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Posted by Phil Libin on 03 Apr 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 03 Apr 2010

Two months ago, we sat glued to our browsers as details of the iPad started streaming out of Apple’s launch event. It didn’t take us very long to formulate our official strategy for the new device: we were going to support the hell out of it, and we had 60 days to do it. Today is iPad launch day and as long lines start to form outside of Apple stores and UPS-Santa makes his rounds to sleepless geek households, we’re happy to say that Evernote for the iPad is live in the Apple AppStore!

The new Evernote version (3.3) for Apple’s mobile devices is a universal binary that will run on all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. There aren’t many changes for iPhone / iPod Touch users in this version, but if you run it on an iPad you get a completely new user experience.

Something to hold

Designing the new interface was a daunting task. First, we made an advanced prototype by cutting out a roughly-tablet-sized piece of cardboard, writing “iPad” on it, and carrying it around for a few days. We would bring it to meetings, hold it in different ways, and try to imagine what Evernote would feel like on this form factor. We looked pretty stupid and people made fun of us mercilessly. We printed out Photoshopped UI screens and taped them to the “iPad” to get an idea of font sizes and finger placement. We learned a lot.

What should it be?

We tried taking our existing iPhone UI and making it bigger. That failed the cardboard-poke test. We tried taking our existing Mac UI and making it smaller. That failed the cardboard-poke test. We locked ourselves into a conference room for three days and threw away all of our previous designs. After some trial and error, we got something that we fell in love with.

One major design principle of our iPad interface is to get you to your notes quickly. The new layout and interactions dramatically reduce the amount of navigating and searching you have to do. The idea is that it should be easy and pleasant to just get to any note you want in a very tactile way. We want you to have the feeling of running your fingers directly through your memories. It’s hard to describe but easy to experience. Of course, you can still search.

Things to try

We’ll post a complete tutorial of all the features soon, but in the meantime here are some things you should try:


Scroll through all your notes in the “All notes” screen. Try the “View options” in the upper righthand corner to toggle between thumbnail and detail display and to change how your notes are grouped. If you have a lot of notes, try using the quick-scroll bar on the right side of the screen to quickly jump from group to group. The tick marks on this bar show you how many notes you have in each group, so it’s easy to jump to the “busy” parts of your life with just one tap!

Notebooks and tags

Tap on the “Notebooks” or “Tags” tab to view and browse your notebooks and tags. If you have many items displayed, try changing the sort order to “Note count” using the switch at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll automatically see your most popular tags or notebooks first.


Try the new map display in the “Places” tab. The thumbnails will automatically update to show only those that relate to what you’re seeing on the map. So, as you scroll and zoom the map, it’s easier than ever to find exactly the note your looking for.


If you tap any note, you’ll see a split screen with the note contents in one panel and thumbnails in the other. All of the “View options”, grouping, scrolling and quick-scroll functionality is available in this view as well, so you can pretty much spend all of your time in the screen if you want. Just hit the “Home” arrow in the upper right to get back.

New notes and editing

You can always make a new note by hitting the “New note” button on the bottom left corner of the screen. We’ve implemented the most requested feature for note creation: You can now combine text notes with any number of image or audio attachments. Just tap the attachment buttons located along the top of the note editing window to record audio or add an image. You can even continue to type while you record, although if you try this you should either use an external mic, external keyboard, or tap very very softly… All of this works when editing an existing note as well, just hit the pencil button when viewing a single note. These new capabilities have also greatly expanded the types of notes that you can directly edit.


You can always search through your notes by tapping on the search bar in the upper right. All of Evernote’s image searching and highlighting works as well, of course.

Remembers your place

The new Evernote for iPad is so fast that we were finally able to implement another frequent request: when you quit and relaunch the app, it starts exactly where you left it. If you were viewing a particular note or search result and quit to run another app, your note will be right back on the screen when you restart Evernote. If you don’t care about what you were last looking at and just want to make a new note quickly, the “New note” button is always in the lower left side.

What’s not in the new version (yet)?

There are a bunch of things that we wanted to get into this version but couldn’t. These will be coming soon:


We think that making a quick sketch or jotting down a phone number with your finger will be a great experience on the iPad, but we didn’t want to try to put in this functionality until we’d actually spent some quality time with the hardware. Handwriting is just too much of a tactile-based experience to develop purely on a simulator.

Notebook, tag and search management

Notebook, tag and search management: You can’t currently make new notebooks on the iPad, and tag and search management options are limited. Of course, you can do all of this from the Mac, Windows and Web versions of Evernote and the results will be automatically synced to the iPad. The next version will include this functionality directly on the device.

iPhone / iPod Touch upgrades

Even though much of the under-the-hood code was updated in version 3.3, there are no user-visible changes in this version for iPhone / iPod Touch users. The next few updates will bring many of the improvements that we developed for the iPad to our iPhone / iPod Touch users.

Many other upgrades and improvements are coming soon as well. Getting our iPad app from zero to public availability in 60 days was a giant effort, but we’re not slowing down anytime soon. If the first version on the iPad is this good, just imagine what we’ll be able to do once we, you know, actually get some iPads.

A giant thanks to everyone who worked on this version: Steve, Gabe, Andrew, Dave, (the other) Phil, Alex, Ken, and Larry!

Note: A few people have reported a problem synchronizing existing accounts when upgrading to version 3.3 on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Most of these problems are solved by quitting and restarting the app. If this doesn’t work for you, then you should delete the app from your iPhone (by holding the icon until it wiggles and tapping the ‘x’) and reinstall it from the AppStore. We’ve already submitted a new version to Apple (3.3.1) that fixes this problem, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for long.


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  • Rose โ€”

    OK I have one word as a response to this: WANT

    I really want an iPad now just so I can play with Evernote ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eirikur Granneman โ€”

      Yeah, Evernote for iPad might actually make me go get one.

  • Look โ€”

    Finally..a stylish EVERNOTE!!! Please update(design) the Mac/Web app also.

    • Phil Libin โ€”

      Thanks! There are certainly many design elements from the iPad version that will start making it into our desktop versions soon.

      • alexx_kidd โ€”

        that’s great to hear!!

      • Stuart โ€”

        And maybe the iphone version?

  • Rose โ€”

    I love evernote. using it as we speak. Ill get an ipad for my mom as soon as it gets a camera

  • David โ€”

    Where can I find more information about the “Places” tab. I don’t recall this function in the Mac version of Evernote. Can’t wait for the 3G iPad!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      The Places tab is something we developed for the iPad. It lets you view notes by location. Evernote for iPhone has a similar capability in its Map View. These features are not in the Mac version, but stay tuned. We’ve learned a lot in the process of developing for the iPad, and some of those ideas are going to begin to trickle into other versions of Evernote.

      • An โ€”

        The new features sound exciting; I look forward to them being added to the web and Windows programs.

  • Gary โ€”

    Great to see you guys, as promised, put out a version at launch. The UI looks awesome. Can you elaborate at all on future “drawing”. It sounds as if you guys are not trying to leverage this to be a full blown inking tablet experience by how you mention “jotting down a phone number…”. I, and I know many others, are looking for a full blown handwritten ink note taking app. As an Evernote power user, it sure would be nice if you guys were the conduit to that end. Pogo pen/handwriting/inking that is searchable?

    • Phil Libin โ€”

      We’d love to have as much ink functionality as practical. Now that we have actual hardware devices we can see what’s possible on this new platform. I’m pretty excited by the possibilities.

      • Ken โ€”

        If you can make Evernote on Windows search my scribble in ink notes using a bamboo pad, then I have faith that you can do wonders with the iPad! Evernote has correctly detected words that I could not otherwise have figured out.

        If you can get this to work, one of the major negatives about the iPad becomes moot with the addition of your app.

      • Kim โ€”

        Yes, please! Inking! I’d like to forget about Windows tablets and OneNote altogether, but can’t quite do that yet…

  • Shinfu โ€”

    Oh! Great Job!!! Beatiful UI!!! AMAZING!!!

  • Michelle โ€”

    Yay! One mor thing to look forward to on my iPad (when it arrives, supposedly soon)!

  • Shawn โ€”

    You iPad v0.9 is reminiscent of my yPad:

  • Chris Neal โ€”

    It would have been easy for you to just port the iPhone app, but you didn’t. You worked at it and came up with something altogether cooler. Really looking forward to using Evernote on my iPad!

    • Andre Timm โ€”

      That was exactly what I thought when I saw this version for iPad. Nice job, guys. Now, I want an iPad even more than before.

  • Mike โ€”

    I love the interface, but what I’m really aching for is the option to hide the side/top list of notes when viewing a note so I can peruse my PDFs in full screen. Any chance of a full-screen view mode in the future?

  • alexx_kidd โ€”

    seems great so should really make synch with the computer more complete,like tranfering the whole database to the ipad,and also the ability to mass synch all notebooks ftom the web.then,it will be a killer.

  • Phil โ€”

    I wish I had a GPS for my UPS truck showing up today : )

    Love how this is shaping up guys. You put an amazing release together in a very short timeframe, and I’m letting you all know it’s because of YOUR APP that I pre-ordered. You should get some kind of royalty kickback from Apple for all the iPads you are convincing folks to buy!

    Seriously though, I’ll be watching this space closely for an Ink Note update for EN on the iPad. I already bought a Pogo iPhone Stylus just for this purpose. That will be the last link in the chain that will finally be my Newton MessagePad replacement.

  • RickK โ€”

    As I’ve come to expect from Evernote – Beautiful!

  • Justin โ€”

    Wow, I just wish Evernote and the iPad came out when I was just starting college, and not when I’m about to graduate. This seems so much more convenient than taking a laptop to class.

  • derlinzer โ€”

    Well, the iPad app looks awesome!

    Now please take your time and show the iPhone version at least some of the love that went into the iPad app. The iPad app shows that you can if you want to.

    And show the Mac version some love as well: It’s less functional than the its Windows cousin and you refuse to fix the annoying ‘if-i-select-to-show-only-small-icons-it-doesn’t-stay-that-way-on-the-symbol-bar’-bug that’s there since – well – forever, i guess…

  • jacobian โ€”

    I like this,another reason why I should get an ipad then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • green hornet โ€”

    Do u see any effects of this iphone/ipad app and the platforms in the polical sphere?
    I am studying politcs and new media..ala YES WE CAN! effects:ICT & democratisation, grassroots effects and top-downers!

  • Ed โ€”

    It’s all you said it is.. Great. Easy on the eyes. Only complaint is that it is so neat , I am not getting to try out all the other neat iPad apps I want to get to..

  • Joe Peรฑa โ€”

    Great job guys. Evernote continues to impress and I have found yet ANOTHER reason to love it!

  • phm โ€”

    Why wouldn’t they just make the iPad slightly bigger so the onscreen keyboard would actually be the size of a real keyboard? For anyone who is a typist the small keyboard is very frustrating. It’s the equivalent of asking a pianist to play Chopin on a toy piano.

  • Paul โ€”

    Nothing significant to add here guys. I just want to comment on how much I love the new comments format. So much easier to follow.

  • Joe Smith โ€”

    Evernote crashes on launch on my iPad.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Couple of things to try:
      1) Restart your iPad
      If that doesn’t help
      2) Uninstall Evernote, restart the iPad, reinstall Evernote

      Please let us know what happens.

    • Patrick S. โ€”

      I’m having the same problem. Worked like a charm on WiFi, then the connection was severed somehow. Now when I relaunch it makes it just past the title screen and crashes.

      Tried restarting – no help. Haven’t reinstalled the app yet, since my meeting notes didn’t sync before the crashes began. I’d hate to lose all that info.

