iPhone / iPad bugfixes and workarounds

Posted by Phil Libin on 12 Apr 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 12 Apr 2010

[Big Update: We were able to get all of these changes into Evernote for iPhone and iPad version 3.3.2, which Apple just approved. This should fix all the high-priority bugs on iPhone and iPad, significantly improve syncing performance and add new a much requested new feature – full screen viewing – to the iPad version. Check for upgrades over the next couple of hours and thanks for your patience!]

While we’re very pleased with the positive reaction to Evernote for iPad over the past week, some people are reporting problems with the latest versions of Evernote on their iPads, iPhones and iPods. These were introduced by the new iPad version, which is a “universal binary,” so the problems affected iPhone and iPod Touch owners, too. We submitted a bugfix release to Apple last week (v3.3.2) that should fix most of the problems. We’re also finishing up development of the next version (v3.3.3), which takes care of the last known outstanding issues, significantly improves sync performance and adds a much-demanded new feature. We hope that 3.3.2 gets through Apple’s approval process in the next day or two, but since pretty much every developer is sending in bugfixes these days, it’s hard to know for sure.

Easy fix

In the meantime, there is an easy fix that solves almost 100% of the problems: Just delete the Evernote app from your device and reinstall it from the AppStore. This will resync all of your notes and clear the problem.

Please note that this resync process may take a little while depending on the number of notes that you have, so we recommend doing this when you’re on a WiFi connection. Also, resynced notes will lose their “Favorite” status. You’ll also lose any notes that have been created on your device but have not yet synced to the service. You can tell how many such notes you have by looking in the “pending synchronization” group in your notes list. Usually, there’ll be either zero or one note there—and that’s the note that’s probably causing problems. We know that deleting-and-reinstalling the app is an inconvenience, but if you can’t wait for the updates to be approved, it will almost certainly solve your problems.

What are the issues

For the technically curious, here are the problems that some users are reporting, as well as when they’ll be fixed:

  1. Sync error “u2” — there’s a bug that makes it possible to create a totally empty note (nothing in the note body) on the iPhone and iPad. The app doesn’t know how to sync this note, which causes a sync error. Deleting and reinstalling clears this problem as does finding the offending note and editing it to put some text in the body, or deleting the note. FIXED in Evernote v3.3.2
  2. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 to run — This isn’t really a bug, but an unintended consequence of building a “universal binary”. Users who haven’t upgraded their devices to OS 3.1.3 cannot run the app. FIXED in Evernote v3.3.2
  3. Immediate crash on start — There’s a bug that sometimes puts the client into this state if you quit the app in the middle of editing a note. Deleting and reinstalling clears the problem. FIXED in Evernote v.3.3.3
  4. Slow “synchronizing headers” — Some users are reporting that the “synchronizing headers” step takes a very long time, especially on older-generation iPhones and iPod Touches. It will eventually finish if you leave the app running for a few minutes. FIXED in Evernote v3.3.3

Hopefully these bugfixes will be approved by Apple soon. In the meantime, the workaround should solve most problems. We’re sorry for the hassle. Developing for a new platform like the iPad is always tricky at first, but we hope the results are worth it. If you have any other issues, please contact Evernote Support and we’ll be happy to help you.


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  • Phil Bowman

    I had a problem over the weekend where every time I started the app (iPhone 3G) it closed again. Deleting and reinstalling (and resynching) solved the problem, though I had to wait till I was home on my wifi connection. Also lost some of the settings (favourite notes and notebooks). Any chance of making those properties of the elements in your database?

  • Ricky Rew

    I’m amazed & disappointed that it’s taken you so long to acknowledge these issues formally.

    Sadly I’m one of the many people who has unsynced notes and is therefore not willing to delete and reinstall. I’ve been patiently waiting for 3.3.2 to be released and fix the problem as instructed in the forums. Sadly, now it looks like I’ll need to wait until 3.3.3 before I can access the notes in question. Who know how long that is likely to be!

    Poor show – unimpressed!

    I’m sure the ‘results will be worth it’ for those on iPad – what a pity it screws up the experience of people without one!

    • Evan Lovely

      Hey Ricky, could you email your notes out of Evernote to your Evernote email address? Maybe that work-around could work?

      • Ricky Rew

        I wish. Sadly when I open Evernote on my iPod Touch, it automatically starts a new note, then crashes and closes. In all, it stays open for about a second. It’s utterly useless at the moment – with no end in sight.

  • Andrew

    Please get the real fixes up soon. Uninstalling works, for awhile, but then the same annoying bugs come back!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the new version. Cheers

  • joshua

    i’ve been having an issue with “slow synchronizing headers” as well.

    iphone 3g (3.1.3) with fresh install of evernote app was taking over 12 hours to sync. never did finish because i needed to use the phone. i have over 2,300 notes, is that part of the problem?

