The BIG Evernote for Android Update

Posted by on 19 Apr 2011

Posted by on 19 Apr 2011

Today’s Evernote for Android update is, in a word, HUGE. This is the first time that we have crammed this many great features into a single release of any Evernote product. We’ve added sharing, organizational features, improved text editing, security options, new views, a revamped widget, and tons more. Take a look at what’s new in version 3.

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Browse and edit shared notebooks

Whenever someone shares a notebook with you, you can choose to link it to your account. Now, Evernote for Android lets you browse through any of these shared notebooks.

Mobile collaboration
Not only can you view shared notebooks, but you can also edit notebook contents if the individual sharing with you is a Premium subscriber. This feature turns Evernote into a great mobile collaboration tool.

To access shared notebooks, tap on the new Shared icon on the Evernote home screen. You’ll see a list of shared notebooks that you have linked to your account. Tap on a notebook to view it. If you’d like the notebook to sync whenever Evernote syncs, then choose the Sync option.

Premium feature: If you’re a Premium subscriber, then when you tap on a linked notebooks, you’ll be presented with the option to take the notebook offline, allowing you to access it when you don’t have a network connection. Keep in mind, it’s possible that the owner (or someone else) will edit the linked notebook while you’re offline. Those changes will show up the next time you sync.

Sharing to Facebook and other apps

You can now quickly and easily post any single note to Facebook or share the note with other apps (including Twitter), right from your phone. As soon as you have a brilliant idea or spot your favorite bottle of wine, save it forever into Evernote and instantly share it with the people that matter to you.

Posting to Facebook
To share a note on Facebook, open the note, tap on the menu button and choose Post. You’ll be asked to sign into your Facebook account and then you’ll be able to share the note. That’s all there is to it.

Sharing to other apps
You can also share a single note with other apps that you use, like Gmail or Twitter. To do this, tap the Menu button, then tap More and choose Share.

Search and create notes within notebooks

You can now search within any notebook that you’re viewing. This way, instead of getting search results from all of your notes, you can browse through a significantly shorter list. To do this, tap on a specific notebook in your Notebooks list. Then, tap on the Search magnifying glass. The second option that you’ll see below the Search bar will allow you to search within the selected notebook.

Also, whenever you’re in a notebook and create a note, the note will be placed into that notebook.

Create and edit notebooks, plus better support for Notebook Stacks

Notebook creation is no longer a desktop-only process. Now, Evernote for Android lets you create a notebook whenever you like. To make a new notebook, tap on the Notebook icon on the app’s home screen. Next, tap on the Menu button and choose the New Notebook option. If you’d like to rename a notebook tap and hold on the notebook name in your list.

This update also includes improved support for Notebook Stacks. When viewing your notebook list, you can collapse stacks to hide notebooks you don’t need. Tap and hold on a notebooks to either move it into an existing stack or to create a new one.

Maps and location

If you have GPS-enabled on your device, then Evernote will capture your location whenever you create a note–that’s been the case for some time. Now, you can see all of those notes on a map. Whenever you’re browsing through a list of notes, you’ll find a Map option when you tap the Menu button. Zoom into the map to see exactly where you created your notes. Tap on a pin at any time to view a group of notes. You can also center the map on your current location by tapping the compass and view all notes visible on the map but tapping the number bubble on the top right of the screen.

Add location to notes: Great for trip planning
In addition to mapping your notes, you can also add location data to existing notes. To do this, edit the note, then tap the Menu button. Tap on the Set Location option and drop a map pin wherever you’d like the note to be. This is a great feature to use when you’re planning a trip. Set the location of your itinerary to be the place where you’re going, then when you get there, use the Notes Near Here option (the map pin icon in the top right corner of the Search screen) to find all the notes associated with your travel destination.

New Premium feature: PIN Lock

You asked for it, and here it is: you can now lock the Evernote app with a PIN. Whenever you return to the app, you’ll be asked to enter your code. This is a great option if you share your phone or tablet with others and want to keep others from accessing your notes. One of the cool things about this feature is that you can still create quick notes via the widget, even when the app is locked–you just won’t be able to view or search your notes until you enter your PIN.

PIN Lock setup is located in the application settings. To change or disable the PIN, return to the PIN Lock screen and re-enter the PIN. If you mistype your PIN three times, you will be asked to enter your password. This feature is available to Premium subscribers.

New widget

The Evernote widget got a complete visual makeover. The widget lets you quickly jump into the app to create text, audio and snapshot notes, as well as to perform searches. To install the widget, tap and hold on the Android home screen. Then, tap on Widgets in the popup menu.

