Evernote 4 for Windows is here!

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 26 Oct 2010

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 26 Oct 2010

Evernote for Windows is our most popular version, used by hundreds of thousands of people everyday. Today, we’re excited to announce a major evolution in our Windows client: Evernote 4. Here’s why we think this is the best version of Evernote yet.

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Starting from scratch

Evernote 4 is a major departure from Evernote 3.5 in every way. While 3.5 added tons of great new features, there were some problems we simply couldn’t fix: the blurry fonts, slow startup times, large memory footprint, and poor support for certain graphics cards were all issues that the technology behind 3.5 (Windows .net and WPF) was incapable of resolving. As a result, we ended up chasing down platform bugs rather than adding the great features our users wanted.

So we decided to start over from scratch, with fast, native C++ that we knew we could rely on. As you’ll see, the results are amazing. This new version will set a foundation for rapid improvement.

Blazingly fast

Evernote 4 is designed to give you a great experience on any computer that you use, whether you’re on a netbook, a five year old Windows XP machine or a super fast top-of-the-line Windows 7 computer.

On our test hardware, Evernote 4 starts five times faster, and uses half the memory of Evernote 3.5.

Simply beautiful

We redesigned every aspect of the user interface to be faster, simpler and more attractive. The new layout gets out of your way, so you can focus more of your attention on your notes and less on buttons and scrollbars. It also works better on various types of displays, aspect ratios and control devices. So, whether you use a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen to interact with your computer, you’ll have a great experience with Evernote 4.

Here are a few of our favorite user interface improvements:

  • Space saving layout: The toolbar and menu bar are merged to take up less screen space. You can always switch to the old school layout in the Option menu.
  • More responsive interface: Switching between notes, displaying searches, bringing Evernote into the foreground, and virtually all other interactions are much faster.
  • Easier new note creation: We’ve added a New Note split button, which lets you pick the type of note you wish to create (text, ink or webcam). It will remember your selection for next time.
  • Relocated Search Bar: Note search and the search description now reside directly over the note list—a more intuitive location. You can click the small arrow to open and close the search description. Closing the description gives you more room to view your notes list, opening it makes it easy to modify your search.
  • Clearer note info: The note information panel is more crisp and clear with the title, notebook and source links right up top. Just like the search panel, you can open the note information panel to access the details. Navigating through the note info panel and tagging notes using your keyboard is fast and efficient.
  • More ways to interact: Evernote 4 supports multitouch gestures and many keyboard shortcuts.

And much much more…

Much of Evernote 4 is focused on creating a great user experience and a powerful platform for huge new features in the coming months. Of course, we couldn’t launch something this big without adding a few gems:

Improved clipping
Clips are the most popular note-type in Evernote. So, for Evernote 4, we decided to give clipping a big upgrade. When clipping from Internet Explorer, Outlook and Firefox, you will now see a New Clip popup that lets you add tags and assign notebooks without leaving your current application. You can skip the dialog by holding down the Shift key.

Microsoft Outlook users will love the support for clipping messages, attachments and even multiple emails. Clipping from Internet Explorer and Firefox now preserves more styles, works more reliability and also takes advantage of the New Clip window.

Better editing
We spent the last 9 months improving note editing, and this baby has some great new additions. We’ve got:

  • Improved support for tables (including adding columns and rows).
  • Better support for bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Better copy-paste support to and from Internet Explorer, Office and other applications.
  • The note editor toolbar gives access to more colors and just looks sharp.

Smarter titles
Evernote is now smarter about how it handles note titles. The app will make a guess based on the type of information you have in your note. For example, it may use the first line of a note or the title of a web clip. You can always go in and edit the titles to be whatever you like.

Flexible printing

When you’re printing one or more notes you can click “Options” and check off which parts of the note information you want to include in the printout.

Windows 7: Jump Lists
In addition to adopting a Windows 7 look and feel, we’ve incorporated new Windows 7 features including Jump Lists that allow you to pin Evernote into your task bar and quickly access Evernote, sync, find or add notes even when Evernote isn’t running.

Windows 7: Auto-location
Evernote 4 also makes the most of the new geo-location capabilities of Windows 7. You will now be able to easily set the location of your notes. Tap on “Click to set location…” in the note info panel and your computer will figure out where it is and set the location of the note.

Hiding what you don’t need

To make the most efficient use of your screen, certain elements are hidden until you need them:

  • Note info: Click the chevron near your note title to display note info.
  • Search description: Click the chevron near the search bar to view and edit your search description.
  • Zoom level: To adjust the size of thumbnails in Thumbnail view, bring your mouse near the bottom of the Note List. This displays the zoom control.
  • Sync status: Whenever Evernote 4 synchronizes changes, a sync dialog appears along the lower right edge of the window.

Getting Evernote 4

Evernote 4 is available now for download!

Please note, installing Evernote 4 will replace your existing Evernote 3.5 installation.

We will publish an auto-update in the coming weeks for current Evernote 3.5 users who choose not to manually download Evernote 4.

Firefox users: Check for updates to get the latest Evernote 4-compatible version of the Evernote Firefox Extension.


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  • ryan

    Mac Version?

    • Will

      As with all updates to any of the Evernote clients. The changes made in this new release will trickle down onto the other platforms.

      Give them the credit they deserve, this update is amazing.

  • Evernote User

    “Please note, installing Evernote 4 will replace your existing Evernote 3.5 installation. ”

    I assume it replaces the application, not the files?

    • Fernando

      Everything is there for me, even local files. Other files are synced to the cloud, so when you install the new version everything is right there.

      • Evernote User

        Thank you, Fernando. I figured as much, but wanted confirmation. 🙂

  • daniel

    Here is hoping that this version will be able to run under wine again. At any rate, thank you for the performance tweaks

    • Steve

      I’ve been running the beta under Wine for a few weeks now and it works fine except for to-do boxes don’t work.

  • georg

    Great news.

    One question: Do you have any plans to dress the Web Notebook a little bit more in the direction of a blog format?

    Thanks for Feedback.

  • Matthew Guay

    This is what we’ve been waiting for … YES! Congrats on the launch, and I can’t wait to have it installed.

  • Shivraj

    Will the slow as molasses Mac app be updated too?

    • Neil

      Slow Mac client? You are joking right? If you think the Mac client is slow (which it is not) you really need to try out v3.5 on Windows.

  • Fernando

    Excelent! This is my favorite work tool. Couldn’t live without it.

  • Vrokolos

    Please bring the notestream layout back!!

  • Evernote User

    OT: Is it possible to create notebooks within notebooks?


  • Mark K Curtis

    See it’s this fragmented approach to your PC client apps that has forced me to cancel my premium subs. I just can’t cope with them all being so bloody different with features on one and not on another.

    You need to sort this out.

  • Mike

    Tell me this is the first steps toward due dates…..

    • Daryl

      Eh? As a matter of interest, why due dates?

      • Steve

        easier for task management I would suspect.

      • Mike

        Two reasons:

        1. Increased GTD functionality (I know…this is the part where someone says that’s not what evernote is for; and someone else says it can all be done with tags, etc.);

        2. They said they were going to add them and I’m looking forward to them.

      • Sterling Zumbrunn

        Great news! I hope this translates to other platforms. I use another GTD tool, but I do think Evernote has potential.

    • leMel

      I for one would also love to have a user-definable calendar field per note. Combined with a calendar view, I could find all kinds of uses for that. We can place notes in user-chosen space (GPS), why not in user-chosen time?

      Congrats on the v.4 launch – loving it so far!

  • Stephen

    Looking forward to downloading and trying this out. I love Evernote, it’s one of the only tools I use daily.

  • Shawn Joseph

    If I use Evernote across Mac and Windows (as I do daily) and upgrade Evernote to v4 on Windows, will that cause a problem with the Mac version?

  • ADF

    SUPER excited for this! Have found the Windows version lagging the beauty of the Mac version, and am looking forward to testing this out.

  • Eric

    Is it possible to install without admin privileges?

    • Garen McMillian

      Yes, it would be GREAT to learn how to install this without admin privileges–please help!

      • Don

        I guess I’ll have to wait. Don’t have admin privileges on my work computer. Wish evernote would come up with a external drive or usb flash drive solution.

