Update: Evernote 4.1 for Windows

Posted by on 07 Dec 2010

Posted by on 07 Dec 2010

Evernote 4 for Windows got a few nice improvements this morning. If you are using Evernote 4 already, then check for updates. If you are currently using Evernote 3.5, then please download version 4 here. The auto-update from 3.5 to 4 is coming soon.

Here are the new features.

Notebooks Stacks

Visually organizing your notebooks just got easier. Notebook Stacks allow you to group related notebooks together. For example, you can create a ‘Work’ Stack and a ‘Personal’ Stack. Put all of your work projects into one and all your personal notebooks into the other.

Creating a Stack
To create a Stack, drag and drop one notebook onto another or right click on a notebook to add it to a new or existing Stack.

Search in Stacks
Say you’re looking for something that you know is in a particular Stack, but you’re not sure in which notebook. No problem. You can search across all the notebooks contained within a Stack by opening the Search Explanation and choosing the Stack you’re interested in.

The great thing about Stacks is that they will be visible across all Windows and Mac computers where you have Evernote installed. So, you can have your ‘Work’ Stack open in the office and your ‘Personal’ Stack open at home.

Create more notebooks

We’ve increased the total number of synchronized notebooks that you can have in your account from 100 to 250. This increase is very useful for educators that organize student work in Evernote, teams that collaborate on projects using Evernote’s sharing capabilities, and anyone else that uses notebooks to organize their work.

Improved Note Info panel

The Note Info panel now has three possible states, so you can choose how much information you want to see.

  • Completely open: displaying tags, source URL, geo-location, created and updates dates, and more.
  • Partially open: displaying only tags and source URL
  • Closed

Other improvements

  • Installation is now possible even if you do not have administrative access to your machine
  • Improved search for to do and notes with encryption
  • New languages: We now support Korean and Traditional Chinese
  • Updated the Note Info panel

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  • Chad

    Notebook stacks! Awesome! When I saw the post about the Mac beta with this feature, I was hoping that the Windows version would get it soon. Will in app note sharing come to the Windows version soon as well?

    Thanks for a great product!

  • Vampie

    Looks promising.
    Downloading now!

  • minim

    A quick question. The Stacks sound great – finally a way I can almost archive historical data now! However, when you say “will be visible across all Windows and Mac computers” does this mean that there are no current plans to port Stacks across to mobile platforms? And if that’s the case, how will the folders within the stack appear on iPhone/iPad/Android/etc.?

    • Les Shigley

      I still see the folders in alphabetical order on my iphone, just as I always have.

      I have never found that viewing folders was the best way to find things on my phone anyway

  • ben

    OH MY GOD!
    Oh what a wonderful early xmas present!
    Oh boy oh boy!
    Evernote just got useable for me!! 🙂

  • Lynx

    Still no linking notes?

    • Dave Yuhas

      I feel the remark about people in hell wanting ice water is appropriate here.

      • Lynx

        Er.. no it’s not and it comes across as snide. It’s just a feature that would work really well.

  • Mimi

    Will you ever support Thunderbird again? I mean having the option to take notes to the Evernote app instead of web notes.

    • Scott

      You can get Evernote on google chrome ext./app if you want, i think it lets you do that.

  • Bojan

    this is the reason why i pay for evernote

    • Espen

      Same here 🙂

  • Damian

    I spent ages yesterday adding 3 character codes to the beginning of all my project folders to group them together.

    This update gives me the RAGE!

    Im also interested in how the ipod app will handle these stacks – I accept that an app update may take a while to come through but it would be good to know whether its coming or not – so if its not I can start looking for new software. No pressure 😉

  • Crystal

    Thank youuuuuuuu for the stacks! I’ll be looking for the windows update! I love being a premium member.

  • Donniezazen

    You update windows and mac clients every other, why can’t you make one for Ubuntu/Linux.

    • Michael

      The version 4 will run under Ubuntu with Wine. Nothing fancy to do, just install under Wine.

    • Les Shigley

      For my Linux machines, I use Chrome and the Evernote Extension for it to do anything that I need. I know that it is not a native program. Pretty much all that I use the native program for is as a means of transferring files

  • Phil Bowman

    Tried running the update, it’s uninstalled 4.0 and rebooted, but not installed 4.1.

    Manual download and install from website has worked OK, though.

    • phil

      This happened to me too. Very funny, I must say.

