Something new arrives on July 14th. Come celebrate with us!

Posted by on 07 Jul 2010

Posted by on 07 Jul 2010

Mark your calendars. July 14th will be a big day for Evernote.

We’re making an announcement about something new. Something we’ve been working on for a little while. Something that will change the way you interact with Evernote, and, maybe even, change how you think about Evernote.

What is it? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Party down

To celebrate our big announcement, we’re throwing a party in San Francisco. Come out and join us. You’ll get to see what’s new, meet the team, check out some really cool stuff, and unwind with a drink. What could be better? Oh, and there may be some fun giveaways and surprises, too.

Event details

July 14th, 6pm – 9pm
111 Minna in San Francisco [map]


RSVP today to get a free ticket. We will be charging at the door, so make sure to pre-register.


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  • Esteban

    Please, please… folders ???
    We need it.

    • Andre Cunha

      Folders? Youve got tags and notebooks…

  • Ben

    Nestable Folders? ZOMG you’re the best!!!

  • Marcus


  • Carter

    You guys are horrible, horrible teases!

  • Andy M

    I am looking forward to finding out! Should we start a comment thread guessing what it is?

    My guess is… Hand writing notes through the iPad.

    • Smorris

      This would be spectacular! I am a mechanical designer, and can barely talk without drawing things. 😉 i’ve been fiddling with every note/drawing program out there, and have to email from my iPad or iPhone via PDF to Evernote. There’s got to be a better way!

      Tying notes to the calendar ala ToDo would be a nice option.

      I’m also hoping for password protection on the mobile versions, as I keep a bunch of personal info in Evernote, and don’t like locking the entire Pad/Pod.

      It’s gonna be a long week until we find out!

  • Vinnie Harris

    Where’s the party in Austin? I want to party and celebrate with Evernote peoples! I want to know what the surprise is!

  • Dave

    Sure hope it’s a revamped web interface.

  • Nejc

    Tell us, TELL US!!! 😀

  • Andre Cunha

    Ok this is not fair. Tell me by e-mail, i promise I wont share.

  • LogopolisMike

    I just put this on my calendar and I live in Chicago. God, I’m such an Evernote dork.

    • Glenn

      At least your on the same continent Mike!…..It’s in my diary and I’m in Australia!

      • Deboni

        And me, I am an Evernote fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil

      • Alex

        … South Africa. Although I’m *from* the USA…. that counts right?

  • Amy

    My guess: An Evernote Brain Chip. Easily access any notebook just by thinking of it! They called Evernote your second brain, and now it’s literal.

  • Patrick Santana

    I looking forward for the news ….. Great!!!

  • Daniel

    Next time, don’t ruin the announcement with such an obvious spoiler in the image. I can clearly see that the “new” thing under the cloth is … a box! Product leaked.

    In all seriousness though, I have been using Evernote more and more lately and I’m excited to see what this will be! Top wishlist items:

    1) a full-on content editor (more robust word processing, styles and layout) in all versions of the Evernote client

    2) new and awesome integration with 3rd party systems like Highrise, Google calendar, etc. allowing multiple Evernote notes to be related directly to specific calendar events, contacts, etc.

    Soon we shall see…

    • Saivan

      AMEN to that,

      Rich text editing with the ability to wrap images would also be a welcome addition 😀 (on the iPad as well as the desktop)

      Ahhh speculation 😛

  • Tony Steward

    We ave ways ov makn you TALK! Yah Ha Ha
    Seriously guys love EN just wish I could twist your arm every now & then.

  • Madara

    It’s a box! Dropbox compatibility? Something better than Dropbox? Even better!

  • Craig

    What’s in the box huh…. A linux version?

    A linux version that is pre-installed on some fancy new tablet?
    A linux version on a netbook?
    A desktop PC running the linux version?

    Make it happen Evernote, make it happen.

  • isral Duke

    please please please let it be better iPad note editing and drawing tools!

  • BillMo

    Think, people. The photo clearly shows a large cube underneath the veil. What’s shaped like that? I think it’s a pygmy elephant in a cage.

  • Mr Wakiki

    these reminders are great

  • Eric

    Diigo-like web highlighting/annotation and bookmarking integration? And it works with Apple Spotlight and Google indexing on my PC? That would be epic. One app for everything I want to keep/remember.

  • Sheila

    Out of left field – task management(to-do list)

  • Alisha

    Maybe it’s a companion cube? I promise to never throw it into the fire!

  • Edward

    Is Evernote pregnant?

