The New Evernote-enabled ScanSnap S1100 Scanner — Plus a Giveaway!

The New Evernote-enabled ScanSnap S1100 Scanner -- Plus a Giveaway!

Posted by on 11 Jan 2011

Posted by on 11 Jan 2011

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Evernote and scanners are the perfect match for anyone trying to lose the clutter, go paperless and get organized. If you have trouble finding your keyboard underneath a pile of notes and scraps, then the Evernote + Scanner combo is for you.

The ScanSnap S1100

Today, we’re excited to announce that there’s a new Evernote-enabled scanner on the market from our friends at ScanSnap, the ultra-portable ScanSnap S1100. This thing is tiny, light, fast, and surprisingly smart. Going on a trip? Throw it in your bag. You’ll hardly know it’s there. Get one for yourself here.

Best part, the ScanSnap software includes two pre-defined Evernote options. You can either scan documents as PDFs or as images. We recommend choosing the image option if you’re scanning anything with handwriting, that way our servers can work their handwriting recognition magic.

You can even set the scanner to scan directly into Evernote when you push the hardware button, no other steps required. So simple.

Giveaway time! And the winners are…

Giveaway Rules [the giveaway is over]

As if this new scanner wasn’t exciting enough, we’re giving away 11 of these beauties…Eleven S1100s on the 11th of 2011. We’re giving you two ways to enter:

Option 1: Twitter

  • Follow Evernote (@Evernote) and ScanSnap (@ScanSnapIt) on Twitter
  • Tweet the following phrase: I just entered the @Evernote @ScanSnapIt scanner giveaway. #evernotescansnap

Option 2: Leave a comment

  • If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can enter by leaving a comment on this post telling us how Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will help organize your life


  • To be considered, tweets and comments must be posted by 9:00am PT on Tuesday January 18th, 2011
  • Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via Direct Message on Twitter or email. If you’re leaving a comment below, make sure to leave your name and a valid email address.
  • One entry per person
  • Due to shipping restrictions, this giveaway is open to individuals located in the US and Japan, only

Good luck!


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  • Dave

    As a seminary student, this will be incredibly usefull for organizing notes from all areas of study and having them instantly available in any class.

  • Denton

    My wife is starting up her own business run from our home and various coffee shops around town. We could use this scanner to keep paperwork for her business, and our lives, in order. It would be a HUGE help.

  • Colin Smith

    Looks like a nice little unit. I’ve been looking for a small scanner since as apartment has limited space for gadgets.

    Anyone know how this one stacks up against the small Canon scanner that’s advertised int the Evernote Trunk?

  • DT

    I’ll take one, please!

  • Scott A

    Please send me my scanner. 🙂

  • Dave

    I’ve been wanting to start scanning receipts. Winning this scanner would be a huge first step towards an organized New Year!

  • Steven

    I already use Evernote to keep all my things in check, but with a ScanSnap, I could get my parents’ paper based stuff digitally rolling as well!

  • David Escalante

    I’m starting a new church and have a ton of stuff to scan! Receipts! Documents! Records! Love me some ScanSnap!

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    Please sign me up. I’d love to have this scanner. Thanks

  • Adam Cutler

    i don’t know about this little one but the combination of the s1500m and Evernote is a life saver.

  • Jenny Williams

    I already love Evernote, and ScanSnap would simplify my life allowing me to scan our homeschooling paperwork instead of filing it! Thanks.

  • Colin Harman

    The scansnap would change the way I work and keep logs. I am a graphic artist and all my creative briefs are e-mailed to me through a form and go straight into evernote, but some still like to print them out and fill it out by hand. This would let me scan them directly into evernote and utilize the OCR! I would LOVE it, so much.
    Thank you so much for both of you making incredible products that play so nice together AND make my life so much easier.

  • Matt Gregory

    I’ve been on the lookout for a deal on one of these Fujitsu scanners to help get rid of the gigantic stack of bills, receipts, etc that accumulates.

  • John Henrikson

    I can’t wait to start scanning all my paper into Evernote with the ScanSnap S1100!! It looks like a breeze to use and heavens knows, I could use the help getting organized!! Pick me please!

  • Andrew

    With a ScanSnap 1100, I can scan lots of my paper documents, so they’ll be easily searchable.

  • Bruce

    I would use it to finally get a handle on scanning my snail mail into Evernote.

  • Dave McCall

    Love Evernote and ScanSnap. Wish I had a little scanner to use with them. Lugging around my all-in-one laser printer, copier, scanner is less than ideal.

  • Christopher Paulk

    Hey Evernote & ScanSnap, I will use the scanner to digitize & file all of my personal files. I will also use the scanner in my business to remember anything someone wastes paper sending to me…thanks!

  • Zeljko Dakic

    ScanSnap and Evernote look like match made in heaven. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Steve

    Evernote has been a great note-taking app for me at work, in my volunteer work and at school. More importantly evernote has helped me centralize my research efforts in managing personal portfolios. This brings together all my research around a particular debt or equity security for due diligence and correct record keeping. It syncs between my mac and windows computer, tablets and phone environments to be sure I have an arsenal of information at fingertips at all time. Great product guys!

  • Peppermint

    Evernote is the backbone of my GTD system, but I’d LOVE to go paperless with a lot of my work documents and receipts. Hope I win!

  • arif

    as a nonprofit executive director, I’ve been searching for a way to fully use evernote – being about to scan things straight into evernote will be a big boost to my organization systems.

  • Nate H

    Big Evernote fan and having a ScanSnap might be the nudge my wife needs to get organized in the digital world as well.

  • Ian

    I’d love to have the ability to scan all of my notes and crap into evernote. though a scanner would probably force me to upgrade my account as images are big

  • 20 and Engaged

    Hoping to win the scanner! I already use Evernote to manage, well, my entire life basically haha.

  • Jon L

    This would be great for getting my office organized at work.

  • Corky Garko

    Making a stab at going totally paperless. I use Evernote a bunch (love the Android app) and want to upgrade my life from a crappy flatbed scanner to the new scan ScanSnap 1100.


  • Scott C

    I’d use Evernote and ScanScap 1100 to scan receipts and bills, so I didn’t have to keep paper copies!

  • Jan Gerling

    I love evernote and Scansnap. It would be so convenient to have a smaller one in my purse to quickly scan all of the smaller bits of info that get lost between work and home. I would be so totally organized and would be freed up to conquer bigger and better things in life Thx
    Keep up the good work

  • James Taylor

    Evernote and a ScanSnap S1500 have been a lifesaver this last year – one of these mobile babies would be the icing on the cake… just a great shame that I’m excluded because I live in London, UK!

  • Jezmin

    As a PhD student Evernote has been one of my best friends. This scanner will be icing on the cake to continue my research and scan documents in my database.

    Thank you!!

  • Christopher Stephens

    My living room is awash in little receipts. Scanning them in and recycling the paper will restore a little order to my life.

  • evan

    I’d give it to my mother- she’s always cutting out recipes and she’s just got them unsorted in the table but I know she’d love to get them organized.

  • Julie

    This would be awesome for travel. Would love to be one of the lucky winners 🙂

  • Devin S

    I’d love to get a ScanSnap, it would help me power through the huge pile of papers and receipts taking up half my desk.

  • Ryan

    I’m going to use this & its one-button-to-Evernote feature to set up a scan station separate from my main office.

  • Kevin Ranfeld

    Having the ScanSnapIt with the already very well used Evernote would make electronically filing receipts a breeze!

  • jon kopp

    this would be a great help for receipts and paperwork at home!

  • Matt

    I just found evernote and it’s great!

  • Jordan R

    I’d love to have this to keep track of receipts and business cards.

  • Chris Tromp

    Scanning business cards and recipes. Scanning old photos. Scanning my had doodle drawings.

  • Tyler

    I have been an Evernote Premium user for more than I a year, and an Evernote user much longer. I proudly wear my Evernote T-shirt almost every weekend. (I can since I live in South Florida.) I upload documents from my work scanner and photos from my iPhone often. I wish I had a small scanner like the ScanSnap to keep with me.

  • Gregg

    Going paperless at home and we really need a simple way to catch get those last 10% of our paper into Evernote. User since 4/2008 and premium for over a year! Love it.

  • Ravi

    I just started a trip moving around the US, and soon the world, and this scanner would be amazingly useful for my new mobile lifestyle. Here’s to hoping, thanks!

  • Michael Washington

    Evernote is the best thing to happen for forgetful baby boomers.

  • Grant J

    Can you say, “easy expense reports?” If I win a ScanSnap, I will be able to!

  • Jsim23

    Just starting a project to go paperless.

  • Brandon

    This scanner would be helpful because I am too lazy to keep track of receipts on my own.

  • Clifton

    This device would be perfect for us. My wife struggles (to put it lightly) with clutter and her desk is always a sea of papers. My desk, in the same office, is generally clear and clean. Something like this would allow her to not worry about losing information, but allow us to lose the mess. 🙂

  • cable0

    I could scan the field customer copy, save in Evernote and e-mail the PDF to home office for processing. I could them give the customer the original back for their records and not have to waste paper.

    Thanks Evernote and ScanSnap!!

  • Bill Kirkpatrick

    I do serious archival research, and right now I either have to pay exorbitant copying fees or use a digital camera to save the documents I’m finding–a cumbersome hit-or-miss process. A portable scanner like this would be a great way to save documents and my sanity!

  • JK

    Would be interested in trying out the scanner

  • Cindy

    The ScanSnap will totally help me get organized, especially recipes! I love to cook and already use Evernote to store all the recipes I love online- this would help me add to my collection as well as help be clutter-free ( which the hubby will love too!)

  • Jonathan Herbert the Artist

    Pick me Eversanta, pick me!

  • nate mathai

    As a home-based wedding and portrait photographer, evernote has been the perfect tool for organization of inspiration, and more so the business side of things with invoices/receipts/contracts/etc. The major delay in my pipeline is the scanning part, and this little thing would be perfect! One more step to the paperless office! 🙂

  • James E.

    Oh man oh man would this help. I have a stack of old bills, statements, etc. that I would love to scan into Evernote and then shred.

  • Kt

    Would be so helpful in clearing out my office clutter!

  • Douglas Boyce

    We are starting up a new Marketing Firm and have been putting all our our notes into Evernote. Now with a scanner, I could eliminate a file cabinet and free up our office space.

  • Chip

    Please don’t look at my desk through the monitor. (I know you have the technology to do it.) You would be horrified at the piles of paper that need scanning, filing and destruction. Years worth, and my wife wants it gone. (She has for years.)

    I told you not to look!

  • Devin

    The ScanSnap will allow me to scan all the old electricity and gas bills (and new ones as they come, these companies haven’t gone digital yet) that I’ve been keeping in order to monitor my usage, and clean out my filing cabinet.

  • Denton Gentry

    Given the stack of paperwork on my desk, I clearly need a scanner.

  • Dodge

    I would love to use the scanner and evernote so I could finally eliminate all the papers that my wife and I keep for financial reasons. Oh, how wonderful that would be!

  • Matt


  • Richard Sugg

    I would like to say I scan all my medical info and business receipts today, but my current scanner is one of those big honkin’ all-in-one jobs that sits in a corner where I can’t get to it. I tiny little scanner like this is as convenient as my mac book pro!

    ~ Richard

  • SnwBuni

    This would be so nice. My current printer isn’t that Evernote friendly 🙁 and this would be great to organize all my receipes.

  • Gil

    I use Evernote and an older ScanSnap presently and have been for quite a few years. Love the combo. Having the portable unit would just round out my trek to paperless.

  • Charles Young

    I use Evernote every day; for work, for home and music projects, for remembering everything.
    Since I travel for work, having the Scansnap available to scan documents into Evernote would be a great deal for helping me stay on top of things.

  • Tracy

    I have a stack of old statements, other paperwork that is about 6 feet high that I’m sure I’d be able to scan easily and efficiently into Evernote with this scanner.

  • Chad D

    This would make my travel expense receipt gathering SO much easier. Quick scan and easy storage within Evernote!

  • Jan Fredrik Breivik

    As a student council leader this would been perfect. I nearly dont use paper at all, but keep getting a lot of papers from others. With this genious machine I could sort everything into Evernote Premium. That would’ve been lovely!

  • Ann Price

    I work at home, but also in a nearby city. Sometimes it is inconvenient to use the huge scanner in my home, or if I’m at a satellite office, I don’t have access to a scanner. Having such a portable scanner would let me be even more paper free.

  • marlie

    I seriously need help getting rid of all of the paper files that I keep at home. It takes up SO much space in my tiny apartment!

  • Cindy V

    I work fulltime, commute 2 hours a day, and am starting a Master’s program. I need all the organization help I can get!

  • Jamie

    I don’t have enough space for a flatbed – I need a tiny scanner!

  • Norm

    I am an avid Evernote user (almost 3 years now) and live in Senegal, West Africa where there are daily power cuts lasting 6 + hours at a time. Having a USB powered scanner on my laptop would allow me to continue working and using Evernote even when there is a power cut!


  • ebk

    Man. I was just thinking about this today. I’d love to be able to do a quick sketch on paper and instantly run it through a scanner and jettison it off to Evernote. I could do it with my phone, but the picture quality is never what I want for a scanned doc.

  • Cody

    The new scansnap looks sweet!

  • RC

    I can barely see the floor in my home office due to all the paper, and certainly can’t find the important stuff when I need it. Please baby baby please! I need it!

  • Manik Rathee


    I already used evernote to make my life paperless, but when you work a full time job during the day and go to school full time at night, hours slip away and you can get really really backed up when you need you use an iphone to “scan” in your receipts.

    This would help me keep organized at a much faster pace.

  • Chase T

    I switched all my work notes (which are extensive) to Evernote a few months ago, and it’s already had a huge impact on how easily I ca move back and forth between devices (work machine, home machine, phone). The one gap is my unbreakable habit of writing notes to myself on paper (as well as diagrams, etc) — these end up outside the system and tend to be forgotten. Scanner to the rescue.

  • Shawn Dreelin

    Sweet…could be useful for me for 2 reasons:

    1) scan in recipes….trying to get rid of all these printouts of recipes that I want to make, but can’t ever find in the “stack”.

    2) Scanning in paid receipts from bills of providers who don’t provide electronic copies….can use the file cabinet for something else!

  • macfixer

    I am buried in paperwork and would love a way to get my stuff together. Going paperless would be a terrific way to help me get there.

  • Trucy

    I often sketch or hastily jot down ideas for both work and hobby, so this scanner would be perfect for turning my scribbles into something I won’t lose or forget!

  • Bill S

    I want to create an electronic medical records system for my doctor borther using Evernote. The scanner would be used to scan documents that come into his office from other doctors, labs, hospitals, etc.

  • bunkre

    Yes, please! Paper bills are for suckers.

  • Megan C.

    After CES, I have tons of business cards and collateral. This scanner would be a lifesaver!

  • Josh Kraayenbrink

    Being a college student, I still like to handwrite notes for classes because of drawings and mind-mapping. Would be great to get the notes into Evernote with the ScanSnap scanner. I wouldn’t have to go to the library, I could just scan in my room or on the go!

  • Babs

    I will send ALL receipts, Files, GTD lists,online Clips,Dental & MD notes directly to my EVERNOTE NOTEBOOK STACKS. ALl Real Estate notes to the Real Estate Notebook, Just EVERYTHING because it REALLY is an ESSENTIAL!
    And Besides all of THAT, I JUST NEED IT!:)

  • Chris Drynan

    Drowning….under….paper…. need…. organization….. HELP!

