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Posted by on 10 Jun 2011

Posted by on 10 Jun 2011

<<<UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks giveaway. We will be contacting the winners directly. Stay tuned for next weeks set of prizes >>>>

Earlier this week we topped 10,000,000 users–a huge milestone for the company. To celebrate, everyone at the company received a new iPad 2 (perfect for Evernote Peek). We wanted to thank the Evernote staff for their hard work, but we could never have gotten this far without you, our users and fans. So, to thank you for your continued support, we are launching our biggest giveaway ever.

With products from more than a dozen friends and partners, we’re giving away over 60 prizes over the next few weeks. Each week, we’ll announce the participating companies and you’ll be able to enter using one of the methods outlined below.

Record a video: 10 Million Users / 10 Million Uses Video Project

Everyone uses Evernote in a unique way. We want to hear yours. Record a video testimonial on our new 10 Million Users / 10 Million Uses Video Project page. By recording a video, you will be entered to win one of the prizes. Make sure to leave your email address after you submit the video so that we can contact you. Click below to jump to our recording page. You can also record a testimonial using the VideoGenie iOS app.


This week’s prizes

ScanSnap Scanners: S1100 portable scanner
These amazing personal scanners make clearing the clutter off your desk a breeze. You can configure the scanner to send documents directly into Evernote with a press of a button. Choose to either send your scans in as PDFs or JPGs, depending on the type of scan. Going paperless has never been easier. Follow @ScanSnap



Livescribe Smartpens: 8GB Echo

If you’re a fan of writing your notes by hand, but wish you could access them everywhere, then Livescribe is just what you need. Write your notes with a Livescribe pen on their special paper, then connect the pen to your computer. All of your handwritten notes will be digitized and sent into your Evernote account. You can even record audio as you write. Follow @Livescribe


Smile PDFpen software

This Mac PDF annotation software makes editing and signing PDFs a snap. Scan a document or open a PDF, then attach a signature or fill out forms. Once you’re done, save the edited document to Evernote right from the File menu. Follow @Smile


Other ways to enter

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us your best Evernote story. Be sure to leave your name and email address.
  • Tweet the following phrase, with the blank filled in: I use Evernote everyday to [blank] #evernotefan


  • Individuals can enter the giveaway one time per week using one of the three methods described above (testimonial, blog comment, tweet)
  • Individuals must submit their entry by 9am PT on the Thursday following the giveaway announcement
  • Prizes and winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be contacted directly via email or Direct Message
  • This is a worldwide giveaway (certain shipping restriction may exist)


Here are some testimonials left by your fellow users. Press play to watch one after another.

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  • David Bruxer

    Just learning how to use it.

  • Art McT

    I think my best Evernote moment is using it to give my “Thank You” speech to my parents-in-law at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Just as I’m about to give my speed I turn on my iPhone and run Evernote where I’ve made my notes over the weeks before, and executed a great speech. Thanks Evernote!

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    I use Evernote everyday to remember the things I’m afraid of losing as I age. I may only be 27, but there is so much going on in life at this moment that it is hard to imagine a time when I could recall everything.

    For example: Though it’s extremely cheesy, a Chrome browser video online got me thinking about remembering all of those little things about my two sons’ lives. You know, the clever phrases and off-the-wall questions that my 4 year old asks, or even simply a video showing how my 1 year old loves to play “Peak-a-boo”.

    So, I set up an email address for each of them on my personal domain, as well as an email address that forwards on to Evernote automatically. This way, I can CC Evernote with every memory that I want to keep, whether it be for them individually, or both at the same time.

    At the very least, I will have a better record than a paper “baby book”, and it’s much easier to maintain, since I have an Android phone. I can sit and flip through all of the memories–the videos, photos, audio recordings–of my sons’ lives and relive those moments better than I ever could relying on my own grey matter.

    Evernote is absolutely indispensable in my life, and to my future self. I’m hoping that one day I can think back to this time period and think “I am so glad I did that.”

    • Meg

      That is a FANTASTIC idea!! I need to do that! I’m just trying to figure out Evernote & get all my stuff into it so that I can use it to its full potential – what a wonderful way to use it 🙂

  • Giovanni Hale

    what a great idea.  Can you do two entries (video and tweet) And where does the video have to be posted?

  • Sean Kelly

    Evernote *is* my brain. From class notes to photography inspiration to shopping lists (love the check-boxes!), I have it open all day. I also love the updated Android app, and it’s my only method for grocery shopping. I organize a grocery list note into sections of the store (with aisles from the store map I also have in evernote) and check off each item as I get them. So handy!

  • Nate Eaton

    I use Evernote every day to write down my ideas and my rough drafts for blog posts. I’ve also started using it to keep track of important receipts that I might otherwise lose. I figure that since everything gets synced-up, even if my computer goes down, I’ll still be able to access the record.

  • Ray Barr

    I just find it so easy click on the little clip to evernote and save the content I am viewing for later reading.

  • francbelge

    I just wanted to say that Evernote is awesome. Probably the most useful software on my computer AND my phone. Congratulations to all of you at the company for achieving such a milestone. 🙂

  • Michael Wilson

    I used to use OneNote, Phat Notes, notepad and sticky notes across four different computers. I tries Microsoft LiveMesh to keep things synced. Then someone pointed me to Evernote. It took about three hours to get everything from every computer into evernote. Now I have everything on my mac, my windows machine, my iphone and my ipad, automatically. It is a lifesaver.

    I am now sharing various notebooks with work partners and it is saving on emails and, as I said, automatic.

    Thank you for such a great time saver, work saver and life saver.

  • Joe Hills

    I record ideas.
    Brain, evernote, creation.
    Even this haiku.

  • Chris

    My best Evernote story?

    It’s more like an ongoing thing – but everyone at work thinks I’m some crazy genius with a superhuman memory because I appear to be able to remember minute details from even the most obscure meetings or discussions.

    In reality, I’m very absent minded and don’t tend to remember anything about anything. But, little do my co-workers know, that I send just about everything I come across during my day into Evernote. I forward emails to Evernote, snap photos of documents and whiteboards, record things, and write down any short snippet of thought that happens to cross my mind.

    Evernote is somehow able to organize all of that and make it searchable. So, when a co-worker asks me “hey, do you remember what the item number was for those chairs we ordered last year?”, I just type “2010 chairs” into Evernote and BAM, I have otem numbers, vendor info, photos, pricing, etc all at my fingertips.

    Thanks for helping me look like I’m better at remembering than I actually am.

    • Meg

      so fantastic! I so need to do this!!! 🙂

  • Sam Bergmann-Good

    I use Evernote daily to collect material for theatre creation. I create non-text based theatre and Evernote is the perfect tool for idea collection and material retention. It also makes it easy to share all my ideas with collaborators.

  • James Medlin

    My EverBlog: I telecommute, and keep an ongoing “diary” of what I do each day in a shared notebook, one note per day. My boss and co-workers can hit the link any time and see what I’ve been working on the last few days or weeks. Tags and searches make it very easy to find all the work I’ve done on a particular project.

  • David Shalev

    I walk around talking to myself. Having loaded Reqall on my iPhone and programmed it with my unique Evernote email address, all my random thoughts are captured throughout the day and end up in my Evernote account as text and voice notes. Those watching me do so may think I am nuts, but once I explain to them the magic of what I am doing, they more often then not become Evernote addicts too!

