New Premium features: Note History and 50MB notes

Posted by on 14 Apr 2010

Posted by on 14 Apr 2010

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Update: Both Free and Premium users can attach any file type to a note.
Update: Premium users can also purchase up to 5GB of additional new upload allowance and up to 25 additional upload gigs in a year. [read the post]

Evernote Premium users have it pretty good. They get to put more stuff into Evernote each month, they can attach any type of file to their notes, their PDFs are searchable, and lots more. Today, Evernote Premium gets a major upgrade with the addition of two new features: note history and larger note sizes.

New Premium feature: Note History (aka Versioning (aka Peace of Mind))

Starting today, Evernote will begin taking a snapshot of your notes and all their contents. Several times each day Evernote will check to see if any notes have changed. If they have, it’ll make a new snapshot of those notes and add them to your Note History stored on our servers. And on and on like that. This means that you now have a running history of every note in your Premium account. There’s no limit to the number of snapshots for each note and old versions won’t count against your monthly new-note quota.

Accessing the Note History

You can access your Note History by logging into Evernote Web, clicking into a note, then clicking on the Note Attributes arrow. This will expose the attributes and a new link: View Note History. Keep in mind, even though your Note History is currently accessible from Evernote Web, it applies to notes created using any version of Evernote. We will be rolling this into the desktop and mobile versions in the near future.

What can I do with my Note History?

You have two options. First, you can view the previous versions of your note by clicking on them in the Note History list. Sometimes just looking at an old version (with some judicious use of cut and paste) is all you need. You can also export the note, which will produce an Evernote file that can be imported into either of the desktop versions of Evernote from their File > Import menu options.

Great for collaboration

Evernote Web lets you create Shared Notebooks. Premium users can allow others to view and edit notes within their shared notebooks. Now, as the owner of the Shared Notebook, you’ll have access to previous versions of the shared notes, giving you a better sense of how the note has changed and progressed.

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • The Note History feature does not capture every single change you make to a note, only the version of your note that is available at the time that the system makes the snapshot.
  • For efficiency and capacity reasons, the Note History feature stores the old versions of your note on our servers, not your local device. This means that you don’t have to worry about filling up your local storage with old versions, but you will need to have access to the Internet to recover an old version.
  • If you delete the note and then empty your trash, the note, along with its history, will be permanently removed. Remember that emptying your trash doesn’t affect your quota in any way, so the only reason to do it is if you want to permanently remove the note and all of its previous history.
  • Remember that any notes that you create in “local only” notebooks on our desktop Windows and Mac versions never leave your computer, so we won’t keep past versions of those. Also, If you move a note from a synchronized notebook to a local notebook, we will remove the note from our servers, along with any older versions.

New Premium feature: 50MB note limits!

Premium users can now throw more stuff into their notes. Single notes have been supersized from 25MB to 50MB, perfect for those large Powerpoints, Photoshop files, and more. Since we know you’re wondering, we are working on letting premium users upload more than 500 megabytes of new notes per month. Stay tuned.

We’re excited about these new, much-requested Premium features. More are on the way. As always, our focus is on making Evernote great for everyone. If these features push you to become a Premium user, great (and thanks). If you prefer to stay Free and take advantage of all that offers, don’t worry, we still love you.


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  • Minerva

    Does shared notebooks show up in desktop client or am I still farced to use the web client to see shared?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Shared notebooks are not yet available in the desktop clients.

    • Coe

      @Minerva: On the Podcast, the team has announced that shared folders will begin to roll out to the clients. It will come to the iPad and iPhone 4.0 first.

  • fatfreddie

    You guys and gals are amazing. You set the bar for developer/consumer interface.

    As a premium member (basically guilt-tripped into paying for the service because it’s fabulous) I’m happy with what I know how to use, but I would love to see a comprehensive print manual on how to use the whole shebang.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Keith Morrow

      I agree please provide a manual, even better in PDF format for printing. Many thanks.