  • David M

    I would use the ScanSnap to tame my class notes and reduce the ever-growing pile of papers on my home and office desks.

  • David Summers

    This looks like an awesome device! I would love to have one. It would be perfect for my home office.

    The size is great and I could certainly stand to clean up some of that paperwork.

  • Kyle H

    I travel a lot and would love to have the scanner to make it easier to keep track of receipts, hotel bills, rental car receipts, etc.

  • Trish

    Love ScanSnap scanners! And handwriting recognition? How did I miss that? Perfect for all my research notes.

    Back to re-reading that Evernote Book (don’t remember the title… wait… Evernote Essentials?)…

    Thanks for a great app.

  • Derek

    This would help our nonprofit by being able to scan documents at meetings and share right away.

  • Mario Villalobos

    I will use this scanner to finally scan every piece of paper I own, including old college papers, financial documents, and magazine pages. Once I’m done with that, I will set up a system where I automatically scan every new paper that comes into my life the moment it enters it with this scanner and Evernote. And from that moment on, my life will be that much more clutter-free, thus more stress-free. Win-win.

  • JH

    The ScanSnap is so much smaller than my current scanner — I’d be much more inclined to scan documents if it wasn’t such a hassle to drag out, like it is with my current setup.

  • charles

    Yeah I’d totally throw that thing in my bag, if you know what I mean

  • Matt Sommer

    Gimme my ScanSnap! 😉

  • Jimmy Buck

    I would love to start a recipe database with recipes clipped from my foodie magazines.

  • Brian

    scan all the paper documents i get at work

  • JB

    I totally need that awesome combo, my work and home offices are destroying my life!! HELP ME!!

  • Mark Newell

    From managing my professional life to managing the logistics of a large family, I’m ready for a boost in productivity with Evernote + ScanSnap.

  • Brendan Murray

    Scanning business cards and handwritten meeting notes.

  • Randy Botti

    I have an older Scansnap that I’ve used to put over 4700 documents into Evernote, but a new portable scanner would be very cool.

  • Teresa

    It looks like it would be very useful! I’m in.

  • Eli

    I want to go completely paperless in 2011. SnapScan and Evernote can help!

  • Angela Goldie

    If you saw my paper piles you would know how this Scanner would help me! I have a terrible time keeping paper clutter down that my kids bring home from school, work related stuff, tax stuff, etc…. I would love, oops I mean LOVE one of these scanners to help me out!

  • Mojohito

    I am desperate to get out of the paper pile. I have used a flat-bed scanner, but too big for my current office. The ScanSnap looks perfect!

  • Diane Muir

    The scanner would be a great help in allowing me to digitize all of my family photos and history. Building files for this into Evernote will allow me to organize things even more!

  • Candice

    This would be awesome for my business!!! Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  • MarcM

    The ScanSnap would be a awesome tool to help me reduce the paper waste! ScanSnap combined with Evernote … heaven.

  • Lynette

    I am in desperate need of a scanner! Between documents, contracts, client notes & BUSINESS CARDS I’m drowning in paperwork! The fact I’ve been an Evernote customer and fan for a few years helps organize me, but not if the stuff isn’t digital in the first place.

  • rich

    i’d love to use it to scan receipts for my rental property while on the go!

  • Scott B

    My desk is ALWAYS covered with paper and with three kids in a modest house we really need to conserve space and organize our life!

  • Jose Henriquez

    Oh man I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to get me a sweet Evernote compatible scanner. My piles at home are getting ridiculous.

  • Jason Everett

    I would love to rid my office of my file cabinet. Scan, scan – go away paper!

  • Terri

    I have to keep up with so many receipts for work and school, so this would be wonderful to have!

  • Doug S.

    I could really use this to keep track of receipts, invoices, etc for the properties I manage. It would really streamline how I do things, making me even more efficient.

  • Todd M

    The ScanSnap scanner would be put to the test by the entire family. I’m working on finances and taxes and there is paper everywhere. Mom is re-organizing the recipe library and has fallen in love with the power of Evernote’s search and synching with the iPad. 8 year old uses Evernote to archive his cub scout and school projects. The 4 year old is our new photographer. She too is collecting all her school work and pictures of the family. We need a better way to scan, archive and record our family history.

    PS: I won’t mention this to the grandparents (turned Evernote disciples by showing them our paperless storage secrets), they might want a ScanSnap of their own!

  • Shelby

    I use evernote to organize my mother’s workers comp case documents. This would help.

  • EGC

    Boy, this would be so useful in getting rid of desk-clutter, office-clutter, and wholehouse-clutter. Maybe it would even inspire the husband to get rid of some of his “precious” papers (that’s where the wholehouse-clutter comes in).

  • Davey

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 will help organize my life by … I don’t know but I picture all those documents having some Tron-like adventure after I digitize them. Cool.

  • Lauren

    Wow, this would help me condense and save all my notes for classes and have them all in one handy place! It would be great and i wouldn’t have to worry about losing anything!

  • Elmer

    I need to scan my 1000+ photos so I can share them easily with friends and family.

  • Benjamin

    I mind map on a daily basis and would like to backup my mind maps digitally. Evernote and ScanSnap are the perfect combination: they would enable me to quickly store, organize, and retrieve hundreds of mind maps, whether they be ideas or study notes.

  • Tom Salzer

    These are a few of my favorite things…would love this combo.

  • Beckey

    This giveaway is AWESOME!

  • Adrienne

    Keeping track of documents for two home-based businesses, two sons in college and three dachshunds is very difficult especially because the paper piles, when stacked on the floor, create a maze that the dogs just love to run through.

  • Catherine

    I can’t even begin to say what a huge help this would be! I would love, love, love to go paperless!

  • Pam

    Wow! Sounds fantastic. My hubby and I are trying to downsize and this would be a great help in doing that.

  • Corey

    I need to clean out the ugly file cabinet and get those documents/statements/random stuff scanned and my old flatbed scanner is just too slow!

  • Steph

    I have been trying now for a few months to rid myself of a great deal of clutter. Most of which is old statements, documents, receipts, product manuals and other important things that need to be backed up. I have been going through it all with the dreaded anticipation of scanning it all and organizing it. Evernote is perfect for this, but my old scanner – not so much. I’ve actually been shopping around for a new scanner and saw this article. It’s a sign. 🙂

  • Andrew M

    For maximum efficiency I hope to mount this beauty right above my shredder. Shredding is so much fun. Keeping things forever also gives me peace. Peace and fun at the same time.

  • jeffb

    Paper, paper all around me. The scanner will help me from drowning in paper.

  • James

    I am caught with a need for files to be in two places – at my office at home and my office at work. Evernote lets me get past this issue with being accessible from both places, PLUS my iPad and Android phone. The overflowing inboxes of sheets of paper waiting to by archived or made into reference material could be processed at either location and available at both locations and input via scanner at either.

  • Michael Scott

    Im overwhelmed with paper and desperate to scan, scan, scan! But my bulky all-in-one is not PDF or Evernote friendly… plus who wants to stand over an all-in-one for hours on end. I need portability, I need one-touch straight to Evernote or PDF… I NEED Evernote’s new scanner!!!

  • Zane

    This would definitely help with all of the debit card receipts my family generates in one month!

  • Kevin Clark

    I already use evernote for all my documents. Can not live without. I really need the scanner to finish moving away from all this paper! I would love to get rid of 4 filing cabinets.

  • Chris Kern

    Great to know that I’m not alone in the “too much paper on my desk” problem. Evernote has made a huge difference at work. With four new community volunteer projects for 2011, the ScanSnap would really help me stay on top of all the details! Thanks!

  • Samuel

    This will be perfect. For the recipes in my favourite cooking magazine, for my work- to help me scan documents to share with my colleagues..I simply adore Evernote, it helped me with organizing and this will improve it 🙂

  • Dan H

    I would love to have one of these babies. I use my home scanner to get stuff into Evernote all the time, but it would be great to have one in my office was well.

  • Tammy Fuller

    Would love to have the scanner. I support 14 Title I schools reading and math intervention teachers. Being a federal program, there is a bit of paperwork that I must keep up with as I travel from school to school and teacher to teacher. I’m thinking it would be a very useful and time saving tool! 🙂

  • Tom

    I’ve got ADD, and I am constantly writing ideas for work, study, and play down and completely losing track of them. Then, when I remember them, I can never find the scraps of paper I wrote them on. Evernote already makes a huge difference for me. The scanner would help me out tons!

  • Patrick

    Whooaw, perfect for on the road scanning!
    No I will not try to use ut in the car, because the Evernote app will work perfect for that, but is is perfect when working on different locations, like I do AND because it will nog take a lot of valuable space on my workspots.

  • Mark Colan

    I have been using Evernote since version 1, and it is an essential tool. I have entirely too much paper around, from project plans to financial papers, and being able to scan them for fast searching would be terrific. Please, I could really use one! I’m also ranked reviewer #770 on Amazon, and WILL write a review if I get it.

  • Harm

    I started using Evernote just a month ago. What a great tool for organising my live. Home PC, work PC, iPhone, iPad, online: I use Evernote everywhere. Now it is time for the next phase: completely paperless and The ScanSnap S1100 is the ultimate tool for it.

  • Brian Turner

    You guys sure have great timing. I just cleaned my desk off.

    When you said you are giving the scanners away on the 11th, I thought you meant the winners would be chosen today. Reading the rules cleared things up.

  • Zachary

    I could scan class notes into Evernote!

  • MC

    You HAVE to pick me. My husband would be so grateful to get my stack of journal scribblings from high school off the bookshelf and into the cloud that he might just give you a back massage. No happy ending though. He’s a married man.

  • Ryan Roskelley

    I take a lot of notes and receive a lot of paper copies each Sunday as part of church responsibilities that I have. Right now I take a picture of each one and upload to evernote, but a scanner like this would make my life much easier and better organized!!!

  • Hillarie

    I have a cumbersome all-in-one printer/scanner/copier that isn’t fast or easy to use. I think this ScanSnap would be a better tool for moving my paper life to the digital realm.

  • Ernie Pang

    In like donkey kong

  • David Sherman

    I need a way to get paper information into evernote. This is a good solution to do this.

  • Randall Hand

    I would love to be able to mount this right above my shredder to scan important documents (mail, notes from my daughter’s school, etc) straight to evernote and shred them, all without my computer!

  • David Sigmon

    This tool will allow me to finally eliminate the 11 piles of paper I have set aside for filing.

  • Kate A

    If I win, I will finally be able to travel more often, because all my documents and legal paperwork will be stored digitally and I won’t have to bother about it.

  • Jeremy

    Evernote has already made my position on a student association more organized and manageable. Pairing it with a scansnap scanner would make everything that much easier

  • Graeme

    ScanSnap and Evernote will help me so much with my family history research. I use Evernote to help store photos and notes from my family history research. Lugging a giant scanner about is just silly but I could whip this out and scan great old pics!

  • Brian

    Scansnap sure looks nice. I want one, preferably FREE!

  • med__

    i will scan everything and it will be awesome

  • S. Bonertz

    I will use it to keep my receipts and taxes together for each of my seven rental properties. A very cool solution.

  • JasonB

    I travel 60% of the time for my job and this would make my expense reports a breeze!

  • AJ

    I love Evernote, and I have been using my iPhone camera to snap pictures of leases, contracts, receipts and other pieces of paper whenever I’ve wanted to save a scrap. Being able to scan it will make it so much easier to read and manage and may convince me to go all digital and paperless. Yeah!

  • Francisco

    With a full time job, a part-time teaching position and a full family life (and thoughts of opening a small business), this scanner would be an amazing help to me in losing all the paper I find myself lugging around. First on the target list: business cards!!!

  • Cynthia

    This would make life so much easier and my desk area so much cleaner. I have tons of receipts, business cards, photos, etc that I need to get to one common area. I have been using evernotes for a while now also, what a great combo they would make!

  • Henrik Sarlin

    Ohh, didn’t read the end note before retweeting… but what if I pay the shipping myself? That is if I win =)

  • Michael Cruz

    This combo of Evernote and ScanSnap will help me show teachers how to outsource grading assignments to their student assistants. 1) Scan students’ completed assignment; 2) Send to shared Evernote notebook (shared with assistant); 3) Assistant grades paper; 4) Graded assignment “tagged” as “graded”.

  • Kevin

    I’m buried here in my disorganized office and when I’m on the road. My only hope is to win a ScanSnap S1100!!

  • KenG

    Tax time, lots of papers to scan.

  • JIm Jensen

    Would love to have one of these for travel. I have the 510M and it rocks!

  • Gavin

    Having scanner like this would increase the quality of the input over using my iPhone camera. And that would help with the OCR

  • Ndaara

    Been scanning stuff into Evernote at home, and keep wishing I had a pocket scanner when I’m out and about. This would be perfect!

  • Jeff W.

    EverNote and SnapScan would allow me to organize all of my bills, receipts, business cards and every other pice of paper that has been disorganizing my life.

  • Kre8iv1

    Since August 2010 I have been on a journey of self discovery.
    One of the things I have discovered is that I keep WAYYYY too much paper in my home!
    I would use this scanner to scan in documents to my computer and then shred the original document.
    Please choose me, thank you! =)

  • Jeevs

    Pick me.

  • Maureen

    I’m a middle-aged college student (finally going for that first degree) taking all my courses via distance learning. I’m also the full time caregiver to my husband who has several medical problems. The amount of paper that accumulates on my desk, on the windowsill, on the shelf and the radiator, etc. due to these tasks is amazing. There are all the notices from the hospital and doctors, several letters per month from the insurance company about payments, receipts for his medication and copayments, etc. Then there are the articles and research snippets I use for school, plus the textbooks, supplemental materials, and more.

    If I could use this scanner to eliminate even half of the clutter of paperwork, it would be a wonderful gift. Not only that, but when there are forms that need to be signed, I could scan in the signed form and email it back instead of having to trek out to an office supply store to fax it. That would be a HUGE gift of not only convenience, but the one thing I’m always running short on… TIME!!

  • Ken

    I’m in the third phase of downsizing and this would be perfect to eliminate the paper end of things.

  • LFG

    This scanner would be great for my travel business! So many pictures, docs, and business cards to digitize on the road!

  • Brooke W.

    I’m in the process of my spring cleaning, and in doing so I’m trying to find ways to get rid of clutter — I had a notebook obsession when I was younger. I have a ton of notebooks (last count was about fifteen) that are either half full of writings (I’m an aspiring writer), or completely full. When I discovered Evernote I fell in love instantly and have been using it ever since. My goal this year, with the help of a ScanSnap S1100 perhaps (it would make the process ten times simpler), is to finally upload all of my writing to Evernote and get rid of the notebooks once and for all! 🙂

  • Matt

    With the ScanSnap and Evernote, I can get the documents out of my cabinets and desk drawers and into the web where I really need them.

  • rainman

    I would start by scanning and purging the pile on my desk, then I would start scanning every receipt so I can get rid of the shoebox.

  • Steve

    Evernote is the best travel app I know of and scansoft will make it even better!!