  • Amir Masoud Abdol

    I have used Evernote for 3 years. I tried different method for using Evernote. Finally, I decided to implement GTD system on my Evernote. I implement everything with tags. I use Notebook for archiving completed projects and separating Personal and Professional contents in Evernote.
    I use Evernote for archiving too. I implement 100 tags to handle archiving in best way. I use alphabetical tags like A, B, C, … to tag notes. Moreover, I use tags like “News”, “Apps”, “Articles”, “Journals”, “Games”, “Lyrics” and …
    It’s really useful because I can find every content which I read or write in my Evernote. Furthermore, I use one notebook for storing all my home stuffs.
    I also use Evernote to store book annotations too. I send annotation by MoonReader+ from Android device to Evernote and then tag them by proper tags.
    It’s a long story. After I implement GTD in my Evernote, I store all my contents in Evernote. Everything that you think.

    Thanks Evernote Team.

  • Lindsay

    I don’t remember how I functioned before using Evernote! I use it to keep to-do lists, track links, write blog posts, organize client work, take notes on books…I find more uses for it every day.

  • lee hanel

    I fly fish, and I use evernote to keep the steps for tying new flies That I want to learn, or that I don’t tie that often. I also use it to do a diary of what flies worked and didn’t work and where I tried them.

  • Kt

    I used Evernote to plan my wedding – no big binder, necessary and I had all of my vendor information at my fingertips even when out and about. Everything, from inspiration photographs, to do lists, meeting notes & summaries, schedules…EVERYTHING went into Evernote and I never felt worried about not having the information I needed!

  • Will

    I used to say that I used Evernote for everything, but that was before I discovered its depth and wider usability which allowed me to use it for literally anything and everything.

    In addition to being a great catalog of personal data it is now too a project manager, task-list and a kind of journal that grows and changes as I do and reflects tremendously what is going on in ones life. It would be hard to imagine going back to a pre-note taking existence.

  • Chris

    I use Evernote everyday to coordinate and revise construction drawings remotely, by taking and sharing screencaps of CAD with captions. We even developed checklists for construction documentation in general. I love Evernote!1eleventy-one1! #evernotefan

  • Sara

    I used to keep a folder full of ideas for clothes I wanted to wear, trips I wanted to take, food I wanted to cook, rooms I wanted to copy, etc. etc. Then all my inspiration started to come from blogs online or books that I couldn’t tear pages from. That’s where Evernote stepped in! Now everything is easy and organized and searchable – but I can still get a glance of everything that I love together. Perfect! Thank you so much for developing it!

  • Ian Pass

    My best evernote moment is just daily making to do lists exactly when I think of them and then when I get home I just pop it up on the screen. So simple, yet so useful.

  • Barry Gilbert

    I use evernote on a daily basis to track and organize business cards. I can take a snapshot of it and create a note. The note is indexed so I can just type in a companies name and I will get all the people in that organization. The other big advantage is that you can use it as a CRM solution by typing updates into the same business card note. It keeps all of your information about a customer in one spot.

  • Ismael J. Rodriguez

    I use Evernote on my Evo 4G and Galaxy Tab to keep my notes and papers in order for college. I am the worse organizer you can ever meet, but with Evernote, you’d never know it. Just this past semester, I had a morning where everything that could go wrong actually did. I was running a little late, I forgot my bookbag, and apparently I had forgot to save my paper on my flashdrive before leaving. Thankfully, I had already synced to Evernote and just printed it from my Tab after touching up the formats and citations. Even got an A on it.

  • Claudio Lassala

    I use Evernote for a LOT of things daily!! So much so that I had to write an extensive blog post about it (, and have been receiving lots of great feedback on it.

  • Angelika

    I used to have interesting new business ideas which then didn’t happen because I didn’t follow them through.

    Now I use Evernote to write them down, add to them AND finalise them!

  • Anne

    I’m new to using Evernote and I think it’s love at first sight. 🙂 Still learning and navigating my way through it but so far, everything is wonderful. I’m mainly using the note clipping to save cool things I come across on the web so I can share them with family and friends later.

  • Mike

    My favorite evernote story happened when I realized its ability to clip things from pdfs, websites, and really any type of media. I had been emailed some figures in PDF format but had to include them in my word document report and was in a real crunch for time. Luckily, with the hotkeys for clipping, I was able to fill up that report in no time.
    Saved my grade.

  • Kristie Hammond

    I have Evernote on my iPod Touch which I have with me on my daily walks. Sometimes I think of something I need to make a note about and will add it while walking. This works great until you become so focused on the keypad you forget to look where you are going. Ask me how I know!

  • Michial Trayler

    Way back in the 80’s I used a little memory resident application called MemoryMate to record every possible kind of snippets, notes, tidbits, vital information from emails of the day, and so much more. All of this information was stored into a free form (text only) database that I could get to any time in any app so long as it was on my one computer. That application was the most value information management tool I ever used, overall, as it crossed all of the lines of the different applications.

    Evernote is the first modern “CloudApp” that I have tried to use that even comes close to that MemmoryMate tool I used. I am just beginning to master how to use it everywhere across my computers, my ipad, and plan for more places including home system later on.

    I am pleased, and plan to standardize on this tool for many years to come. Please keep up the evolution of this toolkit.

  • Abigail Olvera

    Evernote helped me lose 25 pounds! I collected calorie info from all the fast food restaurants so when I had a craving for fast food, I would check my Evernote to see what I recommended myself. 🙂

  • David

    I use Evernote everyday to keep track of my business expenses by taking a snapshot of my receipts. #evernotefan

  • Greg Kemble

    I use Evernote second only to GMail. One of the *many* uses: whenever I upgrade a computer (as I recently did with my wife’s computer, from Vista to Windows 7), I keep a record of each step in Evernote. Then, when I upgrade other comptuers, I have a record of what issues I ran into (such-and-such a program needs to be installed before another) as well as all product keys, etc. Sometimes it’s just typing in what I encounter; sometimes I take photos of the screen (if Evernote isn’t yet installed on the new computer), sometimes I take screenshots (once Evernote *is* installed).

    I’ve avoided several time-consuming problems by referring to notes about past installations.

  • Amy

    Gee, aren’t they asking for videos and not comments? It would also be cool to give away an IPAD2 this month, just sayin’

  • Rob Feldmann

    I’m currently in the process of learning iOS Development and so I use Evernote to save, among many other things, articles and blog posts on various APIs I plan to use, app ideas, UI inspirations, little nuggets of wisdom I discover on Twitter, pretty much everything really.

    Sometimes, during my learning process, I know I’m not ready for what I’m currently reading but I trust Evernote to help me find it when the time is right.

  • Margaret

    I work at a state legislature and I need to keep track of particular bills as they are introduced, so I clip and save the titles and links to the online tracking system to create my own personal list. I can access this list on my phone, my computer and my ipad! I love it! Also I have given up complicated to do list programs. All I need is evernote.

  • Anne Vu

    I’m a new Evernote user. I don’t know how to fully use everything on there yet but it’s intuitive and easy to figure out so it’s exciting rather than frustrating to start. Thank you. 🙂

  • Marty

    I clip things I want to read later. That make them available on both my laptop for reading on the road and at home. I take notes on the good ones and can clean up those clips I no longer need.

    I also scan lots of stuff I want to keep copies of, but don’t need paper and want to be able to easily search if needed.

    I wish I could have better control of how things are organized like nested tags, but if I needed to, I could work through creating some complex searches to do what I want. Since I haven’t had the need it must really be OK.

  • Rochelle Broder

    I run my own business and am often out of my office, plus I hate paper and tend to lose anything that’s not digital. Honestly, it’s just the simplicity, ease-of-use and ubiquitous presence of Evernote — rather than any fancy use — that makes it indispensable to me. It’s just there, natively and searchable, on my Mac, my Palm Pre (and there are very few apps that are on the Pre) or my iPad. The fact that I can add to it by just emailing something to myself or by using the bookmarklet is very important. When I get an email with something I want to remember, I can just forward it to Evernote immediately, instead of having it clutter up my inbox and then needing to “touch” it again. I’m always looking for new ways to use Evernote and have less paper.

