Evernote Meetups are just two weeks away!

Posted by Ron Toledo on 11 Jun 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 11 Jun 2010

It’s been a little over two weeks since we introduced our Meetup Program and the response has been fanstastic. Our June 23rd kickoff is looking great, with over 265 Meetups in 50 different countries with over 700 participants.

What’s a Meetup again?

For those that missed the announcement, Evernote Meetups are here so you can get to know your fellow Evernoters in person, share stories, ideas and make some new friends.

Four Steps to setting up an Evernote Meetup

  1. Find/start an Evernote Meetup Go to to find or schedule a Meetup. Create a meetup by clicking the Schedule a Meetup button.
  2. Become an organizer Every meetup needs someone to take the lead, why not you? If you are already an organizer of a meetup and need some assistance choosing a venue, you can send a message to all of the other attendees.
  3. Pick a venue You can’t have a Meetup without a venue. Your local pub, coffee shop, library, or school can all serve as meetup locations, you can even take it outside to a park or beach—it is summer after all.
  4. Choose a time All Meetups have a default start time of 8pm. Organizers can change that to whatever time works best.

Evernote staff in attendence

We have employees in lots of different cities. If you’d like to meet them, stop by the meetups in:

Make your Meetup notable

Some of the Evernote Meetups are further along then others. Check out this one in Philadelphia. Great job, Sam Gulino!

The bare minimium requirement for a successful Meetup is an organizer, a venue and a start time. Some of the Evernote Meetups have an organizer but no venue yet (I’m looking at you Minneapolis). Others have a lot of interest but no organizer (ahem, Chicago).

Meetup packs

Every Meetup with over 20 participants listed by June 14th will receive a special pack of awesome Evernote stuff. We will send the packs to the meetup organizers.

Spread the word

Once you get the details of your Meetup worked out be sure to spread the word to everyone in your area/network who shares your interest in Evernote, or just likes meeting new people. Have fun!

Print your own Meetup packs

For those Meetups that didn’t get a Meetup pack sent out to them here are the PDF files of the special Evernote Meetup signs and name tags you can print out to have on hand.


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  • Sam Gulino

    Thanks for the love, guys! How about some Evernote schwag for our little soirée?

    • Ron Toledo

      @Sam Every meetup that gets to 20 people interested gets a Meetup pack with all sorts of good stuff. You’re almost there. Keep spreading the word.

  • Donal Cahalane

    Isn’t June 14th leaving things a bit tight for final numbers? Especially since thats over a weekend. I mean we’re all looking forward here in Ireland to meeting up so its not about freebies but surely showing the love to the attendees by throwing them a sticker or something could only help spread the brand and the love? Just a thought.

    Best of luck to all the organisers!


  • Olga Yiparaki

    Hi Ron and everyone, I am writing on behalf of the Tucson Meetup which I am organizing. See We are all looking forward to it, what a great idea. BTW, I run the Tucson iPUG ( = iPhone, iPad, and Palm Users Group, see, so there is a natural affinity with Evernote, we have many happy users. 🙂

  • Paul Nowak

    I’d like to be an organizer for Evernote Chicago. How would I go about doing this? I’m planning to attend the June 23rd event and can arrange for a venue that’s conveniently located downtown, in the Loop (near public transportation). I’m looking forward to the meetup!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Paul, just go to and click I’m interested. Then, click to become the organizer. Thanks!

  • Fabricio

    Great job on this post!

    I’m organizing the meetup in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I did spread the word, commenting on lots of posts about Evernote in blogs and forums of Brazil, and I tried to reach the people from here who’s helping the translation, like me. But so far, only one more guy has confirmed 🙁

  • Lauren Davidson

    I’m so psyched to see the Atlanta Meetup growing! Please, if you’re coming or bringing friends, be sure to register as *interested* on the Atlanta Meetup page so we can get our Evernote Meetup packet! The Alcove is spacious & beautiful with free Wi-Fi and of course lots to drink and light food fare. Stay tuned for more! ~~ Lauren @OrganizerLauren

  • Bryan

    Dare I ask, but will there be any attempt to compile the notes/tips/tricks that surface from all these meetups? If so, I recommend using Evernote.

  • Mike Garrit

    Pretty cool. I may check out the one in Massachusets but I’m not sure yet. Hopefully I can get off of work.

  • Lorene Romero

    So far there are only 3 of us confirmed to meet at the Santa Rosa Dim Sum place. No matter how big or small it will be fun

  • Bill in Texas

    Unfortunately, I was the only one (of 4 signed up) to show up for the Rockwall, Texas meeting. One said it was a 100 mile round trip, one missed the location change (and was two hours early at the wrong place), and one I never heard from. However, I did shoot the requested “Happy birthday, Evernote” video out in front of the iHOP.

    Next time, maybe it will go better. I’m guessing that meetups go better in places where everyone lives in urban centers (San Francisco, Chicago, etc.). In Texas, it’s a long way from anywhere to anywhere else.

  • Stephen Miller

    Excellent blog. Your information is helpful for me.Congratulations.

  • John Zagurasky

    yes I agree ,Thank you for the useful information.

  • Douglas

    I just signed up to organize a meetup in Vancouver, Canada next month. (What have I gotten myself into) Seems like they have had one since the first, two years ago. Any ideas to help me out? Some recent articles on local meetups?