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Did You Know: How to Access Evernote Without an Internet Connection

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Aug 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Aug 2011


I recently went on a trip where I knew I’d be lucky to have an Internet connection, especially away from my hotel. If you travel abroad, for work or for fun, or live in a place where data plans are astronomically high, there is a way for you to avoid some of these costs.

Did you know that you can access your notes without an Internet connection in a number of places, including your desktop? All of your notes are available to you anytime on all desktop versions of Evernote, so if you have installed Evernote for Mac or Windows on your laptop, you can access existing notes and create new ones without a connection. You’ll see new notes everywhere the next time sync with the Evernote service.

Creating offline notebooks on your mobile devices

If you use Evernote like I do, you might defer to using a mobile device when you’re on the move. You might have hundreds, if not thousands of notes, but on the road, you likely only need access to a handful. Any new note you create on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone 7 will automatically be available to you when you’re offline. Premium subscribers can take advantage of Offline Notebooks, a feature that allows you to make any existing notebook and its contents available to you without an Internet connection. Offline notebooks are available on the following mobile versions: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

When offline notebooks come in handy

There are a myriad of different reasons why you may want to or need to access your notes when you don’t have an Internet connection, but here are a few ideas:

  • When you’re abroad: Planning a trip abroad often involves gathering a lot of information like flight and hotel itineraries, articles, emails, passport copies, vaccination copies, etc. Make sure you can access all of this valuable information, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi.
  • When you’re on an airplane: Want to enjoy a productive flight? Be sure to add articles, newsletters you’ve been collecting, web clips, and PDF documents in an offline Evernote notebook that you can browse on your tablet.
  • When you’re at a conference, festival, or in the outdoors: These places are notorious for having bad to non-existent network connections. Having access to information like phone numbers, conference rooms, itineraries, hiking trail maps, and schedules is invaluable.
  • When you live abroad: If you find yourself visiting Internet cafes where you might have to pay for an Internet connection, or have a data plan at home, you can reduce the costs associated with getting your work done.

How to create an offline notebook

Creating an offline notebook is simple. First, decide if you want to convert an existing notebook to an offline notebook, or create a new one. If you have created a new notebook, you can select and paste notes from other notebooks you’d like to save and drop them into this new notebook. Make sure that you save everything you’d like to have access to on your trip into this notebook.

On iPhone/iPod Touch
Select Offline Notebooks from your phone Settings. If you’re a Free user and you Favorite a note on your iPhone, you’ll be able to view that note without a connection. Premium users can select whole notebooks to be available offline.

On an Android
From the menu, tap ‘Select Offline Notebooks.’ Back in the Settings, be sure to select ‘WiFi Sync Only’ to bypass any potential roaming charges from your data plan provider. Notes that you create using Evernote for Android can still be viewed, even if they are not in a selected offline notebook.

On an iPad
Hit the satellite button in the lower right-hand corner of your iPad. Next, click on ‘Offline Notebooks.’ Move the slider from ‘Off’ to ‘On’ next to the notebook (s) you’d like to make offline. To make sure you don’t get charged for roaming, be sure to select ‘Sync on WiFi only’ in the Settings.

On a Windows Phone 7
Tap on the application bar dots and choose Settings from the menu. Next, swipe to the Offline Notebooks panel and check off the notebook(s) you want offline.

When you’re preparing for a trip or would like to avoid syncing notes for a whole, select the notebooks you want to take offline and allow them to sync over Wi-Fi. Since you’re potentially downloading a lot of content, being connected throughout the process will ensure that your notes with sync quickly.

Offline access to shared notebooks

Shared notebooks (notebooks that others have shared with you) are also stored locally on your computer. When you open a shared notebook, you’ll automatically save that notebook’s content to your computer, where it will be accessible to you even if you don’t have an Internet connection. This feature is available on desktop versions and Android.

When you open a PDF in Evernote, you’ll also be able to view it from any device you’ve opened it on, even without a connection (devices that support this feature include Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7).

When have offline notebooks come in handy for you? Has an offline notebook saved you in a pinch? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Alexey

    I don’t need a data plan for anything else, so I don’t have one and only access my notes offline.

    • John Clemence

      I don’t know if it’s because I have the premium version but I cannot find the settings for ‘Evernote’ in the settings for my iPhone as illustrated above.

      • Avery

        1. Open Evernote on the iPhone.
        2. Select ‘All Notes’ at the bottom of the screen.
        3. Select ‘Settings’ at the top of the screen.

