Evernote Web Update: Improved Search Options

Posted by on 14 Jul 2011

Posted by on 14 Jul 2011

Evernote is great for remembering all sorts of information, from text to web pages to files to images. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find what you need no matter what it is. And now that so many of our users have large accounts, we’ve made this a top a priority. Today, Evernote Web takes a big step in that direction with a new, more powerful search box.

Go to Evernote Web to try it out »

New Search Box features

Here are some of the ways the update makes finding what you need easier:

Choose the notebook to search
Click on the Search Box and you’ll notice your current notebook appear as the first item in the dropdown. Click it to display a list of all of your notebooks, including ones in Stacks. Your search will be performed within the notebook that you select.

Choose search filters
Click on the Add Filters option to display all of the ways you can slice and dice the search. You can search by date, content within the note, to-do status, whether the notes include files, and lots more. Sometimes you don’t remember exactly what you’re looking for but you know that it was a web page that had images that you clipped last month. Now, you can easily construct that exact search.

Tag autocomplete
As soon as you start typing, the bar will show a list of tags that start with the letter(s) you have typed. Click on the tag and it will be added to your search.

Recent and Saved Searches
You’ll also see a list of your recently performed searches and searches that you’ve saved. Click to run the search again without entering all of the criteria.

Mix things up
You can combine these filters with your usual keyword searches to get exactly what you’re looking for.

We really like how intuitive this search functionality is. Our plan is to continue polishing this search capability on the web. Once we’re comfortable with the experience, we’ll begin rolling it into the desktop and other versions of Evernote. Let us know what you think.

Go to Evernote Web to try it out »


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  • Beau

    This is sweet! So much flexibility and control.
    I love that you can see what search terms the saved searches used!
    Will you be able to save searches based upon the filters that we apply? That would be the coup de grace to the web version.

  • Cybermarmotte

    Nice one guys!!!

  • dave

    your right about it being intuitive. i look forward to this on the desktop version as well, there is around 4 tags that i use a lot through out the day so it will be handy not having to scroll down each time to click them.

    any chance we could have an option to leave that -pdf on all the time? there is too many unrelated pdfs showing when i search for other things

  • Dave Yuhas

    A significant improvement over hunting through the Evernote API Overview for search grammar.

  • leMel

    wow. talk about overkill. but SO GOOD! Thanks!

  • David E Y Sarna

    These are great and powerful options

  • Amer Demirovic

    Just to say that this works great. It is a huge step towards perfecting Evernote. I am especially delighted with the tag autocomplete feature. This finally makes typing “tag:” redundant.

    I frequently want to search in note titles only, so I frequently have to type “intitle:”. It would be great to have filter “intitle” in the drop down box.

    Can’t wait to see this in the desktop client.

  • Chris

    Will there be a blackberry update soon? The app has only really minimal functionality (no proper sorting options for notes, no offline notebooks, clunky editing).

  • Homeion

    Impressiv. Most impressiv.

  • Larry

    This is a great step. I really like the search filters. I have sparingly used the filters in past searches but the grammar was difficult to remember. This is a big help.

  • Enrico

    amazing news


    thanks from germany

  • Grant Gochnauer

    This looks great! Any chance we can see the same powerful search features included in the desktop apps?

  • Sharon Rose

    I’m with Dave re the desktop option. I use it constantly and appreciate the search updates. I’ve been wrestling with to do’s lately. Anybody done a video or how to article for those yet?

  • Philip Spohn

    Tag autocomplete is just what I’ve been hoping for. I have a large, carefully-curated, collection of tags. Even though I can usually find the ones I’m looking for, it’s tedious to wade through the hierarchy.

    Can’t wait to see tag autocomplete show up in the desktop app.

  • Dizüstü

    good search

  • Andy Barr

    Just an idea for the next version, please could we get the desktop version to sync on close, as I have had situations where I have updated my notes on my desktop, closed the machine down and then gone to look at the notes on my phone and it has not synced.



  • Marcel

    Sorry, but I think now it’s too complex a and wasting of space:

    Now you see the selection of notebooks and tags in the left column and doubled in the search filed. What is the advantage?

    The worst: Every time when you want to enter a search word you have to go some steps to the right to enter the word 🙁

    Why don’t you teke over the simple handling of the windows client? For me it seems that you have nothing to to any more and now you are searching how you can change something, even it makes the product more complicated. Please leave EN as simple as possible and fix the already known bugs. THIS is really important!

  • Richard Schink

    I think this is a good start. I’d like to see entries for keywords refined. Please add a field for “all of these words”, a field for “any of these words”, and a field for “None of these words” and a field for “This exact phrase”.

    Then I’d be a happy camper when it was rolled out in the Mac Desktop and iPad. My son would be happy when it is rolled out in the Windows version.

  • dave

    any idea when this new fancy search will be coming to windows? in a few months or more than a few months? i need to know!

  • Zanfra

    Evernote is great idea, ingenious, I use it all time. Thanks for this!

  • Laptop

    Amazing search idea!