Evernote Web Gets File Drag and Drop in Chrome and Safari

Posted by on 27 May 2010

Posted by on 27 May 2010

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Every so often our engineers introduce a feature that has me staring at my screen slack-jawed, wondering how in the world that sort of magic is even possible. Today is one of those days. Evernote Web now lets you drag and drop files from your desktop into notes when using Google Chrome or Safari.

No way?!? That’s so cool.

You have two options:

  • Grab a file from your desktop and drag and drop it onto a notebook in the left-hand notebook panel. This will create a new note containing just that file.
  • Open a new note and drag the file into the note. When you drag the file over the note, you will see a green bar appear along the top of the note. Drop it on that green bar.

Log into Evernote Web to try it out for yourself »

Don’t forget, free users can attach images, audio, and PDFs. Premium users can attach any file type, up to 50MB.


Sharing and collaboration

Evernote Web allows you to share your notebooks with individuals or the world. Evernote Premium users can grant others the right to edit notes in these shared notebooks. The drag and drop feature works for these shared notebook, as well. Learn more about our sharing features here.

Other browsers

We currently support Google Chrome and Safari. We will try to enable these features in other popular browsers once more advanced versions of those browser are released.


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  • joe

    once again, better and better with every little update. thanks!

  • Vladimur

    Is it now finally possible to modify as guest (without login) a shared notebook by a pro member?? That would be great!!!

    • Awesome-O

      @Vladimur: Every run a wiki or blog online? Your shared notebook would be a bot magnet — you’d most likely have a notebook full of spam before you could blink. IMO it makes sense to just have people quickly register / login before manipulating notebooks. …or maybe I misunderstood your meaning?

  • Idegen

    Why no Firefox 3.6 support? The browser supports this, as demonstrated by Gmail.

  • Paweł

    Why multiple files don’t work? Gmail handled this somehow.

  • Nick

    The seemingly limitless coolness of Evernote never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work. My compliments also on the Chrome extension, which is also fantastic.

  • Jan

    WOW- That is amazing- thanks for coming up with new ideas !

  • Ian

    Great work. One question though: didn’t Firefox ship “drag and drop” capability with 3.5 and add features to it in 3.6?

  • Brett Terpstra

    Holy cow, that IS cool.

  • Brett

    Nice. This is a very slick feature, however what about the basic feature of sorting notes by title on the web version? This is still inexplicably missing.

  • David

    Great feature but when are you guys going to overhaul the UI to make it simpler use? I tried to recommend the iphone app to all my friends and they think it’s too complicated for quick notes.

    • Connie

      Simpler? On iPhone, open Evernote, tap the Text icon, begin typing. How can it be easier??

      Adding a picture note? Tap snapshot instead.

      I don’t understand your comment…..


  • Fikri Rakala

    This feature make it easir to use Evernote

  • Henry has this for other browsers as well (I use both Evernote and

  • Rob Dyson

    Okay that is pretty cool! Any chance this function could work for Desktop version?

  • Rob Dyson

    Ignore my last comment – I just tried and see that you *can* drop and drag into desktop version! I just peed my pants.

  • John

    Hi, will this be made available for Firefox? Thanks for an incredible program!

  • Rick

    This is a great feature. This feature brings me to a point where I don’t need to open up my desktop app for the majority of my Evernote needs. Very cool.

  • dj

    Firefox would be great.

  • ed

    Very nice, I’ll use this in several situations – any chance we will see multi-selected files dropped into separate notes? That is select 10 photos drag drop and get 10 notes.

  • Tom Doubting

    I will not touch EverNote again before they implement a way to get notes out of the pogram the easy way. All improvements are always to tie the user to the software not to give him the best access to his notes.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tom, our desktop versions let you export your notes in a couple of different formats.

  • Bob Williams

    Wow! Yes, this is some good magic! Thanks Evernote!

  • Andrew

    Although we still need a Linux version this makes things a little easier

  • jay armstrong

    Awesome. That just made evernote about twice as useful for this happy linux user.

  • acaireviewsitestorages

    great work this make much more faster creating note file..good job on this..

  • acaireviewonlinemaker

    this cool..make things lot more easier

  • Håvar I. Henriksen

    Why no Firefox support? As far as I know, Firefox 3.6 was the first browser to ship with the drag-and-drop of files feature, then Google Chrome and Safari came later.

  • -Pablo-

    Sad that you haven’t been giving Firefox much love lately. I hope you will implement this feature soon for us (Firefox users) soon… I really see no reason why you need to wait for an update in the browser when many other sites are already doing it (like Box or even Gmail).
    As much as you may like Chrome and it’s Webkit relatives, Firefox is still by far the most widely used browser behind Internet Explorer. And despite all the buzz about Chrome we have heard during the last years, it’s still way behind even coming close to Firefox for the foreseeable future. I would think you’d be more focused on bringing these kind of features to the most widely used browsers first.



  • AndrewG NY

    Agree with other posters–please don’t neglect Firefox. The kind of user that appreciates what EN has to offer is exactly the kind of user that appreciates the vast extensibility (addons, etc.) that Firefox offers.

  • Survival Supplies

    Thanks !

    it makes much of the job easier.

  • Valon

    Web sorting on note Title is vital (at least to me). This is a very basic feature of any organization tool.

    Firefox and IE are used by more people than Chrome and Safari.

    But good on the improvement. Love Evernote – just want that title sorting….

  • Federico

    Sorry, just read in a recent post that the attachment feature is still to be implemented.
    Looking forward to it, it’s really key for me.

  • Kevin

    Its been a year since the feature became available so where is the FireFox Support! You guys said “We will try to enable these features in other popular browsers once more advanced versions of those browser are released.” Well Firefox 4 is out and better then ever! Tried Safari, Tried Chrome and they cant compare to Firefox. Please update us on when there is going to be Firefox support.

  • Anil

    Yes, where is firefox support, today firefox 6 is also out and i’m not ditching this favourite browser for anything. And don’t tell me that firefox addon is difficult, there are tons out there.

  • Chris

    I just downloaded this to my Macbook Pro, my Ipad2, and my Android Tbolt and now I see that Firefox is not supported????Where are the replies to all of us Firefox users…I think it would be courteous to at least respond, especially if you want to interest people in the upgraded version.