  • Christian James

    Its a real shame you charge for one of the most basic Evernote features, the ability to store notes offline on a device. What really distinguishes a mobile device from a laptop, or tablet pc, as these lines are now so blurred? Charge for excessive file transfers or storage, but don’t sell the product short on basic functionality and diminish the overall navigational speed.

    • Cody

      If I’m not mistaken, the premium feature is offline *notebooks* not offline notes. I’ve always been able to tap the star next to a note title when I have a connection and then it becomes available offline on my iPhone.

      • Mark

        Actually, there doesn’t appear to be “offline notes” in the free version on Android.

    • Lemuel

      It isn’t a shame at all. Evernote doesn’t have to give anything away for free, so the features that are free are a bonus for everyone.

      • JPo

        I agree. I know my notes don’t seem to follow a rhyme or reason. Some notes are viewable offline, others are not. Frankly, it sucks to get to a meeting after typing up some notes only to not be able to pull them up at all. If you’re going to take them all offline, then be consistent. I’ve never seen or touched an “offline” setting and until recent updates, merely syncing would bring my notes down to my iPad and they were viewable. Sure it’s free but from the inconsistency how am I to know it’s not a bug? I think limiting the free version to notes, pdf’s, and pics is fine. Pay to add url’s, documents, and other content. Then if everything works and you want those features you pay for them. I’m all for paying but until I see consistency, I won’t. Given the Apple is moving to have some of these features natively, now’s not the time to be dorking with features.

    • David

      Both the free and the premium versions are a total bargain for what you get.

      • Josh

        I agree with David. Whining about features not being free is unrealistic and childish. It’s amazing that ANY of Evernote is free, much less the incredible service and attention to detail they offer us. Personally, I’m grateful (and slightly amazed) that they could build this service and not charge for it.

      • John

        +1 I suggest you get yourself a paid account and stop whining about features not included in a FREE app.

      • Erik

        I get where people are coming from on this and am in the same boat. Instead of just cracking on people for expressing an opinion, look at it from one of our points of view. There are competing free products that offer offline notes for free. I prefer Evernote’s interface and would be willing to pay $1-20 one-time or $5 a year for the app to sync offline notes with no change in the data plan. However, I don’t need any extra storage/data transfer, don’t have a lot of disposable income, and am not willing to pay $45 a year recurring for the one minor feature I’d like. I’m not cheap, but I also don’t throw money around wildly. If I use this app for 5 years and pay offline notes, I’d be in for almost $250 just to add a minor (though useful) functionality. It would be really cool to add just the offline functionality option to the Evernote Trunk as a for-pay feature. Hope this helps you to see someone else’s perspective.

      • Farkle

        Cody is right offline “notes” is a free feature but offline “notebooks” is a premium feature . Unless you have the android version then there’s no free offline anything.

    • Andy

      If you have no other choices, then just accept it.

    • Diverdude

      I live in Africa and do not have good internet. I would gladly pay for offline notes, but I would prefer to do that through a one-time purchase. For example offer a “pro” app. There is no way I am shelling out 45 bucks every year indefinitely for a simple feature. Let people pay monthly for storage, but not for a basic feature. Sad because EN is useless without offline storage.

  • Iaia


    • YvonneK

      I, too, LOVE Evernote.
      It has changed my life…ok, I exaggerate, but just a little bit.:)
      Whether Evernote is Free or Premium, the convenience is at issue. I was very well-served with the Basic until a nifty project bubbling out of my own original creativity got the upper hand and within a weekend I used up my monthly Free limit. So, I upgraded. and am happy I did so.
      Noticing the offline Notebooks is the icing on the cake for me and my bursts of creativity.

      Keep up the good work.!

  • Joel Williams

    You forgot one major example of when offline notebooks coke in handy – when you’ve used up your entire 1 gb premium account monthly upload allowance and Evernote won’t let you buy an increase – 2nd month in a row and at the rate I’m trying to take my architecture practice paperless (think lots of .dwg, .pdf, .xls, .doc, .jpg, .tif, etc files) I don’t see 1gb/month being enough for me for a long time. The problem just compounds too – as soon as my monthly quota renews around the 13th of the month, I move files from the offline folder into their correct project folders that I need sync’d across platforms and I’m 25% (or more) through my 1gb monthly quota on the first day of the month

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Joel, most of our free users never hit the 60 MB limit and most Premium users rarely hit the 1 GB limit. That said, you’re welcome to contact our support to see what they can do for you:

      • Joel Williams

        Thanks Kasey – I will, but I’d also request a way to do this within the system – I get the “you’ve reached your limit, click here to upgrade” kind of notice (which I guess assumes I’m a free user and is suggesting I upgrade to premium, when I’m already premium) and clicking does nothing when I would expect it to give me the option to pay for another 1gb

      • Joel Williams

        Kasey: one more thing – Evernote should take Twitter seriously as a customer service tool! Zappos and many other companys have found it to be a wonderful customer service tool. However, when I’ve tweeted Evernote, I’ve gotten absolutely zero response – complete lack of reply is the reverse of customer service in my opinion. If Evernote is going to have a presence on Twitter, that presence should include customer service, if for no other reason to refer people to Evernote’s preferred off twitter/non-public customer service tools

      • Aldo Velasco

        As some people said, I’d like to pay for offline notebooks but i cant affor 45$ a year right now since I’m a student.

