Evernote for Android Update: All New Tablet Interface, Create Rich Text Notes and More

Posted by on 12 Jul 2011

Posted by on 12 Jul 2011

New platforms are always exciting because they give us a chance to step back and re-imagine the Evernote experience. Tablets are just that kind of opportunity. A year ago, we launched Evernote for iPad, our first tablet edition. We’ve learned a lot since then, and today we unveil the all new Evernote for Android Tablets.

That’s not all, this update also adds our most requested mobile feature: the ability to create notes containing rich text text, lists and checkboxes. Plus, there’s a new widget, major speed improvement and much more. Let’s take a look.

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Evernote for Android Tablets

The new Evernote for Android Tablets interface demonstrates the direction that we’ll be taking all of our tablet versions in the future.

Home screen
The home screen puts everything you need right in front of your eyes. The screen is dominated by the new Snippet View, which lets you quickly browse through your notes. Along the left edge, you can choose to view notebooks, tags, as well as those notebooks that have been shared with you. Along the top edge, you’ll find the New Note button, Map View and Search.

Tap on a note to view it. Tap and hold a note to bring up a range of note options, including sharing, tagging and viewing the note on a map.

New Notes
Tap on the New Note button to launch a blank note. Along the bottom of the note area (above the keyboard), you’ll see a row of buttons. The first ones allow you to choose a notebook and assign tags; the next three allow you take a snapshot, record audio or attach a file; the last ones let you create styled text—more on that below.

Tap the magnifying glass in the top-right corner to bring up the Search popover. If you know what you’re looking for type in the keyword. You can also select a recent or saved search. The Advanced Search option gives you even more ways to find what you’re looking for. There, you can choose to search for notes near your current location, notes containing checkbox to-dos and lots of other parameters. Make sure to explore Advanced Search, there are some useful options there that you don’t want to miss.

Single note view
The single note view shows you the note you’ve selected, along with a scrollable sidebar of additional notes. The sidebar allows you to quickly jump to another note without having to return to the home screen. The single note screen also allows you to share the note to Facebook, email or send it any other Android app, such as your favorite Twitter application.

Map view
Sometimes, all you remember is where you were when you captured a memory, Map View is great way to recall it. Tap on the map icon in the top right of the interface to view your notes by location. The notes that are displayed to the right of the map correspond to the region you are viewing.

To capture the location of notes, make sure that your Android location settings are enabled.

New for all Android devices: Creating rich text

We can finally answer ‘YES’ to our most-frequently asked Android question: Can I create rich text from my phone? Whenever you create or edit a note on any Android device, you’ll see a new bar above the keyboard. That bar lets you assign a notebook and tags to the note, attach images and files and also style the text. Swipe the bar to show all the text formatting options: bold, italic, underline, bullet list, numbered list, and checkbox. Tap on the option(s) you like, and type away. Lists and checkboxes will continue when you go to the next line.

Editing rich text
Evernote for Android allows you to edit notes that contain rich text. If a note was created on the Android device, then the editing experience will usually be just like the note creation experience. You can also edit notes containing complex styling, such as web clips, by tapping into each element that you wish to change.

New Evernote Widget

Another great update for all Android devices, is our new, larger widget. Tap and hold on the home screen of your Android device, then go to the widget menu. You’ll now see two Evernote widget options—small and large. In addition to letting you jump to core Evernote features, you now see snippets of your recently-accessed notes. This means you no longer need to launch Evernote in order to find a recent note, just tap on the note in the widget.

Many more improvements

In addition to all the goodness above, we also managed to make the app dramatically faster. You’ll notice that notes sync and scroll faster than ever. We’ve also improved the messaging to be more informative, revamped some screens, and made the app more stable overall.

What’s next?

You’ll be seeing many of these concepts, including rich text editing, pop up in Evernote for iOS and other versions soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think of these updates. We’re very excited about the new look and the new features. We hope you like them.


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  • K. Price

    Great. Now, how bout the iPhone version? =)

    • juice

      You just made it arrive a day earlier by posting that comment. Well done.

  • Joe

    As an iPhone/iPad user… I’m a little jealous these updates aren’t available to us yet. Make it happen evernote!!

