Japanese Earthquake Relief

Posted by Phil Libin on 11 Mar 2011

Posted by Phil Libin on 11 Mar 2011

In the past year, Japan has become our second home. We are deeply saddened by yesterday’s enormous earthquake and tsunami. In the hope of providing some help to those working to recover and rebuild from this disaster, we are doing two things:

  • Donating 100% of this month’s revenue from currently-paying Evernote Premium subscribers in Japan to local earthquake relief efforts.
  • Upgrading all of our free Japanese users to Evernote Premium for one month.

We realize that this is only a small comfort, but we hope that people can use the added capabilities of Premium accounts to record, document, organize and share information useful for rebuilding without having to worry about the limitations of the free version.

We are very grateful for the warm reception that Evernote has received in Japan and for the opportunity to play a small part in the inevitable recovery.


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  • Homeion

    Good idea. Not sure how much sharing is possible now, but hopefully it’s an aid in documenting.

  • Dan K.

    Way to go Evernote!

  • ntt

    So if we opt go premium before the end of the March, we’ll be contributing to the relief efforts? This could be another great way to help out Japan for us users as well..

    • Andrew Sinkov

      NTT, we are donating the revenue received from Japanese users only. So, if you are a Japanese user, then you will contribute to the relief effort.

  • Cliff Spicer

    Always knew you had a great product but this generous offer shows you have great people as well.

  • Kal

    Nice gesture. 🙂

  • AML Exam

    God bless Evernote. And God bless Japan.

  • Shane

    that is nice of u guys. are all of the people that work for u in japan ok? i didnt know about the earthquake until i got up this morning. I found out when some one i knew posted a video of the tusami and earthquake on facebook.
    t iam trying to get my whole family to use it but
    i love your product not having a lot of luck. keep the good work

  • Mila

    A good example we all should follow.

  • Nick

    Well done Evernote – nice gesture!

  • Teresa

    That’s a nice thing you’re doing. I stumbled across a Japanese blogger who blogs in English, he was saying when phones failed, land line and cell, the internet came through for him in communicating with his family directly after the quake in Tokyo. (Which means the internet is doing exactly what it’s designed to do – excellent.) It also means people will be able to use evernote more easily than some other types of tools in the short run.

  • David Levine

    It’s nice to see this sort of thing. Bravo, Evernote! Bravo!

  • fumi

    Thank you for your support. I was wondering why our account become a premium course. Now I understand that this is your sincere expression to the disaster.

    I live in the western part of Japan, so I cannot do anything but watching TV news like you all. Because no rescue routes has been established.

    Anyway, we, Japanese all appreciate your kindness.

  • Babs

    It makes you PROUD to be an EVERNOTER! Good manners and doing what’s right because it IS the right thing to do NEVER go out of style. People who care just show up…and EVERNOTE is showing its humanitarian side….THANKS!

  • kensco

    Thank you for your support for Japan.
    Now, Google launch a new service called “Evacuees Lists”.

    They are captured by camera, and some of those lists are written by hand.

    I think it is difficult to search the names in the lists, because you need to look for them one by one.
    I wonder if Evernote launch the similar service as your image searching feature is marvelous.

    Please your consideration.

    Kind Regards,

  • morio

    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    I am glad to hear that part of my subscription fee goes to those who really need it immediately.
    I will never forget this and promise to stay loyal to evernote.
    I personally live in Tokyo and I am not experiencing major difficulties, but people living up north in Tohoku area where the earthquake and tsunami struck most, they need a lot of support; physically and mentally.
    I wish they could read all those comments but I guess they won’t have internet access right now.
    I hope the donation from evernote will help recover those areas from this disaster soon.

    So many countries are helping us, we really are thankful for your support.
    Thank you so much.

  • Kin

    Hurray! Good for Evernote.

  • Paul

    You guys are awesome! I’m a free Evernote user so I’m not funding your donation directly but you’ve inspired me to make another donation to help the people in Japan. ~Paul

  • fumi

    For the support from Evernote, I could gather the photos of Japanese the sufferers who started their new lives via Internet. So I shared them with you.

    I do not have time to translate Japanese footnote into English. Sorry for your inconvenience.