Update: Evernote for Android – Now with more advanced features

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 13 Dec 2010

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 13 Dec 2010

We’re really excited about the response to Evernote 2.0 for Android. Your support is inspiring us to keep adding new features and improving it as fast as we can. Today’s update, version 2.5, is packed with a bunch of advanced features requested by our most avid users.

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Advanced search

We’ve enhanced the already great browsing options by adding an advanced search capability. You can now construct complex searches using tags, notebooks, attributes, location and dates. Once these are created, they go straight into your search history so they’re easy to re-execute. To create an advanced search go to the Search screen from the application home screen, widget or header bar, then tap “Advanced Search” and select from a wide range of search criteria.


Users of the Mac, Windows and web versions know that Evernote provides a great way to manage your to-do lists by allowing you to add to-do check boxes to notes. With the latest version, you can also check and uncheck those items right from your Android device. Just view a note with to-do items and tap the check box. The change will be automatically synced with the server. This works with advanced search options, letting you find notes with incomplete to-dos.

Lots of other polish

  • Notebook sync preferences: it’s now easier to manage your notebook sync preferences and see the size of your notebooks.
  • Sync performance and robustness: Your phone will sync faster especially over a cell network. We’ve also made the sync process more robust, so you’re less likely to run into problems uploading or downloading notes.
  • More views of more thing: We’ve added a simple text-only view of your note list, which scrolls and loads faster with many notes. We’ve also added a full screen mode for reading notes.
  • Better sync info: We’ve improved the sync status bar so it’s easier to tell what synchronization is doing.

Stay tuned! We’ll have a bunch of great new features coming in the new year.


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  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    Will this update show up for we Beta users? I’m seeing “No Updates Available” from the in-app update menu option.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Beta users were updated last week.

      • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

        Awesome. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Brendan

    I’m getting an error after updating.
    “Can’t upgrade read-only database from version 21 to 22: /data/data/com.evernote/databases/E…”

    • Aaron G

      I am too, my good sir. Wondering what the deal is and if it will be fixed any time soon.

    • Brad

      I am getting the same error message as Brendan. Uninstall and reinstall? How should we fix this? Droid X user.

      • Brad

        I uninstalled and reinstalled and seems to work fine now. I didn’t have any recent uploads from my Droid, so I can’t speak to if any of those would get lost if you do this.

    • Dean

      Same here. Had to uninstall and reinstall. Removing data and resyncing may also have fixed it.

    • marcus

      Same error here. Also, the app crashes when I create new notes.

    • Samir

      Same problem here. Reinstalling right now and it appears to be going well.

  • Chris

    Cheers, nice one!

    But it would be great to have an option to save notes as plaintext, so I can edit them properly on my phone.


  • Steve McHenry

    I hope it works better than the sync on the old version. I constantly had note that I edited on the web that would only sync halfway on my phone. There would be half of the original note and half of the edited note together in one. It was very frustrating and made using the Android app almost useless.

  • Henry

    Nice! The Android app has really improved a lot over time. Would be good if we could delete tags in the tag view.

  • Raymond Peck

    Yay! I use checkboxes quite a bit for work TODOs and have been considering moving to Remember the Milk or something like that since I couldn’t check and uncheck (and insert checkboxes) on the phone.

    Now if only my Incredible would get unstuck from “no, I won’t do any updates” mode. . .

  • Kaz

    The app has really come a long way, keep on being awesome guys.

  • C

    Ability to edit RTF yet?

    That’s the only thing I’m really waiting for.

  • Brian H

    I don’t see in the Android app how to create a checklist. Or is that a view only thing? Checklists can only be created from the web or Windows/Mac? Any advice will be appreciated!

  • Clutterbuck

    When are we going to see a Windows phone evernote client?

    • Clutterbuck

      looks like a 3rd party developer got there first – says somehting about priorities… see “Viewmynotes” application – looks good excpet there is not facility to add new notes – otherwise fast and well integrated.

  • Guido

    My Mac application shows 343 Notes, but my Android app shows only 337 Notes. My only unsynced folder got 10 notes. So how is that working???

