More Chances to Win: 10 Million User Giveaway, Week Two

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Jun 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Jun 2011

This giveaway is closed. The latest giveaway is available here

It’s time for week 2 of our big 10 million user celebration giveaway! Over the course of several weeks, we’re giving away products from some of our amazing integration partners. Last week, entrants had a chance to win a Livescribe smartpen, a ScanSnap scanner or a license for Smile PDFpen. This week, we’re giving away more great prizes.

Visioneer and Xerox scanners

Looking for a scanner that really understands the cloud? Then Visioneer and Xerox are perfect for you. After a quick setup of their OneTouch software, your scanner is ready to scan directly into Evernote. You can define a destination notebook for your documents and assign a hardware button to make scanning to Evernote a breeze.



Getting photos off your camera can be a pain. All of those cables and docks often mean that your photos stay on your camera much longer than you want. Eye-Fi changes that. Replace your camera’s storage card with an Eye-Fi card and your photos will go from your camera to Evernote over WiFi. No wires necessary.


Mailplane is a popular email application for Mac that lets you do more with your Gmail account. The application transforms Gmail into a desktop mail application with an easy-to-use interface and simplified plug-in support. Whenever you want to save an email, click the Evernote button and messages will be neatly sent into your Evernote account for safekeeping.


How to enter

Now that you know the prizes, here’s how to enter:

10 Million Users / 10 Million Uses Video Project
Everyone has a unique way that they use Evernote. We want to hear yours. Click below to record a video testimonial telling us how you use Evernote. By recording a video, you will be entered to win one of the prizes. Make sure to leave your email address after you submit the video so that we have a way of contacting you.

You can also enter by:

  • Leaving a comment on this post telling us your best Evernote story
  • Tweeting the following phrase, with the blank filled in: I use Evernote every day to [blank] #evernotefan


  • Individuals can enter the giveaway one time per week using one of the three methods described above (testimonial, blog comment, tweet)
  • Individuals must submit their entry by 9 am PT on the Friday following the giveaway announcement
  • Winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly via email or Twitter Direct Message

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  • Steve

    My best story is that I get to store and search all my notes in Evernote!

  • Dan

    I use evernote to keep track of song ideas that I have. Either I jot down lyric ideas or I hum a melody into the audio recorder to save for later.

  • Caroline

    I like to steal random moments for writing, but when I was in Korea commuting by subway and bus, most of the time would be spent standing up squished between crowds of people. Writing in a notebook is impossible and dangerous (needed to keep a grip on a handle so I don’t fall down), but Evernote came to rescue me from exploding with ideas or being bored. I would whip out my Ipod and start typing-one hand on a handle, the other holding the Ipod and typing away with my thumb. I would go home and sync my notes, and my writing for the day would be saved! Love it!

  • Shahrum Amiri

    I use evernote to capture meeting minutes and store scanned handwritten notes!

  • Paul

    My fiancee isn’t much of a technology user. Since we’ve been engaged, I’ve been using Evernote to keep track of things. She’s been impressed although hasn’t embraced it yet. She keeps asking if the info is “in your clouds”, meaning in Evernote. And she gets a kick out of my taking pictures and storing them in my account for easy access.

  • cabotine

    I also use Evernote to keep track of good recipes. The day arrived where my mother asked me(!) for one of her recipes because she couldnt find hers but I know exactly where mine was: in my Evernote account.

  • Jamie

    I use Evernote for everything – here’s one use case. Tracking the stuff my wife gets me to put up on ebay – how much it sells for, where it’s going to etc etc. I can clip the auction page and then add notes as the transactions proceed. Of course, it would be easier if she’d just do it herself…

    One of those scanners would be quote handy for making me put even more of my life into Evernote.

  • Trent Sherrell

    I use Evernote every day to save my bacon when my limited memory fails me!

  • p thompson

    I use Evernote to store all the customer site setup notes, as there are SOO many that is impossible to remember ALL of the :- cabling route / setup / contact numbers / info , required to do the job …

    With a 1000word of picture in front of me; it is easier to talk the new person where the router is, and which way round it is, and what button to push to reset it ….

    The Index / searching / tagging makes it a doddle to use.

