Evernote bundled with Canon imageFormula P-150 scanners

Posted by on 19 May 2010

Posted by on 19 May 2010

We love scanners. LOVE THEM. A scanner is the perfect Evernote companion because it lets you eliminate the papers that keep you from embracing a clutter-free life. This is why we’re so excited about today’s announcement: Evernote is now bundled with new Canon imageFormula P-150 scanners, available for both Windows and Mac.

The Canon imageFormula P-150

This little number has become one of the most coveted pieces of hardware at the Evernote office, and for good reason. First, it’s just plain cool. This super-compact scanner may look like a simple sleek black brick, but it unfolds to reveal a powerful 15 page/min duplex scanner that goes wherever you go.

Looks only tell part of the story. Check out their retail box and you’ll see an Evernote logo right on the front. Why? Because Evernote is an integral part of this scanner. When you pop their CD into your drive you’ll be presented with two choices: install their software and install Evernote (we can assume you’ve done the latter). After you have installed the Canon CaptureOnTouch software, you’ll see two Evernote optimized options:

  • Scan to Evernote (Handwritten note): Will generate a JPG, perfect for our image search
  • Scan to Evernote (Document): Will generate a PDF. If you’re a Premium user we’ll make that searchable, as well

Once scanned, a new note is created in Evernote on the desktop containing the scan. From there, Evernote takes over, making your scan accessible from any computer or phone you use. It couldn’t be easier.

Get your Canon P-150 today!

These scanners are perfect for home, travel and small office environments. Get your scanner today. Your Evernote life will be better for it.

If you already have an imageFormula P-150, and would like the Windows or Mac Evernote-enabled software, you can get it here.


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  • Bob Sprague

    How does this compare to the Fujitsu S1300 scanner? I have a Fujitsu S510 but need to buy another. Comments appreciated. Evernote is great on the storage and search side of the workflow.

    • roland greco

      Please let me know what you find out. I am looking at the two fujitsu scanners 1300 and 1500 and trying to decide which one to get. thanks,

    • Elmwood

      I would like to “second” Bob’s question…
      (Is it possible to second a question?)

      If anyone knows of good review comparing this scanner and the Fujitsu S1300, I would be grateful for a link to it.

      • Jarrod

        We use the scansnaps, and we love them big time! The software they come with makes them really easy to use. I believe you can direct scans to evernote seamlessly through the software.
        I would like to try the Canon, but unfortunatley don’t have any comments on it yet.

  • dave

    Awesome, I needed a new twain scanner. Looks like a good fit.

  • Denis

    Where is the mac version? I have not seen it there? 🙁

    • LeeH

      Mac software is here:

  • Patricia Watsula

    You can check out additional product information at: and read a review on the product at:

    PC Magazine (,2817,2363572,00.asp)

  • Roger

    So can anyone else track down the MAC driver for the P-150?

    I have just had it delivered and the software included only supports PC’s. I have found a Canon press release that says they now do a twain driver and CaptureOnTouch Software for Mac but can not find it anywhere on the web.

  • Cerveza Artesanal

    Excellent all the products of canon are good quality and the Canon imageFormula P-150 is one of it i read the review at pc magazine 🙂 hacer cerveza

  • Hummy

    That looks really neat!

  • Bart

    If you have a Canon P150 without Evernot in the bundle, can you upgrade your software?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. You can get the updated software here:

      • Bart


  • Brett Williams

    About 18 months ago, I started using Evernote. Every month that goes by, I find a new use for Evernote. Love this service!

    A scanner would open a new series of uses for me. Thanks!

  • Jeff

    If I had one of these, I’d take it to meetings and scan the Agenda, etc. right in to evernote. Handouts would go right in too. I would pass on taking home a stack of paper.

  • Steven de block

    I make small drawings on postits, postcards and drawing books. Today I use my iPhone to digitalise and put them to the web or on my Evernote page. Todays iPhone 4 unleashes a better camera, but pricy. A handscanner keeps it all portable… And easy storable in the drawer.

