Great iOS 4.2 features in Evernote

Posted by on 22 Nov 2010

Posted by on 22 Nov 2010

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 4.2. Once you update your devices, you’ll notice some nice new capabilities in Evernote. The Evernote iOS 4.2 features were baked into our last update, so they’ll just start working.

Here’s a reminder of Evernote’s iOS 4.2 features:

Easily send files into Evernote from other apps

iOS 4.2 allows apps to register themselves as destinations for certain file types. Evernote is now registered for PDF, TXT, WAV, MP3, HTML, and several others. This means that you’ll be able to send files into Evernote directly from other applications.

In Safari and Mail
Certain file types (PDF, TXT) now have an Open in button at the top right corner when they’re viewed. Tapping on the button will show Evernote as an option. Opening the file in Evernote will create a new note in Evernote with that file as an attachment. To send an audio file into Evernote, tap and hold on the file.

Third party apps
Developers can now enable the same functionality in their applications. There are already many applications that can send files into Evernote. Look for many more to add the Open in feature, which will allow you send files into Evernote from anywhere.

Printing from Evernote

Making a hardcopy of a note no longer requires your desktop. When you see a note that you like, tap on the Send to button in the note and choose Print. In order for this feature to work, you need to have the latest version of OS X with AirPrint configured, and there needs to be a printer on the network that supports Apple’s AirPrint.

Multitasking on iPad

One of the big new features of iOS 4.2 is support for multitasking on the iPad. Evernote fully supports this capability, so you’ll be able to jump in and out of Evernote without losing your place.

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  • JohnSmith

    How about Push updates for offline notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      John, how would see that working?

      • Tim

        I’m guessing the server would have to know what a device currently holds in offline mode, then push out anything new which doesn’t match that list. Sounds like it could be pretty complex to set up, and would presumably be pointless if you just pressed ‘sync’ …

  • Bryan

    How about access to shared notebooks?

  • Thomas Egeland

    What about sending links into evernote? You should check out the way omnifocus do it!

  • Raymond Peck

    This is great news! I was hoping that the data-sharing features in Android that I so miss on the iPad would make it into iOS 4. This will make the iPad *much* more functional. Looking forward to Flipboard adding the “Open in. . .” functionality so it’s easy to push pages from there into Evernote.


  • Law King

    Need offline access!
    After syncing notes still cannot be accessed through IPOD. What is the point of syncing? IPOD users should be considered!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      If you are an Evernote Premium users, then you can have your notebooks stored offline. For Free users, we store any notes that you create using your device or view from your device.

  • sandy

    I am getting an error during sync…Unknown error nf1729339252
    and my activity log is full of errors…any suggestions?

  • Eric

    I am getting the same nf17929339252 error. I have no idea what to do to fix it.

  • Steve

    I really like the way Evernote works on my iOS devices.
    I would like to see one thing really badly though: Automatic line wrapping.
    I’m on the iPad looking at notes that scroll off the right-edge of the screen, so I’m constantly scrolling right and left to read them (or shrinking down to an unreadably small size).

    I think the app should wrap the sentence when it hits the right margin automatically. Right now I’m looking at going back through all my notes (especially recipes) and manually reformatting them to be readable on the iPad without left-right scrolling. Not a job I relish.

    • Steve

      Nothing like replying to yourself, right?
      Just fooling around, I decided to remove and re-create some of the offending notes and…now stuff seems to be wrapping. Looks like what I thought was a program issue was actually something in the data file(s).

  • gon

    I’m getting exactly the same nf17929339252 error since yesterday. My last synchronization was on 11/22/2010.

  • Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón

    I had the same nf17929339252 error and was able to solve it by simply logging in to the web interface and emptying the trash bin. As easy as that!

  • MC

    I’d really like a way to collapse/uncollapse the folders when viewing my notes on the iPhone.

    It’s a little cumbersome to get to notes in my folders that are lower in the alphabet, since you have to scroll through all of the notes.

    I’d much rather have the option to jump to just the notebook I’m interested in and only opening those notes.

    Or maybe this setting exists and I’m not aware of it? 🙂

  • John

    I had that error too, from deleting notes on my iPhone. Logging in using safari and emptying trash worked for me as well. Yay!

  • Shane Phillips

    how do u save a note as a favorite on ipad i got one for x-mas i love evernote by the way

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Favorites are not available on the iPad. Whenever you view a note on the iPad, it becomes available offline. So, you can view a note and tag it with, say, “Fav”. That way you can easily search for the tag and find the note later, whether online or offline.

      • David

        This is a pretty annoying way for it to work. If I have certain notes that change a lot and always need to be available to me offline I don’t want to have to click through them all after every synch. I would happily sign up for Premium if it meant I could set a note, or even a whole folder, to download for offline use whenever I synch from my iPad.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Premium users are able to select entire notebooks to be stored offline on their iPad, iPhone or iPod. Free users must view the notes that they wish to see offline.

      • David

        OK, that sounds cool so I’ve upgraded my account to premium, now HOW do I mark a notebook as offline? Searching for “offline” in the Knowledge Base produces two articles that tell me it is possible but zero articles that tell me how.

  • Chris Neenan

    When will you be bringing notebook Stacks to the iPad? This was a glorious addition to the desktop application, allowing me to organize different account files for work. The issue, now, is I have about 80 notebooks just in a single list on the iPad, rather than those organized by the 7 notebook stacks I created to keep these organized. Adding this extra layer of organization to the iPad app would be AMAZING.

    • Rick Schrager

      I second that. Evernote is already amazing. As a new user I am still learning the ins and outs. Being able to stack notebooks on my iPad would be a glorious addition. I have some physical limitations that prevent me from setting things up as I’d like to using the windows version so even being able to stack notebooks through the web UI would be a welcome feature.

      So far, Evernote has exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect.

  • V

    Seconding the above comment: the lack of stacks on Evernote for iOS is the one thing that is keeping me from being a full adopter (I’m kind of puttering around for the moment). Without a hierarchal tree, it’s very hard for me to get organized since I’m a very structural thinker.

  • cfibanez

    Still no stacks in iOS?