  • Randy Botti

    I use Evernote every day to clear out my brain so I can think – #evernotefan

  • Hannah

    I just made a picture of my doctor’s consultation hours and put it into evernote. I rarely have to go there (thankfully!), and his hours aren’t available anywhere else, so I always kept forgetting and turning up on the only day on which there ISN’T an evening consultation. Not anymore!

  • Z.W. Brown

    Evernote is an indispensable tool for me! I use it to have access to organized information on the numerous short sales that I am helping to facilitate along with many of my other real estate transactions. Evernote helps me help others! Thank you!

  • amy

    I use Evernote to keep track of everything from grocery lists to tax return info (I store pictures/scans of all my receipts). My entire life is filed away neatly on Evernote…I love it!

  • Vinayan Mohandas

    Helps me keep track of my group’s shared expenses.
    Whenever I spend for the group I create a note with the amount and everybody’s name under unpaid heading.
    As and when ppl pay up I update the notes and move their names from unpaid to paid.
    To find out how much is pending from whom, now I just have to search for ‘unpaid’ in evernote ! saves a lot of effort keeping track of who owes whom how much.

  • Michael Morowitz

    I was doing some web-oriented research last week that a co-worker needed visibility into. I was able to do my research and clip to Evernote into a notebook I shared with only him. He was able to follow what I was coming up with very quickly and easily. I clipped stuff, he looked at it or read it and then tagged it for use or follow-up.

    Using Evernote and a little IM, we were able to collaborate on some ideas with minimal communication overhead.

  • markuslaff

    Evernote saved my life… I’m always forgetting details of things and with Evernote the details are just a quick click, touch, or search away.

  • Ken Elkins

    Evernote is the only way I’ve been able to stay organized- taking photos of hand-written phone messages at work, web clipping to create a shopping list for supplies. I just got my wife started on it to share notes to create the blessing ceremony for our new daughter- I love that we can now link straight back to the original site! I’m on my Android, she’s on her iPad, and we have an app that will work across platforms- woohoo!

  • Elliott

    I used evernote to make a reminder to myself to enter this contest. 🙂

  • JG

    Evernote helped me get my RHCE certification!!!!

  • Elizabeth Moore

    As an archaeologist I work as part of teams of specialists working together to learn about the past. Evernote allows me to post notes, recordings with my LiveScribe pen, web sites, photos, data, and more so I can access a variety of contextual data when interpreting our findings.

  • Brandon

    I’m using Evernote to help find a new job. It’s great for clipping job postings, company research, etc. Thanks Evernote.

  • Anna B Meyer

    My best use of Evernote is to manage all my research in my project to make the most comprehensive and best campaign mapping effort in the history of D&D.

    I have been gathering data and mapped for over a decade, and Evernote have made my research easier, faster and more fun. Now I can get the data into one tool regardless of its origin or from, access it anywhere and share it with others who help me. It makes my work more fun since I can share my interest using a multitude of sharing options like facebook, twitter and email.

    Then I also use Evernote for everyday things like most users do, and the rest of the world should 😉

    Thank you for making an awesome product!

  • Martin EC

    My best Evernote story was when i was preparing for Social Science. Evernote just worked perfectly and i made some great notes for the exam. At the exam, my notes were just so great, and it was well organized. I got an A.

    Thanks Evernote !!

  • Aaron

    I use Evernote to consolidate free guides and tutorials on programming that I find on the internet allowing me to write notes and easily search.

  • BettyLou

    I use Evernote to jog my memory with lists: movies I’ve watched, shows I’ve seen, books I’ve read, and code numbers for things I need at work.

  • Deborah Resnick

    I use a lot of tools every day, and it’s always a struggle to keep everything updated and on track. I use Evernote to sync my web notes and projects with reQall and all my computers including a MacBook and an iPad, as well as with Dropbox. I just purchased a premium membership, so I will be even more pulled together.

  • Sharon Rose

    We use Evernote to document the activities of our homeschooling family. We have notebooks for each child, plus field trips, group activities and events. It lets us keep track of their progress over days and weeks, and lets us keep photos, writing, websites and even audio files all in one place. We even save the kids’ art. We use our Evernote accounts on our iPhones, iPad and Macs at home. I can even download text files to read on the go. It’s a homeschooler’s dream. Thanks for the contest.