      • Andrew Sinkov

        We have some manuals here:

  • Russell

    Evernote is trending towards perfection. 🙂
    All the more reason for me to recommend Evernote premium!!

    I can’t wait for sharing to get on the desktop clients.

  • Jason

    I’ve been premium for about 1.25 years now and I love it! Thank you so much for the increased attachment cap! I’ve been wanting to upload my long audio files of interviews and now I’ll never have to worry about losing them again!

  • James

    Awesome – love both of these new features. Will the Note History also keep previous versions of files we have attached to notes, or is it only for text notes?

    • James

      Nevermind – Just tried it and it works perfectly!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, it will take a snapshot of the note and everything in it, including attachments.

      • Linda Bjornson

        As of today I am not a premium member. If I join premium today will I be able to access my history PRIOR to joining premium?

        The issue is there is a lost file I can’t find. But I don’t want to pay the extra if the backup files only begin AFTER I sign for the premium.

        Please advise. Thank you.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Absolutely. There’s no limit on the total size of your Evernote account, only the amount of new notes that you can create in the current month. That means that whether you’re Free or Premium, all of the notes that you have in your account already will always be accessible.

      • David

        To make sure I understand correctly:

        –Evernote now has my History, containing my notes and files, since I became a Free member on 1/31/10?

        –I will be able to view this History when I submit payment to become a Premium member? (which seems fair btw)? Then I will be able to view this History path of my notes? And I can access these prior notes and files, containing the changes I made? (The files themselves, or screen shots?) ie, to use as backups or reminders?

        The answers to these questions will be a real help. Thanks.

  • Peter

    I love Evernote. I just have 2 suggestions for premium users for Evernote iPhone:

    1. Allow option to adjust the default font size on iPhone. I find the font is too small.

    2. Allow Evernote to remember the position of a note. As you know, it’s a pain to scroll down on the iphone, so when I am interrupted while reading a long article, I have to scroll all the way down and find the previous position, and that’s a pain in the ass.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Amy

      I agree with the second point. It would also be cool if it started up in the Notes page instead of New Note. Maybe a setting for where a user wants the app to open to?

      • Jim

        I second Amy’s suggestion. I am constantly irritated by the requirement to switch from “New Note+” to “Notes” every time I access Evernote on my iPhone. I rarely create new notes on my iPhone, although I’m sure there are many others who do so, but enabling this as a user preference would satisfy everyone. Thanks for an unbelievably useful product.

      • Michael Green

        This got fixed in iOS4 on the iPhone. Now when you enter Evernote, you go to where you left off, and not straight to the new note screen!

  • derlinzer

    When will the versioning feature make it into the Mac client?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I don’t have an exact date for you, but it will be there.

  • Tony

    Yet another reason to Love Evernote. I could not do my job without it now.

  • evermullah

    great, great and again: great.

  • Pauli Huhtiniemi

    Note History – I’ve been waiting for this feature, nice to see it’s finally here 🙂

    New revision after each save would have been nice (see Google Docs), maybe in future? How often is “several times each day”, once in a hour?

  • Carl

    Bravo….loving all the updates. The history feature is outstanding.

    Will the 50MB feature now allow us to capture an entire meeting using more than 20 minutes of recording time?

    • Shane Phillips

      they uped the recording time to 1 and 30 mins so u should be fine i just upgraded to premium because an invoice on one of my notes got erased by accident and i also love that i can make all my notebooks available offline. i will never hit the premium quota but it is nice to have the higher limits just in case

  • Dean

    Is there going to be a way where I can right Rich Media text on the Mac application and allow me to edit it on the iPhone or iPad without losing all the look to it.

    At the moment, most of my notes are basic text with no bold or check boxes cause I can edit them on the portable devices.

    I hope this can be fixed?