Better interface

We’ve also made a couple of useful interface improvements:

  • More info on the home screen: A new progress bar shows you exactly what the app is syncing.
  • Tag hierarchies: Nested tags created on the desktop will now appear in your tag list.

And more…

Besides the many, many new features and capabilities, there are a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes. As always, we’re hard at work to bring you even more goodness in the future. Stay tuned.

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  • john โ€”

    still no tablet support or handwriting? ๐Ÿ™

    • Josh Miller โ€”

      Define tablet support… cause it seems to work just fine on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      John, Evernote for Android works on Android tablets.

      • Glenn Blinckmann โ€”

        Works on tablets, yes. But it’s really not optimized for something the size of the Xoom. (My wife just got one today, so, of course Evernote went right on it!) Having a layout more optimized for a 10″ display would be wonderful.

  • Anke โ€”

    The iPhone version with access to shared notebooks surely can’t be far away then…?

  • Kyle Rohde โ€”

    Ah, you made all these great updates AND made it SD-movable. PERFECT and thank you!

    • Ankit G โ€”

      R u sure Widget is working after transferring the App to SD card ??

      Not working for me ๐Ÿ™

      • Joe โ€”

        Android does not support widgets running from apps installed to the SD card.

  • Helene โ€”

    Still need highlighting on all versions especially iPad.

  • Cory โ€”

    Thanks! I’m loving it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ankit G โ€”

    Awesome…Simply AWESOME !!

    many KUDOS to the team Evernote for providing us with such a useful tool.

  • Jesus โ€”

    I can move it to my SD card, thank you!!
    I love this update, Evernote for Android has improved so much in the last couple of months, I used to have such a hard time with such limited features, but now I LOVE it. My only wish is that the Pin Code feature would be available to everyone..

  • dave โ€”

    Excellent, excited by update.

    Don’t know if you noticed, but it is customary to put a changelog in the description of the app with updates. For a big one like this, at least a link to this post would be nice.

  • Ken โ€”

    Thank you sooooo much for the pin lock! Glad to be a premium subscriber! Now all the bank estatements and credit card info are under lock and key

  • Hannah โ€”

    Also loving the update! When I read you’d remade the widget I thought “noooo, it was perfect!”, but then it turned out it’s exactly the same, only better-looking. Perfect! Many thanks.

  • Hansoll โ€”

    Could you make web clipper for android? It could be awesome!

  • Mike โ€”

    HTC Wildfire.

    When I moving Evernote on SD card crashed widget. Please correct this error. It’s old error.

    • Mark โ€”

      Mike – this doesn’t seem to be happening to me. Mine is on the SD card on an LQ Optimus V from Virgin Mobile. I’ve seen this happen in the past, but when I installed the widget this time, it seems to be sticking the application settings show the app is on the SD card.

  • Matt โ€”

    Thanks for the update, I’ve been waiting for the ability to create a notebook in Android for quite some time, glad to see it’s finally here.

  • gene โ€”

    Love it, absolutely love it. one minor request. Can you please make the PIN lock number pad with square buttons? The rectangular buttons are really narrow and tough for those of us with fat fingers!


  • mark โ€”

    Makes me glad I ditched my blackberry a while back for specifically to use Evernote on Android. You guys rock. Go premium, folks!

  • fumisme โ€”

    What if I don’t want my notes to have geo-data attached?? I see I have 22 notes for my location and I’m not sure why these have been chosen. Can you tell us more about this, Andrew??

    Many thanks!!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Evernote automatically geo-tags notes created on your Android device. You can turn this off in Settings. You can remove geo information by editing those fields in the note details on any desktop version of Evernote.

  • john langfield โ€”

    best app for note taking – everybody knows that. BUT

    can you please explain to me why your widget is longer than
    the android standard for widgets? it sticks to the sides… isnt there a guideline for that. steve jpbs would never have let it happen.

  • Shawn โ€”

    Is this update available in the amazon appstore? When I check it says I have no updates available.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      The Amazon update should be available soon.

      • Shawn โ€”

        Thanks I will continue to check for it.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn โ€”

    This looks like a tremendous update – I cannot wait for these features to make their way onto iOS. Thank you for listening to user feedback and finally including a PIN lock. The search improvements are great.

    Congratulations on the release! Keep up the great work.

  • Moonlitdream โ€”

    I am so happy for this update! I was really wanting to be able to make new notebooks from my phone, this update pretty much almost answered all of my wants from the android app, only extra thing now would be nice is to have the ability to do web-clipping in the phone browser, then this will be complete.