      Any way to recover un-synced notes?

  • Chris Lusey โ€”

    The new iPad app is absolutely beautiful, BUT I still can’t believe Ink notes weren’t included to take advantage of this incredible touch screen!!!!

  • Mihir โ€”

    Hi everyone at Evernote, I am one of the big fan of your application and have been using it for more than three months on my iPhone and my laptop. Really appreciate your effort and would like to congratulate you guys on your achievement. Keep up the good work..

  • cerement โ€”

    Another vote for a “Places” tab in both desktop (Mac) and web versions. Would love the ability to import a stack of KML files into a notebook and see them mapped out: vacation/trip/route planning, bookmarking interesting sites, points of interest, lists of restaurants. I have zero interest in where I was when I made the note, I’m much more interested in where I want to go, in places that I shouldn’t miss, and restaurants that I have to try.

  • Johan โ€”

    I would love to see it in action. Maybe do a video-overview of the features for us non-americans that can’t get a hold of the godPad. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      We’re working on a video as we speak. Will be up shortly.

  • Henk Poley โ€”

    iPad compatible applications have to require iPhone OS 3.1.3? Or.. what is the reason you people did that? There isn’t a whole lot of OS incompatibilities between 3.1.3 and say 3.1.2.

    Also just FYI, your app now can’t be installed on a lot of iPod Touches, because they have to pay for OS updates.

    • shawnna โ€”

      I’m also upset about the 3.1.3 require compatibility!! You should know that your main page about the iPhone app currently says you need 3.0 or above software. Please make this available for all 3.0 devices again or warn when updating. Is there a way to downgrade???

    • Noah โ€”

      Anyone from Evernote going to address this question? I have stopped using the Evernote mobile because of this issue.

    • Noah โ€”

      Looks like this was addressed by Phil in the Ask the CEO post. He said this:

      Phil Libin
      04/05/2010 21:43PM


      The Apple developer docs say that 3.1.3 is required for all universal apps, but this doesnโ€™t appear to be true. Weโ€™re looking into rolling back the minimum requirement to 3.0 for the next version which weโ€™ll submit in the next couple of days.

      Thanks for noticing the web site inconsistency, weโ€™ll change it for now.

    • dpeach โ€”

      I was very disappointed to update the app in iTunes and then sync my phone and find the app had been deleted with no way to put the old version back on. Bad blog post rants to follow. I have loved evernote until now. I really hate them now that I can’t access any of my info from the phone which is my primary device. Boo!

  • Roy Elmer โ€”

    Well the Ipad will be here in the UK sometime soon, we hope. I too would like to have seen some thing like UYF function-ability inbeded in the Ipad version. Go on you know you want to.

    Just not fair that we have to wait another month to get our hands on it.

  • J4cK โ€”

    On the screenshot it seems that the recording is limited to 20 minutes. Is there anything to do to increase this restriction ? And if no, why ?

  • Wade Roush โ€”

    Fantastic job, and this is only the beginning!

    Now, I hate to start off by raising a difficulty. But I would love to hear what you guys at Evernote think about the iPad as an information gathering tool in general. Your adaptation of the Evernote interface for the ipad is wonderful, and it’s clear that you have been inspired by, and are taking advantage of, all of the possibilities that the device creates for *exploring* and *manipulating* information. But my main use case for Evernote is *collecting* information — I use it to store a copy of absolutely anything that I might want to look at later. Very often that means a website or a clipping from a site. With your Mac and Windows tools, it is easy to grab text or images from Web pages and clip them to Evernote. But on the iPad and iPhone, it is far more difficult to do this.

    This is not an issue that you guys can address on your own, but I am very interested in your thoughts. For example, as far as i can tell, Apple has disabled cut-and-paste for certain websites (such as the New York Times) when you surf to them on an iPad. (Or this might be a more general limitation of the mobile version of Safari, which clearly was not designed for inveterate clippers like me.) I’m reduced to emailing a link to the article to myself or directly to my Evernote account. And if you want to clip some content from within an ipad app like the NYT’s “Editors’ Choice” app, forget about it.

    Can you guys see any away around these limitations? I’m loving my ipad so far, but until there are ways to do things that are a fundamental part of my information grazing routine, i can’t see it completely replacing my laptop.

  • Ben โ€”

    i donยดt have an iPad yet, but using evernote on my mac and iPhone.
    Please, please work out the sketch and handwrite feature!
    This would be my killer feature for the killer note app. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Greetz Ben

  • John โ€”

    Love the iPad app! How do I add check boxes on the iPad? Only thing I couldn’t figure out yet.

  • Tad Donaghe โ€”

    LOVE the iPad app, but pretty pretty please improve PDF support! I’d love to be able to read my PDFs in full screen and have search support, etc. That would make your app one of my most used apps!!

  • Barry Katzman โ€”

    Great job on the iPad app. Only thing clearly missing is the ability to view a PDF fullscreen.

  • chris โ€”

    it’s fantastic guys – but the glaring option missing is the ability to download all notes to the ipad, like the desktop version, for offline reading and referencing. that would make evernote worth the price of the ipad alone!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Chris, it is there for Premium users. Just like in the iPhone version, if you tap on the satellite dish in the bottom right corner, there’s an option for “Offline Notebooks.” If you’re a Free user (or Premium), any note you view will be saved locally.

      • chris โ€”

        brilliant – thanks andrew – should have known you’d thought of that already!

  • Dean Knight โ€”

    Is there a web clipper for the iPad? Thought about buying Instapaper, but would rather use evernote, since I have it on other computers.

    Love your iPad app. Wish you had a way to write in evernote freehand.

  • Johnducks โ€”

    How do I download web clipper into the iPad safari browser? The link doesn’t seem to work from my iPad. Great job, though!

  • Kris โ€”

    Great stuff. How’s about UI changes for Mac desktop? Any timeline for that?

  • Lindsay โ€”

    It’s great that you were able to get a version of Evernote for the iPad out so quickly. Congratulations on that effort to everyone involved. Moving on to requests, there are a few things that I hope to see in the next version or two.

    -Favoriting notes (this is on the iPhone version… not sure why it was left out of the iPad version. With wifi only this is very important since offline viewing of notes is a big feature).
    -Full screen note viewing (it’s nice to see my other notes and all, but they take up so much real-estate…would be nice to see the full clipped images and pdfs, or even text notes. I don’t need the distracting bar. It would be nice if it were collapsible like the View Options tab instead of always showing).
    – Better PDF support such as skipping to chapters (Evernote has the opportunity to become the best PDF viewer on the iPad – there aren’t very many other good options, but favoriting notes for offline viewing is crucial for this to work since most other PDF viewers require being online and it would give Evernote a big advantage to have those PDFs available offline).
    – Hierarchy view of tags (I set those up for a reason in my Windows client… so I can find the tags I need easily. I have probably 1K+ tags and scrolling through all of them is a nightmare).

    Hopefully some of these features will make the next release or two. The iPad could be the ideal client for Evernote!

  • Jordan Fitzpatrick โ€”

    My notes sync to 90% and stay there. I am running the latest iPhone OS, with the 3.3.1 update of Evernote. This applies both to my iPod and iPad. Very frustrating. I’m a huge fan, and Premium subscriber, but am (sadly) now Evernote-less in my mobile life. HELP!

  • Post-its โ€”


    Are you going to add the ability to make comments on PDFs on post its? Or if you take a screen shot of something interesting that you can put on top of it?


  • Andrea Mitrani โ€”


  • Laurin โ€”

    Latest, greatest version removed my older version on my iPhone but would not install the new version because I have iPhone OS 3.1.2. I get a statement when synching with iTunes that your new version will only work with a new OS version. Any way to retrieve my lost version of Evernote.
    (Evernote is my most used application on the iPhone)

  • JD โ€”

    Why did you raise the OS requirement? I’m jailbroken at 3.1.2 and now can’t use Evernote.

  • William โ€”

    It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s apps like yours that really ‘make or break’ the purchase decision of the iPad. Evernote is fantastic. Keeep it up!!

  • tdeb โ€”

    Evernote on the iPad is amazingly beautiful. The one problem I’ve had is that when I create a new note on the iPad and then try to sync it I get an unknown error. I uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled, and still get the error.

    Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions.

    • Mike โ€”

      Same here! I get a “Synchronization failed. Unknown Error u2” message.

      • Mike โ€”

        Did one more uninstall and reinstall and it’s working now.

      • tdeb โ€”

        I did another uninstall restart, install restart and I’m still getting unknown error u2.


        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          There are two possible reasons for the u2 error:

          – You created a note with a title but no body (affects iPhone/iPad)
          – You saved an audio note by clicking the blue save button at the top of the note and not the save button in the audio recorder (affects iPad)

          All you need to do is delete the note and everything should be fine.

          • Lee โ€”

            I do recall making an audio note, and that’s when the problem started. I deleted the note and I am still getting the U2 error. None of my notes on the iPhone are syncing.

  • Jim โ€”

    One of the first apps I downloaded and I love all the thought behind it, but…..

    I can’t stand that I have to tap the pencil/paper icon at the bottom to edit a note. Instinctively I keep tapping in the middle of the note to start adding some text, then realize I have to reach way down at the bottom to put it into edit mode.

    Is there a reason it is set up this way, or somehow we can change it?

    • Travis โ€”

      I think I may disagree with this comment. I like that the notes are locked and not easily edited. It is kind of annoying to have to hit the pen button… but with a touch interface it is a better solution that going directly to edit mode. Most of the time when I go into old notes I just want to read them… so I don’t want the keyboard popping up, which requires a button press to hide, or accedently alter the original note. So maybe better placement of the pen icon would help. But I prefer to keep the extra action to enter edit mode.

  • Aaron โ€”

    Already bought the iPad with the main intension of using EVERNOTE ๐Ÿ™‚

    IDEA/SUGGESTION: Update or redo your web-browswer client. When I have to use an Internet browser to add a note, it’s buggy, slow, and a pain the ass. So much a pain, in fact, that I find myself using GOOGLE DOCS temporarily to add notes, and then having to convert them to EN when I’m on my main computer.

    Ideas here:
    -Make your web-browswer client as simple as your WINDOWS-based on (you don’t have to hit the “edit” key to edit, it automatically saves for you, it’s smoother, and it’s faster).
    -Take the best features of Google Docs (mentioned above) and integrate them with EN Online

  • Travis โ€”

    Wow! What a great program update! Especially making it on that cardboard mockup.
    This app really takes the iPad to almost being a laptop replacement.

    One thing I would like to sees is the ability to make new notebooks through the iPad interface. Of course I can just organize them from my desktop…. But would be so much useful to be able to do it on the fly.

    Also is there a way to send clips to evernote from other applications other than copy and paste… or images that are not full screen capture. This may be more difficult do to OS limitations but would be very useful.

    And the ability to draw will be a huge hit.

    Once again great app! Day three and already not sure how i lived without my ipad and evernote.

  • Andrea MacDonald โ€”


    I need to wade in a beg for a clipping service for my iPad’s Safari, my workflow on my laptop is to grab stuff I want to read later and place it into EN using the groovy little elephant on my Safari toolbar. I can’t seem to intall this on my iPad and it’s driving me nuts!

  • Andy โ€”

    Thanks for the advice on the U2 error. Added text to the body and it worked fine. Love Evernote on the ipad. Please (please please) add ink notes for ipad – what could be more natural.

