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Posted by on 08 Oct 2010

Posted by on 08 Oct 2010

Few life events are as packed with memorable moments as having a child. Hardly surprising given the sheer number of “firsts”: first days, first sounds, first words, first steps. Naturally, parents want to capture these moments and then share them with close friends and family. This is where things often get difficult. How do you save every memory regardless of where it occurs, and then easily share with only the right people in the optimal way? Enter the Evernote – Lil’grams integration.

Lil’grams and Evernote

Lil’grams is the hassle-free way to share your baby memories with everyone that matters—as often as they wish. Now, you can save all of those precious moments in Evernote and have them automatically populate Lil’grams blogs, newsletters, baby books, and more. Check out the Lil’grams site for more information.

Why this is cool

The beauty of this integration is its automation. All you do is tell Lil’grams which Evernote tags and/or notebooks it should pay attention to. That’s it. Then, when you use Evernote to capture that unforgettably cute thing your kids just did, the stuff will automatically shoot into Lil’grams where it will be placed onto your baby blog and sent to the people that requested email updates.

In addition to posting to your personal baby blog (here’s a sample) and creating beautifully formatted emails, Lil’grams also lets you take all those memories and turn them into baby books and other printed materials. All you did was use Evernote like you normally would. What could be easier? No more worries about forgetting to send something to grandma or Aunt Betty, it will all happen automatically.

Sharing with strong privacy controls

Lil’grams is one of the first publishing integrations for Evernote. What sets them apart from most other publishers is their focus on privacy. They understand that as a parent or guardian, you want to control who views your content. So, they created a number of privacy options that ensure only the people you want will see your posts and updates.

No more baby book stress

Many parents plan on creating baby books and mailers, but never get around to it-mainly because there aren’t enough hours in the day. The Evernote-Lil’grams integration eliminates this problem, and all the associated stress. Everything just magically happens in exactly the way you want.

Great deal for Evernote users

Lil’grams is graciously offering Evernote users one-year of their basic service for free (normally $19.95). To take advantage of this offer, follow this link and click the “Start your Free Lil’Grams Account” button on that page, then enter “EVERNOTE” into the coupon field.

Build an integration

Join Lil’grams and the thousands of other developers that are building integration using the Evernote API. Visit our developer section for more information.


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