        I love windows phone, and I’d like to see iOS’ Favorite note option in this platform or paying only for the offline notebook and I’d upgrade to a full premium account later if i need so.

        See you later,
        Aldo Velasco

    • TheDude

      Kasey is right Joel. I had a similar problem 2 month ago and I had my monthly allowance reached. I sent an email to customer service explaining that I needed to upload more files and needed my montly allowance increased. And they did it straight away for me. Two days later I reached it again. I sent an email to Evernote customer services and they increased it again (at that moment, my limit was showing 3Go). One day later, had the same problem and sent an email again to customer services. And yes, they gave me one more Gigabyte which provide me a total of 4Go!! I managed to upload all my files and I have to say that Evernote customer service was really understandable and gave me an awesome service. I did proposed to pay for this, but they did it free of charge. I’m a premium user and I can tell you that Evernote customer service is probably the best you can find around. They do listen to you and understand you. I’m not saying that it something they will do all the time but the point is if you explain your problem and they will help you. I got 3Go increase within 4 days, free of charge because they understood my need at the time. That’s customer service. :)

      • Joel Williams

        Thanks TheDude – though I think there should be an option to upgrade to larger monthly allowance (either subscription or one-time/as needed), I’ll certainly follow your advice. I too am willing to pay for it.

    • Rafael

      I use AutoCAD WS for this kind of files, and you can do some simple edits, save, convert to pdf, jpg, tiff files online on browser or android, mac… i just use evernote to notes :)

  • iPad Story

    evernote is awesome, but why subscribe premium version it too expensive for us -____-

    • Lemuel

      If you can’t afford $45 a year for Evernote, you can’t afford an iPad.

      • David Moloney

        Exactly. Evernote is great value.

      • Larry

        I agree Evernote is a phenomenal value. If you cannot afford $45 a year to help you keep track of important data you must not have anything very important to keep track of.

    • Joel Williams

      I was a free account user for around a year before I saw the light & subscribed to premium – if you think $5/month is too expensive for Evernote Premium, you obviously don’t understand it’s capabilities (as a promoter of iPad, you really need to understand it’s benefits/capabilities). I finally saw the light when I noticed frequently blogging about integration of Evernote into his workflow – I think he has around 12 posts related to Evernote now, just search his blog for Evernote and read them all, then read the Evernote Essentials e-book Michael Hyatt recommends and if that doesn’t convince you then well, I’m sorry. After I purchased the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner that Hyatt recommends & that integrates with Evernote, (and switching from the journal I was already using to the brand journal Hyatt recommends (because of perforated pages), I quickly moved active projects from a mix of electronic files on our server or in dropbox and paper files in 3-ring binders and large format project drawing sets to electronic documents on Evernote that I can access from anywhere on my iPad (I use the AutoCAD WS app to open cad files on my iPad) and by making that change, I traded the stack of binders, drawing sets, journal, and sometimes laptop that I would have to take to a project meeting for just my iPad and my EcoSystem journal (I still prefer sketching by hand, so I use a paper journal, but people who don’t sketch as part of their job or prefer drawing/typing/handwriting on the ipad can get it down to just their iPad). Are you convinced yet? if not, again, go read blog posts regarding evernote, and maybe listen to some of the Evernote Podcasts – the recent podcast #28 interviewing author/NPR contributor Susan Orlean about her use of Evernote is another great story that should inspire use of Evernote Premium and demonstrate that it’s worth way more than $5/mo.

    • Alan Vallis

      What nonsense. A cup of coffee or two a month will cost you as much as Evernote Premium.

      I’m retired and need to be careful with a dollar but I subscribe to Evernote even though I don’t even use 60MB of storage/month. I subscribe because I believe it’s the best software in the known universe along with the wonderful Dropbox.

  • Moyado

    and for webOS ?


    • denise

      Yes, I also have webOS. All the services I use seem to leave it out, even with all the gajillion HP TouchPads that we just sold a few days ago. Which means I don’t spend any money on anyone’s premium services because they won’t work for me anyway.