  • Teresa Macklin โ€”

    I think that handwriting will work well on the ipad. I bought a stylus – don’t have it yet, but I can see using the ipad to take notes similarly to my tablet pc. I hope you guys will support pen/writing input. I really don’t care so much about handwriting recognition. I’m happy to store the untranslated notes. Just don’t want to have to use the keyboard when taking notes by pen is fast, accurate and easy!

    • Michael Wilde โ€”


      Which stylus did you get?

      • Brian โ€”

        I also am looking forward to drawing notes/sketches on ever note. I do this on my tx2000 and would LOVE it on my iPad. Also don’t need recognition. I just got my pogo sketch today.. Will wait patiently for ever note to work with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David Brenner โ€”

    I love the new iPad interface. It is a very pleasant experience. One thing that I would like to see is a better note editing experience. Using the wireless keyboard, it is awkward to create new notes. I’d like to have something where I could take notes in meetings, add bullet lists, nested lists, etc like you can in the desktop interface.

    That is really my biggest complaint with the interface.

    You did a great job considering you didn’t have an actual device to work on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • markus enochson โ€”

    hi, after installing evernote and starting to create a bunch of new notes it crashes alot. might be two dl pictures but they were from duravit website web so i cant see why…

  • Jesus โ€”

    i passed Evernote by on my iPhone but when i got my iPad i was very interested in moving all my stuff over. Sadly, Evernote keeps crashing every time i run it. Should i be expecting an update for this soon?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Try uninstalling Evernote, restarting the iPad, then reinstalling. That fixes most issues we’ve encountered.

  • Steve Haney โ€”

    Gents, the one app I am looking forward to most on my iPad is Evernote with ink notes. I have already bought my Pogo pen so I can take notes in meetings. Yes, you are probably wondering, why not just type your meeting notes with Evernote on a laptop? Because real people don’t type notes in meetings. They keep eye contact with their clients and occasionally look down to jot down important pieces of information on a note pad. Typing into a laptop in a sales meeting is not socially acceptable.

    I am sure you have a real UI challenge in front of you, to make the iPad a good ink note app. Just resting the pad of one’s hand on the screen while writing on the iPad surface is probably an issue. But I hope you guys figure it out. As far as I am concerned, Evernote will be the iPad’s killer app.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Steve, we’re looking into drawing options for the iPad version. It’s definitely a great device for that.

      • Ken โ€”

        This will be the number one reason why I will be buying an iPad (once it goes on sale in my country). Hand writing with a stylus is so much quicker and easier than having to stop and think where the keys are on a keyboard. Cutting out this huge barrier to ideas is going to be amazing.

        I currently use Evernote mainly for web clipping – I find using a ‘real’ noteboard and/or post-it note is far better for generating ideas (its just not good trying to remember which page the note is on).

        With handwriten notes in Evernote, it would be easy to then just type in the heading, tags, a few key words for quick searching.

      • Malcolm โ€”

        Here here! Up in the great white north, I am really looking forward to the iPad as a replacement to the never-ending series of notepads that I carry with me. Hand writing with a stylus into my favorite capture and organization tool would make this device the missing tool in my technology pil.e

      • Bob โ€”

        Another vote for ink and stylus support. Thanks.

      • Matthew mmWine Horbund โ€”

        First, if there’s drawing options for Evernote on the iPad, it’ll be the ONLY reason I buy an iPad ๐Ÿ™‚ Currently resisting.

        Second – will the new notebook style be implemented on the iPhone? I dislike the current “notes” view. I know I can hold my finger down on the scroll bar and scroll through notebooks, but I feel that’s sloppy. I’d much rather have a thumbnail view of all notebooks, scroll through them, then select the one I have to open and view enclosed notes.


      • Pradel โ€”

        Ink and pen support will be critical for ipad purchase decision for me also

  • Devin โ€”

    Love Evernote! iPad app is okay. One thing that is missing from your list is the ability to do more formatting on text notes. Bullets, bold, checkboxes? Please tell me this is coming?!

    • George โ€”

      Yes, we want to do checkboxes, as well.

  • Arun โ€”

    Any updates on web clipping for iPad? Thanks

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Arun, If you have our bookmarklet installed in Safari, you can set iTunes to sync your desktop bookmarks to your iPad. Then, set your iPad Safari settings to display bookmarks. You’ll be able to clip just as you would on the desktop. We’ll be improving this functionality to make it more iPad friendly.

      • Stephan โ€”

        I don’t have OSX just an iPad but web clipping is exactly what I was looking for when I came across this app.

        Is this possible to do without having the Osx version?


      • Mark D โ€”

        I am also looking to do web clipping from my iPad and I’m a windows user.

  • Kartik Shah โ€”

    I think what is required is rich text editor – ability to do bold, italics, bullets, paragraphs, fonts, etc. The current text only editor does not do enough with iPad.

    If you add that, I will go premium – I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good work folks.


  • Kymaro Mortenson โ€”

    I’m excited for the evernote iPad app. I find the blackberry app has a little to be desired. Maybe i just can’t get uesd to using ever note on a device so small. We’ll see how it works for the iPad. Kymaro Body Shaper

  • dennis โ€”

    i know you are working on it, but drawing/handwriting is going to make this amazing on the ipad!

  • Neal Keesee โ€”

    Does webclipping work on the iPad?

  • Tony โ€”

    How can I get the App to view the note (PDF) in the entire screen without the split screen?

  • Mike G โ€”

    I love Evernote and I’m a premium subscriber as well. The iPad implementation is well done but my one beef is that I can’t view an attachment either full screen without the EN wrapper or ideally send it to another application.

    For example viewing PDF in Goodnote or .DOC in Pages. If you can’t sent to Goodnote, then how about working with them to allow them to pull from EN?

    At the moment it looks like they’re the 2nd highest grossing app for the iPad. Seems like there’d be great potential for some awesome synergy between the two apps.

    But short term, just a full screen view if my PDF’s would rock.

  • David โ€”

    Is there any way to view a note full-screen? I don’t really want to see all the thumbnails or details all the time; sometimes I want to focus on a full page of my note (so, for example, I don’t have to scroll the page while I’m reading a recipe). A “hide thumbnails” option would be nice. Or maybe I just missed this feature?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Great suggestion. It’s something we’re looking into.

      • Matt โ€”

        Evernote is one of the primary reasons I purchased an iPad. Please consider this a second vote for fullscreen mode. I use Evernote as a store of research papers (usually PDFs) and would love to read them fullscreen. Thanks and keep up the great work.

      • Jeff Andrews โ€”

        Vote #3 for full screen option! Thanks.

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          We’re looking into this for a future release.

      • Pikamookie โ€”

        +1 for the fullscreen viewing! Essential for students reading detailed ppts, etc. Awesome app!

      • Mike โ€”

        +1! fullscreen PDFs would be great!

        I got ever note a while ago for my iPhone and deleted it as I wasn’t that impressed. I was about to purchase Things for my iPad and noticed that the iPhone evernote had been updated. Wow, this is nearly exactly what I’m looking for. Saved me so much money too over buying things which wouldn’t have given me as much functionality as this. I’m most looking forward to being able to create a new notebook on my iPad and the drawing functionality would be great. I’ve since installed the Mac version and I’m impressed with that too however I’m in love with the iPad app. It’s now become my number one app. It would be great to be able to use the iPad app without having to worry about the desktop or web versions but I realize ur limited to how much you can do with the current OS. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates. Totally blown away.

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Mike, fullscreen functionality is now available:

      • Darin โ€”

        intuitively it should just be a swipe of some sort, not a button.

  • linuxgrinch โ€”

    just wanted to be sure that this latest announcement of an yet another addition to the list of device/os support for evernote didn’t go without a “can we get some support for linux”. so…

    ipad app looks nice. can we get native support for linux?

    • unimpressed โ€”

      Yeah pretty impressive that you can make a ipad app in 60 days and suck at the android app aafter a year.

    • nip โ€”

      Seconded. I’m aware the ipad is a huge marketing opportunity but decent native linux isn’t all that hard.

  • Albert(s) โ€”

    Would it be possible to somehow integrate Evernote into the browser? On my desktop I use it frequently to create notes from parts of webpages. The fact that the url and the title are created automatically would be a real time saver.
    I missed this feature on the iPad. To be clear I just had my first iPad experience today since it isn’t yet officially sold overseas but it was the first thing that crossed my mind after using it.

  • Scott โ€”

    iPad app was working great. Is there an update, the app all of a sudden started crashing/stopping right after it loaded and showed a note. I rebooted the iPad and checked the app store. Anyone know what might have suddenly caused this? It was working great for the last 3-4 days. Thanks for a great app.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Scott, if the issue continues, try uninstalling Evernote, rebooting, then re-installing Evernote.

  • Sanjay Samani โ€”

    The biggest issue that I have with Evernote for iPhone, and I imagine it will be an issue for Evernote for iPad when iPad is finally released here in the UK, is getting access to my notes when I have a weak or no internet connection. Where I live there is no EDGE network, let alone 3G, and I often work in buildings where there is no signal at all.

    Not being able to access my notes in that situation is a major hassle. I do not want to have to mark every one of my notes as a favourite to ensure that it gets kept on my phone.

    I saw one reference that you were working on keeping a local store of notes, sync’d up, like the desktop client. Do you have any idea about when you are likely to have a fully sync’d iPhone / iPad version, rather than one that accesses the note from the web?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Sanjay, local note storage on iPhone, iPod and iPad is already available. It’s a Premium feature. Once you become Premium, tap on the satellite dish on your iPhone and select “Offline notebooks.” This will allow you to load any/all of your notebooks onto your device.

      • Sam โ€”

        I tried offline notebook synching, with three notebooks on account, the synching seems to go on forever but I was still missing many notes. I had to exit the app, return to app, and do one notebook synching at a time. Unfortunately it just keeps turning and missing notes. I had to exit the app and go back in and the app starts synching again. After many exits (more than 10) it finally synched all the notes.

        Then I turned on the other two notebooks one by one. I think note count is wrong, and the last notebook synching keep causing app freezes. I had to exit and go back in several times before it starts to work again.

        iPad version is definitely buggy, but I love the interface you redesigned for ipad, and look forward to be using it!

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Sam, I recommend that you contact our support team:

  • Kurt Cotoaga โ€”

    Evernote is one of the two most important apps on my iPad. I love it and I would humbly ask to just make it more stable, as from time to time it just crashes when saving. The only fix I have for this, as it does not restart after a crash is to delete and reinstall. Fortunately I never lost data, as the save seems to work.

    Great tool, great service!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks Kurt. We submitted a release to Apple for approval. That will fix many of the problems you’re encountering.

    • Hakan Aldrin โ€”

      Evernote keeps crashing all the time on my iPad. Have delete the app and reinstalled and still have the same problem. Just love Evernote otherwise and recommend it strongly to all my friends.

      • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

        Hakan, We have submitted an update to Apple that should fix those issues. It will be available shortly.

  • askmrlee โ€”


    You shouldn’t feel stupid at carrying around the cardboard mockup. Another “stupid looking person” named Jeff Hawkins carried around a wood block as a mockup and it became the Palm Pilot. Now look how many millions of “stupid looking” people there are today carrying smartphones.

  • Janssen Jones โ€”

    I like the iPad app, but….I’d love to be able to view a note in full screen! I’ve saved a ton of PDFs into Evernote, but it appears I can only view them on half of the screen at the time – either the right half in landscape, or the bottom half in portrait. I’ve had to download a second app (GoodReader) in order to actually read the PDFs. Other than that, great first version! (Please let me know if I’m just missing something obvious. I tried and tried, but couldn’t figure out a way to view in full screen.)