  • Sama B.

    I backed up my wedding vows on Evernote, in case I lost the printed slip of paper and needed to read them from my cell phone!

  • Burroughs Mack

    As a nonprofit CEO, I deal with many individuals on a regular basis – board members, staff members, community leaders, donors, etc. I set up a note for each person, then as I randomly think of things that I need to talk to that person about, I just put them them in their note. It’s an instant meeting agenda.

    Evernote – my “extra-cerebral” brain.

  • Erin Quinn

    How many apps have you downloaded, used once…never to use them again? I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count that high!

    Before Evernote I would carry around to-do lists, but I was constantly writing and re-writing them as I scratch things off the list. Now I can manage multiple lists – updating them when needed – and I can even share them with my hubby. Although he’d prefer that I didn’t. 😉

  • Alex Slotkin

    At this point, Evernote has become a cloud-based extension of my brain. And the fact that it syncs automagically between my Mac, iPhone and iPad gives me extra confidence that my info is safe, secure and always accessible. I use it for everything from storing PDF receipts from online purchases to clipping recipes, maintaining my reading lists, and even noting down albums I need to check out. Good stuff!

  • Luke Miller

    I always used to find myself scrambling for gifts around my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Now, thanks to Evernote, I have an ever-expanding list of ideas. It takes seconds to secretly snap a picture of a dress she likes, type the title of a book she wants to read, or clip a website as a reminder of somewhere she wants to visit. Then, when the actual planning starts for lining up those gifts, Evernote becomes the perfect inbox for order confirmation, travel arrangements, and gift-wrap ideas. I love Evernote… and my wife does too. She just doesn’t know it yet.

  • Machino

    I’m searching nice way to use Evernote with my android phone.

  • Tyler Young

    Evernote has been my go-to tool for preparing presentations. On my laptop, I create notes that are color-coded (important themes I need to touch are are red, things I’m likely to forget are in green, etc.). Then, when it comes to actually giving the presentation, I just open the note on my iPhone. I find it’s a lot less distracting to scroll through notes on my phone than to be flipping through note cards, and it is certainly easier to put together!

  • Audrey

    I use Evernote for many things everyday. I use it as a keeper of my recipes – I download or scan new ones in and refer to ones saved when cooking. I use it to keep my quilt patterns, tips, etc. and refer this area as I work on my projects. I record our information for taxes and upload new information as it comes in. Really keeps me organized. Greatest program out there. Easy to use and syncs with my other computer.

  • Kim

    I feel like my use of Evernote has been layered. seems like almost every week it occurs to me to use it for yet another kind of project. I use it to harness blog ideas… collect visual inspiration for graphic & stage design… log shopping & gift ideas… gather elements for work projects… store recipes… most recently it has helped me tackle my least favorite project: landscaping.

    Thanks for holding my hand, Evernote!

  • Mattox Beckman

    I use evernote to organize my *physical* filing cabinet. When I need to file something, I put it in a file folder that has been labeled with a number. I then create an evernote entry for it. So, for example, if I want to save an instruction manual for a dvd player, and put it in folder number 1045. Then the evernote entry will be titled “File 1045 DVD Player” and the contents might have some other information like the brand, model number, or serial number. Since evernote is available on all my computers and even my phone, everyone in our household can easily locate where something got filed. Instruction manuals, passports, gift cards—even these can be filed using evernote!

  • ariestess

    I’m in the process of learning how to use Evernote, but I do like the idea of having access to my info in Evernote anywhere I go…

  • Mike Rose

    I use Evernote to keep track of my bills, my kids’ school forms, web pages I need to remember/search, where I parked… the list goes on.

    With an email-enabled copier/scanner (Canon unit in my office), it takes just moments to convert a stack of papers into indexed, easy-to-find digital files right there in my Evernote client. Awesome!

  • Ray

    My wife is a cancer survivor and as a result has many doctors and multiple appointments. I was with her at a follow up with her primary treating doctor when he asked what medications she was on or had changed with other doctors. She had left her paper list at home!! I pulled out my IPHONE clicked on medical notebook in Evernote where I keep her medication list showed it to her Doctor and he updated her file. He was impressed.

  • Jamie

    Really having an external brain, somewhere where I can keep my personal and professional stuff and quickly and easily find it on my mac, iPhone, iPad, blackberry – pretty much everywhere in other words.

  • Kyle Potter

    I have been geeking out on home and office organization this summer, and every day I grab a handful of folders to scan, title, tag, and stack in Evernote!

  • Inwe

    I use Evernote a lot for store and manage all my snippets and programming articles. Forever an #evernotefan

  • Amy Lamash

    I was looking for the perfect journaling software that I could organize by different topics. I tried some high end software via trials and nothing was a perfect fit. Then I found Evernote and not only does it do everything I was looking for, but it is free and I can connect on all of my devises!
    No matter where I am I can send info to Evernote and keep my life organized without losing any brilliant ideas. It is just so simple!
    Now Evernote not only has all my Journaling notebooks but it also holds ideas I find for home, knitting patterns, important documents that I need to reference quickly (insurance cards, etc), wine lists and ratings, and so much more. It does everything!

  • Andrew McCormick

    The best thing that has happened to me with Evernote is the discovery of being able to import folders. I’ve been with Evernote way before the big overhaul in version 3, so i’ve seen a lot of changes. But being able to import folders has been huge. I can easily print emails, documents, webpages, etc as pdf (using CutePDF) and save the pdf to specific Evernote folders on my desktop. Once they are saved, they are automatically inserted into their respective Evernote notebook.
    We’ve been using this a lot for scanned invoices and mail that we want to keep, but do want to keep in a file cabinet. It’s been great!

  • Eric

    I can’t even begin so say how thankful I am for Evernote.

    Other than recording notes, bookmarking sites, scanning receipts and saving web articles, I use Evernote for a much more important task of documenting my Crohn’s disease.

    Each day, I create a new note and write down how I slept, what I ate, how I felt and how many bowel movements I had – this is a must when logging symptoms of bowel disease.

    I use it to research new treatments and to log my phone conversations with my doctor. Without Evernote, things would be much more difficult as I wouldn’t be able to easily retrace certain symptom trends.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Evernote! Your app is the first one I install on my PC, phone and tablet and it’s the one I use all day – every day!

  • Teresa

    I use Evernote to keep track of wines I love. When I buy a bottle of wine that is very good, I take a pic of the label and put it in Evernote, I also add the name and year in the title of the note. Then if I’m in an unfamiliar wine store, I can pull out my list and see if they have any that I like but can’t remember exactly what it looked like or what the name was.

    In restaurants, if I get a good wine by the glass, I make a note of it in Evernote so I can look for bottles in the store.

    This is only one of many things I use it for.

  • Ayala

    middle school should be start allowing students to use evernotes and some other great tech tools such as livescribe pen in classes so our next generation will be real 21 centuary.

  • Phil Barnhart

    I’m launching a new blog – and I use the integration with Evernote and Nozbe to keep my reference notes for writing organized with my GTD items.

  • Linda W.

    For someone with no time for journaling (maybe because she spends a lot of time posting the high points of her days on Facebook and working on her family history hobby?), but who wants to have a record of these thoughts for posterity, it’s simple to just drop screen captures of things you’d like to save from your postings on social networking sites into an Evernote “Journal” notebook. I spend hours daily working on my genealogy/family history hobby. I enjoy posting old family photos on Facebook, and writing colorful stories about the photos and people in them. I find that some of my best stories and writings end up on Facebook, occurring spontaneously in conversations with friends about the photos I’m posting. Or maybe something a friend posts prompts me to tell those cute little stories about my children when they were growing up. As a family historian, I know these stories also really need to be added to my genealogy files, to add color and details about the personalities of the people I’m documenting. This can be time-consuming to stop and add these stories one at a time (especially because the stories may not be in a complete and polished form), so I just keep an Evernote notebook “Family Stories to Add to Genealogy Files Whenever I Get My Act Together”. I drop the stories into Evernote, tagging them appropriately with names, etc. Then, when I get ready for updating my genealogy files, it’s fast and easy to find all the stories I’ve tagged with “Gma W” or “Crazy Uncle Joe” and add them all at once to their family history files. This way, even if I never do get around to completing and polishing those stories, they are saved and tagged in Evernote.

