…but for it tobe useful, it needs to be customizable (memorable) for User. Sure wish it were. Sigh.

  • sate

    When I create a new note by sending an email, I notice that the images don’t auto resizing in my Android phone .. I see them at their original size.
    While if they are created in any other way, resizing happens properly.

    any idea?

  • Mike

    I really hate the random email addresses we’re given.
    Year by year it just gets worse with more random access codes to remember.
    I use a Mac and am running 10.7.4

    Does anybody know if there’s a way to set my devices so I can enter a more memorable email address and have it auto-change, for instance by a script or something, into the horrendous one I was assigned by Evernote?

    • Mark

      I made a new contact in my address book called “Evernote Email” and entered the random email for this contact’s email address. It synchs with all devices through cloud; and I jusrt typing “Evernote ” in and the email pops up. Easy for me.

    • Engela

      a very good question Mike, I was looking for an answer on this exact subject, but Mark answered it almost perfectly for me. I still believe it would be better if Evernote allows us to choose our own email address.

    • dnowww

      Just use redirection rules. You can register a new email account (e.g and redirect all incoming mail to your random evernote emain address. You need to set up the redirection just once.

      • Brian Murphy

        Redirect does not work for previous emails. Unfortunately, I let my membership slip and was able to get everything back but for whatever reason I had a new email address and had this email address assigned to several EMAIL to RSS feeds, Newsletters, Blogs, and forwarders that I created in multiple email accounts so I could forward all email to that single Evernote Address.

        This should answer the question below also, Why do you need an evernote email? Because you can consolidate all your newsletters, RSS feeds that allow email option, forwarder on internal and external email addresses, blogs, forums.

        Not to mention, awesome HTML 5 tools such as Clearly for Chrome or AddIt, Clipper, aka multiple extensions in Chrome so that you may sign in using that email address and forward any webpage you wish to collect to Evernote.

        I also use Techsmith SnagIT which has a add-in for Evernote. SnagIt allows you to capture anything on the screen and forward it to Evernote.

        Another example, Iphone – take picture of receipts – forward to evernote.

        Next, I can’t even begin to describe the Trunk section of Evernote off the main website. The integration tools for Evernote alone like sending PDF’s to Evernote, entire webpages, now word documents, excel, anything you want.

  • Matthew

    When I email notes to an Evernote Notebook is works.

    The tags…work sometimes.
    Same notebook….same syntax Subject Title @notebook #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

    Sometimes the tags appear as tags…other times they become part of the note title and no tags are created and must be cleaned up manually.

    Not sure why. Emailing from a v1 iPad.

  • Kurt Higgins

    Create a contact in you address book with the random email address you get and “Evernote” as the name. Then just start typing “ever” and your phone/tablet/whatever will auto populate with the obtuse address.

  • Ravi

    While being able to email stuff to evernote is great. the challenge that I have is remembering the names of the various tags. and therefore I like the “Clipper” plugins for outlook and the browsers; where you are able to choose the right tags. It would be brilliant to have a similar plugin for Ipad and iphone email clients.

  • Diane A Stephens

    I do not understand the need for the evernote email account? Can this be reset to my gmail account?
    Thank you,

  • Geert

    “This feature will not work for notebook names that contain an ‘@’ or a ‘#’, and it will not work for tags that contain a ‘#’ in their name.”

    🙁 I’m using a notebook called ‘@todo’ as an GTD todo notebook… Now I’ve got a reason to rename it.

  • Nicole

    I am unable to contact anyone from Evernote for technical support for a vanishing evernote app, lost data and inability to download the evenote app again….because of this cannot send a ticket in for support because i don;t have the program installed anymore…this is a bit ridiculous and not very user friendly to a user…can someone please put me in touch with someone who can take me through the steps to download the program again and troubleshoot this issue…the app seems to not be available on evenote’s site for mac anymore and i may have to buy it through the mac app store….all very inconvenient. Please, i am not too proud to beg for help!

  • Cassidy

    Evernote is easy to use once you get the hang of it.

  • Douglas Schwab

    1) Can I email Evernote a copy of ALL outgoing emails using the bcc? This is mostly IOS on iPhone 4S latest version.
    2) Can I get Evernote to make a randomly generated number in every note Subject Line?
    3) the web clipper for IOS is to large to use as there is no Save button. The proposed Settings change did not fix it.

  • Holley

    I have read so many articles or reviews on the topic of the blogger lovers but this piece of writing is truly
    a good piece of writing, keep it up.

  • jeanne cullen

    Correction on name above.

  • Jacqueline

    I am trying to email my notes to someone, how can I do this?
    Every time I test no email is received, why is this?

  • Computers for traders

    I recently used Evernote emailing and I was quite impressed with the options available.

  • Sungkyun Rha

    I already joined premium charge! Would you clear me out. My consumer Key sungkyunrha55 Consumer Secre: d6804218277262e1 A[pplication Name: skrha55, early in Dec. and if you required reception certificate than I will find it later inmy office.

  • jakub

    can be have mail only with itst hard to remeber with digital and letters (random choose) …. ;/

    • carlos

      Add it to your contacts with a name of Evernote and you can just address the email to Evernote.

  • Harry Oosterveen

    Here is an overview of available tools to send from Gmail to Evernote:

  • carlos

    1. Yes
    2 and 3, Dunno….

  • carlos

    It’s so you can email from your gmail (or whatever) account and send it to Evernote. What you’re asking just sends the email straight back to your email address.

    If you’re asking if you can send every email you get to Evernote, then you could create a gmail filter to forward everything to your Evernote email address, but I can’t imagine wanting to do that.

  • carlos

    Holy cow! Do this many people type in all their email addresses by hand instead of using contact names? How difficult is it to add your Evernote email address to your contact list and change the name to Evernote?