  • Nicole Georgewitz

    As a busy graduate student, the ScanSnap would be an awesome product to own! No more losing notes, disorganized notebooks, or sifting through piles of research. What a wonderful idea! All of my work in one organized, easy to access place. I would love, love, love to have one of my very own…

  • Joseph

    I’m about to become a mobile worker, so having a portable scanner to continue converting everything to digital in Evernote will be a must. This thing looks awesome, the perfect companion to Evernote!

  • Brad

    Always travelling…ScanSnap would fit nicely in my Timbuk2. 🙂

  • danika

    Sliding over desk
    Piles, stacks, scraps, sheets, reams waiting
    Evernotes to be

  • Heidi

    Would put this to great use as helping me taking my organizing skills a step further.

  • Nicole

    Ahh having a scanner like this would be so cool!! It would be so helpful when I’m studying art and design. 🙂

  • Mary C.

    Traveling often for work, keeping record of expense reports, and keeping all my other important paperwork in one place is a top priority to me. This scanner would make life so much easier!

  • Mike Bean

    I’d just like to eliminate the scanning services I use. To save on the monthly fees!

  • Clint Boylan

    I’d use it to organize loose sheet music and lyric sketches.

  • Jeremy

    I work all over. I’d love to be able to scan to Evernote wherever I am.

  • Matt

    I already use Evernote to store EVERYTHING. Having a ScanSnap handy in the living room will avoid unnecessary trips up to the office every time I want to get something in there!

  • Elizabeth Moore

    This might be just the thing to eliminate those piles of papers building up on the floor next to my desk. Can’t toss them but don’t have that much filing space either.

  • MAXA

    The ScanSnap S1100 will be perfect for the records room at the State EPD. No more need to have EPD staff make sub-standard photocopies for me to then take to the office based document scanner…to make PDF scans of sub-standard photocopies.

  • David

    A nice little SnapScan would help me ditch all these scraps of paper on my desk and put the notes somewhere useful!

  • Lisa Snider

    I’m a writer, so Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will help organize my life by digitizing all of my clippings and allowing me to access them with just a few clicks.

  • Andrea

    I was thinking of buying either this or a Doxie for archiving bills/statements/receipts, hoping to go completely paperless with my life. Any idea of how the two compare?

  • John Bowersox

    Great giveaway. I would love a Evernote compatible scanner.

  • Kate

    Evernote keeps getting better and better – I think to myself “I’d sure like to… on Evernote” – and it appears! You _are_ IN my brain!

  • Kristina B.

    Having one of these would make my life so wonderful! I can keep all my business papers organized without having to waste paper and room in my desk!

  • Patsy Rowland

    I love ScanSnap and have been using a large desktop model for several years and have sold several by telling others of this great machine. I would really love to give the portable model a try. There are many times I need to copy a client’s info when meeting at their home. I just started using evernote.

  • Michael

    This scanner looks quite cool! 🙂

  • Chris logan

    I will be able to get rid of all of my paper and have a nice clean work area

  • Alan Williams

    I’m not a hoarder per se but do keep pretty much all my receipts, statements and notices from every institution I do business with and that translates to a number of boxes of paper around my house. With a Scansnap scanner and Evernote I’ll save space, reduce clutter and significantly streamline searching for documents when I need them.

  • Karan

    I’ve been thinking of buying one … would prefer to win it instead!

  • Jon West

    Evernote and the new scanner would help me out great. I wear many hats in my business and running between the house and store office with lots of travel, the scanner would come in very handy.

  • Jeffery James

    Love evernote. Hate my current scanner. Need I say more.

  • Peter

    I could really use one of these!!!

  • Jodie Carson

    Ohh, I could really use a scanner like that!!!

  • Brett D.

    Wow, I’m a nursing student who just discovered evernote this semester. I wish I had learned about it a LOT sooner. I love evernote & being a nursing student there is a LOT of paperwork involved. Would be awesome to have a lighter load everynow & then & scan documents into evernote. ScanSnap has the possibility of making me a better student & nurse!!!

  • Linda

    I love Evernote! A scanner with direct input to Evernote would be great!

  • Benjamin shaw

    I use Evernote to save each page of my daily journal into Evernote as I write them. They automatically get dated with the date I upload them. Then a year from now I could search for a word like ‘gratitude’ and Evernote pulls up every page containing that word.

    I would love to have the ScanSnap 1100 to help my wife get her mountain of papers into Evernote !

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

  • Andrew

    I do background investigations so I live in my car 10+ hours a day. The scansnap plus Evernote are the perfect combination for road warriors who need to scan court documents, reimbursable receipts, and other work-related information. I use DocScanner on the iPhone now, but a high quality scan would provide better quality results and be less cumbersome than using the camera. For my work environment these two resources are a perfect match.

  • Conrado Marion-Landais

    I would love to have one of these to tame the paper monster!

  • Matt Chagnon

    I would use the two together to start scanning and importing files that have been sitting there, just waiting to be uploaded.

  • michael kastler

    finally got the wife on evernote … but now i need the scansnap to complete the circle and get her totally (and finally) paperless! I will send pics of our office piles to prove the need – and believe me, you don’t want that to happen!

  • Bill The Editor

    The ScanSnap + Evernote would be great for organizing receipts for my expense reports! I might even get them turned in timely (the bookkeeper will think I’ve been kidnapped and replaced by somebody else).

  • Jeff Wiegand

    I haven’t had a scanner in years. Just started using evernote and could use one!

  • Dae

    Would LOVE to have this. It would help cut down my paper clutter in the office. I can just imagine scanning our donation receipts and putting them into a tax folder in Evernote so that once April rolls around I won’t have to be searching for the shoe box!!

  • ahmed a.

    This will really help me cut down the amount of paper receipts and records I have!

  • Richard Davies

    I would love to have this scanner to help organize receipts and digitize documents.

  • Lilian Blom

    My comment: Evernote is Great!!!

  • Jacqueline

    My desk attract notes, quotes, lists and biz cards like the ground beneath an autumnal tree’s falling leaves! Multiple interests, endeavors and client projects converge. Research on hot springs, bees, weddings, food, social media, cosmic weather…I dream of ScanSnap and Evernote to streamline my quirky and fascinating life.

  • Bob

    I’m a newlywed and if we don’t get our paperwork under control, you’ll likely see us on an episode of Hoarders. Save our cute little marriage!!

  • Joe

    I would scan all of my technical cheat sheets and be able to search for commands in one place.

  • Steve

    Finally, the ultimate organization tool! I’m $5K behind in expense reports because they’re a PIA to do. W/the ScanSnap, I’ll finally be able to catch up and not dread doing them anymore!

  • Herb

    My desk is buried under papers, receipts, etc. I have Evernote… now I just need ScanSnap to help me get this mess under control!

  • SM

    Funny, I was just in the market for a fast, portable scanner to use with evernote! perfect timing!

  • Mara

    I am a busy Realtor fulltime, mom to two teenagers and run a professional organization company. I have jsut discovered Evernote and did not sleep last night (literally) because I had so much fun getting through all my emails and research material and storing it in notebooks. Today I am looking at the copious mini piles of paper I have everywhere wishing I had a great little scanner like that. It would also be a great addition to bring with me to clients locations with a multitude of applications……great PR for both products!

  • John B

    With tons of lessons, articles, class announcements, certifications, and other qualifications of members, I’m constantly scanning in documents. Evernote has been priceless in organizing our documentation to properly run our fire department. Scanning all this stuff conventionally is so slow though!! This device, coupled with Evernote will surely help me manage our fire department and its website better!

    Thanks! and good luck!

  • Jessica

    I’m always ripping out pages of magazines so I remember that cool gadget, neat idea, or what have you. I’m a mom who’s always trying to improve the life of my children and my self. It’d be awesome to scan in all those pages that get piled up and throw them away. Also, we own a rental property. Scanning in all the necessary documents into one place would be a lifesaver!

  • Ben

    I have a stack of papers that need filing 1ft high on my desk. I would love to scan them all and dump them.

  • CMurakami

    Would love to file receipts and bills!

  • David Gray

    I don’t twitter anything but my thumbs—oh, guess that was twiddle. Anyhow, I would use this on a train, I would use it on a plane, I would use it on a Tram, My Evernotebooks need it, Sam I am……

  • Jeff

    Just trying to move my workflow to scanning and Evernote to organize my life. This would be my graduation to the next level. My HP all in one is just too slow!! Help me out here!

  • John Ohman

    I already have a ScanSnap S510 and LOVE IT! Would love to have this new little baby for travel and also for our 2nd home office.

  • Adam Frank

    Will finally be able to scan receipts directly to evernote

  • Jacki Willard

    Would love to win this.

  • Ralph

    As a consultant I have to travel a lot to see our clients. In a week I try to collect as less paper as I can, but sadly at the end I am carrying loads of documents back home. Currently I often make picture notes in Evernote with my Iphone, but this results in one page per note.

    ScanSnap combined with Evernote will make my travele light as a feather and organized again. So I hope to win one!

  • Nicki

    I could really use one of these scanners. I am attempting to go paperless, but it’s really hard without a good scanner! Thanks!

  • emilie

    Paper is consuming my life! I need to get control of it and using this scanner with the amazing Evernote application would be a perfect way to do so!

  • Tom

    Would love one!

  • jason birchler

    A shiny new Scansnap and Evernote would allow my wife and I to turn that filing cabinet full of old documents into a neat and tidy Evernote notebook. And we could get that hulking beast out of the new baby’s nursery.

  • Keita

    I would use the scanner to organize receipts.

  • Deric Selchow

    This scanner will be the final key to putting my life in Evernote. Evernote, the personal assistant that remembers everything.

  • Nancy

    This would make my life so much easier. I work with clients hard copies and would love to have them scanned.

  • Nancy M McClain

    This would my work with clients so much better.
    I work with hard copies and would love to be able to scan on site.

  • Scott V.

    Coupons. I’ve taken to enjoying to use the OCR functionality when it comes to coupon organizing. It helps be easily search when in-store by product to see if I have something.

    This would provide a ton better quality than, say, a mobile phone camera.

  • John

    I need to organize the mess that is my office — expense reports, multiple tax returns for LLCs, and rental house administration.

  • Ashley

    This would practically eliminate my paper clutter!

  • Hamid

    Having scanner like this would increase the quality of my work and orgnize my desk. Please enter my name to the drawings. Thanks.

  • Sture

    Is using Evernote daily to organise my research and all privit activities – a real spendid tool and a Snapscan 1100 is high on the wish list for getting easily more paperless!

  • Pablo

    I would finally be able to get rid of all the paper that is cluttering my home office!!

  • Jeff

    It would help me OCR my OCD, ASAP!

  • Larry Henikoff

    The scanner will help me with get my college notes done quicker and more efficiently. I would no longer have different notebooks for my class notes. I need help.

  • Beth Beal

    ScanSnap S1100 with Evernote would help me get rid of all the papers that have become overwhelming to manage and keep my 4 children and hubby from moving or destroying them. I hoard papers and can never find them when I really need them because I never got them organized because of time and space issues. Scanning and Evernote would be the answer!

  • Cory B

    Scansnap will scan your face. Hook it up.

  • Amanda

    Our lives are overrun with paper! I would love to keep track of all our receipts, medical spending, charitable donations, and the plethora of business cards with this scanner. Thanks for the chance!

  • Elizabeth

    This would help me organize 1. My three kids’ school and art papers, permission slips, and fundraising info, 2. my paperwork from the two businesses I have started, and 3. my craft ideas, recipes, magazine clippings, etc. and 4. My husband’s random notes on investing and diy stuff.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Linda Hepler

    I must keep up with a husband, three children, 150 students, 50 teachers, 4 principals, and a house. Evernote has already saved me hours of search time, and endless headaches (“Where is…?” is a question I seldom have to ask now!)

    The scanner would make Evernote even more effective.

  • Tim Stringer

    I’m the proud owner of a SnanSnap S1300. I purchased one last year after seeing it demoed at Macworld and use it all the time to depaper (is that a word?) my life and move documents into Evernote.

    I would love to have an S1100 to give to my father as a gift. He currently goes through a tedious process to scan documents using the scanner on his multifunction printer. He’d very much appreciate having something so simple…and portable.

  • Terry Curtis

    Can’t wait to start using one of these!

  • Steve Graff

    I already rely on Evernote to store useful tidbits of information. Add a ScanSnap to that and I could easily scan in other documents for ease of reference – mortgage documents, billing statements, etc.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    I would really, really love one of those neat contraptions. I’m moving soon and hoping to get rid of as much paper clutter as possible.

    Being able to scan years worth of notes and bills, shred them and recycle the result would be amazing in this transition period.

  • Brian

    I can finally stop hauling around all the handouts we are given in grad school and just view them on my iPad when I need them!!

  • Christian

    I’d scan all my lab books and have all my data, letter etc. searchable thanks to Evernote + Fujitsu. wouldn’t that be awesome 😉

  • James Ferenzi

    I would love a snap scan to use with my Evernote Account. It would make my Medical Practice more efficient.

  • John W

    Would love to dig out from the dune of paper on my desk, receipts, business cards…everything!

  • Warren

    I would love a tool like this because I’m a student and some of my teachers still insist on handing us paper syllabi and assignments. I would love to be able to quickly and easily scan these docs so I can deal with the electronically (rather than have to carry around an old-school notebook just for that class!).

  • yxu

    I am not sure if ScanSnap S1100 is durable enough for me to transfer boxes and boxes of paper documents my boss produced into Evernote. He is one of those guys who produces tons of paperwork over the years and occupies several offices to store them. At least with ScanSnap S1100, I can show him how to save the planet with Evernote.

  • RayK

    As a realtor on the road, being able to scan on location will enable me to be more eeficient when handling offers and new listings

  • Aaron Telloian

    I love evernote, and hate clutter. Sounds like a win.

  • Geoffrey

    If you saw my desk, you would understand why i need one of these! The thought of having a quick and simple way to move so much paperwork onto my screen is awesome.

  • Andris

    This would pump lots of new energy into my Evernote account. I would scan hand-written notes and sketches.

  • Reidbb

    I do scientific research on atmospheric pollution in precipitation. I’d love to have the ScanSnap to archive the years of field research forms that have overflowed their file drawers.

  • English

    I love Evernote and hate keeping up with paperwork and receipts. ScanSnapIt will be the last step towards solving my paper clutter problem. Plus, this ScanSnapIt is so compact it will not add much to my gadget clutter. I want to win!

  • David Brenner

    I love the idea of scanning and filing for easy reference — and getting rid of paper!!!!

  • John R.

    The ScanSnap S1100 would help me organize my life by allowing me to scan receipts, photos, invoices, and so forth while on the road and travelling rather then needing to wait until I got home and chance loosing them in transit.
    Having it hook straight into Evernote would be an added bonus as I wouldn’t have to do bulk uploads and organization later.

  • Frank Mueller

    I would use it to scan my research papers and all the other papers I get from conferences and so on.
    Would love to win one 😉

  • Matt Bowen

    I already use evernote to manage tech articles, recipes, and most of what I find online. With the SnapScan, I could get my handwritten notes and most other paper out of my life.

  • Antonio Diaz

    One of my new years resolutions is to put everything on the Evernote’s cloud. Receipts, bills, documents…. everything for my business. So done with paper!

  • Jim Egly

    Please I need one sooooooooooooooooooo bad

  • Samuel Yu

    Evernote + ScanSnap will allow me to get rid of my giant filing cabinet, save us from having to move to a larger house, resulting in no need for a loan for a larger mortgage! Thanks!