  • Tom

    Fantastic set of improvements! The client is getting very sophisticated and functional.

  • XchrisX

    I too get, “Can’t upgrade read-only database from version 21 to 22: /data/data/com.evernote/databases/E…”
    HTC Incredible, 2.2, Verizon.

  • TJ Longacre

    This all sounds great, but why leave WinMo 6.5 in the past? Yor mobile app is lacking (I was recently told to use a third party program to see my ton of notes in something other than one long list) and it seems like you’ve thrown in the towel on those of us who aren’t updating our phones until our contracts allow. Sorry to complain, but “smartphones” mean more than simply iPhone and Android.

  • Mike

    Evernote for Android, but still no Evernote for linux??? Come on, guys!

  • John

    This is great, but doesn’t fix the biggest problem I have with the android client. If I take a photo note using the android client on my HTC Desire, I can’t view the photo in full using the Evernote client. I can only zoom out a little bit, not enough to see the whole note. Can you please fix this? It totally breaks the android client for me. I think this is a regression- it wasn’t there in earlier versions. Happy to provide more debug/trace info if required.

    • justin

      Does the same thing on the Droid X… only sometimes tho… its weird.

  • William

    I’m also getting error after updating. “Can’t upgrade read-only database from version 21 to 22: /data/data/com.evernote/ databases/E…”

  • toskoman

    Waht about a password protection from startup? Why do you ignore this permanently?

  • Lo

    The updated version seems to require an SD Card to function on my Galaxy S… Why ?

  • John Cooper

    How do I insert a ToDo item in the Android app?

  • Jim Philips

    I still don’t see how you get a checkbox next to a note. Would you mind explaining that feature?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can create checkboxes using Evernote for Windows, Evernote for Mac and Evernote Web. Those checkboxes will sync to your Android device, where you’ll be able to check them off as you go. Perfect for shopping lists.

  • Topcorner

    Great enhancements! I updated Evernote (now at rev 2.5, Build 116217 on my HTC EVO). I am a big user of To Do’s and check boxes so was really pleased to see this enhancement, however, it does not seem to work. The only thing that happens when I tap a check box is the “more notes” pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen. Do I need to change something in the original note on my PC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

  • jk

    Off-topic comment: I would like to start a movement to sustain the blackberry users’ whining about the sad state of the app we have … every time I see a new iPhone/Android release, it’s reinforcing the feeling that we’re the child that Evernote never wanted.

    – premium subscriber since Dec 2008.

    • justin

      Blackberry app market is the orphanage of mobile apps… sorry.

  • Anil Das

    Excellent work.

    One must have: Stacks (as implemented in the Windows app) must be ported to Android app!

  • llort

    Great update, fixed the widget problem, and i think is faster now…

  • Jason Bunting

    It’s great to see movement on the mobile client apps, I really really need RTF editing though, since without it the sync just isn’t worth as much. I am just as likely to make edits on my Droid as I am on my desktop, and I hate the idea of losing formatting.

    I am a paying customer, too, so I don’t want anyone thinking I am complaining for nothing. 🙂

    Springpad, which is Evernote’s only real competition in my opinion, does not have RTF editing either; first one that does wins! 😉

  • Gary

    Any hints on how to check boxes on a todo list? It tells me the Android client doesn’t support editing rich text notes when I try it.

    Also, I can’t even get the Android client to upload new notes. It syncs without any error messages, but they just won’t show up on either of my Windows machines or my iPod Touch.

    • Ian

      Mine won’t upload new notes either — no error message. HTC Hero

  • justin

    After reinstall I “login not authenticating”… but clearing all data seems to fix the login issue, but still no widget…

  • Fatimah

    Ok… so i’m a student and like most that are on here, we use Ever Note primarily for school functionality. So with the development of tablets will Ever Note make it possible to write notes (using a stlyus ofcourse) on a iPad or Tablet using full screen capability. This has got to be my biggest wish and concern. Most apps I’ve seen out only allow you to write in these small ranged boxes. But I’m looking for a full screen experience! I have to take calculus so of course I would want a full screen for these long formulas.And with Anatomy I want to be able to draw pic examples next to my notes(in like Cornell Note format)I mean taking pics is fine.. but I have a whack 3in screen BB Storm1. When I view the doc on my laptop…its not as good when I zoom in. So it would only be right to ask those of who is perfect at Notes Doc for students for my 1 christmas wish. If this became possible, I would no longer have to buy 3-subject note books for every class…PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!