  • Bob

    I could use that to store notes I’ve taken by hand or scan in documents that are still passed along (I would rather have them electronically please!)

  • Dave

    Awesome! I have three favorite uses for Evernote and the scanner makes this so much easier:
    1. save favorite recipes and on an unispired night, just search on ingredients I have in the refrigerator
    2. save professional articles dealing with managing behaviors in the classroom, then search on targeted behaviors for classroom management inspiration for managing the big challenges
    3. save tips for using favorite software, especially music notation software.

    I would love one of these scanners!

  • Michael G

    I just spent an hour sorting and filing OLD receipts and bills. I need something to take care of them as soon as I receive the mail in Hand.

  • Matthew simpkins

    Oh I so plan to use this. As a freelance mountain guide and adventure consultant I am always on the road or in the wild. Scanning maps, logbooks, hand sketches, medical forms etc so I have a safe electronic copy incase the hard copies get wet, lost, destroyed is invaluable! Evernote logs all my routes and trip details. Superb

  • Clark Venable

    I’d have it with me at the hospital to scan billing records on-th-go.

  • Carissa

    This would be perfect! I am on the road constantly because I work at 4 different high schools. I already use Evernote to document notes and forms from site to site. With the Canon P-150 scanner I can have better access to my paperwork and I can toss some of the documents that I lug around. The Canon P-150 can help me be green!

  • Kevin Sample

    I plan to use the scanner and Evernote to capture, store and organize business notes, sketches and documents. I know… BORING… but it’ll sure make my life easier & free up some time for more interesting activities!

  • Brock

    I scan in cards of the guests I have on my High Performance Computing podcast. Vendor material, and other. All the tax forms in the world, my annual performance review 🙂 and a way using my premium account to share old photos from my family with the extended family using a shared notebook.

    Thanks for a great product

  • Rick Coplin

    I plan to use the Cannon scanner to scan meeting handouts and attach them to meeting notes taking on my iPad, along with the pictures I take of whiteboards etc. to complete my Evernote notes. More bits, less paper!

  • Crloga

    Would make scanning everything into Evernote so much easier. I could scan items as I come across them instead of saving them up and scanning them at work.

  • Tetsushi Yamashita

    I am Japanese, so I know I can not apply,,,,,
    but the number of users which use evernote is, I suppose, very large!!!
    Please give us similar or more attractive giving away globally !!!!!!

    In case I am a staff of small or middle comoany,
    I set this scanner at office, and using this all staff scan various information and stock information.
    All employee and management can share the information through evernote, I suppose that sharing and touch information people may imagine something or improve his task or get hint for new business and so on.
    Setting up new evernote service, I think there is blue ocsean, one company ID and scanner for small or middle company!!!

  • TEss B.

    I use Evernote for school. A scanner would help me so much because I would be able to scan my notes on my computer and study them on the go with my iPod Touch. This would make my life easier and more organized. This scanner can help me, help others, learn.

  • Dave Gerlits

    I plan on using this scanner to processing all of the paper that comes into our home into images and storing them on Evernote.

    This scanner will make documenting my family’s taxes a dream, allowing us to collect all of our receipts and forms through the year, and have everything at our fingertips come tax time.

  • Matt Adams

    This scanner is totally what I need as a high school English teacher: I can scan in my students papers and then write on them digitally with my Wacom tablet!

    • Matt Adams

      …excuse me: students’ 🙂

  • Mark Coleman

    I have a few holdouts I still get paper bills from. This seems like the easy solution to digitize those.

  • Dan

    My apartment has so much paper that it’s threatening to end my marriage. I’m going to get rid of every scrap.

  • Dana C

    I’m a HUGE fan of evernote. I refer all my friends and try to get them to appreciate the beauty of evernote.

    It’s disappointing that I still write notes all the time and then end up typing them up. This scanner would totally change my workflow for the better and let me use Evernote for even more things!

