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Posted by Ron Toledo on 30 Aug 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 30 Aug 2010

Fuel Brand Network

We’re extremely pleased to announce the addition of the Fuel Brand Notebooks to the Evernote Trunk as part of our Creative Series. The Fuel family of websites are the perfect resource for creative people of all types. From writers to photographers to designers, Fuel’s editors have been providing readers with great ideas and insights to help make the most of their inspirations. Now that they are in the trunk these excellent creative resources are available to easily add to your external brain, Evernote.

The Fuel notebooks are a great starting point for your inspiration. Collect your favorite hints, tips and inspiration from your life and around the web to keep the ball rolling and Fuel your creative passions. They make a great addition for anyone looking to kickstart their creativity.

The Notebooks

Fuel Your Creativity
Designers make it look so easy. What may seem like a natural gift for combining color and style to create something that is functional and visually appealing, is actually a keen understanding of certain techniques and principles. The Fuel Your Creativity notebook will show you how to use complementary colors, how to consider layout, and how to think about your design projects.

  • The Lost Principles of Design
  • The Definitive Color Wheel
  • The Steps of Creative Communication

Fuel Your Photography
What does it take to get the perfect photo? This notebook is full of ideas to help you get the most out of your photography. The Fuel editors show you how to set a scene, how to use lighting to your advantage and teach the techniques behind HDR photographs.

  • Using Natural Light
  • Don’t Leave Home Without It (your camera)
  • Creating Drama With a Turn of The Dial
  • Creating a B&W HDR Photograph
  • Creating a Remote Studio

Fuel your Writing
Getting started on a writing project can be tough. There are numerous questions that need to be addressed before diving in. How to stay organized? How to use Evernote to get the best writing results? What are the recommended resources? How to get put your best foot forward during the submission process. These are the important questions answered in the Fuel Your Writing notebook.

  • Useful Writing Websites, Submitting Your Writing
  • Practical Tools For Writers
  • Organize Your Writing Using Evernote

How to add the notebooks to your account

Adding a notebook take a few simple steps. Go to the Evernote Trunk, which is available on the web, Evernote on your desktop, or Evernote on your iPad. Once there, click on the Notebooks menu item. Click on Fuel and select the notebook to want to add. Then click the Add to Evernote button. Evernote will automatically sync and your new notes will appear.

Be part of the Evernote Trunk

If you are interested in contributing a notebooks to the Evernote Trunk, contact us here.

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