  • hondasmom

    I am using EverNote to file nuggets of information away for a book I am writing. A ScanSnap S1100 would make things so much easier, especially when I am working out of my office.

  • Tim

    With Evernote and ScanSnap I would be able to clear the clutter from my desk. I love Evernote!

  • Bob

    I will use the scanner to complement my existing Evernote account and finally lose the filing cabinet!

  • dave

    I need one.

  • Kate O'Neill

    I’m all about being as paperless as possible. I scan everything: recipes, business cards, photos, magazine clippings, even keepsakes like ticket stubs. I already have a scanner, but it’s bulky – not something I would travel with, or carry back and forth from home to the office. The ScanSnap looks like just the thing to help me take my paperlessness to the next level, by bringing a scanner with me on business trips, by having a portable scanner for remote work, and so on.

  • Thomas Mueller

    I archive all my papers with Evernote, Devonthink Pro Office and my two ScanSnap scanners 300 & S1500. It works great! The new ScanSnap looks great and I would love to get one 🙂

  • Jan Marcel Gentil

    I would love to count on a ScanSnap S1100 Scanner in order to digitize the entire stamp collection I inherited from my grandfather.

  • Carl F

    I have so many boxes of unfiled notes and manuscripts that I probably qualify for a starring role in a hoarding reality series. Be merciful and please send me not one, but two (or even three) of these life-changing scanners.

  • Matthew Ellis

    I need some help, desperately. If I have a piece of paper in my possession for more than a few minutes, it’s gone! This will help me stay sane at home and employed at work. Looking forward to it!

  • Brian

    i am teacher, I plan to scan students papers and assignments in class so they can keep their copy and I can email grades version to parents. Hope I win!

  • Michael

    I use Evernote in every aspect of my life, and Scansnap would make organizing my life so much better!
    I’m a the Master of my Masonic Lodge (meaning I’m in charge this year). It’s a position that involves a lot of paperwork, much of which I would like to scan to make it searchable, but my scanner recently died, so if I want to scan something, I have to do it at work. A Scansnap would make this much easier, and I could take it to the lodge with me!
    I’ve also recently started scanning my automotive, medical and insurance records into Evernote, making them easier to search and access from anywhere I need to.
    I’ll be returning to school in the fall, and would love to keep my entire school career scanned into Evernote!
    I use Evernote for anything and everything I possibly can, and a Scansnap would expand the possibilities exponentially. Here’s to hoping I get picked!

  • Melissa S

    I am a physician. This would be a great way for me to track patient information, invoices, receipts, etc. in the office. Tired of all the paper.

  • Susan Wassenhove

    I travel for work and am gone for months at a time. This would be wonderful for scanning receipts and keeping me organized.

  • michael trouillon

    You mean I could finally ditch this old chunky flat bed scanner? and at same time have evernote!

    I am in!

  • JWeavis

    This would SO help my desk.

  • Rick Dobrowolski

    I’m a busy pastor and could use it to keep track of all the papers that come across my desk. Evernote has been a life-saver in the digital realm for me, and being able to be a life-saver in the physical paper realm would be a huge help.

  • Jen

    I’m running out of room to store my binders and boxes of papers and receipts. I already use Evernote for my online note-taking – would love to use it to help organize my offline life also!

  • Scott W. Vincent

    It would be great for scanning all the documents I get at school, I could do it on the go!

  • Agnes Degen

    It would help me to go paperless at home and at work!

  • Risk

    Add a shredder and the Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner combination can be liberating!

  • Marsha

    How would I use one, let me count the ways. to begin with those hundreds of “clipped out of magazines” recipes, Business receipts, inspiration images, business cards, etc., etc., etc.

  • Rob Miller

    I’ve bought several hundred ScanSnaps at work for our employees over the last 5 years. They love them. Now, I am pushing Evernote as I feel the two were made for each other. Together, they make the best tools ever for organizing your stuff!

  • John B

    Everything will change when I get a ScanSnap S1100. I, like everyone else who punches keys for a living, need one of these.

  • Lou Buran

    As a high school English teacher, I could use Evernote and the ScanSnap to go paperless with student writing.

  • Steve Smith

    My world would be much easier if I was blessed enough to get the ScanSnap. I am a disabled, single-dad of two teenage boys. I lost most of the use of my right arm, shoulder, and chest muscles in an accident two years ago. I have trouble keeping up with all the papers for the 3 of us. I am on Social Security Disability and I only make $927 a month for my boy and I. Evernote has helped me tremendously and I am very grateful for that. Thank you for considering me for the ScanSnap, I hope that you could choose me for your awesome product.

    I would finally able to scan medical bills, reciepts, Social Security documents, my boy’s school papers, and much, much more.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Steve Smith

  • Talia

    As a full-time student, part-time author, seamstress, and insane list-maker—I have more papers than you can imagine.

    I’ve got lists stuck to my bedroom walls, reminder sticky notes falling off my lamp, random notes and inspiring thoughts jammed into drawers and storage bins, for each sewing project I make several sketches and a size chart and then a pattern on sheets of paper, I keep all of the holiday cards and notes I get in the mail, I keep nearly all of my schoolwork–yes, those pointless syllabi as well.

    I’ve almost given up on publishing my novel because it’s been written and edited, but the pages are out of order and located throughout my room!

    since I’ve found Evernote, I have done most of my lists and whatnot as digital “notes”. I feel better about not wasting so much paper.

    This scanner would help me organize and get rid of all the notes from the past–and maybe even inspire me to edit my novel and get it published!

  • Scott Collins

    This scanner would help organize my home life. I already have a good scanner at the office and the more I use it, the more it becomes obvious that I definitely need one at home too. Please help.

  • Brian D

    I have been using Evernote for a few months now, and the routine of using it has helped me sort and gather information across all my devices. I would love a ScanSnap to help me get rid of the paper clutter on my desk.

  • Phil Peterson

    I need a portable scanner that doesn’t try to look cutesy! I have an image to uphold!

  • Mark Hufstetler

    I travel a LOT, collecting lots of paper as I go. A lightweight scanner with an Evernote connection would be the perfect solution for me!

  • Mo

    I’d love to have a ScanSnap Scanner to scan text for my daughter who is dyslexic with hopes that using additional software, the text could be read to her.

  • Terri

    Would love one of these. My present scanner takes too many steps to get something Evernote-ready. 🙂

  • David

    I’m downsizing my house and thinking about moving everything non-legally-critical into the cloud. I’d feel more confident in going totally paperless once I have some experience scanning stuff in when I get it, and retrieving it when I need it.

  • Alex Soto

    Been using evernote for a while, but was just looking for scanning services to deal with my pile of paper docs but I’m not satisfied. A ScanSnap would be a great solution!

  • Keith Barnett

    Everenote has helped me get rid of written notes and stakes of cut out articles from magazines.Also like clipping from web pages instead of saving web pages on my computer. I’m not in need of this scanner because I have a three in on printer.Yet it would be nice to have.
    Thanks for helping me de-clutter my life our at least by room.

  • odie parkins

    As director of training for an statewide apprenticeship program, my instructors and I are able to collaborate on training projects and curriculum development by using Evernote. It makes record keeping easy with the multitude of tags I can use to make very clear note designations. As new project, products, and tools are added to our curriculum, instructor add these via pics to their evernote folders. I can share communications via scanned documents. My office manager scans my mail while I’m away from the office and drops it in a shared “mail” folder. At conferences, I use an older portable scanner or use my phone cam to collect the handouts so I can return the paper to the presenter to use again elsewhere.

    As a musician, I never like to have a book of music in front of me. I take a quick pic of the score and it’s available on the go and at a glance. I also scan all the old single sheet pieces and scan them in to be saved forever.

    At my office, the rule is that if you have to look at something more than once…Evernote it.

    thanks for an amazing tool. I love me some Evernote!

    Odie Parkins
    Director of Training
    WV Carpenters

  • odie parkins

    As director of training for an statewide apprenticeship program, my instructors and I are able to collaborate on training projects and curriculum development by using Evernote. It makes record keeping easy with the multitude of tags I can use to make very clear note designations. As new project, products, and tools are added to our curriculum, instructor add these via pics to their evernote folders. I can share communications via scanned documents. My office manager scans my mail while I’m away from the office and drops it in a shared “mail” folder. At conferences, I use an older portable scanner or use my phone cam to collect the handouts so I can return the paper to the presenter to use again elsewhere.

    As a musician, I never like to have a book of music in front of me. I take a quick pic of the score and it’s available on the go and at a glance. I also scan all the old single sheet pieces and scan them in to be saved forever.

    At my office, the rule is that if you have to look at something more than once…Evernote it.

    Odie Parkins
    Director of Training
    WV Carpenters

  • Christina S

    I would use them to scan receipts and notes/lists.

  • John Camenzind

    The small size of the scanner will allow me to take it with me to college – then use it to de-clutter my semester’s papers.

  • Nigel Mitchell

    Just entered your competition, then read the fine print and saw that it is open to people in the US and Japan only.
    There’s a big world out here, and it is always a shame to see corporations that think their own backyard is the only place that matters. If the reason is really “shipping restrictions” perhaps the problem is the limited view of your shipping agents.
    In the unlikely event that I win the competition please give the scanner to a community organisation in the US or Japan – or even better ship it to one overseas.
    best wishes

  • Dawn B.

    Oh, if you could see my desk right now! Who couldn’t use this neat scanner to organize their life.

  • Chuck

    I need one of these to take on the road with me. I love ScanSnsp scanners.

  • Robin Seaver

    We’re in a rental for the foreseeable future, so this ultra portable Evernote-enabled scanner would be the perfect compliment to my indispensable Evernote Pro account!

  • Thomas

    I use Evernote every day in our lab for meetings and organizing my life. I’ve been looking at a way to scan reagent informations sheets effortlessly, the Scansnap may be the answer!

  • Kelly Garrett

    Evernote is going to help me transform my business into a paperless office. The Scansmart scanner would make that transition happen much easier and faster! I’ve been looking lately at scanning solutions to do so and this would be perfect.

  • tim

    i volunteer for a charity group working on their accounts team.
    we scan invoices, payments etc for collaboration purposes as we are based in different parts of the country. at the moment we use a bulky hp pinter scanner for all this!
    snapscan would be a fantastic simplification and boost our productivity!!

  • Steve Mistretta

    Perfect companion for my laptop. Scan a lot to keep the clutter down, but my scanner is big and bulky. This looks like a perfect fit for me.

  • Tom Hassler

    Looks nice. If only it could scan books too! I Really like the idea of importing instantly to Evernote.

  • Jason

    I am an academic and use Evernote to compile all of my research. This would be a perfect tool in a library/archive for both documents and my notes.

  • Chris b


  • Scott O. Smith

    I love Evernote, having the ability to use a portable scanner from ScanSnap would make all my dreams come true.

  • Aaron Gerber

    Would be handy to scan bits of song lyrics or poems I write on various scraps of paper and upload them all easily onto evernote.

  • Ron Wenaas

    I travel, therefore I do paper. That sucks! The scansnap would help me live a normal life and give me much more paper to use in lighting campfires!

  • Ryan

    The company I work for has been looking for some nice portable scanners, and it is hard for us to make decisions based purely on reviews. Would love to get my hands on this to see if it would work out well for my team.

    Thanks guys!

  • Shaine Alleman

    This scanner will help me to reach higher levels of going paperless, allowing me to combine ALL my documents with Evernote. I love Evernote!!

  • dbng

    Finally, scan in all those travel receipts…

  • keng

    I’m buying a house right now and MAN is there a lot of signing and scanning!!! This would really help out!!!

  • Spotdart

    I would love one of these to organize all my school notes.

  • Frank Keller

    I hate all this paper, it’s stifling my creativity! With the scanner I would get rid of the clutter so I can free up my mind and desk to do some real work, yet still have accesss to all the paper based info when I need it.

  • Paul

    On the road a lot, juggling notes and client paperwork. Be great to scan and forget (until I need to remember).

    – PKF

  • Miss Britt

    I would love to get rid of the box of receipts that currently sits on the floor under my desk.

  • Jeff Ulrikson

    I have all kind of receipts and documents in paper form diligently sorted and filed. Seven years of such documents is a MOUNTAIN of paper. I could REALLY use something to help me keep that documentation and reclaim some living space! You scanner would be the PERFECT solution!

  • Jim Perry

    I have been using a desktop ScanSnap with Evernote for some time. This would be great for traveling. About half of my Evernote entries are scanned – my filing systems!

  • Mike Kirkham

    I’m a high school Special Education English teacher. I’m using Evernote now to store copies of important documents related to my my students and their academic progress. Evernote allows me to keep years of files in one place that can be accessed at a moments notice, like during a parent meeting. Currently, I have to take all my documents to another part of the building, scan them in, email them to myself, clean up the email and then process the document into Evernote. Having an S1100 at my desk would save me many hours of processing and in turn give me more time to work face to face with my kids.

  • Johnathan WykaWarzecha

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner would definitely help organize my life and make it a lot simpler by scanning work documents at home, and letting my mother use it for her numerous pictures of the family from the time we were wee kids! (She could scan them in and share them online instead of trying to snailmail copies! Too expensive to all of us!)

  • Fred Kampf

    I already use livescribe and evernote.. being able to scan my documents would complete the circle!!!!!

  • Dan Fullerton

    I would love to transition to Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 in my high school physics classroom for not only organization of my files, but as I transition to Standards-Based-Grading, I could set up individual folders for each of my students, and update notes and feedback on the go, scanning important student papers directly into their files.

    Students would then have immediate access and an ongoing record of what they need to work on, and I would be free to wander throughout the classroom instead of being stuck behind a desk as I update grades on the fly.

    Could be a great learning experiment as I move to a modernized classroom with an opportunity to teach others throughout my school at our technology fair as well as my learning blog about reforming high school physics education.

    Thanks for the consideration!

    Dan Fullerton

  • Ann MacKay

    A Snapscan would be great for organizing correspondence from the nonprofit organizations I participate in. I have been using Evernote on my iMac and IPad and it works so well when traveling.

  • James

    Much of my work and life is digital now already. I think this ScanSnap would push me up to 100% paperless. The portability would be very useful for me – I telecommute so with this I wouldn’t have to drag papers back to my home office to scan them in.

  • Kathy Garnett

    Wow, I could use it for so many things! But most of all, I’d like to get rid of the beast in my office – the big filing cabinet!!!

  • Heath

    Please? And thank you!

  • Matt in PA

    My current scanner takes up half my desk, and is very slow.

  • James Marwood

    I always come back from business trips with a folder full of receipts, notes, papers, boarding passes, fliers and other assorted paper which I then spend ages scanning into Evernote. Being able to do this on the go would save me time and save me back ache from carrying them all around.

  • Avi

    I have way too many papers lying around: receipts, clippings, hand notes, all of which I could make digital and dispose of the hard copies.

  • Linda

    i am on disability and have a lot of medical information to manage. this scanner could make a big difference in my life to help me do this. thank you for considering me.

  • Gina Edgerly

    Need help with school paperwork for kids, receipts, recipes, & notes. This would def help a working mom!

  • Alan

    I could have the ScanSnap 1100 readily available on my too small desk instead of dragging out and plugging in the flatbed.

  • Ryan

    I want to finally experience the COMPLETE Cycle of Evernote Usefulness!

