The Evernote Google Chrome Extension Gets Chromier

Posted by on 12 Apr 2010

Posted by on 12 Apr 2010

We love streamlining the Evernote experience. Fewer clicks here, faster access there, all in an effort to make capturing the things you like easier. Today, we introduced a big update to our Google Chrome Extension (current users will auto-update). At this point the extension is almost a full-fledged version of Evernote. Here’s why.

Note browsing

The Chrome Extension now lets you browse through your notes right inside the popup. We’ve added a small green tab along the bottom of the extension window. Click the tab to expose your notes. You can browse through everything just by scrolling. When it comes to searching and filtering, we’ve taken a cue from Chrome’s Magic Bar (their name for the do-it-all address bar). You can search through your notes and also filter by notebooks, tags, and saved searches all in the search bar. As you type, the bar will display matching filters with an identifying icon. Select what you want and those notes will show up.

When you find the note you’re looking for, click to open the note in it’s own window.


As always, clicking on the Extension without selecting anything pops up a Quicknote option, allowing you to create a simple text note right inside the Extension window. That Quicknote box now has a memory, which means that you can start typing into the box, leave the extenstion, and when you open it again, your thoughts will still be there. This turns the Quicknote box into an easy scratchpad for you to take down ideas as they come throughout your web browsing. When you’re ready, just click Save and the note will be sent into your account.

Please note, until you hit Save, the content in the Quicknote box will not be sent to your Evernote account.

Extension options

Right-click on the Extension icon and select “Options” to go to a Extension Options screen. This is where you control how your Chrome Extension works, including sort order of notes, whether the notes tab should stay open when you close the extension, destination notebook for clips, and more.

We’re really excited about these new capabilities. There is a lot of effort going into making the clipping experience across all of our browser extensions as great as possible. Lots more good stuff is on the way. Stay tuned.

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  • Davie W

    This doesn’t appear to include the bookmark clipper. ??

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Davie, that’s correct. The bookmarklet is not the same as the Chrome Extension.

      • Davie W

        Dumped the bookmarklet in favour of the extension 🙂

  • Dylan

    Um…. that is far more awesome than I imagined. Thanks!

  • Alisha

    I just downloaded and installed Chrome just to check this extension out. Oh my, I think I will be using Chrome a whole lot more! Any chance adding this functionality to Firefox?

    • B. Moore

      I agree, when in the hell is this extension coming to Firefox.

      Why release it on chrome first? I would think the user base on chrome is next to nothing compared to the user base on Firefox.

      So when is this coming to FF 3.6?

      I feel kinda gypped to be honest…

      • John

        Ditto on the FF diss.

      • John

        And BTW this is pretty awesome. Just would love to see in FF.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Each of our browser extensions is slightly different depending on the capabilities afforded by the browser itself. For Firefox, we made a clipper that can speak directly to the desktop versions of Evernote on Mac and Windows. For chrome, we tried making the extension entirely OS agnostic. This is a step forward for our browser extension strategy, in general. More improvements are on their way.

  • Colin Samuels

    This is another great example of Evernote going above and beyond its customers’ (or at least this customer’s) expectations! One question, though: I’m unable to sign onto Evernote from within the extension, but if I sign-in at the site and then return, then the extension is fully-functioning. Is this an issue with the extension or a result of some setting (cookie handling, perhaps) within Chrome? The site sign-in workaround is somewhat inconvenient but certainly not unworkable; I’d just like to fix it if I can do so on my end so I can give up Safari entirely.

    I’m approaching 10,000 notes in my account and I expect that this slick new extension is going to get me there very quickly! Thanks, guys!

  • Russell

    Woah great job on this! I just switched to chrome from safari. This super duper extension makes it all worth it! Any chance there will be a way to permanently remember the password so I don’t have to login to use it every week?

    Not sure if this goes against your policy on clippers, but it would be REALLY AWESOME if you recognized when you click the note button and you are using Google’s PDF Viewer, and then it just clips the PDF, rather than the google pdf viewer page 🙂
    For example:

    I imagine the clipper could just look at the url and trim that first bit off.. This would save me a ton of time clipping pdfs!