  • Shane Phillips โ€”

    I love the new update. I love the pin lock Fidel if I take a pic of a check in Evernote I that encrypted or is it just encrypted if u just write the account number in a text note. I am premium I triedmit for a month and I like bring premium so I signed up for a year. I wish at when sign u for pRemium u could get some free stickers
    Thanks love the product.
    PS when try to email notes in they don’t send. i am using the right Evernote email address
    Thanks shane

  • Shravan Kumar N โ€”

    Any updates in the pipeline for Blackberry??? thanks in advance… happy to hear the progress of Evernote… !!

  • Sindre E. โ€”

    Great work guys as always! I`m using Evernote on my desktop and android every day now and have over 3500 entries and have been recommending this app to over 10 people so far. I`m of course a premium user.

    For me the most wanted feature now would be an enhanced security option/layer for those of us who want that. When you have your whole life and maybe soon over 5000 entries in Evernote you need to have some more layer of security when you log in. There can`t be just a username and a password. Please add some more layer of security. Approach security like it was our personal bank account or something. I guess it`s just a psychological thing because I have a single username/pasword when I log into my terminal server at work as well. But we`re talking about my life here!

    And about the nested tag functionality: How can I make this easier on my desktop version? I have alot of tags and making grouping them is not easy when I have to scroll down to a tag which is located at the end of the list.

    Thanks again Evernote!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Sindre, can you be a bit more specific about the security options that you’re looking for?

  • Michael โ€”

    Well done, EVERNOTE!
    Thanks a lot and keep up the great job!
    I feel that someday I WILL become a premium subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David โ€”

    The app looks great. However, the widget doesn’t work or rather: It doesn’t even show in the widget menu on my homescreen. ๐Ÿ™ Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do about it?

    • David โ€”

      Works now. Sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Just copied the app to the phone, rebooted it and could finally see the widget. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fungus Amongus โ€”

    BRILLIANT! Now, if only we could search offline…

  • itsdkw โ€”

    @Ankit G
    Widget works for me – well, simple note creation does. HTC Desire, Android 2.2, Evernote on SD card.

  • Nicola Mazbar โ€”

    PIN Lock Security Issue

    I’ve just upgraded to the latest version on Android (3.0), and I’ve found that I can easily get around the PIN security.

    To reproduce:
    1. From the widget, create a new note (I tried only text, but I presume it’ll work for any type)
    2. Save the note
    3. When the notification that the note has been saved appears, tap it
    4. You’re in, and can see any note you’d like (since it takes you to ‘All Notes’)

    I think that the ability to create notes without a PIN is good (faster), but I also think that the following should be implemented with the PIN:
    1. Any access to EN that is not “create new note” should be protected by the PIN (no one can view existing notes without the PIN)
    2. Syncing of newly created notes should only happen after the PIN has been entered (harder to inject malicious files into the account)

    I hope this gets addressed in an update soon, because it practically renders the PIN security feature useless! ๐Ÿ™

    P.S. I tried to post this to the Android forum, but I keep getting a message that I don’t have permission to do so… not even reply to another message!

    P.P.S Thanks for the new version! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll be sure to fix it.

      • Ken Richardson โ€”

        Any chance of getting the PIN security on the Windows version as well? The home computer I use is also used by other members of the family, and it would be nice to be able to secure access. I realize I could establish separate user’s on the computer, but I’d rather not go to that extreme if I do not have to.

        On the positive side I really think Evernote is GREAT! Keep up the good work!

  • Fred Laxton โ€”

    No joy installing on my Nook Color:

    Installation error
    Unknown reason -17

    After this failed repeated attempts at installation, I thought I should try uninstalling the old version of Evernote first, so I did that. Same error each time. Now I don’t have Evernote and I don’t know how to get back to the old version, which was at least working…

    • Shawn โ€”

      Same issue with my nook color.

      • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

        The Nook uses an older version of Android OS, which does not support functionality that’s in the latest Evernote update.

      • Shawn โ€”

        Replying to my post, since I cannot reply directly to Andrew… The Nook Color uses Android 2.1, which many phones are still using. Does this mean the newest version doesn’t work on 2.1 at all?

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Shawn, I believe you should be able to update to Android 2.2, then you won’t have any issues. The problem you’re encountering happens in some devices that have trouble handling the optional mapping features in our latest update.

      • Geoff R โ€”

        Major fail. So if we had it before we can no longer update the app. In addition to this, it says 1.5 is the minimum android version on their website as well as here in the market. Anybody know if there is anywhere we can get the older pre 3.0 version for new installs?

