Evernote for Windows Now With Facebook, Twitter and Notebook Sharing, And Much More

Posted by on 12 Apr 2011

Posted by on 12 Apr 2011

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Today, Evernote for Windows got its most significant update in months. The big news is sharing. For the first time, Windows users will be able to take selected portions of their Evernote memories and share them with friends, colleagues and classmates–all without ever leaving the application. That’s not all. We’ve also added a number of other much-requested features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look.

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Sharing your memories

We want to make it incredibly easy for you to share your thoughts and inspirations with the people that matter to you. The latest Evernote for Windows update gives you a set of sharing options to fit whatever needs you may have.

Quick note sharing
Now you can quickly share a single note with friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. We’ve added a Share button into the menu bar. Click the button and select a sharing option.

Let’s say you want to share a note over Twitter. Select ‘Post to Twitter’ in the menu, then Evernote will quickly sync to ensure that you’re sharing the latest version of the note, and launch Twitter in a browser window. We’ll autofill a tweet based on your note title, which you can always change if you want. After that, publish and you’re done. The process is similar for Facebook.

Keep in mind that sharing a single note makes it completely public and available to anyone with access to the URL. You can stop sharing at any time via the Share menu when you right-click on the note.

Sharing notebooks
Notebook sharing is the perfect option when you’re working on a group project, planning a family trip or brainstorming with your team–anything that’s more substantial than a single note. To share a notebook, click on the new Shared tab above the notebook list. Then click on the Manage Sharing link. You’ll see a list of your notebooks. Select the one you want to share and then follow the instructions. You can choose the individuals you want to share with, password requirements and more.

You can allow others to edit your notes, turning Evernote into a great collaboration tool.

Viewing shared notebooks

Sharing your notes and notebook is only part of the story. The new Evernote for Windows makes it easy to access notebooks that have been shared with you. Whenever you visit a notebook that has been shared with you, that notebook becomes linked to your Evernote account. You can view all linked notebooks by clicking into the Shared tab.

Here’s a shared notebook of Asian soups that I’ve eaten recently. If you’re signed into your account, it will autolink. Otherwise, click the “Link to my Account” button.

The nice thing about linked notebooks on the desktop is that they’re stored locally on your computer, so you’ll be able to access them even when offline. Be aware that, by default, Evernote syncs linked notebooks less frequently than your own notebooks–you can change this in the settings for each notebook. If you plan on being offline, make sure to sync each linked notebook that you’ll want to access later.

Improvements for writers

A lot of people use Evernote for some heavy duty writing. This version has three new features that will help bring that great novel or term paper you’ve been working on to life.

Note, word and character count
In the View menu, there’s now a Show Note and Word Counts option. Activate it and a bar will appear along the bottom of the note panel containing word and character counts.

Find and Replace
When searching within a specific note, you now have the ability to perform a find and replace. Press CTRL+H in the note to expose this feature.

Improve indenting
We’ve enhanced our text editor to handle indentation more consistently.

And lots more

There are a number of other new features and improvements:

  • Improved note syncing for Firefox web clips
  • Improved default font selection based on a user’s language preference
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

We’re really excited about this update. Windows is the second Evernote platform to get social sharing. Let us know what you think. If you’re not a Windows user, don’t worry: sharing is coming to other versions of Evernote soon. Stay tuned.

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  • Andrew wooldridge

    Will the Mac version be on par as well soon?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We are working on enhancements to our Mac version, as well.

      • Shravan Kumar N

        Thanks a lot… I needed few of these features for my MAC Evernote!

  • MaryAnn

    I’m so excited about the word count feature… and can’t wait for it to be added to the Mac version 😀

  • Alisha

    Looks great! I love the new share features. Thanks EverNote crew!

  • Rob Fontano

    I don’t see the new share tab, is there an update?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, you need to update to version 4.3 to see the new sharing features.

  • Thomas

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the Mac version as well – you guys do great work! =)

  • Joe Bryant

    Thanks evernote. Love the new features – thanks for making a great product and for continuing to improve it.

  • Rob Fontano

    NICE! Recently upgraded to Evernote Premium when I realized that I can no longer function without it. This is a nice addition. Keep ’em coming!