  • Bryan U

    I love this feature. I just downloaded all my notes to my IPhone before going on a cruise since I will be without an Internet connection for most of the cruise.

  • Jeff Mosawy

    Great feature.
    Thank you very much.

  • Andybro

    Am I being a bit dumb! cant find the settings on my iphone for the offline notes. Help!!! Thanks

  • Brendon

    Its too bad the offline notebooks/notes feature doesn’t work better. I’ve been an avid user of Evernote for the past 3 years traveling around the world, never with an internet connection outside my hotel. Unfortunately, I’ve been in too many situations where Evernote says it synced, but when I’m off the WIFI, I find out it didn’t. I’ve resorted to having to open up each individual note I want to be sure I have it offline, like a map or directions to the place I’m touring for the day, before leaving the hotel. Even then, it doesn’t always work perfectly. This isn’t of course the place to submit bug reports, but I figure everyone needs a little heads up, if you are promoting the feature, that it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Be smart, carry a little pen and paper around with the most important info if Evernote decides not to load up its notes offline :(

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Brendon, There’s actually a difference between Sync and Offline Notebooks. Syncing your notes means that they’ll be sent to the Evernote service. However, creating an Offline Notebook ensures that you’ll have access to your notes even if you don’t have an Internet connection. To be sure you’ll have these important notes when you’re offline, put them into an Offline Notebook, sync while you have a connection, and make sure that all of the notes you need access to are in this Offline Notebook. Hope this helps!

      • Brendon

        Forgive me if I used the wrong terminology. I ought to open a support case about this, but honestly never got around to it.

        Anyway, I am referring to the idea of “syncing” my offline notebooks. During the syncing process, is when the offline notebooks are supposed to download all the content of said notebooks to use for offline. This, does not happen accurately 100% of the time.

        The majority of my notebooks are marked for offline use (the only reason I am Premium), but only about 75% (rough guess) of the notes are actually available offline. If a note in an offline notebook isn’t available, I just get a white screen. Weird enough, in the preview/list, it shows content, images, etc. I’ve even had a case where a note was showing up offline, switched to another note, switched back to find it now unavailable. I just updated to the newest version of iOS Evernote and now instead of a blank white screen, I actually have a message saying I need to connect to download the note (yes, its in an offline folder and should have been synced).

        Finally, on a related note. I’ve sat and watched the offline note syncing process, counting down the MBs, only to watch it quit before finishing. It puts up an error ! next to the folder, but if I wasn’t paying attention to the screen, it does not inform me. It doesn’t ever say what went wrong either, unless you click on the ! and look at the logs (which are cumbersome for non-developers to understand). Re-syncing sometimes solves the issues, sometimes it doesn’t. Often times I flip the offline switch to Off and back On, forcing Evernote to re-sync a.k.a. download everything. Again, sometimes this works, but not always.

        If there is something I can do, logs I can email, screenshots I can take, let me know. Of course, I’m done traveling now and offline notebooks won’t be so important anymore.

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Hi Brendon, to figure out what’s going on, please contact Support:

    • Keith Kendall

      I had a similar problem. It would start crashing when I would do a search. Tech support had me delete Evernote and reload onto my handheld. They suggested reloading from a wired connection, but I was traveling at the time and it was such a problem that I reloaded it through WiFi, which worked fine. Since I have less than 100 MB of data, deleting the app and reloading the offline notebooks is only a little bit of pain. Since July 1, I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it about 3 times. I’ve also started being careful to exit Evernote before going into standby. (I think my problem is caused by turing it “on” and switching to a different app before a sync completes.)

      • Peng

        You do need to wait until the syncing finishes before you open another app, i think it has to do with apple’s task management system.

    • Angel

      I love evernote and pay for the premium. Evernote is one of the best apps I have seen and I use it all the time. The offline notebook feature is great but it doesn’t always work. I’ve worked with tech support to delete the notes and reload but it still continues to act up sometimes. I am rarely near wireless and need access to my notes offline. I find that one minute a note is there and then the next time I open it, the screen is white. If I can get to wireless than the note will downland and I will have it again. My offline notebooks can go months without an issue and then all of a sudden I start missing some. I have been in situations where I needed a note and it wasn’t there.

  • kaima

    I feel that at this time the Offline feature does not live up to the current hype about it. Because Search does only work if you are connected to the web. I have Premium anyways, to support Evernote while I can. But just for having my notes with me, I wait with going Premium until the Offline feature is ready for prime time (means taking my notes with me, as well as being able to search / filter notes offline).

    • Kevin Murray

      The lack of search feature is fairly critical when it comes to using Evernote offline. I wonder what the issue has been in making this service available for Android devices?