    The screen captures of daily activities from Facebook make it easy to write my annual holiday letter each December. I just tag any promising entries with a “Holiday Letter Ideas 2011”, and my work is half done for me.

  • Jeanne Elmes

    Evernote is my daily grocery list just for starters, but we’re also planning our summer vacation by sending all plans, ideas, destination urls, and reservations to Evernote.

  • Lou Rainaldi

    I use EverNote everyday now, after importing my notes from OneNote there was no turning back and I am so glad. I take notes on my PC and the are on my Droid, I sit in meetings with my iPad and take notes and they are in sync on my PC and DROID.

    I take pictures of a whiteboard during a meeting and the image and my notes are available and searchable!! I love searching for the text that is on my whiteboard, when whiteboard I will write a ticket number or project name and snap a picture on my DROID and it is on EverNote.

    I am now using ReadItLater and making notes on items I read and sending it over to EverNote.

    Great Product! Everyone at works things I created it because of how much I talk about it. Keep up the great work!!


  • Sean Carr

    I use Evernote every day, all day, to do everything except breathe.

  • Lori Bodine

    Thanks to Evernote, I have my recipe collection at my fingertips wherever I go. Shopping for ingredients is a breeze and I don’t have to spend time planning ahead. I just go to the market whenever I want and pull up a recipe from Evernote to see what I need. Love it!

  • Ankur from QTP Blog

    Have started using it since last week and already LOVING it. I am an enterpreneur and connected to internet through umpteen number of devices.

    Evernote is making my life easier already, now whenever I get an idea I can jot it down on my laptop/blackberry/ipad and be relieved that idea will be with me forever and in safe hands.

  • Heather St. Marie

    I use Evernote for so many facets of both my business and personal life. I have a notebook for important graphic or programming information I need to reference often with my freelance design business. I have a notebook to keep track of songs I’m writing for Hydrovibe – my touring rock band. I have a notebook of jewelry and art I create, which also serves as an inventory overview for my online store. I also have a scrapbook/notebook for random photos I want to keep – whether it’s a picture of cool makeup ideas or a picture of interesting home décor.

    My next step with Evernote is to start preparing my taxes completely paperless. I’m hoping to win the SnapScan because that’s the only missing link for me right now to fulfill this latest goal.

  • Anton Schwartz

    I’m a jazz musician. I use evernote daily for all manner of things… jotting down ideas for songs… planning gigs… writing and keeping syllabi for workshops I give… travel plans… not to mention jotting notes about random stuff that comes up, later to be cleaned/organized or moved into some other program.

  • Teresa O

    One of my bazillion “favorite” use cases was when I was seated in a lobby awaiting my car’s smog check. I got a call on my iPhone from my daughter at a doctor’s appointment needing to know when she’d had a tetanus shot. I’d scanned her high school immunization records into Evernote, so searched my Family Health notebook and found the info while she was still on the call. If they’d needed it, i could’ve emailed it, too. Easy peasy!

  • Patti

    I get lots of comments from people who want to know how I remember so much stuff. I don’t! Evernote does it for me, and as long as I tag appropriately I can find it all later.

  • Javier

    I use Evernote to replace pretty much every piece of paper on which I used to write anything. I use it to write quotations for customers, I jot down names, phone numbers, addresses. I use it when I´m on the phone to take notes. When I need even the most obscure piece of data, I know I will find it somehow in Evernote. I am even starting to use it to bookmark web pages. In my personal interests I make lists of songs I like. I am starting a podcast, so I use Evernote to record ideas.


  • Jim Crossett

    I use evernote, everyday, on Window PC, my iPad, iPhone, and Google Chrome.

    Over 2,000 notes and counting. Notebooks include: College Materials for my daughter, Business related, Music, Food, Technology, and Coaching.

    It has become a key part of my life!

  • Kasey

    My favorite Evernote story was when I saved the day at family dinner by pulling out my phone and shoeing my dad my Evernote copy of a family recipe he thought had been lost 🙂

  • Andreas Cerny

    I just can say one thing what did i do before Evernote, my Brain is in Evernote

  • Ken Durham

    As an adult with severe ADHD that I have only recently become aware of taking notes for EVERYTHING is one of the best coping mechanisms I have in order to function somewhat normally day to day. Evernote is now a part of this system and thanks to Gary Ng at IphoneinCanada for unknowingly sending me here.

  • Anthony

    I use evernote everyday to reduce the mountain of paper on my desk, recall everything and just by being my GTD partner! With my iPad, Windows PC, Windows laptop, Blackberry and via the web site it helps keep everything in sync.

  • Bronwyn

    I use Evernote to collect recipes from the web. I use it for other stuff too, but recipes are the main thing. It’s excellent for that, as I often see recipes when I’m at work or elsewhere, and I clip them to Evernote. When i’m back at home, there they all are on the kitchen computer,

  • Steve

    Evernote saves me countless of hours every month, because i don’t have to search the things again that I had researched before.

    It is like my brain but better, because it doesn’t forget the things I want to remember.
    Thank you for this personal upgrade 🙂

  • Katherine

    I was handed a card and told, “Keep this in your wallet.” I scanned it to Evernote instead.

  • tim

    i volunteer for a charity doing bookwork. i use evernote for collaborating with colleagues. we scan all invoices and have shared notebooks for different projects. i also use evernote for personal use, keeping everything interesting i find!! thank you, i love it!!

  • Kari Mole

    I love that Evernote is everywhere! I don’t have to worry about who’s device I am using I can still access my notes. I save all kinds of study notes and articles for school. I still don’t know all of the features it offers but I am working on it.

  • Ken Burke

    EverNote has become my critical go-to app for literally everything. I write draft documents because I know I can get to them from all of my devices and share them with my collaborators. I save web-based information using Clipper or print a PDF to Evernote to ensure I keep a fully rendered page. I keep someday/maybe tasks and information for future reference. I write HTML blurbage that I’ll later cut-and-paste to the final document or share with team members for comments and edits. I take pictures of whiteboards, references, and things I want to immediately be able to add text-based comments. It’s the Swiss-Army knife of apps whose utility and value just get better everyday, and every time I use it.

  • Mat Budzynski

    At work, I always add notes about how a particular project went. Reflections and improvements, etc. I tag them “for next time.”
    This has come in very handy over the years when the “next time” rolls around. Learning from experience rocks, thanks to Evernote!

  • Lucas

    I used Evernote to aggregate information and maps from two guidebooks and several websites when planning a trip to Japan last fall. It was exponentially easier to just open up a notebook I made for a city on my phone and have a list of everything I wanted to see and how to get to it than having to carry around a guidebook and search through it every time I was ready to see something new.

  • Pavel Miksa

    I started using Evernote on daily basic when I found out that there is a possibility to send notes by mail and use @myen fór twitter. Evernote is simple and amasing. I am olso using it to backup my moleskine planner.

  • Alex Chua

    I use Evernote all the time. I make to-do lists, save important handouts, and clip notes. It has definitely made life easier.

  • Leo Chyi

    Great for tracking news articles on specific topics, using the Chrome plug-in or the shortcut link added to the toolbar in IE.

