Phil Libin’s “From Simple Idea to Global Success” talk at LeWeb

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Dec 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Dec 2010

Our CEO, Phil Libin, took the stage at LeWeb last week to chat with Loic Le Meur about Evernote. Watch the video.


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  • Ledretch

    I was at #leweb, nice talk for a great product!
    Keep going guys!
    PS I may be one of the guys who donate, just to support your job soon; evernote and GTD make my Life easier everyday! 🙂

  • Susie

    FYI, the audio on this is very low. (I know that may be out of your control.) Just sayin’. I think I would like this interview, if I could hear it better. 😉

  • Renfrew

    Great presentation! Really loved it! Makes me use EN with more interest and vigor.
    When can EN users buy stocks from EN??

  • Ken

    Some great points by Phil. It’s so uplifting to hear about a team who is passionate about what they are contributing to the world and not how much money they can get.

    Evernote – saving humanity one memory at a time!

    Well seriously, Evernote has indeed helped (read: saved) a lot of people with managing their lives, it is exactly because it has made an impact in people’s lives (touched by a green elephant) that’s why they are so willing to promote their love for Evernote. Indeed, if you understand what Evernote is about, you would love it. The question is how to let the other 70% from each month understand.

  • Pierre

    I was also at Leweb and I had the pleasure to do a 25 minute interview with Phil. It can be heard on my podcast here:


    Pierre (@pjournel)