  • Michael

    Although I use Evernote as my universal inbox and file cabinet, my main use of Evernote is collating and organizing recipes. While I’m doing fine with those I find online, I need to spend time scanning in all of those recipes cut out from magazines, newspapers and catalogs which are fraying and yellowing on my shelf.

  • dkmilan

    it is a awesome device! like it

  • T Mericle

    I would use the Canon Scanner to scan everything that comes in to my paper inbox that cannot be handled in 2 min or less. I use the GTD system and Evernote works very well to support that. I struggle with getting things scanned because the work scanner is black and white only and is not located near my desk. This would make paper flow much better.

    Having everything available and searchable on my work and home laptops means I can be more productive at meetings and when I work from home. I no longer have to carry my work laptop home, since everything will already be there when I sync Evernote.


  • Rick H.

    I plan to use it two ways:
    1) My son and I are heading to Philmont Scout Ranch next summer and the scanner and Evernote will help us coordinate the trip with the other scouts.
    2) It’ll help pull together professional articles for my wife’s business.


  • mcapehart

    Thanks for offering this. I was just looking at these on Amazon the other day. Would love to have one, but a little pricey, so I backed off for now.

  • Brenda

    Just one step closer to a paperless office.

  • Richard E

    I’m a new Evernote user and have been looking for a way to capture paper meeting notes and receipts. So I’ll be using this scanner for exactly that!

  • Robert R

    As a music teacher and amateur composer, I end up with piles of sheet music (I do all my manuscript by hand!). I currently scan at Staples (or on my HP Photosmart, but it’s clunky), then upload manually to Evernote.
    Having a dedicated scanner would probably make things MUCH easier. Great to see Canon adopting such a great organization tool into their software/hardware.

  • Madara

    I would scan EVERYTHING to Evernote with this scanner. Bills, docs, mail, etc.

  • fffv

    if I had one of these I would scan stick figures I draw on legal pads when I am at work.

  • Sonja

    I would use the scanner to scan the many papers that my boys bring home from school. Also, my sketches for better organization and manipulation.

  • Danny

    I have just started using Evernote as my exclusive organizer for work. If I had this I would be able to scan everything right at my desk rather than having to go across the office to scan and email back to Evernote.

  • Steve S.

    I like to scan in my annotated architectural sketches, ideas, and details. Being able to search on the note title, typed texts, and text within the scanned images is an amazing feature of Evernote. It would be a lot easier if it went directly to Evernote from the portable scanner! I also find cool projects and article in my older architecture magazines, scan them and recycle the magazine to free up shelf space and make referencing them easier.

  • Patrick

    It sounds like a dream, scanning all those documents and importing them in Evernote to never get them lost…. and even better to find them back using a ferfect and sofisticated search function. Great idea…. thanks.

  • Jody Gourley

    If I won I would have more ammo to convince my wife to use Evernote. I just got her switched over to using GMail, Evernote is next.
    Thank You

  • Richard Sugg

    I would start throwing away the mountains of receipts as I scanned them and would archive important docs like insurance, bills, etc. as I scanned them. I’m tired of filing cabinets and those stupid accordion folders full of papers I’ll only need once in my lifetime and would be just as well served doing a search in evernote!


  • Mike Henderson

    OMG this would be amazing. I recently went back to college after 16 years and I’m a mess. I would actually be able to scan in everything covering my desk and see the color of the desktop. Between bills, receipts, photos from 1984, work documents, home documents, and anything else I can shove thru the scanner. Please please consider me for the giveaway!!!!!

  • Ted

    I would use this scanner to eliminate paper from my life. Currently thinking of receipts, manuals, warranties, etc.

  • Jesse Jones

    I own my own business, and I already use Evernote to store receipts, but I’m very lazy about scanning them in. I would love a fast/easy way to run all of my receipts through to the computer as efficiently as possible.

  • buford koechig

    I’d be filing my taxes each year WITHOUT filing for an extension. I save everything I can to Evernote as it is but the little scraps of receipts we need to keep but can never find would be fed to this little monster without delay.