  • Martin

    My best Evernote story: I use it for managing my tasks and projects at work. This way I can keep up with all the stuff. That is especially useful as I tend to forget very fast. People are already starting to tell me “don’t you want to yot this down in your Evernote” when we talk about ideas…

  • Satyendra Gupta

    I use Evernote every day to do my project work and Managing personal documents ….. its just amazing coz it simplify acess to my files.

  • Shawn Tracey

    I use Evernote to take snapshots of instructions on the back of food containers and directions for using things so when I file away the instructions never to see them again…I have my Evernote!

  • TC Sandford

    I use Evernote every day it completes me.

  • Steven Richardson

    I love Evernote!

    Almost everyday I capture screen clips into evernote. I clip online receipts, directions, phone numbers, and other notes to sync with my iTouch when I go mobile.
    A lot of times I’ll capture an address to take and plug into my GPS.

    Why use a pen and paper when you have Evernote. 🙂

  • Abbey

    I use Evernote to keep track of the wine labels from bottles of wine that I have tried as well as interesting menu items at restaurants.

  • Barry Skalski

    I Just started using Evernote and I am already addicted. No more carrying around a note pad. Awesome!

  • michelle

    Just started using Evernote!

  • jorge femat

    maybe its not the best or an amazing story but using Evernote has saved me from going crazy trying to find a descent place to watch the world cup, the olympics, the stanley cup, and tha grand slam tennis games.
    i use it all the time to save web pages that i found.

  • George Hamma

    I use Evernote to prepare for selling items on Craigslist. I capture similar ads and then go through them to create my own submittal, taking advantage of the best ideas and content from my captured info.

  • Dmitriy Bryndin

    I love Evernote! It helps me to remember everything, business cards, tickets to the concerts I went 5 years ago, even postcards I receive from my friends.

  • Dan Mayer

    We’re on a 2 1/2 month RV trip around the country. I’m using Evernote to manage all of the details of the trip. For each leg, I’ve got notes with screen captures and address/phone info for each campground we’ll be staying at, including details of fees and how much if anything we’ve prepaid. I also have notes for fuel stops on our route.

    Our entire itinerary is on a calendar in a pdf file attached to another note.

    I also keep a list of regular bills, when they are due, with links to the website so I can log in with a click, find out how much is due, and jump over to our BillPay to settle up. Then I check it off in Evernote and record the date and amount.

  • Gay-Ann Lambert

    Evernote is my forever note! I just write a note to myself, categorize it and Evernote does the rest. The best part is being able to search easily for those website pages that I want to come back to. I just love having a back up “virtual brain” that keeps my thoughts always on file. What an awesome and inclusive app.

  • James

    In one NoteBook, I have centralize all the details of my minor accident. Just the other day, I got into a fender bender where the other party rear-ended me at a 4 way stop. With Evernote and my phone, I took pictures and captured all the necessary information from the other party. From my laptop, I centralized my phone conversations, emails, claims from my car insurance company. All pertinent information is centralized and synchronized, such that I can access the data a a moments notice.

  • Josh

    I use Evernote everyday to keep track of inportant information for my various projects. I would be lost with out it.

  • Georg Eischen

    I use Evernote every day to upload and share a Word doc that has all our current business contact info. This has proven to be more efficient than any other method.

  • Brian

    Family trip to the Smokey Mountains last week and printed the directions for the 8 hour drive. A couple of miles into the trip and I realized that I had left them sitting on my desk at the office. Luckily I had also saved the directions to Evernote and was able to access them on my Windows Mobile 6 device so no problem!

  • JSam

    I was sold on the NeatWorks product for digitizing my life, but after three years of having to restart my Mac every time their scanner jammed (and getting no help from their support other than to spend my life reinstalling their software), not to mention having no access to my files outside the office. I am now migrating to an old single-sheet portable scanner and putting everything in Evernote via the importer and/or simple screeshots from the scanner preview. It’s a pain, but Evernote is so dependable and dare I say elegant in it’s execution, it’s already been worth the hassle of converting. Wish I had been smart enough to do this years ago when i first started using Evernote! However, it would be darn near wonderful if I could now acquire one of those cloud-friendly scanners to speed-up the process dramatically!