  • grehorst

    I know I know! Every premium subscription comes with a small table and a big red table cloth!!

  • John McLaughlin


    Seriously — My guess:

    Speech to Text — Voice memos are only marginally useful right now but if you could have audio automagically converted to searchable text — now that is something! It also fits the whole ‘image to text’ search feature for pictures & pdfs.


  • Milan (Brussels)

    A better way for formatting text and tables?

  • Arnomad

    Something like some Dropbox functionalities i bet!

  • Matthew

    I’ve got it … Evernote’s going to start selling premium subscriptions in a cube box at stores 😛

    • Matthew

      Just a thought … please make it a feature all users can use: desktop, mobile, free, premium…

  • Tom

    Is it a coming out party?

  • Jon

    Wow, I’m surprised we are 27 comments deep and I am the first to guess it’s recorded voice recognition and searchable voice notes (most likely from a partnership). Crossing my fingers! It would be even cooler if it translated your voice notes into text and imcluded both the text and original recording in the note.

    • Rob Parnell

      Well, I hope they don’t hookup with Jott’s transcription. Over a year ago, it was great and worked fantastic – no restrictions or “fancy complex business models,” in Jott.

      Then, Nuance bought them, I just canned it two months ago. So horrible and worthless!! People in India transcribe your hard notes, then mark “cannot understand,” when feel tired working.
      Yes, I am betting on the Dropbox. Mentioned strongly in the Podcasts. Plus, a “true Evernote client” for BlackBerry is what I need! Don’t care about “on my phone notes,” and all that. However, would just love a “great editor” and shows text appropriately (as possible / if compatible enough? component) to the BlackBerry client, too. (new?!)

      PS. Dropbox announced “just about” to release a BlackBerry client, too. Coincidence? Probably

  • Lindsey

    If it’s more memory I’ll go crazy!!!! Loves me some Evernote!

  • RobH

    Symbian S60 3rd Edition compatibility!! For my Nokia E71? :0)

  • Dan L

    I think it will be true calendar functions, perhaps integrated with Gcal. I think many of the functions others are suggesting are coming too, eventually, but true calendaring would fundamentally change Evernote from a trusted, ubiquitous capture tool to a full scale time/project management tool. Oh great elephant, please, let it be.

  • Jeff Andrews

    Hoping for the ability to mark-up and annotate PDF documents…draw, highlight, notes…

  • Nijat

    For ipad : handwriting, formatting and folders.

    Would make evernote irreplacable.

  • Nick

    Dropbox-like features? for those of us that can’t get rid of the concept of files?

    I like Jon’s idea too…but don’t they have that integration via reQall?

    What about the ability to use Evernote by creating your own workflow (helpful for all those GTDers out there)?

  • georg


  • S2s

    I’m with Amy: My guess: An Evernote Brain Chip

  • iShustoff

    Dreaming about powerful todo.
    Love Evernote!

    • Magnus

      I absolutely agee. ( with the need for a a to-do tool as well as the love for Evernote that is ) Evernote is a great tool for storing and categorising information. But the next logical step would be to look at what actions this information should inspire. Right now the to-do function is far from straightforward. I’m even using the quite backward method of creating a to-do tag for myself, as tags are easier to find.

    • Vance

      Yes, a real To Do function would be nice!! And a better Android app!

  • Eugene


    reminders? 🙂

  • Dave

    I’m absolutely not kidding even a little bit when I say this: I will cry with joy if this is folders/sub-notes.

  • Larry

    If it’s just an iPad client, I will cry. That won’t change a thing for me, I’m an Android user! 🙁

    Please be something awesome! 😀

    • Shelley

      I’ll be crying right along with you. I’m an iPhone user, but not an iPad user (and won’t likely be for a while,if ever, as I really can’t justify the purchase). If this big tease turns out to be iPad only, I’ll definitely be shedding tears of woe AND frustration. However, I don’t think the nice folks at Evernote would be that mean — I think the big announcement will be about something that will affect all their users. Fingers crossed that it is, as others have speculated, better ways to edit tables and text.

  • Steve Rose

    How exciting. Please don’t change Evernote too much though as I would be lost without it!

  • Steve Silverwood

    Hate to miss it but I’m stuck here in earthquake country, won’t be able to be up there for the big event. Someone quaff a couple of brews in my stead up there in toasting whatever the new arrival may be.


  • Arthur Vanderbilt

    I am guessing transcription or at least searchable voice notes.

    I would prefer being able to link from one note to another.