  • Frank McPherson

    Unfortunately, this looks broken on the HTC Flyer. It displays the Tablet UI but it doesn’t access all of my notebooks.

  • V

    Will there be alternative view options? I was actually a huge fan of the folder view in the old Android tablet version. Snippets are really not my thing…

  • Frank McPherson

    Ok, I think I figured it out. I signed out and signed back in to Evernote and it appears to be updating everything on my Flyer. The UI on the Flyer is significantly different than on my Android phones and is going to take getting used to, but I am really about being able to edit the rich text.

  • Jonah

    Fantastic! The only problem is, I use an iPad! When can we look forward to rich-text editing on Apple devices?

  • Darnell Clayton

    If more companies took the extra effort to make their Android apps elegant and powerful like Evernote I’d seriously ditch iOS. Looks great! Will await the rich text editing for iOS with bated breathe. 🙂

  • Ray G

    OK I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!! Now when will Rich Text editing be available on the iPad?

    And while I’m at it how about that “Spell Check” Toggle toolbar button on the Desktop version?

    You guys keep workin’ and I’ll keep complementin’

  • Morten

    Wauw! I reallu like that, but unfortunately I’m on iOS user. Will this come to iOS also?

  • Rebekah

    You left out a pretty key fact here – Honeycomb ONLY. There are dozens of Android tablets out there that don’t run Honeycomb and it’s kind of important to make it clear that your new “tablet” app won’t work for most Android tablets. Do what other developers do and call it Honeycomb, or at least say in this official release that it’s for 3.0 and above.

  • JainuX

    Any plans for Evernote on the HP TouchPad???

  • Esteban

    Hi, I will love if you get a handwritting or at least a drawing note input on you table (iOS) edition. Are you working on that?

  • TheDude

    That’s all great stuff, except that I’m on iPad (1 and 2)… I can’t wait to see this implemented on IOS. At the moment, Evernote experience on iPad is really really not good since the last update. On the iPad 1st generation, it’s almost impossible to use it. On the iPad 2 it’s a little more stable, but I stopped using it when i have a work meeting because it takes ages to do a simple search and it keeps crashing most of the time (and yes, I have uninstall Evernote and reinstall several times, but with more than 14,500 notes under my belt so far and being a Premium user, just download all my notes to access them offline takes at least 2 complete days! ). I just hope that Evernote you will do something about it pretty soon 🙂
    I just envy Android Tablet’s users with this fantastic release. Can’t wait to see it on IOS!!! 😉

  • redhed

    its only brilliant!
    it seems to be downloading all of my thumbnails again though, and it said it was downloading snippets for a few notebooks that i dont have synced with my android. is that supposed to be happening?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The app downloads certain data for all your notes, so that you can browse even when offline. It isn’t downloading the full notes content for any notebooks that you haven’t specified.

  • Patrick Hamlett

    When will we see an EN Web Clipper for Android tablets?

    • Scott

      You can go into the share option and save pages to EN, mobile browsers don’t have extensions yet so EN can’t make it…

  • Manuel

    Fantastic update, it works very well even in my lame LG Optimus One with it’s tiny screen and 666 Mhz processor

  • Jeff

    The phone version is great and the tablet version looks very promising; however, there is key feature missing.

    Why not have a fullscreen option to take advantage of the full screen while viewing single notes? You can rotate to portrait but there is the scrolling note view at the bottom that takes up quite a bit of space. It’d really be cool if you could drag a bar upwards to show the note scrollbar, and downwards to hide it. It’s great for easy navigating and finding things quick, but there are definitely times where I’m looking at school notes or formula sheets where I need all the screen space I can get. Unfortunately, I’d rather revert back to the old version until this is an option, but I’m sure things will evolve and kudos for the great updates!

  • JP

    Well done guys I am a pro user and extensive user on Android!

  • Steve UK

    Nice job with the Android update guys.

    As an iPad user… is it “end of Winter 2011” yet?! 😉

  • Ryan Kessler

    This is brilliant, what a nice surprise when I launched the application on my Acer Iconia Tab. Great job, guys!