  • sharepoint develpoper

    The good thing about this is our notes can always be available to us without internet. No matter how much it costs when things are urgent it will be valued.

    • Mohan Dhingra

      I hope it was that simple. I have landed up at movie theater window without being able to retrieve my booking number. Went to Ikea, couldn’t open the shopping list..You run the risk of looking like a high tech fool when it fails you when you need it most.

  • ben

    I used to love the offline notebooks on my iphone, but since one of the last major upgrades for the iphone the feature simply does not work anymore on my device. i tried to deactivate and reactivate the offline notebooks, but the notes are not stored on the phone. so, often i ended up with internet connection and then had no access to my notes. especially the attachments seem to be the biggest issue for evernote on the iphone. they’re never downloaded to my phone automatically. why is this not working?

    • Mohan Dhingra

      I also face the same problem. I take a lot of picture notes using iphone. All my notebooks are marked for offline access. Yet when I open the notes it takes a long time to open the notes and rotating bar indicates to me that there is some sort of online activity happening.

      Any suggestion why this happens?

  • Lucinda

    Any chance of making this available on a per note basis with a tag, for ex. Offline?

    I add most of my notes on my windows desktop and would like the option to tag it at that time, with a tag to make it available offline. I have a notebook structure that I’d like to keep.

    Can you access the favorites toggle in the desktop version? That would accomplish the same thing.

  • JuanJose

    Are there plans to release a version of Evernote Offline for Blackberry Users?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We are working on a number of updates to our BlackBerry version. Stay tuned.

    • Deborah

      I second this! I’m a Premium user and also use a Blackberry and I would love to access offline notes (it’s needed MORE with BB than with other phones as the web capability is not as robust!).

      • Rose

        Thx for updating the BB version!

  • Daniel

    There is no possibility to search through your offline notebooks when you don´t have internet access, is there? That´s a thing the evernote-team should work on…

    Cheers, Daniel

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.

  • hasan

    Great feature.
    Thank you very much.

  • hasan

    nice woww great plugin

  • Diana Welch

    Turns my “I” into a “C”
    Leaves me free
    To be just me
    Coordinates my darkest days
    Leads me out of the maze
    Evernote- Everclear

  • Paul

    This has nothing to do with getting hundreds of notes from my iphone 4 without emailing them all individually. Man google search is polluted with advertisements.

  • Belinda Gillis

    I have recently run into problem when I cut & pasta a recipe the lay out clashes together. Wasn’t having the problem before. Can someone tell me why!!!

  • sameen farouk

    I look forward to seeing the blackberry version of offline notes.

    Its the only thing stopping me from taking out a premium subscription. I always get annoyed when I feel other phones/makes get prioritised ahead.

    But blackberries are an essential tool for small businesses who would benefit most from evernote

  • Martin de Weger

    Will there be an off-line option for BlackBerry as well???

  • Niel Lambrechts

    The unfortunate situation is that the “star” (offline note) feature is only available on the iPhone, not the iPad.

    I wouldn’t mind paying for an EverNote basic version, but I don’t need any more storage – however offline notes and notebooks would be awesome.

    • Pao

      I agree. Offline notes for the iPad please!

  • Chu

    I can has one for Ubuntu, please?

    • Alexey

      For Ubuntu, look up “Nevernote”.

  • Vic W

    I would love to have an offline capability, but I don’t need the added capacity that goes with the Premium account, so it’s overpriced for my needs. I wish you could have 2 levels of Premium, with the lower level just providing offline access added. Cut the price at least in half for that, and we’ll think about it more seriously.

  • James Harrison

    Must be being thick. Can’t find Evernote in my iPhone settings. What am I missing? App Store tells me my apps are up to date so I suppose I have latest version.


  • Carlos

    Have iPhone IOS, can’t find the settings in the phone to enable offline notes editing….

  • Mary Anne

    Will the Android version work on a Motorola Xoom tablet as well as an Android phone?

  • Vince

    Interesting features. I installed Evernote months ago on my idevices but haven’t tried offline notebooks yet. Will check them out.

    • Mohan Dhingra

      wont work

  • Scott E

    I reading a lot of comments to the effect, “You should not be critical of something free” and, “If you think $45 is too much, then you have no business even using an iPhone/iPad/etc…”

    Well, $45 IS a lot, especially if you really don’t need or will use the storage. I too really like Evernote, and would probably pay aropund $20 for the app, which is a mid-high price for an app. But I would be paying for the FEATURES, not the storage service. If I just want to store a few notes, I don’t need 1G per month storage.

