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Posted by David Pierce on 06 Aug 2010

Posted by David Pierce on 06 Aug 2010

It’s happened. I’ve gotten to the point where if something isn’t on my phone, there’s no chance of me remembering it. If it’s not in my calendar, I won’t be there. If it’s not on my task list, there’s no chance of it getting done.

Evernote is always at my fingertips, helping me remember and access all my thoughts and information, and I was looking for a way to better integrate that with my task-oriented life. For example, I’m going grocery shopping next week (I know this, because it’s on my calendar)—what’s on the shopping list? Or, I’m going to a party on Friday—what’s their address, and what am I supposed to bring?

Awesome Note to the rescue. Awesome Note is an iPhone app in the Evernote Trunk that handles all those questions and more. It’s a note-taking, task-managing, calendar-handling app that syncs with Evernote, so all of your information is available whenever you need it.

Why this is cool

Awesome Note lets you take notes, organize them by folder and sync them to Evernote. Individual notes can also be exported from one app to another. For me, it’s the sync that is the most impressive. Awesome Note creates folders called “[aNote] YourFolderName” in your Evernote account, and any notes that you place into those folders are automatically synced between the two applications.

Awesome Note also integrates Evernote with your task list and calendar, giving you the option to create tasks and events and attach Evernote notes to them. One glance at your calendar or your task list, and you’ll know all the information you need to get going.

You can transfer notes to other Awesome Note users via Bluetooth, and you can email or text notes and tasks to anyone. It’s a great-looking, super-customizable app, as well. You can have it look like anything from a pad of paper to a chalkboard, all for your note taking pleasure.

Get Things Done in the Trunk

There are all kinds of productivity applications available in the Evernote Trunk, from apps like Awesome Note to tools like Nozbe and Reqall. Each one hooks into your Evernote account in useful ways. Explore the Trunk to find your favorite.

Evernote for Developers

If you’re interested in developing an application that run on the Evernote platform, make sure to check out the Evernote Developer page.


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  • cameron plommer

    Awesome Notes, sounds well, AWESOME. Unfortunately for me I have an Android phone, not an iPhone. Are you aware of an android phone apps that are similar and intergrate with Evernote?

    • Mark Hawkins

      Premium version of reqall can find info related to tasks from your Evernote account.

  • MJCinc

    Yes, please develop an app for Android. There is an Awesome Note app for Android, but it is an imposer with many complaints on his market page. We need the original please!

  • str1f3

    This is a great app with one big missing feature: to record audio notes.

  • Sally

    So I have both Evernote and Awesome apps on my iphone, but there is no obvious way to link or sync them.

    How is this done?

    • WritingItRightForYou

      Go into the Settings in your Awesome Note app. That is where you pair your Awesome Note and Evernote accounts. Then you just click the sync arrows. Do the same with your Google Docs app.

  • Gregg Costanzo

    Thanks for your amazing hard work and product! A couple of things that would make Evernote my one stop shop:

    1. Soundpaper
    2. Egretlist looks awesome, but needs more features like ReQall
    3. Built-in drawing/handwriting (Penultimate) notes
    4. Voice transcribing

  • skysea

    Thanks, but there are 2 key issues:

    1) it seems the todo check boxes, status and backgrounds/font colours of “awesome notes” cannot be synced to evernote deskstop or online. You have to go back to awesome notes only on your iPhone/iPod to get the proper functions/formatting.

    2) on the other hand, the formatting of evernote (e.g. from evernote webclipping) cannot be correctly displayed to “awesome notes”. Sometimes the image does not appear, and sometimes only all texts appear first with all the images located at end of the note, which lost its formating and true function.

    I am currently using iPhone 4 (upgrade from iPod Touch G2 before) and the latest version of evernote and awesome notes on my iPhone.

    If there is any resolutions for this, please feel free to share!

    I love both evernote and awesome notes, but uUntil these issues are fixed, I think we cannot call it real “sync” in this evernot trunk!

    • max

      bought this app for todo but can’t use it for that! pc editing lacks hugely. so the advice: DO NOT BUY AWESOME NOTE FOR TODO LISTING ONLY.

  • Gary Learned

    Why Awesome note vs. Using the evernote application directly on the iPhone?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Awesome Note has a few features that our app doesn’t have.

      • Denise Daguanno

        Could you put in simple terms what those are? I’ve been shopping for a personal organizer-note taking app for going on a year now, and all I’m getting is more and more confused. I’ve determined that I may have to use more than one, but I want to keep it as simple as possible. To me, those two apps seem redundant. So if you could give a simple list of what Awesome does that Evernote doesn’t, I would be most appreciative.

    • Curtis Penner

      Admittedly, I use Awesome Note more than Evernote on my iPhone. I began to wonder why. Here’s what I came up with…

      – Speed. After closing all apps on the iPhone, I counted how long it took Awesome note to open and allow me to start typing. The first time was approx. 3 seconds. The second time, approximately 5.

