Evernote Web Update: Share Notebooks on Facebook, New Gmail Connection and More

Posted by on 23 Jun 2011

Posted by on 23 Jun 2011

Over the past several months, we’ve made sharing your favorite notes with family, friends and colleagues much easier. With today’s Evernote Web update, we’re giving you a lot of new and improved ways to share stuff with your network of friends and family. You can now share notebooks via Facebook, enjoy simplified sharing over email, a new Gmail connection and more.

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NEW: ‘Connected Services’ Settings Tab

Evernote Web now has a new tab in settings called Connected Services. Go there to connect your Evernote account to Facebook and Gmail. Here’s what these new connections let you do.

Share Notebooks on Facebook

Once you’ve connected your Evernote account to your Facebook account, a new checkbox will show up when you share a notebook with the world: Share on Facebook. After checking the button and clicking Save, the notebook, along with the description, will instantly appear on your Facebook Wall. Anyone that can view your Wall will be able to click the link and view the notebook.

If you have a notebook that you have previously shared that you’d like to share with your Facebook friends, then go to the Sharing options for that notebook and you’ll see a Post to Facebook button in the Share with the World section. Clicking that button will take you through a standard Facebook sharing process.

Email autocomplete with Gmail

Connecting Evernote to your Gmail account makes the process of sharing notes with people you know much faster. When you begin typing the email addresses of friends, coworkers and classmates, the Gmail connection will autocomplete the addresses, so you’ll no longer have to cross-check email addresses with your inbox or standalone address book.

The same autocomplete functionality will also show up when you invite a friend to try Evernote. If you haven’t invited a friend, do it now.

Coming soon to more places

We’re continually looking for new ways to help you get more out of Evernote. Helping you easily share your memories is a big part of that plan. Today, we’ve added these features to Evernote Web. Soon, they’ll be coming to other versions of Evernote. Stay tuned for this and much more.


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  • BarbD

    Would be great if you could refine the Facebook sharing to allow the ability to define a group we could share a notebook with. For example, I have a FB group I’d love to share my Recipes folder with — but not my entire FB friend feed.


    • Ron Toledo

      @BarbD Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Pavel

      Good point! All notes are not for all friends!

    • Chris

      You may alternately edit your post settings to limit your ‘audience’ as you post — look for the little “padlock” icon.

      • BarbD

        Yes but — FB doesn’t include groups as an option in the drop down from the padlock. So I guess this is really feedback I should be providing FB 🙂

    • tom2652

      Have to agree – I can think of very few times I’d want to share something with “everyone.”

  • Redwan Huq

    The GMail connection only autocompletes for inviting friends and sharing notebooks. It does NOT autocomplete for sharing individual notes.

  • Claudio Lassala

    ah, I was wondering when we’d be getting the “email autocomplete” feature! 🙂

  • dan @ sparkfly photography

    This is fantastic! I’ve loved evernote for a long time now, and it just keeps getting better! Thank you evernote!

  • Rich

    How about Facebook sharing to pages? Would be great for my site.

    • John

      I second the sharing to Facebook Pages. Nice updates guys!

      • Brett

        Count me as three! Would love to have the ability to post to pages and groups!

  • cynthia spanhel

    I agree with need to share with select persons or groups on facebook. I am currently using a private facebook group and Evernote to coordinate work on several projects.

  • Amanda

    I haven’t done a lot of “sharing” over the internet. Does this mean the notebooks I share would also be able to be edited by my friends? Or would they just be able to see the content?

  • kev

    I need the ability to save notes as a pdf for adding notes to invoices/quotes etc in quickbooks, is this currently possible or something that may be possible in the future?

  • Jochem

    I would love to see more sophisticated note-sharing.

    An example:

    I’m currently planning a vacation to Thailand with two friends who also use Evernote. I collect all the important stuff in several notes (things we can do there, stuff we should take with us, plane and train tickets, etc) and put those in a notebook. What would be great is if we all three can edit the notes and see who changed what – maybe some colors to indicate.

    I can imagine way more places where this would come in handy. For instance if I want to merge my notes taken during lectures with notes from fellow students. Or maybe in a work environment where several people are working on a draft of some document.

    Evernote is already very versatile in ways you can use it (I basically use it for everything), now maybe it’s time to add a social component?

    • Ron Toledo

      @Jochem Thanks for the suggestion and feedback.

  • User

    The system hasn’t worked for several hours and I couldn’t even request help through the site, which is why I’m leaving a comment here.

    • Ron Toledo

      There area few ways to keep updated on the status of Evernote including the site here. You can also find a RSS feed and twitter feed that updates the status. If you are still experiencing syncing issues you can contact our support team for assistance:

  • Brian

    all this sharing is great but can we get privacy settings to go along with it. I would like to have a list of showing all my shared notes just in case one was meant to be private.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Brian thanks for the suggestion.