    I wish Evernote would separate the FEATURES from the SERVICE, and charge accordingly.

    • Frank M

      I agree. I have been using Evernote for about 2 years after moving to Windows 7 and losing a flat-file database program that would no longer work. I am retired and have about 420 notes that I would like to have available on both my mobile as well as on my home computer (as my memory for numbers is getting bad). I have absolutely no need for storage — my usage is a total 1.2K according to the USAGE tab. I would be more than willing to pay a one-time fee (like a normal program) if they would make that option available. With most mobile programs in the 0.99 to $4.99 range, I would be willing to pay 3X that for just this single option…

      • diana

        Hi – you should look at awesome note. It syncs with evernote and works offline. I use it for the more “mundane” lists eg. things to buy at ikea, usernames etc. For work (I travel a lot) I have all the agendas, itinerary’s etc in evernote (free version), but I also back them up to “Documents to go” which is a one-time purchase and I’ve used it for a few years. You can put word, excel, pdf etc into it and access them all offline on the iphone. I have organised my docs to go folder with names that match my evernote notebooks. Hope that helps.

  • Emmanuel ha'Levi

    can Evernote open note files from Windows Mobile? your program descriprion says yes but it not working on Android… or i’m not doing somthing correct?
    thank YOU!

  • Geocacher

    Even though I love Evernote, I intentionally don’t use the offline functionality for a simple reason: one of my notes holds passwords (not for any critical system, but nevertheless…). If someone steals my Smartphone, I simply quickly delete the content from the note with the desktop version of Evernote and the thief will not be able to see them. If I had synced them to be offline, it would be a different story…

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Offline notebooks are different from local notebooks. If you delete a note that’s in an offline notebook, when the account syncs, the note will be deleted. Local notebooks are not available on mobile devices.

    • Eric Robertson

      I hold passwords in Evernote but use the encryption feature when I set the file up in my desktop. They don’t show up in my iPhone/iPad until I’ve supplied the encryption key.

  • Anton Engen

    Thank You Evernote!
    Evernote changed my iPad from a fun gadget into a worthy tool. I now have it on my PC, my iPad and my Samsung phone. Amazing!
    With this offline tool, I am allways ready to pop up with a presentation whenever I’m asked.

  • Babu

    Evernote offline feature is not stable when I attempted to activate. It works well if the notebook size is less than 50mb. iPhone application becomes sluggish. Not revived any update from ‘premium’ support.

  • Jeff Porter

    I’ve been using the free service for a few months now and I agree with all those comments saying Evernote is a brilliant app.
    Recently while on holiday, though, I encountered a problem. I’m not really sure what went wrong. I created a new note and started building a travel journal of sorts. When I created the note, Evernote came up with an ‘Append’ warning. I can’t remember the full wording.
    Anyway, the upshot, at the end of week one I went to an internet cafe. During the syncing process the contents of the note disappeared. I retyped it all from memory, but if anyone knows what I might have done wrong, I’d be interested for future reference.
    When I read this thread, I got the feeling it may have been something to do with the offline notes feature, which I hadn’t come across before.

  • William Anderson

    Neither Evernote nor “offline notebooks” appear in my settings. So I can’t use offline feature.

  • saut

    I stopped using Evernote as soon as I discovered that any notes I made on my laptop are not available on my iPad without an internet connection. When I saw “Access your notes offline” in their newsletter, I immediately clicked on the link to “find out how”. Apparently it’s the same old story: first buy a premium account. Nebulous automatically syncs my notes via dropbox when I’m connected so that I have identical updated notes on both devices all the time. It’s missing all the do-dads of Evernote such as PDFs and pictures, but what good are the do-dads if I can’t get my info without a connection?

    • JPo

      But it’s inconsistent. Some of my notes are perfectly viewable offline. I’ve never changes a setting. That’s what’s frustrating. I always assumed notes you typed were viewable offline. This explains why some of my notes won’t but doesn’t explain why some are. And that will keep me from buying it. How do I know what’s a bug and what isn’t? Consistency.

      • Pao

        Yeah i agree, JPo. When it syncs, the notes you typed on the ipad are gone when you go offline again. So counter-intuitive.
        I won’t go premium because I really don’t need that much storage.

  • sbikes

    My iPad version doesn’t have the satellite icon at the bottom right. I have the Settings “Cog” and the Trunk. I looked in the Settings options and didn’t see anything for Offline as described above.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi there, in order to see Offline Notebook options, you need to be a Premium subscriber.

  • r9s

    When it will be possibly on webOS?

  • Drew Vogel

    I am a Premium subscriber.