  • Jenni Lathrop

    I love the new Android larger widget! I use Evernote to hold my knitting patterns and it’s easy to go into the project I am currently working on by just opening the note on the widget! No more searching or multiple steps… LOVE IT!

  • Tyler

    Please bring these updates (particularly check boxes!) to iPad a soon as possible!

  • Chris

    Guys, that’s great for the 2 people who have Android tablets, the rest of us need the iPad version.

  • Derek Morr

    The new Honeycomb UI is a vast improvement over what Evernote had before. Thanks for all the hard work. Could you make the widget resizable, and hide the menu button (replace it with the Action Bar)? That would make it even more a Honeycomb-optimized app.

  • Ashhad

    wow.. its really awesome…

  • Maypo

    Update is very much appreciated by this Galaxy Tab 10.1 user. Please, please, please support freehand drawing and note taking in the next version!

  • Luke Frohling

    Nice app on the iphone but missing a couple of important things.
    1. checkbox lists (I would’ve thought these more important than anything).
    2. Hierachy. No way to nest related notes- all in one hodge podge directory. You can use multiple books but thats still only one level.

    I’ve been using NoteMaster (iPhone) and it kicks butt due to the use of above. However NoteMaster has no OCR and cannot record audio notes… It does Sync with Google Notes which is great!

  • The DOg Guy

    Outstanding – this is why I love Evernote!

  • Scott

    Great job guys, and good to see that you keep Android in mind when developing.

    Also loving the irony of iOS users asking when it’s coming to them, and not the other way around like in almost any other app on both platforms!

  • Bill Swavely

    This is awesome on my Xoom! If you can make stylus ink notes on the tablet, then I’ll never have to carry anything else to meetings. Keep it coming. INK NOTES!!!!!!!

  • thechineapplepunk

    I want a widget for Android phones!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The widget works on both Android phones and tablets. To create a widget, tap and hold the Android home screen, then select Evernote from the widget menu.

      • kaima

        Hi folks, same notion here:’I want an EN widget’. Because when browsing the widget list to add one to the home screen, I’ve never seen an EN widget there, not the standard one, nor the new one after the update. Maybe I am not the only one missing the widget because it does not show up for some of us? I am on standard Android 2.3.3

        Apart from that, the update is very welcome, thank you EN for your efforts!!

      • drhodes

        There are no Evernote widgets on the widget menu on my HTC Evo phone. Are you sure these get installed on phones?

  • Dan

    This is fantastic! I really appreciate the focus on rich text features, but I’m having difficulty increasing and decreasing bullet indentation – i.e. promoting and demoting bullets that would allow me to make an outline. Is this feature in the Android Tablet application? Without it, it’s very difficult for me to use the application for note-taking.

  • Bill

    I just installed this on my computer, my phone and my tablet. I have a question. If I take a picture on my phone and upload it to Evernote, I have no problem with it, but when I try to do the same thing, I am told I have to get some kind of premium version which seems pretty steep and besides, why should I be able to take a picture on my phone and not my tablet?

  • Steve Sanderson

    I’m a happy iPad user of Evernote pro – and a developer of iOS and Android apps. I’m interested in learning more about your development approach for mobile. We ( have been releasing our mobile changes on Android first, because we can iterate faster with new experiments. After sufficient results, we will then roll them up into an iOS release.

    I’m real curious about how you decided to release this change to Android first – can you share?

  • Dave

    How about an update for webOS? The new phones and TouchPad are awesome and could use an update for Evernote.

    I use Evernote a lot and an updated app would be great for webOS!


  • Terry Clark

    Work on the ease of capturing, (ingesting) logging, and recreating text, audio, photographic, web, and video equally across the app. Start with iOS. When can we have it? (salivating…)

  • vanderwal

    I really am liking what I am seeing. My heaviest use of Evernote on portable platform is iPad, so I am anxiously awaiting these modifications on that platform.

    Of all of the updates, I am most happy to see tagging coming to the mobile/portable platform. I, like many I talk with, use down time waiting for meetings to begin or traveling to take care of small administrative tasks, like tagging, annotating, and cleaning up recent entries.

