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Posted by on 09 Apr 2010

Posted by on 09 Apr 2010

While we don’t yet support every language in the graphic above, we have added a lot of language support and language-specific features in recent weeks. We thought this a good opportunity to tell you about some them. Below is the list of all the languages that we currently support in our desktop versions. We roll them out as they become available, which means new ones come online all the time.

  • French: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Italian: Windows, Mac, Web
  • German: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Spanish: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Russian: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Swedish: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Japanese: Windows, Mac, Web
  • Portuguese: Windows, Mac
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Windows, Mac
  • Norwegian: Mac
  • Dutch: Windows
  • Danish: Mac
  • Czech: Windows

If you would like to help translate Evernote into your language, then join our Translation Program »

Choose your display language in Windows

Our latest Windows update (v 3.5.3) adds the ability to choose the display language for the application. In the past, this was controlled by the language settings of your Windows system, now you can manually change it. To change the application language, go to Tools > Options > Language.

Choose your preferred recognition language

Evernote’s image recognition works best when it knows what language it’s looking for. You can set your preferred recognition language by logging into your Evernote Web account, clicking on the Settings link, then Personal Settings, then selecting an option from the Recognition Language dropdown. For Free users, Evernote will be begin using your language preferences for all new items you add. For Premium users, Evernote will go back a re-index all of your existing images.


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  • Kailai Shao

    When will Chinese be included?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There are community translators working on a Chinese translation of Evernote. Take a look:

  • Mac

    you forgot Poland

  • zvikico

    It will be nice to see proper RTL support across platforms.

  • tony Crosse

    Hi I use evernote in conjunction with printliminator to strip images etc from web info that I clip.
    I find evernote brillant and have it open at all times to process info. However the new update that includes fomatting is very heavy on memory compared to the previous version.

    This is really going to clog up my hardrive space. I appreciate the simplify formatting in menu but this will be another task I have to do in order to reduce space usage.

    I tried reverting to previous upgrade but can’t

    I am really peeved. I appreciate that formatting similarities is a plus for many users, but the above issues outweigh its virtues.

    The solution could be that you could put the simplifying formatting in the preferences menu as a feature choice.

    I use evernote in a particular way just to keep hold of good research info

    please please please look into this as I am sure other users will have the same issues.


  • nauka

    any change you will add in future polish language? We’d like to use your soft in our native lang also 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Our community translators are working on Polish. You can see the progress and join the program here:

  • niedakh

    are you working on polish recognition & spell-check?

  • Allison

    When it says in the page that it supports a language, e.g. Japanese, does it mean it supports its recognition? I mean I don’t see Japanese in the recognition language list. I’m also curious whether the translation program helps with the recognition server since I really want Evernote to be able to recognize Chinese and Japanese but not so urgent for just translating the software to another language. Is there a timeline for addition of recognition language? Thanks!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      In this post, we’re referring specifically to translating the interface. We are also working on optimizing our recognition for additional languages. Stay tuned.

  • YakuYaku

    Excellent! I gave it a try with French and was delighted with the result!

  • Eunkang Chung

    YES Go international !!! Korean support in need !!!

  • Wifi

    When will Norwegian come for Windows?

  • Marcos Vinicius Guimaraes

    I install Evernote in Mac but it don’t recognize Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR). In otherhands it is using Portuguese language (PT).

    How can I change that in Mac?


  • Carebearbull

    Only Norwegian for MAC?
    What the hell just happend? Has the Norwegian Society of MACtarded Fanboys given you the wrong statistics on market shares and operating system.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Actually our translation is handled by a community of volunteers. If you would like Evernote to be translated into your language, you should consider becoming a translator:

  • nikita

    how to get french accents? i’ve already changed the language to french. please help !!

  • Tor Egon Mikkelsen

    Any more news on Norwegian for windows ?

  • David Hama

    Hi! What is the status of the Czech language availability? Can’t see it on my Win app or the onlnine app. thanks. looking to buy biz solution when Czech is available. thx

  • David Hama

    Hi! What is the status of the Czech language availability? Can’t see it on my Win app or the onlnine app. thanks. looking to buy biz solution when Czech is available. thx

  • Tore

    Why is Norweagian only for Mac? 🙁

  • Doriel

    Hello Evernote!

    When will Hebrew would be included?

    I will be grateful for any help you can provide…

  • Simeon

    Is there any chance for Bulgarian ?

  • Timur

    What about Ukrainian? When?!