  • Jude

    I use Evernote to organize and remember everything in my life. Most recently not only am I saving .pdf device manuals but being a child of 70’s marketing I started saving catalogs! Now I can browse on any of my devices without creating a stack of tool, technology or hobby catalogs on my desk. 🙂

  • Lori

    I use Evernote everyday for hoarding habit. I clip notes,emails, web clips, recipe, quotes, pictures, stories, reciepts, business cards, news clippings, letters. I haven’t found anything I won’t send to Evernote. I have always been a saver but now I know where it is, can find the info, USE the info and the best part is no clutter. THANKS EVERNOTE I LOVE YOU!

  • Derek

    I’ve been working on a book for a while, and Evernote allows me to easily jot down ideas on the mobile app while I’m out and about, or surreptitiously from my desktop at work! Beats losing a sticky note, or carrying around an extra notebook.

  • Chris Gonzales

    I started a savings account with an online bank, and used a promo code I found online to have an additional $25 added to the account by the bank.

    Sometime down the line, my account had some issues and I needed to prove that I had ever used a promo code, and luckily I had saved a screenshot of it to my account so it was easy-peasy to prove it and get that money back.

    Thanks Evernote!

  • Dave Nisly

    Evernote is awesome… I love it because I don’t have to dig through filing cabinets and file folders to find what I am looking for. It is so accessible multiple devices.

  • Bart

    I use Evernote to keep all my stuff for school together, to make drafts for my blog and keep my mind sane: I try to capture as much ideas as possible.

  • Roger

    I’ve made back my Premium fee by keeping stray coupon codes & discounts in Evernote. Before Evernote I could never find them when I needed them.

  • Ryan Glover

    I use evernote for everything from keeping our home paperless to capturing odd star wars photos to keeping logs of beers that I drink. It is the cog in my personal workflow and without it I would have to manage multiple systems, which would be a pain to deal with.

  • Calvin

    I use Evernote as my Getting Things Done (by David Allen) tracking system. Therefore I never forget to do something and I have a place to put all those someday/maybe items. In addition, it is all accessible whenever I need it!

  • May

    I use Evernote in the same way I used to use Delicious…to bookmark and tag things I find on the web. I’ve totally stopped using Delicious and other bookmarking apps since I discovered Evernote. I love that I can bookmark specific sections or images of a page. I also use Evernote as a design resource where I can collect notes, images, patterns, colors, fonts, etc for each project!

  • John Fremont

    In about two weeks, our family will be leaving for a one-year trip around the continental US in an RV. Evernote has been instrumental in planning this. We have multiple to-do lists, packing lists, organizing tables and shopping lists, all on Evernote. Between Evernote on the desktop computer (not coming with us), on the laptop computer in the RV (coming with us) and on my Android phone, we have been able to coordinate most of what we are doing in real time. The update to the Android version (editing of notes) has really helped us out several times.

    We are also blogging about the trip, and writing on HubPages as well. I have been writing my stories on Evernote, then publishing them to HubPages. The app helps keep all of this backed up and organized.

  • Derek

    I use evernote everyday for my Honours Thesis. When I have an idea, I start audio recording, so I don’t lose any thoughts. Wherever I am, I am a few keystrokes, or gestures, away from my evernote haven. This means that, if we’re having a conversation that’s related to a certain article I’ve just read, I can whip out my iPhone, locate the article, and effortlessly slide it into the conversation. Evernote is my external brain 🙂

  • Gina

    As a genetic counselor, I have to constantly research genetic conditions, testing options and various issues in the medical literature. Evernote lets me save my brain for the actual analysis. I keep everything else in Evernote. I have pulled all my journal articles (PDFs) into Evernote and have tagged them by disease. I’ve highlighted and marked them up prior to filing, so I can find the most relevant content. I’ve pulled flashcards used for studying, letter snippets I might want to use again, powerpoints I’ve given or have seen. You name it. It makes my own knowledge base searchable, which is huge since it may be months or years between seeing the same condition again.

  • James Saccento

    I love Evernote because I domnt have to think about what I need to take with me every day.

  • R/T

    For our photography business, Evernote is invaluable for saving pictures of receipts, checks, notes from client meetings, etc. I could never be this organized without it.

  • Vinit Nair

    I use Evernote for everything.

    1. I have an entertainment notebook in which I have books and movies notbook stacked. I put in the names of books or pdfs of books that I want to read in Books notebook and names and posters of movies that I want to watch in Movies notebook.

    2. I have made a notebook named Keys in which I put the serial number of all the software that I have purchased. In a passwords notebook I have all my passwords and I keep that encrypted.

    3. I have a ton of photos in Fotos notebook.

    4. A to-do Notebook in which I have Personal and Work stacked. All my personal stuff go in Personal and work stuff go in Work stack.

    5. When I come across important and useful articles on the internet, I clip them to Evernote – Read Later – notebook.

    • Vampie

      Hi Vinit, how do you keep a specific folder encrypted?

  • Jeremy

    I use Evernote to plan my indie film projects. I started pre-production for a music video a few weeks ago during the exam period. I have folders for each school subject and study from the app. During breaks, I literally click my mouse once and I was planning for the music video.

    We shot two days ago, and I used Evernote to keep track of the shots I need, places I need to be, and song lyrics, so I can access them when I’m on set using my iPhone. Evernote helps me with my film projects by making me efficient. It also saved us from spending too much time on set because it was so hot outside!

  • Steve K.

    I am using Evernote to keep track of everything while I build a new house.

  • SkyC

    I love ScanSnap and Livescribe!

  • Lynsinger

    I use Evernote to follow up on websites people tell me about and take sermon notes from church. It is so easy to find the information when I get home after adding to my phone.

  • Ankit G ( _ankitG )

    I am a small Business owner. Evernote is part of my Working Tools. I use it almost all day either on my Laptop or Mobiles (Android & Blackberry !)

    I hope u guys will continue providing us more & more 🙂

    KUDOS !

  • Jeff Barry

    One of the ways I use Evernote is to get by the toy section of stores. For those times where my kids (toddler & pre-schooler) are cranky or tired and having a hard time passing by a toy, I can talk them down from meltdown without giving in by letting them help me snap a photo and save it to their ‘birthday possibilities list’ in Evernote.

  • Janet Wambold-Buraik

    I have used Evernote for a couple of years. It was great for school and mow great for work. I told my kids to use it fir school too now!

  • Deon Binneman

    I was one of the first users of Evernote.

    As a public speaker and reputation management consultant I find it invaluable in my daily task flow and service to clients.

    With a high reading load, I can save articles & snippets of information, tag them for easier finding and have them available when preparing a talk or a presentation.

    The other day I was at a client who wanted a copy of research that I quoted. Accessing Evernote on my HTC Desire Android smartphone I quickly found the information and sent it to the client’s Dropbox account.

    The client was very impressed and since personal reputation is impacted by a person’s ability to do things quicker, faster and more elegantly, I am sure I was able to enhance my reputation in the mind of the customer.

    Recently I read an article on how someone was using the GTD system in Evernote. This is what I am currently setting up.

    Superb tool!

  • Kamil

    I use Evernote as my GTD. Also it’s a great place to put my ideas in.

  • David Moloney

    I use Evernote to clip relevant content directly from the web – and direct it into my organised folder system. Once I have all the information I need, I merge all the notes and I’ve got one page with all the information I need. Presto!

    Evernote rocks the disco.

  • Beverly

    I use Evernote everyday for managing my homeschool activities and lesson plans for my children. It has revolutionized the way our school day runs. Thanks Evernote.

  • Vampie

    I use Evernote to
    – keep track of all the documents concerning my new house I’m building.
    – keep a scanned copie of official documents like my contract with my employee, the documents of my rent house,…
    – Collect all the different logincodes to all my clients, so that whenever there is an urgent problme, I can login from every PC, even if I’m at a friends houses. All I need is internet 🙂
    – Examples of photo’s I find beautiful and that I use as inspiration to my own portfolio 🙂

    It’s just plain easy to use 🙂

    THank you evernote!