  • Johnny

    I’ve updated evernote on my Galaxy Tab but it is not showing the new interface. I can see the new Rich Text features but that’s it. Any ideas?

  • alisa

    This all sounds really awesome. Today is my day one using evernote and I happen to use android too. So it looks like I’m in luck. I walk around everywhere with paper notebooks and then transcribe to computer. Evernote will make it easier for me to justify my smart phone since I haven’t been very smart with using it yet. Recovering luddite….

  • leMel

    I would like to thank the Evernote team for continuing to move steadily forward on all platforms. So many companies are content to leave one or two behind for years at a time, but not you.

    Kindest regards from a Windows, Chrome, Android, & iOS user.

  • Petter

    Thanks I love it but how can I download the tab interface for my Samsung galaxy tab? The old one not the 8.9 or 10.1. No honeycomb for me but it’s still a tab though….

  • Debbie S

    Love it! Especially the fact that since these new updates, the widget is also working on my Android phone when EN is saved on SD!!
    Thanks so much for listening 😀

  • Patrick Jones

    I am still learning all the great things Evernote can do and appreciate the new Android app, but I don’t see the new widgets on my HTO Evo. I downloaded the new version. Anything else ineed to do?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      In order for the widget to work, the Evernote application must be installed on the device and not on the SD card. Check to make sure that’s the case.

  • Theo J.

    Wow, this is different. iOS users wanting features from an Android app. It’s usually the other way around 😉

    I would like to say, you all are doing a great job with Evernote. I’m hooked on it and I’m trying to get my wife on it so we can share documents. The offline feature is helpful if you are working on a wifi-only device with no connection.

    Are the changes going to make it to the NookColor soon?

  • Jennifer

    Please make it possible to edit rich text on iPod touch/phone! I have notes with tables to input info but I can’t do it unless I’m at my laptop. Love Evernote for homeschooling!!! <3 Please let this option be available before 'winter 2011' as someone mentioned!!

  • Charles ngetich

    Looks & sounds great but Will comment authoritatively after ful and practical experiences with the product

  • Daniel Smith

    All looks lovely but why don’t you focus your efforts on the platform that people actually use and the only real tablet on the market – iPad! iOS users are still waiting for stacks and rich text, why is Android taking priority??

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We have a great iOS update in the works. Stay tuned.

  • Toby

    Any forecast on when iOS updates will be coming…desperately need!!!

  • John

    Thank you! Great work and some extra cudos for the interaction with those of us who jumped for the beta.

    Some of you paddies should add ‘please’ to your vocabulary – aggressive feelings of entitlement isn’t sexy. For the rest of you I hope you get a similar version very soon.

  • Keith

    First, I love love love this new look and feel on my tablet. However, I did find a defect.

    1) in Windows, create a note with a bulleted list with three bulleted points.
    2) on the second bulleted point, use the INCREASE INDENTION function.
    3) save the note
    4) in Android, EDIT the note. (read only looks fine)

    The system will display bullet one with indent value 0, bullet two with indent value 1, bullet three with indent value 0.

    The system displays bullet one with indent value 0, bullet two with indent value 0, bullet three with indent value 0.

  • Bill

    This is a great app, but does it has support for a proxy, can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Agus

    Evernote table is great, love it! some suggestions:
    – from mobile, to a edit a note, we have to click on menu & select ‘edit’ (from table we can have edit button on screen, which is handy). I think we can replace one of current three button with ‘edit’ (this is most usable thing other those three).
    – If we can have option to make by default open note in edit mode and also auto save. I work quite intense with some notes & those thing will be useful.

  • GHazlehurst

    I would like to say, you all are doing a great job with Evernote. I have tried many others but always fall back and am now married to Evernote. Will you work on the option to re-size the widget larger and I would also like to option to change back to a list view.Also color the back ground of the note to assist in prioritization.

  • Marcos

    What about Evernote for Nook Color ? It was not updated yet !

  • MaggyPi

    Wow, this interface looks absolutely amazing.

    I am trying to decide between a Toshiba Thrive or an HTC Flyer which connects Evernote with it’s patented HTC Scribe. While, I love the note taking of the Flyer, the Thrive’s functionality is through the roof. I now believe the Thrive might be able to match the Flyer’s note taking capabilities.