  • RickK

    You’ve made a GREAT program/app even greater!

  • gene

    SUB-FOLDERS!!!!! Hallelujah. It’s like Christmas came early this year.

    and on this day, Gene got everything he ever wanted (out of Evernote).

    and they say that nagging, crying, begging, pleading never gets you anywhere!

  • Glenn Webster

    Wow great update. Love the stacks and the increase in notebooks allowed. I had to archive notebooks prior to really wanting to so the increase is much appreciated. By the way I was using 3.5 until I had a laptop replaced, and downloaded version 4 without even knowing there was a update. It would be nice if the program checked and let me know about updates.

    • alex47

      tools > options > check for updates at launch

  • Michael

    Yeah, this is a great idea, it would be nice however if the feature was available on the iPhone app. Also while i’m on the topic, could you add the ability to sort by Tag on the iphone app? Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Tj

    Nice, I have been waiting for stacks, next are the ios and android please.

  • Anand Bhushan

    Great update. I like notebook stack and new interface of editor with more features.

  • Lise

    HALLELUJAH!!!! (Stacks… really awesome!!!)

  • Darius

    I’ve been using Evernote (on my PC, Blackberry and Netbook) for about 2 weeks, and became a huge fan very quickly.

    Now, thanks to stacked notebooks, I love it even more! 🙂

    Keep up the great work Evernote. It is much appreciated.

    PS – I’ve never commented on software like this before!

  • Bas Hania

    Any plans on supporting shared notebooks in the windows version??? I hope soon!!

    Stacking saved searches is also very wanted!! (more than notebooks for me 😉

    Thx for creating such a great program!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, shared notebooks are coming to Windows

      • Bas Hania

        And how about the stacks for saved searches?

  • Alexander Ebel

    I get an
    “error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid”

  • Tamás Csikós

    I wish that such pleasent surprises would wait for me every morning in the office! Thank you guys!

  • savagemike

    Tried to update 4 install and it told me it found a 2 install and I would need to delete that first etc.
    Seems odd since when I installed 4 initially it found several different older installs and wanted them all hunted down and removed before it would budge.
    I wonder under what rock this 2 was hiding then?

    Anyway, 4 has been good and these updates look nice but this constant ‘uninstall this first’ crap is getting annoying.

  • Koen

    I would like to upgrade my free evernote Account, but I’ve trouble with paypal. I’m from Europe, and have no creditcard.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Koen, please contact our support team:

  • Daryl Tay

    Same issue as Phil here – the update from within 4.0 didn’t work. Had to download it from the website.

    The stacks are a great idea!

  • bdam

    Update failed here as well. Manual installation worked OK.

    Navigation on the iPhone gets worse and worse compared to the Desktop version (cannot choose a label or a notebook quickly there). Please improve the usability there too.

  • cyberbofh

    Great! 🙂

    Will this upgrade with new functions still be compatible with my Evernote for Android ?

  • Damian

    The update seemed to install fine however now it seems to be resetting my preferences – ie even though the prefs are set to stop it the program starts with windows and now starts full screen.

    Also I was hoping that with all these UI improvements (I am loving being able to hide more!) I still cannot get rid or move the trunk button (worst positioning EVAR). Maybe it would be easier to just give us the option to go full screen with the three pane view and hide the menu bars altogether – after all the trunk button got so irritating I gave up and use the keyboard now ;p

  • kylehong

    Can I change the order of my notebooks according to my favorite order with version 4.1?

    The stack feature (may be is the same as sub-folder) is great. But the sort feature (just drag and down to change the notebook order)is my desire too!!!

  • Glenn Webster

    I use Evernote on at least two computers, and also on ipod and blackberry. I didn’t expect stacks to carry across to the mobile apps, but I thought they might carry across the windows machines. Sadly this is not the case at this point. It seems to be a local feature. Hopefully they can save this info somewhere in the database and make it happen in the future.
    One other thing I would like to see is templates, or at least to be able to easily copy a note to another Notebook.
    Still and exellent product. I have over 6000 notes, and wouldn’t want to be without it. I am very pleased with the agressive update schedule they have.

    • Glenn Webster

      I was mistaken. Stacking does seem to go across computers. Did it on my laptop, and now it shows up on my main computer. It just seemed to take a while.

  • Larry

    Appreciate the move to non-admin install. Nice to see everyone else is in love with stacked notebooks. I personally think Evernote works best with a very limited number of notebooks and well thought out tags.