    I’m an Evernote Premium subscriber but I have been unable, as of yet, to integrate my hundreds of handwritten notebooks (pre-Evernote, of course) because of not obtaining a viable way to do this. This scanner may resolve this!

    I have also been using the LiveScribe pen with Evernote, but I just want the COMPLETE CYCLE of Evernote usefulness to finally be active in my workflow.

    So I will use this scanner, accordingly, to fulfill my Evernote dreams!

  • Larry Shields

    A ScanSnap 1100 would be extremely helpful since I started scanning my documents into Evernote. My spouse is considering using Evernote and I believe a scanner would make a different in her decision to start using Evernote.

  • Christian Amit

    I would love to get one for my office. I have so many documents to digitalize. Hopefully I will get lucky this time.

  • genevieve wong

    I’m a student so I’ll use it to scan every pdf and word doc that comes my way!

  • Marsha Bembry

    I will be scanning in all my genealogy research. I can take this with me and stop paying coping fees at court houses.

  • Phil Blevins

    I direct an organization serving children with autism. Carrying the portable s1100 scanner with me when I attend conferences and out of town meetings will allow me to digitize the myriad handouts I accumulate. Usually I pack them up and mail them to myself. But half the time I never unpack them. Later I might think of something I want to read from the literature I picked up but can’t find it or just don’t feel like digging through the stack. The s1100 would really give me a new way of doing things!

  • Callum J Hackett

    It would be perfect for me to keep easily-locatable, permanent records of the documentation I receive from hospital regarding my medical condition. I’ve learned that I can never know in advance what I might need, but I can’t physically file everything I receive – keeping a digital record would be perfect!

  • Melinda G

    This would make my husbands work life easier by allowing him to scan in information directly from the document instead of handwriting it while out in the field. He could scan it right in his car and save it to his laptop. Perfection.

  • Matt

    I would use the scanner to finally clear all the paper off my desk and put them into Evernote.

  • Kristen Madeley

    I travel a lot for work and Evernote makes my life so much simpler. With the the addition of a ScanSnap 1100 I could save my back by not having to lug around piles of documents. Bring it on!

  • kara

    My dentist has gone paperless – and I want to give it a try!

  • Joel

    I would use the ScanSnap to go paperless with all my receipts, bills and tax information. Keep everything in evernote so it is all together when I need it instead of searching through files and risk losing paper.

  • Jonathan Hoffmann

    I love using Evernote on my iPhone. But I want to scan the stuff in my file cabinet anther rid of it.

  • Matthew Hodges

    I am our family genealogist and have been scanning the hundreds of documents in my research file into the computer. It is extremely time consuming and tedious. Pulling them into Evernote with a ScanSnap S1100 would be quicker and easier to organize. Capturing documents while doing field research would also be easier. A netbook and portable scanner- perfect!

  • Gary L. Gray

    The New Evernote-enabled ScanSnap S1100 Scanner would make my life complete.

    Well, not really, but it would be pretty darn cool. Here’s hoping.

  • AJMeszaros

    I work in a tiny, tiny, tiny home office and don’t have any where to store all the paper! The ScanSnap is just the “snap” I need to accomplish my #1 objective for the year–to get it together!

  • Matt P

    This would be a huge help in taming the receipts and other paperwork that’s piling up on my desk.

  • V. Bush

    Evernote and a scanner would help me keep track of all the medical paperwork for my family.

  • DC

    My scansnap 510m at work has changed my life for the better. I would love to be able to store and organize my home life just as easily.

    PS. Scanners are a great way to save kids artwork / schoolwork without becoming a crazy hoarder.

  • Lori

    I would love being able to easily scan handouts and worksheets into Evernote! I already take notes in Evernote and it would be great having all the resources for my classes in one spot.

  • Chris Brooks

    Evernote alone has already transformed my life. Add ScanSnap 1100 on top of that, and my apartment will be a paper-free zone. I’ll be scanning every piece of paper around, except dollar bills…I don’t think virtual money will be too effective. At last, I’ll be able to transfer all my old handwritten novel notes to a digital, searchable format! Clearly, the bestseller list can’t be far behind.

  • Jim Brown

    I travel every week and carry too much paper and have to track too many receipts. I use Evernote for all my electronic notes and filing, but scanning business cards and paper meeting notes will enhance my productivity. I currently have to do this after the fact when I bring these materials home. Having the S1100 with me when I travel will elevate my Evernote experience to the next level.

  • Sharon Abar

    I’d like to be paperless, but scanning with my flatbed scanner is so tedious. The SnapScan would make it so much easier!

  • Susan

    This is a great giveaway and I hope you pick me! The possibilities for organizing and going green with Evernote and ScanSnap are unlimited.

  • Abhi

    I am a graduate student and use Evernote for organizing all my research notes. A ScanSnap Scanner would be a great tool for adding all those handwritten notes full of diagrams and equations into Evernote!

  • Rich

    I want one so bad.

  • RogueTess

    I already have a Fujitsu ScanSnap by which I enter 75% of my data into Evernote, but I want to outfit my entire family!

  • Pam

    I would be able to get rid of most of the paper I have at work and home.

  • Christina Harris

    Both my wife and I am chronically ill and dealing with various disability agencies, multiple doctors and hospitals…

    being sick and especially disabled is more than a full time job! and we are drowning in paperwork – forms, test results, letters – all vital to our recovery and livelihood! Managing it all is awfully close to the type of work I used to do – and I have to find a way to do it in order to prove i can’t do it!

    see the conundrum?

    the scanner would help me scan and organize all this paper and get the benefits we need and deserve!

    crossing my fingers…

  • Ann H.

    organize work receipts, scan my kids’ report cards, scan business cards, upload all our old, handwritten, family recipes, keep copies of health records and invoices….and surely a million other uses.

  • Tyler

    I’m going to college this year, and a scanner would really help me keep better records. For safety’s sake, I keep all assignments until the end of the quarter, and I would much rather have a notebook full of PDFs than a stack of papers that I’ll never use again.

  • Andrew

    I’ll scan everything. Receipts, concert tickets, bills… they’ll each get their own Evernote folder.

    Please let me win!

  • Erik M

    I use Evernote for all my research. The compact ScanSnap would allow me to go completely paperless and save a squillion trees.

  • Dave

    This would be really nifty! I would use it to copy notes I take in class, and to migrate all my handwritten journals (which amounts to years and years of stuff to type) to evernote!

  • Heather St. Marie

    I have to keep track of all receipts while touring with my band Hydrovibe. After a 9 month US tour, many of the receipts from the beginning of the tour had actually faded to white… and I had no way of recovering them. Evernote has already saved me quite a bit of time and effort with Hydrovibe’s business; I could REALLY use the ScanSnap 1100 scanner to import and archive all those receipts!

  • Camp

    The ability to scan on the go would be pretty amazing.

  • Scott Luck

    What a great tool! I could scan every piece of paper that comes my way…receipts, notes, information sheets…everything!

  • Michael

    I’m on a home and office paperless/GTD jag, and Evernote is a huge part of that. My auto-feed scanner is connected to my PC in my home office, but I do most of my personal writing, reading, organizing, and Evernoting on my Macbook elsewhere in the house. This results in a pile of articles and mail that needs to be dragged to my PC and scanned. Having a ScanSnap 1100 would be great because I could use it with my Macbook wherever I happen to be working, and recycle al that paper instead of piling it up to be scanned.

  • Jonathan Lowe

    For both my business and my home, I’d go completely paperless by scanning all paper into relevant notebooks in Evernote. Makes searching invoices so much simpler, makes my filing cabinet worthless, and allows me to take every document with me where ever I go. That’s a pretty powerful tool there.

  • Matt

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner would let me take it to school and easily scan in all my notes and handouts!!

  • Jeff

    This would be a great toll to help me in going paperless

  • Cliff Wulfman

    Scanning receipts to Evernote would be fantastic.

  • Joseph A. Cox

    wow that’s amazing, i want that, i really do want to have one of those, that will help me for sure!

  • Stacia H

    How about because my kitten chews every scrap of paper she can find and it’s awfully messy!

  • Caroline

    My scanner just died yesterday and I am looking for a new one. These seem to be top of the line, plus they play nicely with Evernote. Who could ask for more?

  • Sheila K

    This looks quite awesome. I may need to get one of these…

  • Carol

    This would be so awesome. I have lots of research that could be organized with this method.

  • Mark Schmitt

    I’m about to leave my job as a magazine editor and columnist, and I need a really good, clean digital archive of all my articles. I didn’t really need a scanner in my Evernote-centered work life before, but now I do.

  • chris

    The only thing better than Evernote would be to be able to clean off the notes on my desk!

  • sudhir khanger

    We all love local food. Most of the local food joints don’t have an online website. How do i remember their menu? Keep 100s of menus, clutter my place or car and juggle them for good 15-30 minutes when i need them. The simplest solution take picture of menu and my own review of their food and it will always be on my finger tip. I can make it a public diary giving local food restaurant a website which helps me, restaurants and my friends. Evernote for community.

  • Elizabeth Davidson

    I would love to win this scanner- I’ve heard such great things about evernote and to be able to scan things in on the fly would make my ADD brain so much more organized!

  • sudhir khanger

    We all love local food. Most of the local food joints don’t have an online website. How do i remember their menu? Keep 100s of menus, clutter my place or car and juggle them for good 15-30 minutes when i need them. The simplest solution take picture of menu and my own review of their food and it will always be on my finger tip. I can make it a public diary giving local food restaurant a website which helps me, restaurants and my friends. Evernote for community. And ScanSnap will make this task even easier.

  • JC Tauro

    A snapscan will help make our family less cluttered and get closer to being organized and efficient. It will make my work a breeze and ease the paper shuffle!!!

  • David E Y Sarna

    I am a very happy user of the older Fujitsu ScanSnap. It works very well with Evernote and I use it nearly every day. Sometimes, many times a day. It’s nice that the new ScanSnap has built-in support for Evernote, even though the instructions for interfacing older units like mine or the new ScanSnap S1500 to Evernote published in 2009 on the Evernote blog ( are pretty clear.
    The new portable unit seems nifty for travel.

  • Tasmin Brown

    I am having a baby soon and have had to clean out the office to make way for a nursery. This leaves me with lots of “records” and no space. I need to digitize them and this would be a lifesaver.

  • Bryann

    I probably won’t use this, but dear god would this actually make a great gift for one of the c-officers at the nonprofits I work with. I was tasked with fixing this one person’s PC. And, being my first entering his office, over the phone he had told me to just “walk right in” and fix it.

    Well, walk right in I did, and I almost DIED. His office was the Mount Doom of paper stacks, with many stacks sloping and cascading in myriad directions. The floor was 90% paper. I wasn’t sure if he had organization problems or if this was just the way he liked to work. He called me at the end of the day to apologize, something like “Sorry about the mess by the way, so is it fixed?”

    I’d love to present this to him. I think he’d get the idea.

  • Lloyd

    I use Evernote for archiving all my paper life cobling together a couple of older scanners. As a city dweller I don’t have the extra desk space for a dedicated scanner the ScanSnap 1100 would fit just right.

  • Brian H

    As a project manager for large commercial projects, I would love to have all my documents in evernote… and show my company what you can do with evernote.

  • Sarajoy Pickholtz

    I sing and I have TONS of sheet music. I would love to organize it all on Evernote! Not to mention all of the other paperwork that I’d LOVE to decluttter…

  • David Scott

    Taking the leap in 2011 into full time Internet Marketing. This super small scanner would help me organize my notes for blogs and other online activity. Evernote rocks!

  • Brad

    I’ve been piling up things in my filing cabinet for years now. I would love the opportunity to get all of this digital and organized using Evernote and the ScanSnap S1100!

  • Steve Ewell

    Over the past year I have been using Evernote and realizing how effective it is at managing my life. Managing a nonprofit, I find myself constantly on the go, and the ability to access information from anywhere (laptop, desktop, phone, etc) has been amazing. Since upgrading to premium, I have started to take all of my older files and stick them online. I’d love to be able to start scanning in paper files as well, and the ScanSnap would be extra useful since it is portable and could go on business trips with me.

  • Andi Rudebusch

    I have so many bits of paper on my desk I can’t hardly see it! I already love Evernote, but this would help me organize all my doodles and notes I use in my quilting business.

  • Ann C.

    I use Evernote everyday for my work. I would love to have a ScanSnap 1100 to take with me to the offices I work for.

  • Corrie K

    I just started using Evernote, and I LOVE it! I have a list for EVERYTHING, and papers are EVERYWHERE! To make the switch to paperless using the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will certainly change my countertops! I’m sure my husband would appreciate the change, too. We’re tired of the clutter, and this little gadget could be the ticket!

  • Rebecca

    I am amassing articles for research I am doing on a book about planning environmental education curriculum for kids in K-12. I’ve been using Evernote to clip articles from the web and to organize them in folders on different aspects of curriculum planning. I can use ScanSnap to scan the journal articles from the library.

  • Laci Morgan

    I would love to use the scansnap to help me organize things…I run a freelance art business, and I have to admit that receipts and invoices tend to pile up in the corner of my desk. It’s pretty bad! (I blame it on my artist “scatteredness”)

  • Richard Wilson

    Evernote and ScanSnap would greatly simplify the homeschooling lives of my 3 home schooled children. We could digitize all school material that is not already in digital format.

  • Beverly Nelson

    It would be great to scan receipts and client docs on the go! So many uses at home too.

  • Jayden

    Evernote and ScanSnap will help me limit my carbon footprint by going completely paperless.

  • Merry W

    Everyone hates tax season, but I hope Scansnap and Evernote will help make mine a little by quickly scanning and organizing receipts so I’m not left with a mountain of misery come January.

  • A2E

    Wow, this could be amazing together!

  • Timo

    Finally an awesome way to scan everything right into Evernote. Wherever. Whenever.

  • Sarah

    I am
    Planning on moving overseas in a few months with only a couple of suitcases. This canner would enable me to take all my papers and memories and not miss a thing!

  • Mikee Delony

    I’ve been using my employers copy/scanner to scan three filing cabinets of personal and professional docs. now that I’ve cleared and stored the backlog in Evernote, I would love a small ScanSnap to help me stay up-to-date.

  • Chester

    Having that scanner would be nice to copy all of my old coursework online, saving me the time and hassle of sifting through packets of paper.

  • David Wolfrom

    Sweet, I need an easy scanner for all my paper. I hate paper!

  • Jeroen

    Currently reconstructing our loft. And all the cabinets with folders ful with paper are a major obstacle! Scanning all this would save tons of space.

  • Soile Lehtonen

    This pair of equipment would help me a lot. One with severe neurological condition will benefit this kind of technology immensely.

  • Daniel

    I have dozens of notebooks full of sketches and ideas that I end up saving all over the place. This would be an awesome tool for scanning and tagging those pages into Evernote, so I can actually search and find my notes in the future. Plus I could finally throw away the physical notebooks, which would clear up qute a bit of clutter. Definitely would like this scanner!

  • Mary Lloyd

    I would love to use Evernote to organize, prioritize and schedule my bills. I could use the scanner to scan each bill in when I’m opening the mail while sitting on the couch!

  • wannesss

    This would definitely help me clean up the mess my desk is right now!