  • Chet

    I have just upgraded to the new version. Love the word count feature! Thanks for the great work, Evernote team!

  • Stanisv

    When will be notes sharing and text editor improvments in iPad/iPhone version…

  • Jim Sewell

    Nice improvements for Windows! I use Win at work occasionally and Mac at work/home. Can’t wait to see what you guys have for the Mac version next!

    It’s really a pleasure to have not only a tool that does as much as Evernote does, but also is updated and improved the way you guys do. To anyone who has ever tried Evernote and not liked it, make sure you keep checking back… it’s like the weather, if you don’t like it stick around 5 minutes, it’ll change!

    Thanks guys!

  • Tom Hinshaw

    I remember when I first got Evernote being able to put multiple JPGs in a note, then move them around, this one first, this one last, etc. I’m not seeing that happen anymore. Am I missing something?

    • David K

      Just upgraded to premier account a few days ago. I stumbled on the android app and my mind boggled with the potential. I then installed the windows software; I have to say I was disappointed. I know this is a young company so I’m not going to moan, but things I will expect for future upgrades include; Resizing and cropping images within a note and recording sound as easy as you can within the android app, to name but a few. I’m sure Evernote will continue to improve and I can see myself being a very loyal customer for years, keep up the good work guys. Improve the functions within the windows interface, a few basic functions are missing!

      • David K

        Alternatively – get rid of the Windows app and have an amazing web based interface. Going the Windows install route is a little old fashioned when you can do most things nowadays using a web based application

  • Todd Cullen

    Andrew, when will shared notebooks feature be available on iOS? I’d like to be able to create notes in a shared notebook (say, grocery shopping lists) and be able to edit on my iPhone/iPad, AND for my wife to do the same on her iPhone. Coming soon?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.

    • ca

      To quote someone who said it well, “Don’t care how, I want it now!” In all seriousness…when will sync work on mobile devices? Weeks?? Months??

  • Ben

    So the local database is now encrypted? Wow that’s amazing news!!

  • Thomas

    One thing I miss on the Windows version is the option to show embedded PDF files as attachments instead of inline documents. This is possible on the OS X version and helps organizing rather large notes with more than a few attached PDFs.

    Will this feature be available to the windows world?

  • Roberto Vazquz

    Thanks Evernote was expecting these features I needed

  • Martin

    Improved indentation in the Windows version? Where’s the *basic* indentation feature in the Mac version?

  • Lee Francis Wilhelmsen

    I have a few simple suggestions for improvements. Is there a place where I can post feedback or suggestions?

  • Sebastiaan

    I’ve been waiting to be able to open shared notebooks in Evernote for windows and now it’s here. Great! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Pablo

    I have already installed the new version. I went to the SHARE button, and in the main box I was asked to log in (as it were the web page), and I couldn´t do it! I have tried several times, without success. I have also log in in the web page (checking my account and password) and nothing happened.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Pablo, please contact our support team:

  • Albert

    Thanks a lot!
    But: Now am searching for the button to show me all my shared notes at once …

  • Stuart Walker

    Excellent update. Once features and similar UI (stacking) are added to iPad version, there will be no looking back at other wannabe note and collaboration apps. There may even be mult-device OneNote users jumping ship.

  • William B. Lueg

    Is there a way to send text messages using Evernote from a MAC desktop? I am an instructor in a trade school and I frequently need to contact several students via texting as opposed to email or voice mail. So much of Evernote fits in with classroom teaching.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It is not currently possible to send a text message out of Evernote.

  • Jaber

    “You can stop sharing at any time by clicking on the Shared link at the top of a shared note.”

    I tried the new quick note sharing feature by posting a shared note on facebook. How can I delete the sharing link? I can’t find it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      To stop sharing, select the Share menu option when you right click on the note in your note list, then choose Stop Sharing.

  • Britt Treece

    Love Evernote, use it for a ton of stuff, but when (if ever?) will it be available for Linux/Ubuntu?

    I love the way it works in Windows, but the Windows Emulator for Ubuntu just doesn’t do it justice. Someone said on a forum that “it’ll never happen” to get EN onto Linux.


    • Nini

      This is absolutely what I thought. Why will it never happen? They said it before about the mobile platforms… They’ll eventually see the potential of the Linux community. Just hope it won’t take them too long to realize.