    After seeing the Android Evernote interface for tablets, I am genuinely impressed. The way your notes are displayed at startup is both simple yet impressive. I am an avid note taker and I feel like this application will be a great improvement to my life.

  • Don

    Evernote folk:

    Thank you for being one of the classiest Android tablet dev houses in the field. It’s high-quality apps like yours that will give the platform a chance to succeed.

  • Judy

    Please add a feature to rotate photos taken with the evernote camera. Its very difficult to read upside down

  • Sally

    Is the widget a separate download? I don’t seem to have it on my HTC Inspire 4G.

  • Sarah

    Do you think Evernote will ever have a handwriting recgonition way to create notes? If so that would make it the #1, all inclusive note/notebook/notepad app!

  • zala

    hey all the features you guys are including are great!! I’m glad everything from the desktop version is being implemented. One thing a lot of ANDROID users are looking for is the “ink note taking” capability. Once that is included, evernote will be hands down THE best note taking app.

  • Pansy

    I created a note on my desktop but there is no easy way to edit the same note when I open it on my tablet.

    It gives me these grey boxes on the to and bottom of the original text.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of having a notebook with notes that are a work in progress.

  • guys

    Can I create rich text from my android phone?

  • t jones

    Love the android tablet version. Can you add cache to SD card vice internal memory. I went with android tablets (instead of the ipad) because of storage options. 🙂
    Also, I would like the ability to edit creation dates. I plan make evernote my main note application but i need to be able to edit creation dates to transfer my existing notes correctly.

  • Jens Knutson

    Excellent work! Between the major Android tablet love and the rich text support, I’m me seriously considering leaving my other note-taking apps (Tomboy on Linux & Notational Velocity on OS X). In Tomboy’s case, that’s saying a *lot*!

    Keep up the awesome work – the quality and design of the Android app sets a wonderfully high bar for what’s possible on ‘droid tablets.

  • Stephen Milhollin

    On my pc, I can select the Font and Font Size to display notes and the Font and Font Size to use when I edit notes. I have yet to figure out how to set the Font and Font Size on my Android Tablet for use in displaying notes and editing notes. I want to use Courier since the columns line up. Please inform me how to do this on my android tablet. Thanks.

  • Danny Cecil

    I was excited but using Evernote on my Mac and Android tablet to take notes at meetings and other productivity uses at work. I was stunned that I could not edit a note created on my PC on my Android tablet.I normally create a note on my Mac as preparation for my weekly staff meeting, and part of that note is a template to document the rest of the meeting (to speed up note taking). I can’t believe that I can create a new note, but I can’t edit a template note that I created on my Mac. This really decreases the value of Evernote to me and I’ll probably look for another solution. It’s too bad I already paid for a year’s subscription to Evernote Pro.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You should be able to edit the content from your Android device. Please make sure that you’re using the latest version of Evernote. If you continue to have problems, please contact our support team:

  • John Gallagher

    I have the evernote app for my anddroid phone/ipad/pc, but now I can not find the app for my wifes phone on the adroid market. Can I find it anywhere else?

    • David

      Hi John,

      that is how I downloaded my Evernote app, from the Android Market Place. I am surprised you did not find it there. Good Luck!

  • Earl

    Evernote app is great on my Droid phone. Switched from PhatNotes when I got the Droid. However, is it possible to lock the free version of Evernote on the Droid 2 phone?

  • Cynthia

    I’ll be receiving my Galaxy 10.1 tablet in a few days. I currently use OneNote on a thinkpad and take a LOT of handwritten notes in class. Is there a way to take handwritten notes in EverNote? not seeing any screenshots on that one. I don’t fancy typing as there are a lot of equations for some classes.

  • Umberto

    I think it is not useful that Evernote offline in a htc is present, because it takes a lot of place on the internal drive of the htc.
    I suggest always to make possible to work in Evernote only online.

  • l.arnold

    Awesome application. I was quite fixed to simple memos on my Palm which I had been able to migrate through several devices. In the end though, the Android was the future and I needed Synch to my PC. The best “note” system I had found for Android was “Note Everything” but there is absolutely no Synch (at least till now) for it.