  • David โ€”

    Amen to the true note-taking technique using just a stylus. I really want to eliminate my pen and spiral notebook at meetings, and no, typing on a glass keyboard does not/will not cut it. I don’t need handwriting recognition, or handwriting conversion to text, I just need the image stored and tag-able (searchable would be a nice to have). Please help me “go green” and lose my pen and paper!

  • Jeff Andrews โ€”

    I’m planning to use Evernote on my iPad to go paperless. I serve on city council and Evernote is great for storing and reading the large amount of material we receive and need to read each week.

    However, I desperately need the ability to annotate PDF files! I take the paper packet of material delivered each week, quickly scan it to a folder which Evernote automatically is monitoring. And there it is in Evernote. It’s great. But then, I need the ability to highlight areas of the PDF and add comments/questions.

    Any chance that’s coming soon? I’ve tried using iAnnotate PDF but the GUI and design pales in comparison to Evernote!


  • Tjerja Geerts โ€”

    hi, Is there any possibility you can transfer that new ipad black user interface to the macbook pro / macbook air as well? I’ve been using evernote on my macbook/iphone 3G, and just love your new clean ipad interface. The cleaner the better. If you could add ‘date/time’ reminders with the notes, it would be my favorite Getting Things Done app. I’ll toss away all others then… ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, T.G.

  • Matthew Whitcher โ€”

    I cannot use an image in my notes. When I select an image it imports it and uses it as the image thumbnail. Great. I save and exit. Then I reopen the App and get a message saying I need to append or copy my note. If I select append my note is empty. If I select copy the text is still there but the image is gone. Every time. Any image. Doesn’t crash on me that much. Can you please fix this issue? Much appreciated.

  • April Bell โ€”

    Thanks for this. I am an avid Evernote user and I was one of the first ones on the list to purchase the new iPad, primarily for the (hopeful) future ability to take notes via a stylus electronically. I need this desperately and believe that the iPad will eventually beat PC tablets capabilities. I am REALLY hoping that Evernote will lead the effort in creating the ability to write on the iPad. If not, someone will. Your tagging system and other awesome features will be enhanced with “note taking” ability.

  • Kiko Lobo โ€”


    Please allow the strokes to be objects that one can move around or delete… And have some straighten features to help on bad handwriting ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nutela โ€”

    I just upgraded after reading that’ll you’ll add drawing, hope to see it on the Mac version too, the new multitouch trackpads are awesome!

    Thanks for a great product!

  • Elizabeth โ€”

    Evernote is a terrific clipping tool. Since the iPad makes it possible to read other documents, how about some kind of Evernote widget or gesture or something that can let us grab segments of other documents we are reading, tag them, and store them in notes? In particular, I’m a doctoral student, and I’m reading a LOT of journal articles in PDF. I then have to write papers that cite these articles. What I desperately need is a tool to let me read PDFs, HTML, etc., select text with my finger or a stylus, add a tag from a pull-down, and move on; afterward I want to be able to go into a repository of all my saved snippets and find quotes related to specific tags. I need those quotes to remember where they came from, so I can cite them appropriately. (Ideally, I’d put in metadata like author, date, journal, etc. when first opening the articles with the Evernote function.)

    This would definitely be worth Premium membership to me. (And it would be a justification for me to buy an iPad.)

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Elizabeth, That’s a great suggestion. There are a number of iPhone/iPad apps that have integrated Evernote (the list is available here: ). It’s through these sorts of integrations that we get the type of functionality that you’re suggesting. We’re somewhat limited by the operating system right now, but we hope to be able to do more of it ourselves in future versions of the iPhone OS.

  • Geoff Douglas โ€”

    EVERNOTE Rocks! I am watching closely, when you all add the function to hand write notes with the ipad, I will buy just for that feature. I also think that would be a cool feature for the iphone/ipod touch, as well…

    Maybe like those art apps (i.e. brushes) where you can zoom up and edit details, then zoom out to see the entire page.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Cathie Turner โ€”

    Does anyone else have this problem. E works fine on Mac and iphone. On iPad I get only notes from last June and July. I have the premium version. I would like to get rid of it because there is no way to contact support when you have a problem not on FAQ, forum, etc. but E is just too good a program.

  • Jim โ€”

    I’m voting with everyone else here that being able to draw would be a great addition to Evernote on the iPad.

    However, what I would really like to see is the ability to annotate a PDF or other document. I read a lot of medical literature which is all distributed in PDF format and this would be priceless if you could come up with a way to add this feature.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work thus far – keep it up!


  • Lyria โ€”

    Just read your strategy on developing Evernote for the iPad. Love your design process! Carrying around a cardboard facsimile was a terrific idea. Think I’ll try this concept on my development team in the future! Congrats on a beautiful implementation!

  • randomlinuxuser โ€”

    Dear Evernote developers,
    Congrats on getting an ipad version of evernote up and running in 60 days………perhaps I can look forward to seeing evernote for linux in 30 days? 15 days ? “Tonite” ?

    It just saddens my heart to see a great dev team go ga-ga over yet another “i-thing” and ignore the vast user base you can build in the linux world.

    When I lived in the Windows neighbourhood, Evernote was awesome. I miss it dearly on my Ubuntu box, (though I am don’t miss Windows or Mac).

    – Random Linux User

  • Joy โ€”

    Could the mapping feature integrate with mind mapping software? I use iBlueSky on my iphone and mindmeister on my PC. It would be wonderful to be able to sync notes to mindmap nodules!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Joy, thanks for the suggestion.

  • David Wessner โ€”

    Another vote for handwriting notes in ink and also recognition from an old Newton person. It is still invaluable in taking notes while attending to another person. Go for it!
    I would also ask that you take a hard look at the functionality of OneNote in being able to drag and drop individual note lines vertically and horizontally (parent, sibling, daughter) so it can work as an idea generator and rearrangement tool. I believe Newton did this too. I can’t find it anywhere for Mac.

  • rick โ€”

    I must be missing something. I don’t see any way to save a Safari webpage to Evernote from my iPad. Is that something that can only be done on a Mac or PC?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Rick, if you have the Evernote bookmarklet in Safari on Mac, you can set iTunes to sync bookmarklets to the iPad. We’re looking into expanding the bookmarklet functionality.

  • Cheryll โ€”

    Hi there. Love Evernote. Nice on the iPad. I really have one feature requests, but two ways to do it:

    1) Inter-app Document Sharing. So if I have a PDF, I’d like the option to preview in Evernote or open in GoodReader. Not like I’ll be making changes to the PDF anyway. I know that gets more complicated when it comes to a document or spreadsheet. Can’t wait to see a solution that opens in your preferred app then saves it back into Evernote.

    2) If possible, assign some kind of download string to an attached file because a lot of applications can directly download a file given a string. Not sure how you’d save the changes, maybe another email string to upload it back?

    I store all my files in Evernote, but am thinking I may need to go to Dropbox or Google Docs for that feature since a lot of the apps I use will work directly with Dropbox or Google Docs. Before I do something like that, I wanted to see if there will be an improved workflow update for Evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • david ganz โ€”


  • Marcel โ€”

    Great product! I can no longer live without Evernote and when I got my new iPad: booooom, here it is ! Just wonderful.

    I only wish I could install it into iPad’s Safari as in my desktop to generate new notes from my browsing …

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Marcel, on the iPad Settings in iTunes on the desktop you can have it sync bookmarks. When you do that, and set the iPad Safari to show bookmarks, you’ll have the bookmark in iPad Safari.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Marcel, you can set iTunes on the desktop to sync Safari bookmarks to your iPad. Then on the iPad settings have it show bookmarks. Doing that will display the bookmarklet in iPad Safari allowing you to clip pages.

  • Bill โ€”

    As noted by Theresa and Steve, the ability for Evernote to handle writing on the iPad screen with a stylus would be great! How long ’til you blow us away with that functionality?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      We are looking it adding drawing capabilities to the iPad.

  • Kasey โ€”

    Will you have offline viewing of notes on iPad version? I desperately need that feature.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Kasey, Offline viewing is currently available for Premium users. Premium users can select to have any/all notebooks stored locally on the iPad. For Free users, we store any note that you view locally.

  • Richard Twyning โ€”

    I have to laugh at people going out to buy a stylus when they could have got a more powerful tablet PC for the same price that included a stylus, a camera, oh, and full support for the Windows version of Evernote.
    I can’t believe time’s been wasted on developing for iPad when Windows Mobile needs a full version that includes offline notes.
    Evernote is already suported on proper tablets!

    I wish Apple would go away and stop slowing down progress!

  • Olen Ronning โ€”

    Another vote for inking capability, please! I second the sentiment that handwriting recognition is *not* needed. As a designer, having a way to capture *visual* (i.e. sketched) notes is critical. Having that ink respond quickly, naturally, and beautifully is important.

    Feature Idea:
    Since the iPad does not have pressure sensitivity (like wacom), you’ll need some algorithm to get accurate thick/thin lines. For example, it could be based on speed (fast strokes = thin lines, slow strokes = thick lines, holding pen in one spot = pooling ink). A more advanced algorithm would interpret the size of the touch point (e.g. how hard you’re pressing with your finger and thus how much of the surface of your finger is in contact with the screen) – but I doubt the iPad SDK provides such capability.

    Looking forward to the update!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for the suggestion

  • Kish โ€”

    Will Evernote work on the cardboard version of the iPad you developed? That’s more in my price range and will consider getting it if it’s supported. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You guys are the best!

  • Curt Dalaba โ€”

    I put all my pdf fields in Evernote. Is there a way to interface these with GoodReader, so I can read them there?

  • Andrew DiNardo โ€”

    I love the app. Would love to see an iPad browser plugin if it is possible

  • abadidea โ€”

    Hi, I’m going to be trying out Evernote specifically because I am highly impressed by the R&D commitment to a good UI experience you guys show in this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Paul Brody โ€”

    I’ll add my vote for inking. I’ve tried a whole lot of them out there, and there are some good ones. The single greatest thing would be something that would help manage the issue of palm detection. I want to write but it’s quite unnatural to write without letting any part of your hand touch the “paper.”

    Inklet, for the mac, makes it work, I’m wondering if you can achieve the same! I’d buy that instantly for a premium feature.

  • Angela โ€”

    Ok.. I am really new to this.. acutally I have the Ipad still in the box as I am not sure yet… I want what I think evernote will supply.. an electronic notebook that I can write on the screen with with a ??? Stylus?(the one that the apple store had looked more like a little paint brush tip) and then save the notes by topic and maybe convert it to text. What is inking that ppl are asking for? Also where are these notes than stored? Do I need to be connected to then get the notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Angela, notes you create on your iPad will be stored both on the iPad and on the Evernote servers. By storing your notes on the servers, you will also be able to access them from other computers either through Evernote Web or by installing Evernote for Mac or Windows on your desktop. Currently, Evernote for iPad does not support writing, though it is something that we are looking into.

      • Adam โ€”

        PLEASE consider supporting a stylus for EVERNOTE! i love EVERNOTE and even more that i can use it on my IPAD now… I am really trying to get rid of my ‘notebook’ and I am so close!! however sometimes that “drawing”/note taking ability with a pen/stylus is just irreplaceable.. (well at this point anyways)..

        while typing on the IPAD is VERY NICE, especially with the landscape keyboard.. typing just doesn’t fit a meeting when you are with a customer one-one… or even in a board room with customers.. somehow having a PEN just makes it look more professional and easier to take notes… perhaps that my own perceptions/ignorance.. but i am sure if you search online that many people are looking for that ONE note taking application for the IPAD with Stylus support. i know EVERNOTE can be THE APP! please consider in your development!

