Evernote for iPhone, iPad and iPod Update

Posted by on 27 Sep 2010

Posted by on 27 Sep 2010

An update to Evernote for iPhone, iPad and iPod (version 3.3.10) went live in the iTunes App Store over the weekend. Check for updates or get the app now. This release included a number of nice improvements. Here’s a brief summary:

Improved search performance

There are a couple of nice search-related enhancements in this release. Searching for notes when your device is online is now faster. Also, searching for Chinese, Japanese and Korean notes within offline notebooks is now more reliable.

Better thumbnail scrolling

Scrolling through thumbnails on devices equipped with the new Retina Display is now much faster. Don’t forget, if you use an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can turn your device on its side in note view to activate Thumbnail View.

Improved conflict resolution

Evernote now does a better job of handling conflicts and issues that occur when notes are created or edited on different devices.

Audio playback fixes

This release fixes an audio playback issue that users on iOS4 devices encountered. You will now be able to immediately listen to newly recorded audio notes.

Lots more

There were also lots of other bug fixes and improvements throughout the application.

Please note: If you experienced issues in our previous release, we recommend uninstalling Evernote, then doing a fresh install of the new version from the App Store.

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  • Hugo Palma

    Please give more attention to the Android app. The current implementation is very very poor. I’m actually considering leaving evernote because of this.

    Android is rapidly gaining a large market share, please assign more resources to it.

  • Lamarr

    I love Evernote, but you all have like another month in my mind to start caring about your Android app or I’m going to have to move on. I use you all for everything and it’s irritating that you update the Apple ecosystem so frequently but seemingly don’t give a damn about Android. This is simply MY perspective; I’m sure it’s not yours.


  • Don Miller

    When do you plan to have handwriting notes available for the iPad? I will be more than happy to upgrade to the premium version for this.

    • Steve H

      Absolutely!! I’d jump on premium as well for handwriting on the iPad.

      • Eddie Mello

        Handwritten notes or connectivity to Penultimate.

    • Patrick L. Nims

      Inking in evernote would be great!

      • jbs

        Yes, please add this!

  • Willem Kuhtreiber

    The Web Clipper with mobile Safari on the iPad doesn’t seem to always include the Source URL in the clip. Seems to be hit or miss.
    Does anybody know how to get this consistent? (I did check the box in the preferences).

  • Jim Smith

    It would be great to be able to enter checklists on the Iphone version like on the desktop. Other Iphone apps like Awesome Note can do this.

  • Tyler

    Thanks for the update! Two things that would make this even better:

    1. Extending the rich-text editor to the iphone and ipad. It’s becoming tedious to keep notes in only one format across 3 platforms (mac, iphone, ipad).
    2. A much better “to-do” functionality across platforms. Right now it’s limited to the desktop version. Think OmniFocus meets evernote – that would be very nice!

    • Greg Jewett

      I am with Tyler – and I have mentioned it before!
      BRING ON THE RICH TEXT editor to the iPhone/iPad. Yes, Apple does not provide one by default — but that has not stopped hundreds of developers to create libraries, or their own code to enable rich-text editing. We are not talking MS Word, or Apple Pages, just the simple stuff — images, bold, italic, underline, bullet points, etc. Even web pages with JS, CSS, etc.. are adding these to comments sections of their websites! Eeegads!

      • Ted Barnett

        Agreed. Since Evernote is a note-taking application, the ability to enter simple bullet-point lists (i.e. do outlining) when taking notes seems critical to me, and renders the product unusable on the iPad. Any crude hack to enable outline-style note taking would be sufficient.

    • Filip van Dijk

      I agree with Tyler. These two issues need a very high priority as far as I’m concerned.
      Hope to see them in an update soon!

    • Emanuel Brown

      Agree with Tyler’s comments as well as the ability to lock Evernote separately from the mobile device OS given the sensitive nature of some of the data that often gets stored there.

      Evernote is a great service and one that I happily recommend. Keep it growing!

    • Ken

      I AGREE – when people ask me about Evernote for iPad I tell them it is good – but I would wait for bold, italics, underline, and BULLETS!!! Please bring this to the app.

    • Eric Puleo

      I am a Premium user and continue to really love the Evernote model. It is really difficult expanding my use of Evernote on the iPad and iPhone as total note taking tools while not having the same simple RFT tool that I have on the desktop version.

      I will continue to recommend everyone that start using Evernote and buy the premium version. Keep up the good work.

  • exilio

    Please add password protection to iPhone and iPad app!

    I want to be able to use Evernote exclusively, but can’t until I can have a password for access.