      • ctyhuntr

        Yeah dido here!!!

      • Garen McMillian

        Don and ctyhuntr: it may be helpful to know that you CAN install v3.5 on a computer with limited rights. On my locked-down PC at work, I just have to choose the option to install for “Just Me” instead of “All Users”. Now if our heros will just change the v4 installer to ask the same question… 🙂

  • Dave

    Been using the beta for weeks now and it is AMAZING! Great job! Evernote just keeps getting better. Much easier to use on my netbook too. Thanks

  • Daryl (Premium User)

    Lovely! Just downloaded and installed it. Already a massive improvement over v3 – well done!

    Still no sign of the return of “Subject Date” – would be good to know if that’s now gone forever, so I can stop reminiscing about it and enjoy what’s good in the latest version!

  • Jay

    Congrats on the release. I tried 3.5 but went back to 3.1 because of fuzzy fonts and the lack of a notes count on save searches. Any unique steps required to upgrade from 3.1? Any chance the saved searches have counts again in 4.0?

  • Walt DeGrange

    Is anyone having issues with saved searches? None of mine are working even if I re-type them.

  • Reverend Beavis

    Holy crap, this version of Evernote is awesome. The speed improvements alone make it worthwhile, and I haven’t had a chance yet to dig into the other upgraded features. I continue to be impressed with Evernote – currently using web, Windows, iPhone4 and iPad versions. Unbelievably helpful for a middle-aged guy just starting work on a college degree. You guys rock!

  • Brian Turner

    On my machine the new version uses a fifth of the memory version 3.5 used. The New Clip popup really streamlines my workflow too!

  • Christopher Sherrod

    Super awesome. I love Evernote. Can’t wait to try it out. Love that it’ll take less memory as I run it all the time.

  • Kevin Tea

    Hounds of Hades what an improvement. Stunning speed and great new interface. I think I’m in love!

  • Jim

    Updated without a hitch. First glance: major UI improvements and a ton more responsive! Thank you, thank you. Glad to see you investing some of your newly acquired bazillions into making your products even better for your customers. And glad I made the plunge for a Premium acct — worth every penny. Keep up the great work!

  • spotdart

    Very cool, I love the new version.

    *ahem* but a total code rewrite in C++ makes it sound like a Linux port wouldn’t be too hard… I’m keep’n hope alive.

    • Don Reba

      There already is a Linux port:

  • cyberbofh

    Keep up the good work!

    ..I am so in love with “my Evernote” 😉
    (because else I forget everything..)

  • Gabe

    Love evernote! any chance of password security or encryption!?!? I’m starting to save things I don’t want other people to openly view on my computer like work and personal documents. Please consider!

  • Gary

    Great job~!

    But how about Mac version ??
    Do you have a specific releasing date in mind?

  • Toby Burnett

    I love how fast it is, the layout is much better. One change that took a little while to find is that the screen clipper hot key is now win+printscreen. But the clipper itself seems to be the same, not nearly as nice as the pre 3.5 version.
    There is no 4.0-specific help or manual that I could see.
    One thing that I’ve wanted for a long time is still not there: the ability to define a color for the default font, so I could easily distinguish what I type vs. text that I insert.

  • ben

    how do I make a notebook into a subnotebook of another?

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      Ha ha, very funny. That’s a pipe dream. Everyone wants that feature, no telling when or if it will ever happen.

  • pep

    Good news then, the memory managing and slow loading is really frustrating in 3.5, let see this new version!!

    The dependence of IE is solved here? if you have Internet Explorer in offline mode Evernote does’t Sync anything…

    The next update for Android, with notebooks display 😉

    Best regards,

  • Will

    It’s so beautiful, a real improvement. Also it loads almost instantly now even from being completely closed out from the system tray. Nice work!!

  • stefano

    When Mac version?

  • Steve

    A full rewrite… you guys must not be Joel on Software readers…
    Why not just move to .NET4/WPF4? Solved all of our issues with blurry fonts and graphics card issues… Evernote doesn’t even do alot of animations in its XAML

  • mark

    sehr klasse!

  • koji

    so beautiful cool design.but now not used to be.
    and i can’t find my sharenote with my friends.;;

  • klickreflex

    Hey guys,
    totally awesome job you did here, thanks a lot. It’s always been a pleasure working with evernote, but sometimes performance was really a pita, even on recent, fast machines. The improvment brought with this C++ rewrite is simply amazing – and it looks so much better.

    Only three things missing to make Evernote even better:
    – Stylesheet-based formatting (at least for headlines and body copy)
    – integration/synchronization of shared notebooks (as today shared notebooks can only be accessed via web)
    – possibility to resize (and position) images

  • Mimi

    What? NO Thunderbird support???

  • pdd

    Love what I’m reading/seeing, but I installed the update and it keeps crashing. Anyone else experiencing this? I got one glimpse of the new awesomeness and then POOF.

    • Emerick Rogul

      Sorry to hear that. When the Evernote crash reporter pops up, please provide as much detail as you can about what you were doing when the crash occurred and we’ll investigate.

  • Luca Bertagnolio

    This is a great step, the Windows application was definitely a step behind the Mac OS X version. But now the Mac users wonder when an even faster and smarter version 4 for Mac OS X will be available… 🙂

  • leMel

    Looks good – great call on rebuilding from scratch – best of luck!

    Since there is no Evernote 4 user doc up yet, how do I choose/manage column sort headers in list view? I was adjusting column widths, and for some reason, this auto-collapses columns and I can’t get them back. Used to get to them by right clicking if I’m not mistaken. Don’t see it under view or options. (Win XP)

  • wirelesslaptop

    I use OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7, when will you have this for the Mac?

  • Shawn

    I feel sorry for your devs having to move from WPF to C++. Sucks that you guys had problems. The fonts issue is fixed in WPF 4.

  • tomcal

    Outstanding product. Any idea how soon the Import from Onenote feature will be back?

  • MichaelW

    Oh happy days. So glad WPF has been dumped because it had so many issues it was unreal.

    What UI toolkit are you guys using now?

  • WPF Complainer

    Philip Constantinou: I wonder if you could give more technical details about how you re-implemented Evernote in C++. Did you use some other C++ based toolkit, framework or library?

  • Sebastiaan

    In Evernote 3.5 I used to drag-and-drop files from my desktop to my inbox. It seems that in Evernote 4 drag-and-drop doesn’t work anymore. Any chance on adding this feature anytime soon?

    I use it to save scanned documents in Evernote.

  • Stian Thaulow


  • Kaz

    Just updated, the load speed increase alone is simply insane, even on my netbook its up and reading the database in seconds. Absolutely fantastic work guys keep it up! Maybe with some more Android love 😉

  • Jason Barone

    This is a fantastic release! The speed and RAM usage is incredible. The menu and toolbar make optimum use of screen real estate. This is exactly how software should be built.

  • Tobias

    Love you guys. Just perfect timing!

  • Dave Yuhas

    Nice upgrade, but still no linking between notes. Evernote has said this feature, abandoned in EN3, is “coming soon” for over a year.

    • Kaminix

      I don’t think any of the clients I’ve been using has had that feature, but I’ve been missing it like crazy ever since I got Evernote a little over a year ago.

      So bump for this feature!

    • Tony

      This may not quite be the same as linking, but you can use Tags to get a similar effect. I know that’s not quite as polished, but it gets the job done.

    • John (Sydney)

      Vote for the inclusion of the Linking of notes.
      I started with the version of evernote that could do this and have missed it eversince it disappeared.
      Please get this one back in.

    • Atle Iversen

      Linking between notes is very difficult, especially considering that it needs to work on iphone/ipad/android etc as well.

      If you only want linking between notes in Windows, I recommend MS OneNote and PpcSoft iKnow (shameless plug).

      Rewriting Evernote 3.1 from C++ to .Net in Evernote 3.5, and then rewriting again to C++ in Evernote 4 is a huge effort, but it seems like it was worth it – Evernote 4 seems *much* better than the 3.5 version !

  • Mike Nelson

    I love Evernote. Verion 4 for Windows seems awesome! Great Job! Can’t find the features for IE or Outlook. Used to have clip to evernote on outlook toolbar but it is gone. Can you provide some more details? BTW, the minute I read that you were syncing with LiveScribe I got one of these great pens! Please keep up the good work and have more evernote hookups. When are you going to make a client for Ubuntu?