    Would like to see the 3.5 copy and paste of checkboxes restored in 4.x. They still paste as a graphic item rather than a real checkbox.

    • Glenn Webster

      I tried combining about 8 notebooks and using tags to separate them. Well I did a bunch of changes and added tags, and guess what happened. The sync messed it all up and all the noted got thrown into one notebook without the tags I assigned 🙁 That was my first and last attempt to do that.

  • Chase Mann

    SANTA IS REAL! He gave Sub-Notebooks to EVERNOTE!!! Yay!

    Plus, I don’t see this mentioned in the posting above, but suddenly my notes that are entire web pages, now actually look like the websites … complete with CSS? Did you guys add something to make that happen too, or was it supposed to be like that and mine just wasn’t?

    Thank you SO much!

    Yet ANOTHER reason to support Evernote & Go Pro everybody!!!

  • Chase Mann

    Also, this is a Game Changer with competition to OneNote!

    With the power of Sub-notebooks and Tagging … I’ll be able to find things even faster by only searching a tag in a single sub-notebook!

    Thanks Evernote, I just tweeted and facebooked this post and it’s getting clicky happy out there! 😉


  • Tap

    I also stuck with the tranforms error. Anyone any suggestions?

    • BBS

      1 – Run Evernote_4.1.0.3345 one time and get the transform error
      2 – Run C:Users%username%AppDataLocalTempevernote.msi

  • Marjorie

    I cannot install Evernote_4.1.0.3345 because it is apparently picking up an obsolete Registry entry for version 3.1 (which was uninstalled some time ago and the associated folders deleted). The attempt to install went so far as to uninstall version 3.5. Is there any way around this problem so that I can install the new version? (The pre-release Evernote_4.1 installed OK.)

    • Marjorie

      Never mind–I got it figured out! 🙂

  • Michael

    OK, here is the deal:

    It’s awesome that you publish new features and write blog entries about how awesome you are, but:

    I’m still hanging with Evernote 3.1 on Windows. Have you ever tried to use the newer versions *without* a mouse? I mean, with a keyboard only, it just doesn’t work. The application menu is pure crap, there were times when you knew how to build Windows applications. Also, where is the note view I had in 3.1? Just all the notes below each other, without annoying lists or icon views? The only upside of the 4.x Evernote is the near-3.1 performance.

    • chrp

      I agree ! Evernote 3.1 was a smart little app that gets the job done.

  • Anders Sporring

    Great update! I have only one wish to make my use of Evernote complete and that would be an built in Calendar.
    Thanks for an excellent and extremely versatile software and service, it has already saved my life >(sorta) a couple of times!

  • ash84

    too many stop end error this version.

  • ash84

    I think it is necessary to develop ink notes in iPad Version.

  • unpoedic

    ah, my favorite organizational tool just got more organized. evernote, i love you all the more.

  • Brtt

    I’m actually using 3.5 alongside 4.0 (possibly beta, can’t remember) since 4.0 was lackluster compared to 3.5 on some points (which I won’t enumerate here).

    Now when I try to install 4.1, it says it will replace my 3.5…
    Not good.

  • Alessandra

    when will the automatic update from 3.5 come out? Before year end?

  • chodorowicz

    Are you thinking of providing more levels of stacking? That would be very useful… Capability to create hierarchy is the thing that keeps me with OneNote (there you have 3 levels of pages and on top of that notebook sections and notebooks) – stacks mimick the sections functionality but this is not enough to create some decent hierarchy in Evernote.

  • Matt

    I like the new version overall, but a few things that worked better for me in the last version:
    1. Placement of the New Note button. It’s a little less prominent now than it used to be, and given how much this gets used, it deserves some more emphasis.
    2. Adding tags to notes. In the last version, I could add a title and then quickly hit Tab to add tags. Now this seems to go in the opposite direction, first to the beginning of the Title field and then back into the Notes column. Please bring back the old way! It allowed me to quickly create and tag my notes for streamlined organization of all my notes.

    Other than that, happy with the new version.

  • Wedge

    I see still no option to change the background image for notes =(

  • super80

    stacks AND 250 notebooks? It’s the second coming !