      When I did the same for Evernote, it took a good 10-11 seconds for it to open, do its thing and get ready to take a note.

      This is huge when you’re standing in front of someone (your boss) trying to create a “to-do” item. Now, I use the free Evernote. I believe the paid version allows you to make notes “off the grid” so to speak and maybe that’s faster.

      – Your to-do items can have images attached. I use this all the time at work because we still use message pads. Someone will write down a message for me, I’ll take a picture of it and create a to-do with a date and time if necessary to get back to them. This is also a big reason why I don’t simply use Apple’s Reminders.

      – Evernote’s task list or checkboxes can’t have due dates attached to them.

      What I like better about Evernote…

      – Evernote is my go-to tool for clipping stuff off the web that I want to keep for reference later on – i.e. article ideas, cool products and so on. I don’t save these to any Awesome Note folders that have been created in Evernote as I can reference it on my iPhone nicely and from the comments here it seems A-Note doesn’t handle web clippings all that well anyway.

      Hope this helps you decide which to use.

  • Nicholai

    Hey guys, speaking of the iPhone, would anyone on the iPhone team be willing to put an A-Z navigator (like in the Contacts App) for the Tags list?

    It’s a small change that would put a noticeable improvement in ease-of-use for those of us who have a large list of tags…

  • costera

    Awesome Notes is great.
    But nothing for iPad.
    For tasks, I prefer Todo, very nice app, both for iPhone and iPad, and sync with … toodledo, not Evernote.

    Evernote + Todo-Toodledo + DropBox = cloud happiness

    • WritingItRightForYou

      I have Awesome Notes on my iPad…

  • kathyp

    I love Awesome Notes on my Touch and use Evernote for transferring notes to and from my PC. Now, I also have an IPad and would love to sync my Awesome Notes between the two devices. Awesome Notes says that all that is available so far is to use Backup and Restore via ITunes. But I am wondering – could I use Evernote to transfer notes between my Touch and my IPad?

    Thanks for any ideas on this!

    • WritingItRightForYou

      I have Awesome Notes on my iPad and everything syncs between iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android (Evernote) and PC (Evernote).

  • Jennifer Palais

    Has anyone used Requall and Awesome Notes…? How do they compare? I am just getting going with Requall and now seeing Awesome Notes I’m having app envy.

    • WritingItRightForYou

      I use both which is probably overkill. But I like the way ReQall allows me to email stuff to my account. I can then put things on my Google andiCal. ReQall also has a voice memo function which I rarely use. When you click on something in ReQall, it will find related stuff in your Evernote account. As long as apps link to Evernote, I’m a happy camper.

  • Armand

    Great work, evernote is now my one stop shop. Thanks for keeping it up guys.

  • serena

    I really like how Evernote is partnering up with so many different apps.

    The new features on Awesome note would be a great addition to the Evernote app.

    However, perhaps this partnership with Awesome Note should be marked as being in “Beta testing”?

    It is a big disappointment to see how To Do lists on Awesome Note (which people have to pay for) cannot be sync’ed onto Evernote, or vice versa. I have a databse of GTD-based checklists on my Evernote, but they all just transfers as text in Awesome Note. When I try to change it into a task on Awesome Note, the tasks are rendered as just text in Evernote.

    Furthermore, when first sync’ing Evernote to Awesome note, Awesome note actually made a _copy_ of each note in my Evernote account, put it into it’s own [aNote] folder and re-sync’ed the whole lot back into my Evernote account. I’m sure any of you with a large Evernote database would wince when thinking about how much that took out of my monthly upload limit.
    Perhaps it should be written somewhere that before linking your Awesome Note with your Evernote, you should rename all the folders you want to sync with a “[aNote]” in front of it?

    And lastly, are tags.
    As Evernote does not support sub-folders, tags are indispensable to organising your notes. But when they don’t sync over to Awesome note, and notes created in Awesome notes won’t have any tags, it makes the whole exercise a futile one.

    This reminds me of a similiar issue with Egretlist, where it wasn’t possible for task with embedded notes/pictures/audio to be edited in Evernote. (This was eventually fixed in an Egretlist update, but by then I have removed the app)

    I know Evernote has no control over Awesome Note, or other third party apps. But perhaps there should be some kind of checklist of compatible features that potential partners must fulfill before signing up?

    I love Evernote, I really do; it is where I keep everything and anything. I was completely psych’ed to hear that they’ve partnered/linked up with Awesome Note.
    But when in the end the only thing that sync through is pure text (no formatting btw, all my dot points are gone, which makes the whole document into one big jumble of words) and pictures (which are useless when the text makes no sense), it makes me wonder whether some of these partnerships are a bit rushed.

    • Thomas

      Do you have any idea if the proper syncronizing ( including todo´s shown in awesomenotes calender) will work with the combination google sync./awesome note?
      I wanted to use ipad and iphone. Ipad for Input and sync on Iphone including all assignments, todo´s etc. ?
      Actually i wanted to avoid google but …?

