Evernote 2010: A Year in Stats

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 Jan 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 Jan 2011

We’re a little sad to see 2010 go, it was quite a blockbuster year for us! A few numbers speak a thousand words, so here are some stats…and 667 words:


We passed six million users! With remarkably good timing, our six-millionth user joined us just a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve. The chart below shows some other highlights.

As you can see in the table above, total users are up 186% for the year, from 2,096,030 to 6,003,130. December 2010 alone saw a 237% increase, with 2,089,705 unique users compared to 619,211 from December 2009. The largest percentage increase was in Premium users, they grew in 2010 from 35,310 to 201,308—a whopping 470%. This means that not only are we growing faster than ever, but that more of our users are coming back each month, and even more are choosing to pay. If you’re curious about what’s driving premium user acceleration, I talk about it a little in this LeWeb interview.

Speaking of growing faster, here is Evernote’s registered user growth since our closed Beta period:

It took us 446 days to reach our first million users. The next million took 222 days. The next one 133 days, then 108, then 83. We shot up from 5 to 6 million users in just 52 days. That comes out to more than 19,000 new people signing up for Evernote each day. To put this number in perspective, we could fill up every single seat of San Francisco’s AT&T Park (home of the World Champion Giants) with new users every two days.


The past year has seen a lot of changes in the mobile industry. Here’s how it looked to us:


iOS is still the gorilla, with about twice as many users last month as Android (1.1 million vs. 550,000). iOS is not only big, but it’s also growing quickly with a 223% increase in users from a year ago. However, take a look at our Android growth rate—up by 1,570% over the same period! It’ll be fascinating to see how these two platforms do in 2011. BlackBerry is also growing nicely, although from an admittedly low base.

HP Palm, Window Mobile (not Windows Phone 7) and web-based mobile usage is declining, but we’re not giving up on these platforms. A brand new Windows Phone 7 version of Evernote will launch this winter and we’re rolling out HP Palm improvements every couple of months. It’s probably not even worth saying that iOS and Android are going to continue to get lots of attention from our developers.


On the desktop side, Windows has pulled ahead (up 214%) spurred on by our big release of Evernote 4 for Windows a couple of months ago. Desktop Web usage has also increased significantly (up 205%), thanks largely to our popular web clippers and Evernote Chrome extension. Mac is no slouch either, with 150% growth in one year. These numbers are sure to shift around in 2011 with big news coming out about each of our three desktop platforms this quarter. Stay tuned!

Giving more than 100%

Particularly keen graph watchers among you may have noticed that while we had about 2.1 million unique users in December, adding up all the platform users (and throwing in a few other “platforms” like third party API-integrations and our email and Twitter integrations) comes out to about 3.4 million unique users in the same month. Bad math? Nope. The majority of our users use Evernote on more than one device. The most common is one desktop and one phone, although many have one desktop, one phone, one tablet…

Into 2011 and beyond

Thank you to everyone who found us or stuck with us last year! The whole team is working harder than ever to make sure that 2011 makes everything in the past look like we were just getting warmed up. As always, if you have suggestions for how we can make Evernote better for you, please get in touch.

Happy New Year!


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  • JD

    I am **very** excited to see that a Windows Phone 7 app is on the way. It is, by far, the one app that I miss most.

    • Peter

      I am new to EN and it’s changing my life. Windows 7 phone is great please come out with the app soon. It’s a great platform and is going to be very popular in the end. Having the app will complete my conversion from Onenote.

    • Bill Wilder

      I am migrating to Windows Phone 7 from iPhone 4 and want to bring my Evernote Premium experience with me. Any update on plans?

    • K.G.

      They didn’t say which winter so I guess we’re stuck with a 2012 release?

  • George

    Congratulations! As a premium user I am proud to support your efforts.

    I wish you would add the option of creating hyperlinks that would link two notes together, at least in the desktop version.
    This would create a link to click in the current note that would bring you directly to another specific note.