    Plus I will be able to FINALLY buy a tablet with confidence because it will then have every thing I want. Maybe as a business proposal you line up w/ Dell/HP and come out with the ultimate Tablet that enables students full page writing.. With pre-downloaded Ever Note; with Android OS of course (we have to have the market there are too many free apps to not just have access too)…That i would love to buy

    • Scott M

      AGREED! I really need the ability to hand write notes on a large Android Tablet format. The notes need to be “endless” and should be similar to the way they are allowed on Win6.5 devices. Having the ability to edit them afterwards from my PC would also be a great enhancement or to convert them to typed text would be ideal, but for now I need to be able to handwrite notes.

  • Dave C

    I am receiving a “No new updates found” message when I click on check for updates. I am currently running verision 2.0.1 (public). What am I missing?

  • 123kid

    The most important question: does Evernote offer SSL encryption for non-paying members now in the latest Android app? Someone please confirm this so I can sign up right away!:)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. Everyone gets SSL encryption.

      • 123kid

        I’m sold!:) May I ask whether the whole session will be encrypted or just the authentication? Happy holidays!

  • Johan

    Im using evernote for my desire z and its awsome but does anyone else have problems viewing there pictures they have taken using evernote?

    whenever i have a snapshot in one of my notes and try to view them on my phone it gets displayed WAY to big. its becoming useless to view these images on my phone because i have to keep scrolling to look for the info i need. and pressing the “Fit to screen button” doesnt seem to help much.

  • shahab

    Agree with john and johan. Pics become too large to be viewed on Android screen. Can’t zoom out enough to see what pic I took! It’s a huge dealbreaker but I love the rest of the program. Please fix as this is the only thing holding me back from really embracing it! Is it an error from evernote or a compatibility with my phone, HTC desire HD ?

  • jennifer

    I have loved Evernote and use it a lot. I have 379 notes on my Droid 2, but since the update, my computer shows only 1 note while the Droid 2 shows all 397 but can no longer upload. I am afraid to reinstall Evernote on my phone b/c my notes aren’t showing up on my computer and I don’t want to lose them all. Not sure what to do.

  • Adam B.

    I just installed Evernote on my Desire, tried to sync the notes but the app keep getting java errors. Am I doing something wrong?

    Please help me with this, EN is an essential to me. It was one of the reasons I switched to this HTC beauty 🙂

  • Dane Hata

    Is there a way to view a note that contains an image (such as a photo) such that the image is dynamically autoscaled to a reasonable size – a size where you can actually see the whole image without having to scroll around? My droid camera takes pretty high resolution images and it’s pointless to make us have to scroll around a 2800×1600 resolution image in the note detail view.

    Please, no one make the stupid comment that I should resize the image prior to adding it to the note. The whole point is that this stuff is supposed to be seamless, hence the icons that take you directly to your camera from the evernote client, and furthermore sometimes one might need to have the original resolution in the note.

  • Checklist Needed

    This would be the premiere note-making app if you could make checklists from any and all mobile apps (almost any other note app has this function). If you cannot make a checklist from your mobile device, which is IMO the MOST IMPORTANT reson for making a note, what good is the program?

    This is completely illogical to me. A user on the go, i.e. w/o access to a computer, is the person who would most need to create checklists from their Evernote app, and yet this function is not included. I can’t use this app until this is taken care of.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Dan

      How about you make a Generic checklist on the PC / MAC and then you always have a checklist that you can edit later FROM THE PHONE?
      This will also save time in the future on the PC / MAC by not having to insert checkmark boxes into all future checkmark lists!


  • Terry Frazier

    It appears your last note about android updates was a year ago. I certain don’t think that’s giving much attention to the platform.

    I’m interest in encryption on my android tablet. Can we expect this and if so, approximately when.