  • Scott Williams

    Hello Phil,

    Thank you very much for addressing this – I have been pulling my hair out all weekend on both iPad and iPhone, which is a testimonial to just how much I use your product for everything. I have my wife and children using it as well for idea tracking, projects, work, shopping lists etc.

    Thank you for your continued development.

    Scott Williams
    Boise, ID

  • Alex


  • Mike

    I have not used Evernote very much with the iPad at this point as I was on vacation and did not need to have a lot of access. Glad that a fix is on the way. How about full screen access to notes. I can’t figure a way to get rid of the navigation in the upper third. Also native drawing tool would be great. I have been taking notes with the Pogo Stylus on another app and emailing to Evernote as an image. Would be nice to be able to do directly in the program.

  • homeion

    Thanks for this note. I already had reinstalled Evernote on iPhone twice, so I guess I’ll be using it less until next update. For some people it sounds like End of the World as we know it. I call it a snag. Already using Evernote on 4 machines, so iPhone can have a vacation.

  • Clay Newton

    @Ricky I have unsynched notes as well, and what I’m going to do is email those to Evernote before I delete and reinstall. That will get them in ASAP. Just a thought.

    The Evernote app on iPad has totally revolutionized my day to day data management. I had it on the iPhone and it wasn’t working for me with that as the primary mobile access format. With the larger form factor, it’s almost the perfect tool!

    Nice work, people!

  • Paul

    Maybe slow down a bit and make sure the quality is there before you release things. You guys have been churning out releases almost every week to fix problems. Slow down and deliver a quality product. We don’t care if it comes out a week later I it works.

  • Charles Levine

    On my development iPhone running the new OS (iPhone OS4.0), Evernote does not sync at all. It syncs the headers, but that’s all. When I try to access a note, It tries and tries and then displays an error that there is a problem with the Evernote servers. Fix coming anytime soon?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Charles, we plan on supporting iPhone 4.0 when it is officially released.

      • Jeko

        The same to me…. I’m an iPhone developper and I use(d) EverNote for my job.
        Could you just fix it please ?

  • Bob Laycock

    On the positive side, I suppose all the frustration and aggravation shows how vital Evernote has become to people. Happily, I’ve spared for some reason (knock on wood). Hope things straighten for everyone soon..

  • Rex Dunn

    My windows EN won’t sync. Says Password not valid, but I’ve never changed it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Rex, that sounds like a job for our support team:

  • GregHK

    I have been impacted by the current problem now for about 10 days, I have already rebuilt my iPhone once when I did the upgrade to 3.3.1. I have over 3,000 notes which I prefer to store on my iPhone and this takes several hours, even over wi-fi. Another upgrade may mean that I also lose my favourites yet again. Once of my most used iPhone App, iNews is also not working since the upgrade and may also be fixed with with 3.3.2 or 3.3.3, although I cannot get an answer to this. Coincidentally because of Sync problems with Windows 3.5, also caused by a bug, I have also had to rebuild my Windows client in the past 2 weeks. I am a Premium user and suggest that just like Apple did several years in the early days of MobileMe, as an act of good faith, then Evernote compensate their premium users by extending their contact period by an appropriate amount of time. I will let Evernote decide what this should be.

  • Mike

    Will we be able to edit ‘Rich Text’ Documents on the iPhone iPad in this version? I don’t think it’s working on the iPhone and I’m still waiting on my 3G iPad. I would love it to be a fully functioning program for me! Any chances for Google Docs syncing/editing for premium users?

    • Steve

      Please give us “rich text” – I need it

  • Bob Carter

    I love evernote, no questions I would be lost without it. I have paid for the premium service, however the latest upgrade (iPhone) has been a little disappointing. I’ve reloaded the software a number of times, but I just can’t get it working. It starts downloading the headers and gets stuck at about 75%. I hope the fix gets sorted soon, because I’m lost without my trusty evernote for iPhone.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Bob, we apologize for the issues you’re encountering. We hope that Apple will approve our fixes very soon.

  • Phil Libin

    Big Update: We were able to get all of these changes into Evernote for iPhone and iPad version 3.3.2, which Apple just approved. This should fix all the high-priority bugs on iPhone and iPad, significantly improve syncing performance and add new a much requested new feature – full screen viewing – to the iPad version. Check for upgrades over the next couple of hours and thanks for your patience!

  • Oliver

    I just got evernote 3.3.2 and everytime I click on the notes tap, the program hangs with the big spinning dial. I can click other tabs but the notes tab doesn’t do anything. Just broken. PLEASE FIX!

    • Brady

      I had the same problem running iPhone version 4.0 OS and I uninstalled and reinstalled and everything is working now.

      • Brady

        I take that back. It worked for a second and then kept doing the same thing. Still can’t view notes.

  • Thiago

    Hi, I have the latestet version of Evernote in my iPhone and iOS 4.0.

    I can not send the notes are available on my phone, I send the note via email, but the recipient does not receive my emails.

