10 Evernote Tips For Entrepreneurs  - Guest post by Natalie Sisson

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10 Evernote Tips For Entrepreneurs – Guest post by Natalie Sisson

Posted by Natalie Sisson on 17 Aug 2011

Posted by Natalie Sisson on 17 Aug 2011

Name: Natalie Sisson
Profession: Suitcase Entrepreneur, author
Location: New Zealand
Website: The Suitcase Entrepreneur
Facebook: WomanzWorld
Twitter: @nataliesisson



Natalie Sisson is a Kiwi entrepreneur and adventurer who shares creative ways to run a business from anywhere. She is passionate about using online tools and social media to create more freedom in business and adventure in life. Her latest book, `The Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneur’s,’ showcases free and paid online tools (including Evernote) for entrepreneurs wanting to streamline their business and save time and money. Evernote readers can get 25% off by entering the code ‘myevernote’ during checkout.

Natalie stopped by to share how she uses Evernote to help create a virtual office. She asked two women in her entrepreneurial community (Diana Stirling and Shannon Ward of Pretierment living) who share the suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle with her, to help her compile a list of ways that entrepreneurs can use Evernote to help run their businesses from anywhere.

I Use Evernote For…

As an entrepreneur who runs an entire business virtually, I’ve found Evernote to be a powerful ally in my success. I literally live out of a suitcase, so I love tools that allow me to have a the sense of a real office. Evernote has become a filing cabinet for my brain – it works the way I do, logically storing away the most important information to be retrieved at the click of a mouse or a simple search query.

10 Evernote Tips For Entrepreneurs

Strategy to Tactics, and everything in between

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly jumping from strategy level down to tactical level, plus managing everything in between: cash flow, legal, HR, inventory, channels, and accounting. Evernote helps me keep tabs on everything.

  • Multiple Notebooks: I keep a separate notebook for each area of my business. I take all of my meeting and call notes in Evernote and tag all of my notes to create a system where I can find all content related to a topic easily.
  • To-Do Lists and Time Management: I keep to-do lists in Evernote and also create a note each morning to allocate tasks for the day and the blocks of time I intend to spend on them. As the day progresses and things inevitably change, I go back into my Evernote account and update my list as required, either at my desk or from my iPhone, on the go. [How to create a checklist in Evernote]

Ideas & Research

I’m always coming up with new ideas for marketing, future products, and operations. While I’m researching competition, suppliers, and markets, I always have Evernote open on my computer.

  • Web Clipping: I used to use a Word document to copy and paste web links alongside typed notes and reminders. It was a mess. Now, I select the web page text I want to remember and click the Evernote icon on my browser toolbar. It clips, copies and saves the information I’ve selected and even preserves the source URL in a new note.
  • Voice Memos: I record voice memos with Evernote on my iPhone so that whenever a thought or idea strikes, I don’t risk losing it.
  • Photo Notes: When I see a great product while traveling, I snap a photo of it with Evernote. When I’m ready to write my next blog post, I just go through the notebook that includes all of the information I’ve been collecting—web clips, random thoughts and outlines, meeting notes and photos. I have everything I need to write the post at my fingertips.

Bringing your file cabinet with you

Evernote has  become my digital file cabinet; I never have to worry about forgetting a folder.

  • Sync: Evernote is constantly being synchronized, so whether I’m at my desk or out and about with my iPhone, I always have access to my notes.
  • Paperless Lifestyle: If you travel a lot like I do, Evernote is great for scanning and storing important travel documents (such as electronic tickets, health insurance, and visa information).

Sharing and Collaborating

When you have a business partner and remote workforce, everything needs to be shared.

  • Shared Notebooks: I use Evernote to create shared notebooks for projects or other critical team-based information. I don’t email multiple versions of documents or try to keep track of multiple email threads. Using Evernote is definitely more efficient, especially for teams that are remote as I almost always am. [Learn how to start sharing notes]

Networking and Contacts

Being on the road a lot means coming into contact with new people all the time.  Keeping track of everyone you meet can be hard.

  • Business Card Snapshots: I take photos of business cards so I can easily search for the contact in the future. The cards get thrown away.
  • People Photos: In those situations where I don’t have business cards, I snap a picture of the person I’ve just met and type their information into Evernote for later reference. I can find them later by searching for part of their name, by location of where we met, or approximate date we met.

These are just some of the ways I use Evernote everyday in my business and personal life. How are you using Evernote in your entrepreneurial lifestyle?


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  • A. C. Ellis

    I am s free-lance writer/novelist, and use Evernote to capture material for each of my projects. I also have the app installed on my B&N Nook, and so I’m never away from my important notes.

  • Carlin Scuderi

    I’m learning web development. I use Evernote as a giant manual where I frequently add steps to complete certain tasks (like server configuration), troubleshooting, and links to more resources. Also, for learning programming, I add lots if shortcuts and keep everything organized into notebooks for later reference.

  • Kathy Long

    To-do lists with checkboxes were listed, and something I like to use, but I don’t see the option on my iPhone. What’s up with that?

  • kate

    the business cards get thrown away? paper is recyclable. If we took care of the little things- not idling the engine, letting the water run, leaving the lights on…maybe the low-lying islands of the world wouldn’t be lost to global warming. Just sayin’.

    • Steve

      You really are losing perspective if you need to make such comments.

    • Rajr

      Evernote is an indispensable tool in my work/home life. I have a goal of becoming paper-free except for important documents that should be in a safe. Everything else can go in the trash where it will be transported to a landfill, and eventually decompose and be naturally recycled into more trees for more paper, saving/creating jobs and helping the economy. The more people that use Evernote and throw away paper, the more the economy will be helped. Helping working people…that’s what Evernote does, directly and indirectly.

      • Stephen

        I realize Kate’s comment was asinine, but I’ve got bad news for you, too: Nothing breaks down in landfills. They’re sealed from the surrounding land in order to prevent contamination. That means they’re airtight and bananas will stay yellow for decades. So yes, recycle that paper.

  • Proforma Distinctive Marketing

    I have been using Evernote for awhile and love it. Thanks for a few extra ways of unitizing such a great product! I am going to have to try out the to do list.

  • Jeff Anders

    I am a huge advocate of to-do lists, so I will definitely be giving this some attention, hopefully it will help me save some time, thanks!

    USMLE Classes

  • Von

    Evernote is my #1 favorite app for my Mac. I use it for everything and don’t think that I can be organized without it. Awesome tips here, Natalie!

  • Wendy

    Hmmmm….. I use a paper product, PlannerPad, to capture random ideas, as well as making daily/weekly task lists. I’ll have to experiment with using Evernote in a similar fashion, using the checklists. Maybe I can get the 2 to work together…

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Thomas Dobner

    I use evernote as a knowledge database!
    Very easy to handle!

  • Andrea Lucas

    Seems like you can stay really productive using this software to stay organized. Thanks for the tips.

  • Winner

    Its really great to here…. Thank you so much! Got evernote with me in my tab. But was not enjoying its full benefits.. Love.

  • Marcelo Muszalski - Finance Success Online

    Well I wasn’t using Evernote until a partner of mine recommended it. Thanks for sharing this post I liked it.