    • DM Cook

      Totally agree. This is one of the most irritating aspects of Evernote, and something I really hope gets fixed! It’s SINGLE-HANDEDLY keeping me from going Premium, since I can duplicate +/- 75% of Evernote’s functionality with Simplenote+NotationalVelocity. But I love Evernote’s richtext formatting! Please work on this!!

      • Oli

        I agree also – I am teetering on the edge of premium and this would tip the balance

  • David Sweeney

    Thanks for the updates. Love Evernote.
    Linking between notes. That would be most excellent.

    • staffan wide

      I agree. Linking between notes would be fabulous. It is one of the features I am missing on an otherwise fantastic product!

      • jane

        Couldn’t agree more.
        Linking between notes is just essential feature.
        Hey, guys, it’s the Web here! It’s all about links!

      • A B

        Yes, linking between notes is essential. OneNote does it excellently.

      • Alex

        Indeed. Linking between notes would be an excellent feature to have. It would make me use Evernote more.

  • John McLaughlin

    This is pretty sweet — I was just thinking a few days ago that one downside of evernote was if I accidentally frapped a note it was gone for good — This totally fixes that concern so thanks.

    One questions.
    1) Will there (or is there?) a way to search through note history? (so the search feature could be enabled to include history)

    My other question was going to be about attachments but I saw it answered above — pretty awesome.

    By the way — I’m usually pretty excited to see the podcast hit my feed — I know, that sounds pathetic but I really do enjoy it.


    • Shane Phillips

      i like the podcast too but i wish they would at least have them twice a month i know they are busy but i dont think twice a month is too much to ask for

  • David

    You guys continue to find ways to make premium memberships worth it. I’d been considering transitioning away from Evernote since some slides provided by my professors were in the 25-50M range, and Acrobat couldn’t reduce the size (due to Office for OS X outputting slightly corrupt PDFs). You guys provide a wonderful service, and I have to thank you for the constant improvements.

  • Martin Kelley

    Super, this is great. Another reason to love Evernote!

  • Mark V Wilson

    It would be great if you could do the following with Evernote:

    1. Print the titles of all notes in a single notebook as a list on a single page; and

    2. Export a notebook to a .csv file (with anything that’s not representable as raw text listed as a file name, link or other token).

  • Jean-Louis Brunet

    Evernote is awesome – without it my daily life (both job and private) would be so much more difficult.

    Question: when will we get the possibility to encrypt very sensitive notes?

  • Susie

    This is great. Thank you so much! Very much appreciated!

  • derlinzer

    I wonder if Evernote’s already rich and growing features will be present in the web, desktop and mobile apps alike: versioning and shared notebooks only in the web app, only video and no audio recording in desktop but audio on iPhone and neither of them in the web app. Clipping with notes and tags only with the bookmarklet but not the Safari plugin. This list could go on and on…

    The more fragmented Evernote’s features become the less i use it, because it gets too complicated to always take into account what actually can be done on the platform one is currently working with Evernote on.

    I became a paying pro user, not because i really needed all the pro features but because i wanted to support Evernote’s development as well. But i won’t renew my subscription unless they stop with adding a feature here but not there, or there but not here…

    Are there even any plans for streamlining all the features over the available platforms?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You make a very good point. Oftentimes, when we have a good feature, we prefer to roll it out and give you the benefit even if it is not yet available everywhere. That’s why you often see things first on the web, then in the desktop versions. Ultimately, the goal is to have consistency across platforms to the greatest extent possible. For example, we are committed to bringing note history and sharing to other versions of Evernote. There is also the other side of this story: some platforms are better suited to certain types of notes than others. Mobile phones are great for taking snapshots and recording audio because the necessary hardware is always built in. Whereas on desktops that hardware isn’t always readily available. It’s these sorts of factors that drive our decisions. Rest assured, you will be seeing greater and greater consistency as we move forward.

      • Sylvain

        I can’t wait to see the sharing features (seeing and editing) in the clients (Mac, iPhone, iPad especially). I went Premium for the sharing features, but having them only on the web is too limiting.