    • Shawn โ€”

      A workaround for now is installing from the amazon app store. It still has the old (working) version as of mid-afternoon on 4/20.

  • Gregg โ€”

    IOS wants pin lock and highlighting

  • Martin T โ€”

    Webclipping is available on the life browser on the evernote front page but it is inferior. It cuts the page like its a piece of paper, stupid and quirky. ‘

  • JohnH โ€”

    Why doesn’t Evernote gave the capability to add a reminder notification and due dates?

  • Basim Mousilli โ€”

    When will these great features come to iOS?

  • Tricia โ€”

    I would love to see the following features added to evernote for android:

    * live links
    * ink notes
    * multi-level notebooks
    * bar code notes (creation and reading)
    * ability to move notes to different notebooks
    * web clipping
    * video notes

  • Tom โ€”

    I love the updates. Thanks! One minor UI nit

    The new look for the widget is confusing. I like the old look–mostly a white background frame with green lines and icons. Now, the widget looks like it’s “selected”. In the Android OS, this solid green color means something is selected or something is going wrong. I keep the widget on my front desktop screen so every time I turn on my phone my brain says, “Hey! What’s selected? … Oh that’s the Evernote widget.” It’s annoying.


  • Amy โ€”

    You guys are awesome. This is my favorite app ever, and you are always getting better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rebik โ€”

    Awesome update! Thanks!

  • florin โ€”

    This is my favorite app and it would be perfect if you can add the possibility to search offline.

    And, most important to have full screen when you write/edit a note. All the options, tagging, photo, , etc. to be reached by taping menu button, as usually on android, and save to be automatically when you exit…
    Is essentially to have as much available screen as possible.

    but thanks, is grate I write entire articles on it…

  • Terry T โ€”

    Love how this app keeps getting better especially for Android! I had the widget for a few days but now its disappeared and no longer listed as a widget option. I moved Evernote back to the phone from SD card and still no luck. I have the original Motorola Droid ruining Android 2.2.2 Can anyone help?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Terry, please contact our support team:

  • Wayne โ€”

    I would love to see a linux version…

    • Glenn Blinckmann โ€”

      I don’t think you’ll see enough customer demand for it. The web version is really good and I’ve taken to using that on ChromeOS. It’s works really well on Linux as long as you’re connected.

  • Gordon Gaines โ€”

    I would still like to be able to add a check box to a note created on my Android phone.

    • Bernard Shuford โ€”

      Yeah, me too. There is a way to do it if the note you are working on already has checkboxes. Just select the item with the checkbox, tap at the end of the text, press return, and type a new bit of text. When you save the edit, the new stuff will also have its own checkbox.

  • Garrett โ€”

    Great updates – would love to see a reminder functionality!

  • Glenn โ€”

    Love the app, only would like to be able to add a checkbox to notes created. I have to have another app to create and update my task lists on the fly. Would prefer to do all my note taking in evernote

  • David Palmerston โ€”

    Love the updates! Keep it up!
    On my wishlist are:
    1) Checkboxes
    2) Automated List numbering (numeric bullets)
    3) Copy to another notebook
    4) web clipping

    Thanks for enhancing a great product!

  • Chris โ€”

    Great update. Are you guys working on a honeycomb version of the app to take advantages of the OS’s new UI.

    • Glenn Blinckmann โ€”

      I’m hoping so, too! It’s such a natural for a large screen.

  • lngw โ€”


    Why we can have ink notes ? It was a great feature for me on windows mobile version !

  • Jauhari โ€”

    Awesome… we hope iPhone version got this update too

  • dave โ€”

    good update as usual.

    i was just messing around with the “activity” feature on Launcher Pro for android, and it lets you make a shortcut that goes straight to making a new note, rather than having to click on the app, then click new note.

    its real handy having that as a shortcut on swipepad, but is there any way to do that same for taking a photo in evernote? it would save a lot of time!

  • Mateusz โ€”

    Great App, but polish chars are broken on Android. In list view char set is good but in note view it isn’t. When using website or windows app everything is ok.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into it.

  • Rob โ€”

    What is the ETA for Iphone/ipad note sharing please?
    I’m premium user and really need the feature, like yesterday.

  • Bill โ€”

    This is my favorite app ever! Would love the ability to do make ink notes on the Xoom Tablet on Evernote if possible.

  • Robert Hernandez โ€”

    I love EverNote and have installed it at work, Home and my iphone. I would like to install it on my nook color. Are there any instructions on how to do that. I have read that several people have installed it using the android version but I am not familiar with that installation.