  • Roveit

    The iPhone app for Evernote is a right royal pain. To not be able to filter by Group or have a text list view like the desktop version seems an amazing oversight to me. The chosen format is great for a gee whiz demo of a few notes but when you want to go big time it’s hopeless. My solution use Simplenote for my client notes and rely on Evernote for heavy duty stuff. Really frustrating when with a little thought and development Evernote could do it all.

    • Jim in DC

      I could not agree more! A text list is very much needed on the IPhone!

  • Brian Forrester

    I love Evernote, and it’s hard to complain about something that I’m getting for free that integrates everywhere I go. One suggestion for future revisions of the iPhone app would be making search by notebooks easier. Currently (unless I’m missing something) I’ve got to tap the search bar, then tap advanced search, then drill down to the specific notebook, then back out of the search to see items that are listed in that notebook.

    Maybe I’m the minority here, but I organize a lot of my stuff into notebooks, and not always by keywords. It would be nice if the notebooks could be displayed without having to do an advanced search, and it would be a more cohesive experience when transitioning from desktop or iPad to iPhone.

    Just a suggestion, keep up the great work 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Brian, Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Greg Jewett

      Ditto to Brian. I keep notes and use three main notebooks along with organization in many others, but it would be great to search a specific notebook, where I know something is, just can not put my “finger” on it exactly. I am spoiled with spotlight, and search capabilities — I search for everything.

    • Joel

      I would actually like the ability to at least view the different notebooks. The iPhone app shows all of the notes in one long list – not split into notebooks. I use several notebooks and keep content that I’m just archiving in various notebooks so when I’m out with my iPhone I find it really difficult to have to look through the long list of notes.

  • Neil Chapman

    I have enjoyed a paperless injury law practice for 2 years thanks to Evernote. Probably 95% of my notes are PDFs that I’ve scanned with my Fujitsu ScanSnap at my desk.

    I wish the iPad/iPhone versions did not require me to click twice to view a PDF. Am I missing something? On the desktop version, you click on the PDF, and it’s there. But on the iOS/mobile version, I see the thumbnail rendered OK, but there’s a “PDF” icon instead of the image, which requires a SECOND click to open the PDF. This seems to be true even for the notebooks that are stored locally on the iPad. Is there a way to make the mobile version like the desktop version in this regard, so that I can view a PDF instantly without clicking to open it?

  • Robert Blatt

    Love the overall application but would really like to be able to do basic formatting – bullet points, indentation, bolding – I could care less about the fonts, but the basic formatting allows the notes to have a structure that makes them much easier to read.

    When will that be available for the ipad?

    • Greg Jewett

      Hear Hear Robert!!

      See my previous comment, and I forgot to mention that GOOGLE is bringing webpage and doc editing to the iPhone/iPad in a BROWSER (Safari and other webkit browsers), not even a custom app!

  • Dartanion London

    Tyler and exilio are exactly in line with me. Rich text editing and encrypted notebooks are the two advancements that I’d find worth paying for.

  • Marc Kilian

    When will RTF editing on the iPad be released? I’m a premium user and the heavier I use it for daily work, also with clients, the more of a pain (and ultimately showstopper) this becomes …

  • Scott

    I am a premium user and second the request for a password like Mint or Splash ID.

    Thanks for the updates.

  • Greg Jewett


    I have commented above, and LOVE Evernote. Use it all the time. I would even GO PREMIUM if I could get the Rich Text editing and a cherry on top with the other feature I have commented on!

  • Joseph Draschil

    Thanks for the update. I use Evernote on the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I keep finding more and more reasons to use it everyday. Love the work y’all are doing.

  • Kitch

    How about adding the much waited for notebook sharing to all your apps? Having to rely on accessing the web site is quite lame and the fact that it was “coming soon” over a year ago is also quite lame. At least give an update to the status of this feature.

    • DougP

      I second the request – sharing Notebooks would be an excellent way to improve productivity and your user base!

  • Bernd Eckenfels

    My major usecase for Evernote on the iPhone is recording new notes (audio in car, pics on the go) and I would really love to see startup time to be improved as well as Beeing able to annotate/modify new notes in upload queue (when offline). Can location be discovered in background?

  • Colin

    Please bring on text formatting and drawing capability for the iPad.

  • AlexZN

    We need RTF editor and an ability to draw simple pictures on the iPad. Handwriting recognition would have been the icing on the cake, but at least give us RTF and ability to embed simple drawings. Without it Evernote uses 1/10 of iPad capabilities. I will go premium if thosemfeatures are implemented. Evernote keeps adding “cool” features like Site Memory buttons which 90% of users could not care less about, and it keeps ignoring their core user set. I wish evernote could stop adding ‘features’ that make it a bloatware and concentrate on expanding core functionality.