    All the best and Happy New Year!

    • CG

      YES! Hyperlinks, please. Another satisfied premium user here…

    • Jerry Hoffman

      I second this request, linking our the notes in our database would be a very helpful function.

    • A D

      I agree! Great stuff in 2010, and still love using Evernote. But the ability to link between notes would be really helpful.

    • Carl

      Awesome idea, George!

    • Alan Henderson Vallis

      Good thinking George.

      Another plaintive plea for hyperlinks or wikilinks.

      Thanks to the Evernote developers for your fantastic work. I’m one of the many who were happy with the free version but stump up for Premium as a gesture of support.


    • Gabriel Rodriguez

      I would become a premium user today for that feature…but i’m still going to become one if not. love evernote!

    • Alex

      Yes, linking notes is the biggest item on my Evernote wishlist! With that I would literally use it all day long, everyday (yes, I too am a premium user).

      Thanks Evernote!


    • Ryan Danell

      This was actually a feature back in Evernote 2.0 (I think) for Windows. I have left that behind for a Mac and newer versions of Evernote. I like the new features, but that is one feature that I used A LOT and REALLY miss.

    • Bryan Schutte

      I agree too! This would be very helpful.

    • Emerson Browne

      This one has my vote for the feature I would most like to see. And I agree with George; it is most important to me that it is on the desktop version – in my case the Mac version!

      Thank you for this great program. I am an Evernote Evangelist (and also a Premium user).

  • David

    So glad you are developing a WP7 app. The lack of Evernote has been one of the key missing apps for me! Thanks much.

  • Zack Pike

    I’m super happy to see these numbers! I’ve been a long time Evernote user and recently become a premium subscriber at the launch of the new version in 2010. Evernote’s been making some great headlines in the last half of 2010 and I’m excited to see what one of my favorite applications comes out with in 2011.

  • Adam Smith

    Your platform stats exclude all those linux users who run under wine.

    • Mojo Yugen

      There was a rounding error that caused both of them to be lost.

  • Bob porter

    Wonderful to see your success. I am a Premium user and love Evernote! I am a Mac user, but wonder when sharing will come to my fellow Windows users?

  • Jody F.

    Evernote for WP7– that’s great news.

    Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Redleg82

    Unless my math is wrong 200K Premium Users X $60/yr is >$12M revenue. Nice! When are you going public?

  • Sanjay Malhotra

    These growth numbers show true validation of the product offering from the user perspective, and especially so in the continued expansion of premium users. Good products do rise to the top – congrats and best wishes for continued success in 2011!

  • Patrick

    I just love evernote, and I am very glad that it reaches this much users. I use it every day, and I tell all of my friends about it. Just keep doing your stuff this well, and when I finally get my Android-Cellphone (hopefully Samsung Galaxy 2 😉 ) I will get Evernote for Android too and upgrade to premium accuount 🙂

  • Zero

    Can’t wait for the Windows Phone 7 version of this application!!!! Well Done and thank you!

  • Mark

    Thanks to Evernote Development Team for WP7 app!

  • Jason Sperry

    Congrats on the great year! Also, thank you for developing a WP7 app! I was hoping you guys would support the platform. I’m loving my Focus but I was really missing Evernote. Can’t wait to see it in action!

  • Devin

    Awesome news. Glad to hear that more and more people are using it. It’s an excellent product, and I use it to keep track of a lot of things.

    As per the request for suggestions, the following would make Evernote better for me:

    Native linux client: As pointed out above, your numbers exclude linux users who run under wine, and those who use the web client. As a user who uses both windows (at work) and linux (at home) it would be nice to have a native linux client.

    More powerful search feature: I would like to be able to use logical operators (&& ||) and brackets and negatives to define and save arbitrary searches such as:
    (notebook:Projects || notebook:”Completed Projects”) && (tag:computer || tag:”home entertainment”) && -(tag:game || tag:work)
    to search for anything in either notebook “Projects” and “Completed Projects” tagged with either “computer” or “home entertainment” but not tagged with either “game” or “work”

    The search feature is already excellent, but I think this would make it much better and more intuitive to use. I don’t know how you’ve implemented search currently, but assuming each search term returns a 1 or 0 for each note, this shouldn’t be too hard to implement using multiplication and addition/subtraction.