  • Martin Kelley

    Wow, this is totally awesome. It’s great to have my projects’ reference page so easy to get to!

  • Shawn Pack

    Thanks for this. I’ve been using Chrome now for quite a while (since beta of version 1.0) and I love this browser. I use it on my Mac at work and on PC at home. I’m not going extension crazy because I love the “clean” look of Chrome, but I do love that cool Evernote elephant logo on my browser window. I’m glad to have this extension.

  • vinitneo

    this is cool but aren’t you updating the Firefox add-on with this functionality?

  • Elsie Escobar

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! i love it!!!! This is pretty darn awesome 🙂

  • -Pablo-

    I won’t give up my beloved Firefox because of this, but I really wish we had such an Evernote extension like this Chrome thingy, too. Hopefully you’ll soon take that into account and port it over to the best browser around ;). After all, there are a lot of us, faithful to the Fox! 😉


  • Tim Vaughan

    If you try to clip a page with javascript disabled, you get “Expecting a function in instanceof check, but got undefined”. Is it worth checking whether javascript is enabled for that page and giving users a more descriptive error message?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • anders

    this is just GREAT!!!
    well done team evernote

    one thing i’m having issues with is the scratchpad, it doesn’t appear for me!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Anders, try clicking on the extension without selecting anything on the webpage. You’ll get the Quicknote box. That’s the scratchpad.

  • Heiko

    Nice one, but please give us the option or better change default setting to open up the notes in a new tab and not in a new window – new windows suck – allways 😉

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Dogan Tuncer

    It cannot clip content from multi-framed pages. I select anything in a frame on a multi-framed page and it says “Sorry, Evernote cannot clip this entire page. Please select the portion you wish to clip.”

    And in new tab page when i click evernote to open Quicknote box and reach Notes tab it says only “Invalid or unsupported URL”. I think in this situation it should open Quicknote box.

    • James

      I agree with Dogan; it would be very useful to just have your notes pop up if you’ve opened a new tab (so there’s no url), rather than displaying “Invalid or unsupported URL”.

      Great plugin… I love it!

  • Dogan Tuncer

    Also please don’t open pages after extension update. It updates automatically and suddenly a page opened. That’s annoying because I didn’t understand where it comes.

  • Stone Maison

    I have been using the Chrome extension just fine until today… The extension icon disappeared from the extension bar since yesterday, and installing it does nothing. It’s not listed under Extensions in the Customize Menu either. I’m stumped.

    BTW, when working, I love this extension.

    • Stone Maison

      As is often the case… the problem resolved itself after a cache clean and reboot.

  • tomek

    cant install on mac, it says:
    Variable $parametr$ used but not defined.

    what should I do?

    chrome version 5.0.375.6

  • atma singh

    hi, would love to be able to have an option where when i click on a note via the extension i can have it open via app evernote instead of web evernote.

  • Johannes

    Dozens of browsers and you pick chrome. Why?

    • Vance

      Google makes it really easy to develop extensions and has a fast-growing user base. I’m personally undecided but have gone back to FF since my Chrome got hijacked twice in a couple of months. I’ll come back to Chrome one day I’m sure, for now I’m happily using EN with the clip to EN feature in FF and love the Android app!

  • Filip


    first of all thanks for this, the UI looks great. I only have a problem, that very often, after a note has been clipped and then synced to the desktop version, the note formatting is messed up – text overlapping, etc. – so I usually have redo it using safari. Are you guys experiencing the same?

    • Michael

      Yep, I am experiencing the same problem. The last line of one paragraph usually overlaps the first line of the next paragraph after I clip to Evernote from Chrome. Everything works fine with the Firefox clipper.

    • Tom

      Same here.

  • buford koechig


    This COOL feature is yet another reason I use Chrome as my primary browser. I’ve been using Firefox since the Phoenix/Firebird days but Chrome has some nice features.