      Did you receive any results concerning the checklist of functions /Ever-awesome Notes?
      Does it work with the folders renaming? [aNote]?

      Please give a reply if you have any news concerning this Problem.

      Thank you very much.

  • stonee

    This is a useful app. Yesterday, I want to record some telephone numbers of many landlords and references of the apartments, but it’s boring that did it with my iphone 4 without app like “Awesome Note”, while what I need is a pen and pad. I’ve got so many free stuffs and paid apps in ifunia iphone column for my iphone 4, upset, excepting this.

  • oblin

    I got the sync problem!
    Can someone tell me why awesome notes keeping verified my account info. even thought I’m pretty sure it’s correct?

  • Michael G

    Agree with others who have said the lack of formatting makes the sync less of a true sync.

  • Daniel

    While my notes from Awesome notes to Ever notes transfers I am unable to transfer my notes from Ever Notes to Awesome Noteshow do i sync my notes from Evernotes to aewsome notes.

    • Thomas

      the same with me.
      i was overglad to find a mixture of evernote and awesomenotes.
      Unfortunately i cannot use the calendar and the todo´s after syncronizing from ipad to iphone.
      i use the pad for all my assignments, notes , ideas etc.
      and i want to sync to the phone- all notes are there but no due/to do dates. does this syncronizing work with google sync ?
      I wanted to avoid google and thought i discovered a clever way with evernote and awesomenote. I purchased both fullversions (Iphone/Ipad) for no proper function…

  • Mizuki

    I really like this app!

    But, I couldn’t synchronize the todo list’s due day when I sync my iPhone and iPad through evernote and Bluetooth.
    Are there any way to sync the due day through bluetooth or evernote?

  • se7enshots

    I like this app and i believe it has a huge potential. I actually bought the app as well to use with my iPhone. The thing is, the calendar. I do hope A.Notes can sync with the iPhone Calendar.

  • Suzy

    AwesomeNote lets you put in a due date for notes, but I don’t see how this due date and calendar show up in Evernote. Can anyone help me?

  • Matt

    Oh look. Another iOS application that looks wicked cool, supported on the iPhone and iPad but they charge you for both versions instead of making a universal binary.

  • Jenny


    1) Can I set alert to ring multiple times for my event, for example, if I set my event from 9:00AM to 10:00AM, I want to have sound alert between 9:00AM and 10:00AM until I dismiss it?

    2) Can I change alert ringtone in Awesome notes?

    3) Can I have multiple selections for the alert, for example, to set it once, twice ,etc..?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Jenny, I recommend getting in touch with Awesome Note directly. I’m not sure if their team monitors out blog.

  • Sarah

    if only the syncing actually WORKED! i can sync 10 times and my notes won’t show up in evernote. I realize its probably an awesomenote problem. They aren’t the most responsive bunch. I just wish it worked because using evernote for everyday notes is just too cumbersome with my large database and I really enjoy the UI of awesomenote and the simple folders. But my notes rarely get synced. 🙁

  • Christoph

    It seems that there is great potential in the collaboration of Evernote and awesome note, but as far as I can see at this point, the promise that all your data from awesome note can be backed up and restored from Evernote is simply not true. I backed up a test note from awesome net which included an image and the image did not show up in Evernote. There was not even a placeholder telling me that there should be an image here.

    Apart from that, as earlier commentators have remarked, to-do lists are flattened into plain text and it is unclear t me what happens to the formats (priority, reminders) that awesome note supports when they are sent to Evernote. In brief, t seems way to early to get excited about Evernote and awesome note working together, because they aren’t. I hope that this will change, but at this point it would be fair to mention these problems. And yes, I think this is also a responsibility of Evernote as long as they are featuring the app in their Trunk and on their blog.)

  • Kris

    Help! I seem to have lost my audio notes after syncing among devices.

    I like Evernote very much and use it on my Android phone, iPod Touch, and OSX. And I love the Android widget very much and have used it to take and sync photos and audio notes. I also use Awesome Note on my iPod Touch and appreciate how I can sync my notes with Evernote.

    However, in syncing my devices, I seem to have lost some audio I recorded. Here’s what happened: I recorded interviews on Evernote on Android; synced the Evernote app on OSX; In Evernote OSX, I placed the notes in notebooks that synced with Awesome notes. After syncing all my devices, the audio attachments have disappeared, even though the headers and text are still there.

    Is there any way to recover the audio notes? Thanks.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    I find myself looking for justification on paying for Awesome Note on both iPhone and iPad, but I keep coming up short, especially if:
    – web clips don’t render correctly in it
    – todo lists don’t show up as expected in both apps
    – it seems like I does everything Evernote does

    I simply use Evernote, Wunderlist and my calendar and in happy

    Awesome Note does *look* very cool though.

  • Dayrl Hern

    This is awesome iv’e used Awesome Note. But this takes it to next level