  • Josh Wilson

    I use Evernote everyday for project management and workflow. Developing and designing mobile applications means you have inspiration anywhere anytime and need to quickly make that note and tag it into the right categories for when I get back to my desk. Especially if I find out how to repeat an intermittent bug. Finding an article or website of interest related to a side project, I can easily ’email a friend’ and use my Evernote email address from my address book and tag as necessary.

  • Kimberly meadows

    I just started using Evernote,after getting a new Tablet. My tablet goes evervywhere with me & now so does my Evernote. I have so many projects going on, on a daily basis, this application keeps everything organized. Unlike my old way, “a disaster”, material lists, to do lists, shopping lists, all scratched on paper. I am feeling relief knowing it is all in one place. My Evernote.

  • Robin Merritt

    One of my first real tests of evernote. I took a snapshot of a concert flyer for @ZoeBookbinder with my iPhone and dropped it into a huge file of my music industry notes. The poster had the words “Helen Keller’s Ukelele” scrawled by hand in the blank space at the bottom. Later I searched for the word Ukelele and the photo popped right up! Pretty amazing huh?

  • Ayala

    with evernote your safe to go any way in the world.

  • Alex

    I got Evernote a little over a month ago and it has literally changed my life. I use Evernote to help procure supplies in my small business. My family owns a cosmetology school as well as 2 hair salons. We have Evernote synced over our mobile devices and computers at our salons so that our master needs lists are updated in real time by our staff. Any time we are out and about, we can easily pull up Evernote and know exactly what location needs which supplies. We have been able to get the right supplies to the right location in a more timely manner. This has freed up my family members and I to focus on larger goals of growth and development.

    Thanks Evernote for making our complicated lives simpler!

  • Joe

    Love to use evernote to print out receipts for online purchases directly to evernote. Save some trees and puts everything in an easy to find place if I ever need to find the receipt.

  • Björn Bengtsson

    I use evernote every day to record my drivers journal. It also gives me a record of the temperature, since I take a photo of the car’s dashboard. I also record all fuel receipts the same way. I figure I will never need to show it to anyone and if I will need it I can show where I have been (gps) at what times (datestamp) 🙂

  • Kevin Clark

    I use evernote to organize my life. I can’t go a day without it.

  • Dave Angel

    I use Evernote every day for keeping my important documents to hand and my todo list available to share with my wife on our mobile phones.

  • Matt

    I use Evernote to scan in all my class notes. Then, when a classmate misses a day of lecture, I can just e-mail that day’s notes to them — and they’re SUPER impressed with the capabilities of Evernote!

  • Jennifer Peterson

    Okay Evernote. I am in love with you. Truly in love. I am an avid user. As a designer, I use it to capture all sorts of inspiration on-line. When I find artwork or images that inspire me, I document them in Evernote. I am always capturing (and organizing!) thought provoking blogs, helpful design resources and news to which I will refer back. Finally, a hyper note taking application that can follow me down the rabbit hole of hyperlinks! Thank you for a beautifully effective and well designed service for all of us creative types. xxxooxoxoxo
    Yours 4-ever, Jennifer Peterson

  • Paul Williams,Jr.

    I love the ease of Evernote. I have access to my scanned documents and other created documents when and where I need the the most. I was on a trip two weeks ago out of town and needed a document that I scanned the day before and there it was. It saved a lot of time and hassle of having someone trying to find it and faxing it too me. You rock.

  • Brian

    My newest use case for Evernote is to take screen shots of apps i want to buy on my iPhone or iPad and then add the pictures from my camera roll to a note and place them all in a folder of iOS apps I want to buy.

  • David Parsons jr.

    thanks for the awesome opportunity! I use evernote every day for school, articles I want to save from the web, as well as all of my music notes.

  • ajsda

    No more bookmarks, copy and pasting, or sticky notes everywhere. Evernote saves everything I need in one place that I can access anywhere. It makes my life less complicated!

  • Alexis

    I used Evernote to plan out my house buying process. I made a checklist of all the steps and then started clipping tips, listings and agent info into new notes. Now that there are note links it will make things even easier to find. I’ll link the inspection step in the checklist to the inspectors information in a note as well as a list of questions to ask at the inspection.

  • Eoghan Murphy

    Searching through my notes and finding results plucked from text on a photo of a whiteboard was a great surprise.

    Very impressed with such a great product.