    Custom sorting: For example: I’d like to be able to sort first by tag (custom tag ordering, alphabetical and/or number of tags), then within that by todo status, and finally by date last modified. The ability to save custom sorting rules would be a good thing if something like this were implemented.

    Inter-note linking: Many times I have one note for something I intend to do, but it can’t be started until a project in another note has been completed. Being able to link from the existing project to the new project would be very helpful, as I could then remind myself to transfer the new project from “someday” to “Projects” when the old project is completed.

    • Emerson Browne

      I want to add to Devon’s comment regarding the search function. I would like to be able to use symbols. For instance, any note that has something to do with finances I start with a $ in the Title of a note. However, if I try to search on $ it does not work. It acts like it does not see the symbol – like I have typed nothing in.

      Custom sorting would be awesome too.

      (I am using Evernote for Mac and Android and am a premium user.)

  • Navdeep Singh

    Hot Dang! Looking forward to the WP7 app!
    P.S. You do great work 🙂

  • Mark Stout

    Dang. When you posted about 5 million, I predicted 50 days to six million. I was close, but as Maxwell Smart would say, “missed it by that much.”

  • Tuomas Rasila

    Congrats! Hope you reach 7 million soon!

  • Jules

    Cool! Well deserved success guys, an awesome product I love Evernote and subscribing was well worth it!

    No doubt you will be investing that capital into further innovations.

    I would like to see:
    1) The aforementioned hyperlinks between items would be cool!
    2) Greater storage capacity so eventually I can migrate my entire photo album to the cloud!
    3) A secondary (or more) Evernote email address so I can email different notebooks directly without the @ tag
    4) A better Evernote app for Chrome (it needs a little work IMHO)

    On a side note… Go Android!

  • Kal

    My only question is: How can I invest in Evernote?

  • SuAlfons

    Availability of an Evernote App will be make-or-break for my next (and first) smartphone.
    Oh, I _do_ have a phone that was considered a smartphone some years ago…Nokia E50. Never again.

  • xbeta(善用佳软)

    Congratulations from an IT volunteer in China.
    this post will be translated into Chinese and published in

    Although Evernote has no official promotion in mainland China, it’s getting more and more influential: more local users, new local clones.

    Best wish for a better 2011 to Evernote.
    祝 Evernote 在 2011 年 更进步。

    ps. I use Evernote on: 3PCs, blackberry, iPad, iPod touch

    • Dmitry Stavisky

      Wow, good collection of Evernote-enabled gear – you are a showcase Evernote power user!
      Thank you for publishing the translation.

  • Mark Harrison

    You’re gonna need a bigger boat 🙂

    Do you have an IPO mailing list? 🙂

  • Chris McRae

    Pleased to hear you are not abandoning your WebOS app. I suspect that if you brought the app up to spec with the iOS version, it would get greater support from end users. While I love Evernote, the WebOS app is lacking to the point it is not really useable except for very simple viewing. Features like screen rotation, zoom etc. are really needed to make this app useable.

  • NikeDunk

    I agree your view! That’s so great!

  • GregHK


    I’m another long-time and premium evernote user, use it everyday on Mac, Windows and IOS. As well as the new developments listed in your update I would love to see an interface for the Kindle, as would many other check our your user forum at The current Web interface is just not workable.