  • Keshia Davis

    Hi all! i just added an app to my HP printer that allows me to scan directly into email. For some reason I am not getting these scans.Though, all confirmations on the app says it was sent. I did get the initial email used when setting up my Evernote email address on the printer, just none after? Anyone have this problem or have any suggestions. I would appreciate them. Thanks in advance. : )

  • amuramoto

    There is no way to return to the former address once it has been reset.

  • Michael Cox

    Ditto. Would be very helpful to add tags. Notebooks creation would be nice, too, but not nearly as necessary as helpful as creating new tags.

  • amuramoto

    Please contact our support team. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

  • Rob Lewis

    Elsewhere I read that you must always put the @notebook before any #tags. I still don’t understand why this restriction needs to exist.

    Also, what about notebook names or tags that contain spaces? What are the rules for parsing?

  • Guest

    The #-tagging doesn’t work. The notes goes to the correct notebook, but the tag just becomes part of the post-title. Otherwise, very awesome and handy

    • Andreas

      Tag #tagging still doesn’t work

      • Ryan

        Tag # doesn’t work….

      • kulit

        I noticed the tagging doesn’t work if the tag doesn’t exist in your notes yet. Tried it with existing tags, and it worked fine.

  • Emma

    How can I email notes to other addresses – parents – every time I type in address I get an email back saying failed delivery.

  • mdsd77

    ah I see – took a minute to realize what you meant, you meant as a stored contact ease of access, did you know Gmail ignores all periods in the front part of an email address, so I was confused by what you meant – for ex: if you have an email address called; – the dot between acme and company is ignored – only by gmail, I thought it would be too by EN, but it is not… so put dot in front of the gmail stored contact name.

  • mdsd77

    ah I see – took a minute to realize what you meant, you meant as a stored contact ease of access, did you know Gmail ignores all periods in the front part of an email address, so I was confused by what you meant – for ex: if you have an email address called; – the dot between acme and company is ignored – only by gmail, I thought it would be too by EN, but it is not… so put dot in front of the gmail stored contact name.

  • Josh Sullivan

    This is my favorite feature of Evernote!

  • Guy R Cook

    Thank you. Will make note taking a lot easier done and shared.

  • Isaac

    would love to see a capability to set reminders via an email. like with an “!” followed by a “d/time”

  • Erico

    I want to change my Evernote email address. How i do it? Tks

  • Paul Freeman

    @notebook categorisation is incredibly unreliable. I thought it was because my default notebook was private, but then it seemed to work, then it stopped again when I toggled this on and off. Now I have no idea what makes it work or stops it working.

  • Karl

    I’d like to email into a “todo” notebook and automatically have a checkbox

  • Komrad

    Could you give an example of creating a forward and then delete email rule that works with Apple’s Mac OS X mail program?

  • Aaron Taylor

    This is great for using as a GTD tool to clear out your inbox and process things more efficiently. A truly top idea!

  • Joe

    This doesn’t work for me. I created a notebook entitled “ideas” to share with my colleagues but when I e-mail it to my notebook, including the title @ideas it just sends as a new notebook, not into the existing one. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Taylor Pipes

      It sounds like you are doing this correctly. Are you including “@Ideas” in the subject line of your email? If you are still not having any success, please reach out to our Evernote Support:

  • Paul

    How about the ability to set an alert through email too. Maybe “^” for an undated alert to start with?

  • Walter

    It will be great if I also can add “Reminder Date” via email.

  • Paul

    How doe I add DATE AND TIME reminders?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Hello Paul,

      You can learn about adding dates and times to Reminders with this knowledge base article:!/article/26200178

  • Stephan Bayer

    I love it. I assumed i could put the tags only in the body but this post helped me realize to use the subject line . Thanks

  • SteveLaudig

    The email to the randomly generated name is an okay feature but could you add the option of automatically cc’ing emails my primary email? having emails also come to my primary email, I think, is convenient for confirmation purposes.

  • Scott Sander

    Wish you could make to do lists in Evernote from Gmail emails. I would love to forward emails during the day to my administrative assistant’s todo list for the day instead of adding a new note each time.

  • J Scott

    I love this email feature. I have found some weird behavior from my work email server. Instead of sending to my default notebook, it seems that Evernote is trying to place it in the best fit for the topic? I am probably over thinking this but emails to evernote from my work server do not go to the default notebook, They also do not go to the same notebook each time. I can’t figure it out. Any ideas? and yes there are no @’s in the subject line so they should go to the default. Thanks

  • Gene

    I guess I have been put into the Evernote Basic class. I enjoyed the 5 emails a month that stopped without warning on July 15th. Now I had to do a search on your site to findout that I have to pay for this feature. I didn’t get the memo that it stopped, and received notification by an error message saying, “Emailed note limit reached We received your emailed note, but are unable to add it to your account because you have reached your emailed note limit. Evernote Basic subscribers can save up to five emails to their Evernote account. To continue using the feature, you must upgrade your Evernote account. From: ” Delivered to: ********* All recipients: ; “‘**********\'” Subject: ****** Sent: Aug 3, 2015 4:17:00 PM MST ”

    This is the same message I get if I sent more than 5 message in a month. I thought it was broken until I did a search on your site to find out that the Basic version does not allow 5 emails each month anymore. The worst part, is that you do not have a way for Basic users to contact you. This was the only way I found. 🙁

    • M.Y.Cheung

      same here, surprised that the emailed note “quota” applied suddendly without notice. i have always been a basic user and have never experienced the limit until now. perhaps it is so popular that they are now charging for it? (2015-09-28)

  • Darek

    No longer usable for free users.
    That’s a pity.