  • Leigh Lundgren

    I am a web designer and my desk is often buried with sticky notes and pieces of paper with scribbled urls and notes, etc. I am slowly breaking old habits by saving all my current jottings and must remember websites to Evernote.

  • craigc

    I use Evernote as a collection of reference information, so I can collate ideas for academic papers.

  • Linda

    as a huge fan of Evernote, i have shared it with my son who is in college. i am jst a retired senior who uses it for personal use, however, i know college students can find a lot more uses for it. i only wish i had had this when i was in college over 30 years ago (YIKES! has it been that long?). anyway, i would encourage any student for that matter to become an Evernote fan and “pay it forward”.

  • Paul

    As a teacher in an elementary school where we are planning an iPad rollout next September, I use Evernote to keep track of interesting ideas and advice I comee across on Twitter, blogs and the web. love it!

  • Kirstin Crossland

    Evernote is the absolute most useful application EVER. I keep track of everything in one place that I can access from any device anywhere and it works flawlessly. I must tell 5 people a day how much I love Evernote!

  • Marlon

    I use evernote to keep my company partners up to date on research, works great with smart phone.

  • Marti Gastineau

    I’m using Evernote as I prepare to make an across the country move! I’m throwing out lots of catalogs, magazines, etc., but putting any useful info I might want later, like websites, into Evernote. Have also started a note to keep track of school and possible activity info in our new location for my daughter. Thanks!

  • Maria Munoz

    I use Evernote in place of post it notes–a real lifesaver for someone who keeps losing all those pieces of paper. I am also using it to plan international travel–keep track of e-tickets, schedules, hotel info, and destination information.

  • Pat

    Evernote helps me write papers! I save all my notes and ideas there.

  • DarbyH

    Just last week, I was cleaning out a closet at work. There was this old box from a burned out projector bulb. The bulb is a really random size and make, so I was keeping the box (for the model #) for the next time I need to replace it (which will probably be a couple of years)… but no more!! I took a quick snap shot of the box, evernoted it, and tossed that piece of trash where it belongs!

  • Michael

    I use Evernote every day to collect the thoughts that I know will be forgotten. Evernote is my constant companion to get through the chaos of life, by allowing me to organize my thoughts no matter where I am, either via my phone, computer or via the web.

  • Phil

    I used Evernote to write my dissertation. Then I used it to keep track of all the paperwork I had to complete for my new job as a doctor.

  • Steve D.

    I use Evernote everyday as a faculty member at a research university to store academic journal articles in PDF on topics I am currently am researching.

  • Tony

    I use Evernote for most everything, but frequently to backup e-mails. Can’t remember the serial number for that software, Evernote search and it’s there. Also for important reference information such as licensure numbers, certification cards. Just wish it would sync with my scanned document folder.

  • Erica

    I use evernote to take notes for teaching and taking classes nearly every day in graduate school. I love that I can see evernote on multiple devices, so I never have to worry about backing up my notes.

  • Zac

    As an avid evernote user I introduced my family to the amazig service after my father had a heart attack. I scanned all his recovery information and shared the folder with my family to help keep my father on track for his recovery.

    Now my sister (in college) uses it as a study guide for her class notes, my aunt uses it for her business. My parents have been scanning and clipping heart healthy recipes.

  • Chris L

    Being a musician, the coolest thing I’ve been using Evernote for is to help me learn new songs and organize songs by placing my performance notes, my written charts (scanned into Evernote), mp3 files, YouTube clips and anything else related to a particular song all in Evernote. I have a notebook for each gig and all the information I’ve gathered for each song for that gig has it’s own note within that gig notebook. I then refer to this notebook during rehearsals and also on stage (using my iPad).

  • Jan Kubicek

    One of the many ways to use evernote is to take pictures of whiteboard/flipchart drawings after the meeting. Taking pictures is a no-brainer, but Evernote makes those drawings searchable!

  • Rutger

    Evernote helps me keeping all my online research material (articles and blog posts) easily retrievable. I also store all my documents that I’m currently working on in Evernote. This way, they are available everywhere right with all other related information. IMHO this is even better then Dropbox.

    By the way, the new note links are awsome! This way I can refer to all “support material” from my taskmanager (OmniFocus) which makes a perfect frictionless “trusted system” for GTD!