  • Infopreneurkid

    I’ll be going on a world trip in 2 months for half a year. Before I leave I’m planning to archive all my papers and important documents into my premium Evernote account, so this portable scanner would be really helpful.

  • Reto

    I already own an older ScanSnap. This new one would be great for travel.

  • Ellmary Fenton

    As you know Ireland is in a complete mess at the moment. The ScanSnap S1100 would be just the tool for us to get organized and to see clearly where we should go from here. Do please send one to me and I will put it to excellent use.

  • Daniel W. Simon

    It would help me to keep my receipts in order, which would save me a lot of grief!

  • Rebeca Chirinos

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 would help me organize handwritten notes, handwritten letters, and documents.

  • Jake Howden

    Evernote = Easy organisation across computers
    ScanSnap = Easy organisation with any PC

    Evernote + ScanSnap = Way extreme organisation… And organisation is the key to success! And as a student, I need success.

  • Mike

    The ScanSnap S1100 will allow me to become a true digital nomad free of paper as I travel through the corporate wilderness.

  • Glenn

    Evernote, and ScanSnap is an excellent pair up. It is all about organization. I would use it to scan music tabs, recipes, and any document that belongs in Evernote. Nice to see more products using Evernote. It is a win situation all around.

  • MH McGrath

    As a retired planner who is active I need help organizing. Evernote has been my companion in my career and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will be the perfect companion now that I no longer have office support. The combo will be perfect for all the meds records, bills, Social Security mailings and all the stuff that can “go missing” but which is vital to seniors. Evernote plus ScanSnap will be my new “memory!”

  • Michael

    Scanning all my receipts to Evernote would be fantastic.

  • Vincent

    Next year I’ll be studying physics in university. I think The ScanSnap S1100 and Evernote will help me a lot by keeping everything organized in one place and improve my chances a lot next year. (I’m not that good in keeping papers organized)


  • Atul S

    I have a “paperless” medical office and do my charting/billing electronically. I routinely run across patient information, printed and on the web, that I use for patient education. I currently use Evernote to capture web info I need a way to capture printed information on the go, especially when I’m at medical conferences out of town. This would be ideal for this, and may save thousands of lives (don’t feel any pressure to choose me).

  • Jackie

    Evernote and this scanner would sure help me clean up the paper clutter on my kitchen counter. This is a great way to go paperless!

  • Brandon Fong

    It would help greatly to be able to scan my instruction manuals into Evernote. I have dozens of them, and no two seem to be the same size. Some are single small slips of paper, some are pamphlets, others are booklets, and some are large tomes. Trying to keep all these hard copies organized is next to impossible.

  • John K

    I would use the scan snap to upload transliterations of Ottoman historical documents.

  • Jason

    I’ve got a desk fully covered with random papers I’m trying to organize. The SnapScan would be a great step toward that.

  • fellowweb

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    I’d love to win as it would be great to finally digitalize all this paper stuff from my studies directly into Evernote. 🙂

  • Erin

    I’m a clutterbug. That’s putting it mildly. I’m a writer, photographer, and a crafter. I promised my husband as my anniversary gift to cut the paper in half. But I can’t stand throwing away photos and I have no idea how to part with my writing (all handwritten for the most part) Please help!

  • Scelza

    I have the Lexmark Platinum Pro905 at home (AIO inkjet), and love it. However, it is large and heavy (as it should be).

    Also, I have an fi-6130 at work (holy crap it duplex scans fast) to handle the paper-to-digital workflow, and I can say they sure know their scanning.

    However, I do quite a bit of design work and find myself storing things I need to “scan later” into Evernote. Things get lost (and perhaps I procrastinate) and sometimes don’t make it. This would help me fix that.

  • François G.

    Evernote is awsersome. Long live Evernote

  • Alan

    I have to attend tons of meetings. Going back through my notes can be cumbersome. Even marking them with a post-it doesn’t even do the trick. With Evernote and the ScanSnap S1100 I will be able to scan my handwritten notes right into Evernote. If I forget to take my laptop to the meeting and start writing notes they will get lost in my notebook. The ScanSnap S1100 will take a load off my shoulders. I am a relatively new user of Evernote but the benefits look unbelievable. Thank you for such a great application. Now another thank you for getting hand written notes into the mix.

  • raul

    The scanner will help me scan receipts of all the crap that I buy. The more I work with evernote the more the less clutter in my home office!

  • Ed

    I had tried lots of different methods to organize the information in my life (Digital and physcial) but the mess always seemed to creep back into my life.

    A couple of month ago, I found Evernote and started to roganize my digital information… Let me say I am really impressed. It did take some time to learn how to efficiently use EN but the work was well worth it.

    I would now like to send all of my paper into my digital “filling cabinet” so winning the ScanSnap would be sweeeet!!!!

  • Alexandre Mandl

    I’d scan all of my receipts by that.

  • Todd Erickson

    Everyday I generate dozzen pages of note from technical calls that I might need to return to in few days as the diagnosis progresses. Searching online is better than digging in a pile anyday.

  • Anne-Marie Visser

    I can’t throw any scrap of paper away, because I always scribble notes everywhere. Scansnap would help me conquer my desk and regain ton’s of space. And peace of mind.

  • Ron Olivares

    I have spoken to many friends about the utility of “Evernote”.
    I use it to review my Texas Hold’em Poker hands that I have played online. “Evernote” automatically saves my hands from the PokerStars web site.


  • Keith Mann

    “Because, he thought, if the scanner sees only darkly, the way I myself do, then we are cursed, cursed again and like we have been continually, and we’ll wind up dead this way, knowing very little and getting that little fragment wrong too.”

  • Dustn Borklund

    I use Everenote all the time but rarely for scanned images. I would love to make my home office paperless but without the work of indexing everything.

  • Steven

    the scansnap would finally motivate me to scan the mountain of paper I’ve accumulated. My old scanner is way to slow.

  • Austin

    I’d like to scan important business documents and make them searchable.

  • JD Francis

    I’m still using an old, refurbished NeatReceipts scanner for all of my Evernote-scanning needs. The ScanSnap 1100 would definitely be a nice upgrade.

  • Robert G

    This would be awesome to have. Scanning receipts as well as other smaller pieces of paper would be so much easier!

  • PatE

    I would love to use this to get my receipts in order!

  • Scott Meinke

    Scanning my daily construction site log book into Evernote would be great so that I can use the search function and find past information faster. Very handy when the company attorney shows up at your office door looking for back-up on claims! SnapScan would let me scan on the road at hotels too.

  • SteveTL

    Got lot of chikdren’s childhod school paper. Can use it to go paperless, or else they collect dust

  • HN

    It would work out great to finally eliminaye and organize mounds of paerwork.

  • HN

    It would work out great to finally eliminate and organize mounds of paerwork. Need a scanner and Evernote is fantastic.

  • Hector

    It would work out great to finally eliminate and organize mounds of paerwork. Need a scanner and Evernote is fantastic.

  • Aaron Friedman

    I love scanners!

  • Andy Tesene

    I’m taking my company paperless and currently use Evernote to share information with customers, team members, and also our accountant. This would speed up the process for all three – keep up the great work!

  • Andrew Morris

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will help me organize my life by digitizing all my ephemera

  • John Lara

    I’d love to win a new ScanSnap! The first thing I would do is digitize the stack of kids drawing we have for our three kids so I could build an album of their work!

  • Hakan Olsson

    Traveling a lot in my work (150 days per year) so much time is spent on airports, entering information from meeting notes, reports, business cards, etc. by hand. A mobile scanner would be a fantastic tool for this together with Evernote!

  • Gloria Arango

    I will die for one of these! perfect for scaning my writing notes which i organize with evernote, I could also use it to scan my sketches to evernote and probably some of my artwork to sale!

  • H.Poehls

    This will help me directly to preserve not only some, but all the receipts for later processing when it comes to the yearly revenue reports … because at the beginning of the year I might not know what receipt will be needed and which one not 🙂

  • Jim Simmons

    This would work nicely with my business. I need to scan invoices and receipts all the time. What a time saver this would be. Slips in the computer bad without being bulky. I love this thing!

  • Steve Markert

    I’m looking for an easy way to scan receipts and bills into Evernote, and get rid of my file cabinets. This would be it.

  • Rob

    Would LOVE to wine one of these scanners! I have about 15 years of paperwork in my little tiny NYC apartment, and would love to move all of that into Evernote! Big scanners just don’t work with my home – no place to keep them!

  • Meg St. Clair

    I have a tendency to simply throw papers away, even if they may, at some point, be important, because I just don’t know what to do with them. The ability to quickly scan them into Evernote would help me stop losing those important heath insurance documents.

  • Joshua Henderson

    I have been an Evernote user from the beginning. I currently use Shoeboxed to do my scanning and then push that into Evernote, but I would love to bring this “in house” and do all my scanning from home. This looks like a great way to get started on this new years resolution of mine!

  • Codrin Munteanu

    I would love to use scansnap to help me upload papers to evernote easier

  • Dave S.

    Evernote is great at keeping me productive – as a computer support tech, I store all my support notes there – quick and easy retrieval. Now to get the company to spring for it for all the other techs – sharing info… who’d of thunk it!

  • Kenneth Williams

    I use text, images, highlighting, arrows, etc. to annotate the papers that I review. It is tedious to translate those annotations into some Office product to provide my response to that authors. In addition, I keep my original annotations, just in case, so I have lots of paper.

  • Richard

    I have got piles of receipts, documents and invoiced on my desk that would be much easier to manage come tax time if they were all digitally stored. Then, I’d attack my filing cabinet and finally reduce all those pounds of paper to ounces of electronic data.

  • James

    The integration with Evernote is what really makes these fujitsu scanners so awesome.

    I’ve got a video of how it the integration works at my website if you want to see it in action.

    Love the Evernote, Fujitsu one two productivity punch!

  • Ray Shan

    ScanSnap are the best doc scanners!

  • Joe

    This would be great, I’ll take 11 of them to organize my messy desk!

  • Michael Schade

    Winning this scanner would be really special for my mom. She has medical issues and so navigating through paperwork in her office or the rest of the house can be difficult, or at times even impossible. We would love to be able to go paperless both for hugging a tree and making life easier on her.

  • Rick Colosimo

    The combination of Evernote and the S1100 scanner would streamline my workflow:

    1. giving me a convenient way to move paper into my workflow from anywhere, at a moment’s notice
    2. giving me a quick way to put that document in secure reliable storage with Evernote
    3. giving me ready access everywhere, on all my devices, to those documents and the ability to share with others.


  • Megan

    I’m a mom with four kids and already have an Evernote account which I love! Four kids and a husband produce A LOT of paper and having a ScanSnap would really help me cut down on the paper and the clutter. I’d love to win this!

  • Deborah

    I actually do a pretty good job of keeping my things organized electronically – but I’d LOVE to have this scanner to help my husband keep track of all those random pieces of paper he collects in piles around the house!

  • Hans F.

    This will make my PhD work at the library so much easier! However I hope this feature will be added to the ScanSnap Software für my S1500 at the desktop, too.

  • Ben Clelland

    I’m going to university this year, grades permitting, and having this scanner would be so useful, as I wouldn’t need to bring any notes with me to uni, and once I’m there, I’ll be able to use Evernote as a comprehensive collection of all my work, paper or otherwise. Scansnap would be a great tool in my learning arsenal!

  • Ivan Staroversky

    Evernote simplifies life. Simplification reduces uncertainty. Certainty is one step closer to freedom. 🙂

  • Francois

    scansnap will help me organise all my paper documents on evernote

  • Price

    This scanner will make all my wildest dreams come true

  • Doug

    Evernote and the S1100 scanner would help me to clear off my desk….

  • Don Johnson

    Having the 1100 would give me the mobility to process paper as i currently do with my desktop 1500, in my effort to convert to paperless. I am just starting to use Evernote and like its availability across my computers at office, home office and weekend office, not to mention blackberry and iPad.

  • Dan Landrum

    I’m Editor/Publisher of a niche market music magazine that has been in business for over 35 years. I travel to many festivals around the US and a portable scanner would be extremely useful for cataloging hand written folk music charts.

  • robynski

    Oh this scanner would make scanning 1000+ pages of craft and cooking instructions a whole lot easier. I’m currently scanning each by hand with a flat bed scanner. Please pick me!

  • Rosh

    I’m looking for a new home, so I’ll use ScanSnap to digitize all the paper documents realtors still seem to favor these days!

  • Jason

    I work as a professional organizer and the portability of this scanner would allow me to bring it with me from client to client. It would really increase my ability to help them get organized in a much more efficient way. This would be great!


  • April D.

    I spent most of 2010 on business travel. I have receipts floating around from all of these months that must be sorted and filed. I need to start scanning soon before they all fade into nothingness.


  • Oliver seifert

    This Great Toll wohl be very helpfull and make my Daily live easier.

  • Dennis H

    I’ve been using a camera to “scan” my paper documents. While it works, the results aren’t anywhere near as good as those provided by an actual scanner.

  • Sue

    I increasingly use Evernote to keep track of my life. Having a readily available scanner would really help with getting rid of paper and having everything readily searchable.

  • Ed

    It would allow me to scan things into evernote on the go, so I’ll never have a large queue of documents to be scanned and I’ll be able to search my documents instantly.

  • Diana

    I’m retired now, but working a part time job. This scanner would really help me become paper free and organized. I love Evernote!

  • Thom Carter

    Being a K-12 director of art for a public school system I am constantly on the go between 9 buildings as well as having to teach. I have written reminders on sticky notes, notes on my ical, notes written to me from principals, articles to read and share, both electronically and hard copy as well as a ton of websites and you tube videos. Evernote is helping me keep most of that organized except for the loose stuff. The scanner would put an end to all of that. Everything would be just a click away on my phone, laptop or desktop. Life would be grand!

  • David

    It appears that this marriage of hardware and software can even help the aged and clueless like me

  • Dedra C

    The scansnap would absolutely change my life! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. Wouldn’t you for a chance at this awesome device? Well, anyhow, it would allow me to stop chasing my husbands dried out sticky notes all over the house as well as help me with my new blogging adventure. I would be able to scan movie tickets, event programs, literature, etc. to keep for blogging reminders and photos. I get jazzed just thinking about it!

  • Hilary

    I’ve been looking for a small scanner for receipts and travel.

    I’m moving to a different accounting system this year and I think it’s going to be a combination of evernote, shoeboxed and iacez. I know I can mail my receipts to shoeboxed but ever since I had an accountant “lose” my paperwork (think painful IRS tax late fees) I’ve been too paranoid to let go of original copies.

    Plus the scanning on the go I can scan something at a client meeting and give it right back to them if that’s their only copy.

    A small portable scanner would just work with my workflow. This one looks perfect!

  • Leatte

    These 2 together will help get my stuff organized finally. I have all kinds of ‘notes’ around & would love to be more organized. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Jchin

    I would love one of these! I have so much paper that I lose track of bills that refuse to go paperless. This would be great for me on business trips to keep track of expenses. Please choose me!

  • Greg

    I’m a huge note taker and have drawers overflowing with misc. papers. This would def help.

  • Doug Lane

    My friends and family are always trying to borrow the ScanSnap I already own, since it is pure awesome, so I need another to use as a “loaner.” 🙂

  • Darby

    This will help to digitalize a lot of the paperwork that I deal with in my job.

  • Jack C.