  • ych

    i love the new version 4 of evernote, starting the program and using it is no longer a pain in the ass because of the laggyness. one last thing that i think evernote misses is the “highlighter” feature. it will defiantly improve the productivity of second time reading. ~
    thankx for this great tool ~

  • Tainted

    I don’t want to be the only nay sayer but how about subfolders/ substacks (ah I see why you called them stacks).

    In the example you show of stacks, you show a personal and work stack. So how about having a stack for each project within work allowing people to also divide up the project. As far as I can see this isn’t possible yet.

    If you offer this and maybe a native ubuntu client then you’d have me sold. Currently I use OneNote 2007 with dropbox but want the ubuntu and android compatibility. Ubuntu I can do via Wine so the only thing keeping me from upgrading OneNote is the lack of an android app.

    If EverNote can get substacks and a native linux client and so become the one true note taking app then I’ll ditch OneNote.

  • savagemike


    Would like to have an entire note encrypted – either by notebook or label choice. My choice would be best.

    So – just by adding a particular label, such as ‘receipt’, that entire note gets encrypted to a preset password phrase for that label.

  • George Anison

    Stacking notebooks are great! By the chance I have a suggestion.

    If you create a new note with the notebook selected, it is added in this particular notebook. I think it would be great to do the same with tags!! Just to select a tag bellow the notebooks column and create a new note with that selected tag already there. It would be a great timesaver!

  • Lou Gutentag

    Just downloaded Evernote Version for Windows. Love the new features. Do you plan to release a User Manual like you have for Versions 3.5 and 3.1? In the meantime, what’s the best way to find how-to’s on all of the new Version 4.x features?

  • Todd

    Using 4.1, getting a ton of fatal errors attempting to import PDF files. Anybody else? It takes may tries to import and sync.

    • Larry

      Same here. Using Fujitso ScanSnap S510 with ScanSnap manager. Works ok for a while, then goes nuts for a while. After quitting, rebooting a few times, it gets going again. Painful though.

  • Mathew Hong

    Feature I would love is save a copy. This way I can easily version my todo list.

    Each day I can save a copy of my current to do list as a back up so I can look back to see how the list changes over time – for example, when I complete a specific task and it comes off the list.

  • G H

    Feature requests:

    I do not know where to post my requests for features I look forward to, so I am posting it here instead:

    1). Highligting – I prefer to highlight important points in my notes, as in MS Word 2010.

    2). Search within a single clipped note – As for now searching is possible for a cluster of notes.

  • ahobbs

    I was using 3.5 and downloaded and installed 4.1. Now when I tag notes, I only see a few tags on the note, and not all the tags. Did I miss something?

    • chadebrown

      I noticed also that only some tags were visible but there was a row to click at the bottom of the visible ones to see more tags.

  • Ken

    Great work! Now I guess what’s next is the editing features, more importantly 2 bugs that I always encounter:

    1) copy-and-pasted text always have a space added at the beginning of the first letter. So you end up with sentences with double spacing, lists with spaces right after the bullet points, etc.

    2) If you copy/cut-and-paste a chunk of text with bullet points, and paste them at another part of the same list (or another list), it is treated as a separate list now and you can’t edit them as a whole anymore. You will also see 2 bullets on the same line.

  • Scott

    Picture problems?

    I don’t get it. When I started using evernote, I could resize pictures IN the note. I could also copy and paste pictures directly (from Windows viewer, Chrome, anything that did standard copy/paste). Now I have to use printscreen to add it as a separate note or edit it down to size using paint, and then copy it over into the note I’m working on. You keep coming out with updates, but none of them are really making it easier to keep a research lab notebook.

  • Ronald

    Workable web clipper ready for firefox 4b8?

  • Matthias

    Hey, i tried to upgrade from 3.5 to 4.1, but after the Installation my Evernote directory was empty. During the Installation the whole directory with it’s files was created properly. But when finished, all the files in the directory get lost/deleted.

    I tried it again after deinstalling all and cleaning the registry.
    But no effect.

    Any other Idea?

    I use Windows 7 Pro 64bit (German if relevant)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Matthias, sorry to hear that you’re having problems. Please contact our support team:

      • Bob

        Andrew, I would be interested in your reply to Scott above.

    • Roby

      I have the same problem, and then I found out that 4.1 worked well only when I didn’t change the installing directory(C:Program Files).

  • Neil

    Thanks thanks thanks for making Evernote v4 compatible with Wine. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but I am one happy camper. It’s been running flawlessly on my Ubuntu laptop under Wine 1.3.9.