  • Anke

    Evernote means I can finally stop relying on my terrible memory and just put my life in the cloud. I can then pick up any device anywhere and remember anything instantly.
    Very handy for storing todo notes and for drafting blog posts. I also use it to store PDFs that I might want to search for new ideas for stories.

    Thank you Evernote.

  • Thomas Sluyter

    Last week I described all the many uses I get out of Evernote, but let me get specific this time.

    I’m learning Japanese using the TextFugu ( online text books. They’re great and include many training materials, but given its online nature TextFugu is only available through a browser.

    To ensure that I can keep on working on my Japanese on the train or when I’m offline, I parse the chapters of the textbook through Readability / InstaPaper and then load them into Evernote. I also load all PDFs for exercise sheets into Evernote as well. Presto! My online textbook now became offline as well 🙂

  • Hawkins Spinks

    Evernote is such a versatile note-taking software which could stockpile various information and is accessible to many devices. Evernote has almost the same features as Microsoft OneNote. I use it as a dairy for keeping track of my online assignments when I was a student. I am now still a votary of Evernote as I use it for keeping track of profits and losses in business. Evernote keeps you noting every time.

  • James Bedell

    Like lots of creative professionals I live my life split between the world of the digital and the world of the analog. So much information lives in ephemeral modes of communication like email. Not with evernote…if it might be important…it goes to evernote. Clipping articles, photos and screen shots means never having to worry that I might forget something.

    At the same time, some of the most important information we come across is analog, the receipt for the car we just bought, the sign for a restaurant. The comments I scribbled on a sketch. Those all end up in Evernote too.

    Evernote is my on-going log for everything I think I might need to remember across all my platforms. My computing life is complicated. I regularly use a mac a PC an iPhone, an iPad, a Blackberry and just as importantly a moleskine notebook. Knowing that Evernote can capture all of those mediums is a comfort beyond words.

  • Karen eldred

    I clip and tag just about every website of interest to me in my real estate business.

    This allows me to go back to them anytime I want.

    Beats bookmarking sites by a long shot

  • Cindy

    As a homeschool mom and small business owner, I can’t imagine my life without Evernote. I love being able to organize my life into folders, but my favorite is the tagging feature! I’m working on going paperless with both our homeschooling and home office. Knowing I’ll have my important documents (scanned with my trusty ScanSnap) available on multiple devices helps me “relax” when it comes to throwing away a math test or receipt.

  • Matt Winschel

    I use evernote daily to keep track of my business. Conversations, notes, receipts, to do lists, quotes that I have sent to customers, all incoming faxes, voice notes. Every aspect of my business, all in separate notebooks and tagged accordingly. With a mobile business I have quick access to everything that I do, on my desktop, laptop, or android! I wouldnt know what to do without it!

  • Keith

    My wife gave me a promotional from a local jeweler that I scanned to evernote. Months pass and our 10th anniversary was approaching. I went into store, pulled up image from evernote on my smartphone and walked out with exactly what she wanted!

  • Viorel

    There are many ways I use Evernote: for jotting down business ideas, to organize private projects over multiple platforms (Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android tablet), but also for keeping track of ideas for my main hobby – taking pictures.
    I write short notes, add some pictures and additional information about what to photograph within next days and months.

  • Amelia

    I use Evernote every day to reduce the yellow stickies and piles of stuff on my desk, in my bag, and scattered elsewhere on my computer. Enormously helpful!

  • Mike Singletary

    Evernote is my second brain. And it is much more organized than my first one. Notes. Thoughts. Web Clips. Organization. Video. More.

  • Lorenzo

    ….remind me that i have the memory of a gold fish…

    out of the joke: for notes, clips, ideas I know I will forget, presents, grocery store lists, sharing info with colleagues, reviews, articles, a shop I just discovered, and a long etc…

  • James edel

    i started scanning EVERYTHING into evernote and threw away my file cabinet. easily sharing and searching everything with all my devices. amazing!! love evernote!

  • Akheel

    I use Evernote every day to organise myself by writing my to-do list.:)

  • Gina

    I take a snaphot (with my smartphone evernote app) of all party/event invitations, maps, notes from kids’ school. I can then access these from mobile, home, school. Evernote has been a lfesaver!

  • Marcos Alves

    I used it to plan my travel to Disneyworld; it a great piece of software !

