Engadget and TUAW iOS apps add “Save to Evernote” feature

Posted by on 27 Jan 2011

Posted by on 27 Jan 2011

We’re huge tech fans here at Evernote. When a new product or gadget comes out, we head straight to our go-to blogs, read the reviews and immediately clip those posts into Evernote with a “WANT” tag. This is why we’re excited that two of our favorite blogs have added Save to Evernote options into their iOS applications: TUAW for iPhone and Engadget for iPad.

TUAW iPhone app: How it works

After you install the free TUAW app [iTunes link], launch the app and tap on an article. Next, tap on the Save button in the lower left corner and select Save to Evernote.

You’ll be asked to sign into your Evernote account. Next you’ll be given the option to title and tag your note. You can optionally choose to skip this step in the future by turning on the Auto-Share option.

Engadget iPad app: How it works

First install the free Engadget app [iTunes link] on your iPad. From here, the process here is almost identical to the TUAW app above. Find a post that you’d like to save, tap the Save button at the top of the screen and select Save to Evernote.

That’s it! Next time you sync your Evernote account all those saved blog posts will appear.

We love how easy these app have made it to save great blog content into Evernote. Now, if only someone could tell us how to pronounce TUAW


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  • Richard Lai


  • Mike Rose

    It’s generally spoken letter by letter — T U A W — but if you must pronounce it, it’s “too-awh.”

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks, Mike.

  • Nik

    I’d love to see this integrated into iOS Safari… Perhaps through a javascript bookmarklet.

    • Alex

      So what’s holding you back? That feature exists already.

  • Steve

    It frustrates me immensely that Engadget has an iPad app, but TUAWE don’t and you are owned by the same company.

    • Mike Rose

      If we weren’t both Aol-owned, we’d be more likely to have an iPad app. Our development resources are spread across all Aol properties. That said, we would love to have an iPad app. Best way to express your desire to the Powers That Be: download the iPhone version and review it (four stars or higher, please! 🙂 saying you want an iPad version.

  • Emmgee

    I love Evernote and use it every day. However, for saving stuff from blogs, Instapaper is the way I do it. Why? Because I use an RSS reader on my iPad and iPhone and Instapaper works for all blogs. So if I want to look at saved content, I go to one place.

    My suggestion to Evernote is this: Create an Instapaper-like function for iPad/iPod that is similar in concept to the Web Clipper on the Mac/PC. It would be much more useful than making a deal with this or that application provider.

    A related suggestion is to use their cloud storage for notes and attachments for a Dropbox-like service. That would tie much more content into their ecosystem. I could imagine tagging files with the same tags that I use for notes. Then if I want a list of notes, web pages, and files associated with a particular tag I can get it instantly.

    • Chris

      Agreed. I desperately need some kind of clipper button in a browser that sends a complete page of content directly to Evernote. And/or in my favorite RSS app, Reeder. The current setup is a real drag.

  • Mike Rose

    FYI Andrew —