  • Martin

    Sharing for social media might be great for some, but I still miss a feature that worked well with previous Evernote versions – *working* email functionality!

    Versions from the olden times (pre EN 3) did what most programs do – they opened my favourite mail program and handed over the note I had chosen to share. As simple as this, it let me have access to all I needed, like letting me choose (multiple or BCC) recipients from my adressbook, formatting the mail, adding files etc. Now, two versions later, I still have a measly stub of email functionality that forces me to type in every recipients mail adress anew.

    Sorry Evernote, but selling this as big new feature only makes me angry.

    Another well working feature that has been removed from Evernote and never restored is the possibility to add due dates to notes and sorting them accordingly. That was simple but made a lot of sense, re-enabling this has been requested a lot, but EN doesn’t seem to listen.

    Evernote is a great application I use daily; many new features have added a lot of value, and working with it is mostly a pleasure.
    But by restoring or reworking what has worked well in the past it could easily be even more useful.

  • Bob Butterworth

    This is great stuff, but I feel like having to switch to the shared tab and go back and forth between my notebooks is sort of a headache. It would be nice if I just had a notebook that was shared between 2 or more evernote users and that notebook appeared in their normal notebook list as it does on mine. Everyone can view and edit notes on it the rest of the notebooks in the list, this one just happens to be able to have multiple people collaborate on it. Just a few thoughts. Great to get this going though!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion. We like the current implementation as it clearly differentiates your notebooks from those owned by other users, but we’re certainly interested in hearing the reaction and making improvements.

    • Lisa

      I’m with Bob on this. Having to switch over makes it that much less likely my partner will see the shared notebook in his review of his various notes.

  • Larry Clapp

    Andrew Sinkov> To stop sharing, select the Share menu option when you right click on the note in your note list, then choose Stop Sharing.

    So given that the main blog text (“You can stop sharing at any time by clicking on the Shared link at the top of a shared note”) is, not to put too fine a point on it, completely incorrect, maybe you could change it?

    … Oh, sorry, after 10 more minutes of experimentation, I found that on the Evernote *web client*, there *is* a “shared” link at the top of the page that works as advertised. Which is *exactly not* what I would’ve expected on a blog entry about the *Windows* client.

    Aside from that, nice work, guys.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the post to reflect the right-click option.

  • Karen eldred

    Great job.
    I was able to get the shared soup notebook up and running.
    The pictures are beautiful.
    Are the recipes supposed to be there as well?
    Would be wonderful to cook some of these soups

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I usually take photos of ramens and phos that I eat at restaurants. I wish I had the recipes to go along with the photos, because I would love to cook these myself.

  • John Dillenburg

    Where is inter-note linking?

    • Larry Clapp

      Inter-/intra-note linking would be cool. Treepad can do this and it’s cool and I miss it.

      More broadly, a format for internal clickable links that can take you to notes, tags, saved searches, or what-have-you, would be pretty cool. I guess each link would basically just be its own saved search; a link to a particular note would be a “search” for a note with a particular note id (if such a thing exists). It wouldn’t have to be complex, just press Ctrl-K (on Windows), and instead of http:// use (say) en://todo:false. That sort of thing is, after all, exactly the reason the “scheme” part of URLs exists (e.g. “http:”), to allow different types of URLs.

      Of course then you get into how to display and use the same link on the Windows/Mac clients, the web client, and the mobile phone clients transparently.

      Anyway, again: yes, this would be cool! 🙂

  • Linda

    I just discovered Evernote last week a fell in love! After trying out the web version, I jumped in with both feet yesterday and downloaded the Windows version, which I realized offered a lot more cool features than the web, including a button in my Outlook’s toolbar (I didn’t have an opportunity to explore it at the time). Today I was psyched to do the upgrade, but now I’ve realized that the button in my Outlook is missing! I really want to see what it could do – Help?!

    • Larry Clapp

      Hi, Linda. Try restarting Outlook. I upgraded today and still have the EN button, but I also shutdown OL before I did the upgrade and restarted it afterwards.

      (I am not an EN developer.)

      • Linda

        Yes, that worked! I feel so silly that I didn’t think it that myself. That’s usually the first thing you try in regard to all programs and electronics (restart/reboot)! Thanks!