  • Leslie Schiff

    I’m a University professor, drowning in paper at home and at work. I share both my home and work offices with my husband. The dueling “vertical stacking filing systems” on both of our desks and the floor has led one administrator to claim that our office looked like we were ready for an episode of one of those ‘hoarding’ reality TV shows. This scanner and Evernote would keep us from becoming reality TV stars.

  • bill

    Thanks for making a great offer. I would use it to go as green as possible. I coach, pastor, teach graduate classes and seminars. I would use it to process student papers and client intake forms. Plus all the notes I scratch out to create classes and lessons. I keep all of these materials in Notebooks in Evernote since it ocrs them and I can find them later.

  • Ken

    This would be great. My son is in Cub Scouts, and I am the den leader. We get all sorts of papers, and it would be great to just scan them into Evernote. Then I would just share them with everyone in the den.
    It would make paper sharing so much easier.

  • Scott

    Sketches done on a piece of notebook paper in a cafe… diagrams written on the back of an itinerary… my time on the road is full of informal, quick meetings and usually leaves a paper trail almost impossible to catalogue in physical form for quick future reference. With this scanner I would scan the drawings directly into Evernote, add comments, and share them with partners within an hour of the conversation. Would completely change my game – and the best part is, scans can’t get left in your pocket and run through the washing machine!

  • Tim Visher

    I do two huge things with paper. I have my Field Notes notebook, a larger format notebook, and receipts. I’m constantly in the two notebooks and the receipts pile up on a nail until I get around to filing them. I would love to have a scanner that actually works easily to get all of that stuff into Evernote and get rid of all that paper!

  • Michelle L

    Ohhh…this would rock! I am currently saving all of my receipts for the year in the hopes that my sales tax deduction will be larger than the default one given by the goverment (and it seems likely, given our sales tax rate is almost 10%). I would LOVE being able to scan in all those receipts and have them handily searchable via Evernote. It would make doing my taxes at the end of the year a snap!

  • Ran

    Wow, this would be heaven. I have tons of papers at home that I would love to get rid of…
    I have huge folders of bills, receipts, notes, and what not.
    It would be so great to be able to scan all of these into my computer and rid myself of all these papers.
    Never having to keep papers anymore… what a nice thought 🙂

  • Mark M

    Love Evernote! I travel 80% of the time and end up dragging all my receipts, customer documents, and misc stuff back with me home to scan in. Having a evernote integrated PORTABLE scanner that would fit in suitcase would allow receipts (Meals, hotels, car rentals, spa treatments, …) hand written notes done onsite, customer docs given to me, and misc stuff to be scanned immediately and not dragged around the country.

  • Bill Graca

    I’m going paperless. Evernote and the Canon imageFormula P-150 are the keys to this goal. This beauty of a Canon scanner looks to be travel friendly so, when I’m away from the office on business and need to scan receipts for expense reports or notes / drawings that my colleagues create in meetings I can pull the scanner out of my briefcase – pop the content into Evernote and have a wonderful electronic copy of the item at my fingertips to remember later.

  • Lee Rosa

    As a Real estate agent, I utilize Evernote EVERYDAY! I as it is now, I must walk across the office (20,000 sqft) to get to the scanner to send (directly) to my email my contracts, forms, scripts, receipts, pamphlets, etc.

    This will save me about 30 minutes a day (of walking back and forth), if I can have the scanner in my office

    i heart evernote.

  • Billie Jo

    This possibilities are endless. But, for starters I would scan in my children’s artwork from when they were small. The paper doesn’t always hold up over time and wouldn’t want to lose the precious memories. Oh and all of the family photos that were amassed prior to the digital age…I could go on and on.

  • Linda

    I have years of handwritten notes saved for writing poems and stories that I would love to scan into my computer. Would I part with the physical paper? I think I might be ready to, which would make my loved ones happier. I get teased a lot about saving paper, and as a writer I’ve always had a good excuse. Until now.

