Evernote Chrome Extension Gets Site Memory

Posted by on 28 Jun 2010

Posted by on 28 Jun 2010

The Evernote Chrome Extension got a really interesting new feature today that we’re calling Site Memory. It’s an update that may seem small at first, but might actually transform your Evernote, and your web browsing, experience in general, by automagically giving all of your favorite sites a memory of their own.

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Not just for web clipping

Clipping web pages has always been among the most popular uses for Evernote. You just visit a page, select the portion you want to remember, hit the Evernote icon in the browser, and all the content—text, images and links—are yours forever and automatically synchronized to all of your other devices. Recently, we added the ability to search through your Evernote notes from within the Chrome Extension’s popup. Today, we go one step further.

From web clipping to Site Memory

Now, whenever you visit a page in Google Chrome and click the Evernote Extension, you’ll see the new Site Memory tab, which contains everything you’ve ever clipped from that site. It’s like having your own personal “Best Of” for all of your favorite sites.

Of course, you can always search inside of Evernote to find your clips, but something about this process just feels so natural. You know the site from which you clipped the content, so just go there, click the Extension and quickly browse to the note.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll only see the Site Memory tab if you have more than one note clipped from a given site.

Like having a time machine

This new feature has a fun and unexpected bonus, it gives you a glimpse into your past. Browsing through notes clipped from news sites show you what events were important to you; scrolling through notes clipped from design and fashion sites gives you a sense of how styles have changed; looking through tech and gadget clips shows you where technology was and where it’s heading. It has never been so easy to get in touch with your past self.


This feature has some built-in intelligence, so it shouldn’t get confused by domain names, sub-domains, missing WWWs, etc. The whole point is to make clipping and finding what you want as simple as possible. So simple, in fact, that it just feels like Evernote is a completely integrated part of your browsing.

Chrome alert

You may see the following alert: This extension needs access to your data on all websites / your browsing history. This is a generic Chrome alert. Rest assured, the extension is not actually monitoring anything as you browse and only sends data to Evernote when you click it. The only stuff we store is what you want clipped.

Developed for Chrome first

We know you’re wondering why this came to Chrome first, and the answer is simple: Chrome is the easiest browser to develop for. We’ll see what the response is and use that to figure out whether/when to add this feature to other browsers. So, try it out and let us know what you think.

Get the Evernote Chrome Extension now or restart Chrome to update.


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  • joe

    an amazing feature.

  • Mattox Beckman

    A very nice extension. Thanks!

  • Marcus

    thanks Evernote!

  • LogopolisMike

    Been annoyed with some Firefox situations lately and been curious to see if Chrome would please me since it has add-ons now. Congratulations, you’ve convinced me. This sounds awesome.

  • John McLaughlin

    This feature does really change the way I think about/use the web clipper… Nice!

  • Steve

    Wow! That’s is an unexpectedly useful feature. Evernote keeps getting better and better.

  • Yuko

    This is great! I like it.
    However, it takes longer than before to save the clips. And when I touched the browser during this extension was saving a clip, the saving process didn’t finish properly, and clip information remained. When I tried to clip a new one, the old info stayed in the window and could not be changed. I could resolve the situation by saving the old clip again. I don’t know if this is happening only to me, but happened to both my home and work machines.

  • Gina

    Fantastic feature. Thanks!

  • Christian Beier

    This new feature is really nice. I like it.

  • Maira

    The capture is not accurate if the site uses js to render things. It would be great, if we can select the site to be save as html or plain image, cause sometimes you don’t care about the content, but the look of the page.

    With the printscreen method of the desktop aplication you have to select an specific area, and if the page is longer than the visible area, you can’t capture it.

    So, it would be great, that in both, you can choose to captura FULL page or specific area.

    The site memory idea is great! congrats! I’m just starting with evernote, and I’m addicted to it, I have the desktop, firefox, chrome and Android versions.

  • Glynn Edwards

    Have never used chrome but have very good results using Firefox as well as windows’s standard internet browser. Wondering if evennote is compatible with either by now.


  • Shannon Wagner

    Very nice feature (Site Memory).