    I no longer have to use the klunky-looking v3.1 or having to worry about how close I am to the nearest access point.

  • David Carlson

    Download 4.1 successful, but an interesting video about it was interrupted by an error message telling me to get rid of 3.5. I did so, but never again got back to the video. Where is it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      David, you can see the video here:|1|1

    • chadebrown

      The video was pretty useless as it did not address the needs of an existing user upgrading. The video was aimed at an audience who has not used the product and needs to be told that evernote can organize your notes. I thnk anyone that gets to the point of downloading the software already knows this so the video is a bad idea that should be scrapped (or replaced with one that has actual content)

  • John D

    I love the Notebook Stacks! (kinda like the sub notebooks we’ve been on about ;))

    One niggling thingy: Two of the mini pop dialogs during the database conversion process mentioned ‘resource attriutes index’. Should that be ‘attributes’ or is attriutes a special internal EN term? 😉

  • Tony Hodge

    Personally I love the interface of 3.5 with its large icons and the ability to do web cam
    Also when I went to 4.1 I lost the ability to web clip and therefore have removed 4.1 and reverted back to 3.5 for the time being. I do love the note stacks in 4.1 but can live without them for the moment.

  • Girish

    Unable to Clip Images after pressing printscreen button.
    Is this feature removed in Evernote 4.1

    I used this feature in Evernote 3.5.

    • Spen

      I’m having the same problem on Windows 7. Is anyone else aware of this issue?

    • Shaine Mata

      It bothered me too until I figured out that they changed the command from just Print Screen to a key combination of Windows + Print Screen.

      • Spen

        Perfect! Only a key away.

        Cheers Shaine (and Kevin).

      • Jezmin

        Thank you!!

    • Kevin

      The feature’s still there, it just needs a Win+Printscreen to work now. You can change the hotkey combo in the preferences.

      • Evangelismcoach

        With this new setting, I lost the ability to capture just a part of the screen.

        I changed it back (tools, options) to prntscreen button and got the ability back.

        I’m on Windows 7.

  • John

    Just upgraded to 4.1. The new encryption feature is driving me crazy. If you have an encrypted file and you open it up to add more content, it will automatically close the file within 30 seconds or less. How in the world are you suppose to update an encrypted file with it closing on you so fast?

    Are there any fixes to this issue?


  • AJ11

    Since upgrading, I am no longer able to send emails to my evernote account. I reset the email address but this made no difference.

  • chadebrown

    Where are the release notes that explain what is different? This blog comment is the only thing I have found so far. I would have thought a blog was supplementary material, not the only documentation….

  • Rainee

    Love some of the aspects of the update (stacks) and ability to automatically tag and file web clips instead of clicking to open the editing dialog box, Although there are times I wish I could toggle this old new feature off.

    However (you knew it was coming), the double click required to insert an existing tag from the drop down box is driving me nuts with its inefficiency. Why require a double click when one click is sufficient? As a power tagger I’m thinking about going back to the manual tag and file routine of the previous version (which also allowed me to add more tags and edit the clipped content in the edit screen)because this limited tag double click interface is, in a word, clumsy.

    Speaking of tags. Is there a reason why the tags in the drop down box are not alphabetical? They aren’t based on popularity as far as I can tell. Not earth shattering, just vaguely annoying at times when dealing with large numbers of drop down tags. Other than these issues, no worries.

  • Mike

    Since upgrading to 4.1, I’m experiencing big problems with bullet points and ordered lists. Sometimes it’s the double bullet points (mentioned above), and other times it’s when the list numbering just stops working. (I hit return on number 8, for example, and don’t get a number 9. There’s no numbering. If I turn the list off and back on, it ruins the formatting of everything.) Trying to reformat then changes the formating of the whole note and generally breaks the list altogether.

    Anyone else finding this to be the case?

    • Jeff

      I’m experiencing the same issues with bullet point. I’m so frustrated with them I’ve almost stopped using them altogether. Now, I just put a dash at the beginning of a line. This is such a frustrating problem!

  • matt

    Windows 7, unable to drag images to the desktop in new version?

  • kallestropp

    Please, make the saved searches stackable too!!!

  • Solutrek

    I just love the new version 4.1, so easy to add a new note and assign a tag to it. The look is better, and the speed too.

    Thanks Evernote, great gift for the holidays.