      • ipad users โ€”

        I agree..the ability to enter notes with a stylus for this application would be perfect. its just not professional to be in a meeting and typing away. looks better writing.

    • Kara M โ€”

      I love evernote, but I am so completely disappointed that the Evernote app for iPad doesn’t support handwriting/ink notes like the version on tablet machines and even my Mac supports ink notes. How could you NOT think that was a critical thing to support on the device – even if all I write with is my finger and I never buy a stylus. Please, please, please support ink notes on the iPad – and soon!!

  • otomo โ€”

    Since you are so quick with an Ipad version I wonder why it took you so long to come up with a halfway decent Windows Desktop version?

    • Sarre9 โ€”


      That is easy. The development environment that Apple supplies for free is so powerful that an experienced developer can mock up and produce a visually pleasing application pretty quickly. One can almost do the same on Windows, it just takes a bit more … talent.


  • Mark Braggins โ€”

    Is there a clipper for iPad so you copy and paste content from other apps e.g email and web page into Evernote notes? If so, how do I find it please? Thanks for your help

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Unfortunately, the iPad/iPhone/iPod operating system doesn’t allow one app to add features into another app. The best option from email is to use your Evernote email address to forward things into your account. The address is located in the iPad’s Sync menu. For web pages, if you install our bookmarklet in Mac Safari, you can have that bookmark sync to the iPad.

      • Mark Braggins โ€”

        Thanks Andrew – I will do as you suggest

      • Rob cima โ€”

        Hi Andrew,

        Take a look at how the Instapaper app is allowing web clipping. It’s clunky to set up, but it works. Sure would be nice to have something similar for Evernote.


      • iPad Tutorial Videos โ€”

        Thanks Guys!

        You have really created a great application and it looks even better on the iPad.

        On my laptops and Desktop computers i’m so used to using the webclipper it is indeed quite sad its not available under Safari.

        I wonder whether the Opera mini which is now available on the iPad would be able to get the Evernote web-clipper plugin?

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          You can get the clipper on the iPad by first installing the bookmarklet in Safari on your desktop. Then, choose to sync your bookmarks to the iPad. On the iPad make sure to display bookmarks, and the clipper will be there.

          • Colby โ€”

            Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Will the addition of the checkboxes from the iPad be available in the next update? I would love that!

      • Jim โ€”

        OK,I’ll bite — how does one install the “bookmarket” into Safari on the iPad?

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Jim, Install our bookmarklet into Safari on your computer. Set your iTunes to sync bookmarks. In iPad Safari preferences, set it to display bookmarks. Now, when you launch Safari, you’ll see the Clip to Evernote bookmarklet.

          • Michael Price โ€”

            Andrew, does this work for the Windows version of Safari as well?

          • Paul Turnbull โ€”

            Done this however clicking the bookmarklet launched the App store and found Evernote there. :/

      • Kate โ€”

        I’d like to see how to install a “bookeret” also, thanks.

      • Ant โ€”

        Also need to know how to bookmarked

      • Reid โ€”

        On the iPad it is easy to clip webpages or anything you see by holding down the power button and then pressing the round home button. This takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it to your pictures. You can then import any saved picture on your iPad into an Evernote! Cool huh!

      • Megan Pate โ€”

        Instapaper has found a clunky but effective way to add web clipping to iPad safari. I really wish Evernote could work something out like that too so that I wouldn’t have to close safari and open Evernote in order to clip to a note. The way I use Evernote, not having web clipping almost makes it unusable on the iPad.

        Also, the ability to filter notes by both notebook and tag (ie only show tags that are used in a certain notebook) wouod be really helpful.

        @Reid – thanks for the tip on taking screen shots!

    • Adam โ€”
      Here we go. The bookmark let code. No need to synch things with iTunes

  • doug carmichael โ€”

    can i get evernote to capture anything copied to clipboard? Without going out of the clipped from app and opening evernote and then having to close evernote and reopen the app?

  • Colby โ€”

    How do you make a to-do list with boxes to check off!!?? This should be easy to find and do on iPad and iPhone apps. Either I’m blind or it doesn’t exist!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Colby, you can create checkboxes on the desktop and then check them off on the iPad. You cannot create new checkboxes from the iPad at this time.

      • Kate โ€”

        Can you explain this? Checkboxes on the desktop.

  • Lori โ€”

    I have Evernote for iPhone and also on my MacbookPro. I access it from the website too. I’ve ordered the iPad 3G and am waiting patiently. Will Evernote continue to not allow editing of Rich Text notes on the iPhone and is it the same on the iPad? I love the program but will not continue to use it unless I can add without the original being moved to the trash. I am so surprised that such a wonderful program is so inconsistent. Very frustrating!!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Lori, We are working on ways to improve the rich text handling.

      • Suejin โ€”

        I have the same need. I use Evernote (on my iPad, iPhone, web versions) for work and personal projects. For work it’s essential that I add tasks to already existing note I’ve created while in meetings, etc on my iPad (or iPhone). Love the product, but this is one serious frustration. Is it close on the roadmap? Thank you!

      • Bruce โ€”

        This is my #1 most needed enhancement, as a very typical use case is to draft on the desktop, and complete on my iPad. Please.

      • RJ โ€”

        It’s great to hear that you are looking into rich text on the iPad. The ability to bold text, create bullet lists etc. improves the quality and organization of notes considerably.

      • Phil โ€”

        Just chiming in here — the lack of Rich Text editing on the iPad and iPhone is the only thing preventing me from using Evernote for all my notetaking needs. As much as I despise those who say “I would upgrade if it had it”, this would be a necessary feature before I’d even consider upgrading to a Premium subscription.

      • Alexandra โ€”

        I want to add my vote for this one too. I’ve started using evernote more consistently only in the past two weeks. I have it on my laptop, desktop, ipad, and ipod touch and the lack of rich text editing on the ipad is very disappointing. It is a crucial feature for me and one that keeps me from getting a premium account.

    • Leon Pryor โ€”

      I have to agree the lack of Rich text editing is really bad.

      • Saivan โ€”

        Being able to edit my Existing notes would be a great addition to the iPad version,
        This is very necessary functionality that should have been present on launch.

        I must commend you for your continued great work though,
        I would love to see this feature implemented on the iPad version of Evernote

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          You can edit existing notes by opening the note and tapping on the pencil icon.

      • Saivan โ€”

        Yes but that gets rid of all of my formatting and adds my images as attachments,
        It’s not the same as using a rich text editor.

      • Doug lawrence โ€”

        I purchased the premium fro a year and then discovered I could not see my notes detail on my ipad so I think I have to go to mobleme ๐Ÿ™

    • Trukadero โ€”

      Just adding my voice/vote here…rich text editing on iPad is a deal-breaker for me. Without it I can’t use Evernote going forward. Everything else about the app is terrific so this omission stands out in contrast. Hoping its appearance is imminent.

    • SteveW โ€”

      Need Rich text please!!!!

  • iPhoneConnection โ€”

    Wow, you guys are seriously gods at supporting multiple platforms.

    Keep up the good work! We love evernote.

  • Pablo โ€”

    Can you annotate PDFs on evernote?

  • Charles โ€”

    How can I ensure that the whole shared database is up-to-date on the iPad, so that I have access to everything when I am out of wifi range?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Charles, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “shared database.” If you’re talking about notebooks that are synchronized among your different computers, then the way to have them saved on the iPad is to become a Premium subscriber ( Once you’re Premium, you tap on the Sync icon in the iPad app and choose Offline Notebooks, then you select the notebooks that you want to be saved on the device.

  • Bart โ€”

    I’m a premium subscriber and just tried ever note on my new iPad. I must say that I’m very impressed by amount of work you guys did to prepare Ipad version of evernote. I see three issues that you might consider:
    – hoppy experience when sliding multi-page PDFs
    – no support for table of contents in PDFs (in Mac you could always use preview, on iPad you can’t
    – no side slider to move quickly between pages (you have to scroll them one by one)

    Despite those issues I believe that you delivered great experience to all of your users, speaking for myself – I just love iPad version. In handles my multigig library better than my Mac.


  • Nielsbox โ€”

    Congrats on this beautiful iPad app, keep up the good work guys…

    I discovered one bug; when I edit a typed note and also rename it, it seems that the original file name still exists on the iPad. when you click (click, point, tap, whatever) the original file name the app exits.

    oh, and if I may suggest one thing it would be handwritten notes (stylus).

  • cwm โ€”

    Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if you could help me install the evernote bookmarklet in my Ipad’s Safari.

    What am i missing?

    1. I have have the “clipper” installed on my desktop safari
    2. I have “always show bookmarks” selected in my ipad safari preferences

    but I don’t see the clipper

    Can you help?


    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      You need to have the Clip to Evernote bookmarklet installed.

      • Lori โ€”

        I have been searching and Iโ€™m sure it must be right in front of me but where is the โ€œClip to Evernote bookmarkletโ€??? FOR THE IPAD.

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          You can find the bookmarklet at the very bottom of this page:

      • Kate โ€”

        I”m looking for this also. Thanks

  • Stephanie Swaney โ€”

    I love Evernote, but it is very frustrating to be limited to the best features on a PC only. Are you considering making the same options available when creating a new note on the ipad/iphone app that are available on the desktop version: check list, to do, bullet points, size and style for fonts, etc. I am now using my iPad far more than my PC, so I am finding it very limiting to use on the go. These enhancements would make Evernote the only app I need for notes, to do’s and lists! Are there any plans for this in the near future?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      We learned a lot during our iPad design and development process. You’ll begin seeing those concepts trickle into the desktop versions too.

  • Matt mmWine Horbund โ€”

    Still waiting to hear about a few features:
    1)handwriting within the iPad app – I’d like to handwrite notes, then be able to tag them so they’re searchable. Would be great if they could be treated like pics, scanned on server and OCR’d – but I’d be happy just being able to write my notes like a piece of paper, and then save and tag them later.

    2)Setting alarms for notes – would be great to have an iPhone/iPad alert set to a note so I could use it as a ToDo list, reminder, or meeting agenda. I believe you CANT integrate it with iCal, which is a shame – because that would be awesome. However, it’s own alarms/push notifications would be welcome.

    3)Ability to link to a note from another note. For example, I use Evernote to keep information about wines, the grapes they are made of, and the region of the grape. I would like very much to start out with the bottle of wine in my BOTTLE notebook, say “Gilbert Picq Chablis” – and have that note reference the region Chablis in my REGION notebook, as well as CHARDONNAY in my Grape notebook. They should be editable hyperlinks that let me go from one to the other, with breadcrumbs back to the last note(s). I should be able to pop from bottle to region to grape back to region or bottle, etc. I would of course have to do the links myself – but it shouldnt be hard.

    Still holding out on buying an iPad – the handwriting of notes is really key there. I want to use the iPad instead of pen and paper.


    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Great suggestions. Thanks.

  • monica โ€”

    I use Firefox on my mac so is there a way to install the bookmarklet directly to the iPad without using the sync function?

  • Sheila โ€”

    I am a premium user and my Evernote notebooks keep everything I can figure out how to include! Count me as another vote for stylus/handwritten notes on the iPad.

    Also it would be great to clip from newspaper and magazine apps so that I could keep things like restaurant reviews, travel ideas, etc. that I now take a snapshot note of from paper sources that are all being replaced with their iPad equivalents! If iPad could have some screenshot capability tied to Evernote??

    Thanks for the great work on the latest platform for Evernote, the iPad! Cant wait to see the next features added.

