Evernote for WebOS gets an update

Posted by on 11 Jan 2011

Posted by on 11 Jan 2011

The honor of “first Evernote app to get an update in 2011” goes to Evernote for WebOS. This update, which went live in the Catalog a couple of days ago, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, browse through your existing notes and create new ones. All this, plus a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Here’s what’s new:

Get Evernote for WebOS from the HP Palm Catalog

Notebook filters

You can now choose to only display notes from a single notebook when viewing your note list. This makes browsing and searching through your notes much faster and more efficient. Choose a notebook by tapping on the notebook selector at the top of the card on the note list screen.

More note sorting options

In addition to notebook filters, we’ve also added the ability to sort your note list by title, created date, updated date, as well as putting them in ascending and descending order. This call be done from within Preferences.

List view

For some of us, limited connectivity and other bandwidth constraints are a way of life. With this update you can stop worrying about downloading thumbnails every time you perform a search. Simply select the new List View option in preferences and your note list will arrive thumbnail free. Not only does this use less data, but it’s also a heck of a lot quicker to load.

More note editing options

Give your notes some pizzazz by adding color to your text. This can be done from the Evernote menu Edit item.

Lots more

There were also a bunch of other enhancements:

  • Note details scale with the content size
  • Improved memory use
  • Better note editing and tag entry

We’re committed to the WebOS platform, so you can expect lots more in the future.


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  • john

    Its great to see the webOS love. Thanks guys!

  • Gregg Ginsberg

    Thank you very much for the much needed update. I’m back to using the client on my Palm Pre with regularity now.

  • Myles

    This is great to hear!

  • Antonie

    Just read the Blog – sounds great – will head over to site and see what’s mentioned.

    A nifty feature would be colour highlights to text notes to help reading quickly, where needed.

    Thanks for a great product!


  • Cory

    Seriously, thanks a ton. It’s nice to see such high quality, “industry standard” apps being maintained on WebOS. You guys rule.

  • Ian

    Thanks for the official update. I have been following/using the beta releases and they have been great. I love the support for WebOS & Evernote!

  • Ian

    Thanks for the official update. I have been following/using the beta releases and they have been great. My wife has not wanted to install “beta” or homebrew apps, so making this official will help her to catch up to what I am using. I love the support for WebOS & Evernote!

  • Ian

    Thanks for the official update. I have been following/using the beta releases and they have been great. My wife has not wanted to install “beta” or homebrew apps, so making this official will help her to catch up to what I am using. I love the support for WebOS & Evernote!

    I will continue to evangalize evernote to everyone I know, especially those on WebOS.

  • Ben

    Excellent news, are you guys looking at webOS 2.0 features such as Just Type quick actions and universal search?


  • Liggy

    Thank you for your continued support of a great but mismanaged smartphone system! Don’t forget about us as Palm and HP seems to have forgotten about its own users!!!

  • BMac

    Thanks for the update and work on the webOS version of your app. Just to let you know even after this update I did have a note that got “stuck” in pending uploads when I lost by network connection for a couple of minutes. Nothing did would get the note to upload and sync. Finally I opened the note from pending, copies everything out and created a new note with the same info. Not something I want to do all the time but it worked. Is there any way to get evernote to reconnect and sync pending uploads when something like this happens?

    Thanks again for the update.

  • Eric Smith

    Ubiquity is certainly one of Evernote’s killer features. Thanks for the update for my mobile platform of choice!

  • John

    I was one of the masses who dropped evernote in the past year when bugs were many and updates were few (never). I’m very impressed to see the team re-engage and I’m happy to say that I’ll download the app again and give it a try.

  • BillMo

    Great news! Just installed it. Looking forward to trying this new version of “1912.” (It’s a Universal Search thang…)

  • Steve UK

    Good news re: the update.

    Not really moaning but just wondering when will we see an improvement on the web-based Evernote? IMO this is really needed ASAP (especially ‘stacked’ notebooks which I know you’re working on and images/screen-clipping).

    Keep up the good work folks!

  • Alan Gant

    Thanks! I depend on EverNote, and it seems to be usable on my smartphone of choice!


  • David Mandel

    Thank you for maintaining and updating for WebOS.

  • Alex

    Thanks a lot for the update! Btw – is something like an easier way to sending my notes to people coming up? I just don’t wanna copy & past them all the time. 🙂 The Palm’s Memos app knows this too! 😉

  • rawdeadfish

    thanks so much, the updates and fixes really make the app usable again, now i’m using it again and can leave it open all the time for quick access! great job. now on to the new features!


    I could sure use that scanner to stay organized!

  • Marla K. Brumbaugh

    So far, I am impressed with what you’ve done with Evernote! I’ll be watching and waiting, as a creative individual, to access your progress from the visual standpoint. Will it soon be “Bye-bye Awesome Note?” could be, because you integrate better, and I need that. Good luck to you…I’ll certainly be watching!

    Marla Brumbaugh
    Findlay. Ohio

  • Rochelle Broder

    Thank you, thank you! Please keep the updates coming. We WebOS users are very committed to Evernote.

  • kent cox

    wow, this is great news. Evernote was one of the first apps I downloaded to my Pre and I can’t wait to use it on my nextgen HPalm phone and tablet! Thanks.