  • Kevin

    Since upgrading Evernote will prompt me to import my 3.5 / 4.x database after each reboot of the computer. Any ideas on how to get it to remember this?

  • Howie

    With so many Evernote users running Firefox 4 Beta (up to 8 as of this note) and the projected “final release” of Firefox 4 possibly 6 months out, when will we see an Evernote Add-on- or even Bookmarklet- which works satisfactorily with the latest Firefox?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Howie, we only support final software. We plan on supporting Firefox 4 when it is released.

      • Bill

        Let me add my sentiments of ‘bummer’ to the pile. If there’s any possible way to hack up something that would even get it ‘sort of’ working that would be huge….

        I would even be willing to give up one of the podcast episodes in lieu of that work getting done! (I kid!)

      • tony

        Sorry Andrew but that sucks IMO. Firefox Beta 4 Beta is feature complete, heading to Release Candidate now – and it is GREAT. I suppose it won’t take a great amount of time to change the webclipper to work with the new firefox again – and you need to do this sooner or later anyway. Why not fixing it now – and making all firefox 4 Beta users happy.

        By the way – the google chrome dev channel is supported (there were some fixes only for the google dev channel extension) – why not the firefox “dev channel”

        A little disappointet regards,

      • Ted

        Major suckage. We’re at b10 now and a final should be ready soon. Please reconsider.

      • Howie

        Beta 11…12 on the horizon.

  • Sten Vesterli

    Can it really be true that the Windows client still doesn’t show shared notebooks? I am looking for the feature that’s in the mac client where I can switch between my own notebooks and those linked to my account.

  • Greg Halame

    Liked your previous version much better. What happened to options for choosing display and note fonts. Not everyone wants to view listings in regular ariel. Must say this look fits the style of Windows 7, but as for us using XP, not very.

  • Carl


    I like the interface improvements! However, when printing notes (to the printer, on real paper… 😉 ) the images are no longer printed. What might I have missed?

  • Dirk

    Dear Evernote Team!
    I just tried to leave my first comment, but I received a message “You are posting to quickly. Slow down.”
    My second try will be short and less polite, sorry.
    Please urgently add access to shared notebooks in Windows client. That’s the only reason many people are paying for it.
    Regards Dirk

  • Arec

    Dear Evernote team:

    I am using evernote to replace MS OneNote, giving me a great experience, really loving it.
    One thing needs your help, once I have added to-do checkbox, how can I search of filter out all the to-do content?

    Hope there is kind of feature like this, otherwise, it makes this to-do checkbox useless.

    Thank you so much for this fantastic work anyway.

  • bilo

    I thought I’d be clever and import a dropbox folder filled with MHTs, only to find out all it did was attach the MHT to evernote notes. Uhg.

  • Mike

    I’m a Mac premium user and need to share a notebook with a Windows user. Have invited them but they can’t see the share in the WIndows client, any Ideas?

    I find more uses for Evernote every day, a great product.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Mike, in-client sharing is not yet available on Windows. We’re working on it. For now, they can access it through the Web.

      • Gerry Blumenstock

        When? This is a key feature to use Evernote as our main collaboration software.


      • Gareth C

        any eta on this feature for windows client, works great on my home mac but not work desktop.

  • Soren H

    Any eta on the in-client sharing in the windows client? We were about to buy 4 licens for Evernote to use in some projects based on my knowledge using Evernote on my mac. But I’m surprised to see that the in-client sharing are not available in windows, so now the project group are looking for other solutions… please tell me that and update is close so we can use Evernote!!

  • Jeff S

    Stacks suck!!!! What am I doing wrong?

    I created a notebook called Certification and it is in the root folder and when I drag another notebook called CCNA and drop it on the folder certification it automatically creates a folder called ‘Notebook Stack’ and add places both notebooks under “notebook stack”.

    No matter how many time I try if always create a notebook called “notebook stack” when I do it. They only thing that works is for me to delete my folder rename Certification and then rename “notebook stack” to Certification and that seems to work.

    Doesn’t seem like the best way to do it.

  • RecoJohnson

    This program is really basic and has very limited space unless you pay for it. I honestly think evernote is really over rated. Dropbox + wordpad = the exact same thing, and isn’t a 60+ megabit download. Why such a huge download? Maybe for Mac users this is amazing or something, but for PC users this seems more of a waste of time than anything.

    Thank goodness for note stacks though. I am glad you moved away from the google style docs organization method, because it was not that great.