  • Rev. Brian Henderson

    Keep up the good work. Speaking of that, when do you think that we will have a task/calendar feature added. If this were provided it would indeed be the ultimate productivity tool!

  • Some guy

    It would be nice if the email address form field in the desktop app would remember which email addrs I have sent to previously and present me a drop down like the web version does. I email all the time, and it just seems dumb that evernote isn’t remembering everyone who I send to. Save my time please, I’m running out daily.

    • Albert


  • Anon

    All I want is a proper extension for Firefox 4. When the current addon is going to be updated, any idea? BTW thanks for another great update, keep up the good work.

  • Dominick Scarfogliero

    If you, a premium subscriber, create a note and share it with someone so they can edit it, do they also have to be a premium subscriber to edit the note?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      No. Only the person sharing needs to be Premium in order for recipients to edit the notebook content.

      • Kevin

        Follow-up question: Does the person who is editing the shared note have to use Evernote? Or can they edit it without having Evernote?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          You can allow viewers to edit your notes if you are Premium and have shared an entire notebook. You have the option to require a login. If you choose not to require login, then the people you invite do not need to be Evernote users.

          To be clear, this only applies to notebook sharing. Editing is not available when you share a single note via Twitter, FB, etc.

  • Thommango

    I guess I’m the contrarian. I saw the facebook features and immediately thought “Oh no, Evernote just jumped the shark!” I hope there is a way to disable social site sharing entirely. I use evernote for things that are personal and private and wouldn’t want to send a pay stub to a cousin or a dental xray to my gardening group friends.

    Similarly, word counting and better indenting are pretty much the last things I ever imagined wanting in evernote.

    EverNote as a Windows Printer would be top of my list.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sharing is completely optional. We’re simply giving you the sharing capabilities, you can choose whether or not you want to use them.

  • Carl Evans

    Excellent work, shared notebooks from the client has been top of my wishlist since I started using Evernote. I know two people that had been waiting for this feature to arrive in the client before they would sign up; they downloaded it on the day of release.

    I think sharing by tag would finish it off nicely.

  • David

    Sure would be nice to have a field that shows who created a shared note.

  • dave

    Shared notebooks at last! Great update!

    its nice to see “Improvements for writers” too. does that mean we might be seeing text formatting sometime soon? my notes are usually a mess, especially when i clip bits of text from all over the net, the simplify formatting is great for getting everything the same but it takes a lot of time then to change the font, size and colour for different type of headings, subheadings, body text etc.

    thanks again

  • Jeffrey Tschiltsch

    Unfortunately I’m experiencing a lot of freezing and unresponsiveness with the new version after using 20 to 30 minutes, and eventually it completely locks up and I have to kill it. So far no loss of data which is nice. This is happening on multiple PCs. Anyone else?

  • David

    I second dave’s request for text formatting options.

    Q) Is there a feature to remove the font formating that is in the document or selection I pasted into the EN note (from a web clip). And to remove all other formatting if desired?

    Simplify formatting is good, but it simplifies it to the source formatting, as dave said.

    Any assistance is appreciated, I could not find answers in Help.

  • Jason

    Still waiting for there to be a Linux Version with all these goodies…. running Evernote in WINE blows. ;-(

  • Ken Murray

    I stopped using it because it didn’t have enough editing features like dealing with tables. If the editing improves any I might go back.

  • Ghazali Ridzwan

    Thanks for the excellent update Evernote. Keep up the good work!

  • Norma Parfitt

    I really don’t know why I bought Evernote. It does nothing special for me.

  • Nicola

    STILL waiting for the word count in the mac version… come on guys, we need it!!!

  • Michael Smith

    I have been using Evernote for over a year – great for clipping webpages and I have been using for my GTD (Getting Things Done) lists and projects.

    One feature that would be useful is to be able to put a link to a second note in another note. Then in my project notes I could link to notes on related information. This would be like a hyperlink but instead of linking to a webpage it would link to another Evernote note. Would make organizing my notes easier. Thanks for listening.

  • Thomas Frank

    Word count for the Mac version would be AWESOME.

  • Seakly

    Does this new version can run on mobile phone?

  • soccer news

    Thanks a lot! Terrific information!