  • tblakeslee โ€”

    Thanks for the great app. I wish I could get the same 2-column view on my PC.
    I usually use bold and italics to emphasize in my notes (Usually added when I read them over later) I con’t see how to do that on the iPad though.

  • Lori โ€”

    Thank you for helping but I’m eriously confused. I’m not able to drag the bookmarklet on my iPad. Am I missing something?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Lori, you need to drag the bookmarklet into Safari on your desktop, enable bookmark sync in iTunes, then set your iPad to display bookmarks.

  • larry โ€”

    Does evernote have a screen reader for vision impared folks?

  • Lloyd Tapper โ€”

    Is it possible to save a photo note to my photo library?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Lloyd, I assume you’re referring to iPhone. You can’t save an image from within Evernote into your photo library. The best option is to email the note from Evernote to your personal email address. You’ll be able to save the image from there.

  • Pavan Bhargava โ€”

    How long of an audio recording can evernote store? I would like to use it for recording college lectures, which may be around an hour to 2 hours long.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      It depends on the device that you’re using. iPhone/iPod/iPad allow for 20 minutes of recording from within the application. You can attach an audio file of up to 25MB if you’re a Free user and 50MB if you’re Premium. For lectures attaching the audio file to a note may be the best option.

  • Kasparoff โ€”

    And what about images from the web? Can i add some to my notes?

  • Lori โ€”

    Okay. So, what’s the difference between “Clip to Evernote” on your bookmark bar and clicking on the Evernote icon on the toolbar?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      The answer is: it depends. It depends on the browser that you’re using. Generally speaking, extensions that you install into the browser produce a higher quality clip. Also, the bookmarklet always sends your clips into the web service. Some of our extensions (Safari, Firefox) send the clip into the desktop version if one is installed.

  • Mike Prusse โ€”

    I looked at the iPad version today to experiment with checklists. I opened my Evernote account on the iPad and found a note with several check boxes. To my happy surprise, the checkboxes were all there on the iPad version (unlike the iPhone version) just as they were on my Mac version. I was almost sold on buying an iPad. Unfortunately, however, when I arrived back at my Mac and looked at that same note again, all of the checkboxes were gone and only the text remained.

    Is this a sign of the rich text problem still?

  • martin luke โ€”

    The most annoying thing that is limiting my use of evernote is the inconsistency of fonts of my notes. Even though I have selected a font for my notes when i review my notes they are all over the place. Can this be fixed – please?

  • John De Ville โ€”

    What really required is all the functionality that you have for the Windows thin client on the IPAD. Is this your goal for future releases?

    Also do you have a road map for the IPAD client so we can see when these enhancements come about?

  • Charles Gates โ€”

    I love this app! Keep up the great work!

  • Brian โ€”

    This is the app that will make me buy an ipad. I LOVE EVERNOTE.

  • Renรฉ โ€”

    Yeah, I am not using Evernote much yet, but it probably would be my most used app on an iPad basically filling in the lack of a “user filesystem”. Drawing would be essential. It should be like Penultimate or PaperDesk. I even would pay a small amount for such an app.

  • Harry โ€”

    Hi I too am a premium user and love Evernote, it’s changed the way I work…. I use it on my Mac book every day. However I too am frustrated about the restrictions in the iPad version. Ritch text is a must, but my biggest frustration is that to keep my note in tack I have to append and that is added to the bottom off the note. I use Evernote as an uber things to do list with embedded email and higlighted actions. If I have to append then I need it to append at the top of the note as my latest action needs to be in view and top down. Hope this makes sence. I have tried copy to note and yes I can put my amendments at the top but that trashes the note. Can you give a time scale for fixing this? As it stands my iPad is relegated to a “reader” of my notes…not qute what I was expecting.

    Harry G

  • Daan โ€”

    Is there a way that files attached to the emails I send to the evernote adress will be stored as seperate notes in stead of being an attachment to my email? That way I can fill evernote much more easy.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      No, the email content and the file will be placed into the same note.

  • Sean Merrick โ€”

    I am in sales and I am hoping to replace my paper notebook with the IPAD with Evernote but it seems to lack one fundamental ability … ability to write notes freehand. Typing is not an acceptable practice in front of customers. Can you tell me when you will be offering this feature?

  • Kristjan โ€”

    I think its worth noting and I dont think it has been mentioned here yet; for The bookmarklet to work on your iPad you need to have signed in to your account using the web interface and checked the remember me checkbox.

  • Matt โ€”

    Hi – if you could allow video uploads that would make ne drop YouTube and flicker for my cloud storage. My perfect storage site would have images, voice, video, text, sketch, and sync to all my devices.

  • Ning โ€”

    Evernote has been working beautifully with my iPad – kudos to the team for the work. A little point to note that I understand is in progress: While rich text may take some time, my concern is largely bullet lists. If there is a way to incorporate bullet points sooner than rich-text support comes, it’ll be very very much appreciated – or at least, to view them. So far I’ve been using the hyphen (-) in lieu of bullet points and that requires switching to another keypad pane, which greatly stunts the workflow.

  • Raymond Peck โ€”

    I’ve been using Evernote on OS-X, iPod Touch and Android for a few weeks now and am loving it. I’ve been using the web clipper feature for most of my input so far, using “clip selection” for web pages that have ads, sidebars and so on but which don’t have a clean printer version of the page.

    It seems like the Safari bookmarklet for iPad would only clip the entire page. If you are able to add the ability to web clip a selection I will buy an iPad immediately.

    I haven’t done iOS programming, but perhaps there’s a way to embed the browser functionality in Evernote to allow you to do this? Or perhaps clip-from-clipboard would be functional enough to get all the formatting / images / etc?

    This would be a *huge* thing for me, and would rid my house of the piles of newspapers and magazines with articles I don’t have time to clip and save. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Phil โ€”

    I love evernote for the ipad – will it run on a Newton?

  • Syl โ€”

    I’m confused. I’m not a premium member, but with my iPhone app, Evernote allowed me to specify favorites that were saved on my iPhone. I can’t find this functionality on the iPad – has it been removed ?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      On the iPad, whenever you create or view a note, that note is automatically saved locally, which means that you will be able to view that note even when offline. This is essentially the same functionality as Favorites.

  • Jim โ€”

    Been comparing your app against paper desk and penultimate. Am trying to replace my ever-present legal pad with my iPad. Think your app is most promising but will for now use the other apps because I can’t create more than one notebook on the iPad. Trying to avoid having to use two different devices. if you could make the text box look more like a legal pad it would appeal to us legal types. Also larger font sizes would be great. It would be helpful to have a record button without having to press the new note button. Like that you can use your smartphone to take pictures and send to evernote. Can’t imagine how hard it is to develop something as useful as your app so hats off to you.

  • Cuznwal โ€”

    In an earlier response you state that notes created on iPad will be stored on the iPad. What about those created on my Mac? On the iPod touch I would sync while connected to wifi and mark as a favorite. I often create meeting notes at my desk and need to refer to them while out in the field and not connected. Thanks I love your product.

  • Fiona โ€”

    Came across a site that helps make adding bookmarklets on iPad easier – with full instructions:

    • Amanda โ€”

      Thanks, Fiona! This is wonderful

      • lisa โ€”

        finally!! an answer as to how to add the bookmarklet. I was driving myself crazy!!

  • marty โ€”

    I just installed Evernote for Android on my HTC Droid Incredible but whenever I try to listen to an audio note recorded on my iPhone, it says that it can not play the audio file. What’s up with that?

  • Lise โ€”

    Love the notes stacks (by notebook) in iPad! Here’s my wishlist (not only iPad, but also app in general):
    – more formatting tools (strike-out, better table tools, etc.)
    – Ability to put a collection of notebooks on a particular “bookshelf” or “tab”, etc. similar to the way OneNote does. So that all of my work Notebooks are in one section (personal, etc)
    – ability to format notes like OneNote (allows better use of the page) and ability to create multiple columns/boxes easily.
    – ability to have audio notes transcribed to text (could be additional pay service)
    – ability to apply different “templates” to notes. (to do lists, GTD, recipes, etc.)

    Thanks again for a great product… look forward to the future releases!

  • Jerry โ€”

    Will evernote ever support linking notes together. I am looking for a good notebook replacement, but there will have to be a way for me to link the notes to one another in order to produce a sort of wiki. Is there any future plans to support this type of feature? Also when do you think you will have the Writing support that is desired?

  • Japhia โ€”

    I wonder if the new verion for iPad supports offline reading. You know it’s very critical feature for iPad with Wifi Only.

    Waiting for you reply….

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      It does support offline reading. Here’s how

      – Free users: you can read notes offline that you created on the iPad or previously viewed on the iPad
      – Premium users: in the Sync tab choose the notebook and make it an offline notebook. You’ll be able to view all the notebook content offline.

  • Car Share Dave โ€”

    Hi had a look at this on a mate iPad the other day and it really is very impressive. Even with the fairly low memory on the iPad the app works really well.

  • Dani โ€”

    I have been using Evernote for ages on PC, Mac and iPhone and absolutely love it. However I have to join in with the nagging to get handwriting on the iPad version. I’m so close to dropping $10 on Writepad it’s not even funny. Do you have a timeline for introducing this functionality? Don’t know if I can wait ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yours hopefully

  • Andy โ€”

    seconding Dani’s comments above and many others about inking (although I’m not bothered if it recognises my handwriting as you’d be lucky to!).

    I basically want OneNote but on my IPad as I have used this for a couple of years but the tablet HP is to hot and heavy compared to the IPad as well as only lasting a couple of hours on the battery.

    Evernote is so close but I need to be able to write in meetings as typing is not professional as eluded to above – if you could please give a vague timescale it would help hugely (days, weeks, months etc)?

  • Richard โ€”

    Maybe I am missing something, but why do you like the “thumbnail” view options that seem to predominate in your iPad version of Evernote? Thumbnails amount to nothing but useless “eye candy” and a serious waste of screen real estate. Searching over a “grid” of a dozen or so useless images horizontally and vertically to find a particular note (in a subdued font, no less) is not nearly as quick or efficient as scanning down a list. Why not a list option for viewing content, as in every other version of E that I have used?

    How serious is the problem? Well, for ME it means that I just don’t use E on my iPad any more, despite the facts that I use E more than any other application on ALL my other platforms and am usingrickcast the iPad more and more. In fact, the iPad version is so user-unfriendly that I am experimenting with alternative note taking and syncing applications.

    How hard would it be for you guys to fix this problem? Seemingly, not very hard at all. Lose the eye candy!

  • Sarah wallace โ€”

    I have installed the clipper on safari. I synced bookmarks. However it is still not showing up in the bookmarks for iPad safari. Please help.

  • super โ€”

    is there a way to type that “to do” box when making a new note on iPad? would be great.

  • Jay S โ€”

    Can’t wait for rich text editing/input on the ipad – I am using Evernote w/ the bluetooth keyboard + ipad to take notes on radiology topics. I desperately need outlining and picture adding ability to notes, and also ability to edit the notes I’ve created on my PC.

  • Abakehouse โ€”

    Awesome application, I just wish there was a way to create to do lists when editing a note, and then manage them all from one location.
    Looking forward to the drawing addition though…

    • Jeff โ€”

      Agreed. We need a way to turn “notes” into action items better and integrate with project/task management. This would be a great feature.

    • Steve โ€”

      Agreed, I’d like to suggest omnifocus integration, would work great with GTD project and context tags! Just imagine writing notes and being able to insert an action that goes into your task manager. Id pay for an Evernote add on, this would save me hours every month.

      • Chelostoma โ€”

        Agreed! Integration with omnifocus, a web clipper for ipad, simple to-do-list as part of a note, rich txt editing and sketching/handwriting would be a dream come true!

