Evernote for Mac update: Better AppleScript support and more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 13 Sep 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 13 Sep 2010

Last week we released an update to Evernote for Mac (v 1.11), which contained a couple of interesting new features. Check for updates to make sure that you’re on the latest release. Download Evernote for Mac here »

Enhanced AppleScript support

This update dramatically improves Evernote’s support for AppleScript. We have a dedicated page that outlines all of the new capabilities. If you’re familiar with AppleScript, then prepare to have a field day. We have the non-coders covered too. In advance of this release, we partnered with to develop a number of scripts, which enable some useful and time-saving functionality.

The Veritrope site also has lots of other scripts, snippets and ideas. Make sure to check it out.

Improved new user experience

Over the past few months, we have been making lots of tweaks to improve the new user experience. This release adds a helpful overlay in the New Note area to help acquaint first timers with the interface and types of note that they can create. The overlay appears the very first time a person launches Evernote.

Fixes and enhancements

As always, the release has lots of stuff that you can’t see—stuff that makes your Evernote experience better, smoother and more reliable.

Download Evernote for Mac here »


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  • fitzage


    Now if only would load…

    • Justin

      Yes — The Mighty Elephant that is the Evernote Blog has trampled a dedicated Linode server… Quite impressive, actually!

      Working diligently to tweak the cache and site load so you can start diving in to the AppleScripts. Once things are stabilized, I’ve got a new one to post!

      Justin Lancy

  • ChrisB

    Thank you so much. I spent many hours trying to script some tag creation actions – and finally gave up. The new actions allowed me to do what I wanted in minutes.

  • Mark

    Considering the amount of faffing involved to get any of this to work, I hardly see how you can say you “have the non-coders covered too”!

    I can’t get any of this to work.

    • Justin

      Hi Mark!

      I just posted a new AppleScript project here:

      It’s certainly a more “entry level” experience as you can just download the app and click on it to run — or set it up for use with a keyboard shortcut.

      That said… the nice thing about AppleScript is that, the more interest you take in it, the more you are able to customize the things your computer can do for you. Sometimes I think of it as the difference between an “off-the-rack” suit versus something more tailored: Sometimes you just want to grab something to wear quickly. Other times, you’d like to make the effort to get a better fit.

      Either way, a good AppleScript implementation within a program like Evernote allows people at either end of the continuum to enjoy new functionality and fun extensions of applications into new places. If you look around the internet, you’ll see thousands of scripts that people use to avoid repetitive tasks, connect programs together, and solve problems that are too small for a software company to write an app for.

      When it’s done right, it’s really a massive help to people in a variety of circumstances. That’s why, to my mind, the work that Evernote put into the AppleScript additions is a big deal — and it opens up a lot of creative, time-saving possibilities.

      In other words… it’s what computers *are supposed* to do for us! 😀

      But we’re really just getting started with the new stuff! What are you looking for in an AppleScript? (I got the ease of use part… but which things are of interest to you?)

      Kind Regards,


  • Martin Packer

    Wondering if something similar will happen for Windows (actually in my case WINE under Linux) users…

    … That is sophisticated scripting.

  • led

    That is sophisticated scripting

  • Unlock iPhone 4

    I bought a that version I mean Mac (v 1.11).nice working but having some problem to operate some feature.

  • apdg

    Wondering if there’s an applescript command that lets you script setting the updated date of a note in the way “created” sets the date the note was created.

    My script imports RTF files and sets their created date of the note to the created date of the file but I’d like it also to set the modified date of the note to the modified date of the file.

    • Justin

      FYI — not only is there an AppleScript that does this now… but with a little bit of help, it was actually written by the person who asked in the first place!:

      Viva la AppleScript,

  • Todd

    I’m having trouble installing the scripts, since I don’t know where to save them to make them appear in Evernote. Outlook has a scripts menu and a folder in which to install new scripts, but I can’t see how to do the same thing in Evernote. The documentation on Veritrope doesn’t say anything other than “save it somewhere”.

  • Stuart C Woodward

    The link in “We have a dedicated page that outlines all of the new capabilities.”

    Seems to be broken now…