    Mikey Nelson

  • pep

    Woowww after some testing i can say this is an amazing release, really fast and memory optimized

    Thanks and keep the good job!!

  • Greg

    I really like the new version, except the location of the search field. On the “mixed” and “thumbnail” views, it’s too small to be useful unless I resize the middle pane.

  • Michael Lumb

    I eagerly downloaded and installed EN4 and when I do it says it has to convert my 3.5 data over and I agree. The install completes and it doesn’t give me any errors, but it also still opens EN 3.5 and 4 is nowhere to be found? Did it 3 times with reboots and the same result. I am running Win7 Professional 64 bit.

    • jcmoriaud

      Same for me. Windows 7, update from 3.5…

    • jcmoriaud

      Any news ?
      Thanks in advance, cheers from France…

      • jcmoriaud

        I’d appreciate some help on this one. Thanks in advance, cheers,

    • jcmoriaud

      Hello Michael, did you solve your problem ?

  • Don Reba

    Music to my ears, every point in the list. Outstanding work!

  • Ray G

    Love the new interface would like to have the ability to set table borders to zero so that I can layout my pictures and graphics more precisely with my text.

  • Ashu Joshi

    Anxiously waiting for the Firefox 4 Evernote extension …

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Ashu, the updated version is live. Just check for updates in your browser.

      • Chris

        With Firefox 4 beta 6 I cannot install the plugin (that said support only up to 3.7a4 btw).

  • Ray Miller

    I have been unable to install v. 4 on my Win 7 system. It seems to install but v. 3.5 is still the only one. I have tried two downloads with no luck. Anyone?

  • Chris

    I love how fast the app is now and the new look is absolutely beautiful, but there are a few quirks I didn’t have before updating:

    1) When clipping web content, it only allows me to assign up to 3 tags via the clipper popup, when the previous version allowed me to assign as many as I wanted. It would be nice to have this feature again as I sometimes apply a bunch of different tags to certain notes.

    2) If I click one of the menus at the top of Evernote (File, Edit, Tools, etc), I can’t just move my mouse to the left or right to a different menu and have each one open as I hover over them; I have to click each one every time, which adds a needless action to the process.

    3) If I click the dropdown arrow next to the ‘New Note’ button at the top, I can’t click the arrow again to make the dropdown menu go away; it just refreshes that menu every time, which feels weird to my workflow. Not a huge deal, just…odd.

    4) It appears that note titles no longer support unicode characters (such as the star symbol that Daring Fireball uses sometimes). Not a dealbreaker by ANY means, just something I noticed.

    As for future enhancements, I agree with @klickreflex’s previous comment:

    “Only three things missing to make Evernote even better:
    – Stylesheet-based formatting (at least for headlines and body copy)
    – integration/synchronization of shared notebooks (as today shared notebooks can only be accessed via web)
    – possibility to resize (and position) images”

    and with @Dave Yuhas:

    “Nice upgrade, but still no linking between notes. Evernote has said this feature, abandoned in EN3, is “coming soon” for over a year.”

    Again, this upgrade is definitely a HUGE step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Thanks for making such an awesome product.

    • Philip Constantinou

      1) Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be improving that dialog in the near future.
      2) There’s an option in the Tools->Options you can select “Show Standard Windows Menu” to enable standard windows menu behavior.
      3 & 4) Thanks — we’ll look into that.

  • Greg

    Trunk has been “upgraded” from a blank page to one that displays “Please wait while the page loads…”, forever.

    I like Evernote and I’m a premium subscriber, but your QA needs work.

    • Bryan U

      Loads fine for me.

      • Guy H

        Trunk works ok for me at home, but thru a proxy / firewall at work it just sits with a blank screen, even though the main app syncs fine.

  • Steven Horner

    Overall it looks excellent but I have 2 problems one large for me. Is it just me but I can’t drag and drop stuff into Evernote in version 4, previously I could drag a file now I have to copy and paste it from the file system.

    The second bigger problem for me is I can no longer manually set the geo-location of a note. In 3.5 I could set the coordinates of a note. I user evernote to record walking routes and set the note location to the start point. I can then use Evernote to see routes near me and download the .gpx file for the route to my route software on my iPhone. I was just finishing up a blog article all about using Evernote for walking routes, but not the latest version appears to of taken this fuctionality away. The new geo-location is no good for this unless I am again missing something obvious?

  • Aaron

    Although the Evernote 4 UI looks great, if v4 has embraced the Windows 7 look and feel, why the Windows XP style Open/Save dialog boxes?

  • vbert

    Hm, Evernote 4 for Windows …
    … and when it will a version for Linux ?!

    • Richard Arkless

      I got some great news

      Evernote 4 works perfectly under wine as it is using C++ instead of .net

      Please pass this on to other evernote users who use linux as their main os, this is a happy day for us 😀

      • -Pablo-

        Thanks, mate!!!!! :))))) I can’t believe that!!! 🙂

      • Steve UK

        Not sure if it’s a problem with just me, but I found Evernote4 very slow running under Wine (Ubuntu 10.10). It takes 3-5 seconds to move between ‘screens’, tags etc so sadly makes the web version more usable for me – is there anything I am doing wrong?!

        I’m really hoping this is just me and there is a work around because from what I have seen on Windows, EN4 looks *delicious* !! So far, well done Evernote! 🙂

        (maybe this isn’t the right forum, but anyone got any tips for speeding EN4 up on Ubuntu?)

      • Peter

        Evernote that works good with wine under ubuntu: That’s good news! Thanks!

    • rinzai

      Yes, this is true. I’ve tried it with Wine, and it least *it works*.

      I hope that the fact that Evernote abandoned (thankfully) .NET and rewrote the desktop app in C++ means that a native Linux port will be easy too.

  • Geoff J

    A couple comments here trouble me and will prevent me from updating, please tell me:

    1) Are “To Do” checkboxes really a problem in v4?

    2) Are “Saved Searches” working or not?

    I use Evernote daily, for everything (GTD)…4614 notes and counting, supremely handy….but I NEED the “To Do” checkboxes and the Saved Searches for the way I’ve implemented GTD in Evernote…Please tell me these things work! Otherwise, no updating for me. Thanks!!

    • Michael

      Both are working for me. Had to be in “All Notes” before clicking the saved search. Don’t remember having to do that in 3.5. But yes, they are working for me.

    • Jason

      Wish I would of seen this comment BEFORE i INSTALL it.

    • Sophie Dennis

      Found the To Do checkboxes hiding under the Format > To Do menu.

      Plus there’s a keyboard shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+C.

      Be nice to have them on the note formatting toolbar, but the keyboard option is fine for me.

  • Rafiki

    From scratch? Second time? Really?

  • Bryan U

    Newly imported pdf files either scanned in via Scansnap or sent to Evernote via Windows explorer display their first page very small on the viewing pane but any page after the first displays at a larger size.

  • Evernote User

    I installed the new version, and so far, I’m liking it a lot. It’s so much easier to input the tag info and select the notebook on the fly.

  • Reverend Beavis

    Is there any way to zoom in on a .pdf when I use “list view” and “show note panel”? My documents are way too small.

  • Aaron Pressman

    Any chance the updated Firefox extension will add the new tag in place feature to clipping on the Mac? Or will this feature come to the Mac version soon? What a time-saver!

  • Akira

    I am Japanese user and just start using version 4.

    Its faster, but…… How come Japanese typing so difficult on this version? Also I can not find the note as fast as the version 3.5 from search box.
    I tried by both Japanese and English, but even in English, some did not hit…

    I search all the time to find old note, so this version up makes me not using evernote…..

    Cool new function may be good, but I really appreciate to improve those basic things.

  • Andrew Maxwell

    This is a great upgrade. The thing is smoking fast and the fact that it now supports Netbooks a is a great addition to my business. One thing that I miss is the ability to see how many notes are in a saved search result. I have a saved search for not tagged items and it is hard to tell how many I have left. Also is there a way to only show some elements in the notes information such as: URL and Tags all of the time?
    I don’t need to see author, creation date, location and note history all of the time.

