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Posted by on 11 Aug 2010

Posted by on 11 Aug 2010

If you are a proud owner of an Android phone, then you may have felt a certain lack of love and attention from us recently. Here’s some news that will make you happy. We’ve significantly ramped up our Android development by more than doubling the size of our Android team. We are on track to release a bunch of great new features and enhancements, starting with today’s update. To quote our VP of Engineering, “My Android is now cooler than your iPhone.” We’ll see about that.

Get Evernote for Android from the Android Market

Evernote Widget

In this update, we’re releasing our first major Android-only feature: the Evernote Widget. This super useful home screen widget allows you to quickly jump right into your desired Evernote action. You can pop into a search or into a new text, snapshot or audio note. Activating the widget is simple. Press and hold your finger on your phone’s home screen. Select ‘widget’ for the menu that appears, then choose Evernote. Next, drag the widget to any screen you like. You’re done.

Pinch and zoom support

Pinch and zoom is now supported within notes. If you would like to get a closer look at that snapshot, zoom in, swipe around, then zoom out. Now you’ll be able to see every minute detail of your note contents. This feature is available on phones running Android 2.1 and later.

Send to Evernote

Android apps that have a Sharing menu, will now list Evernote as a recipient. This means that you can easily send stuff from many of your favorite applications directly into a new Evernote note. For example, you can send images from a photo app, save URLs of cool websites you browse, capture tweets in Seesmic, and lots more. This is another Evernote feature that’s only available on Android.

Performance improvements via note caching

After you view a note, Evernote for Android caches that note on the device so that it will load much faster the next time you search for it. This is the first step towards (drumroll, please) offline note storage, which will be coming soon.

Lots and lots of fixes

This release also addresses a number of little annoyances:

  • Fixed a problem that kept an edited note from updating properly
  • Fixed a problem that removed intentional white space within notes
  • Added higher resolution iconography (Android 2.1 and later)
  • Placed the Save button onscreen on the audio notes screen
  • Fixed a problem that kept the app from loading tags properly

And many, many other fixes.

Get Evernote for Android from the Android Market. If you have trouble accessing Evernote after installation, restart your phone. You may also need to remove the old application shortcut.


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  • israel

    I like that you have an android client, but my OS on my computer is Ubuntu (Linux) which you have no client for. Are you going to develop a linux client?

    Well, back to google notebook until you do…

    • Zizagoo

      Not that the Evernote staff shouldn’t get round to it, but what’s wrong with the Evernote web client if you’re using Google Notebook?

    • Shawn clover

      Another ubuntu user here. A native client would be great, but the windows version of evernote more or less does the job running under Wine in Linux.

      • Phil

        how did you get it to run under wine, the move .net has meant I have found it impossible to do.

      • Steve (UK)

        I think EN3 works fine(ish!) with Wine but not EN3.5 (as Phil says due to .NET fw). If I am wrong and there is a workaround someone please let me know ASAP!

        Totally understand at this stage of the business model Evernote are investing their resources wisely in the areas which have the greatest audience, but from a selfish point of view, I would seriously love for an official Linux version!! However, this Wikipedia article tells the story really:

        That said, from an unselfish pov, I really *REALLY* want Evernote to rule the world so if Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPod/iPad & Android updates & massive progression leaps keep coming thick and fast which help EN cement their stranglehold of the market then that’s cool by me.

        A serious well done to everyone at Evernote, really looking forward to the advances over the coming years. Keep up the good work guys!

  • CQ

    Appreciate the Android love. This makes the fact that I went premium even more worth it (especially with offline storage coming soon).

  • James E.

    Excellent, downloading now!

  • Phil

    excellent, will upgrade now, just missing a Linux client for all my desktop PC’s

  • Brett

    This is awesome! Great job Evernote. Loving premium and looking forward to every new feature.

  • uvmann

    Why don’t you support App2SD and when will we be able to edit simple notes (even with some rich text formating). Such a basic and neccessary function and it just doesn’t work. Very disappointing.

    • Philip Constantinou

      We’ll definitely add “Move to SD card” in the next release.

      • aviduser

        +1 for Move to SD Card

      • aphid

        I have an HTC Desire running out of space using Froyo. Looking forward to having ‘Move to SD card’ 🙂

  • Bean

    Bravo. Lots o’love. I’ve been looking for an excuse to declutter my phone somewhat. Have to echo phil’s sentiment somewhat, If you’ve already got an android client going I guess I don’t quite understand why I it would be so hard to port it to linux desktops. (Unless a straight port of the droid version wouldn’t do it for you and you couldn’t resist the temptation to code more in. (shrug)

  • Shamir

    When will the Android Evernote have the Favorites feature of the iPhone application? I like the idea of specifying certain notes to be kept in local storage to be available without network support.

  • rinzai


    (The only way it could get better is … (so predictable) a Linux client ;-P)

  • Philippe LeBel

    Thanks for the update! I love the widget…

    But I still have an issue with the snapshot, after I take the picture it still says “no snapshot found to upload”…

    • k

      Also having the “no snapshot found to upload” issue. EN v 1.5 on Android 2.2 Build FRG01B Moto Droid

      • MR

        Same issue. Same phone and software. Snapshot no longer works, plus the voice note nearly crashes the phone every time. Useless to me now…once was one of my favorites.

      • Sam F

        After seeing these comments here, I tested the snapshop out after updating EverNote on my Android 2.2. Moto Droid. I had the exact same experience.

        Major bug here. Photo notes are the most useful feature of the mobile app.

      • Antonio

        I tried the 1.5.969 beta to see if it would fix this “no snapshot” problem and no go.

        I deleted the Evernote folder form the SD card and did a clean install and I still get this problem.

        This is a key feature of the mobile client. No point in being premium if I can’t use this.

      • Samir

        For the first time, now today have the error message of “no snapshot found to upload” when I try to take a picture and put it in Evernote. This is a real pain, since I was taking pictures of documents before going on a vacation.

        I almost signed up for premium a few weeks ago. Glad I didn’t since this is a big problem.

        Oh, I have Motorola Droid, running latest versions. Not sure if it could be an Evernote problem, or a problem with the latest operating system they just uploaded. Also, I tried deleting the Evernote directoy and it didn’t work, and tried waiting a few minutes before pressing OK.

      • dgb

        Same issue. I can get photos onto Evernote by using native camera app and then sharing the photo via Evernote. Hope this helps while we’re waiting for the fix.

      • cpezz

        Power off and battery removal fixes the problem for a while. I get about 6 snapshots before it start failing again. Droid FRG22D

  • Marcel

    Thank you Evernote! We love you! And we love Android! Yeah Android is the best and it’s the future of mobile. Apple can’t reach google power.

  • Mark

    Good to see an Android update which is a real step in the right direction. Pinch to zoom works well (although there is a message saying double tap to zoom, which does not work … I’d personally like to get rid of the magnifying glasses altogether too). Still think there should be an icon on the main screen to access existing notes, but on the whole very pleased with the update. Oh and the widget is a really useful addition.

  • cameron plommer

    If I don’t see the option for “widget” when I hold down home, on my G1, does that mean I have an old operating system?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Cameron, just press and hold your finger on the screen itself, not the home button.

  • Farid

    Still no Linux native client 🙁 That’s the one thing I’m dying for.

  • Brianlmerritt

    Rich txt would be nice, direct or via documents to go. Please please please next release put simple menu options like list my notes on the front screen.

    Ps thanks v. Much for new releases and anticipating v. Much offline storage!

  • Ralphw3

    I see two things wrong with this update, at least on the EVO. One, tapping on the app icon to get it to run doesn’t work. It says the link is broken. Two, I am forced to use the widget. After experimenting with it, I have to hit the search window with nothing in it to get a list of all the notes. Ugh!!! Not happy with this update as is.

    • Ocell

      Just reboot and you’ll be able to open Evernoet as an app.

  • Doug

    Thanks for the Android love! Great updates – excited for 1) local storage of notes and 2) mobile editing of notes – thanks!

  • Dave

    Now Evernote on my phone is totally broken. Cannot get to my notes. Many error messages. Wish I could go back to previous version.

  • Ken Green

    Nice update. I like the widget a lot – having tags and folders start showing up as I type is very cool. Also, thanks for fixing the Sharing.. functionality for Evernote. Old version would always title web pages, etc. as Untitled Note. My workaround was to email pages into EN. The update fixed this issue – share to EN will include the page title as the note title, as it should. Everything seems to be working smoother. (HTC Incredible)

  • Joe

    I have a major problem with this update (unless I’m missing something here). I can no longer open Evernote as a program, I’m forced to use the widget. This wouldn’t be a big deal except the widget is of the “across the screen” variety that takes up as much space as 4 icons. Not what I want. Please fix this so that a smaller widget or a link to the actual program can be used.

  • Nahuel

    Is there a way to get the APK directly for those of us who have problems with the Google Market?

  • Brian

    This is a great start! I don’t want to kick a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but any idea about when the Android app will get the ability to group by notebook? It’s tough to find specific notes once you get a good amount of data in Evernote.

    • Carl

      Totally agree. This is the only thing that is stopping me going pro.

  • Matt

    New update is completely crashing my moto droid running android 2.2. Have to do a battery pull. It’s the newest app I’ve updated so I’m pretty sure that’s it.

  • Dave P

    Since I won’t be satisfied until my Android client is as powerful as my Windows client, I have a suggestion for your next upgrade.

    With screens getting bigger, a paint (ink) not option for Android would be very useful.

    Using the Android app NoteEverything, I can get about 20 words in a note which is more than enough for to-dos, quick notes, phone numbers, etc.

    I’ve been a happy user since Evernote was a paid Windows app. Keep up the great work.

  • las

    Also would like smaller widget and or ability to run the program w/o the widget. Agree that organizing my notebooks would be SPLENDID, as would offline access to notes or at least favorites. Good work, but room to improve!

  • K9ithK

    Eye have Seen a problems with picture notes in new Andorid MyTouch.
    I took a picture of graph in landscape mode.. just to see if it would make the conversion from portrait to landscape automatically..
    It did very well… on the second time. The first attempt I used the camera right side up (button on top) picture of graph arrived upside down… second time to verify issue, I took the picture upside down (button on bottom) and graph arrived in Evernote right side up perfectly…. Let me know when little upside-down bug fixed and I can stop standing on head to take pictures…
    Love 4 Evernote!!

    • K9ithK

      this Upside-Down landscape phot0-note issue is what I see on version Evernote for Android 1.4(84727) MyTouch

  • Ken Green

    @Joe (and others having problems opening Evernote as a program) – after the update I noticed that my home screen program icon was missing. It was still labeled Evernote, but picture was default Android bot. I didn’t even try opening Evernote, but immediately deleted that icon from my home screen and re-added Evernote as a program. This may help. I can launch Evernote as a program just fine (HTC Incredible).

  • Walter

    Echoing Nahuel’s request for a direct download link (as has been done previously) for those of us with Android Market issues when downloading this app.


  • nopp

    Please give direct download link. It never showed in google Thailand market. Thank.

  • Stefan

    I appreciate the changes and I am looking forward to offline editing.

    One more suggestion (don’t know if this is technically feasible): Upon uploading a photo note, it would be great to have the possibility to upload the photo in smaller size (smaller than original approx. 2MB pics). Depending on the network connection, this would save traffic and time. With a bad connection (GPRS), the photo upload hardly works.

  • aurelie

    Great news! the only thing is that I can’t get evernote from Android Market…any other way? I discovered Evernote few weeks ago only, I am already totally addicted…

  • Gregg

    I think it would be a good idea to include the version number of these updates in the blog post so that we can see if the new version is what we are already running. Yes, we can go into the Android Market app but for those of us who run without background data sync turned on, for battery conservation reasons, it would be easier to just be able to know what the new version # is. Thanks for the Android love and looking forward to offline storage.

    • John

      I definitely agree with Gregg. I’ve got the 2.2 market feature of apps auto-updating, so I didn’t necessarily notice that Evernote was updated until I read this post and checked the Market entry.

      It’s very exciting to hear about the build-up of the Android dev team and the features that are coming!

  • Randy

    Thank you for this!
    The old “Add to Note” feature (instead of editing) made me sad on my long notes. I’m glad I can edit the whole thing now. Yay!

  • Leonard

    All that is keeping from switching from SpringPad to Evernote is local storage on my Incredible AND inter-note linking (which Springpad doesn’t have either). Inter-note linking is huge for me. For that reason my primary means of note making is OneNote and will remain so until Evernote or SpringPad (or some other web-based app with local storage) has the ability to easily create links in one note to another note. Added the foregoing, Wiki word note creation and linking would definitely put Evernote out ahead of every contender.

  • Anders Gullander

    loving the widget

  • Lawrence

    After todays update 17Aug Evernote will not open from Home Screen. It will only open via Market Downloads. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • Lawrence

    I fixed it. I powered down the unit. Restarted it. Deleted the old Homescreen shortcut. Placed a new shortcut on the homescreen and it works just fine now.

  • Different Leonard

    It would be nice to actually be able to edit an existing note, e.g., to check off a to-do, rather than just being able to add text to a note.

    • JoANn

      Came here to say exactly that.

  • David

    I installed the Evernote app on a Moto Droid X running 2.1. Evernote saves audio notes as .amr files. Playback for .amr is not supported on my phone, so I can’t listen to them. Fixes?

    • David

      Found the problem and fixed it. Not an Evernote issue. Thanks for the great app!

      • CQ


        Can you tell me how you fixed this? I am using another voice note application and sending it to evernote so that I can open them.

  • arielle

    will this app allow me to save my sms threads? and review them with dates and contact names and stuff? or does anyone know of an app that will allow me to save the texts to my computer?

  • Jack McCarty

    Hmm….the update
    •Fixed a problem that removed intentional white space within notes

    Seems to add a blank line between every line of old text (carriage returns) on old notes once I open them for editing.?

    Great App–can’t wait for App2SD and off line availability (like to have my notes available when flying).

  • Obry

    Great work but have you guys tested this on smaller screen devices? I’m using a 1st gen MyTouch3G running Android 2.2 and on the home screen, the grey gradient behind the search box overlaps with the new note buttons. It was since one of the updates that this started happening. I’ve been running Android 2.2 for a while and older versions used to display fine so it’s not my OS I don’t think…

  • Patryk

    Viewing notes per notebook would make evernote usable with things like GTD and off-line sync is a must as my notes loading extremely slowly even on 3G. Great work apart from that I’m looking forward for more updates android widget rocks !

  • Fabricio

    Great! Loved the features!

    I’m a heavy premium user but, unfortunately, due to the lack of local storage, I’m being forced to use Springpad in my Samsung Galaxy S, because I can access the notes there even without access to wifi… And I only access my 300+ notes on Evernote when I’m online or at my notebook 🙁

  • emakpaini

    “My Android is now cooler than your iPhone.” totally agree!

  • Eric

    Help! Ever since Android 2.2 was installed on my Motorola Droid, Evernote’s ability to send pictures and voice notes is gone. When I take a picture or record a voice note, I see the icon that shows Evernote is “syncing,” and then the Droid locks up. None of the pics or voice notes are kept. Not only is my Droid constantly locked now, but my system for notekeeping is messed up because I can’t snap pics or record voice notes. Help? Thanks as always. I don’t care if it’s temporarily glitchy, Evernote rules!

  • Doug Phillips

    My Evernote is non-functional ever since this morning’s “update”… I can’t access my notes on my Droid. I can’t sign out; the icon just spins and spins. What is the problem with Evernote that it can’t update without causing a hassle?!

  • Augusto

    We need urgently offline storage and a photo scanner included in Evernote (capture). Pdf viewer instead of download to view. And the ability to see notes sorted by tags.

  • slsrx

    I would like to see (and copy) a direct link of uploaded files (photos, for example)

  • Walter

    Has there been a conscious decision to no longer provide a direct link for this APK? The team’s been surprisingly quiet on this.

  • es

    a search for ‘evernote’ in the Android Market via my EVO (2.2) doesn’t turn up anything.
    can other people access it and if so how?
    or has the Evernote Widget been removed due to 2.2 bugs perhaps?

    • Mark

      Yeah I had evernote on adroid having tranferred from another well known competitor and but then lost phone – now replaced it but evernote no longer on market place! I want my notes back on my phone! Is android version coming back or do i have to cut and paste notes back to the other service with available android app? Shame i liked evernote but with no android app i can’t stay….

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Mark, Evernote for Android is available. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing it. Point your Android browser here:

      • Mark

        thanks andrew – i managed to install from that link

    • Mark

      I checked again on the market with two android phones – it appears if i log on with an old 1.6 android but not with a 2.1 – i guess its missing only for later phones!

  • vinnyjames

    Is there a way to check ctrl+shift-c checkboxes from the android app?

  • wirelesscharlie

    I think Evernote is supported for QVGA resolution screen. Just check if yours is QVGA. Only supported apps will show up on a search I guess.

  • RF3

    Why can’t i add to or edit my Evernotes from my Android phone? Kind of makes it difficult to update a favorite wine list or list of tasks when i can only do it on the computer, right? any thoughts on an update with this feature? otherwise–really appreciate the program!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can create new notes and edit existing ones on your Android. The only limitation is that in order to edit the notes, they must be plain text. If the notes contain rich elements (styles, images), you will be able to append new content to the note, but not edit it directly.

      • Suzanne Cutshall

        How do you edit the note on an Android Incredible? I don’t see an option in the app.

      • chad

        will this maybe be an option in the future? the Achilles heel of this app versus apps like astrid is the inability of interactivity. for instance, the to do syles would be cool if one could touch screen and check items on phone. as it stands, it’s merely a novelty if any serious mobile use is to be had out of a list.

  • Tony Whitney

    Is there any way we can support for just the check boxes you can make from the computer? I don’t care if we can add the checkboxes in the Android version, but being able to edit a note that has them and check off the box would be awesome! I would never use astrid or other task app and services again.

    • Tanya

      Yes please!! I need the checkboxes too.

  • JoeG

    How do you sort by notebook on your android phone? All I can see is a complete list of notes.

    • Bwa

      That sort by notebook feature really would make my day – that and fixing the problem with notes including checkboxes mentioned before…

  • Vince

    Can someone send me this app? I’m unable to retrieve it directly from the Market?

  • rhyden

    When is offline note storage for Android coming? I don’t always have a good data connection, some buildings are just too tall/thick and I also do a lot of work in rural areas where I need to be able to bring up notes for viewing at minimum… Sometimes editing too. Please implement the feature soon. Thanks.

    • Zilin

      Evernote in iOS have offline feature. I’m waiting for offline feature too. But I’m using Catch Notes instead until evernote give an offline version.

      • Tanya

        Offline features and checkbox functionality would make this app much better.

  • Jonathan Kane

    I read your comment from 9/21/10 regarding editing of existing notes. How do I remove the formating on existing notes so I can s edit the any part of a note on my droid? and Is the app being updated to read notes that have been formatted using the standard tools on the desktop version? Thank you, Jonathan

  • Ross Hodgson

    Hi guys – have got the beta version on my android phone – keeps crashing – can’t find where I can download the update – can anyone help

  • Ross Hodgson

    Found it thanks – works a treat cheers

  • Cabs

    Evernote still doesn’t show up in Market from my HTC Tattoo with QVGA screen – it never has. But I’m happy to be able to download it from the direct link above! And even happier that it seems to work great on my Tattoo – only (minor) issue so far is that the icons in the main Evernote screen partially overlap the Evernote search field. But that doesn’t keep me from being able to search.

  • Glenda Carl

    THANK YOU for adding the Send to Evernote option to the Share menu! I’ve wanted that for a long time. More and more of my mind is in Evernote.

  • Ricardo

    I’ve been using evernote since I got my HTC Desire a lot more than I did on the PC, but this update made it unusable for me… force closes on almost everything. Hope it gets fixed soon!

    • James

      I concur on the Droid. The update forces close of the app/widget on almost everything. Please fix this excellent app!

  • Chris

    I wish I could love this app, but a couple of items are making it no fun.

    1) Why in the world would the notebooks not show up in the Android app? It’s insane to have to sift through all notes to find what you are looking for. I have notes for different projects in different notebooks and reviewing them away from my office is VERY difficult. You don’t even support a sort by alpha so putting the project name 1st is of no use.

    2) I can make checkboxes in the pc app, but can’t check them off as completed from the mobile. Really…..really? How can this app do so much and yet the android mobile app falls short on being able complete a simple checklist. What were you thinking?

    I haven’t given up yet. I dropped ColorNote for this because of the desktop and sync, but I’m not finding the Android mobile app very useful. Please teel me that Android improvements are on the way.

  • Mike Montrose

    Have you fixed the “no snapshot found to upload” that broke? The beta you suggested didn’t fix it. I have a DROID running 2.2.

  • Seth Lieberman

    When will Evernote for Android install to the SD card and allow for local search/editing of notes while offline?

    • asaf

      I want to know this as well, this is the only reason why I don’t use evernot.
      Why do Iphoners have the option in free mode and androids don’t ?

  • suoiduts

    Unfortunately, my major frustration with Evernote for Android has not yet been addressed. I have some long notes which I edit regularly. When I scroll down and find the place I want to edit and then tap on the screen Evernote activates the keyboard and scrolls me all the way back to the top of the note. Then when I scroll back down and again find the place I want to edit and again tap on the screen, Evernote sets the cursor where I tapped but again scrolls me all the way back to the top of the note. I have to scroll down and find my place a third time in order to edit. Very frustrating.
    One other small thing: When I make changes to a note and then decide to exit without saving the changes, instead of saying “Are you sure you want to discard the changes?” it says “Are you sure you want to discard this note?” as if the whole note will be deleted. That’s unnecessarily confusing.

  • willtmc

    The snapshot feature doesn’t work at all. Always says “no snapshot found to upload”. Please fix this! I want to use your service.

  • Patagonia

    Currently traveling and found out that the favourite (offline) Features is missing
    the app is cool but whithout offline feature useless, can then also use a PC 🙂

  • Bob

    Anyone else having trouble with the audio note? It seems to record, then gets a “Java exception” . Is there a place to get support for such problems?

  • Kevin

    Why i can’t find evernote from android market?is there any thing stupid than this?

  • Lou

    One thing that constantly annoys me is that the UI on Android makes getting to the list of notes more difficult than it needs to be. When I start the application, I see large UI elements for creating new notes 4 different ways, but to look at all the content I have created, I must use the menu button on my device and then select between “Notes”, “Notes nearby” and “Pending Notes” to get to what I want. Surely there’s room on the initial screen to get me to my list of notes?

    Do people really create new content more often than referring to existing content? The UI seems a little backwards in that respect in terms of optimizing use of the application.

    And no, please don’t suggest that I use the search widget. When I’m on the bus from the airport in some strange city, and I’ve carefully added a note with directions to the hotel, I really don’t want to have to type text while standing up to find a recently created note. Oh, and it really sucks that I get to pay for data roaming charges because there’s no apparently reliable local storage of note, right? Too bad for me that I have a CDMA android device and I might be traveling in Europe where even roaming charges aren’t an option..

    I’d upgrade to a professional, paid user if the Android client supported offline content and exposed the various notebooks that I created in any useful way.

  • maiiik

    Please, put the offline mode! We “Wi-fi poor users” are suffering! hahaha. I dont want to change to another app.

  • JCFX

    Any chance of Ink notes coming to Android any time soon? I’ve got a lovely new FroYo touch screen slate and the only thing I miss from myb windows phone Evernote is the ability to scribble a quick thought – much faster than thumb typing and 9 times out of 10, with a typed title and tags, I don’t need to convert the ink to text at any point.

  • Claudia

    In the last few days, Evernote crashes EVERY time I try to view any notes. Sometimes it crashes even before it will show the list of notes. And when I tried to submit a tech question to Evernote on their website, it said Error! I love Evernote, except it’s useless to me at the moment unless I can get to a computer. Anyone else having crash problems?

  • Norton

    Still no offline Notes for Android. Not even for premium??
    -> Please developers put it to the wishlist (!)

  • Fel

    Why when I record an audio clip, I cannot hear it on my pc after a sync?

  • Pmibal

    Fantastic update! Now if I could only add and select checkboxes within a note, I could also use it as my task list tool.

  • Chris

    Just had to switch phones (Droid Incredible to Droid Incredible, both running 2.2) and the Evernote app on my new phone crashes every time I attempt to open (both phones running Apps Organizer – Evernote causes phone to lock up and Apps Organizer to crash). Uninstalled/reinstalled Evernote app several times, issue persists. Please help.

  • Chuck

    How can I paste text into a note? Can’t seem to find a way!

  • Jordanrinke

    The ability to actually check off an item in a check list is missing, which I find surprising since the checkbox itself is displayed. That is the only thing stopping me from using this full time and most likely becoming a paid member to be able to share check lists and notes.

  • Sergey Shelukhin

    +1 for handwriting
    Not being able to write directly on new shiny big screen Android tablets in Evernote is nearly a deal breaker… I’d pay for that

  • Doug

    My longer Evernote documents on the android phone don’t scroll correctly. When I try to scroll down to the lower end or bottom of the note and release my finger, the note jumps/scrolls to the top immediately on its own, not allowing me to read the lower portion of the document. I tried synching a number of times, but that did not work. This happens whether I am online or offline.

  • Debbie

    Wish List:

    1) List view for Tags
    2) Widget to add a Tag to the Home Screen

  • Ward Silver

    I second Debbie’s #1: Provide a list view for tags in addition to thumbnails (which is pretty useless).

  • don

    long ago I downloaded Evernote to my Android phone and set up an account and forgot about it.Last week I got an Ipad and downloaded Evernote to my computer and my Ipad under a new account.
    I have tried uninstalling Evernote app from my Android phone (since it is linked to an account I’m not using) so I could set up my Ipad/computer Evernote account to link with my phone.
    I’ve tried everything and even clicking uninstall and installing a new Evernote app links me back to the old account. HELP! I’d like to start using Evernote with my new account and link it to my Android phone but I am unable to do so.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Don, it sounds like you need to sign out of your Evernote account on the Android phone. Do this by launching Evernote, then tapping Menu and choosing Sign out.

  • Mark

    Using Android 2.2, LG Optimus V phone – can’t find Evernote widget. Saw it once, installed it and then after a reboot it disappeared. Any reason why it wouldn’t show in the list of widgets?

    Also – I understand that lime green is the color of Evernote, but the appearance of Evernote on my iPod Touch is so much more pleasing than that on the Android, which is really garish, if you ask me. Any way to change that?

    Thanks for a great service! (above issues are minor, but still would like to know if there are possible answers)


  • everenote_user

    I found this interresting information on anoter website

    You need to install Evernote (and any other apps that feature widgets) on your Android’s internal memory rather than the SD card. This is a limitation of the Android OS in general — widgets don’t work well (or at all) from the SD card.

  • Mike

    I am planning to get the Acer Iconia Honeycomb tablet – does Evernote support stylus based handwritten notes – I have seen evernote work on Ipad 2 with a stylus before.

  • Angel

    I have been using Evernote for the past few weeks and it was a very cool and useful app. It helps me in creating entries on my blog.

    But after I did the update, it won’t pull up again. I am using a China made epad with android OS 1.6. Is there any way to revert back to its old version when it was working with my device? It seems that the update did not work with my device. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it back but it did not work.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Justin Zalameda

    Get ink notes! Haha that’s all I need

  • Björn Åkesson

    I love the look and feel of Evernote. The sync function also seems faster then those I have experienced in rival apps so far over Android. However, when are you guys going to give us checkboxes? It’s the main thing that will make me not extend my subscription unless it’s incorporated in the app.

    Otherwise, thanks for a great product.

  • AyuRangga

    Hi Andrew Sinkov,

    I’ve clicked on the link you gave [] and was able to download the beta pack but when I click on instal, it’s says error. 🙁 Please help me. I love Evernote.

  • gingerbread update

    thanks i like it!
    but, thats why this err on my phone?