Evernote Partners with DOCOMO in Japan

Posted by on 15 Nov 2010

Posted by on 15 Nov 2010

The past week has been one of records and milestones here at Evernote. Today, we’re excited to share the details of a new partnership unlike anything we have ever done. Evernote has partnered with DOCOMO, Japan’s largest mobile carrier, to deliver Evernote and one year of Evernote Premium to all of their Android customers.

We jointly announced the new project at DOCOMO’s annual press event in Tokyo last week. We’d like to say that seeing our CEO, Phil Libin, on-stage was the highlight, but then we realized that DOCOMO’s spokespeople are Ken Watanabe and Darth Vader. No contest there.

The details

Evernote is now bundled on every single Android device available through DOCOMO. What’s more, every DOCOMO Android customer that purchases their device before May of 2011 can upgrade to Evernote Premium for free–this also includes all Android phones purchased before this week’s announcement. The partnership covers both mobile phones and tablets that are available through DOCOMO.

Great opportunity for carriers

These days, we’re all mobile customers on some carrier somewhere in the world, yet few of us would claim to have much affection for our carrier. It’s forward-thinking companies like DOCOMO that are in a position to change that. By offering subscribers value in new and unexpected ways, carriers are able to differentiate themselves from the competition while building a positive relationship with subscribers. We’d love to see more of it.


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  • Juergen

    Uh… their spokesperson is Darth Vader, does that mean you’ve signed up with the dark side? 😉

  • Ulrik

    This is great news for both you and your customers, since more customers means more profit which means more development.
    But I’m worried since a lot more uses means a lot more trafic. Have you upgraded the infrastructure (fx. bought server capacity in Japan)?
    And will this mean anything for the performance of Evernote in the rest of the world?

  • Mike

    Congratulations! How do existing Evernote Premium customers who bought an Docomo Android phone already get the one-year discount?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You should get an additional year added to your current subscription. If that doesn’t happen, please contact our support team:

  • Tsukitaro

    I think Phil is wearing Darth Vader! 😉

  • jay@newzjapan

    Only good things can come from this. We have such great phones in Japan and only recently have they begun to be used for practical, business, and educational ends.

    Thanks and welcome to Japan!