  • Matt

    I use Evernote daily but being in a scientific field it is a must to be able to sketch and freehand formulas. Please incorporate this into your iPad/iPhone applications. At that point I could use it exclusively. Thanks for the great app.

  • Rex Stevens

    Consider me another vote for handwritten notes on the iPad. That would be a huge benefit to me.



  • Chris Smith

    I’m a Premium user, and would very much like to be able to format text (bold, italic, underline, bullet points, checkboxes) and be able to sketch in Evernote notes on my iPad.

    I really enjoy the cross-syncing between work, home, iPhone, and iPad. Fantastic app, which is why I paid for it.

    Now, let’s get those core functions fleshed out 🙂

  • DougP

    Encrypted Notebooks would be a huge plus for me – I relay heavily on Evernote for everything but always have to back off storing many documents because I do not have any confidence the cloud is that secure..

  • Terje

    Why not an Android-app that is a little more useful? Are all Evernote-employees Apple-fanboys?

  • Tony

    I love EverNote on my iPhone! There is one feature I would like to see, though. When viewing the detail for a note and I choose “View on Map”, I would like to have it integrate with the Maps app. Then I could get back to my parking space, for example, since I could see where I am in relation to the coordinates for the note. Thanks!

  • Brandon

    Evernote makes my life much easier! I work in IT so I have MANY things to keep track of like Serials & Devices, passwords and more. I love how I can take pictures of a computers serial or device number and then search those snapshots from my desktop.

    Here is an idea I had sense I go to multiple offices throughout the week. If Evernote could geotag the pictures and then depending on where they are taken, it could automatically place them in groups like Office1, Office2….

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • Jorgen Bjerke

    I’m a premium user and love Evernote. What I miss is an integrated todo, inside notes. I often jot down things and then one of the points is something I need to remember to do within let’s say next week. I then would like to just add a check mark and optionally a date – in the iPhone app.

    One more request: add more than one picture in the same note with the iPhone app and fully edit those notes, not just append things. Just like aNote.

  • n00neimp0rtant

    I have stopped using Evernote for the time being until the iOS apps get rich text. I can’t comprehend how one could actually take useful notes without bullet points or numbered lists.

  • Ben Seclawney

    Evernote on the iphone is a godsend!!!

    app can only get better keep up the good workd 🙂


  • S Vogt

    Why can’t I view shared/edit notebooks on iPad like I can on desktop. I and my staff have the premium version.

  • Ronak

    i want to store images in my evernote account. how can i store it. can u send me source code for that

  • David Orrino

    It would like to see the functionality to label notes in the iPad app the same as in the Windows desktop app. As I get more and more notes my label list is getting huge and difficult to use in a drop down list style like on the iPad. Along this same line I would like the ability to search for, in the desktop app, notes that are not labeled. This is because I usually save all my labeling for the desktop app as a workaround to the above.

    This note is just foe the iPad/Windows desktop combination because that is all I use or know. For all I know one one of the other apps may have a better way that you can implement.

    Thank you

  • Dave Spooner

    Please can we have Ink Note on the iPad? Thanks.

  • Mike

    I love Evernote, especially on the iPad, but I agree with the comments above regarding the need for rich text and handwriting/sketched notes.

    However, my main request for Evernote on the iPad is to add the ability to open attachments in other apps (such as a spreadsheet in Numbers) and to “open” attachments from email into Evernote.

    Right now I am finding myself using GoodReader more and more because it renders presentations and spreadsheets better and allows me to open files from email. I would rather use Evernote so all of my notes are in one place.



    • Mark Sobkowicz

      I agree on rich text – as for hand-drawn notes, try Inkiness on iPad – it has excellent evernote integration. Has the same “just works” feeling. (I don’t work for them, either).

  • Patrick L. Nims

    If evernnote had open in capability for attachments, I could use evernote for my whole company.

  • Luis

    Agreed, I love evernote but considering to leave because it doesn’t offer rich text for ipad.

    Any of you guys know an alternative which does?


    • Steve

      Agreed. I’m using a tablet (iPad) built in 2011 and a text editor with tech from 1979. No, wait, Scripsit on my old TRS-80 had mark-up. I’m dumping just about everything into this app and the lack of formatting on the iPad is really starting to annoy me, to the point that I’m also now looking for an alternative.

  • ICT

    Love this! Evernote on the iPhone is perfect.

  • David Fealy

    Please add password and reminder

  • clarkmessing

    At the end of the day the apple products lack functionality in terms of use with other platforms, something which has put me off completely.