    One thing that would be nice is if the view of Site Memory could be expanded. For example:
    – A way to resize the pop-up window or open the note browser in a full Chrome tab
    – Or (better, I think), provide a link to a filter that will bring up all the notes from this site on the main Evernote site

    I think either of these would make the viewing of Site Memory more useful because you’d be able to dig around in the old notes a bit easier, maybe move somethings around, add some tags, etc..

    I know that clicking on one of the notes brings you to the full view of that note, but I think it would be helpful to have a full page of the notes for the site (editable) easily available.

    Thanks again for all the hard work on this and the other Evernote products!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestions

  • Mike Pluke

    This is a neat feature, but there are a few things that could be improved.

    Although the notes seem to be correctly grouped when the Site Memory tab is presented, the label of the tab is very unhelpful for UK sites. The label is “” for the Site Memory Tab for and also for and, I presume this will happen for all UK sites. I guess the algorithm for working out the tab name does not recognise that is a high-level domain and not a website.

    I cannot see a way of deleting a note directly from the Site Memory Tag – which would be so useful to get rid of notes that have outlived their usefulness.

    Finally, and rather seriously, I have been getting a lot of “Sorry, Evernote cannot clip this entire page. Please select the portion you wish to clip.” messages for a number of websites, and whatever I select I keep getting the same message – I am unable to clip anything. Is this related to the new version of the Evernote extension?

  • Sterlingz

    Very interesting functionality – it has convinced me to give Chrome another look. Cool extension.

    As far as votes for other browsers, I would love to see a similar extension for Safari 5.

    Keep up the great work. I’m reading Gordon Bell’s book on your recommendation, and this fits right in with his vision.

  • Leo Chyi

    After installing the Evernote Chrome Extension, using windows+a to clip directly into the Windows version of Evernote no longer works. Right now, I can’t get the clipping panel to pop up anymore, and the print screen shortcut doesn’t work either. Do you know why this is happening? Is there a setting somewhere I need to adjust, or do I have to uninstall the Chrome extension or reinstall the Windows version?

  • tientown

    OMG, I feel better now. I noticed the feature today and wondered what I was doing wrong. It was suddenly different. The one suggestion I have would be an added tab that tells me how to get back to the clipper window I expected. I know now that I just tap or click on the tab top again to get the referenced note pages to go away, but it took some discovery to figure that out. Yup, Evernote keeps getting better. You guys are an inspiration.

  • Marty

    Is the extension really a script that will work in Greasemonkey within Firefox? If so, please provide a download link. Waiting impatiently for the Firefox extension.

    • Rachel

      I second Marty’s comment — excited about a Firefox extension.

  • Dave

    I’m having the same problem as the last 2 comments. All I see in the web clipper is the history not how to actually clip a page. What am I doing wrong?

  • Leo Salazar

    I scoffed when I read “will change your browsing experience.” How many software programs have claimed that in the past? But, darn if it isn’t true!!! I’ve been using the Chrome extension for Evernote now for about a week and I find myself clipping pretty much anything that looks interesting and I want to read later. And, unlike bookmarks, I find myself actually reading them later on my iPhone!!!

    Thanks, evernote, great extension!!!

  • Kay

    Overall Evernote is amazing and the clipper is brilliant. If your users seem picky, it’s because you deliver on the details which is great!!! The Chrome extension takes a long time to launch and clip. Presumably this is b/c it’s synching for the search feature. If that’s the case, could the clipper and clip) w/out synching and synch only when the user searchs? I agree with others that the one week log-in is a drag. Yuko is not the only one having a problem with the clipper keeping information from a previous clip. Please fix that one. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Richard Waal

    Hi there,

    Are you guys also working on a Firefox plugin that supports site memory? I’ve been trying Chrome, but I just can’t get used to that browser. So I’m eagerly waiting for the firefox support of site memory.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Don Pollitt

    Whenever I attempt to use the webclip extension in Chrome the Evernote icon displays a red plus (+) sign and neither the note I created on the webpage is added to Evernote. Can you offer an explanation.

  • Bon Crowder

    My evernote button in chrome keeps “disappearing” – when I go to reinstall it, the site shows that it is already installed.

    Can you help?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try removing the extension and then adding it back.