  • David

    My moleskine gets filled with short story ideas, poems, sketches and notes for upcoming articles and drafts. I would LOVE to not have to copy them a second time into Evernote, which is my final tool box and storage for everything. What a useful pair this would make!!

  • Tim Cook

    I’m a college teacher and am inundated with paper; from students and the stuff I generate myself. This would allow me to share in a much more environmentally friendly. More importantly I could organize it with evernote which would be great.

  • Samantha

    To be able to scan in and use Evernote to keep an electronic copy of all of my records would be an epic help to me and my husband. This scanner would be perfect for organizing my military lifestyle. Everyday, the military is going more and more paperless, but all of our records from the past 10 years in the Air Force are paper based. It would be even better for him, because it would be an easy way for him to track the different training certificates.

  • Merlin

    Does it work on Ubuntu?

  • BabsBabsBabs

    I may have a HISSYFIT if I don’t soon get a scanner! Living in the SOUTH, one knows NOT to underestimate the value of a good hissyfit if you don’t get what you want!! Don’t make me have a HISSYFIT…..just send the CANNON so I won’t have to send YOU one if I don’t get it!(But even then, I could recover….I just COULDN’T recover without EVERNOTE! Thanks so much for all you do!
    LOVE the new update. Babs

  • Chris Denney

    I’m a salesman. I plan on taking all of the notes and drawings I make during sales calls and scanning them into Evernote. I already use Evernote to keep track of sales projects. This scanner would make the “work” so much easier and help me to focus on selling.

    If I win, I’m going to be in the middle of the Atlantic on the 16th so I won’t know. Eek!

  • JayB

    I stand on the mountaintop and preach about the amazing usefulness of Evernote to anyone who will listen. To date, I have converted my wife (an active garden writer), my daughter (a PhD candidate with new research notes to organize daily) and four friends with very different lifestyles. All are amazed at how Evernote helps them carry, organize & recall information. Now if I had this fine Canon scanner, we could really use Evernote to its fullest capacity, starting with two files drawers of magazine clippings and a a couple of boxes of last year’s research notes. Daughter could have her hands on the relavent research note or article in seconds, rather than digging through the box for half an hour. Imagine the possibilities!

  • Bill

    I scan into Evernote virtually all of the documents related to students’ tuition, financial aid, accident reports, registration, etc. here at this private high school. I also scan items that will be needed for the annual financial audit and other periodic projects. Gathering all items in one location to facilitate scanning is a challenge. The availability of a portable scanner such as the Cannon would greatly enhance my use of Evernote.

  • Jon Prescott

    I plan to use Evernote scans to eliminate the huge stacks of paper that accumulate on my desk. It will be wonderful to search them electronically rather than archeologically.

  • Benjamin G shaw

    This would make my wife and I able to get our lives a business organized and have more time so spend enjoying life.

  • Benjamin

    I’ve been using Evernote for over a year and it has revolutionized my life! It makes it incredibly easy to keep track of a variety of projects, plan vacations and business trips, and keep track of my notes from my meetings with friends and co-workers.

    The iPhone application is incredible and a great tool for capturing things on the go (like business cards), but I really need something like the Canon imageFormula scanner to scan in full page documents at work and to take with me outside of the office!

  • April

    good heavens, what wouldn’t I do with a cool scanner like this? I have been trying to organize paper receipts and take them to work and scan them into a PDF and email them to myself and taking that to put into evernote from there…
    I have maps on paper for potential races for Purple Day 5k for epilepsy that would be great to get into my purple day evernote folder..
    I would love to be able to go as paperless as is humanly possible.

  • steven meyers

    i would use the scanner to memorialize charitable estate gifts donors make to our not for profit organization through wills and trusts. that way, we’d be able to generate a perfect permanent record (beyond paper) of important legacy gifts that support basic science research for the benefit of humanity.

  • David

    Have been watching this scanner for a few weeks – waiting for a price drop before jumping, but it looks like a quality device and has positive reviews.