  • Marie Carmeli

    i used to be a pc person but i am now healthy and absorbing apples to keep the doctor away. i just loaded up evernote on my ipad, iphone, and my imac! evernote keeps my busy lifestyle organized and in check. i am an artists so i am always looking for inspiration wherever i go. i also work full time and go to art school full time as a game art and design major and i am consistently doing something. evernote keeps me on track with school assignments, live art gigs, conference calls, inspirational outbursts, and it also reminds me to breathe. i love evernote, don’t know how i would live without it!

  • Joe Hills

    Evernote helps me
    Write more haiku than I would
    All by my lonesome

  • Joathan

    I was meeting with my accountant and thought that I had sent him EVERYTHING he needed or could ever need. Then he asked for a copy of my 2004 state tax return – which of course I didn’t have. He works an hour drive from my home and I didn’t want to go get my paperwork. Then I remembered EVERNOTE and that I had sent all my past returns to my account. I pulled up my EVERNOTE iPhone app, searched on the dollar amount he was looking for, and it immediately returned the correct form. I emailed it to him – blowing his mind – and we sorted it all out. I owe taxes, but didn’t have to waste time driving home just to get a paper document.

  • Andy Hemsley

    I use Evernote to take snapshots on my iPhone. Then I can edit them on my Mac without the fiddly transfer bit in the middle. The Eye-fi looks like the bombdiggity solution for my SLR photos.

  • Evielyn Chapman

    I use evernote everyday to capture the myriad of information that threatens to overwhelm me on a daily basis. It is the perculator of all my ideas & creativity. I can sleep soundly at night knowing that evernote misses nothing… It is a wonderment of synchronisation… I use it on my work PC, home imac, & on the go with my ipad & blackberry… Every note accessible at any time. & everyday i discover something else i want to capture, something thats clip worthy & everyday my notebooks expand & grow & take on a life on their own…

  • Johan Gustavsson

    I use evernote everyday to make notes on my android phone, and it gets automatically synced to my desktop at home, and also to my laptops, including the one I use @work!

  • GW

    I use Evernote to archive the contents of my file drawers. Now I have a permanent record of stuff I had completely forgotten about.

  • Greg

    I have used Evernote for over 3 years, and have just hit the 6,000 note mark – so I use Evernote on just about everything (iPhone, Mac, Windows,Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Web) for just about everything. I use it with ScannerPro to take copies of Presentation flip-charts, receipts, warranties, serial numbers etc, I use Evernote with FeddlerPro for saving RSS feeds, I use it with Twipple for saving tweets that I want to keep. I have replaced OneNote with Evernote for all my work related material, I use it to store (just as a non-synced folder on my local PC) all my e-banking receipts, tax info etc. I track my golfscores from Golfshot GPS (via email), I take photos of bus timetables, where I parked my car, things I may want to buy. And for so many other things, anything I may need at some time in the future goes into Evernote (the new Chrome web clipper is great). Thanks Evernote……

  • savagecabage

    i use evernote to save all my favourite youtube videos.

    on youtube your favourites are all dumped together in one pile but with evernote i have a different note for each category:
    funny, music, different genres of music, animation, tutorials, favourites, dslr videos, etc

    then i just use the evernote clipper to take a screen shot of the youtube thumbnail, put it at the top of a note and then add the URL to the image. that way, when i want to watch it again i just have to click on the image and it opens the youtube video

    it takes a bit more effort than adding to my favourites but at least this way i get to organise into different groups and can get to them easily

  • Ash

    I use Evernote as an extension of my brain. Absolutely everything goes in there. From my diary, to my music lessons, to stuff I learn on my martial arts training, you name it!

  • Lyuda

    I use Evernote to keep my travel info in one place. One time hotel front desk agent tried to convince me that I booked a garden view room, confirmation from my Evernote iPhone app proved my point and we got to stay in the most beautiful ocean front room on our vacation.
    Thank you!

  • Alex Winters

    Alex Winters
    I use Evernote to keep track of all my lyrics, then i record a demo version on my phone/iPad and attach it to the note. Then if it takes me a while to get back to the song, I have everything I need right there in one place. I ♥ you Evernote!

  • Gary

    I use Evernote to keep track of my air tickets and itinerary. I also scan my paper tickets, and Evernote will convert those into text.