    Anyways, great work on what looks to be the best version of Evernote yet.

  • deiler

    Nice work!

  • Michael

    Linking a Note within another Note working yet? I know I would love to have this feature. In my opinion it is the only missing feature.

  • Rafael R.

    Can you guys share a bit more detail on the issues you had with your managed/WPF implementation?

  • Austin Mark

    I’m a brand new user, so I’m not sure if this is related to v4, or not. My test searches work, but the search term(s) are not highlighted in the search results (ie. in the notes and/or pdfs I imported). I had this impression (not sure from where) this was a feature of Evernote. Is there some setting I’m simply missing? Or is this not a feature?

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance from the power-users who may read this!

  • Paul Haddon

    I liked 3.5 so much I subscribed. Version 4 for Windows is better again. However there are a few issues worth reporting.

    Bug: Windows 7 Auto-location

    With a default location set on my Windows 7 64bit work machine, the response to a Set Location request is: “Geo position request failed. Error: report not supported” [note: I’m in Australia]

    Bug: keyboard note navigation

    ctrl-pgup/pgdn/home/end are not shown in any of the Menus, but are active. Unfortunately, they’re buggy. ctrl-pgup/down move to the note that’s 1 pages worth away in the Show Note list. But only sometimes; often they do nothing. If the Show Note panel is visible the note highlighted does not reflect the currently visible note.

    Can we have a consistent way to move between notes with the keyboard, please. ctrl-up/down/pgup/pgdown/home/end to move betwen notes would be ideal.

    For that matter, icons on the Note page to navigate without resorting to the Show Notes List would also be good.

    Bug: Trunk Button
    For me also never gets past Please wait

  • Stefan Janssen

    Looks great,
    but I ,miss the drag and drop very much.
    Hope it will be back soon…

  • klickreflex

    Oh, it really seems that drag & drop of files into nodes as well into the note list (to create a new note from a file) doen’t work anymore.
    I’m not sure if I had the same problem on my home laptop (win7 32 bit) or weather it’s only at work, where I’m working with an restricted user account on a domain (win 7 32 bit client / Windows SBS 2003 server)
    This is something I really use all the time and now am missing desperately 🙁

  • FrankyM

    Hi Guys,

    great job, but the installer doesn`t let me choose the directory where I want to install Evernote 4. This feature is very important for me, because I´m working on a PC without administration rights. Now I have the problem, that the installer of Evernote 4 uninstalled evernote 3.5 but can`t install Evernote 4 due to the missing rights. So I have no Evernote on my PC and I`m sad 🙁

    Please fix the installer in Evernote 4.


    • Garen McMillian

      I second FrankyM’s comment–please allow us to change the install path AND to have a choice of installing as a limited user. 3.5 and earlier had it…thank you in advance!

  • Another Chris

    The new version is really much snappier, and the editor works much better now with lists and tables. Good work!

    The things I’m still missing most:

    * Paragraph styles (e.g. for headers and body, but also for quickly formatting “code” sections with a monospace font etc.)
    * Access to shared notebooks

    Also, since my main notebook is a local one on a stationary PC:

    * Possibility to set a local notebook as the default notebook
    * I don’t need the things in the second line of the header of the note editor in my main notebook (author, location, and note history) since I’m the only author and the PC is stationary. So it would be nice if this line could be disabled for certain notebooks, similar to how you can enable/disable toolbars in many applications.

    Other things “nice to have”:

    * Linking between Notes
    * Syntax highlighting for code sections
    * Possibility to enter notes with a markup language like Textile, ReST or Markdown

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Anon Lurker

    It’s too late now anyway, but why didn’t you guys use Qt? That way, Mac OS X, Linux, and *BSD would have been supported out of the box with no extra work.

    And you could have re-used a lot of the code for Symbian.

    • Anon Lurker

      PS: This is not meant in a negative way. I like Evernote on Android. I am genuinely interested in an answer, I assume there are some good reasons.

  • Matthew Packer

    I found the menus strange to use – for my whole computing life I’ve clicked on the title and dragged to the menu choice. This new version requires me to click first on the heading then again on the choice, but I want to click then drag to the choice. Hard to change 20+ years of menu clicking habits!

    Also at first try, I can’t make a new saved search. Saved searches created previously are working. New ones just list the entire contents of the notebooks.

  • Marinus van Aswegen

    I’d still like to be able to fold sections in a note according to outline, indentation or numbering. Downloading ASAP!

  • Robert-Paul Jansen

    I am desperately seeking for a portable version of this so I can use it on my Cruzer usbstick. You’ve had these in the past.

    I would like to hear how I can use it on a portable version.

  • Mark Meinema

    Fantastic new version! I’m really impressed by the speed and I think the editor is lightyears better than the previous version.

    I’ve found one thing to be an annoying glitch though… If you add many tags to a note, at some point the extra tags are just not displayed. And there’s no way to get them displayed. No extra line for these tags, no mouseover… The only way is to open the note in a separate window. There you get the same annoyance, but the line is longer. Could that be fixed please?


    • Mark Meinema

      Another glitch: in the note editor, the layout buttons just disappear when you make the window narrower. And there’s no way to get them back other than widening it…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into that.

  • Alec

    Love the new version, my only request would be to be to be able to set a password to access my database as I would like to have this on my desktop at work but use evernote for some private notes.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      Totally agree – you and lots of other people would like this- same would be helpful on mobile clients; they need a pincode. Unfortunately, just doesn’t seem to be a priority.

  • Michel

    Not sure if I’m missing anything but I would expect the improvement of clipping in V.4. One of the task I try to use Evernote for is to produce software documentation, so I would need to capture and insert multiple clip into one note. Currently Evernote default is that every new clip will make one new note which might not always be the case.

  • David Mee


    Install warns me I have 3.5 installed and this will be upgraded maybe needing reboot.

    The tries and I then get error saying “Another version is installed and you will need to remove using Add/Remove”

    I am on latest version of (101368) if that makes a difference…

    Off to uninstall 🙁

  • Mathew

    Great update! One thing not working is that shape icon that causes lines/boxes etc to auto-shape into squares. Love the new colour selector, would be cool if I could have a mini toolbar of “standard ink” colours but otherwise quite impressive!

  • Happiicamper

    Password notes???

  • David Levine

    Looks good. Looking forward to the Mac version.

  • Stefan

    Why don’t you keep me logged in after upgrading? The first impression of the new version takes a hit when you have to start with typing in your previously saved user credentials.

  • Stefan

    Version 4 looks like a good step forward, thank you!

    Please consider making the toolbar in the note window wrap when there is not horizontal room for all buttons on one row. Today, if you make the note window reasonably narrow, you loose some of the buttons completely.

  • Steven Holdsworth

    So you dropped .NET & WPF for the client side? WPF was on version 1 in .NET 3.5, with v2 in .NET 4 (although they call it WPF 4) the font issues have been sorted and the performance has improved dramatically. I would be interested in hearing more about the issues you had with WPF and if you tried running it on .NET 4 with WPF 4?

    Great work guys, love the app.

  • Allen

    I installed version 4, but due to a missing “feature” I had to go back to 3.5. I am a relatively new user (less than a month). I recently got an Android phone (Sumsung Captivate) and wanted to move my Palm notes to it, I found “Palm Desktop memo importer for Evernote” and it transferred a copy. The palm note database didn’t have a place for creation date, but I put the date at the front of each palm note in format yyyy/mm/dd. Of course when all the notes were loaded to Evernote, they got creation dates of the import. So I have been slowly editing each note in version 3.5 all I had to do was use copy and paste to put the creation date in the evernote. Version 4 has this fancy date with different fields for month, day and year and will not take the paste. So it looks like I’ll have to stick with v 3.5 until I complete the update of all my creation dates.

  • Toby Burnett

    I’ve switched over, but one change in the behavior has me distressed. I use tables to associate figures that I generate in my research with text that I used to generate them. The latter I just cut from an editor, or out of a console (dos) window. The change is that EN4 now tries to make sub tables our of every line in the text. The only work-around that I’ve found so far is to first paste the text into a non-table part, then cut and paste again.
    The “paste as text”, Ctrl+Shift+V, behaves the same. Can any one help?
    Also, one can no longer select a figure by clicking on it. Is this intentional? The work-around there is to put a cursor beyond it, then shift left arrow.
    I completely depend on EN, happily pay for the service.