  • A.D.F.

    Great news on both fronts! I’ve missed the note history function since switching from the Version 2 application to Version 3; it used to come in very handy.

    Thanks for the continued good work.

  • Bionic Cat

    Another outstanding feature, thanks for the Everlove!

    One suggestion/comment: I read that if a note is deleted and the trash is emptied, the note and all its history is lost. It would be nice to have an option to keep those notes around and “restorable” for a week/month before they’re permanently deleted as a safety net. This could be not only useful as a safeguard against one’s own mistakes, but also a nice way to safeguard against the intentional deletion by someone with whom your sharing a notebook. (Sorry, probably sounds paranoid, but it could happen especially as more sharing features are introduced.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Technically, the trash is your safety net. You can leave things in your trash as long as you like. Emptying the trash does not have any effect on your monthly allowance, so you should only empty the trash if you really want to get rid of something.

      • Bionic Cat

        True, but what about the employee who deletes all the shared notes after getting his butt canned and empties the trash?

        My concern is more for the sharing model and protecting against malicious intentional deletion.


      • Andrew Sinkov

        Thanks for the suggestion. That’s not something we offer at this point.

    • Dave

      Yes, some sort of administrator bin that can be accessed after such a catastrophic event.

  • Gene

    Evernote is getting better every day! Absolutely love the iPad version.

    Two more things and it’ll be near perfect for my needs.
    – Password Protection on the entire app or individual notebooks
    – Shared notebooks on the desktop

    So close!


    I guess I have become addicted to Evernote also. There is two things I would still like to see and the first and foremost is Nesting of folders. Having a main folder and subfolders below it. Are you planing on offering additional or unlimited space for an additional fee?
    Thank you

  • Cliff Spicer

    If you can use this new feature to tell if a note has changed can it also be used to see if there are duplicate notes (scans) in an account? If so can I sort through these and delete these duplicates.

    Awesome work and great podcast


  • Brews

    But still no native linux client and no offline on android 🙁 I’ll support you guys when you support me.

  • Zygor

    This is pretty sweet — I was just thinking a few days ago that one downside of evernote was if I accidentally frapped a note it was gone for good — This totally fixes that concern so thanks.

  • lavage auto bordeaux

    Got hooked since about 2 weeks. Those notes are really handy! I’ve been recommending it to my friends, and so far 3 of them adopted it!

  • Timothy Kukler

    I’m on a Palm Pre and love Evernote! Thanks for supporting the Palm Pre this is the best application I have on this excellent phone. I’m upgrading to Premium today. I do wish it showed workbook tabs and not only limited to ordered-by-recent-changes.

    The History feature is a big winner, so thanks so much. This eliminates the risk of my accidentally wiping an important note.

  • Luke

    Great new addition indeed.
    How much longer before we get hierarchical notes / folders and ability to edit notes content similar to MS OneNote – drag containers, list elements etc. to reorder?

  • Zygor

    Awesome work, I have been using Evernote for a few weeks however I really like it. Thanks for the work you do, guys.

  • tony1512

    this is so fantastic evernote. It helps me very well. Big THANKS!!!

  • Michele

    I second the motion for nested folders. That would be of great benefit.

    • Dave

      PLEASE… lets leave the entire folder mess with Microsoft, tags allow you to accomplish much more with a great deal more flexibility.

      • Rick

        Can I ‘Like’ this comment?

  • Tripadvisor costa rica

    Good job! Thanks very much!

  • Guillo

    It would be great if we had a feature in Evernote Mac or Windows client similar to the voice recording feature in Microsoft One Note. This feature would allow me to record audio while taking notes and correlate the notes to the audio. This has been very beneficial to me in the past and would love to see it on Evernote. By the way, outstanding product. I just found out about Evernote and really don’t know how I survived without it.