    • Rob Parnell

      I agree Arthur,

      Note Linking!!! So need it! Was never an issue with the Evernote of old.

      Maybe, Dropbox will make it all possible. As long as, we all have free Dropbox accounts & stay under that 2 gig amount.

      A funky URL activating “this note,” is here, would be great.

      ** Besides a highlighting tool. = The highlighter is so big to me, I would “turn off coloring text white,” for it! (Can’t read white text on white.)

  • Bobby B.

    I guess my top 3 wishes for it would be:

    1st – Sharing on the rest of the clients (My girlfriend is now loving evernote!)

    2nd – Voice recognition
    3rd – iPad Handwriting recognition

    Sharing sees to be the only thing big enough in my list, but I still don’t think it would be as big a deal as they are talking.

    Anxious to see!!!

  • Lise

    My guess is transcription of voice notes to text. But I’d also like to see better ability to format notes and folders/bookshelves for Notebooks!!!!!

    Also, if I RSVPed for the event, can’t I just come with the PDF of the ticket in EverNote??? Are you really going to make me print it?


  • Joseph

    Since it’s on a “random” day, i’d guess something that ties into Bastille Day (July 14) somehow? Yay for the French!

  • Allen

    I’m ashamed of all of you so-called teckies! It’s a cube. duh! The Borg have arrived on earth and picked Evernote to start the assimilation.

    Resistance is futile! Evernote (and the Borg) rules!

  • Bobby B.

    So what time will we know what’s up? 6pm pacific? Or will we know earlier in the day? This is like waiting for an Apple keynote! I love Evernote!

  • Brad Carter

    To Do App: Make those checkboxes do something!

    I predict they either bought Egretlist or made something even nicer.

  • Kim

    Wow – LOTS of great ideas. In addition to all of the above, I’d love the ability to enter info by barcode, using the scanner on my phone. On Saturday I saw a book I would love to give as a gift next Christmas. I was able to scan the barcode and add it to my Amazon Wish list. But to get it into Evernote, I took a picture through Evernote and then when I got home I used that note to find the book on my Amazon wish list and then added the Amazon page to Evernote with the tag “Gift” and added the name of the intended recipient to the note. I understand Springpad can already do this.

  • Eric


    1) Evernote appliance – Store, Search, etc all on your local network. Buy the hardware or install it on any NAS, or Drobo FS, or install it to any box running “Evernote OS” (an image that you can buy)

    2) Dropbox integration? But the box (under the cloth) is clearly closed? Evernote bought Dropbox and is closing it and wants to watch everyone cry publicly.

    3) They have created their own ADA for their Mac app since Apple didn’t make one this year!

    4) Phil found Pandora’s box while he was on vacation.

  • Keith

    Couldn’t imagine life without Evernote. It remembers everything that I don’t!

    It would be great if the announcement was shared Desktop Client Notebooks and/or the ability to have nested Notebooks.

    Maybe that is why Google have abandoned their Notebook Program. They are integrating with Evernote. Lol.

  • costera

    My dream ?
    A all-in-one app for:

    -Notes, tags, the current Evenote is just perfect.
    -A better tasks manager
    -an agenda

    All cloud sync, and with a killer-looking iPad app.
    One search button for all.

  • Ron Priest

    Can you at least tell us what time tomorrow your going to make this announcement? Are we people on EST going to have to wait until 6:00PM in PST to get the news?

  • Adam E.

    Woooo anticipation!

  • Dave P

    Inking on Android. Please.

  • Anshuman

    i hope you add rich text editing in ios devices , these days my use on ipod is 50% music , 50 % evernote 🙂

  • Nick Lewis

    Hmmm what can it be. Hopefully interlinked notes, that will be it, it has to be. It could be many things. It’s 14:00 GMT here, so keeping an eye on Google Reader for a blog update.

  • Paul R

    Drop-box like functionality?

  • Jacob Graf

    The ability to rotate PDFs? PLEEEEAAASSSE!!!!?!?!?!??! 😉

  • Sam

    Suspense is killing me….

  • Trond Kjetil

    The EverNoteBook. A tablet computer similar to the abandoned Microsoft Courier project, based on Android.

  • mjmam

    Direct link to notes?
    Linux app? (I know I’m dreaming!)

  • renfrew

    Waiting and waiting and waiting…
    It is past midday here in NY and still no announcement…

  • Andy Bevan

    Come one, what is it?

  • Nashguy

    Well, did anything every actually come out?