Evernote for Schools – Education Series Roundup

Posted by Ron Toledo on 10 Mar 2011

Posted by Ron Toledo on 10 Mar 2011

Evernote in the classroom has always made perfect sense to us. With its flexible organization features, sharing capabilities, cross- platform synchronization and, of course, powerful search, Evernote is a well-suited tool for educators and students alike.

We recently had the opportunity to attend the NAIS Conference (National Association of Independent Schools) with with our new friends from IdeaPaint.

Over the course of the event we had dozens of teachers and administrators come up to our booth and share the ways they were putting Evernote to use at their schools. We heard from teachers who were using Evernote with their students, as well as administrators who were implementing large-scale deployments–much like The Montclair Kimberley Academy.

Alex Ragone, Director of Technology at Collegiate School in New York City

Alex Ragone dropped by and shared all the ways he and his students at the Collegiate School are using Evernote to remember everything:

“I love the ability to move between my laptop, iPad and Android phone. I put class rosters in Evernote so I can quickly pull up my attendance at the beginning of each class and use it to take notes in meetings all the time.  I’ve also used Noteshelf to ink notes and sync them with Evernote, making them searchable. All of these great uses of your product simplify the process of storing information.”

Alex has also implemented Evernote on iPads at his school as part of a school-wide experiment. He’s written about his experiences and has also participated in an education-focused podcast called Ed TechTalk Webcast, hosted by Bill Stites. For more, follow Alex on Twitter and check out his blog.

Learn More

If you’re a teacher or educator looking for some guidance, check out some of these education-related resources:

Evernote Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored Accounts make it easy to give Evernote Premium to any number of people at your school (teachers, administrators and students). Sponsored Accounts take the hassle out of purchasing and managing Evernote Premium subscriptions for groups of any size by centralizing the billing process. We also offer a 50% educational discount to qualifying educational institutions.

How are you using Evernote?

If you’ve ever snapped a photo of a whiteboard in class, organized a semester’s worth of research or built your lesson plans in Evernote, let us know. Please share your stories in the comments below.

Join the discussion about Evernote for Schools on our forum. Learn from educators and share your own experiences, best practices and tips.


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  • Russ Goerend

    I use Evernote to build digital portfolios of my students’ learning. Because of Evernote’s file-type flexibility I can capture anything that we can get into digital format. I keep pictures of exit cards, videos of student reflections, and audio recordings of student conferences, among other things.

    Here is the blog post I wrote about it:

    Russ Goerend
    6th grade Language Arts
    Waukee Middle School
    Waukee, Iowa

  • Ryan Nguyen

    Switching to Evernote has streamlined my entire note-taking and college work system. Notes are so easy to compile and send, I’m spending way less time on administrative tasks and more time actually learning. I’ve compiled all my experience with Evernote over the past couple months at Thanks Evernote!

  • John

    I use it all the time to take snap shots with my phone of white board notes created in meetings at work. It’s great because I know the photo of important notes is safe in the cloud. I can then access it immediately from any of my computers. I don’t have to sync my phone to get the photo or email it to myself. I can then add notes and tags for reference later.

  • J. Michael Hite

    I have converted my course syllabus to a shared Evernote notebook. I can add material throughout the course, snap pictures of whiteboard presentations and more. I love it.

  • David Andrade

    I use Evernote all the time as a teacher and student. I teach high school physics, present at educational conferences, teach professional development, and am working on my second Master’s degree. I don’t know where I would be without Evernote.

    I use it for meeting notes, class notes, lesson plans, resources, clipping articles and resources from the internet, sharing notes with students and colleagues, and so much more. I access it from the web at school, on my Palm Pre+ via the Evernote App, and at home using the Windows Download version (keeping a backup of all my data too).

    I even write about how Evernote is great for education:

  • The Admired

    I was there at the NAIS Conference and I really liked your booth. The way you set it up showed a lot about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. It brought me to your Internet site 🙂

  • Robin Martin

    I was just getting caught up on my podcasts and listened to several of Evernote podcasts. I must comment about your desktop application. I have had Evernote for my iPhone for a while and when your desktop application came out I really increased my useage. I use a MacBook, iPhone, iPad and two different iMac desktops and I love being able to get to my notes from anywhere! I like the desktop app to be able to edit and clean up the notes and messages.
    By the sound of the podcast, you guys are doing great! I am so glad to see an application smoothly operate from mobile to desktop. There are not too many apps that do that.
    Congratulations on your success with the App store as well.
    Robin Martin

  • Mike

    We are currently using Evernote shared folders to research and track the implementation of iPads into school environments. Love it thus far!

  • Adam Housley

    As a principal, I have fallen in love with Evernote. I use it to document teacher observations on my iPhone; as soon as I am finished, I return to the office and complete my notes on my MacBook. I then email the file to my assistant who attaches it to the physical observation form and passes it on to the teacher.
    I have also started using it to take notes during meetings of all types. The easy and accurate search feature makes it so simple to access these notes later. I love the way notes appear when they are emailed as well.
    We are in the process of building a new high school, and I find myself snapping pictures of furniture, design features, etc. as I come across them. I tag them and share them with out leadership team.

  • Linda Walker

    Since it takes a credit card to sign up for it, can I use the school’s card? My husband doesn’t want me to use ours.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Linda, you can use an credit card. That’s entirely up to you.

  • Kevin Buran

    Recently, some of my students have been unable to come to school as there has been a road closure in Big Sur due to a landslide. Some of these students may be unable to come to school for weeks, if not months. Evernote’s shared folder system has been very useful in that it gives students a portal through which they can access class notes, worksheets, PPTs, and labs. Nice work.

  • Willow

    I LOVE EVERNOTE! I use it for so many things, but my most recent use is for store receipts, and it’s great! I have always had trouble keeping up with the darned things, especially when I need to return something, can never find it. Now I take a picture of the receipt with my I-Phone and immediately send it to Evernote!
    Voila! All receipts now easily accessible and with me at all times, whether by I-Phone, I-Pad or PC.
    Thank you Evernote, you are brilliant!

  • John A. DuBois

    I have been using Evernote as a means to capture quote, either as I read them in my textbooks or as I create them when teaching mr students. I find the tags assist in cataloguing information for future reference. However, I am excited to see what other options are available to educators. Thank you Evernote!