  • Dan

    Thanks so much for the update! webOS is a great platform and is sure to gain traction with HP… your efforts will be rewarded! 😉

  • Anthony Foglia

    This version (1.3.8) does not work for me at all. When I started it up, all my notes were missing. So I logged out, and now I can’t log back in. Whenever I try, I get an “Offline: Unable to log in while offline.” message, even though I am on the internet.

    I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but still no luck.

    Perhaps there are some temporary/config files I can purge after I delete? Where would I find them? (I have a terminal app, and am very familiar with Linux.)

    • Barry

      Anthony, I know this is a year+ later, but I am now suddenly experiencing the same thing you described: “So I logged out, and now I can’t log back in. Whenever I try, I get an “Offline: Unable to log in while offline.” message, even though I am on the internet.” Did you ever find a solution? I would be truly grateful if you did and can share it.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Barry, please contact our support team:

  • Rudy P.

    Hello. Thank you for this update. I use Evernote on my Palm everyday Pre + and is a joy. One wish though: would it be possible at a forthcoming update to send a note to a mail recipient (as is possible under iOS example)? This would be perfect …
    Thank you for your work

  • Tamara P

    Just downloaded the new Evernote for webos. It is still freezing/overloading memory. Even tried rebooting after installing and it still freezes.

  • Jimbo

    Palm PRE refuses to run Evernote since this update.. shame

  • Rutger

    Great update, if only a offline mode would be added, I would be using this right away.

  • Kevin

    Great stuff guys, any chance that there will be a WebOS tablet version?

  • Suzanna

    I love Evernote and use it on my desktop and iPhone. I just recently purchased the HP Touchpad and just like Kevin, I so so wish Evernote would be available for TouchPad (webOS) too. It would be so great.

    Thanks for the lovely product.

  • Craig

    I’ve been using Evermore since it first came out on the original pre. This has been one of my favorite apps. I have also enjoyed using it on my nook. I recently purchased a HP Touchpad and it would be great really to have a version for it as well. Please update my favorite app for the HP Touchpad (WebOS).

  • Dark

    I’m like Kevin and Suzanna I love evernote and use it every day my previous IPhone, my current android phone and my windows 7 PC.

    I’m a Senior Software Engineer and like many others recently I acquire a HP Touchpad during the fire sales and I’m glad I did because WebOS is awesome and have huge potential, is by far the best real multitasking experience on a phone or tablet (having trying all other available OS’s) is definitely better than Android and if the Apps catalog was not a factor it will definitely be better than iOS. Hopefully after the massive recent sales teir will be enought public pressure to get developers onboard building more WebOS apps.

    So count my vote for a Evernote WebOS tablet version.


  • Chris

    I really like Evernote and just recently got a Touchpad. I would love to see a tablet version for webOS, I think it is the one last thing I need to make the Touchpad my primary tool to manage information at home and work.

    Evernote is already a great product, tablet support for WebOS would be the final icing on the cake.

  • Ian

    Please do a Touchpad native version. I’ve just got a touchpad and was disappointed that the WebOS version of Evernote is designed for the phone, not the pad. My wife and I use Evernote on PC, Mac and Android so having a native touchpad version would be very useful.


  • Andrew

    I love evernote use it on my MacBook and on my iphone 4 just wish it was optimised for my touchpad. I,m sure there are thousands of others who would love it too!

  • J Clark

    Just to echo the thoughts of others here. An update for the HP Touchpad would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the hard work guys!

  • Mike Nield

    As an existing Evernote user (of the paying variety) and a new HP Touchpad owner (which is great mainly due to Webos – a real shame that HP have decided not to stick with it for a bit longer) I’d like to also say that a Webos tablet version of Evernote would be fantastic.

  • Mae R

    I would love to see an upgrade optimized for TouchPad also. EverNote is great, but I use it most on the TouchPad, so I am finding the size to be very limiting.

  • Fibreflash

    meeee tooooo…. for the Evernote HD, WebOs touchpad version – make it a payed app and you’ll likely see a lot of users coming your way

    great tool btw

  • Tony B.

    Love Evernote, have it on my PC and iPod Touch, would love to see an updated webOS version for the HP Touchpad.

  • Rick M

    As a paying user of Evernote (which I love), please take care of us by releasing a HP Touchpad version.



  • Luis

    Would love to see a native TouchPad app for Evernote. Love this product!

  • Joel Vuadens-Chan

    I read that “We’re committed to the WebOS platform, so you can expect lots more in the future.” As you already have a software on WebOS for Smartphone, is shouldn’t be much more efforts to expand it for TouchPad (largest screen format). I am using Evernote extensively, but have to use a 3rd party product for the HD format on my TouchPad (the smartphone format is much too small) and have no possibility to use it offline. With Open WebOS coming up soon (in September) and that will expand the margin of that great OS, your amazing application must be one of the top apps for this improved platform (that is WebOS). Thanks in advance.

  • BigBlueHat

    Would you all be open to open sourcing the webOS code that’s built currently or any that’s in progress? As webOS is “opening” there seems to be a growing number of developers interested in the platform (at least I’m one who is…having *just* bought a TouchPad to hack on webOS apps).

    Please consider tossing the code you have onto sometime soon. 🙂


  • Steven

    I would use evernote as a platform – buy the evernote pre2 phone and touchpad app in a heartbeat, and get it on my wife’s iphone, if it was supported.