Getting from ideas to decisions with SAP StreamWork and Evernote

Posted by on 30 Mar 2010

Posted by on 30 Mar 2010

We’ve all been there: you have a team meeting with lots of participation and ideas, everything seems to be going great, but in the end no decisions are reached and you feel defeated by the experience.

The problem is that, in many cases, those team meetings are the main points of collaboration and communication, and they don’t effectively take into account all of the new ideas and shifts that may have happened between meetings, in the real world. Now, with Evernote and SAP StreamWork, getting your team from idea to decision is way easier.

The video above features an earlier version of StreamWork called 12Sprints.

The integration

SAP StreamWork brings collected content together to allow teams to brainstorm, collaborate and make decisions. Since ideas and inspiration can occur at any time, SAP turned to Evernote as the go-to capturing tool. Using the Evernote API, SAP StreamWork was able to integrate Evernote into their application, allowing users to take notes, record audio memos, and clip web pages in Evernote, then view all of their notes within the StreamWork interface.

Business application

We’re also excited about this integration because it’s our first business-focused partnership, and a pretty amazing one at that. We created Evernote as a tool for individuals looking to remember important aspects of their lives. Since our launch, we’ve received countless requests for a business-oriented solutions. Here’s the first, with many more to come.

Less stress

When you’re working on an exciting project, you never stop thinking about it. At the office, at the store, at the gym, we’re still mulling over ways to make the project better. Then, in a flash, an idea hits you. In the past, this has been an incredibly stressful moment, because you knew there was a 95% chance that you would forget the idea. Not anymore. Just grab your phone and make a text note or audio memo in Evernote. Thanks to the integration, that note will now be available in StreamWork waiting to be shared with your teammates.

How it works

Once in StreamWork, click to add a Collection, then add an item and select Evernote. You’ll be asked to sign into your Evernote account. From there, you can choose a notebook, browse your notes, then add them to your project. Once in the project, your teammates can view the notes, make comments, and use them in the decision-making process. Very slick.

Try it

SAP StreamWork is available for free. Sign up for an account now.

The Evernote API

The Evernote API allows developers to build web, desktop and mobile applications that interact with Evernote. There are dozens of released applications and thousands of others in development. Become and API developer today »


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  • Chris

    I’m an SAP Consultant, and I had no idea SAP SteamWork even existed, let alone integrated with Evernote! Very cool!

  • hamhead

    never used a SAP product before but this looks tempting. will take a closer look. evernote needs to become more robust to be relied upon as a business tool though.

  • john

    looks like a wonderful tool for team based decision making, ingenius idea! Cheers.

  • Shaun

    I agree with Chris. I’ve been a SAP Basis Consultant for over 15 years, and I have been an Evernote member for about 2 years now … and I have never heard of SAP Streamwork.

    Time to look at SDN.

  • willem smith

    how can i pay a year upgrading by cheque? i have no mastercard, no paypall or visa.

    willem smith

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Willem, We only accept payment thought PayPal, Google Checkout, or by directly entering your credit card information. PayPal has some bank payment options that you may want to explore.

  • Gisela Jönsson

    As SAP consultant with a thing for web 2.0, this is very exciting. I use Evernote extensively for personal ideas, but also somewhat professionally. However, logged in to StreamWork I do not see the Evernote button described. Is it only a part of the enterprise version? Where can I find evernote in the current version of SW?

    • Ron Toledo

      @Gisela The integration is part of all the versions. You can find it on the activity tab, by clicking on the “add” drop down menu, then select Evernote from the list, sign into your account and begin adding your notes.

      • Gisela Jönsson

        Nope, it is not there. I see WebEx meetings “Text” etc. but no Evernote. I also don’t see it in the Tools catalog or Extensions. Do I need to create some special kind of activity to see it?

      • Jim LaVeck

        I’m with @Gisela on what I see. There is nothing showing Evernote on the “add” drop down. I see TEXT, TABLE, DISCUSSION, COLLECTION, DECISION and WEBEX. Even checking the tools catalog, I don’t see Evernote. (BTW, also SAP employee that had no clue this existed).

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Jim, to access Evernote do the following:

          – Click Add > Collection
          – In the Collection windows click Add Item
          – Select Evernote

      • Pete Scholtens

        When in an Activity, click “Upload” — you should see two options –> My Computer and Evernote. When you select Evernote, you’ll need to login to Evernote — if using for the first time, then you can select your notes.

  • Gisela

    I can’t find the Evernote button in Streamwork, is it only available for certain activities or only the enterprise version?

    • Mike Meredith

      Gisela, click the upload tab.

  • Greg Entrican

    I suggest that the EverNote iPhone app be programmed to return to the last opened page when it is first opened. I believe this would save the user time, and this is quite common for other iPhone apps. Also other file types need to be available for saving such as Word and Excel. As far as I know only PDF and jpg are presently supported.

  • Max

    Hi I noticed that it is under “Upload” tab. There are two options under this tab: My Computer and Evernote.

  • Eric Delalonde

    This is the kind of partners my son will like… Louis is building Airbus planes, in France. They use “visual management techniques”. We discussed, yesterday, in the garden, the potential usefulness of Evernote + RFID. Louis answered to me: “Do you play, with Evernote, in the same playground as SAP, our everyday tool”? The answer seems to be “Oooooui”! Bravo!, both to Evernote and SAP. Thanks to you, guys, we might get faster planes to go from France to USA.

  • Laci

    Do businesses store their Evernote database locally on their servers? (if they use Evernote’s servers, their data will sit in an unencrypted state on EN’s servers)

    This is the only thing I need to figure out about this amazing product (Evernote)

    If I store my database on my own server would I lose the mobile phone functionality?