    When I finally got pas the fact that there was no simple “Palm Memo” import tool for Evernote, and just went though and copied them, all has been fantastic.

    I have my Notes Everywhere now!

    One small request: Put the “Paratraph Formatting Commands” in the form of small Icons on the PC Application anyway. This would be very helpful!

    Great Stuff!

  • J.W. van der Wal

    Evernote is not active anymore!! It connects me to the web. Latest opened.

  • Conrad

    It would be great if you could add a template feature to Evernote. I find myself revising old notes such as shopping lists with check box fields where it could be so much easier to be able to click on add notes and be presented with a set of precanned note formats already set up to choose from.

  • Sean

    I really want to see indented bullets. This is crucial to my extensive use of the app for my education. Great work otherwise.

  • Andrea Wilson

    I wanted to let you know that I really like Evernote. It has everything that I would like in a note management system. The only thing that I would like is some easy to install note templates. Template for documenting meeting minutes, project overview, etc. Beside that, I really like Evernote.

  • Vince

    I use the app on my phone, EVO View Tablet, work and home computers. This is the app I have been searching for to replace One Note. Some of features I would like to added to make it even better are:
    #1. Date/calendar integration with Outlook and Google rCalendar
    #2. To do integration with Google and Outlook Tasks. I understand there would need to be a distinction between check list items and To do task, but this make Evernote an even more indispensable took.

    Keep up the good work, Vince

  • chip dodson

    Is there a password protection option?

  • J-P Lafleur

    I love evernote for work, home and school. The new interface is really cool. The only beef I have is that I would like to list my note, like on the web version, without seeing the snippets. on my 7″ android tablet, just a plain list, maybe with the date would be much more useful.
    Thanks for the great app!

  • mimi

    I just installed evernote on my android tablet, but cant seem to use the hand writing app to create notes, do I need to buy the premium or the free app have the capability?

  • Ralph

    I love the app, have recommended to to may people both Iphone and Android users. I only wish lists generated with my Sony Google TV box could be longer than 6 items with out having to stack items in a grocery list left to right with commas. Difficult to see on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Wayne Lehman

    When I’m in a meeting and taking notes, I often create check-box items for things that I need to follow-up on. It would be great if those notes with check-boxes could be highlighted until all boxes are checked … or if the items could be exported to a to-do list that would also be great. Probably the former would work better as the check-boxes make more sense in the context of a meeting note.

    Thanks for a great product!

    Best regards,
    Wayne Lehman

  • Claire

    Hi! I’ve been using Evernote for three years and have been on Premium Account since April 2011. I use the Web, Windows, and Android versions.

    I wonder though why this tablet interface doesn’t work on my 7″ Android tablet. What I have is the ordinary Android mobile app interface. Can you help me with this? I would really like to have this more visual interface. Thanks!

  • Neil

    I would love to see digital ink as a note taking format in Evernote for Android, vs. typing on glass. I use an HTC View (twin of the HTC Flyer) which has the n-trig active display / stylus. I am aware of apps such as Quill, WritePad Stylus, and the one I am using, LectureNotes, which have some Evernote integration. But why not support the n-trig stylus right inside of Evernote. Also, support PDF as a native file format, or at least TIFF

  • Steve

    I couldn’t get the widget to do anything. When I installed it it was placed in the APPS section and not the WIDGET section. I can tap on it in the APPS or having drug it to the homepage and it does the same thing – Nothing. Just gives me the same message.
    On a pc I use the note-clipper and get the text and pictures to view in my notes. Since the Android version has no clipper all I can get is the URL of the page I select.
    What am I missing?

  • RabanePaco

    It would be useful if Evernote would support usual keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-F – and the search key, etc) for real keyboards on a Android Tablet like the Asuss Eee Pad.

  • Jerry

    I would also like to see password support for Evernote or for individual notes.

  • tal

    For me there is a big issue with the text edit, i write in hebrew so we write from right to left. on my computer i can change the side but on my android i cant. i wish you add more options to your rich text edit!
    on premium its richer text edit for android?

    p.s how many pages can write on each note?