In the Trunk: Android Document Scanning with Droid Scan

Posted by David Pierce on 15 Sep 2010

Posted by David Pierce on 15 Sep 2010

  • App name: Droid Scan
  • Developer: Trans-code Design
  • Platform: Android
  • Price: $3.99/$6.99
  • Type: Document Scanners

Mobile scanner apps are a really popular product type in the Evernote Trunk, and with good reason. Having an easy way to bring a whiteboard, business card or printed page into your Evernote account, where it’s searchable and accessible from everywhere, is a huge time-saver—it’s also one of the things I use Evernote for most.

Droid Scan for Android is a nifty tool for snapping a photo of various analog items and making them searchable and accessible in Evernote. To use it, take a picture of whatever you want to scan, and then with one tap you can save it to your Evernote account and store it for later.

Why This is Cool

What’s really great about Droid Scan is that it takes steps to improve your snapshots so they look as though they were pages run through a scanner. Droid Scan uses what it calls “Perspective Correction” to take the funny-angled picture you took of your class’s whiteboard, or the slightly fuzzy business card you just got, and turn it into a flat, sharp image. It also automatically finds the edges of whatever you’re taking a picture of, so you won’t get extra stuff in the shot.

Droid Scan photos can be saved as PDFs or JPGs, shared via email, SMS or the Web, uploaded to Google Docs, and of course sent to your Evernote account. For Evernote, we recommend saving as a JPG. Once you send your pictures to Evernote, our image recognition technology will make the text in the image searchable.

Great Android apps in the Trunk

The number of great Evernote-integrated Android apps in the Trunk is growing fast. Here are a few that are available from the Android Market: Droid Scan, DocScanner, Seesmic, Total Recall, enShortcut, CadreBible, and Pixelpipe. More are on the way. If you’re interested in building your own integration, take a look at our developer materials.


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