  • Peter Kirn

    Brilliant — a cleaner, faster Evernote.

    And guess what? Thanks to all that .net crud getting removed, the client now works perfectly in WINE on Linux. No tricks needed — just install and it acts as it does on Windows.

  • Nick Porteli

    FAIL. Install reboots computer on XP, throws errors then never installs. Should have just learned how to use WPF.

    • Walter Reade

      Same issue. But ran the installer again with no issues.

  • Elvenrunelord

    Just downloading the app now.

    I tried Evernote back in 2008 and did not like it. I started using Microsoft OneNote and never looked back.

    It has been a while so I’ll take a look again and see if anything tickles my fancy.

  • Neil Moore

    Congrats on the do-over. The .NET version was so frustrating to use because of it’s slowness. I’m thrilled with version 4’s performance.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thomas Junior

    I’m a recent adopter of Evernote, and have been thrilled with it. 4.0 is a big improvement.

    It would be awesome if you guys posted a blog post on the issues you faced in using native c++, the approach you took, particularly with GUI development. You’ve already caught some attention for this being an indictment of .NET and WPF. I’m sure many would be interested in understanding the difficulties in your more-traditional approach.

  • Eber

    so EverNote is more complex than VS2010? that’s odd

    • Marcelo L

      Yeah. Right ? I’m wondering to myself precisely where the “disconnect” was. I’m running .NET 3.5/4.0 on XP, and Vista. And I do Smart Client UI’s…for a living. I really have to wonder…where did all that memory go again ?

      • Marcelo L

        Forgot to say…..Did you guys profile the 3.5 version ? Do any trace analysis to see where you were spending your time within the app ? If perhaps things weren’t finalizing properly, or if you were/weren’t caching things in an efficient manner.

        Just a thought.

      • Marthinus

        Yes, it is never a good idea to use tech. as the reason why things didn’t work well.

        They should have just said their expertise lay in C++ so they changed to C++.

        We also do WPF development and I probably will not make an app that should work in the background with WPF, I find the standard desktop applications fast enough using WPF.

        WPF does use more memory, because it can do more than other UI technologies, but you need to know WPF quite well to employ all the nice WPF features, otherwise you just waste the tech. and then C++ might be better for you.

  • Mike R

    I love the look and feel of Evernote 4. Great update.

  • Walter Reade

    Really like the new version. Lot of things make sense.

    I haven’t tested all the keyboard shortcuts yet, but the “Ctrl + Shift + A” shortcut to reset the search doesn’t work for me in XP or Win 7.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Congrats on the release – I’m a Mac user, but happy to see progress nonetheless. I’m hoping that the “huge new features” for the platform as a whole include subnotebooks and better tag management, in addition to linking and collaboration which I believe are on the horizon.

    Keep up the great work.

  • jake

    I really like the upgrade. This actually has a better designed interface.

  • Donald

    Thank you so much for dropping WPF, that thing is such roflcopter garbage!

    Excited to try out version 4 🙂

  • Christine

    Is there an option for the cursor to default to the Note Title field when using the CTRL+N to create a new note? I use Evernote for GTD and usually only create my to-do’s as note titles. I hate to have to do an extra click to get the cursor to the note title! Help!

  • Mojo Yugen

    Big improvement in speed. I have 11,000 notes with lots of tags and using it on my work pc (32 bit XP, 4GB) was getting really painful. Tagging was hit or miss, filtering by more than one tag would usually not work. All of this is much improved in the new version.

  • Aaron

    Where’s the bug hunt?

    I love EN4 so far, except for one thing. I use check boxes to organize daily task lists and EN4 is inserting variable amounts of space after check boxes that has nothing to do with the number of SPACES that are there.

  • Aaron

    (On Vista.)

  • Kevin Bush

    I downloaded v4 today and have to say, YEAH!!!! I am so glad that Evernote is as popular as it is. I can no longer imagine life without this tool and the performance gain from this new version makes me feel like a kid on Christmas eve.

    Yes, I am excited, call me a geek. I have yet to find anything as useful in my life as Evernote!

    …no, they don’t pay me. 🙂

  • Aaron

    I found a workaround of sorts. Turns out the problem I noted with the “To Do” check boxes is only really a problem with boxes that have been copied and pasted. That’s what I’ve always done because I didn’t know about the shortcut for inserting these boxes (Control + Shift + C). Spacing after the boxes doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

  • Bob Aubin

    The speed is awesome,Looks and feels great.

  • Thomas

    Great update – fast, sleek… However, I feel like you all keep making it more difficult for us to tag notes! CNTRL ALT T is not useful when you have tons of tags… I remember a few iterations ago CNTRL SHFT T allowed autofilling of tags…

    Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

  • Ray Miller

    I have not been able to install EN4 on my Win7-64bit system after 3 downloads and 6 tries. It recognizes that I have EN3.5 and seems to start but after it finishes only 3.5 is there. I have not experienced a problem like this before. Can someone please help?

    • Ray Miller

      I uninstalled EN3.5 and then installed EN4 successfully. Don’t know why I had to do it this way and I saw no instructions indicating this was necessary. Anyway, I am happily exploring the new version!

    • Neil

      I had same problem with Vista. I think Evernote 3.5 didn’t completely uninstall. I fixed this using Revo Uninstaller (Google it) – that removed registry entries and leftover folders for Evernote 3.5. Latest version then installed OK.

  • John A. Taylor

    Definite Improvement!

    Great job everyone!!!

  • Jay

    Great improvement on speed! Now I can access my notes quickly!

    And when you’re going to update your Android client? Please implement offline storage so we can access notes much faster (no need to download ALL notes every time I open the Notes section), and I still can access my notes if I’m in blank spot area (i.e. basement park).

  • NeuroJoe

    So if you worked on note editing for 9 months 4.0 must finally include direct PDF annotation!?!? PLEASE!!!

  • zrqx008

    There’s only 6 tags in one note.

  • Paul Haddon

    Another couple of annoyances:

    A note can’t be created by keyboard alone.

    Ctrl-N creates a note, and drops the cursor in the editing area. But there’s no way to get to the title, url or tags without mouse clicking on them. Tab shifts from Title to Left Panel to List, instead of between the note fields.

    Can’t copy embedded URLs to the clipboard.

    To get the URL (as opposed to clicking on it & having a browser pop up) it’s necessary to:
    – right-click, hyperlink edit, highlight the URL, ctrl-c, cancel, THEN edit the URL to fix the encoded characters.

    None of the Note icons have ToolTips.

    The editing ones are obvious, but what are the magnifying glass and two-arrows icons for? No idea, they’re greyed out and otherwise unidentified.

    Can’t delete an empty note.

    Create a new note. Then without adding any information, try deleting it. It won’t delete. At least 1 area needs to be filled before it can be deleted.

    List view moves the Note underneath the Note List.

    With Mixed & Thumbnail List views, the Note is to the right of the List. Switch to List view, and suddenly the Note is underneath the List, with no way for the user to position it differently. Can we have user-positionable ‘tabs’ please (not floating, but that’d be a nice feature for Version 5).

    • Christine

      I agree about the CTRL+N cannot create a new note alone now. The cursor goes into the note body field and there’s no keyboard shortcuts to get the cursor up into the Note Title field. So annoying!

      The not being able to copy URL’s easily into the note body field is annoying too.

      If these two things can be fixed in 4.0, I’d be a big fan.

  • HS

    I would really like to read about your experiences and opinions on developing clients on so many platforms. What GUI library does the new client use? Qt? Do you develop completely separate clients for all platforms? Or do you have a common base in C++ across all/many platforms (i.e. the M and C in MVC)?
    I guess it comes down to the hassle of integrating a common layer in all apps (e.g. via the NDK on Android) versus writing (and maintaining!) the same app logic multiple times in Obj-C, Java, C++, etc.

  • David Koh

    Nice update evernote. However it would be awesome if you guys also updated the mac version of evernote to be on par with the Windows version 🙂

  • George Anison

    Great update!!!! It’s like going back to 3.1 with some improvements. Great and polished interface.
    Int he other hand, I really miss the “blog” view mode from 3.1, I think its unique and very usefull. This and being able to create a new note tagged directly with the selected tag would be awesome. Thanks!

