Evernote-Livescribe integration now available on Mac

Posted by on 18 Oct 2010

Posted by on 18 Oct 2010

We have some exciting news for all of you Mac-using Livescribers. The latest release of Livescribe Desktop for Mac comes with a hard-to-miss Evernote integration.

As you’ll see, there’s now a big Evernote icon in the Livescribe Desktop menu bar. Select the handwritten notes that you’d like to send to Evernote, click the icon and watch as they immediately sync to your Evernote account.

Livescribe smartpens

In case you missed last week’s post, Livescribe smartpens bridge the analog-digital divide by letting you handwrite your notes and then upload them to your computer. Now, all of those notes can be sent into Evernote, where they’ll become searchable and accessible from any computer or phone you use.

You can pick up your very own Livescribe smartpen through the Evernote Trunk.

There’s an update to the Evernote/Livescribe integration. Find out more.


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  • Alan Williams

    This is great, hope it comes to windows too. I never heard of livescribe until the previous post last week and now I have one on order. This would be SUCH a time saver. No more taking notes at a conference or meeting then having to transcribe them all into Evernote. Admittedly this sometimes never gets done because it’s such a chore

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Actually, the Evernote integration was already available on Windows as of last week. Now, it’s also available on Mac. So, you’re covered.

  • Nick

    I have heard rumors that the Livescribe software is sluggish on the Mac. Can anyone of our fellow Evernoters either confirm or correct this rumor?

    I have been thinking about getting a Livescribe smartpen for a while, and Evernote integration is a great incentive for doing so… (even though wireless sync with the smartpen would also have been a welcome feature)

    • Chris

      @Nick – Being an Mac Livescribe user I was pleased with this. I have had my 2gb pen for quite a while and have been very pleased.
      Sluggish on the mac – nope, not in my experience. As for the Evernote facility – awesome!

      Go on buy one…

      • Nick

        @Chris: Thanks for your input. Appreciate it! I definitely moved one step closer to buying one now.

  • Jason

    I’m running the latest LS Desktop for MAC and I don’t see anything…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Jason, you’ll need to download it from the Livescribe website:

  • Ron Harris

    I love live scribe. Our consultants use the PULSE pen to record design notes for the computer software we customize. Can’t wait to see how this integration works. How do you turn this on in Livescribe desktop for Windows?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Make sure you have the latest version of Livescribe Desktop ( Then follow the steps in our previous post:

  • Phil

    Will it sync the whole pen cast, or just the written part? Is there a way the pen can sync with an iPad?

  • alisveris

    It is a easy way for me to write something down, nice solution but sync in account is the better news. Thanks.

  • Bill Rafferty

    This was the feature I was waiting for, I’ve now invested in a premium account and I’ve got the update and can publish to Evernote… great bu… where is the audio?

  • Gregg

    Isnt working for me. I select pages from Livescribe I want to upload, that DONT have any audio, and LS then hangs, with message “uploading audio.” I force a quit, and when I check EN, it has nonetheless uploaded, not only pages I selected, but the entire notebook. ?? (MAC OSX)

  • Still waiting

    Still no update on audio in evernote?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You may want to try contacting Livescribe.

  • mp3

    Thanks for your input. Appreciate it! I definitely moved one step closer to buying one now

  • bilgisayar

    Thanks for sharing with us. this is such a great information. i have just bookmarked your site and waiting for your next post

  • Steve Mallard

    I’m a new LiveScribe customer (I have the Sky wifi SmartPen) and am struggling to figure out some basic things.

    Like a) how do I rename pages that I have synced to Evernote (they just appear with names like “Notebook Page 9” and b) how do I merge two or more pages into a single document on Evernote?

    Is there actually an Evernote-Livescribe user guide? If so, where can I get it?