  • chris tackett

    You know what would really suck and maybe even haunt a person on a daily basis? Not being able to file your 2009 taxes because you stupidly lost an envelope of receipts when you moved across the country. Anyway, cool scanner!

  • rockychocbill

    Is this a sheet fed scanner? Is it similar to those smaller scanners that scan business cards and receipts simply by inserting the document into them? If it is, then cool. If not, then I guess the small form factor might be helpful to the business traveler but for me I’ll keep my Canon Pixma MP990 wireless printer/scanner, complete with film/slide scanning adapters, and just scan my receipts into Evernote like I’ve always done. The most annoying thing about scanning is having to lift the cover for every scan.

  • Tony Butka

    I’ve been using an older ScanSnap to pdf all my documents & case notes. Taking this portable scanner with me & my notebook would make it all instant and synch’d with home & portable. Cool.

  • Andrew Cavanah

    I have been writing lots of correspondence by hand recently as a way to be more personal with my family and friends – but once i send the letter I obviously lose the original. I will use this scanner to scan and save my personal letters and correspondence into Evernote so I always know what I have written, and am able to have a copy for my personal pleasure and records. : )

    cool contest!

  • JohnH

    This scanner would be such a cool addition — the possibilities are endless. I am an avid gardener and one thing I would like to do would be to scan the seed packs for things I have planted into Evernote and then associate that with records of how the plants do during the year.

  • VRBurton

    I am a schoolteacher and use Evernote for lots of things now. With a scanner the possibilities would be endless. I would…
    SCAN and SHARE
    SCAN and STORE
    SCAN and SCAN

    I would use the scanner for…
    Student Work
    Personal Papers
    Professional Documents

    Here is a wordle that I created to show my uses for the scanner.

    Don’t know if it will embed but here is a try

  • Sean Corcoran

    Would love one of these scanners. I am an academic and constantly take notes at conferences, presentations, lectures, and so on. All of these notes get scanned and saved to Evernote whenever I have the opportunity. This desktop scanner would help tremendously!

  • Jesse

    Evernote has been great for me so far, but without a scanner like this I’ve only been scratching the surface of what it can do. I keep a lot of web clips – recipes, how-to’s, good articles, etc and would love to bring my current “paper trail” into that Evernote goodness!

  • robinfairchild

    I like this for its compact size and portability. I would use it for all manner of scans and it would work well with Evernote I have no doubt.


  • SusanBS

    My brain is definitely Evernote compliant. I use Evernote for just about everything! I am self-employed and am an adjunct at three universities. The paperwork and receipts for taxes are unbelievable and complicated to keep track of. This scanner would be a life saver and save me money too! I also get lots of papers that I try to store in old-fashioned colored folders. I would love to do away with them all. Thanks, Evernote for the many opportunities. Not a day goes by when I don’t file dozens of new notes.

  • JoeB

    This would be awesome; it would put an end to all the random pages that float across my desk at work.

  • Pratik Multani

    I really could use one of these. I’ve got a backlog of old financial documents that I don’t want to dump but are taking up too much space!

  • Mark Silver

    Guys: Love Evernote! I use it all the time from scanning receipts; to scanning user manuals (then I throw out the old one); to duplex scanning magazine articles, synching it with my iPad and then reading the article offline when traveling. Add to that, coupons, sheet music, bills, and shopping confirmations, to scanning old wine labels… oh man, the list is almost endless. Keep up the good work!

  • Pat W

    I love Evernote. I would use the Canon P-150 scanner with Evernote to aid in my quest to go paperless. Receipts, documents, etc. — all scanned and stored in Evernote, fully searchable.

  • CPalmer

    Wow! I can see so many daily uses for this awesome tool. In my professional life I can scan students’ assignments, notes from administration, etc. In my personal life, I will scan receipts, recipes, and notes from my children’s schools along with all of their sports schedules. Way to go Evernote and Canon — a great way to simplify busy lives!