  • technophobicgeek

    It would be nice to have a one-click feature to clone a note. I know this is a bit random, but I use Evernote as my task manager, and it’s a good way to archive old task lists (for example, create a new list every week). Right now, I have to manually create a new note, give it the same name and copy its contents.

  • Gue

    Hi, thanks for the new great fast version of evernote.

    I only miss one thing — the search button (or STRG-F) within the notebook!

    kr from austria,

  • Duncan Armstrong

    Great update! So much snappier than the chuggotronic 3.5! And the other tweaks and improvements are also welcome.

    I’m also curious about how you manage such a diverse range of platforms… Is there much (or any) opportunity to share/reuse code, or is it just lots and lots of hard work??

  • Thommango

    Slick. Love the new look and really-eally appreciate the faster loading. But I wouldn’t want you to take a day off, so here’s my wishlist:

    1) Print to evernote within windows.
    2) Quick access to frequently needed notes – particularly on iphone. On iPhone, I am more likely to access a note than create one, and the GUI is heavily skewed towards quick creating. I need fast access to my health plan number or whatever. It seems there’s always someone waiting for me to answer a question when the app is loading and I’m navigating my way to the notes.

  • Tim


    any ideas what to do?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, please contact our support team:

  • Eze

    I think the problem in evernote 3.5 is not GUI technology, the problem is the way it is used.

  • TML

    Well, it’s not all puppies and rainbows, though…my Evernote seems to have serious text rendering issues (words and lines overlapping each other), and I personally still miss the “time band” – that was one of my favorite features of Evernote, and it’s been MIA since 3.5. Any chance of it making a comeback in the 4 line, or was that too tied to the WPF stuff?

  • alir

    Wow love the look and feel of the new version – great job!! I use windows for work so most of the time and I have envied the look and feel of my home mac. good job guys!!!

  • Gunnar

    Excellent thinking on dropping .net and using C++. I’ve worked with .net since day one, but for my product, I will use C++, because my customers come first.

  • craig

    Thank you! 3.5 was SOO frustrating I was about to give up on it…

  • alecattax

    But, PLEASE, send out a Linux Client!

  • Urbano

    Great, now it seems to work perfectly under Linux (with Wine).


  • Katie

    It’s so fast! A major upgrade from 3.5. Good job, folks, keep it up!

  • John S.

    Hey there I am an “inker” in my tablet PC and there is one thing you could change that would make me adopt Evernote; the cursors used by the pencil and pens are obnoxiously large.

    I use a pen so I know where the cursors are at all times–where I put my pen. Or better yet at least have it recognize (like other inking programs) when I am using my pen, finger, or mouse and have it respond with the according cursor. Thanks and I look forward to the possibility.


  • Chris

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I think the new Evernote is a HUGE improvement over the last version. I was getting really tired by how bogged down 3.5 felt, and I had actually come to the website hoping to find an update…I found a whole new version instead!

    Thanks for a great product 🙂

  • Reply

    I still use EverNote 2.2.1 because version 3 was a step back. I was annoyed that I couldn’t move the labels in any order I wanted (only alphabetical was possible) and because of the fact that my different databases were all merged into one (which I don’t want).

    So, did EverNote 4 solve these problems? If yes, I might give it a try. If not, I will stick to the best version ever (2.2.1).

  • JT

    I, too, would love to hear a little more about the .NET to native switch. For instance, were you using Managed C++ or C#?

  • Vivek G

    Hey, I’ve been a big fan of evernote, and this release is motivating me to come back to try it after getting frustrated with onenote’s lack of mac support.

    As a developer, I’d be really interested in a technical blog post about why you switched from WPF/.net to C++. It seems to be a common theme I see where the most useful apps I rely on (e.g. Picasa) have far simpler technology stack that I’d be led to believe.

  • Apple

    What time can you support Chinese?
    AND I like the list show only the title, without others.

  • gucce

    Great new version!! Evernote 3.5 was simply unusable because of the horrible blurry fonts (I stayed in version 3.1).
    One great side-effect of the new non .NET version: it runs fine in Linux using WINE :D. Great news for all the Linux users out there.

  • Ken

    Well, the old version was clunky and ugly and this one won’t even open after accepting a username and password, so this is progress?

  • PQR

    I hope you are also working on updating Evernote for Mac.
    Something I would like to have when writing or reading a note is a zoom function.

  • William

    Not able to logon my account since upgraded to 4.0 in my PC

  • Kevin

    I just performed the upgrade to Evernote 4 on Windows 7 running Office 2007. There are no add-ins listed in Outlook and I can’t seem to do anything with Evernote from within Outlook. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  • Gregory

    Interesting, what do you plan for Windows Phone 7 then? Since only C# is allowed, does it mean no Evernote client for that platform?

    • Clutterbuck

      I hope there is evernote coming for windows phone 7. I know which one I will not be using otherwise.

      • Jeminar

        No windows 7… I was ALMOST about to buy the new WinMo7 phone from HTC.
        Does it work with Android: it hadn’t occurred to me that there might be a smartphone that doesn’t work with Evernote.

  • Eric

    Where is search within a note? In the old version, I could do CTRL+F to search for a string inside a note? Terrible oversight guys!


    • Anna

      @Eric: Go to: ToolsOptionsHot keys and change ‘Find in Evernote’ to CTRL+F

      • Anna

        Oops: better not do what I just said: turnes out when you use CTRL+F in another application, you switch over to Evernote. NOT what you want…

  • Henk

    Great new version!

    (It’s a sad thing when you have to completely rewrite an application because Micro$oft can’t get their stuff right)

    • zero

      I wouldn’t blame Microsoft about the programme’s poor performance. We’ve used WPF and .net on many projects and a bit of a tweaking, the software has always worked great. My guess it that the developers of evernote were experimenting with a language of which they had little knowledge of. This is why their software wasn’t very stable. Glad to see that they’ve released a new version. Well done.

      • Tony

        mm it was based on .net 3.5 – the issues in the block (esp the blurry fonts, slow startup times) are largely fixed with .net4 as MS had to fix then for Visual Studio 2010.

        I use VS2010/VS2008 and WPF 3.5/4.0 and know these issues well. It was a shame they didn’t give .net 4 a go, but then users you need to update. From the screen shots it’s looking good, but without the WPF spark – I’d be intrested to use it.

        As for the wp7 – they would kill me if they didn’t support it, but a port from 3.5 (WPF) to 4 (Silverlight) wouldn’t be too bad – the UI would have to be tottally re-written anyway (metro UI on phone would work well for EN, but would need a re-think).

        I’ve love to do the port……

  • Marc

    Nice upgrade. Now if I can get my wife to start using Evernote, it would make my life so much easier. 🙂

  • Parin

    This is a very timely and much needed upgrade as I was slowly getting so frustrated with slow start up time and heavy memory footprint that I was about to search an alternative!

  • Jackie

    When I try to make more nested bullet points, the indent function is unresponsive. What do I do? I used to be able to simple click it to create more nested bullet points.

    • Linus

      Indeed. And many other features of the editor are not working correctly. I experience wrong interline space, unexpected change of font, selection/deleting problems, etc. Does this happen only to Jackie and me? Any other opinion on the editor? I used 3.5 for a very short time, but I think the editor worked fine there.

      • Bruce Fielding

        Agreed. Bulleting seems badly broken: the indent function doesn’t work and pasting inside a bulleted list breaks the list horribly. Also, table columns seem to take on a life of their own, in that width seems to be determined by… well, nothing. There just seems to be an arbitrary width assigned with no option to change it.

        On the plus side, the app and interface are way faster and significantly lighter, which makes it far more likely that I will keep it open all the time. And I really like the new taskbar functionality and the better clipping.

  • Gastronomer

    Speed in V4 is dramatically improved, thanks for that.

    I have found that when I’m writing a note and Evernote does a background sync my cursor is placed at the top of the note. I have Evernote sync often, so this can get pretty annoying, especially because I maintain long notes and insert text in them. Getting back to my insertion point can be a hassle.