  • Andrew

    I can’t tell you how much I love Evernote and how much it has changed how I organize my life. The main thing I would love is better note editing on iphone/ipad. The only time I ever have to go to my Mac and use Evernote on there is to add to a note or rotate a picture. If I could edit anything from Evernote on my iPad (or open it another application) I would be a happy camper. Appending a note just never seems to work the same as actually clicking on the text and typing away.

    Can’t wait to see where else this amazing piece of software is heading. Thanks so much for your hard work, and I am a proud premium user!

  • Dale

    We have been collaborating on the oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. We used Google docs but several of us did not like the changes from MS Word.

    Will this new Evernote feature make it easier for several people to work on the same document online?

    Can we use MS Word and Evernote together?

    If your interested, our firm, BioWorld has an EPA-NCP listed bioremediation product that will clean up all the remaining oil in the gulf marshes and wetlands. Our site is

    If anyone knows high level managers at BP, please inform them of our technology. Currently, LSU is doing another test just like the EPA Listing test on our BioWorld Products to re-verify the 97% biodegradation of crude oil in a few weeks.

    Thanks for a great product…

  • Natasha

    I’ve just upgraded to Evernote Premium and have been using it to easily access and study my notes while on the go with the iPhone evernote app. Am I able to view Powerpoint files on the Evernote iPhone app?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. The file will open in the iPhone’s native Powerpoint viewer.

  • Sebastian

    If I become a premium user for a month (to check it out) and I decide to become a free user again after this month, what happens to the notes that I have made as a premium user and that are not allowed for free users (e.g. a Word document)?

    • Shane Phillips

      u get to keep all the notes that u created when u were a premium user but u just cant do some of the extra things u could do when u were premium

  • tommyrod

    do you have to have the premium version of evernote to import microsoft 2007 onenote files/notes?

  • Tesfay

    I just upgraded to premium and I am very happy I did. I used the free version for the last 2 weeks and I was blown away with its power and usefulness. It is a great app (#1 in my books). Great job Evernotes team! I can see bright future for you, and by association, to the users who will benefit by the great improvement you will sure bring to Evernotes. I cannot wait.

    Thanks for a great app that will improve its users’ effectiveness – both at the private and work life.

    MY WISH LIST — 1) Password protection on notes/notebooks 2) editing capablity on the iphone.

  • Anon

    If I go premium will I be able to access my “text clips” as well as “jot pad” on my IPAD/IPOD TOUCH. right now I can only access my Jot Pad but not my Text Clips?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Going Premium does not change which notes you access from your devices. Both Free and Premium users can access all of their notes. Premium users get the ability to save entire notebooks to their iPad.

  • Michael Lykke

    Seven months later and the upload limit for premium accounts still haven’t been changed? Whats going on?!

  • Alex Galindo

    Please bring back the drag&drop feature, it was lost in 4x
    Great Product, I love it … but I am stucked in 3.5 because this

  • Paul

    Any ETA on audio within notes on the desktop version? I rely heavily on OneNote’s ability to record audio in meetings.

    I’m particularly fond of OneNote’s ability to highlight the notes I’ve written at each specific point in the recording. This would be great as well.

  • Babs

    WHY in the WORLD would you even NEED to use anything but EVERNOTE!?
    I hardly use any other applications. I just use EVERNOTE for EVERYTHING! Evernotedly, Babs

    • Shane Phillips

      me too and i just upgraded to premium will never it the quota but i love the offline notebooks and note history saved my butt when i deleted one of my invoice’s that i saved

  • Bethany

    took a little minute to figure out where exactly to find the arrow that would lead to the Notes History button, but once found it is excellent to have. thanks, guys!

  • vera

    sorry,My english is not very well,but I need help to backup one notes which is disapear,I didnot delete it,why my note lost? Could you help me?The tite of the note is”创新”, Please help me,Thanks very much.

  • Ng Teck Guan

    I just want to know how is evernote compared to dropbox. Both sync and enable share folder on mobile and desktop/laptop etc. Is there anything which makes Evernote stands out from Drop Box?