  • Canon Scanners

    This scanner is a tremendous value and is very portable. I carry it with me on all my sales calls and sales trips.

  • Scot Newbury

    As an evangelist for Evernote this would be a fantastic addition to my collection of gadgets. The ability to scan the stacks of materials I have (I run a training organization) as well as the ability to have a scanner with me when I travel would be HUGE.

    I have to admit, the folks at Evernote have really been turning up a notch of late and I for one am glad I upgraded to Premium to support them. (Of course the features are pretty sweet as well.)

  • Amar Rama

    This would be awesome! This is the last piece of the puzzle for me to let my life catch up to me instead of the other way (physically speaking). This way, I can scan every last bit of mail, receipt, todo list and whatnot and have it with my on my evernote account.

    With our first baby on the way (anytime now) and other big life changes, this will allow me to love my wife and reduce her stress by taking care of all the open items and odd ends thanks to Evernote 🙂 Anytime something needs to happen, she just needs to stick it in the scanner and click scan to Evernote – faster than sending me an email ;)! Sweet!!

  • Sam J.

    I need to scan all my receipts. They are everywhere!

  • ToddS

    Uses? Let’s be serious, the uses are nearly endless. I left my job last month to found an online start-up w/ a friend, but we’re on a pretty tiny budget. All of those notes, legal papers, invoices, and business cards? Done! Sorted! Available on my mac, iPod touch, or my Droid, whenever I want.

    And all of the papers, magazine clip-outs, and drawings I amass when creating new art projects? Or the family cookbook I’m designing? Done! Sorted! Available anywhere! No more uploading photos from my phone’s camera & having to waste time neatening them up in a photo-editor. This is streamlined. This is EFFICIENT.

    But most important of all? I travel, a lot. So the portability of this thing is what is so key. Now I’m just praying that the random number generator you’re using to select people will be in my favor. Come on, Lady Luck!

  • Glen

    I see using this for tax deductible and warranty items as well as replacing my paper file system with a electronic file.

  • Kish

    I’ve been using evernote for 18+ years. My grandpa first introduced me to it and he uses it to keep track of treasure maps and notes and clues to help him find the treasures.
    If I won the scanner i would present it to him so he could scan documents and papers he finds into evernote so it would help him find the treasures faster.

  • Virginia

    Can you scan books with it? Or does it have to be fed with single sheets?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This is not a flatbed scanner. It needs individual sheets.

  • Jason B

    If I had this scanner, I’d jam on my newly upgraded Evernote account by scanning as PDFs everything I could get my hands on, including

    – Receipts
    – Old grad school papers
    – DVD covers, in prep for going all digital with our DVDs
    – Love notes from my wife… 🙂

    Plus, Evernote is drawing for it on my birthday. It’s just one of the ways I’m hoping to get lucky on June 16th.

  • Bryan

    This would certainly be a great way to scan all my meeting notes while sitting at my desk. Currently I stack up a week’s worth of notes before having them scanned and emailed to myself (and subsequently forwarding to my evernote email address). Being able to scan and deposit into my monitored evernote folder would be a magical time saver!!!

  • brad

    now that a new child is on the way I may actually be able to see the floor under the paper before he/she arrives

  • James McLellan

    Evernote rocks! I have a couple of older Canon scanners and they’re so slow that it’s a pain to use them. If I had this little beauty my enjoyment of Evernote would reach new and exciting levels. Frightening really … in the most delightful way!

  • Valerio Sormani

    As soccer trainer, I would used it for scanning handwritten training sessions and match postions and plays, so I can reflect on improments or corrections…

  • Nostradoofus

    Please post a link to a retailer that stocks the Mac version (Canon imageFormula P-150M). Amazon carries the PC version only (P-150). In Google Shopping, three P-150M vendors show up, all out of stock.

    • Martin

      P-150 (without M) is backwards compatible with MAC, you just need to download new driver from

      • steve

        The image on this blog post shows Evernote integration working on a Mac, but the link to the drivers on the Canon site only has Windows drivers.

        Can you really buy the standard version of this scanner and download the Mac drivers somewhere? Or do you have to buy the Mac version of the scanner from Canon?

      • Nostradoofus

        Thanks, Martin. Based on your reply I have just purchased a P-150 and will post the results.

      • Nostradoofus

        Just to follow up: the P-150M is now widely available, for those who don’t want to install the new driver themselves.

      • kontiki

        On my Mac I use NO driver, instead I use the ultra simple built-in Image Capture.

        Any scanner will scan directly into Evernote on Mac. Click “Scan to:” and choose Evernote from the menu.

        I’m sure this Canon is a rockin’ machine and I mean no disrespect. I am a simplicity enthusiast.

  • steve m

    How do you scan to evernote on the PC version? I downloaded the latest and don’t see that option.

  • Shamblesguru

    DRAT …. the Canon Scanner does not ship outside of the USA .. from

  • Spencer Odell

    I would love to have this for using with Evernote©!!

  • jezze

    I have wanted a portable scanner for so long! I invariably end up with these notebooks that all my important and sentimental memorabilia; including receipts and photographs, jots and doodles, fortunes from cookies, & magazine articles just get lost in. I love that Evernote helps me sort, store, and finally ENJOY all the little things that bring a smile to my face when I’m out and about. You guys are super rad, and totally my new tech heros.

  • Document Scanners

    Nostradoofus – The Canon Scan-tini for Mac is available from our online shop!

    Great scanner and great value! $264.00

  • LyleCPatt

    LOVE the P-150 with Evernote….The combo has allowed my real estate business to go completely paperless (ok, occasionally I have to print a doc, but usually for someone else) and HIGHLY portable. Neanderthals still send me paper, so the P-150 gives it to me in a file that Evernote then indexes…perfect! I go from home to office to client site to vacation, to wherever, with a highly searchable (thanks Evernote) COMPLETE file cabinet in my Macbook Pro. (I also use Dropbox for the really big files). I leave a portable printer in my car for emergencies, utilize the iPhone app when running around without the MBP, and the iPad app is handy when traveling out of town for the day. It’s costs a bit, but it is a great VALUE!

  • LyleCPatt

    ONE MORE THING….P-150 comes without a case. I looked long and hard for something that would protect it inside my Waterfield Design Bag. Nothing seemed to fit the unit well. Ready for this….a thick camping/hiking sock (black looks best) from REI. Twelve bucks will get you a pair (I know expensive socks, but cheap cases), well crafted, soft so it won’t scratch the beautiful finish. I roll the end up so it wont fall out….it won’t impress your friends….but the P-150 will. Geek Cred!

  • Mike

    Hmm.. I have a premium account, the p-150, a mac… How the heck do you connect this thing to Evernote? It’s not working out of the box and all I can use is the bundled Canon software. Evernote needs to have a step by step tutorial to get it to get your scanned items into your Evernote account…

    • Henry Imler


      When you launch the Canon software, you can configure it to scan to Evernote when you press the scan button on the P150. I’m not at home right now or I’d give you more detailed instructions. The Canon scanner utility *is* the passthrough that makes scanning into Evernote work.


  • Mark Stoker

    Cannot get the ‘Scan To Evernote’ to show up ?

  • Gerry

    Q. Does the software allow for multiple users? Can several people scan and organize on the one scanner without having to re-sort every month/week? Said differently; can I sort receipts to different people in one office from one machine?


  • Mary Dillon

    Cannot find option to scan directly to Evernote on pc

    • faey

      I also bought the canon p-150 for use with a mac.
      Unfortunately I haven’t got it work: have a case open with Canon.

      Neither image capture nor the captureontouch recognize the scanner at all. The scanner is directly attached per USB, no USB hubs in between.

      This is not the first case I have read about this scanner not working in different forums on the net.

      I definitely wouldn’t have bought this scanner if it hadn’t been so widely publicized here.
      The scanner works without a problem under windows: plug and play.