  • Daniel โ€”

    Please have rich text (for the iphone as well!) It’s really a critical feature for me

  • Dave โ€”

    Hi, love the iPad layout for evernote…and the attachment function works great too. But is there a way to edit the location information in the notes I have created on the iPad..

  • Erwan โ€”

    Is sketching or jotting coming soon. I’m a heavy Evernote user and have recently bought an iFinger stylus for a few bucks. It makes me wanna sketch new notes so bad

  • Nancy โ€”

    I would really like for the iPad version to add a list display. Many of us use Evernote for GTD and this view would be very helpful.

  • Scott matthews โ€”

    Please please please, rich text editing/ to do list boxes for the iPad!

    And am I missing something? I would like to use web clipping too!

  • Rico โ€”

    Web clipper please!

    • Justine Collins โ€”

      I am new to evernote, and thus far I really love it. But it would be worlds better if there was a web clipper for the iPad. I feel that I’m crippled without it, since I do so much web surfing on the iPad and not on my actually computer. I agree that a save to evernote option in all apps would be sweet as well.

      • Peter โ€”

        Ditto, web clipper please.

  • Debbie โ€”

    Is there a way to add security/passcode sensitive notes (e.g., credit card numbers), which would be stored only on my iPad (never to be synced, emailed, or sent to any clouds, drop boxes, etc)?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Debbie, at this time you cannot store notes only on the iPad. You can create Local-only notebooks in the desktop versions of Evernote.

    • Rickard Sundin โ€”

      What you are looking for is 1Password and Dropbox. Se instructions at

      I use it and it works like a charm!

  • Simon Lambert โ€”

    Is there a way that I can add the web clipping bookmark to safari on my ipad like I can on my macbook?

  • George โ€”

    firefox type web/url save capability, probably same thing Rico is asking for.

  • peter โ€”

    Rich text note editing on iPad would be very,very useful

  • Brenda โ€”

    I sure would like to be able to clip from the web on my iPad like I do on my laptop and desktop.

  • Andrew โ€”

    I hep web clipper comes next

  • Chris Petrie โ€”

    Will we ever be able to use double tap on the document “open with” functionality that other apps offer.

    I use IAnnotate to mark up PDF’s, and Documents to Go, to write Documents from scratch.

    I would like to be able to save back into Evernote, an annotated document or a new document made in Documents to do. I have to use Dropbox for these Docs now.

    These are my wish list items, I think Evernote on the Ipad is fabulous.

  • Joris โ€”

    Evernote gets stuck downloading at 37Mb in Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I even tried downloading from with the same results.

  • Niels โ€”

    Pleace make it possible to make a hand drawing note, inside the document. That way you can easily make ex a mathematic note with greak symbols..

  • james nicholson โ€”

    A web clipper for the iPad version would be SO helpful! Great app. Have recently come back to Evernote having tried various other apps – and Evernote is definitely the best! Nice work.

  • Emma โ€”

    My friends were raving about this product, but despite the handy synchronization and ability to add text and audio, without the ability to format text (bullets, bold, italics, indents, etc), this product is not useful enough for me. I don’t want to have to make fake bullets with dashes because it’s tedious and I don’t want to have to go into Word at a later date to clean up my notes, because that’s contrary to the efficiency that Evernote is supposed to be providing. Please get text formatting!

  • Kate Quinn โ€”

    Please, please add the Web clip feature for productivity AND ability to use sketching apps with Evernote!

  • A Project Manager โ€”

    Love the product, one of my most used tools. IPad version is replacing paper in many ways for me, but I miss the rich text functionality in the windows version, especially bullets/ordered lists and ability to add bold type. Look forward to seeing this in a near version. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Rod โ€”

    Could you at least let us know when a web clipper for the iPad might be coming?????

  • Bill crawford โ€”

    WEB CLIPPER!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott Hendrickson โ€”

    A web clipper would be really helpful. But maybe you can build a iPad desktop clipper that could clip text and/or images from any ipad app? That would be even better…

  • Zameema โ€”

    Web clipper pleaseeee…..I love Evernote!

  • Chris โ€”

    Would be nice is the web sight explained stuff like web clipper is not available for iPad… So that fols lie me brand new to evernote don’t think they are losing it looking for thrndang thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also can we get web clipper for iPad?


  • David Mussington โ€”

    It would be great if a web clipper could be added to the iPad version of this program.

  • Jen โ€”

    Really, really need a web clipper, please!! I use it constantly on my laptop.

  • patrick โ€”

    rich text editing iphone/ipad, rich text editing iphone/ipad, rich text editing iphone/ipad, rich text editing iphone/ipad,

  • John โ€”

    Is a web clipper not available because it isn’t ready or because apple is blocking somehow?

  • Lori H โ€”

    My wish list: a) Web clipper please; b) todo lists; c) way to do a full sync with Note Shelf.

    • Lori H โ€”

      To clarify, need web clipper in iPad browser.

  • Raquel โ€”

    I am trying to use Evernote to organize my homeschooling schedule. I created a calendar for each subject as a table in Evernote on my Mac and need to let my Kids enter their daily work to the calendar on their iPad or IPods. I can view the calendar and check the checkboxes I had added on the iPad, but cannot add text. I was hoping to see the work each child completes after they edit and sync. Is there a workaround to this? If we could implement this to use as I planned, the time savings and happiness factor would be tremendous!

  • Andrew โ€”

    Where is the web clipper? Nothing says it is not available for the iPad but I wasted a lot of time looking for it.

  • Julie โ€”

    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but if I have a note with checkboxes on my desktop, then I go to the iPad (or iPhone) and check off items…the next time it syncs, the boxes are all unchecked again! (It’s very demoralizing to think I got through none of my todo list!)

    Is there a fix for this?

  • David โ€”

    Regarding iPad web clipping, I installed the Evernote bookmarklet in iPad Safari and it works fine. Plan to do same for iPhone.

    • James โ€”

      How did you install the web clipper in Safari? Instapaper had great directions but nothing on the Evernote site I can find for iPad.

    • Jeff N โ€”

      How do you install the bookmarklet in iPad Safari?

    • Rob โ€”

      Would you please tell us how you installed the clipper? I can’t get it to install. Thank you!

    • David โ€”

      On computer:
      – Go to Evernote web clipper page- Find “Drag To Your Link Bar”, right click, copy link.
      – Paste somewhere you can get to the link text from on your iPad. An Evernote note or an email to yourself for example.

      On iPad:
      – Copy link text. For an Evernote note, choose to edit the note so you can copy the link text.
      – Safari, add a bookmark for any page.
      – Make title of bookmark Evernote what you want. You can’t paste the URL yet. Save.
      – Open bookmark editor, Edit, choose the bookmark you created in previous step.
      – Delete URL content, paste URL you copied.
      – Done. The clipper overlay is a little slow to display on some sites.

      • Kristin โ€”

        This worked great – thank you for sharing!

      • DlomVT โ€”

        How did you right click and get a link? When I right click I get Java script. If you get a link, can you paste it here? Thanks.

      • doonyakka โ€”

        @DlomVT: David meant you should copy the link on a computer, not the iPad, then transfer it to the iPad somehow (e.g. email it to yourself as plain text). You will then be able to copy the link on your iPad and create the bookmarklet.


      • Marc Weinstein โ€”

        @David – Thanks for sharing this. I’m still a bit clumsy when it comes to cutting and pasting on iPad, but despite this, the work around is exactly what I was looking for (short of Evernote for iPad already having this functionality.

  • Rick Schrager โ€”

    It seems that the home screen icons when sorting by notebooks or tags do not refresh to show current content. Mine shows items that I’ve deleted. Minor annoyance in an otherwise fantastic product. Thanks Evernote!

    Oh yeah, web clipping please!

  • Andri โ€”

    The ipad version is missing a LOT of stuff. I really love the synchronization but how little you can manipulate the text on the evernote is sad.

  • JohnF โ€”

    Web clipper fix for iPad/iPhone.

    The solution is to add the web clipping bookmark function to Safari (or other browser) on your laptop/desktop, then sync bookmarks with your iPad/iPhone. This is easily done on the evernote web clipper page by bookmarking the clip link or dragging it to the bookmark bar. This link is then replicated on the mobile version of Safari and works fine. You can also add the bookmark to other mobile browsers – I’ve done it to Perfect Browser on the iPad by re-importing all my bookmarks from Safari on my Mac once I’d added the clip bookmark.

  • Seattle Tom โ€”

    @David, I had tried to make that work without success until your instructions put me over the top (I kept trying to do it all within the iPad…never thought of emailing myself the link).

    Thanks for making this iPad app perfect by adding that web clipper as a bookmark in Safari. Genius!

    @Evernote: Thanks for not responding to any of the dozens of requests your customers made for this feature or even saying it was “under consideration” or offering a workaround like was figured out here. Really inspiring customer service.

  • Lars Daniel โ€”

    On iphone we have the star (favorite) that you add to an note and thereby make it readable offline. It seems to be gone on iPad. Bad for me.

  • Alex Galindo โ€”

    I use EN on my Ipad with OS 4.2.1 …recently the “search” field is not showed. I turn the Ipad off and ON and it gets fixed, but soon the “search” field is hidden again.

    Still loving EN !

    • Mr Picasso โ€”

      Where is the search field? I saw it this morning when i first accessed EN on my iPad, but now it’s not there no matter what screen I select.

    • Dan โ€”

      I’m seeing a similar problem, but for me the search field is only partially visible and appears half off the top left hand side of the screen. I can see it but I can highlight it to enter text. Seems to be a bug. It just remains there regardless of what screen i’m on.

      • Garfield Southall โ€”

        Yes, I have the same problem – Search box partially off the screen in the very top left, whichever way round I have the screen. Really frustrating because Evernote is my key app when on the move.

  • pedram โ€”

    does ipad support middle east fonts for writing and viewing the notes like arabic & persian fonts?

  • John Madden โ€”

    Sorry Guys,

    I guess I’m being really stupid but I can’t find the ‘evernote web clipper page’ in order to find and copy the link to the ipad.


  • craig d โ€”

    John – link for evernote webclipper page – look at bottom of page

  • Tom Sharp โ€”

    For working on a set of long notes, I spend a lot of my time scrolling to where I had been in each note I turn to. In addition to returning to the note that I had left, when the note appears, it should show the text that had been visible, and when I edit a note, Evernote should return the caret to where it had been when the note was last saved.

  • ghassan โ€”

    Dear Evernote

    Could you please advice me how to add an icon or a picture next to note title without that picture or icon showing in the text box if possible.



  • Anony โ€”

    Web clipper please

  • waitm โ€”

    I also agree on the necessity of rich text for the iPad/iPhone?
    Is there an issue with the iPad that it can’t support it?

  • TONGCC8 โ€”

    Still no rich text editing?

  • Gemma โ€”

    Please! We need a Web Clipper, please.

  • Derek Foster โ€”

    Attempted to follow narration on the video and failed miserably. The narrator is too full of his own enthusiasm to get the message across.
    Slow down and explain much faster!

  • Nicholas Caito โ€”

    Why don’t you have FAVORITES in the iPad version?

    I have about a million notes. On my iPhone, I’ve marked a few of them as “Favorite” so that I can quickly tap and view the important ones.

    On the iPad, there is no Favorites folder. So I have to either type & search, save a search, or scroll through all the notes looking for my “favorites”.

    It’s the same app on my iPhone and iPad, but the iPad one doesn’t work as well as the tiny iPhone one!

    • Anbu โ€”

      Favorites Folder is a must, It works great on iphone why not on iPad.