  • Dale Cousins

    I find Evernote has changed my life, being dyslexic gives me a very bad short term memory problem so Evernote let’s me record everything no matter how trivial on my iPhone and with the help of all your wonderful partner programs nothing is impossible. Photos, voice recordings, GPS locations, Jot Not scanned items, clipped websites just some of the things that I use every day to improve my life and everything gets reviewed at the end of the day as a kind of memory aid for the day. I’m currently saving for a live scribe pen and look forward to integrating it into my Evernote world.
    Thank you Evernote for saving my life and job with your help I’m now able to stop worriying about what I may have forgotten to do and actualy get things done.

  • Fokke

    I use Evernote as my external brain.

  • Hannah

    I don’t have a lot of room. What I do have is a big pile of magazines that keeps getting bigger. I didn’t want to just throw them out, because among the hundreds of useless pages there is some good stuff in there and I do like to reread that sometimes. So now I’m going through them, scanning the good bits to Evernote and tagging them. Soooo much easier to find what I need easily, AND I have more room now. Win-win!

  • Brian

    Out side of the general use to jot down random things during the day my favorite use case is using it to keep quotes from my two young children. They say lots of funny things and looking back over the last 2 years it is nice to see this small history of funny and sweet things they have said. other favorite use cases

    1) things I want to buy
    2) Beer catalog
    3) Famous quotes
    4) recipe book
    5) Taking pictures of my kids school art work so we can throw away the paper
    6) tons of web clippings (articles, how tos)

  • Les Watson

    The best thing about Evernote is the search function – love it.
    I use it for everything.
    And it syncs so if I don’t have the availability of one device, I can use another.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Gaurav Nalavade

    I use Evernote everyday for everything!! So much so that I wish I could call it “Everynote” 😀 I clip images, business cards, menu cards of restaurants, emails, web clips and what not. I love accumulating stuff and now I know here to keep it 🙂 Moreoever as its the perfect way for implementing GTD in your life, both professional and personal, my life has become simpler and more relaxing as I know I have all the info anytime and anywhere I need it. Kudos to the EVERNOTE TEAM for bringing this wonderful product to all!!

  • Ralph Baker

    As a consultant in the computer industry, I use Evernote every day, for so many things. As I work through my day, I keep all my notes in Evernote, tagging them by clients, projects, month, sometimes even systems or person I talk to. The tags are key, I must have over a hundred, and I use them in combinations. When I need a timeline, I just filter on the client or project, and I’ve got a running timeline of everything that happened.

  • Maka

    I have a Traumatic Brain Injury from an auto accident that occurred in 1987. Unfortunately, quite a few of the symptoms are still problematic for me. One of the most frustrating aspects of my TBI is memory loss. For the last 23 years, my life has been populated by sticky notes, notebooks, alarms, and various other reminders, often of very simple things like “brush your teeth!” or “buy groceries today” that most folks are unlikely to forget.

    Now I use Evernote on my laptop and my Android phone, and guess what? No more little slips of paper stuck here and stacking up there.

  • Dick

    Recently, we did a series of college visits with my son. For each college, I stored their campus map as a PDF file in Evernote. Having the maps in Evernote made navigating to the various Student Centers a breeze. I’d just get the street intersections of the particular Center from the map in Evernote and then program that into my GPS.

    Of course, I also had everything else related to this trip in Evernote (hotel reservations, schedules, etc.). 😉

  • Stefan

    I use Evernote to stay in sync on the go with the Android app. This way I can write down grocery lists, coupon codes, reminders, addresses, things to do and so own at home and access them when I need them on the go!

  • Thomas Sluyter

    Evernote has become an integral part of many aspects of my daily life!

    In my work Evernote helps me keep track of my clients and the work i do for them. It’s also a storage pool for all the exotic and weird aspects of our computer systems, just so I don’t forget them. By using the iOS app “EgretList” Evernote has also become my ToDo list.

    In my studies, Evernote has helped me gather all my notes, summaries and exercises. This made studying for the gruesome CISSP exam (six hours in all!) a breeze! Evernote allowed me to gather info at the office and while studying and it lets me read back all my notes on the train. Huzzah!

    Finally Evernote helps me tremendously in studying both the Japanese language and the “kendo” martial art. All of the reading I do gets gathered in Evernote. Be it articles from high ranking kendo-ka, be it maintenance manuals for our equipment or be it for keeping track of my own progress in the dojo. For the learning of Japanese I scan parts of my books into Evernote, clip notes and articles and I also use it to make flashcards, a la the new Peek app.

  • Ry

    Evernote has enabled me to offer appropriate stewardship to be able to fluently document of/from the divine mysteries that are so near to us all. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus is the way to unite with eternal power and life.

  • Tomas Petersson

    I use Evernote for capturing thoughts and information regarding different projects I’m involved in. Whenever I have a meeting or meet a person who’s in the same project as I am, I just check my Evernote to see if I have some useful information to share. I easily write down everything I need to know on my personal computer and have it always with me on my phone. Life has become easier since I started to use Evernote. I’m getting older and my memory is not what it used to be, but that’s not any problem anymore.

  • Sylwia Bialczak

    Hi Evernote and Evernoters
    I use Evernote for many reasons and in many ways. The most important are two.
    First I keep my work electronic journal on it. I live abroad and some day I will be moving away. The idea of hundreds of paper documents I would have to say bye bye to, makes me cry. So I keep my lecture notes, lab notes, meeting notes, all sorts of notes in Evernote.
    I also love reading, and despite having e-book reader I prefer the smell of paper book. So I buy paper books, I scan them after reading (with my notes) and release the book on bookcrossing or give it to a friend I know will like it too. And I keep the book on Evernote.
    The second most important thing is learning to organize myself. I used to be “get-it-all” type of person. Try all tools, or ways, all new inventions. And it would not make me any more organized. Now I have just one place I keep everything in. I access it at work via windows client. I access it at home via web browser on my linux computer and I have it on the go with my android phone.
    It is with my anywhere, anytime, and it tough me to organize my thoughts in notebooks and tags too 🙂
    Evernote is not perfect yet, but it is a pleasure to see it grow, and be a part of it. Keep the good work.

    P.S. and greetings to Sam from the support department 🙂

  • Ray

    Best story…my wife is a 2yr cancer survivor and as result has multiple doctors and appointments each month..we were at her primary oncologist office for follow up..he asked what medications she was on and what changes the other doctors might have made..she had left her medication list at home…pulled out my IPHONE..clicked on Evernote…then notebook titled medical and pulled up list of her medications…handed it to her doctor who was very impressed…

  • cabotine

    I use Evernote everyday to organize my research and scanning papers with the ScanSnap would even help more 😉

  • Ros

    I use Evernote for three basic things:

    1. All my website resources for Star Trek graphics, short story fiction, wallpapers and screensavers

    2. Evernote is how I keep track of the several colleges I manage in Starfleet Academy

    3. I am a serious family history/genealogy researcher, so I love that I can find a fascinating site as part of my research, and clip it to Evernote. Now I no longer have that “I know I saw it somewhere…” feeling.

  • SaraRay

    I just discovered Evernote and I don’t know how I ever ran my household and daycare business without it. It totally syncs between my Mac desktop and my Android phone which I really appreciate. I can keep all my to-do lists organized and I’m sure I will discover more ways that I can use it as I am still learning.

  • Brandon Smith

    I am a city councilor in Keizer, OR. Before Evernote and the iPad, I had file cabinets of folders with documentation on dozens of topics, from art to urban renewal. Keeping those organized, and remembering to take the right files to meetings was a major hassle. Evernote has changed all that. Every bit of paper I get is immediately scanned (ScanSnap S1300) to Evernote and tagged with a subject. My iPad is constantly with me, therefore I’m always prepared for meetings.