    Can you make the background syncs not interfere with note entry?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Carl Furrow

      I see the same thing as Gastronomer. On sync, the cursor’s position is placed at the very beginning of the current note. I have Evernote auto-sync every 15 minutes, and keep a running journal of my day, so each note gets long. It is frustrating when I’m typing and the cursor position moves to the top of the note.

  • Antonio

    Nice general improvement!!

    It would also be nice to have due dates for the notes and to add the option to print or not the content of the notes, in order to have just a list with the new options you added in Evernote 4 (url, tags, …).

    Thanks for your great job.

  • Geoff

    How do I search within a note with Evernote 4 for Windows? It seems like this feature is missing

    • bob

      Yes I’m not able to find this either!!

  • Geoff

    I have two thoughts for future enhancements. The first would be auto-tags. For example if you set “Cleveland” as an auto tag then every note that contained Cleveland would automatically be tagged with Cleveland. You would probably want to have the option of overriding it

    The second is the ability to join all the notes (or selected notes) in a notebook into one large note.

  • Pengythai

    The great thing about Evernote 4 apart from being much faster and clearer is that I can run it on Linux using Wine instead of being stuck with 3.1 making it much easier to link my notes I make at work to home. A nice upgrade thanks.

  • Torgeir

    This is great stuff, guys. The second I start waiting for Evernote it starts getting in the way, which totally defeats the purpose of it. You’re back on track now, thanks!

  • Dustin

    Looks great! I’m VERY impressed with the speed increases as well as the redesigned layout. Two small bugs/issues though.

    First, when editing a note, choosing a font from the drop down box is quite slow. It just takes a while for all the font previews to display. When they do, some of them are overlapping and in general not displayed very nicely. Not a huge deal but would definitely add some more polish to the software. I personally would rather just have the name of the fonts listed without preview if that is how slow they are going load and how they will look.

    Second, there are sometimes issues after viewing a note with PDFs attached. If I flip through the PDF using the navigation bar that pops up over the PDF, on occasion, after switching to another note, the pop up bar doesn’t go away. It’ll just hover in the same spot in all other notes I view, even those with no PDF. The only way to get it to go away is to shut down Evernote.

    Overall though it looks fantastic!

  • John

    I would like to see a a way to group notebooks in to collections or folders. Are there any plans for this?

  • Charlie Arehart

    Can anyone address the concern that Eric, Geoff, and Gue raised? I have it, too:

    – how the heck do we search WITHIN a note?

    Ctrl+f doesn’t work any longer. There is no mention of search or find in any menus, that I can see.

    Yes, I/we realize there is a search interface option to find across all notes. That’s not we’re asking about. It’s quite debilitating to not have this ability to find within a note. The lack of that was one of the main reasons I switched to Evernote from Outlook’s notes feature. 🙁

  • Solvent

    Portable version install option please, just like in 3.1. Apart from that: thanks for the efforts!!!

  • Abioy

    where is my favorites time band? ~~~~>_<~~~~

    • Jeremy

      Yes, I miss this bit too. It was a significant innovation.

  • Erik Przekop

    Great job guys! You should publish the fact that it now imports from OneNote 2010. I just tried that, and it works fine – nice, simple interface for it, too!

    A suggestion that is probably already on your radar: allow us to move bullet points and/or table rows up & down with alt+up/down or alt+shift+up/down. This is very useful in MS apps and Eclipse.

  • Richard Beddard

    I’ve stuck with Evernote for years even though it has been slow and flakey because there is nothing quite like it. Now it’s fast and beautiful. I’m delighted!

  • Dan Boschen

    Great job on the continued evolution of Evernote! A local synchronization server for enterprise solutions would be very attractive to the business community that is not quite ready for cloud computing beyond their internal network (for security concerns).

  • Ben Stovall

    I’m a huge fan and avid user of Evernote and blogged about this update on my own site, but does anyone have any information on when the Mac client will see some love?

  • Alain

    Very good version. Thanks.
    Skipped 3.5, because of blury fonts, but I love this version.
    Great works.

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    nice and outstanding posting.

  • Myles

    The install insists on C: – and there is no space left on my boot drive. Please give the installer the option to change drives / directories.

  • Philip C

    Evernote is a fantastic service that has helped me organise my life much better, and Version 4 certainly looks much better than Version 3, but….. it may be my laptop (a 2 year old Dell) but it still seems to take ages to load and to move from one tag to another (ie viewing files), everytime I go to create a new note, a message comes up saying that Evernote needs to close (but it doesn’t)… I actually find it quicker to load notes via the web interface and then synchronise with the laptop programme later, as crazy as that sounds. If Evernote worked with less than a second’s delay on any individual command, it would be just awesome.

  • MC

    Hi, sorry for my english, i speak spanish. In this new version is possible to define a saved search across all the notebooks? Something like “notebook:*” doesn’t work.


    • Philip Constantinou

      Hi –
      You’ve come across a bug in the Windows client. Saved searches should reset the notebook selection but currently do not. We’ll be fixing this in a future update. If the saved search doesn’t specify a notebook, then all notebooks should apply. Thanks for the comment.

  • xavier


    Is the automatic update now available? I’m using the Help|check for updates and I get a message that there’s no new update.

    When can we expect to have the auto update available?



    • Andrew Sinkov

      The auto-update is coming soon. For now, you can update by downloading right from our homepage:

  • Aitor Calero García

    Great version!!! It really works better than version 3.5

  • Abiel

    I would love to see an equation editor on par with what was included in Word 2007 and all the products in Office 2010. It would allow me to use one program for all my notes instead of having math notes written separately in Wor.d or TeX files

  • David

    I just downloaded and installed Evernote 4 from 3.5. This is an great improvement and far more elegant that 3.5. Keep up the great work!

  • Jeremy

    It no longer seems possible to drag content from another application into Evernote

  • Supersnooper

    WPF dumped – this says it all.
    It don’t cut it for Real world apps.

    have a read…

  • Michael

    What did you use as your C++ GUI solution? (Raw win32, MFC, Qt, or something else?)

    • Eric

      Ditto – I’d be interested to know what you went with as well.

    • Cristian

      They’ve used WTL ( and “Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)” (

      Peter Kvitek mentioned it here:

  • Brooks Courtney

    I prefer Evernote over any other system.
    However… I have no choice but to delete it… because I HAVE to have templates!!!!

    How could that be left out???
    I am DEEPLY dissapointed… because I don’t really care for any other system.

    Other than that… The new version is the bomb.

    PLEASE… PLEASE fix this!!!
    God Bless

    • Glenn Webster

      Yes templates would be great. What I have done in the meantime is to create template notes in a notebook and then copy and paste into a new note, but it is kind of cumbersome.

  • c

    Please bring back find within a note. I use that feature everyday

  • alex

    Can you zoom in the note window (on windows)? I dont’t mean the font size, but to simply change the size of the view, like ctrl+mousewheel or ctrl +/- in a browser or in an office app. Because one of my computers has a verly small pixel size, and it’s hard to read the small letters which are large enough on the other computers.

  • c

    Please bring back subject date. It’s the only way to add a “due date” to something in evernote so we can use it as a task manager. MUST HAVE

  • Hus

    The speed improvement is awesome, thanks.

  • Mark

    Anyone else experience upgrade problems with your notes database? I have 4 notebooks and the upgrade from v3.5 to v4.0 duplicated all the notes from my secondary notebooks into my default notebook, as well as duplicating all the existing notes that were in my default notebook. Luckily I have a backup on another laptop still running v3.5.

  • Johnathan

    Sorry, but I’m going back to 3.5. It may look better and be faster, but the navigating, editing, adding tags with the keyboard is horrible compared to 3.5. In my opinion note taking software should function just as well(or better) with the keyboard than with a mouse.

  • Kevin

    Wow! v4.0 is awesome. Using it on a desktop, laptop and netbook. Works great on all three. Loads faster. Works faster. Looks great.

  • chrochro

    Where’s the image editor I loved in 3.1?

  • Stephen

    Great update! Two small problems:

    1) Why can’t I set it to start minimized (in the system tray) when it starts when Windows starts? The old version did this.

    2) When a start a new note in a new window with the keyboard command or by right clicking on the system tray icon, it opens the new note AND the entire program. The old program opened only the new note and left Evernote closed. Can we go back to this please????