    I’m in Canada so perhaps not eligible. Still, I’ve been testing evernote premium for about a month and I’m really enjoying most of the features. It’s very useful to have my notes with me when I’m traveling and meeting with customers. It’s also great to keep my home office clean. I’ve already mentioned it to a few friends and colleagues. I’m not too happy with my current workflow (large, company supplied, flatbed scanner) but I doubt my employer would allow us to buy this new tool without a good justification.

  • Mark M

    “Paper Paper everywhere and not a scanner to scan…” Exactly how I feel when going client to client and asking for copies of documents used at meetings only to drag them back to the office to be scanned in and recycled. Scanning them in onsite would not only save time but a few trees.

    Google’s mission may be to organize the worlds information but Evernote organizes mine! – Mark M.

  • Elizabeth

    Evernote plus a hand-me-down scanner rescued me from drowning in a sea of papers when I was a graduate student and helped me keep track of hundreds of technical articles and my typed or handwritten annotations. Now that I am (an absent-minded!) professor, my paper collection burgeons. This scanner would help me turn my reading and filing system truly paperless.

  • Taylor Bates

    Want one of these so much!

  • Carol Ebbinghouse

    Good luck to everyone in the contest!! What a wonderful way to start the year–a contest to help with our resolutions to get organized! How inspiring! Thank you Evernote!!!

  • Roger

    Working on clearing the piles off my desk. This scanner would surely help!

  • Marianna

    This scanner would allow me to scan my entire knitting, weaving and basket making pattern library in my loft using my laptop and not have to take everything downstairs to the flatbed scanner and desktop. Thanks for the giveaway! I love Evernote!

  • Sonia Real

    I need this scanner because I need to scan my old pictures to share them with my family 🙂

  • GW

    Clean up my messy office … that’s what I’ll do.

  • Brianna T.

    I would love to win this scanner for my mom who is in charge of scanning all of our family photos. On both sides (she is the youngest of 16! NO KIDDING!!). Unfortunately, she is using our scanner from 1998! So it takes forever. This would be a great gift 🙂

  • S.P.

    I’m getting my MBA right now at the University of Washington. And the amount of paper is ridiculous. We have 3 or 4 binders and they’re each a few hundred pages. I’d love to scan all of it in Evernote and not have to haul it around when I go to the library or class.

  • Beth

    I’d love to win the scanner—I’m getting ready to get rid of several file cabinets full of papers and having a scanner handy would help me feel a lot more comfortable about tossing old paperwork into the recycling bin!

  • clara

    if i win then i will finally be able to see my table again that has been buried underneath photocopies of dessert recipes 🙂

  • Jan

    It would be great to use it at work to scan important papers and then simply take it with me and to do the same at home.

  • MM

    I’m an Evernote Premium user and boy, would the scansnap make my life easier! Because I have chronic tendonitis in my wrist & elbows which is caused by typing. So, I try to write as much by hand as I can. Having the ScanSnap would make it possible for me to scan and store my handwritten meeting and project notes in Evernote, instead of having to make copies of all my notes and storing them in both a chron file and the applicable committee or project files.

  • Adam

    I’m a second year medical student, and having a scansnap would probably lead to better health care reform for the entire country.

    Also, I could finally organize my pathology notes.


  • Derek

    Very cool. A portable scanner would be very helpful for organizing all of my documents from home, school, and work.

  • M.R. Jahanbin

    Evernote is a must in everyone’s bag of tricks to cope with the kind of information overload that we are all subjected to. Why remember when to pay that bill or renew the passport? Let the system inform you instead, I think they call that push technology, but this time its from your documents!

    Next time I am filling a form where it asks for my passport details, or some other document, I dont have to wait till I get home, I just look it up on my iPhone. Anyway, its neat!

    Having a nice scanner is, of course, handy. 🙂

  • Jozef

    Well, such a toy would definitely help me improve my research. 🙂 I am a PhD student and a note-taking got to be a quite common process for me 🙂 I am already using evernote for capturing definitions and logging important issues. A handy scanner would make it all a bit faster and simpler once again.

  • DChick

    This would be great for me in the field. Currently have to wait to get back to office to scan in docs or fumble through with an iphone app. While the later gets by in a pinch, a portable scanner like this would produce much better results.

  • Dustin

    I would most definitely use this to help me get my receipts in order, right now I have a bulky flatbed scanner, so this would help.

  • Bonnie

    My husband has Parkinson’s and because of the many medical forms and bills the scansnap s1100 would help me tremendously.

  • Phil

    As a physics student, I am often obliged to handwrite class notes in order to write symbols and diagrams. I presently take notesfor my nonmajor classes using evernote. This scanner would allow me to give my physics notes the same level of organization.

  • Charles

    Could ready use this scanner and Evernote is fantastic. Will all the paperwork at home and in the office it would give me peace with the wife. Hate to throw anything way and she likes to throw everything away. Especially my things! Help me get organzed….take care!

  • Philip Erb

    This is the scanner I have been looking for. At this very moment, we are downsizing our lives to live and travel full time in a camper where organization an compactness are the order of the day. Using this scanner with Evernote is my plan to solve most of the paperwork and organization issues we deal with every day. We love Evernote!

  • Ibrahim

    I use evernote for many of my “startups.” As a grad student with more ideas than money to fund them, I love that I can keep everything organized in evernote, and the ability to add paper stuff to that list would make evernote the perfect companion (aside from my wife of course…maybe)…

  • jenn

    I. have. paper. EVERYWHERE. I am trying desperately to contain the clutter and get my brain back on track, and being able to scan my receipts, kids’ spelling words, etc. would be wonderful!

  • Chris

    Evernote is fantastic and a scanner would make it even better.

  • Amy

    Please send me Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner to gain control and organize the mountains of paperwork and files or I will end up on that TV show Hoarders…..

  • Ben Kuehmichel

    This would sure clean up my office!

  • Sarah H

    I’m a school library media specialist that works in all 7 buildings in my district. It sure would be nice to be able to “keep it all togehter”, no matter which building I’m in or where I will be next!

  • AD

    It would be perfect to electronically save all my receipts and handwritten paper work to evernote using this scanner, love evernote.

  • Stephen M B

    I use Evernote and an older ScanSnap model in the Washington State Legislature to consolidate pounds of mail and hundreds of constituent requests into a manageable work flow. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  • Jade Norris

    I am a student I have a part time job and I am attempting to start my own business and I am in charge of all bills ect for my family. I religously save reciepts, bills and paperwork in an attempt to “file” it later. If I had a scanner I could “file” all 5 of my three foot paper piles. That would be amazing.

  • Anne

    I so need this scanner! I have accordion folders full of receipts that need to be handily scanned so those folders can be repurposed. I love Evernote and would love to have this scanner.

  • Doug

    My wife was just mentioning she is swamped with paper and can’t find what she needs anymore. I immediately thought “Evernote to the rescue”. One of these would make the conversion a snap for her.

  • Mark

    My wife and two dogs and I live in a small condo. We’re expecting a baby before too long, and the baby’s room has two full filing cabinets, stacks of paper on shelves and a stack of papers on the floor. A scanner would help me move all of this stuff into Evernote so the baby has a better room to sleep in.

  • Rachel

    Evernote is just what I’ve even looking for to help organizenthe interesting, useful, and necessary things I find and use online. This scanner seems to be the thingn to help get the physical world organized as well!

  • Carissa

    I work at 5 schools and my office is the trunk of my car. I already use evernote for all my notes but the scanner would seriously cut down on all my paperwork! I could finally get rid of all my folders!

  • Jamie

    I have binders of teacher resources. Using the scansnap I can get rid of the binders and always have them on hand. No more “crud I left it at school”. Combined with evernote, by using tags I can easily find that resource I want instead of flipping through 100’s of pages.

  • David Thompson

    My wife has piles of pictures from magazines she is saving until the day we are in position to redecorate and renovate our house. The scanner would be an amazing help in organizing our ideas and plans, not to mention a huge help in decluttering all the clippings.

  • Ted Snyder

    I would use it to scan my collection of articles into Evernote so I can use full text search on them and access them from anywhere that I have an internet connection.

  • Greg

    As a project manager, I have a lot of index cards from Scrum sessions and other meetings that I could import into Evernote. Also, personally, I would use it for all of my receipts, sticky notes, and grocery lists.

  • Alex K.

    This would be awesome on the go

  • Ron Heiby

    I have far too many old technical journals kicking around. I would like an easy way to throw the handful of pages per dozen issues that are actually with saving into Evernote, and then clear all that paper out of my house.

  • Matt

    Evernote has changed how I organize. Now, everything goes on my phone, no more notepads or thousands of file drawers. I’m also teaching my students how to use Evernote, one of the greatest companions to my phone. And now, with a scanner, I could do even more and eliminate a lot of stacks of paper.

  • Tom

    A Personal Request To EVERNOTE and SCANSNAPE
    by DUF (Desperately Unorganized Fool)

    My mind is mush, my desk full of clutter…
    I need help badly, don’t want to be a dud-er…
    EVERNOTE, SCANSNAPE, please save my day…
    It’s only through you that I’ll find my way…
    With you I can save my thoughts and scan my bills…
    Archive my pictures and avoid the chills…
    I beg you, please, simply find and pick me…
    Bring order to my chaos, so I’ll live forever happily!!!



  • Timo

    I have 2 big boxes of important paper and finding everything I need is hard. Scanner would help to keep the data in digital format and make it much easier to search.

  • Zuber

    Would be great if you could provide drivers for this to work with Android.

    There are a huge range of Antroid Tablets hittind the shelves, with USB Gost support.

    Would make a great portable combination.


  • Rogier

    Because I love the rainforest and hate the paper chaos in my life, I want to be completely paperless on the go! Right now the Scansnap S1100 is the missing link between Me and Evernote.

  • susan

    my desktop scanner just pooped out…. this would be SO very helpful for keeping me organized!

  • Bill Smargiassi

    I don’t have a mountain of paper, but there are a few molehills in my office. I would love to just digitize most of it. I’m not sure I’d be able to live with a free Evernote account then. 🙂

  • Bow

    I recently purchased a new pc and am making an effort to organize my life, I really feel that this would help so much. Thank you.

  • Gary

    With a newborn in the house, it’s now clear how much clutter paperwork creates. I need this so my little girl doesn’t get caught in an avalanche of bills!

  • paul

    the scanner will help me scan receipts when i’m mobile.

  • phill tran

    I’m moving all my notes to Evernote as I go paperless in 2011. The scanner will help me move over a tone of documents.

  • Melony

    My husband and I are the states biggest victims of identity theft. It’s more than four years fighting the battle (with some major success) and the paperwork is unbelieveable!! Boxes! This would be a dream come true!!

  • CC

    New scanner + too many pieces of paper to count + Evernote = Organization

  • Bill

    We are swamped in paper, including a miscellaneous stack on top of the printer which I have to move every time I want to print more paper to deepen the swamp. Scanning this paper swamp to Evernote digital storage with the ScanSnap scanner would help immensely.

  • Jens

    I work as an engineer for an automotive company. All creative meetings still generate a growing number of handwritten notes as the language of the engineer is the drawing. The ScanSnap S1100 seems to be the ideal gadget to generate meeting minutes in minutes within Evernote.

  • Lorraine

    Would love a scanner to get organized. I need a scanner to keep all my receipts and warranties orderly not to mention recipes so I have great homecooked meals for my family!

  • Tracey

    Lots of business receipts and personal family medical receipts and records means I could really use a SnapScan. Evernote has already made many of these tasks easier, but a scanner would be the icing on the cake. Thanks!

  • Chris Bailey

    I’m sorry, Chris is unable to tell you how the S1100 would help improve his life as he is currently buried under a huge pile of paper is in office.

    Please send help.

  • Ethan

    The example in the intro of this blog post describes my situation exactly; there’s so much stuff on my desk it’s hard to get to the keyboard! This scanner sure would help alleviate that problem, which has become a major source of frustration and procrastination for me.

  • Patrik

    I hate papers and Evernote and the scanner would make my life better, Everyday!

  • KathieW

    I need to get ORGANIZED!!!! Oh, the things I could do…

  • Mathieu

    This would be awesome to scan the many cards me and my wife received for our wedding.
    Keeping track of all the cards is going to make our life easier when sending the thank you notes.

  • Jimmy Weber

    Have been working with relatives to archive and share generations of pics and docs. This scanner with Evernote support would be trmendously helpful. I intend to use it with my Android based Motorola BRAVO, home and work windows based computers.

  • Aviv

    In the middle of a move to spend more time with my betrothed prior to the wedding; in the middle of a move from living alone to living with another; in the middle of a move from a spacious two bedroom with an office to an smaller home to be shared. . . I need a scanner to reduce the clutter.

  • Andy Bevan

    Guess I’ll have to go down to the PC World in Guldford and buy one!

  • Lee

    I am the CMO at a hospital in Texas. I intend to use Evernote to publish various notebooks: one for physicians, another for the quality staff. It would be great to scan documents and have them immediately available to different groups on their portable devices.

  • John

    Scan and search all of the paper I have collected over the years.

  • Dani

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 might just be the super heroes of my cluttered life. I save everything for my records…from technical and sales info at work to reference material on my hobby at home. My heroes, please save me! I definitely want (need) one!!!!!

  • Sarah

    As a doctoral student who’s working full time, as well as a GTD Devotee, Evernote has become my ubiquitous capture hub. However, paper is a challenge to smoothly add to my system. a scanner I can toss into my purse with my netbook will make that process much easier!

  • Doug Phillips

    Portable organization. Who could ask for anything more?

  • Ed

    I use this scanners big brother at work and absolutely love it. I would love to have one of these at home.

  • Alix

    I would love to win this mini scanner! I would probably gift it to my brother, to aid in his endeavor toward a paper free home.

  • JS

    I am the manager of an eCommerce business. In the past we have had dozens of packing slips, purchase orders, invoices and the like scattered around the office or haphazardly stuck in a filing cabinet. Recently we started using the Evernote/ScanSnap combo to organize the mess. It works beautifully. Every document has it’s own folder; we use tags to indicate the status (pending, paid, received, awaiting product, due date, etc). The Evernote/ScanSnap system helps us to pay or bills on time, keep everything neatly organized, and have a searchable history of all our transaction from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Now that I’ve experienced first hand just how wonderfully the system works in business I want a ScanSnap scanner for myself to organize all my personal data.

  • Bryant

    Evernote has over the last year become an essential part of my work and my families home life. It is truely an extension of my brain. Evernote and the new scansnap scanner would in a word be PERFECT and would make a great gift for my son as he starts college.

  • Karen

    Looking for a way to scan (1) stacks and stacks of tear sheets from design magazines and (2) five years worth of medical bills.

  • Gary Hjelt

    Being full-time Rv ers, we are constantly trying to eliviate , and store paperwork. The S1100 looks like the way to go. Small and lightweight, and ease of use.

  • Jennie

    I love this idea. I have a lot of patterns to embroider, sew, knit and lots of needlework. some very old, from the 1800’s this would be an incredible way to save and organize them to keep and be able to find. It sure would make life good trying to find a pattern.
    I am so glad I found this site and could leave a message and enter to win one of these. Jennie

  • Susan Platkin

    As a recent Evernote convert, I need more, more, more, ways to organize my life. The S1100 would be the perfect (non-clutter) addition.