    Any Help is appreciated.

    • Joe W โ€”

      I installed Evernote on my Nook Color. It was listed in the store under apps at no charge and I had no trouble at all with the install.

  • Robert Hernandez โ€”

    Better Yet; Any rumors on EverNote for Nook Color?

  • gleader โ€”

    Before the update I don’t need to pay for the offline sync. ๐Ÿ™

  • Marcos Alves โ€”

    When Evernote for Nook will be released ?

  • Jim Freeman โ€”

    I just downloaded EVERNOTE to my new Nexus S 4G Google phone and it won’t let me create an account. It keeps telling me my username and passowrd are invalid and cannot be authenticated. How do I get around this problem? I have read a lot of great reviews about EVERNOTE and was really pumped to use it.

    • Philip Constantinou โ€”

      As a quick work around, you can always register online and then sign in using the mobile device. We’ve found that the keyboards on some Android devices auto-capitalize the first character of some password fields (!!#%!^*%). You may want to tap the “Show password” button and make sure that you’re entering the same password and confirm password.

      • John Keller โ€”

        Yeah, that doesn’t work either. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim installed newest app – already have working account on laptop for 9 months – same user name & password – works on notebook – doesn’t work on phoine ! Tried everything I could think of – reset password – waited 2 hours to see if it would finally be accepted – NO SUCH LUCK – tried this twice – accepted on notebook 0- INVALID PASSWORD on new Proclaim phone!

        Had problems with creating new account when 1st installed on notebook 9 months ago. username and password problems then too.

        Love the working version on notebook ! Pissing me off that I’m going through hell trying to get it to work AGAIN.

        Maybe I need to change to a PIN password???

        Please help me ( I am sure I’m not alone.

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey โ€”

          Hi John, please contact Support:

  • Jenni โ€”

    Help! I am new to evernote and using it on android. I cannot figure out how to make a to-do list, which is the main reason I wanted to use this app. Thanks!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      You currently cannot create checkboxes in Evernote for Android. We are working on expanding this type of functionality.

    • Joe W โ€”

      There is a checkbox option all the way on the right side of the sliding editing toolbar, there is a little box with a check mark in it.
      Click on that and a checkbox will appear on the first line of your note, when you press enter the next one appears and so on. It is in very light printing. I had to hold the phone up close to see it. I hope that works for you.

  • Carlos โ€”

    The biggest obstacle to use Evernote at work is the lack of encryption. No matter what privacity politics are you following at your servers, I can’t let you store clear text information about my corporation or our customers.
    I know there is a first step in the windows client (you can encrypt some text), but it doesn’t work on the Android, and it is not practical having to select and encrypt every text note, every time… so having the posibility to encrypt a full notebook, and implement this on all devices would be fantastic.
    Other way would be the possibility to have some notebooks not uploaded to the cloud and allow direct sinc between devices.
    In the meantime, I am forced to use notebooks from other companies at work, and evernote for personal items.

    • Henry โ€”

      Yes, this is definitely a limiting factor. Encryption per-notebook is a must.

      Evernote: any plans to add this feature and if so, when?

      Carlos: what other notebooks are you using and how do they compare?

  • Mark Rubin โ€”

    I’m new to Evernote and I am baffled by the lack of todo or iCal integration. I understand that Evernote is relying on 3rd party tools to bridge the gap, but the basic functionality should be there. I paid for the subscription and I regret it because I need another non integrated app to keep track of my life.

  • Mukul โ€”

    Can I install it on SD card completely? I’ve froyo (LA-FY).

  • Jess โ€”

    Great work, guys. Just one small glitch I noticed today — once you’ve collapsed notebook stacks within the Android app, there doesn’t seem to be any way to expand them again. Am I missing a trick? If this is a bug it would be great to have a fix soon, because with all of my stacks collapsed it’s making Evernote pretty difficult to use on my phone. Thanks!

  • Andy โ€”

    It would be awesome to get that Pin lock feature for the iPhone version of Evernote, too! Any chance that’s in the works?

  • Brian โ€”

    It is great you added the capability to ‘PIN’ protected access to evenote on the device. That is a step toward enhancing security. Any plans to add an option that allows the encryption of all notes at an account level? And even better, encryption at an account level where I could supply the key? Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  • Shem Freeze โ€”

    Tags are currently nested if you click on them to pull stuff up but when you create a note and go to add tags they are not nested.

  • Juri โ€”

    You removed “Maps and location” function and above all the possibility to reach by navigator own saved notes, now is a disaster ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™