  • Daniel

    I use Evernote everyday to remember my to-do list. Without Evernote, I would have little scraps of paper everywhere, but nothing is done.

  • Sharon

    I made a notebook for another department for shared tasks. We can look at past projects and see how we handled them and have a point of reference.

  • Christopher

    I am using Evernote to learn how to be a first-time dad. There is so
    much information and so many articles out there on things like what to
    expect when you are expecting, diapers, car seats, should you teach
    your child sign language, etc. It’s overwhelming at times.

    So in addition to my everyday personal and business uses for Evernote,
    I have created a Baby notebook, everything gets tagged and organized.
    I can read now or later, share with my wife, my parents, my in-laws.
    Friends and family send me interesting articles and coupons to an
    email address I have set up to forward to my Evenote account so I can
    view and print later.

    I can review my day on my phone, computer or tablet and file for later
    recall. I know that people have been parents long before Evernote was
    around, but I personally can’t imagine how I would have handled
    keeping track of this without it.

    Come November I may not know everything, but I will have quite the
    reference library to figure things out.

  • Bernard Goldbach

    Evernote lets me carry all sorts of planning documents into remote meetings where it’s dead easy to cable my iPad into a wall-sized data projector for team planning sessions.

  • Thomas Kilgour

    I use evernote to keep track of my pay stubs. Every two weeks I take a picture of it with my eye-fi card and then it is automatically sent to evernote! If I search for any words I know are on the stub I can find all of them at once! Thanks guys!

  • Deborah K

    I use Evernote to keep track of dance events. When I want to go to a dance workshop out of town, I clip the class schedule from the website, as well as other pertinent info. Since my iPod Touch doesn’t have 3G (only WiFi), I can’t always get map info once I’m on the road. I get directions on Google Maps, then clip the directions into Evernote. I zoom the map how I want it, then use Windows snipping tool to capture as much as I want. Then I bring that jpeg into my Evernote note. Hotel info, reservation confirmations, my volunteer schedule – it all goes in one place. I love Evernote!

  • Ralph

    A relatively new user of Evernote, Iam using it for anything and everything from recipes to scanned receipts to e-mailed invoices to travel details for a overseas trip. I can have notes available on my work PC, my home PC and a tablet. A wonderful tool!!!

  • Laurie Sheehan

    I use Evernote as a giant index for my life. I put everything into Evernote (phone numbers, writings, lists, project notes, appointments, etc). I can find anything I put in easily. I am quite dependent on it. I have greatly reduced the paper clutter in my home.

  • Mario

    I use evernote on my PC, my Mac, iPhone/iPad or online. It helps me to keep track of as well my personal life as my work stuff.
    Your fantasy is the only limit in what you can do with EN.

    Great stuff ! Like it each day more and twice as much in the weekends ;o)

  • Sierra

    With Evernote, I do not put many documents on my desktops. I can study efficently. When I need one which I want, I just search in Evernote. When I need to review a document without my PC, I can use iphone to get that.

  • CS

    I use evernote with my Drs. My daughter’s medical files get shared through evernote between all her specialists (she has a complex medical situation that requires a number of specialists to be involved). I take notes of consultations & then through the share function they are all able to know what has happened. I have to take my daughters temperature & other observations each day as well – that goes into the shared evernote folder so each Dr can check that things are on track – it makes a massive difference (& keeps her out of hospital) – THANK YOU!!

  • Martin

    I use Evernote to save newspaper cuttings featuring my local Air Cadets Sqn where I volunteer. I can then search for names and phrases as all of the cuttings are OCR’ed. This makes finding newspaper cuttings with certain people in very easy!

  • Lauren

    I use evernote to keep track of gift ideas for others and a wish list for myself!

  • Lisa

    I just discovered the ease of evernote. I will be using it all of the time now that I know how to make use of it. Thanks evernote.

  • Gord

    I use Evernote at work to take notes and meetings and keep track of multiple ToDO items. I like the ability to have a ToDo item imbedded within a note so I don’t need to setup a separate ToDo note.

  • Mike Sturman

    My partner was dismissed from work a month ago. She decided to appeal and I used evernote to store useful webpages about employment law, her appeal letter and appeal hearing preparation notes. It was very useful to have everything in one place to access by smartphone, pc or netbook. It was a big success and she has just been reinstated at work!