  • Technologix

    By best story with Evernote is:
    This year, i have my baccalaureate exam, so i started applying for universties and schools, and the best way i found for managing all my applications was Evernote.
    Thanks you evernote, you made my life.

  • Joanne

    I use Evernote to keep track of the different design projects that I’m working on. I keep it organized by client so any emails, notes, clippings, etc. can be kept in one place so when I need to discuss with the client all of the information for that project is right at hand. It really comes in handy as it also syncs with my iphone and ipad. Great software! Aloha!

  • Jenni

    I use Evernote every day, it keeps my life together now. Recently I was able to use Evernote as an incredible tool in planning my recent wedding and honeymoon to keep track of all of our ideas, contracts, itineraries, payments, etc. It is now the running joke among my family since I pulled it out so frequently that everything is in my Evernote – and it is!

  • Karen eldred

    I use Evernote for EVERYTHING – I clip all day long and tag everything for future reference.

    The best feature is the shared notebook I have with my virtual assistant in the Philippines.

    He and I exchange files, share spreadsheets, upload training videos.

    We could not work together without it.


  • Matt Roberts

    I use evernote to manage everything in a due diligence for startups. From information on websites, to correspondence with founders or consultants.

    I think its reduced time from start to decision by weeks. Worth every penny.

  • Amy

    I use Evernote for:

    genealogy: I keep photos, records, notes I find. I research cemetery records online, clip plot listings and nearby plots. Last time I went to the local cemetery it was quicker pulling up Evernote (great cell phone reception in the cemetery)than looking at my handwritten notes. From there I could find adjacent plots and locate where the people I am searching are located.

  • Sharon

    Love Evernote for my recipe collection spanning decades. No more recipe cards for me!

  • Doug Hibbard

    I use Evernote for my writing work. Whether it’s my dream of writing professionally or for academic work, it’s a great notepad and writing tool.

  • Melanie

    I have recently started an Etsy shop and I use Evernote to keep track of everything from receipts to online how-to tutorials, to ideas for new products. I only found Evernote a couple of short months ago but now feel very strongly that I could not live without it. I would LOVE to win the Livescribe pen in particular.

  • Hironori

    I have started to use Evernote since 3.11 huge earthquake in Japan.
    I created notebooks about public transportation information and walking route to/from my office, and shared with my co-worker.

    Now, I use Evernote to clip websites, to take a snapshot of daily life, and to share nice restaurants and bars with my friends.
    I’m enjoying Evernote very much!!

  • joe

    I use evernote to track symptoms of a possibly hereditary disease. I make notes on odd thungs i find happening.

  • Adam

    Evernote has really helped to organize my life. I keep track of everything from product manuals, receipts, work notes, technical how to documents, software keys, code snippets, personal notes, recipes, and even cute things my daughter says.

    I love the OCR capabilities, which allows me to use my iPad at work and take hand-written notes that are now searchable everywhere on Evernote.

    Integrations like Voice2Note are great for quick notes on the go using my phone as well.

    Evernote is my go-to place for all things I find and want searchable access to. Most useful tool I’ve found in a LONG time.


  • Colin Haas

    I use Evernote for multiple things, it is my swiss army knife on my Mac. I use it to clip leadership articles, read later items, items I want to buy at a later date, and ideas for our home. Evernote is a must!!!!!!!

    Thanks Evernote! I might need to upgrade soon to premium too. 🙂

  • Johan Gustavsson

    I love EverNote, I use it everyday to rememember bits and pieces, it’s great, I use it on my Work computer, my Home computer, my laptop and my Android Phone, and they are all synced with my latest notes! It’s fantastic!

  • Nick Tyler

    I use Evernote everyday to shout pirate stories into while I shower.

  • Jenn Ryan

    I LOVE Evernote! On a recent trip to Madison, WI, I made a single note with all the breweries in the area, listing addresses, websites, putting PDFs of menus in the note, and pasting a screenshot or two. So nice to have everything in one place for easy access!

  • Randa

    I use Evernote manly for studying, next year is my senior year and I’ve been gathering all the important lessons and notes from this year to help me study for my senior using StudyBlue which I love! ^_^
    Also, I use it to save important and interesting Photoshop tips and tools which I can later use in my designs 🙂
    I <3 Evernote!

  • Pat

    With Evernote, I keep track of every article, blog post, and paper that I’m writing. So convenient!

  • Katin

    I use Evernote for all sorts of things including noting down quotes from books, ideas for presents for people, places that I would like to visit sometime etc, etc. But what I particularly like is that I can keep all the notes in one place that I can access from whatever computer I am using.

  • Richard Hubacek

    Recently I participated in a California Audubon Heron/Double-crested Cormorant survey. They wanted a map of the rookery I surveyed. I was able to use Google Earth by dropping a few location pins then clipped the results into Evernote using Ritepen and emailed the map to the proper people. Evernote made doing this easy.

  • Naomi Rav

    Whaouh, let me count the ways… possibly the most significant at the moment is how I use Evernote for a market research project along with 3 other collaborators across the globe:

    – I browse via LittleSnapper, take screengrabs, annotate if necessary
    – drag or paste into Evernote, tag, add comments, organize, etc.
    – sync, and repeat

    Across the planet 3 other people are logged into Evernote, sharing this specific notebook, and adding their own notes, or amending tags, annotations, basically building an amazing searchable visual database.

    This means we all always have the capacity to update this database, even on the go (from screengrabs on my iPhone straight into the iPhone Evernote app, get back to my laptop and all notes updated…). AMAZING!

    Thank you to the whole team!

  • Jarrod Whaley

    One of my favorite uses is to keep track of things my girlfriend has suggested might be good gifts for her. Even cooler: I have her EN email address in my contacts, so when I come across something *I* want, I can send it directly into *her* EN account. 🙂

  • Michael Morowitz

    I used Evernote to get rid of stacks and stacks of old magazines that I was keeping for a photo, recipe, article, whatever. GONE! I scanned the relevant pages into Evernote and now they’re searchable and I have shelf space I can use for something actually useful.

  • Z

    Evernote is the best notepad app ever invented! I use it all the time, but the best was when I made a note of an address and phone number on my computer. A few days later, I needed the address while driving, and it was right there on my phone! I love it!

  • Neal Zhang

    I find Evernote really helpful!
    1. I use it to store calligraphic works by taking photos so that i can compare them written in different day and make progress.
    2. I use it to do GTD. To make my life organized.
    3. Take random thoughts and consider them later.

  • Michael

    I use Evernote to manage my ADHD!

  • Kristen

    I use Evernote to store all of my recipes–my favorites, recipes I want to try, what’s on the menu this week, and miscellaneous how-to articles about cooking in general.

    I also use Evernote to keep a journal. I’ve had some problems with vertigo in the last few months, and I’m using Evernote to keep track of what’s working and what’s not.

    Around the house, I use Evernote to keep receipts for important purchases and auto repairs, warranties and instruction manuals, tracking my dog’s immunizations and trips to the vet, etc.

    Most recently, I started clipping complimentary e-mails sent to me from people at work. When I’m feeling frustrated at work or completely overwhelmed, I look back through these and they’re a great pick-me-up!!

  • Marsha Bembry

    Evernote is now a part of everything. Travel planning, my genealogy research,financial records (all those long changes to your account credit card companies send out), theatre schedules, gadget manuals, and receipts. I have always kept records of things I thought I might need,now at least they are mostly all in one place. Accessible on several devices. My friends have always relied on the fact that I remember things. But now, I rely on Evernote to make sure I don’t forget.