  • Elena Gerstmann

    nevermind. i wound up upgrading and took my chances. Yes, I can get history on documents that pre-date my premium membership. Thank you.

  • chris

    please! linking between notes!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Chris, you can actually link between notes. See this blog post:

  • Steve

    I love Evernote for note taking. However, I find that my to do’s get lost in the volume of notes. What is the best way to manage to do’s through Evernote? Is there an approach or an app that you recommend?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Steve, you can search for checkboxes using the search operators (see here: You can also create a Note Link, and paste it into your calendar.

    • Terra

      Hi Steve,

      You can also use the attributes filter, click on attributes->contains->to-do items (you can also choose to filter for only unfinished or finished to-do items).

      • Mike

        I add the letters ARX in front of my TODO. Action ReQuest X. It’s easily searchable and you’ll not every use it in any meaningful context.

        I also decided on this because I take ink notes on a tablet pc and those three letters are always recognized by handwriting recognition algorithms.

        It works for me.

        Good luck.


  • hmm

    My problem is that I accidentally deleted a note and emptied trash (had some problems with duplicate versions, and I still don’t know how I ended up without ANY version at the end of my cleanup). Is there any way to use Note History to recover it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The Note History is associated with the note, so if you deleted the note then the history is gone too. You can try contacting our support team for help:

      • Claude

        That’s not an effective way of handling backup. Dropbox, for example, maintains old versions of a file regardless of whether you delete the current version or not. Evernote should have an automatic backup with at least some sort of expiration window (say 30 days) allowing people with hmm’s problem some degree of safety.
        Rule of thumb: if it can happen, it will happen, so always have plan b.

  • Haider Waheed Khan

    Is there any limit on the volume of data that i can store on my evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There is no limit on the total size of an account, the only limit is on how much new content can be added in a given month.

  • Parker H

    Two questions before I upgrade:

    1) How far back will note history go (i.e. in two years from now, will i still be able to access all snapshotted versions of my notes from upgrade date to that point in time?)

    2) Any chance this feature will act retroactively? (i.e. have you been saving my note versions anyway, but I need pay to unlock them?)


  • Carmen Allen

    Ever since I upgraded to Lion OSX and upgraded my iPhone 3GS to that operating system, I can not view my notes on my phone, unless I email them to myself. I have not bought the premium edtion but I have recommended evernote to others who may need more applications then I do. I was totally happy with this free program and possibly in the future if I need more storage I would upgrade. Do you have any solutions for my problem? Yours Carmen

  • yenegh

    I accidentally deleted an audio attachment… anyway of retrieving this via history search?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      If you’ve deleted the entire note, try looking in the trash (it may just be in there). If you deleted the attachment only, and it has been synced to the Evernote service, try looking for it in your Note History (this is a Premium feature). Hope that helps!

  • Manni Cavalli-Sforza

    I am having trouble accessing the “Note attributes” arrow for a given note. A picture would be very useful. Is this feature still available in Evernote Premium and, if so, how do you access it? (If not — why not??)

  • CommonSense

    I sure wish the attachment size had been raised by now

  • Mita Ghude

    Just a note to anyone out there with the same problem, if you deleted the audio attachment while you didn’t have Evernote Premium then there is no helping you, it is gone for good. Just wasted $5.

  • Candi Sangster Watt

    So I have a note 3 and can’t figure out how to get the premium added to my account

  • Lee Jewell

    I updated Evernote last week. I was about to empty my Trash on my Desktop when I noticed Evernote in my Trash. I removed it. Is this an older version? Should I keep it?

  • Michael Sosis

    Having limits of only 250 shared notebooks is very limiting. I am a Premium user, work in IT and 250 notes are not enough!

  • John Ong

    Awesome. Just wondering: If I were to upgrade to a Premium Evernote, will I lose all my files that I have right now…?

    • Taylor Pipes

      Upgrading will not change anything with your current files or content that you have within your Evernote account.