    If I take notebooks offline on my Android:
    * Are notes added to the offline notebook on the Android sync’d back to the main notebook?
    * Are notes added to the main notebook on my PC synced to the offline notebook on my Android?
    * How are those syncs trigged?
    * How do I transform an offline notebook back into an online notebook? Do I lose data in doing so?

  • Jude

    I see many comments referring to the $5/mo pricing. I was paying that until I realized I could prepay an entire year for $45! In a world where services like DropBox can charge $9.99/mo Evernote is a real bargain considering it bundles syncing and desktop/mobile clients specifically for many devices.

    I don’t mind paying since I want to see the service succeed. For others who can’t maybe Evernote can add a tip jar to contribute what they can?

    I use it every day (hour) and love it!

  • Mohan Dhingra

    I have found offline access still unreliable. I am a paid user and have marked all my notebooks offline. Yet when I try to open notes, at times I see the rotating progress bar, which indicates online data activity. When travelling overseas this can be troublesome. Roaming data can be expensive and at times in remote locations it may take forever to open notes.
    Therefore for storing booking details of your hotel or airline ticket etc., it isn’t such a smart idea… Not Yet.

    • Heather

      Once you set up your Offline Notebooks (By moving the slider to “On”), you need to sync them completely before they will be available to read offline. Depending on the size of your notebooks and the speed of your internet connection, this can take hours – in some cases, days. We suggest doing this over wifi for the fastest sync time.

      Until you have completed this synchronization step, you will not be able to read your notes offline, as they have not been stored on your device.

      Also, any notes that contain links to files, as opposed to the actual file attachments, will be able to be viewed offline, but the linked web pages are not stored, so when you click the link, you will receive a Page-Not-Found error.

      If you have a different issue with syncing, contact our support team. You may be required to copy any notes that are not yet synced (you can verify which ones those are by logging into your account on Evernote Web) to preserve them before following any additional steps.

  • RM

    Now, how about tackling all the privacy concerns? Large SaaS offerings like Evernote and Dropbox really do not see the train coming. Although they already have robust solutions and client side applications, they will eventually lose out to the ankle biters startups who have been given ample time to replicate every feature offered here, but understand and solve the up and coming privacy concerns that will ultimately be the downfall of such great pioneering efforts like Evernote and Dropbox.

    Evernote, you need to see the larger picture and allow clients to encrypt all the data at the client level, before it gets uploaded and synced to your backend file stores. A great example is the startup Wuala, who is slowly overtaking Dropbox market share.

    Wake up Evernote, here comes the train!

  • A.P.

    It’s not clear to me so I’ll ask: when you write that offline notes are available on Android devices does that include the Nook Color?

  • Phil Allamong

    I just bought a tablet and am ready to start using Offline Notebooks. Since the last comment on this forum was dated 09/04/2011 is it safe to assume that any issues (if there were issues) with Offline Notebooks have been resolved?
    Just wondering if the issues were Evernote issues or device issues. Thanks in advance for any information that anyone can provide. – Phil

  • kslam

    “Notes that you create using Evernote for Android can still be viewed, even if they are not in a selected offline notebook.”

    So, on the free version, if you create your notes from the phone app, they’re always available and will sync to the web and desktop app when you have an internet connection.

  • KRain

    I am a free user and I have an android device and I am able to view any note in my default notebook offline whether I created it on my device or elsewhere. It is kind of a pain because you have to sync and then click on each note you want to see individually to have it load fully, but it can be done. I love Evernote and I am very happy with the service.

  • Baci

    1. I am using both the desktop Windows and Android version of Evernote, I am free EN user.

    1. I noticed when I change something on the desktop EN, it often will NOT successfully sync with the Android.

    2. EN Android > EN Windows sync always seem to work. (I am talking here about manual one-by-one notes sync, not Premium notebook sync).

    Off-line note sync was great on Android in the beginning: once I synced a note, from this point sync always happened continously in the background. Recently I reached approx. 200 notes, then it stopped working. Do not know why if is this a restriction, or just a bug in an update.

    I was thinking to go to Premium, but all those Premium users comments above about notebooks sync issues keeps me uncertain. It is not a good sign that even Premium users have this trouble.

    Also, the search function is unfinished in Android: there is no easy way to jump next/previous search results. Imagine it in a very long document…

  • David

    I’ve been using Simplenote (free app on iPhone) for 3 years now. Offline notes is an obvious and default feature there. All the notes are synced but also stay stored in the phone app for offline use. I honestly can’t believe that Evernote gives this basic and most important feature only to premium users. I was thinking about switching because of some cool EN features, but I can’t. I’ll keep using my simple app that stores notes in the phone automatically.