    I hope this has a solution.

    Thank you.

    PS:sending my notes via email, was a function that always worked.

  • Chuck

    While the Ipad app is fine how does one web clip from the Safari browser on the Ipad? Emailing pages works but sending clips as with a desktop browser would be better.

    • Roberta karnofsky

      I am having same prob as chuck. Also cannot find settingsbfor Evernote on iPad. Top headers overlap and no way out of screen ie:home

  • Jamie Chapman

    I have the latest version of evernote on my iPad (running latest iOS), but i’m getting: “Please ensure your device’s clock is set to the correct year and try again.”.

    My device is set to todays date (06/07/2010 6:35:00 PM GMT), any ideas?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Jamie, please contact our support team:

      • barbaros aslan

        Just restart ipad after installing evernote

  • matt

    any answer to Chucks question? webclip on ipad possible ?

  • Frank Bradley

    I am also very keen to be able to webclip on the iPad as mentioned already by Chuck and Matt. Any response on whether this is possible?

  • Julie Gilbert

    webclipping on the ipad sure would be nice!! Any plans to add this??

  • Hixster

    +1 for some info on web clips , the iPad client seems pretty basic without this functionality

  • Aniya

    I am also interested in being able to webclip as I do via the Mac – but on holiday ATM and it’s proving quite a pain not being able to do it. Anyone???

  • Richard

    Another request for the web clipping on ipad

  • Greg harper

    Add another for web clip information!

  • Alex Giurgea

    Bug report: when I format a note (bold) in the desktop version and open it on the ipad for edit, I get an empty note. Also I deleted this way by mistake saving this empty note which synced back empty.

  • John

    Two things to make Evernote perfect for me: web clipping from mobile safari on ipad and integration with Feedler. Any news?

  • Walter Pike

    Web clipping on safari for iPad?

  • Ted Serreyn

    web clipping on safari for ipad (maybe with a bookmarklet?) or supported with other web browser like Atomic Web (it supports saving pages to offline and bookmark scripts)

  • Dan Howard

    Is there really no web clipping on safari for ipad? Please make this a priority

  • Chris Hauck

    Absence of web clipping from Safari Mobile is all that’s keeping me tied to my notebook. I’d much prefer to just travel with my iPad! Why no response from Evernote in this thread–Have I missed it?

  • Anis

    Ive recent;y started to use Evernote and cant seem to understand why sometimes when I open the application on my Ipad I can see all the note headers but when i click on one the body is empty. Ive realized that this is a random occurrence. Some headers will open one time while others will open the next time I open the application.
    Please help

  • Sarah

    I’ve just installed evernote on my iPad but I’m having a problem with the main menu at the top. For some reason all of the buttons are pushed together on top of each other and so I’m not able to go between the various pages. Kind of makes this useless for me.

    Anyone know how to fix this bug?

  • Kaydil

    I love Evernote but it won’t sync from my iPad, the device I use most.

  • Carl Hansen

    Web clip on ipad would make this perfect!

  • ScottNej

    I own an Ipad and downloaded the app for it. I tried clipping an article and emailing to my evernote address… but… it never shows up in my Evernote notebooks… The IPAD video shows how to do it…and I did exactly the same thing… Am I missing something?

  • Sam

    Why no response from Evernote about web clipping from the iPad? Would be a great feature to have and it would be nice to know if Evernote is working on it.

  • Dean2

    Glad I found this thread! I have spent the last three days trying to figure out how to web clip from my iPad. Now I know I can stop. 🙂

    Still wish Evernote folks would at least acknowledge seeing this issue even if they do not plan to fix it soon.

  • Melvyn

    “Rich Text” editing on the iPad is something users have been begging for since the first release of Evernote for iPad.
    I’ve just tried to move from OneNote to Evernote for my complete note taking needs (iPhone, Win7, and iPad) but without the ability to edit on my tablet the notes I took on my desktop, I can’t consider this a mature or full solution.

  • Mike

    Another vote for web clipping on the iPad. Any news Evernote or are you just going to leave us all hanging since….July of last year apparently? 🙁 C’mon guys at least give us a clue that you have it on the radar…please. 🙂

  • Paddy

    Sometimes silence is golden, Evernote peeps, but sometimes itmjust make you look like unconcerned idiots. Please, at least acknowledge our web clipping-on-iPad concerns.

  • Simon Bradford

    Guessing no news on web clipping for iPad? Shame.

  • Vicky

    Another request for web clipping to make iPad experience complete!

  • Thumbelina

    In the meantime an intrepid person has figured out a workaround to webclip from the iPad. It’s a little more work than just hitting a webclip button but if you use web clipping a lot it is worth it.

  • Disappointed

    It’s crazy webclip and richtext still aren’t builtin, luckily ios5, iCloud, spotlight and pages will give me the same functionality and a whole lot more 🙂