  • Ellen Pittluck

    What an awesome improvement! I just started using Chrome after many frustrations with Firefox, and my initial thought about this extension was that I didn’t like having to go elsewhere to read my notes. Terrific update!

  • Ignas

    Unbelievable! Thank you so much!

  • Stephen Hebert

    Digging the new extension! Keep it up!

  • Christian

    As much as I like Evernote I cannot share the enthusiasm for the following reasons:
    1) Password is saved only for one week. So I have to retype it every week. Why?
    2) It takes often long for its initial start. Would be much greater if it were connected to the desktop version. It is all about speed. For me it is too slow.
    3) No configuration option. For example I have to check each time “Save whole page”.

  • Greg G

    Chrome extension will not work…prompts for username and password, but will not accept password; however, if I open a new tab and log into evernoteweb using same username and password BEFORE trying to use extension, everything works fine. Running current version of Chrome and extension, BTW
    Would appreciate any help/comments/thoughts on this. Thanks!!!

  • Seth

    Cant sign-in thru the extension using Chromium/Vista (NOT Google Chrome). If I log in thru the web first, the extension works… running current Chromium build… 6.0.422.0 (48577)

    please fix

  • Brad Kynoch

    Same problem here. Can’t log into the extension pop-up because it won’t accept my username that I use in the Evernote login for every other browser and the web.

  • btgoss

    I love the extension, and Evernote. I find myself using it more and more every day, I’m well on my way to addiction.

    I need to use Firefox at work, and I have grown to really love the clip to desktop application feature. Is this going to be added to the chrome extension? I really liked adding to the desktop and syncing when I was done working.

    • Suhendra

      I am a Premium user. I use Chrome for mac for quick browsing because it is obviously faster than Firefox 3.6, But yes I agree very much Clipping to desktop is much snappier/faster/reliable. I think the chrome extension is also wonky in that when I switch windows, the loading bubble just goes away, and it takes forever to load.

      I really don’t want to be clipping from firefox. But for now, it’ll do…

  • Smokie

    I agree, the option to publish to the desktop version is nice for a lot of reasons. If you would add this as an option to the Chrome version (with the default off of course) I think that would really solidify this as the better addon.

  • Dan Wade

    I’m new to Evernote, loving it so far. Just playing about with this extension in Chrome and when I highlight a section, then go to the extension, it doesn’t save what I’ve highlighted. Am I going wrong?!

  • SimonR

    Love it but why do I have to login every single time I use it, drives me batty! Lastpass doesn’t remember it either so I have to login to the site in a browser every time I want to clip something, very annoying, I just want to use the extension.

  • Brian Lang

    Holy freakin’ slow extension batman (In Google Chrome on OS X). Used to be I could bookmark a site in about 2 seconds flat with Delicious’ tools. Now that I’ve switched to Evernote, it sometimes takes minutes to save a site – with or without clipping the page content. And forget about switching tabs, or doing ANYTHING else while it’s saving – it just stops saving the clip entirely. So I hit save, and walk away to get a cup of coffee. Come back 5 minutes later, and it’s still trying to save. Wowsers. Not all that useful.

  • Natan Yellin

    I agree with Brian.

    I seriously love EverNote – and I have tried every other notetaking & bookmarking tool out there – but the clipping speed in Chrome is unacceptable. If Chrome’s API wont let you save data to the desktop, then at least don’t keep the “Clipping page content” popup open while you sync to the internet. I can’t do anything else in Chrome while that dialog is open. Please, please, sync notes asynchronously, in the background.

  • John L

    “Holy freakin’ slow extension, Batman!” is right. (WinXP). This was ok until recently, it seems. Now, when I run it, my CPU and i/o usage just SPIKE and the thing gets unresponsive. What happened to “quick clip and move on”? (It gets nasty when autocompleting tags, mostly, but tabbing to the notebook dropdown is also painfully slow. Do y’all REALLy need to download megabytes of data just to auto-complete from a list of about 30 tags? REALLY???)

    Otherwise, yeah, great tool, and I’ll PROBABLY continue to use it, but suddenly seriously painful.