App Center Spotlight: Turn Your Evernote Notes Into Flashcards with StudyBlue

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 May 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 May 2011

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

  • App/developer name: StudyBlue
  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Price: Basic: Free, StudyBlue+ is available for $4.99/day and up
  • Type: Education

Finals are just around the corner, which means it’s crunch time. If you’re a student, then you’ve been saving your notes and class handouts in Evernote. Now, imagine if you could quickly and seamlessly transform your class materials into flashcards. Evernote’s integration with StudyBlue lets you do just that.


StudyBlue + Evernote: Digital flashcards, study reminders and more

Evernote helps you keep everything in one place so that you can access your notes, files, and scanned handouts from any device. Meanwhile, StudyBlue is a service for university students that lets you create slick digital flashcards and study guides from your notes. The integration means that you can do even more with the content that you save in Evernote–helping you study more efficiently and effectively. Beyond polishing your knowledge by creating flashcards, you can create customized quizzes, study reminders, and test yourself even when you’re out and about.

How it works

When you create an account with StudyBlue, you can now choose the option to ‘Sync with Your Evernote account.’ Here’s how to make it work:

  1. Go to your profile page in StudyBlue and find Evernote under ‘Connections.’ Choose to sync with your Evernote account.
  2. The integration will create a new Notebook Stack in your Evernote account called StudyBlue. Each new class you add in StudyBlue will create a new notebook in this Stack (for example, Psychology 101).
  3. To get started, go into Evernote and create or drag notes into the appropriate StudyBlue notebooks.
  4. After the initial sync, you’ll be able to access your Evernote notes from your StudyBlue account to start creating your flashcards. Any new notes you add to your StudyBlue Evernote folder will appear in your StudyBlue account upon synchronization.
  5. To create a flashcard, click on the note you want to use and select ‘Retype as Flashcards’ from the View As menu. From there, you’ll be able to create flashcards based on the materials you’ve selected without having to scroll up and down on the page—the flashcards will automatically appear above the note that you’re working on.

You can copy and paste text from all notes (except PDFs) into flashcards directly. Once you’ve created flashcards, you can quiz yourself when you’re at the library, the coffee shop, or on the go. You can review key concepts, share with friends, and set reminders to keep yourself on track. If you forget something, click ‘Remind Yourself’ to bring up your note, re-read it and solidify your understanding of the concepts before quizzing yourself again.


Upgrading to StudyBlue+ gives you some additional features such as allowing you to merge flashcard decks with other classmates and printing shared notes to study online. StudyBlue+ is available for $4.99/day, $9.99/month or $59.99/year.

Premium Evernote users and Sponsored Accounts

Premium Evernote account holders can save any file types in their Evernote account to be used in conjunction with StudyBlue, and take advantage of larger monthly upload allowance (1GB/month).



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  • Christine

    I think a great (yet complicated) feature would be to automatically have notes convert from a table (2 columns) directly to flashcards without studying! (left side = “term”, right side = “definition”) With the amount of material I have to study, it would take hours just to make a deck!

    • StudyBlue

      Christine – StudyBlue makes this easy. This feature is all set and waiting for you! Create an account, click “Create Flashcards”, then look for “Import” on left hand side. Upload a two-column spreadsheet and watch the magic happen.

      Sincerely, StudyBlue

      • Jim Barrows

        I have question/answer set up in my evernote account. I just need to import them as cards. I have several hundred, and retyping them all in is just not going to happen. Is there an easy way to just say “Use the note title as the question, and the note body as the answer?”

  • StudyBlue

    We’re excited to be a part of the Evernote team! We’ll be checking back here every so often to answer any questions you may have.

    Of course, your best bet is to create an account and experience digital flashcards for yourself.

    – The StudyBlue Team

  • jay

    whoa! this is gonna be helpful, the ability to pretest your knowledge is such a sweet feature! thank you!

  • Carlos

    I tried many times to look where is the submenu -Retype as flashcards- but it doesnt show on my menu, Any thoughts? Tnx for your great idea!

  • TaMar

    I’m excited to try out this application. I mentor law students. I’m recommending this to all of them as a great way to tackle the weirdness of one’s first year of school.

  • Olu

    I can’t seem to be able to sync Evernote and StudyBlue. Evernote tell sme that StudyBlue has access, but 1) there is no new stack, and 2) StudyBlue tells me everytime I try syncing that there is “Trouble connecting to Evernote”. What can I do?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Please contact StudyBlue support.

  • Chee

    How do I sync EverNote and StudyBlue without creating a class? It did it the first time I link the 2 apps together. Now I can’t do it anymore.

  • Andrew

    I was excited, but now I’m not impressed. You have to manually create each flashcard. Mental if you’ve got 50+ notes. Should be able to auto generate, knowing that it wouldn’t be perfect, as there’s no way I’m cutting and pasting 50+ times.

    Great concept, but not there quite yet.

    • Dmitri Pisarenko

      Andrew, you can create an Excel file and then import that file – every row will be translated to a flash card.

  • Melissa C.

    I’ve finally connected Evernote to StudyBlue. NOT an easy feat by any stretch. Now, the big thing is, how can I capture parts of PDF files (e.g. I’ve got Notability notes in Evernote saved in PDF format). Is it possible to clip parts and to paste these into flashcards? I can’t seem to figure it out?! Thanks!


  • Joel

    Can someone please lay out in specific terms how to connect my Study Blue and Evernote accounts? I have an account. But I have no idea where my profile page is. Nor can I find anything about connections. Maybe it’s just me that is blind. But I can’t find any of these features.

    • C

      Log onto
      Click on your icon next to the search bar and click on “profile”
      Scroll down to where it says “connections” and underneath it should say:

      Click on the connect button next to “Evernote” and if you are already logged in it will do it. If not, just type your username and password.

      And that’s it!
      Hope this helps.

  • Tyler

    I can’t login to the mobile version of the website. There’s no option for this. Is there another way to connect my Evernote account?

  • Valerie

    Every time I get on Study Blue I get a blank black page that has no place to click, no way to use it and there seems to be no way to find out what happened and how I can change this.
    I can’t even find a way to cancel my account so that maybe I can sign up a second time and get things to work.

  • maigrir durablement

    Awesome blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to sart my own blog soon buut I’m a lirtle lost on everything.
    Would you advise starting with a free platform like
    Wordpress or go for a paid option? There are
    sso many choices out there that I’m totally confused ..

    Any suggestions? Thanks!