    Thanks for the great work.

    • Derek

      Yes why can’t this version be started minimised?
      I set it not to auto start through Winpatrol but I’d rather not have to. Other than this annoying issue it is a much slicker application than 3.5.

  • gggirlgeek

    THANK YOU for making it faster! I haven’t used Evernote in a while just because of this and one other problem…

    Checkboxes: I hope the ability to add a check box via shortcut key is returned, and I hope you’ve finally fixed the ability automatically add a check box bullet after a return — just like other bullets.

    Also, THANK YOU for working on table formatting. This is my only way to make a decent grocery list template (just copy the note and fill in the boxes — HOPEFULLY with check boxes included.)

    I’ll report back about my testing, because I sure am sick of losing notes in all the other programs I’m trying.

    • Glenn Webster

      Tell me it’s not gone!

  • gggirlgeek

    One suggestion: I’d love to have to ability to see whether we’ve “bookmarked” or clipped a Website within our browser. Just a simple icon that changes color would do (ala Diigo boomarks style.)

    I know this is a huge request that opens up a whole new can of worms but I’m hoping you’ll consider it for 5.0 maybe? If you were to get more complex, Webpage highlighting would be the bees knees. 🙂

  • Duoduo

    When I am updating from 3.5 to 4.0, I got this error message

    An error occured during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.VC90.CRT,version=”9.0.30729.4148″,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,processorArchitechture=”x86″,type=”win32″. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x800736FD.

    and it just roll back. Can anyone give a suggestion on how to fix it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team:

  • GadgetBoy

    New version is much better.

  • JWB

    Version 4 is TOP!

    But please also support Firefox 4! I currently mis the integration with my browser…


  • The Word Guy

    This, along with web and Android versions, is close to the ideal for me. If I could have just ONE thing, it would be a DUE DATE feature. Then I could probably do all my time and task management with Evernote and Google Calendar. Great work folks, many thanks!

  • David

    On my XP laptop, I’ve twice tried to replace 3.5 with 4.0. Each of the two installations of 4.0 resulted in a torrent of overlapping windows in Evernote. The only way to prevent the windows from continuing to pop up was to exit Evernote. Does anybody have an idea of why Evernote 4.0 might do this? Thanks.

  • Richard Milward

    Interesting — I had to uninstall v.3.5 and folders left over from it and v.3 before reinstalling v.4 and having it work. But all seems good now — thanks!

  • cs white

    I appreciate that there’s a way to skip the dialog box when clipping (by holding down the Shift key), but I’m wishing this could be moved to a preference.

    For my workflow, I never want the box to pop up while I’m clipping – I want to tag and sort when I’m ready to focus on that task.

    Just a thought!

    • Sam

      I agree!! When I’m powering through Twitter I don’t want to have to think about it.

  • Hanpu

    Evernote 4 does not recognize handwritten (“inked”) text during searches. Evernote 2 and 3.0/3.1 do. It is a shame, especially because Evernote makes and still actively develops RitePen, the best handwriting recognition software I know of, at least for English. I am sticking with versions 2.2 and 3.1, until Evernote lets version 4 recognize handwriting. Too bad, as version 4 is nicer than 3.5.

  • kk

    It’s a bit hard for me to get used to the new interface, even though I like it much better, but it seems to be matter of one week. What I don’t like is that to move through menu bar, you have to click on each tab and it’s tiring for me. Also the,,popping up” window when I forget to hold down Shift slows me down. Overally I like this version 🙂

  • chadebrown

    Is there a User Manual for version 4.1? (I see one for version 3.5 for example)

  • fuller

    The only big disadvantage of Evernote relative to OneNote is the fact that I cannot mix ink and text in the same note – I do not understand if this has to do with the way the database is structured (a fundamental issue), or it would be simple to add to the list of features. I normally like to combine ink annotations with clips and typed text into a single note, and I do not see it possible in Evernote at present, but I would definitely welcome its addition to the list of features. A second suggested feature is the hierarchical notes, which will help much more in organizing content. I am obliged right now to use separate notebooks just in order to have one level hierarchy between different topics, but it is very limiting.
    My thanks to the Evernote developers for this great product.

  • mm1772

    Odd. I just upgraded from 3.5 to 4, but Evernote has completely disappeared from my Windows 7 system!

    I launched 3.5. It asked me if I wanted to “Download and Install” and I said yes. It did some stuff and then rebooted. I logged back in and I can’t find any trace of Evernote except an *empty* 3.5 folder in Program Files (x86).

  • Ugur

    Switched back to Win7 from Ubuntu and had to look up something in Evernote (3.5). It noticed me of an update so I updated, hesitatingly. And after install and reboot I was amazed. Everything that I hated about version 3.5 is gone! Version 4.1 starts super fast, the interface is more beautiful, navigation is much faster, responsiveness is much higher.

    This piece of software makes me think that the move back to Win7 was a good move 🙂 Kudos Evernote dev-team! 🙂

    • Brian

      Yeah, I know how you feel. I miss Evernote when I am in Linux.

      Note to Evernote developers: It is about time that you release Evernote for Linux! Ubuntu package preferred.

      Also, I agree that ink recognition is a must. I have v3.1 and will not update until version 4 recognizes ink.

  • Sharon

    I am also having a problem with handwriting recognition in Evernote 4. My handwritten ink notes using a Wacom Bamboo tablet are searchable in Evernote Web but are NOT searchable in Evernote 4 Windows. Will this be fixed? I’m a premium customer and would appreciate it if this worked.

  • Brian

    One more thing that would be really nice: Add Spreadsheet support. This improvement to tables would be immensely useful, as it would allow us to create (or import) spreadsheets and have Evernote automatically recalculate any changes made to the spreadsheet.

  • Shacal

    Lol, switch to native made this one of the crappiest update ever. Holding on of the 3.5 and creating own updates to assemblies. Sorry guys, but this update was stupid :/

    • Sting

      It’s too bad that you really have no idea what you’re talking about. The only benefit to .net is that you have the full support of the microsoft marketing team behind you. You get the app built faster with the added benefit of bloat and incredibly terrible performance.

  • Chris

    Evernote 4 rocks!! Superfast searching, zooming thumbnails. Bravo!

  • John

    I upgraded to premium 4.2 but lost the right click “add to Evernote” capability when I am in outlook. Any ideas how to get it back?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      John, please contact our support team:

  • Scharfen

    I can’t upgrade from 3.5 to 4. When the upgrade procedure ask me to reboot to be able to unistall 3.5 I do so. But this ends up in an eternal loop. 3.5 never gets uninstalled. Another problem is that I can’t uninstall it manually either. Evernote has disappeared from the “Add/remove program” list.

    I’m using WinXP

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact Evernote support. They should be able to resolve this problem:

    • Bruce

      For the record, this describes my problem exactly. Only difference is that Evernote 3.5 is still in the add/remove list, but has no remove button on it. Hopefully online support can help…

      • Bruce

        I solved this problem – it was the lack of admin privileges in my Windows user account. I waded through a lot of stuff in the online forum about version checkers and alternative uninstallers and such, but what helped was an offhand comment by breggol about needing to have admin privileges to uninstall the old version.

  • Renee

    My son is using Evernote 3.5 to capture his school work. He is prompted every day to download Evernote 4, but we are hesitant to do that because we are not sure what will happen to his existing work. We’d really like to download Evernote 4, but want to be sure he won’t loose his current data. Please advise what happens to current data if you download. Thanks very much!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Renee, we recommend that you update to Evernote 4. All of your son’s notes are also stored on Evernote Web, so they won’t be lost. If you want to be extra sure, you can select all the notebooks in the account and export them from within Evernote for Windows.

  • Steven Buehler

    Appears you killed support for coding against the enapiLib. I need to create some routines with Visual Basic and I’m can’t make heads or tails of your model.

  • KK

    Which GUI framework did you use to make this?


  • J Drake

    What have you learned with doing a new rewrite in C++?

    I have recently embraced C++, and adopting C++11 features when available to me. Although I am doing something on the Mac right now I am eventually going to have to get my stuff to work on Windows.

  • bill999

    Is there a User Manual for version 4.1?

  • bill999

    Is there a User Manual for version 4.0?