      • savagecabage

        i usually shy away from sharing my notes on twitter/facebook because i can never remember which ones i have shared, and i could end up adding something to a note that maybe i didnt want to share and i wouldnt know about it until it was too late probably

    • Ron Toledo

      @Brian thanks for the suggestion. We do have a search expression that will return all shared notes.
      You can type the following

      • Aaron


        This is a little off-topic, but where can I find all the search expressions for Evernote, such as the one you mentioned above.

        Also, I can’t leave a comment without saying “Great update!”

      • Albert

        … and safe the search!

        Thank you! I was looking for that.

  • Chielie

    Rather than sharing an entire notebook through FaceBook, I’d want to share any conceivable individual note to it. Off-topic: thank you for being, being Evernote. It’s a won-der-ful ware.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Chielie, Individual note sharing was introduced several months ago. Enjoy.

  • Paul

    How about and integration?

  • Neil Hinrichsen

    Dear Evernote

    The email autocomplete feature is great – for Gmail users. But I use Thunderbird…

    Earlier versions of Evernote used your NATIVE (eg Thunderbird) email client when you wanted to email a note. So you would click on “Email” in Evernote, and the note would pop up in your Thunderbird email compose window.

    This was great! I had access not only to all my email addresses, but also my email ‘lists’ in Thunderbird, so I could easily send a note to my “Architects” list. Plus, I also had access to all the other functionality in my email program – Quicktext to add a branded header for my company to the top of the note, dropdown menu to choose which of my identities/email addresses to send the mail from, etc etc etc.

    All this was lost when Evernote stopped supporting native email clients…

    I asked Phil why this was discontinued, and he said it was because some people experienced problems with Evernote not finding their native email client when they clicked on “Email”. I understand this problem and why Evernote now has its own ‘send an email’ functionality, but PLEASE, for the rest of us who find this a frustrating straitjacket, could you not

    -add an “Option” to specify
    -“use Evernote’s email facility” [the default setting], or
    -use my native email client

    so that power users can continue to have full access to their whole address book, lists, and other functionality in their native email clients.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Neil. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback.

  • savagecabage

    when the gmail auto-complete feature comes to my other devices it will auto-complete evernote!

  • Ted

    I can’t install the update because it says “EvernoteHelper” is running. I can’t find this file to stop it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Quit Evernote by clicking on the elephant icon in the menu bar.

  • Pat Herron

    When I try to add a webpage to my evernote site my computer often crashes. It is an Apple Macbook. Any suggestions? I might
    be interested in your premium service but not if my computer keeps crashing.

    Thanks for your help.

    Pat Herron

    • Aaron

      Are you referring to your browser or entire computer?

  • Ruth

    Is it possible to get Evernote to share notebooks or notes via Friendfeed? We’re using Friendfeed to support undergraduate communities and it would be good to integrate Evernote with this.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Kenzi

    Great post! I hope to organize everthing I have coming up and working. I have android, are the features any diffetent?

  • Kenzi

    @kenzsophia for shared docs on evernote *sharenote. I do A Lot of research, maybe we could help eachother. 🙂

  • Lloyd Dsouza

    Hi , try using Study Blue it can be really helpful for students as it also syncs with Evernote

  • RonJ

    Sharing within Evernote: like said so many time above, small groups, housemates and study teams that can share right inside of Evernote. often as simple as a grocery checklist or task list and as intuitive as sharing a spreadsheet or documents (we are signing up for Premium) – w/o then having to go into FB.

  • Lucinda

    I’m confused. Does it only work with the web version? When I try to email a note from the PC version, it still doesn’t show the list of email addresses in my gmail account (which is linked with my outlook account).

  • Evernut

    To me, Facebook sharing represents a diversion or beginning of diversion from what I was hoping was Evernote’s basic philosophy and core function.

    I know, I know, a zillion people wanted it.

    I would greatly appreciate a button to hide the Facebook option.

  • Mark Hernandez

    Can we link our Evernote Group account to our company Facebook Page? We would like the ability for anyone in our company to be able to publish a note to our company’s Facebook Page.

    Is that possible? If so, how?


    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Mark, you can use the “Share via Email” feature to post to your company Facebook Page. Have the owner of the Company Facebook page login to receive the upload email. You can learn more here:

  • MIke Hardin

    can we get auto complete of email addresses from gmail contacts to work when sharing individual notes?

  • Mech

    Have you guys removed sharing between other Evernote users? I can’t seem to share my notebooks anymore 🙁

  • Veerle

    Another awesome feature added to an awesome piece of software! Thank you Evernote 🙂