    It would be excellent to be able to send a clipping to Evernote and then to my Kindle for offline reading. There must be many more Kindle users than Mobile 7 users and maybe by now more than Palm and other Windows mobile platforms, so please add full Kindle support to your todo list for 2011. Thanks,

  • MacBill

    Evernote on Mac still needs a lot of work, particularly in the text formatting area. Evernote consistently adds its own carriage returns to notes, screws up other formatting such as bold/italics/font size, and doesn’t consistently paste in text properly that was copied from other apps. If you edit a note on both IOS and Mac, that compounds the carriage return problem and you can never know how many random carriage returns will be added throughout the note, particularly if it’s a note with a lot of carriage returns to begin with (like a grocery list). No other apps that we use have these showstopping text formatting problems… seems like the Mac team should completely start over from scratch. If Evernote just supported RTF text, these proboems could all go away. The ability to batch export notes to RTF would be nice, too.

  • Fg

    Thank you on the windows phone 7 app that is coming. wp7 is a great platform and ever note will just make it better!!!

  • Sags Shah

    Glad you’re doing a WM7 app, please make it a .NET app that will also run on older windows phones such as WM6.

    The current evernote windows mobile client is useless because it doesn’t cache notes for offline reading and so useless once you go on a subway, plane, underground etc.

    I’m on the verge of migrating from evernote back to the windows mobile notes app + activesync or to onenote….

  • Ken Murray

    Great program and would be almost perfect if it had any word processing features at all so I could take decent notes using tables somewhat similar to word. I’m really surprised not more people are requesting this feature over anything else.

    I’m not asking for full feature here, but formatting my note taking is not an easy task. Look at tables vs. word or any low end pgm. If you can’t provide this then buy some small company that could provide the feature in your product! Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  • Marc

    Well, have you actually tried to analyze whether some of your users, even the premium ones, may have started to stop using your app? I’m extremely concerned about security and knowing that your take on privacy/security is that we shouldn’t store data in Evernote that we wouldn’t keep in our email accounts (like gmail, yahoo, etc) defeats the idea of such a powerful tool. I wonder if these 6million people are aware that their data is kept unencrypted on your servers… I was in love with Evernote but it represents such a huge burden having tu use local notebooks not to mention the large number of features not available for local notebooks…

    I wish you guys would reconsider your opinion on what online Evernote is meant for…


  • Darren

    Evernote is amazing, I wanted to upgrade to premium but now waiting to see what the WM7 app looks like first. Hopefully it will be here soon as my new W7 phone needs it.

  • kingblind

    wp7 app.. yippie!!

  • Michael Liss

    Congratulations on a phenomenal year. I am a premium user and very happy to support one of the great web apps. Keep it up.

  • Gus Preciado

    I just cannot wait for the WP7 APP that would make my new phone complete. Please send it to the Zune Markeplace ASAP. Well done.

  • Carl O

    Evernote is great, however coming from OneNote, there’s still a few things I miss. For E.G. it desperately needs a back button, especially after searching for a file I often want to go back to where I was; links to other pages; & inserting task and reminders . It would be nice to be able to colour the folders down the left as well.

  • Marc

    I may be too paranoid, nobody seems to care about privacy and security over here… strange

  • Paul

    Thanks for not giving up on webOS – it’s a great phone platform, and likely to be awesome on a tablet, too. Hopefully it will witness some positive growth in the future. I use Evernote on my Palm Pre Plus and Win Vista office PC and am grateful to have it. But how about a version for Linux, specifically Ubuntu? I have that on my netbook, and could use a local program of Evernote on it!

  • Nico

    Any update on WP7 app pretty please?

  • Paul

    Majority of the comments are looking forward to WP7 app, then three months of silence? Hmm. Update please if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks.

  • Matt

    Agreed with the last few posters, waiting on Windows Phone 7. Made the move from webOS and still missing Evernote. Summer? Fall? Just waiting patiently! 🙂

    • JD

      Yes…please…any news would be great.

      “Winter” is over and still no Evernote on WP7.

  • S Banks

    Now that Verizon has gotten off their duff and introduced my WP7… I too am waiting with baited breath for the WP7 app for Evernote. Using a 3rd party product now, but know that the EN version will be more robust and fuller like the EN app I used on my WM 6.5.