  • vedant

    i have a galaxy tab, and i want to only use evernote offline meaning i never want to shnc it, is it possible?

    • Heather

      Evernote requires synchronization to our servers from mobile clients, like the Galaxy Tab. You could theoretically use it only offline (once you create your initial account online), but that is not what it is designed for. Additionally, you would not have any search capabilities while offline. I would suggest finding a different product for this type of usage.

      • Lee

        Hi Heather, I just bought a Sky wifi 2GB. i created an online acct with evernote and was able to synch with the server. how do i synch it locally w/o getting the data to the Evernote server? I am testing this product out for other users at work. Thanks.

  • Miriam

    I want to use the offline service but cannot find where to do this on my phone under the settings tab. Could you please be more specific about how to manage this?


    • Brook

      On an i-device, you make sure you can All Notes first, then tap Settings and scroll down a bit to “Offline Notebooks” and tick the ones you want. It can take a while, so use WiFi to do it.
      This option will only show if you are a Premium User, something I think it is worth paying for, as a P.U. myself. (as well as many other features!)

  • Nigel

    I’ve just installed evernote (free user) when I switch off my internet connection on my iphone, some of my notes are viewable and some not !…
    What makes a note viewable offline for free users ?

    • Brook

      Free Users can keep notes offline by looking at each one separately, and as you do, tap the Star icon at the top of the note. This makes it a Favourite, and you may notice some internet activity as it downloads the note to your device.
      Offline Notebooks is like setting each and every note as a favourite, but globally, in one step.
      OK if you have less than 50 notes, but I have over 1,000, so Offline notes is one feature I was happy to pay for as a Premium User.
      Important: Everytime you do a software update from Evernote, check you can see all your Favourites, as the memory gets cleared after an update, so make sure each note is downloaded before you leave internet access!

  • Simin

    I’m a premium user on OSX and iOS devices. Problems related to offline notes exist on iPod Touch, getting hints of “Connect to internet” with half of my notes. I’m wondering will this problem be solved in near future.

  • Caroline

    It would be nice if the offline feature was consistent! Offline notes don’t all sync to my iPad even though I have “Download all notes” selected.

    • Bob

      Yes Caroline, same thing happened to me in a business situation. Note was blank in Evernote, left me looking like an idiot!

  • Tomas

    Using both Evernote free and note taking application on my HTC Flyer tablet is a great option. I can access all my synchronized notes via Built-in notes app anytime and anywhere, even without network connection. If I want to use formatting tools in text, I have to switch to Evernote, which works best online. On the other hand Evernote does not support HTC Scribe (electronic pen).

  • Tyler

    How to do this on anything with the word blackberry on it? Oh yeah….

    Please bring full functionality to the PlayBook/BB10 :)

  • Sharon stoler

    Could someone please tell me where do if s the offline notebooks once downloaded? In the iPhone version you have completely separate offline notebooks, but I cannot find them at all in my Ipad2. It shows I have downloaded my notebooks to be offline, but when I am offline, all my notes show that I need to connect to the Internet. Please help.

  • Amber

    Over the last few weeks I have had trouble viewing notes while offline on my ipad and iphone. this was never a problem before. Now, it says I need to upgrade to EN Premium to view notes off line. Why the change? I feel my notes are being held hostage unless I upgrade. I have been a huge fan of EN since downloading it, and tell all my friends about it, but now I am frustrated. I am living and traveling overseas and do not have a data plan with internet, I rely on wifi.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Amber, Offline Notebooks are a Premium-only feature on iOS and Android:

      • Mark

        Kasey, what you say is true, but offline notes are also available on iPhone (but not iPad) as long as you “favorite” it.

  • lj

    I know this is an older post but I found it through a search and I had a few questions. First I want to say Evernote is great. I’ve been using it for years.

    I currently have EN installed on a portable hard drive. I work in multiple offline environments with no access to syncing until I am home. I was able to get EN to open without syncing on the offline computer by opening the database file externally and using evernote.exe as the “Open with..” from Windows.

    My question is this: The notes I take at work on the offline computer are not there when I try and sync at home. I know this can work because I’ve done it before. (It kind of defeats the purpose of EN if I can’t work in multiple places) I have the same database listed in options.

    Also, I am finding multiple database folders (presumably with the same .exb file. I’m assuming this is from trying to import the offline database multiple times. Could my database path be wrong?

    Is there any way to create a note or notebook offline (on PC, Premium or free) and then sync later?

    Much help will be appreciated.

    Using EN on XP (work), Windows 7, iPhone iOs.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi there, the best way to resolve the issues you’re having is to file a support ticket: