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Posted by on 13 Aug 2010

Posted by on 13 Aug 2010

Whiteboard sessions are meant to be collaborative, so it feels counterproductive when the team spends as much time feverishly recreating the whiteboard sketches in their notebooks as participating in discussions. Evernote is here to help. We caught up with Michael Galpert, founder of the amazing, (think Adobe Creative Suite, but entirely online and free) who explained how his company uses Evernote to keep ideas from disappearing.

What they do

The Aviary team uses Evernote as a key part of their whiteboard/brainstorming process. They sketch everything out, then take a snapshot with Evernote. As Michael points out, there was always a fear that important ideas might get erased and lost, but now with Evernote they have an easy way to capture it all forever.

As an added bonus, Evernote’s image recognition technology processes all of those snapshots and makes the handwritten text searchable, so it’s easy to find all of those great ideas.

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  • brad parnell

    Great idea, It’s amazing how a great whiteboard idea can be created then erased without thinking of taking a photo, and using evernote to tag and share is brilliant.

  • Deb Kolaras

    Love this idea and the many that can come from its simplicity. The true act of brainstorming is to put anything and everything down, leave everything, removing nothing, just in case. This form of preservation allows for that and the other important facet: quiet contemplation at a later time. Awesome.

  • Kısırlığa doğal çözüm

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    • kırışıklık

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  • Matthew Guay

    Very cool … that’s a great idea. Evernote on my phone just came in very handy today for finding a number and directions I’d saved earlier … thanks Evernote team! 🙂

  • Ben

    I did the same thing over the past few weeks with my team at IBM. It’s been a great way to store & manage all of the ideas flowing within our projects. Thank you, Evernote!

  • Jennifer Palais

    I love this! My partner and I do this when we are brainstorming for our web design clients…so helpful for workflow. You can take pictures of lists, charts…

  • AFD

    This seems a little backwards to me.

    Interactive whiteboards would be one way to do the same thing but better (aside from their cost).

    I was hoping this vid would show how and interactive whiteboard could take each box from the sketch and create a note. then link to all other notes wherever a connecting line/link of some kind was found…

    I use Gnote aka Tomboy on Fedora Linux and am looking for a good solution to noting all brainstorming on a larger scale with multiple people – Think Wiihacks for the whiteboard x 10 to cover a whole wall and a dozen developers all collaborating in one room on one wall. Then that is saved or duplicated in Gnote/Evernote form.

    Anyone heard of something like this?

  • brett

    how funny! I do the exact same thing. I prefer to brainstorm on whiteboards and then I take pictures and upload to evernote.

    great article.

  • Web Backup

    Such a simple and useful idea. I used to snap pictures of whiteboards with my phone. It never occurred to me to share them via Evernote.

  • Cinsel uyarıcı ilaç

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  • cymplus

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  • Vance

    I recently found myself in a conference room after a meeting, when my phone rang. It was a prospective client. Before I knew it we were diving deep into a complex quoting/negotiation conversation and I didn’t have my laptop up nor a headset to allow me to easily keep detailed notes on my notepad. Instead I wrote feverishly, covering the whiteboard in the conference room with the key points from our conversation.
    At the end I realized I now needed to make my notes portable and was on the verge of taking the time to transpose to paper when I remembered my Evernote app for Android and instead snapped the picture into memory forever! That’s how I stumbled upon this same gem of a use for Evernote!

  • goldenlovita

    I like the results even though I can not understand the Math behind

  • Nick Hennegan

    Good idea. I just took pics of a whiteboard presentation on my i-phone. We’re using the same system for our charity radio broadcast, sharing the playlist with producers. The info is at