  • Tom โ€”

    Oh Yes.A webclipper for Safari on IPad would be Great!

    • Raul โ€”

      Webclipper is a must! it is the best way to do research

  • John โ€”

    ^ what Tom said. Web clipper is a must for safari. Please make this happen.

  • Aaron โ€”

    Can’t wait for the drawing feature I am currently using another drawing app and then pasting pictures of them into Evernote. I’d love to cut the other app out.

  • Thomas โ€”

    Web clipper, please.

  • Peter yeo โ€”

    Webclipper for ipad version +1

  • Tony Masopust โ€”

    The ability to use bulleted lists for note outlining is a must for me and is currently the single biggest reason for not using Evernote on my iPad.

    Please add soon!

  • yumekana โ€”

    i need simple text based notebook list and view with notebook stack.
    i have a lot of notebooks.

  • Kostmav โ€”

    Web clipper for iPad???.? Is a must!!!!

  • Shopgirll โ€”

    I recently downloaded evernote to my IPAD, only to find after clicking on everything that there is no web clipper for iPad!!!!! Why doesn’t evernote make that clear? Very misleading, and a drag!

  • Tasos โ€”

    When will we get a web clipper for ipad.
    and how do we access the webclipper for iphone?

    Thanks in advance.

  • khsfrst โ€”

    i travel a lot but don’t have a global data plan. whenever abroad, evernote becomes near to useless! no offline search of my notes, no offline access to my notes (except for a few favorites).

    also, some simple copy paste would be appreciated
    and basic text editing (bold)

  • Johnny B Goode โ€”

    Aargh. Just burned about 2 hours trying to figure out how to get web clipper onto ipad before I landed here. Frustrating because this is awesome software, but it has to work on all devices or the purpose is largely defeated! It’s on the ipad that I need the clipping ability most.

  • Lisa โ€”

    Web clipper for safari… PLEASE!

  • Cindy โ€”

    Tip for users- web clipping IS available. Tap on bookmarks in Safari, then tap “Clip to Evernote”

    • Russ โ€”


      Can you explain further? I followed your exact instructions but nothing. Do I need to set up anything?

  • Nick โ€”

    Web Clipper is a must have.
    The utility of the iPad app is seriously diminished without it

  • Chris โ€”

    Being able to edit rich text (i.e. bullets, numbering, bold, etc) is a must for the ipad version. I understand it not being on the iPhone version but taking notes without some kind of list function(bullets or numbering)on the iPad really slows things down. PLEASE ADD!!

    • Luis โ€”

      Completely Agree! Makes evernote completely dispensable in ipad! c’mon guys. I’m happy to pay for a version with the rich text functionality!

      • Shruti โ€”

        seriously, it’s been a year since this blog post was written, and evernote for ipad is still pretty useless in terms of editing content on the ipad. i need rich text functionality. i would also love better tables in both the mac and ipad/iphone/igadget versions of the app. i use evernote to personal train and not being able to update the workouts as i move through their workouts makes me annoyed. you’ve created accessibility, now let us change what we can access on the go!

  • nvir โ€”

    I would need the ability to edit rich text on the ipad, as it is possible on the mac / pc version. I agree with having a simpler client on the iphone (not able to edit rich text), but I would really appreciate it on the ipad

  • Barrie โ€”

    Just wasted hours trying to use the web clipper on safari to discover that evernote won’t do it on the iPad. DOH! Not interested in notes but would like a web clipper. Until then evernote for me is useless!

  • Claude Wolfersteinen โ€”

    Completely agree on the rich text thing. I had an ipad for testing right now and am finding it very limited, as I typically use Evernote for taking notes during meetings and need the ability to use text styles and other rich text formatting to make things easily readable. Please add this soon if possible.

  • Leo Salazar โ€”

    I vote with the Web clipper crowd. Please, ASAP.

    Kind of surprising it wasnt standard with the very first iPad version. Clipping is such an integral part of my Evernote usage pattern. I suspect many more users as well.

  • MacLur โ€”

    Trying to implement Evernote as preferred documentation-tool, I had a big, big backstroke because of the rich text issue on iPad/iPhone! Please add this functionality.


  • david harvey โ€”

    lack of web clipper on IPad a very significant issue when you have just induced me to sign up for a one year sub – without an IPAD web clipper it’s useless and i’d like the $45 back !!!!

  • Steve Brown โ€”

    Same as others, Been trying to get the web clipper going on my iPad. Can’t figure it out. Please help!

  • jtsdesign โ€”

    Evernote is a wonderful application and one of the reasons it is so wonderful is the web clipping. I can’t understand why it was not included in the iPad version. Please, please add it right away!

  • Miles โ€”

    Im a web clipper wannabe too. Evernote was a huge reason I bought an iPad. I bought a keyboard just for it, but the ability to clip from web pages comprises about 75% of my evernote time

  • GLo โ€”

    I need web clipper on my iPad!

  • Rich โ€”

    Web clipper please

  • Mark โ€”

    I have spent ages trying to work out how to use web clipper ipad then it turns out it’s not here. What’s the plan?

  • John C โ€”

    Please add a drawing tool…I know you can do it.

  • Ian oultram โ€”

    Another vote for a web clipper please. I have recently started heavy usage of Evernote on my iMac, and was surprised the feature is missing from the iPad app.

  • Scott Williams โ€”

    +1 for rich text support on the iPad. Other ipad apps support it so you can, too. Even if I have to pay for it, it would be worth it.

  • Steve Hales โ€”

    IPad Web clipper – please. Are there any plans for one? And if so when?

  • Rick โ€”

    Web clipper and RTF please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Annette Davis โ€”

    I may be in serious withdrawal from Evernote without a web clipper for iPad. WC works fine on Safari on my Mac. Why not on the iPad?

    • Ron Toledo โ€”

      @Annette, Sorry we don’t currently have a web clipper for iPad. IOS doesn’t allow extensions on the mobile safari browser.

      • David K โ€”

        They don’t allow extensions to safari, but other products have gotten around this with bookmarklets. For example, I can essentially capture a web clip to the read it later app with their bookmarklet, which has this code behind it: javascript:(function()%7BISRIL_H=’ac86′;ISRIL_SCRIPT=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);ISRIL_SCRIPT.type=’text/javascript’;ISRIL_SCRIPT.src=’’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)%5B0%5D.appendChild(ISRIL_SCRIPT)%7D)();/*INSTALLED*/

  • CY โ€”

    Web clipper for ipad please!!!


  • Dhruv โ€”

    Web clipper for iPad 2!!! Will make studying and note taking so much better for me as a student!!!!!

  • Borbroo โ€”

    For me the Awesomeness of evernote still good but
    Web clipping for ipad’s safari is already uv in many apps such as Read it later , Please lets us know when this function available. Cox z we’ll support u guys.

  • Pierre B โ€”

    Hello! Is there a way to make checklists in evernote on the ipad? I’d love for this feature to be there, thanks a lot!

  • Cathleen โ€”

    Please add a web clipper for iPad. I really miss that functionality that I have on my Mac version.

  • Levon Barker โ€”

    It would be great to have checkboxes in evernote on the ipad!

    • Ron Toledo โ€”

      @levon You can create checkboxes on the desktop or web versions of Evernote and check them off on the iPad.

  • Dave โ€”

    I found a workaround for clipping from iPad safari into evernote. I “mail a link to this page” to my evernote email. Then I open the link from within evernote on my iPad and then “clip to evernote”. It’s a bit tedious and It creates a second note but it has the complete web clipping.

  • Jools โ€”

    I use icabmobile app. They have an Evernote web clipper on there. Also if I am in say Flipboard and I want to send something to my Evernote I just email straight to my Evernote email account and it’s waiting for me when I open the Evernote app.

    I would like to be able to Create and edit my lists on iPad.

  • Scott Payne โ€”

    In theory you can “clip” whatever you want on the iPad quite easily… I agree it would be great to have it in the browser as Safari-Mac , but I use this trick to get around it. Just take a screen shot of the web page you want to clip, by hitting the big toggle button and the power button… this automatically saves the snapshot to Iphoto .. then just import it as a new note with the tags you want, when you open the new note click on the photo icon… it will be the first photo on top of the saved folder. presto. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rhonda โ€”

    Another vote for a web clipper please. I have recently started heavy usage of Evernote for work and this would make it ROCK!

  • Rhonda โ€”

    Web clipper please. I have recently started heavy usage of Evernote for work and this would make it ROCK!

  • kerin โ€”

    +1 for web clipping on IPAD2 ASAP please~?~??~?~?????


    I understand there has to be a technical issue stopping EVERNOTE from having a web clipper for IPAD2. But isn’t Amazon Wish List similar to web clipper?? You just have to install an app for IPAD created by Amazon and whatever you bookmarked on your IPAD would appear in your Amazon account.

  • kerin โ€”

    By the way, can a “track this discussion” function be added here so that whenever someone posts new comments, an email notification is sent to anyone who tracked the discussion? Thanks!

  • Daniel Mundy โ€”

    I paid for the premium version before realising that it doesn’t have rich text editing…

    I regret spending the money and am now looking for another app to fill my needs.

    Please add this feature ASAP! I love EverNote on PC and was really excited when I got my new iPad as it would be a perfect companion, but is so much less useful with only plain text.

    I actually paid for a full year of Premium access, if you add this feature before I have to renew, I will definitely pay for another year, unless I find a better app before then.

  • dnn hosting โ€”

    Dave’s workaround does not work for me, any suggestions?

  • A โ€”

    I have recommended this app to so many friends … and now regret it! I have a premium account and it makes me crazy that there is no rich text on my iPad! I need an app that will allow me to make outlines — this can’t be that hard, Evernote? Are you listening? Looks like people have been requesting since you released iPad version.

    I can’t recommend this app until you get this and other complaints/requests fixed. In fact, I would actively discourage people from downloading and am planning to note the same in my review.

    It’s such a shame because EN is SO fabulous in so many other ways!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Evernote on iPad does support rich text. This came in our most recent update. You can create text in various styles, lists and more. We are working on expanding the rich text functionality.

  • Ryan โ€”

    When will drawing be available?

    I use Evernote daily, but I also have to use a separate drawing app to take down simple sketches.

  • anna โ€”

    How do I import files (pages, word, etc) into my Evernote for Ipad?


  • Michael Brownlee โ€”

    I’ve researched a lot of note-taking software for iPad2, and finally realized that Evernote was the best solution. I made a commitment, imported all my old OneNote files, and was ready to go to work. However, when I got into my first meeting and began taking notes, I discovered that there is something amiss with the audio recording function. When I save a recording within a note, Evernote crashes and I lose everything. I’ve tested this repeatedly, always with the same result. Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

    Please help! I need this to function properly, and I need it now!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey โ€”

      Hi Michael, please go ahead and contact support:

  • Susanne Wammen โ€”

    I am very satisfied with Evernote, but recently I’ve experienced that it closes down on my iPad and it happens several times, so in fact it is very frustrating to write even a small note on my iPad. On my iPhone it works perfect
    is there anything I can do about it?

  • joseph โ€”

    i have been using evernote in school to take notes and it has been very helpful… however the only problem i have is that you ant resize pictures and they take up almost the whole which is sucks when i go to print out my notes for my other class mates

  • Jim Vernon โ€”

    Evernote will not print my notes on iPad.
    Only prints top line, does not print body of note.

  • ell โ€”

    i just lost days of writing in notes on ipad. cannot afford to waste money on a recovery program. is evernote more reliable, or is it just as easy to lose work? i’d love to know before considering getting it.