  • Susan Warder

    The more I use Evernote, the more I use it! I am preaching this to everyone who listens and to those who don’t. I am giddy that Verizon will have the iPhone so I can do even more with Evernote. I have an “iPhone things” saved search where I am collecting ideas for more toys to pimp my Evernote. The ScanBaby is perfect indeed!

  • Kanani

    With two grade-school children and both my husband and I attending college while we also work, we have papers EVERYWHERE. Field trip forms, class notes, receipts, reminders, shopping lists ABOUND! I don’t NEED the ScanSnap, but it sure would make our lives easier and more efficient. Evernote already helps keep our family stuff well-organized and my crafting references easily accessible, the ScanSnap would be a welcome addition to our household!

  • Kelly lonnberg

    Evernote seems to be a great way to organize my notes for and during trial in my family law practice. I would love to be able to scan my handwritten notes, documents the clients give me at court, etc. Thanks for the organizing help!

  • CD

    The ever note scanner would help me keep a budget and help me track my spending. I am trying to get out of debt. It would keep me organized.

  • oasis789

    Evernote and the ScanSnap S1100 would help make my life so much mobile, as I live in space-premium Williamsburg where there just isn’t that much room for documents to lie around. I gotta be mobile.

  • Kevin Emmons

    I’ve read reviews about scansnap and evernote before. My business partner and I spend a lot of time researching and documenting studies. We formulate the studies into theories as we are writing a book.

    This scanner would be a tremendous help with scanning magazines and various studies to assist with easier retrieval and sharing between the two of us.

  • Heather Abbott

    I have just started Evernote and am so excited to have this amazing tool to organize my life! I can see so many ways to use it, can’t wait to dive in. The S1100 would be the cherry on top!!!

  • Alistair

    I travel and spend half the abroad and I’m constantly researching clipping notes from papers and magazines and having this tiny scanner in my pack would be a lot easier than folders full of paper!

  • Mark Shoemaker

    I love Evernote, and use it every day to organize my thoughts and sermon ideas. It saves carrying around lots of scraps of paper with thoughts written on them. The mail, magazines, and journals are another issue. I find an article with an idea of importance, and my only option is to re-type, or to find it later. Needless to say, I have a lot of stacks with markers in them. But, try to find the right one, or the one needed at any particular time! This wonderful ScanSnap scanner would go with me in the briefcase all the time and resolve a growing problem!

  • Ethan

    Evernote is awesome and the S1100 would just make it more awesome!

  • Erik

    I would love to take my evernote experience to the next level with a free scansnap scanner. Thank you.

  • Mia

    I would love a paperless office! Goodbye to piles of receipts and records.

  • SteveA

    Scansnap and Evernote will make my thoughts, notes, and papers ubiquitous. No more lost paper. No more excuses.

  • Daniel Raider

    A daily part of my work is issuing quotes for my services. I have a mountain of paper quotes which could easily be turned into a file of pdf’s on my computer with the help of the S1100. The fact that the pdfs can be searchable adds a layer of value for me since I could search for particular items in the quote and get those results- saving me time- the most valuable of my resources.

  • Dick Leurig

    Retiring this year after turning 80 and the stacks of paper show how much I have accumulated. Have started using Evernote now that I have the time and plan to have a scanner by each computer. Need to save many notes for my family to share.

  • Haider

    Trying hard to go paperless as much as I can. Scanning on an HP flatbed scanner is a pain for a lot of docs.

  • Tushar Khandelwal

    I’d use Evernote + Scansnap to digitize all my old (analog) photos and include them as a album in Evernote to share with everyone, particularly my family. If I win this, Christmas 2011 is going to be an awesome, tearful one!

  • Ron Jarashow

    As a lawyer, I can use this to help organize cases, exhibits, witness notes, court presentations, etc., instead of MS Onenote.


  • Branden

    This would be so rad. I’m so into handwritten notes, so this would be perfect.

  • Shelly

    I love Evernote and would love to be able to scan items at home too.

  • Sue

    I’m a busy mid- twenty something grad student who also works full time with a busy international travel schedule. In my spare time, I write and am currently working on a book. Evernote is great for helping me stay organized with all my endeavors, and having a small scanner would be fabulous to have on the road.

  • Colin

    Evernote is a terrific service, and having the use of the scanner makes it even better. I am a public school teacher and life long student/learner, so having a way to take/organize/recall notes makes me a better teacher. I can use it for daily lessons, staff meetings, classes, continuing education, and for personal use. it makes life easier.

  • Jacob Erbele

    With Evernote and the ScanSnap S1100, I will be able to organize all my receipts and documents at work, keeping my desk much cleaner.

  • James Mandy

    Oh boy do I need the ScanSnap 1100 scanner to match my Evernote account. I’m moving house soon and just realised I have an epic mountain of boxes full of receipts, tax info, invoices, and other ‘life doc’ that could really do with scanning and archiving with Evernote. BRING IT!

  • DIon

    Evernote is great! It would be really helpful to be able to quickly scan receipts and other documents using the ScanSnap!

  • Francis

    As a High School Senior and soon to be college student, I’m constantly making a lot of notes by hand. WIth the ScanSnapS1100 I can categorize my notes in a much orderly fashion rather than stuffing them all into files and then not being able to read them since the pencil faded. It would also help me with my tutoring,allowing me to quickly find and send notes about specific subjects and help others more efficently.

  • Ruth Shugart

    The scanner would be great for my business — bail bonds — i opearate my business from home — so i always meet my clients at the jail — this would be perfect for copies of pertient info– i.e. driver licenses cards, social security cards or ID cards with photos. Also binding documents that are signed at the jail can be copied and given to the client before we leave the jail, thus eliminating mailing the document(s) at a later time and possibly the client not receiveing them.

  • Doug Sink

    I am an electrical inspector and keep all my notes in Evernote. My office is in my truck and being able to scan inspection documents directly into EN with a ScanSnap 1100 would be a big saver of time. Great job on this giveaway.

  • Ran Barton

    I use an old, big ScanSnap with Evernote now, and it’s terrific, but I’d love to cut out some steps and a lot of bulk with one of these new ones.

  • Queue

    Already have a ScanSnap desktop model for home use. The 1100 would help me keep organized when I travel, which I frequently do, and would also enable me to start getting on top of the paperwork pile on my desk (I practice poverty law, so we don’t run to desktop scanners for staff attorneys).

  • Dusty Schnabel

    I often take hand written notes, this would allow me to digitize my entire collection of notes!

  • matthew carleton

    I don’t need it but I want it. I don’t have mess of papers that need scanning but I will make a mess of papers to get it. In fact I just did, so now I do need it. I really need it bad, please. Can I have it?

  • Stephen Hebert

    I would love to reduce the size of my file cabinet…sounds like an excellent Spring cleaning project. Scansnap + Evernote to the rescue…?!

  • Todd

    It’d be nice not to have to use the scanner at work!

  • Bruce Schierstedt

    Allow me to scan an save info to Evernote for future reference and sharing with others. Become electronically organized.

  • Shari

    I currently use the Mac ScanSnap at home but my husband and I travel 2-3 months a year and the tiny S1100 will be my packable, portable anywhere companion!

  • Matt Burden

    I drag my old scansnap everywhere so it would be nice to have a more portable one or one for home and work.

  • Tim

    Evernote and the ScanSnap would help me organize all of my sheet music for my piano playing…

  • Marshall

    We’d use it in our newsroom to handle documents in the field and to get the paper world into the cloud. It’d be a huge help.

  • Kantor

    Evernote and ScanSnap would rescue my from paper death while traveling.

  • Ido

    I’ve used evernote for all the work/home related things.
    With a mobile scanner it could be perfect to all the big section of ‘travel’ that currently I’m doing without the scanning.
    Please keep up developing this great product.
    Good luck.

  • Larry Marshall

    I’m an organizational mess. Need a makeover. Perhaps clearing the clutter will help…

  • karlcswanson

    Go through a lot of paper for school. I would like to get rid of it by putting it in evernote.

  • Thierry Rodon

    I love evernote and a portable ScanSnap 1100 will allow me to make the most of evernote when I’m travelling

  • brittany

    would use it to save all the precious things my kids make without actually having to find a place for it all in our tiny house!

  • Dr. Goddess

    OMG, as a scholar and an artist, this would help me out tremendously! Save my life, Evernote! I’ll clear the clutter, write more poetry, tour more shows, push out more articles, I’ll go soaring into the new morning with the greatest motivation! As a former graduate student and now educator, I have tons of papers that I need to scan in before “the revolution” happened and I don’t mean Prince! Let’s make it happen, Evernote!

  • ashpags

    I still prefer to take notes by hand, but scanning them into Evernote helps me organize and search them easily. The ScanSnap would be much more efficient than my current flat-bed scanner.

  • Kien Tran

    I have a desk full of random receipts, cards, and invoices that a ScanSnap 1100 would be great for. My quest to move paperless has been met with many challenges, and I could use a new weapon in the fight.

  • Sue G

    I’m just starting back into homeschooling my kids and I’d love to be able to scan their work to keep better records of their progress. I’m a new user to Evernote but I think it will become a central part of our educational process and give our kids a head start on cloud based services like Evernote.

  • April Sinclair

    The ScanSnap 1100 would help me to get organized with all of my papers I have for school & my work at home jobs.

  • Jeff Gayle

    I’m tired of the piles of paper on my desk and scanning them to Evernote would be perfect.

  • Ashley Baxter

    The combination of Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 in my life would make make me more likely to do things instantly and keep me from procrastinating. It would make more simple in so many ways!

  • Jim Sewell

    Tax time next year will be a breeze as I scan all my pharmacy receipts and doctor receipts. I’ll be able to tag each type, Medicine, Doctor, Business Expense, etc. and keep them in a notebook for only Tax info. If the IRS wants to see the receipt I’ll whip out my iPod Touch and show it to them! LOL

    Itemizing deductions has never been as easy as it will be with ScanSnap and Evernote!

  • Eddy Badrina

    Man, this is a great giveaway. I swear by Evernote, and the Scansnap would allow me to scan in receipts, invoices, and the random documents we get into our small, but fast-growing, business. Hope I win!

  • R. Campbell

    Wow, do I ever need a little document scanner like this- my aged file boxes are fit to pop and I need to declutter old records!

  • Joe

    If you could see my office, you would see piles of paper, and paper accessories. Inside these accessories, such as folders, is more paper. I need to go digital! Help! 🙂

  • Julia

    I have been trying to go paperless, but my current scanner is SO LAME. I would love to have great OCR capabilities and the available-anywhere storage of Evernote!

  • Paul Harvey

    My older scansnap scanner has saved my from mounds of desk clutter at home, and this newer, more portable scanner will do the same for me at work.

  • Shelley

    I’m an elementary teacher who has just discovered Evernote. I have so many files that need organized. The ScanSnap 1100 scanner would be a great help!

  • Darren

    I travel! I generate receipts that need scanning! I heart Evernote! What more can I say, really.

  • Brent Jones

    Evernote + iPhone + iPad apps help me organize my life. Pairing the program with this scanner would kick it into the next level.

  • PD

    I am in grad school and have tons of notes (also from years back) that I would like to have a digital/searchable copy.

  • JoEllen Howard

    To have a scansnap S1100 would allow me to combine my use of Evernote with being able to search scanned documents that are part of my projects not currently captured as neatly… the prospect of eliminating so much paper is a wonderous thing!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Emilio

    I am always on the road and the less I have with me the better. Now I can just scan papers and receipts and throw them away. I love it!

  • ktclick

    As owner of my own small writing business and mother to two children under the age of 4, it is incredibly important that I keep information where I can find it: not hidden beneath a leaning tower of paper. This ScanSnap and Evernote will keep EVERYTHING where I can find it.

  • Dmitriy Bryndin

    I’m using Evernote to store all my documents, manuals, buseness cards… virtually everything. My scanner is old and takes to much space on the desk, but I have to keep it for Evernote. With Evernote I reduce the paper clutter and with ScanSnap S1100 I will free up some space on my desk!

  • MacFevre

    I desperately need a ScanSnap to organize my 40+ years of gathering various papers of life!

  • Mark

    I scan from an all in one in my office, I have my assistant scan items for me and I scan from my all in one at home. A ScanSnap S1100 will be perfect to allow me to get all of my docs into Evernote without having to remember where I scanned things to.

  • Elvis

    As a researcher, the scaner and evernote will definitely help me a lot when I pop up an idea and want to write it down immediately. This will keep my many ideas into a record and implement them gradually!

  • Ron Cook

    I use Evernote to store all sorts of information and quotes so that I can easily retrieve them through a search. As a minister I get a lot of notes – handwritten and otherwise – that I would love to be able to store and I am a terrible typist. I’d love a small portable scanner to carry with me to meetings and even overseas.

  • George Starcher

    I am staring a new job in consulting to go with the new year. So this would help me keep all my expenses organized for work and tax purposes.

  • Adam

    As a well traveled road warrior I would use the scanner to compile my expense report and keep my carry-ons down to a more back friendly weight!

    Loving Evernote!

  • Cecily T

    Oh, man. I would love one of these. I love my Evernote account to organize online receipts, project ideas, and recipes. A scansnap would be great for all those product manuals eating up space in my house, along with all of our financial and medical records. We recently needed a document from 2003 that I was SURE we’d saved, but of course couldn’t find in the box that we thought it was in. After a lot of carrying on and calling financial institutions, I got the info I needed. Later, we found the document in a different box…having it in Evernote and searchable would have saved me hours of hunting around.

  • Jason Barmer

    Evernote and the ScanSnap 1100 scanner will help organize my life by helping me scan old paper documents that I’ve kept from seminary and college! Woo-hoo!

  • Skip Owens

    With a new ScanSnap scanner (along withEvernote) I could clean off my desk, clean out my home office and closet and then take over the world!

  • Gary Theilman

    Having everything in the cloud allows me to work from anywhere…I don’t need to be in the office to get things done. A ScanSnap would make it that much easier to accomplish.

  • Jennifer

    Although I do not have mounds of paperwork on my desk, as a professional organizer there is always more paperwork to scan! I would love to be able to use this for myself (& husband) and avoid the old flatbed scanner as well as a tool to take with me on jobs, to show people both Evernote and the scanner!

  • Barbara Wright

    I teach at a community college and our students would benefit from the scanning features which would allow me to post notes and whiteboard notes on Blackboard. This would help student success. We currently have no scanner available to us.

  • Aurora

    Having a snap scanner would be a tremendous help in teaching English to Japanese elementary school kids. I could use it to scan my lesson plans, flashcards, and pictures from America to share with the Japanese teachers and kids who I work with. My kids are always excited to see new pictures, so I would definitely make good use of it!

  • Jan

    Spent 5 days digitalizing all my files, this would be a great help!

  • AndyS01

    I like the concept! I have many scroll saw patterns and I am always scanning them in to be printed or archived and this scanner would be a perfect way to get the patterns organized via EverNote.

  • Michelle

    This would be great for my students to use in my class!!! Please send me one!

  • dds

    I have been using Evernote for many years now, in fact I was probably one of the early adopters. I have to admit I get lazy sometimes when it comes to scanning something and then placing it into Evernote. With Evernote and the SnapScan 1100, my problem would be solved.

  • Jennifer

    I’m a student with a small room. This would be perfect for organizing notes and reading material.

  • John Doe

    Hi to all from Japan.
    I tried to resist but I couldn’t.

    Give me that scanner!