  • Nikki M

    I use Evernote to archive the online articles I read everyday. I have separate notebooks for my music, film, literary and culinary interests. I document all sorts of stuff from lists, tasks, full web pages to pictures and charts. Being a big archiving freak, I’ve found Evernote to be the perfect software to have ever been invented for the internet!

  • Brian Boncy

    I use Evernote for everything and can go on and on but my most recent use case is tracking and capturing my wife’s pregnancy. Once we found out she was pregnant, I immediate begin capturing moments of her pregnancy status and putting it in my baby folder. Once we have our child, I will continue to capture all the moments I can in this notebook and one day show my child when he/she is old enough to appreciate it.

  • Mal

    I use Evernote for everything, to do list, capturing great tweets to integrate to my work, great synopses of books complete with photos of illustrations, and capturing ideas on the run. I have my Evernote, livescribe and twitter all integrated. Thank you Evernote.

  • Semopho

    Evernote saved my wintersport vacation. I had a scanned ski rentel voucher in my evernote account, but forgot the printed version. at the shop i logged in to my account on my iphone, mailed the voucher to the shop owner, who than printed it in it’s store (a big thank you to the store owner as well) and off we went!

  • Coley

    I started using Evernote after the sad disappointment of realizing that OneNote was probably never coming to the Mac. I started graduate school last semester, and Evernote was essential in keeping my notes together and available at all times. It has also been a great help in keeping my non-school writing organized. I also use several of the third-party apps that work with Evernote. Now I can keep everything on my phone so that I never have to wonder, “Now, where did I put that note?”

    Evernote has made my writing life so much easier, and honestly, a lot more fun!

  • Manveru1986

    I think that we, the translation team, should also get free iPad 2. Without us it would be harder to get those 10 million users…

  • Kevin

    I use Evernote to track roller coasters that I ride while on vacation. ACE Coaster Con XXXIV starts next week so it is time to get my lists ready to go.

  • Pamela Rutherford

    I love evernote – and seeing others get organised with it too!

    Now I don’t have to rely on my fragile portable hard drive as much anymore, because accessing Evernote is so much easier (and aesthetically pleaing too 🙂

    Thanks team (and well deserved with the ipad2:)

  • James VB

    I run a local government watchdog and evernote’s pdf searches are essential for searching government documents and organizing all the different items which we review.

  • Joe

    I use evernote to keep track of new published legal cases. I can jot down a note or thought about the case, and tag it, and then it is saved in PDF format into the searchable database and I have my own personal reference library. Pretty neat!

  • Thomas Kilgour

    My girlfriend and I are about to move into our first apartment together. We’re using evernote to keep track of what we need to buy, what we need to get rid of, budgeting our expenses and anything else relating to this big change! Thank you guys!

  • Patricia Dumont

    I am a mom, I am a compagny owner with my husban, I am a wife, I am someone really pationate about perinatality, I work for a non profit organization, I like cooking, environment, I am curious, I am not an organised person but thanks to evernote, all this can make some sense and be kind of not to messy 😉

  • Dorothea

    So many things: Clipping articles, recipes, web receipts; drawing up my budgets, organising a move(with all the phone numbers and quotes for removals, letting agents etc); taking notes and clipping diagrams for studying; collecting all my writing and writing ideas

    My favourite one at the moment: keeping track of my knitting notes. Taking pictures of my work in progress, with the notes right there with the picture, legible and searchable; clipping pictures of interesting pattern i see on a website, or even taking a picture of something that inspires me in the street or in a shop; yarn requirements for different projects. And because it’s on my phone, it’s always with me.

  • Daniel W. Simon

    While on a hike recently, I realized that I had forgotten one of my paper maps. Fortunately, I had it in Evernote, and even without any reception, I was able to access it because it had been synced and downloaded.

  • Michael Vogel

    I use Evernote everyday to keep track of my experiments. It’s just great that I can keep the settings, resulsts in forms of matlab files and spreadsheets as well as images and plain text all in one place and can comment on everything. This is especially usefull when trying to remember planned modifications. Since I have lots of data the pro plan has been my option of choice for quiet some time. I love the mobile integration on my cellphone. I have my data with me wherever I go and can present it to people or scirbble down that great idea on the legendary napkin and snap a picture of it. It will be there right in the Projec folder where it belongs and not lost!

  • Stuart Croall

    I am a researcher for a nurses’ union and a father. I use Evernote for almost everything – saving PDFs and articles for research, taking notes in meetings, organizing lists. But most recently I have been using Evernote to take pictures of my 5 year-old’s artwork and drawings. He produces stacks of art, and it is not possible to keep it ALL, yet very hard to decide what to throw away. This way I can keep it all without needing more space. Once I get a scanner, this process will be even better. I will have my own portable art gallery of memories and, with the new sharing features, it will make it easy to share with family, and it will be easy to expand as my 2 year old finds his style.

  • Mark Luhdorff

    I recently became the CFO of a company called e-filliate. A leader in the online world specializing in high-value, low-cost tech accessories through its website, they utilize a fairly complex computer system to ensure timely customer service.

    Thanks to Evernote, particularly its ability to categorize screenshots, I’ve been able to quickly develop a “manual” that captures the everyday tasks within this system and do so while managing the financial future of the company.

    Without Evernote, the process would have been much more difficult.

    I use Evernote daily and find myself recommending just as frequently!

  • Brandon

    I use Evernote as my primary GTD tool.

  • Chase

    I was at the doctor and they needed a blood test done. I had a blood test already done a few months previously by another doctor and everything was fine. She said that was good but since she didn’t have the results they would have to do another. Since I scan everything into evernote, I brought up my iphone, found the previous test results, and emailed them to the doctor to print for the records! Not only did it save me a needle prick – it also saved me $180 in fees for an additional bloodtest that was not needed! It sure is great to have all your data searchable and organized on every device!

  • WatOno

    My girlfriend and I share a notebook, and since we do not get to see each other very often (we are in a long distant relationship,) we share information on where we might want to go out next time around. We also share journal using a shared notebook so that we could see what’s happening to our everyday life to our loved ones.

  • Danny Childers

    My wife and I have been RV enthusiasts for many years. We always had a problem keeping our ideas for future camping trips organized. Evernote makes it super simple. Simply clip maps and website information to “Campground research” folder. In addition I walk around the campground and take pics of the sites I would like to stay in on a return visit and file in Evernote. The Iphone app makes recording favorite campsites super easy. Thanks Evernote for a great product.

  • Karen

    I love Evernote for so many things…first of all, is how EASY it is to use. I use it on my iMac, Macbook, iPad and iPhone and save recipes, inspiration ideas, receipts, lists, patterns, blog articles, websites, and most recently, used it for my bathroom remodeling. I saved photos of ideas I found in stores, websites of items and inspirations, notes from the contractor on dimensions, receipts of items purchased, an Excel spreadsheet of tile design, photos during construction and contact information.

    I love the fact that EN is like a huge notebook and can hold all sorts of files in ONE place! I love it so much, I even wrote an article about EN for a quilt magazine.

    Thanks and congratulations Evernote on a great job!

  • Evielyn Chapman

    I use evernote everyday to capture the myriad of information that threatens to overwhelm me on a daily basis.  It is the perculator of all my ideas & creativity.  I can sleep soundly at night knowing that evernote misses nothing… It is a wonderment of synchronisation… I use it on my work PC, home imac, & on the go with my ipad & blackberry… Every note accessible at any time.  & everyday i discover something else i want to capture, something thats clip worthy & everyday my notebooks expand & grow & take on a life on their own…

  • Kimber Janney

    I use Evernote to catalog products, ideas and methods for remodeling projects as well as many other items of personal interest, from kids to dogs, bikes to wine. It is also great for cataloging recipes of all types.